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Zak Mir

28 days ago

Video: The fiat endgame is $6,000 gold and $180 silver

All chartists, not just Zak Mir, talk total cobblers and so here are two of them on the subject of gold, silver, and copper. Kevin Wadsworth and Patrick Karim talk cobblers. I’d love them to be right but I bet they are not. Enjoy.


30 days ago

Zak Mir - an apology

We may previously have given the impression that old Harrovian Zak Mir was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and was a bit of an intellectual lightweight if not an outright poltroon who could not analyse his way out of a paper bag and was also semi-literate. Moreover, we may have suggested that his analysis of certain frauds such as [email protected] Capital (SYME) and obscenely overvalued promotes such as Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) might in some way be coloured by the fact that a company he works for, LSE ShareTalk, generates revenue from promoting such rubbish. If so now is the time to apologise to Mr Mir, aka the Sith Lord.


37 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Don't do your Leni-maths on the Covid testing stocks but other folks will!

I start with a reference to the covid testing stocks and the £8 billion Government tender I revealed earlier HERE. Then it is onto how companies are circumventing rules about ramping their shares with lies by getting shareholders to do the pumps via folks like Justin the Clown and Zak Mir. The FCA, AIM Regulation and corporate advisors need to stop washing their hands onto a range of abuses by shareholders and deal with it. 


38 days ago

[email protected] Capital – the silence from the £160m fraud is now deafening, even the morons must realise something is wrong

Shares in [email protected] Capital (SYME) have now been “temporarily” suspended – after I explained to the FCA why a suspension was needed – since January 21. I wonder how the Sith Lord Zak Mir, such a keen promoter of this fraud, interprets the 1 month share price chart?


38 days ago

A great (£5m pay) day for Peter “do as I say not as I do” Wall & Zak Mir blows him off as a bonus

Some folks have all the luck.


45 days ago

Richard Poulden - your new hire is bonkers

Yesterday I discussed the shocking share ramp by David Lenigas, Zak Mir, Peterhouse Corporate Finance of Richard Poulden’s Upper Thames Holdings (UPPT), a  business with £300,000 of cash, zero operations, which is capitalised at £6.4 million and still the ramp goes on. Part of that ramp is the hire as a non board advisor of Vinay Gupta, a blockchain guru. Sadly, Mr Poulden your new hire is bonkers. Here is how he explains how we can all become millionaires overnight.


49 days ago

Ridgecrest shares unsuspended – Zak Mir must be creaming himself: let the insanity continue

I warned folks on 22 January that cash shell Ridgecrest (RDGC) was, at 3.1p, a £13.5 million accident waiting to happen. With folks such as the penny share hucksters at LSE Share talk, employers of disgraced promoter Zak Mir, in full on spiv mode, folks were piling in even though the company had cash of just £2 million and no other assets. It was insane. Still, if Zak says the shares are a buy…


55 days ago

[email protected] Capital – the cash crisis is horrific this is how bust I reckon it is

The fraud [email protected] Capital (SYME) has repeatedly declined the opportunity to say what its cash position is right now when issuing updates on trading, today being the latest case in point.  The reason, as I shall show below, is that it is bankrupt, utterly out of cash. And that may be one, of many reasons, why the FCA does not allow its shares to resume trading. So here is the maths which is so easy that some of the morons who own this stock, perhaps even promoter in chief Zak Mir, might understand it.


55 days ago

[email protected] Capital – Yet More red flags from the income statement

We know that the fraud [email protected] Capital (SYME) is not great on accounting matters, given the three attempts to account for the £224 million deemed cost of the reverse takeover which has now been accounted for as an asset in the balance sheet, then written off to the income statement and now charged to the statement of changes in equity as I outlined on these pages and also the two changes of year end which led to its suspension. I note that it is still in the process of appointing a Chief Financial Officer. A Chief Financial Officer is clearly needed when you look back across the results published by SYME and the apparent inconsistencies as detailed below. Yes here are more red flags for Zak Mir and other morons to ignore.


57 days ago

[email protected] Capital – the Fintech with minimal software development costs? Anyone smell a rat?

Shares in the fraud [email protected] Capital (SYME) have now remained suspended for 16 days as the FCA investigation into numerous irregularities continues. As we wait for the final denouement, a question for folks like the Sith Lord Zak Mir who are so keen to promote the stock: let’s turn to page 47 of the prospectus. 


64 days ago

Remote Monitored Systems - is this tweet low grade ramping or outright market abuse

Though he does not declare so in the tweet below, he has elsewhere: penny share huckster and known associate of Zak Mir, Mr Alex McKinley is a shareholder in joke company Remote Monitored Systems (RMS). You know, the maker of masks to stop covid spread that are so good its site turned into a covid hot spot. Yes, that fine enterprise.


