Winding Up Order

8 days ago

The IPO of Umuthi – 5 days to winding up order Court Hearing

The date has now been set. On 18th January a Judge will, almost certainly grant, Richard Jennings and Align Research, a winding up order against Umuthi PLC. Jennings has made 17 agreements with the company to defer payment of a low 5 figure bill and every one has been breached. But still Umuthi is trying to list on the Standard List


37 days ago

BREAKING: Winding up Order issued for Umuthi Healthcare – will FCA notice before it floats on Standard List?

Back on 26 August Umuthi Healthcare announced via RNS that it was to float on the (sub) Standard List of the Main Market, that is the one where those fine chaps and chapesses at the FCA are in charge of admissions. All was set for the UKLA to set a listing day in early September, we were told. But then came a delay.


1520 days ago

Worthington - Winding Up Order issued: fan, shit, hits, the

Oh dear, oh dear, this really does look like it is game over for old mother Worthington (WRN). It had been looking to get a Creditors Voluntary Agreement aways so that the grateful taxpayer, viz The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) got to fund its gaping deficit, and a share of future profits went to other - mainly related party - creditors but 90% of profits outside litigation winnings where it was 50% - would go to shareholders. Of course 90% of ZERO is ZERO but the pretence was there. However..


1860 days ago

David Lenigas - are you blaming hapless Neil Ritson or PR genius Steffi? Winding up notice at Solo Oil

Oh dear it is not a very good day for Jabba The Hutt is it? The latest bad news is that a first winding up order has been submitted to Companies house for AIM listed Solo Oil (SOLO) - see below. But who is to blame?

Is it hapless gopher Neil Ritson? Or PR genius Steffi ( at £3,000 pcm)? Or perhaps walking disaster Raylene Whitford of Sefton Resources squandermania infamy?

Of course the real issue


2148 days ago

Breaking:Quindell Cash Crisis – now the ACH Subsidiary faces a winding up order because of unpaid bills

Folks dismissed the County Court Judgement against Quindell revealed HERE at the weekend as a one off but now I alert you to the fact that its ACH Subsidiary (for which it paid £31 million as part of the fraudulent RTA deal) faces a winding up order because it has not paid its bills.

The notice was published in the London Gazette today