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Zak Goldsmith

2085 days ago

London is just another country, it's life Jim but

Every time I go to London, a City where I lived for almost twenty years, I am struck by the fact that it is populated by aliens, by folks who do not live or think like the normal human beings across the rest of Britain or even England. London is another country.

I open the capital's local paper the Evening Standard. Years ago I worked for this publication which even then viewed itself as more of a national than a regional paper, for eve 20 years ago London was already becoming a separate land. I read star columnist Anne McElvoy whining about how discussions about the EU referendum are ruining the London dinner party. I kid you not. 

Apparently not only are Londoners so dull that all they can yack on about is the bloody referendum but also it really is a pressing issue, worthy of a lead column, that the dinner party is in danger. Jeepers. Put