69 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I apologise to Zak Mir, he is a total genius and certainly did not kill little Maddie

I start by flagging up that I aim to publish an 85 page dossier,m an opus magnus, on a the sort of company Zak Mir promotes at 8.30 AM tomorrow behind the paywall. I see it as a zero. Then I discuss why Zak is, contrary to some suggestions here otherwise, a total and utter genius  who did not kill Maddie and then look at his analysis of Jubilee Metals (JLP). I move on to why I’ve bought more shares in AEX Gold (AEXG) before looking at the nest of snakes at Dev Clever (DEV) its bonkers valuation and why it must collapse. I reference this excellent expose of that nest of snakes. I look at investor grief and what is happening at [email protected] Capital (SYME) and what will happen – and when – at Dev.


74 days ago

[email protected] Capital Part 2 - an auditor warns

Of course you do not have to listen to me or, in this case to an industry veteran. Why not just listen to Zak Mir, Alex McKinley and the other “experts” and fill your boots with this con when its shares resume trading. On that note, Looker published its delayed accounts today and its shares were unsuspended at 9.35 AM. I wonder why the FCA is not unsuspending [email protected] Capital’s (SYME) shares yet? Anhow back to the expert auditor who notes:


76 days ago

Bombshell: Has Eurasia Mining been sitting on price sensitive information re shock resignation and is it leaking to “secret” chatroom members

You would have thought that after the last scandal we exposed, where Zak Mir acted as a good German and posted on the private Telegram chatroom false ramps on the orders of a Eurasia Mining (EUA) director, the company would be a bit more careful about how it discloses information. Think again. Today the shares crashed by 40% as it was announced that M&A director Alexei Chukov dumped 27.4 million shares at 29p. On the “private and secret” Telegram chatroom punters panicked as we showed you HERE.


78 days ago

Ridgecrest – now it is forced to make a statement but still the morons don’t get it. An RTO explained for morons including Zak Mir.

I warned you on Friday that with the scoundrel penny share spivs at LSE Sharetalk, the house of Zak Mir, ramping away, the 3p share price of AIM shell Ridgecrest (RDGC) was insane and that even broker Peterhouse which has only last Wednesday raised £2 million (gross) at 0.6p would be vaguely embarrassed. Indeed, that seems to be the case as now the company has been forced to issue a statement.


79 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Mail on Sunday on Nightcap, are these folks on heroin?

I start with the question of who should pay for lockdown via taxes or inflation. Then it is onto an article by Harriet Dennys in the Mail on Sunday on NightCap (NGHT), the AIM baby of Sarah Willingham of Dragon’s Den which could go bust by July. The article is so bad, so full of massive factual errors and so utterly misleading that it is easily the worst piece of financial journalism I’ve seen so far this year. And that includes articles by Zak Mir. Seriously, writing this sort of bollocks does have consequences.


81 days ago

Ridgecrest Ramp – Sordid LSE Sharetalk & Peterhouse Corporate Finance an axis of evil?

I guess with shares in [email protected] Capital (SYME) now suspended, the paid for penny share ramper Alex McKinley of LSE Sharetalk, employer of the Sith Lord Zak Mir, needs to find other shite to promote with ludicrous targets plucked from thin air. I flagged up one zero sales entity enjoying full on ABM pumping here, now have a butcher’s at Ridgecrest (RDGC) which this loathsome sewer dweller is pumping today.


96 days ago

Vast Resources – The bank says Not on your Nelly! The shame of Prelea and Fatty continues…

With London’s worst Nomad, Roland “Fatty” Cornish advising it we have time and again warned you that VAST Resources (VAST) is the sort, of dog that even paid for hustlers like Zak Mir wouldn’t tip. Okay he probably would but you get the picture. Today we have a major disaster and the shares have crashed.


112 days ago

Remote Monitored Systems shareholder rebellion grows apace – spivs Paul Ryan and Trevor Brown look to be toast

The advisor to Remote’s largest shareholder Gareth Cave, who wants to kick the chancers off the board, said on Twitter: “I started in the City almost 35 years ago. I have never seen anything like the shareholder revolt brewing at #RMS”. It does look as if Paul Ryan and Trevor Brown will be getting the order of the boot. Cripes, things are so bad that even fellow spiv and a long time promoter of this stock, the Sith Lord Zak Mir, has turned on the board. That is not a rat jumping ship. That is a flea on a rat jumping off the rat after it has jumped ship.


112 days ago

[email protected] Capital reveals its Cornerstone investor for the Italian Job: It doesn’t blow my bloody doors off!

But the Bulletin Board Morons who have fallen in love with this con are delighted so that is the main thing – it will allow the insiders to dump more shares while getting the Sith Lord Zak Mir to tell everyone they are buying!


132 days ago

Another red flag: [email protected] Capital and that call option

Round at [email protected] Capital (SYME) HQ it really is starting to look like the May Day parade in Moscow. So here is another matter for promoters such as the Sith Lord Zak Mir and the dwindling band of bulletin board fanatics to consider.


