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Winston Churchill

517 days ago

Big Dish update- The Sith Lord spins for Harrow, St George & England

It was Harrow that gave Sir Winston Churchill his great powers of oratory. It was Harrow that made Lord Byron such a wonderful poet. And it is the same establishment that has allowed the Sith Lord Zak Mir to polish up the complete turd that is today’s statement from Big Dish (DISH) into something almost respectable. Given that Zak is almost completely illiterate I applaud him.


531 days ago

Inspiration Healthcare and its un-needed ventilators for the fecking NHS (envy of the world)

In this wild and whacky year do you remember back to the early days of the Coronavirus crisis when we were told that we all needed to rally round to give the NHS 30,000 ventilators to stiop everyone dying? It was one of those many moments when Boris Johnson thought he was Winston Churchill. Instead of little ships summoned to the beaches of Dunkirk it was little businesses across the land summoned to make ventilators to save the fecking NHS.


535 days ago

The statue purge continues with those ignorant of history calling the shots – Thomas Guy

Goody Proctor saw Baden Powell watching Gone with the Wind. Quick let’s tear down his statue too.  The hysteria mounts and among the keenest to eradicate history is Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of Stab City the lawless moral cesspit that is the capital of Airstrip One. In his sights right now is Thomas Guy who bequeathed his fortune to found Guy’s Hospital in London. The name stays, for now, but the statue is on its way out. Naturally the charges against him show a profound ignorance of history but when do the mob and half wits like Khan care about the facts?