145 days ago

When will [email protected] Capital collapse? A bear writes

I see that [email protected]’s (SYME) multi-shamed boss, Alessandro Zamboni, has done yet another soft interview with the Sith Lord Zak Mir. Repeated interviews with a man who makes Justin the Clown look like Jeremy Paxman are a strong red flag. You can’t deliver operationally so try to get the ramping away with a man who won’t ask awkward questions. So I asked a bear, who is short, when the shares will stop dribbling lower as they do most days and completely collapse. He said:


150 days ago

New video from Horse Hill campaigners threatened by impecunious corporate bullies at UK Oil & Gas

The video is slick and features the Sith Lord Zak Mir blowing off UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) boss Lyin’ Steve Sanderson in a soft paid for interview. What investors might note is that the 2016 claims made by Lyin’ Steve have been shown to be utter fantasy. Meanwhile the protestors continue their fight and the way that UK Oil & Gas has tried to bully them with legal threats is no credit to capitalism. Enjoy.


164 days ago

[email protected] Capital: Excuses are like arseholes, we’ve all got them no-one cares

The out and out con that is [email protected] Capital (SYME) has today issued another statement of delay in rolling out its nonsensical business plan. Perhaps it will buy time for the founding shareholders to dump more shares while getting the Sith Lord Zak Mir and other promoters to pretend that they are net buyers.


194 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 12: Almost 3 hours of Fox Marble, of Zak Mir ( with his top share tip) and of me on SYME & Trainline, 2 mega shorts

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with  Chris Gilbert the boss of Fox Marble followed by me explaining why, though I am 80% down, I am sure Fox will multibag from here. Then a very long – and very funny – session with Zak Mir with his top share tip among London small caps, his view on the markets, the real economy and discussions on [email protected] Capital (SYME), Eurasia Mining (EUA) & the lies of both, on Big Dish (DISH) and more. Finally it is me onSupply’s lies again and also on why Trainline (TRN) miust surely see a share price collapse. You can access the show HERE


196 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: More sleaze at cash strapped Versarien & a clever arb for morons who like SYME

I am in Shipston with my father and start by discussing how I deal with phone calls here. I look at another crazy Covid story then at Versarien (VRS), Amigo (AMGO), Vela (VELA), Falanx (FLX), Cineworld (CINE) and at a clever arb for fools like Zak Mir who believe in [email protected] Capital (SYME), that leading enterprise from the province of Norfolk.


201 days ago

[email protected] Capital – another mega director share trade spoof, surely even Zak Mir can’t believe this horse?

Another day and another massive red flag is hoisted by con [email protected] Capital (SYME). Surely even the Sith Lord Zak Mir will not be able to promote this as good news while keeping a straight face?


216 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: It happens once or twice a decade, Zak Mir says something quite interesting

Sorry to the in-house Euro loon Jonathan Price who reckons that my interest in the US election is excessive but two new polls yesterday cast further light on the races in Pennsylvania and Florida which  as I noted yesterday  are two of the three states that will decide the election. I discuss this and then Justin Urquhart Stewart on gold where he gets his numbers so wrong that I am more bullish than I was as I think this tells you something of wider import. Finally onto my good mate the Sith Lord Zak Mir, a chap called Carl Linton who is a plumber and heating engineer, and the current mood of market craziness.


223 days ago

Letter to FCA – Yet More Market Abuse at [email protected] Capital, time for swift enforcement

Aided and abetted by Good Germans such as the Sith Lord Zak Mir as well as active stock manipulation by unscrupulous social media operators, the ramping of con company [email protected] Capital (SYME) continues. But at the heart of this are the activities of CEO Alessandro Zambini whose activities I exposed at the weekend. This is clear market abuse and I have written to my great fans at the FCA asking for a formal enquiry.


223 days ago

Tom Winnifrith & Zak Mir cartoon - [email protected] Capital

The other day, the Sith Lord Zak Mir produced a slavish piece of PR puffery dressed up as journalism suggesting folks buy shares in [email protected] (SYME) at c0.7p – a £250 million valuation. It was vomit inducing and, even by the standards of my semi-literate and utterly innumerate friend, it was utterly moronic.


250 days ago

Xtract resources – what on earth is going on? Is this the worst career start in AIM History?

I speak as a shareholder and a supporter but this is quite literally insane. The company has appointed Alistair Ford, who works for paid for stock promoters Proactive, as a director. And this is where it gets bizarre. Ford has given an interview to the Sith Lord Zak Mir,


268 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Zak Mir's kiss of death as I celebrate P45s for vermin journalists

I have spent most of the day recording videos for MineProphets and should warn you that Zak Mir has served up a double kiss of death. Anyway the content is – forgive my conceit – excellent so please book your seat now HERE.  In the podcast I discuss scumbags at Blue Rock Diamonds (BRD), Great Western Mining (GWMO) and its scumbag broker Novum, Kefi Minerals (KEFI) where I was wrong about something and Big Sofa (BST).


288 days ago

Big Dish update- The Sith Lord spins for Harrow, St George & England

It was Harrow that gave Sir Winston Churchill his great powers of oratory. It was Harrow that made Lord Byron such a wonderful poet. And it is the same establishment that has allowed the Sith Lord Zak Mir to polish up the complete turd that is today’s statement from Big Dish (DISH) into something almost respectable. Given that Zak is almost completely illiterate I applaud him.


296 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Will we make a killing buying the Zak Mir portfolio of utter shite?

A reminder, July 18 keep it free. I first discuss the latest ideas of Rishi Sunak to revive the real economy and point out the problems and contradictions. Then I consider Zak Mir’s cunning plan to make a killing on the stockmarket and a variant of the Sith Lord’s wheeze suggested to me by a private client stockbroker. Will it end in tears?


310 days ago

Is Zak Mir still a Good German - the Powerhouse Energy ramp

I noted that in terms of the Eurasia Mining (EUA) scandal, my old friend, the Sith Lord Zak Mir played his part in the promote only becuase he was obeying orders. Now I see that he is pushing shares in almost insolvent Powerhouse Energy (PHE) ahead of its merger with almost insolvent Wastte2tricity. Peter Brailey exposed the ludicrous nature of Zak’s ramping HERE yesterday.


346 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Today I laugh with, not at, Zak Mir

I start with a few reflections on recordings I am doing and how lucky I am. there have been a lot of laughs so far today and to his credit the Sith Lord Zak Mir is quite funny. Anyhow, this is all for the Shareprophets Shares Conference where the 70 hours of video content really is, and I say so myself, of a very high quality. If you like bearcast, You really will enjoy what I am producing so book your tickets now HERE. In today’s podcast I discuss the latest misguided thoughts of the one global star of the investment world not speaking next Saturday, I refer, of course, to Roger Lawson of ShareSoc, on regulation in the wake of the latest NMC (NMC) news. I then look ata clear failing where the FCA needs to act fast, Akazoo and the role of Tosca Fund. I am on the warpath.


382 days ago

Oi Zak Mir you pretentious git what’s the real jackanory – BigDish & Coronavirus

It is not often that a press release has me reaching for a dictionary but today’s Covid 19 update from Big Dish (DISH) manages that. The company’s evil spin doctor my old pal the Sith Lord Zak Mir, tries to use a long word but I am not sure he knows what it means. 


440 days ago

Updated: Eurasia Mining – Forget the Dividend it is a placing that is coming - Optiva denies

Updated: Eurasia Mining (EUA) boss Christian Schaffalitzky talked about a dividend, PR guru the Sith Lord Zak Mir was told to suggest on a secret chatroom that directors would be buying millions of pounds of shares in the market and the shares zoomed.


486 days ago

Following my intense pressure Big Dish only half apologies for May 30 lie - not enough

A stream of articles on this monstrous lie was followed by lunch with Big Dish (DISH ) founder Aidan Bishop and his PR spinner the Sith Lord Zak Mir here at the Welsh hovel. I urged the company to make a full apology and to make serious boardroom charges. Today it has gone only half way there. It is not enough to make the shares investable.


508 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the sales obsession of Cloudcall & its retained losses + Labour's sums don't add up

The Sith Lord Zak Mir and the head honcho at Big Dish (DISH) will arrive shortly at the Welsh Hovel to take me to lunch. Some folks have all the luck. Ahead of that I discuss two things where, to me, the numbers do not add up: Cloudcall PLC (CALL) and the Labour Party manifesto. I offer another, non financial, reason NOT to vote Labour HERE 


517 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ref Sound, is the whore blogger on drugs, brown envelopes or just plain stupid?

I discuss Malcolm Graham Wood and his analysis of Sound Energy (SOU), Versarien (VRS) and its need for a statement, Amur (AMC) and its latest silly statement, Big Dish (DISH) and the threat of a visit from the Sith Lord Zak Mir to the Welsh Hovelm Plutus Powergen (PPG) and Bonhill (BONH) and what its statement does NOT say.


535 days ago

BREAKING: Big Dish – the real numbers on rollout are shocking

Anyone buying shares in Big Dish (DISH) is off their rocker at two levels, notwithstanding the appointment of my good friend, the Sith Lord Zak Mir as the company’s PR man. Firstly, as I discussed here, is the fact that it is prepared to tell manifest industrial scale lies to investors. Secondly…


550 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: It's about management silly - ref Castleton

I start, to annoy NoGold, by describing another hidden gem we have revealed at the Welsh Hovel. Then it is onto Castleton (CTP), Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) and Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT). If, like the Sith Lord Zak Mir, you are going to the AIM Awards Dinner tonight just remember who ultimately has paid for your gluttony.


552 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Sith Lord Zak Mir to enter the eighth circle of hell tomorrow, or is it the 4th?

Yes my good friend is going to the AIM Awards dinner now that he is an evil PR man (for Bigdish Ventures (DISH). Elsewhere I discuss the news about the Thomas Cook (TCG) stores and the lesson for Sirius Minerals (SXX). I look at Reabold (RBD), Brady (BRY) and Iconic Labs (ICON) as it serves up a bollocks packed RNS.


557 days ago

BigDish – evil spin doctor the Sith Lord Zak Mir bungles release as it announces new deal

BigDish (DISH“is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with NFS Technology Group to integrate BigDish within its Point of Sale software solution for restaurants” – noting NFS Technology Group have been operating for over 20 years and has over 1,500 clients”. The shares are though currently more than 4% lower on the day at 3.25p. Hmmm…


618 days ago

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition THREE with Tom Winnifrith

In this third edition of the ShareProphets Radio podcast sponsored by Riverfort Global Capital, this week, in order I discuss the political threats to the UK stockmarket, interview the UK’s best known chartist Zak Mir and then discuss all things Versarien (VRS), the most overpromoted stock on AIM,  with bear raider Lucian Miers. Enjoy. If you like this and can’t wait seven days for more of the same you should listen to my Bearcast every day.


619 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: On the nature of fraud, the demise of spiv broker SVS, Versarien and other sordid matters

I reflect on two sorts of fraudsters in the news, King conman Rob Terry HERE and chaps at Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) HERE. I offer a cameo of life here in Greece explaining why the economy is such a joke, discuss Versarien (VRS) its latest news, the kiss of death from Zak Mir HERE, and its valuation and also comment on Optibiotix (OPTI) and the demise of the spivs at SVS Securities


619 days ago

Big Dish exposed as complely shamesless fecking liars – full year numbers out

As you may know I like the management at Big Dish (DISH) and its PR guru/Digital Communications Officer the Sith Lord Zak Mir is one of my very few friends. Pro tem. As such it pains me to say this but this company is now shown, with the publication of its results,  to have lied to the market on May 30th  2019 in the most serious of ways, just eight days ahead of a £2.1 million placing.  This should be jail time for someone.


651 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast; My top 10 mid cap shorts in this crazy, crazy world

We live in a mad, mad world and I cite four examples of this: the banning of the original US flag by Nike 48 hours ahead of July 4, illiterate Zak Mir going into PR, the PI love-in on Bulletin Boards with utterly worthless Premier African Minerals (PREM) and the IPO of Funding Circle (FCH). I look at Dialight (DIA), and Fastjet (FJET) and then list my top ten shorts worth more than £250 million (with two slightly smaller cheats included) and explain the bear case for each.


651 days ago

Big Dish – Another delay begging questions about the pre placing ramp RNS as Zak Mir takes charge of spinning

Oh dear, Oh Dear.  We have another operational update today. This just looks ever more messy for Big Dish (DISH) as we once again return to the 30th May ramptastic RNS which came just seven days before a £2.1 million placing.


746 days ago

SHOCKING: Lyin Steve raises £3.5 million for UKOG at just 1.05p - now watch this video from January 25

I think we have found an interviewer dimmer and more sycophantic than both the Sith Lord Zak Mir and Justin the Clown. I bring you a paid for video made by Core TV featuring an interview by a toothy bimbo with Lyin Steve Sanderson of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). Shareholders should not worry about dilution, we are fully funded for our next two wells, look at the cash we are and will generate. Fabbo.


783 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bloody half term

My daughter Olaf is on half term and bored so has called twice to discuss the great issues of the day. Being an Islington leftie she reckons that ISIS supporting nutter and her son should be allowed back into the UK. I disagree.  In the podcast I also look at  Footasylum (FOOT) and the lardbucket loud-mouth wild card when it comes to being short retail, at Yourgene (YGEN), Falanx (FLX), African Battery Metals (ABM) and Red Rock (RRR), Victoria (VCP), Motif Bio (MTBF) and Plexus (POS). To go heckle Zak Mir, drink as much free booze as you can and grill Andrew Bell next Monday book your seat HERE


810 days ago

Video - Tony Sanders of Catenae at UK Investor City Forum

With the Sith Lord Zak Mir hosting, presenting CEO's knew they would some really tough questions (that's sarcasm folks) after presenting. Third up was Tony Sanders of Catenae (CTEA) The next City forum hosted by the Sith Lord is February 25. Put the date in your diary now.


810 days ago

Video: Glynis Frew of Nigel Wray backed Hunters Property at UK Investor Show City Forum

With the Sith Lord Zak Mir hosting, presenting CEO's knew they would some really tough questions (that's sarcasm folks) after presenting. Second up was Glynis Frew of Hunters Property (HUNT) in which Nigel Wray is a big investor. The next City forum hosted by the Sith Lord is February 25. Put the date in your diary now.


810 days ago

Video - Greg Bandy of Red Emperor presents at UK Investor City Forum

With the Sith Lord Zak Mir hosting, presenting CEO's knew they would some really tough questions (that's sarcasm folks) after presenting. First up was Greg Bandy of Red Emperor (RMP) The next City forum hosted by the Sith Lord is February 25. Put the date in your diary now.


810 days ago

Video: Zak Mir interviews Adam Reynolds at the UK Investor Show City Forum

With the Sith Lord Zak Mirinterviewing him, Adam Reynolds had nothing to fear. But there were questions from the audience that were far more daunting and interesting than those posed by Britain's worst chartist.If you are, like me, a holder of Optibiotix (OPTI), Yourgene (TGEN) - my Q1 nap pick - Big Sofa (BST) - my tip of the year - or Conc epta (CPT) you will want to watch this. I have never been more bullish on the quartet. This will be our year and I know Adam feels the same. The next City forum hosted by the Sith Lord is February 25. Put the date in your diary now.


817 days ago

Video: gold and silver not in a bull market yet

The one technical analyst we take seriously, no not the Sith Lord Zak Mir but Jordan Roy-Byrne, sees resistance levels on the charts for gold and silver which indicate that we are not in a bull market yet and indeed we may see some short term weakness. Courtesy of Palisade Capital, over to the great man...


858 days ago

Video: Nigel Wray (Britain's Buffett) quizzed by Chris "Three Brains" Bailey at the UK Investor Show City forum on December 3

 The next City Forum is on January 21 with Adam Reynolds as the guest speaker being quizzed by the Sith Lord Zak Mir. I bet Adam's quaking about that grilling. Three companies will also present and take questions as will Adam. Put the date in your diary. From this week's seminar here is Britain's Buffett being interviewed by Three Brains himself


858 days ago

Video: Riverfort Global Opportunities presenting at UK Investor Show City Forum December 3

The next City Forum is on January 21 with Adam Reynolds as the guest speaker being quizzed by the Sith Lord Zak Mir. I bet Adam's quaking about that grilling. Three companies will also present and take questions as will Adam. Put the date in your diary. From this week's seminar here is Brian Kinane of Riverfort Global Opportunities (RGO), formerly Paternoster Res presenting and taking questions.


858 days ago

Video: SkinBioTherapeutics presents and takes questions at the UK Investor Show City forum on December 3

The next City Forum is on January 21 with Adam Reynolds as the guest speaker being quizzed by the Sith Lord Zak Mir. I bet Adam's quaking about that grilling. Three companies will also present and take questions as will Adam. Put the date in your diary. From this week's seminar here is Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) presenting and taking questions.


859 days ago

Video: Sosandar presents at the UK Investor Show City Forum on December 3

The next City Forum is on January 21 with Adam Reynolds as the guest speaker being quizzed by the Sith Lord Zak Mir. I bet Adam's quaking about that grilling. Three companies will also present and take questions as will Adam. Put the date in your diary. From this week's seminar here is Sosandar (SOS) presenting and taking questions.


864 days ago

Video: Steve O'Hara of Optibiotix on another great piece of news

Okay, I know that an interview with Proactive Investor is not exactly taxing, the questions make those posed by the Sith Lord Zak Mir look like the Spanish Inquisition in full flow. But Optibiotix (OPTI) has more great news today and Steve O' Hara rams that home in the video below. The shares are 96p and I am certainly not selling any at anywhere near this price - they are going a lot higher.


867 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Could Watchstone, the bastard son of Quindell, be a buy?

In today's podcast I look at Tomco (TOM), Watchstone (WTG), the bastard son of Quenron, Condor Gold (CNR), dire numbers from WH Ireland (WHI) and the read across to the FinnCrap IPO, Amedeo Resources (AMED), the Sith Lord Zak Mir and Optibiotix (OPTI) and at Haydale (HAYD)


875 days ago

Do the Leni-maths Lyin' Steve Sanderson pays to explain why UKOG is so cheap to a credulous Sith Lord Zak Mir

If you are a proven liar like Steve Sanderson of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) who won't buy any shares in his own company but wants to ramp them ahead of the next placing what do you do? Easy. Pay Sharetalk (we will interview anyone who pays the fee) to record an interview with the Sith Lord Zak Mir who makes Justin the Clown look like the Spanish Inquisition and ramp away. Today's podcast is a classic bit of Leni-maths as Lyin' Steve explains to a credulous Zak how to value an oil stock and why UK Oil & Gas could be worth hundreds of millions of pounds if not more. Of course Lyin' Steve is talking utter crap as I explained HERE.  Meanwhile enjoy...


885 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Am I being terribly unfair on Amur Minerals? Beastly YES Unfair NO

Warning: This podcast contains references that vegans with a sense of humour bypass (i.e 99% of them) may find offensive. In this podcast I reflect on walking past a dark restaurant in a prime location yesterday. I consider Vodafone (VOD) and the security of its dividend. Finally I ponder whether I am being far too harsh on a company ramped in a sordid manner by Justin the Clown and the Sith Lord Zak Mir and run by a total knobhead, that is to say Amur Minerals (AMC)


998 days ago

Video: Optibiotix chairman Neil Davidson - I've bought £250,000 of shares far!

Okay the video is from blowjob TV that is to say Proactive from yesterday and thus the interviewer makes Zak Mir look like Jeremy Paxman. But, remembering that chairman Davidson has a reputation to lose, take note of what he implies about buying even more shares and also about deals not yet announced. His quiet confidence is clear and that is why even at 86p-88p you would be certifiable if you sold any shares. We certainly will not be at anywhere near this level.


1151 days ago

An evening of free booze and canapes with the Sith Lord Zak Mir, Richard Gollum Gill and blockchain on Monday

If only I was not in Greece, I would be sorely tempted to head along to an evening of free booze hosted by the Sith Lord Zak Mir and the disgusting piece of Northern slum vermin that is Richard "Gollum" Gill. Seriously it could be fun.


1228 days ago

UK Oil & Gas - I'm no chartist but lets have a Christmas competition

The chart of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) looks truly sickly. It might well have been a Zak Mir charting buy it looks that bad. However much paid promoters like Malcolm Graham Wood and the (dwindling) armies of its BBM fans say buy, the trend is clear. So how about a Christmas contest?


1302 days ago

Sell in May and Go away and come back on St Ledger Day - how did that work in 2017

It is an old stockmarket truism, just like "everything tipped by both Zak Mir and Justin the Clown will always go down". But while the latter truism bears the test of time, proving to be 100% accurate how did the former do in 2017?


1309 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - Droning on, Strat Aero is so totally bust it is worth 0p

Interims from Strat Aero (AERO) today are dire. They show a company that was bust on June 30, one with zero earnings visibility and an ongoing cash burn. There is a lack profits warning and a tacit admission that a bailout placing is inevitable. I should cocoa. But even if there is a heavily discounted bailout this company is probably toast. The shares are worth 0p. SELL. This is, like most stocks promoted by the Sith Lord, Zak Mir, toast.


1382 days ago

July Is Going to be Very Ugly for Gold & Gold Stocks

This is not the normal fare from gold bulls Palisade Capital. The firm's technical analyst Jordan Roy Byrne is uber bearish warning that July will be awful for both gold and gold stocks. Watch the latest video from Jordan, for a TA saddo he is better than most. All we need now is the Sith Lord Zak Mir saying that the charts look bullish and the bear case would be complete.


1479 days ago

Video Special with the PR genius Steffi & the Sith Lord Zak Mir - undeclared Commercial Interests Special

I really should not be giving the oxygen of publicity to the half witted duo that is PR Genius Steffi and Sith Lord Zak "Judas" Mir but just to point out how corrupt they are here goes - if you are made of stern stuff there is a video below..


1487 days ago

LSE Asylum – the financial crisis is actually far worse than we previously indicated: where's the Fat Lady?

A couple of days ago I noted how the London South East Bulletin Board ( aka the LSE Asylum) appeared to be heading towards insolvency - HERE. It is the fate which, almost, invariably happens to companies that hire Zak, the Sith Lord, Mir. For Judas is also Jonah. And now a closer examination of its historic numbers shows that the crisis may be far worse than even we thought. Timber!!!!!


1544 days ago

Optibiotix, starting to rock and roll despite Zak Mir's endorsement - buy

After languishing unloved for a while in the low sixties, shares in Optibiotix (OPTI) are really steaming ahead and are now 78p to buy. We hope you bought in the low sixties as we repeatedly urged. If not it is not too late. The shares are a buy at up to 80p and I expect to be advising you to sell at WELL OVER 100p by Easter. So what has happened?


1625 days ago

LAST DAY to order free copies of Tom Winnifrith e-books

A slight tweak in the ShareProphets business model means that, as of November 1st nearly all, of the e-books that I have penned will no longer be available for free on this website - you will have to buy them on Amazon. So TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to get free copies of titles such as "The 49 Golden Rules of making Money from Shares" as well as the 49 Red Flags book and the book Ben Flip Flop Turney and I produced on how to value oil, gas and mining shares. The same applies to Zak Mir's crap e-book on charting.


1682 days ago

Cloudtag - the press is part of the problem of AIM Corruption, not the solution

The Mail on Sunday is such a truly vile publication that as a service to this website, I read it so that you do not have to, just in case it contains anything of interest. This week amid the usual nonsense about how immigrants give you cancer and a scoop about loathsome crook Keith Vaz MP playing away from his Mrs with a couple of Polish rentboys, the paper covers ramp de jour Cloudtag (CTAG). Needless to say the coverage is shocking.

The weekly small cap round up is penned by Ian Lyall of Proactive Investors, a company which earns its money taking money from small caps to help them ramp their shares. As such this column does not go big on investigative fraud busting or hard hitting analysis. It mght as well be written by Justin the Clown or Zak Mir so packed is it with sacharine piffle.

And so we come to Cloudtag where Lyall notes:


1709 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Declaration of War with Strat Aero - specific instances of fraud & crime

Ok this is my declaration of war because the fraud and crimes at Strat Aero (AERO) concern not just this one POS AIM Casino company but also touch many other players in the game. You can read the explosive 338 page legal document we published on Friday HERE. I am amazed that some of those named in it, Zak Mir for instance, have still not read it. They should. But mark my words, what went on at Strat goes on across the AIM board every single working day. If this really blows up there are an awful lot of folks who will be sweating.


1716 days ago

The biggest spivs in London on video..and Gervais Williams

Old Gervais is a credible fund manager so what on earth is he doing appearing on a new video show "The spiv Olympics" produced by the LSE Asylum? Its host is Sith Lord Zak "I will do anything, tip any crap for money" Mir, guest one is some barrow boy from low life bucket shop Optiva and the third guest is an uber-spiv from the Asylum itself. So far in three days only 480 folks have watched this shite and Darren and myself are two of them. But Zak needs the money so needs the Asylum to think he has a mass audience so do your bit to assist a poor chartist.


1738 days ago

Andalas - Spoof y'all: whens the next bailout placing?

Dave "Rule breaker" Whitby and his colleagues at AIM Listed Piece of Turkish Andalas Energy (ADL) are on the spoof again with a ramptastic RNS saying nothing at all of of any interest whatsoever. Folks know Whitby's game and the shares are off at just 0.165p because what is really happening is the start of the ramping that proceeds a deeply discounted placing. Next up a soft interview with Zak "Judas" Mir, a podcast with Justin the clown or a presentation at a Proactive seminar? Perhaps a buy note from Edison? We have seen the Andalas ramp before and surely no-one is stupid enough to buy it again?


1760 days ago

Exclusive: Thor Mining ramping its shares with Zak Mir but not telling you about placing

Thor Mining (THR) has just issued a release saying that its CEO has recorded an interview with Zak Mir for the lamentable t1psTV. Jesus wept: like it thinks we care? But there is something that CEO Mick Billing is not telling anyone tempted to buy into this rampfest.


1762 days ago

VIDEO: Edison Interview with Avanti's David Williams - how big is your cock, huge or massive? And more

Paid for researcher Edison is, of course most famous as being the employer of convicted felon Champagne Charlie Gibson but it is also there to take cash for helping ramp shares in piss poor companies. And few companies could be as piss poor as Avanti Communications (AVN) run by uber bombast David "not worth a million bucks a year" Williams.  But not only does Edison publish crap research on Avanti with a target price of 427p. It also does video interviews. Cripes, the bird quizzing Williams makes Zak Mir look like Jeremy Paxman on steroids.  As you enjoy this shite from Edison you will note the shares are now just 59.5p as Williams seeks emergency bailout funding. Oi, taffy its time for a statement!


1774 days ago

Even Paid for Researchers admit that Fastjet is a dog needing a bailout - Equity Development pulls targets

Oh dear, Oh dear, when even those you pay to produce buy notes, refuse to promote your shares you know that you are in trouble. Equity Development, which has been pumping Fastjet hard since 2013 has today said it cant set a target price any more. Cripes, I suppose that if FastJet can spare a few quid it could always get Gollum and Zak Mir to ramp its shares but back to those  paid for rampers we can take, at least a bit, seriously.


1774 days ago

An Evening with a snake and a hooker c/o Inspirit

It is good to see that Inspirit Energy (INSP) is spending the £750,000 from the bailout financing of last month wisely. Canapes and stockmarket hookers all round.

I refer to an RNS out today saying that there is a canapes and nibbles evening on June 14. So here is how it goes. Back in the autumn of last year Inspirit paid to appear on t1ps TV to get a soft interview from Zak "Judas" Mir.  t1psTV did not disclose the payment and CEO John Gunn assured the world that no placings were needed even though that was patent bollocks. Ramp, ramp and ramp again.


1774 days ago

Fusionex: A Right Wrong 'un reports dismal interims, well done Kevin Ashton

We have been on the case of bargepole stock Fusionex (FXI) since the world's greatest tech analyst Kevin Ashton flagged it up as a sell at UK Investor 2015. The bear case grew with Zak Mir giving it the kiss of death with not one but two buy tips but it was the trading statement last Autumn that really woke folks up to the genius of Ashton as an analyst and of Mir as a counter-indicator. Today we have interims. Natch, the shares are down - at 158p - but the stance remains a stand out sell.


1791 days ago

Inspirit Energy - news from the boiler room - yet another placing, next one soon

There has been a real attempt to ramp Inspirit Energfy (INSP) on a six month timeframe ahead of today's placing. There were tweets from my fave Monaco based Colonial with whom I have a summer truce and whom I thus shall not mention, the utterly meaningless share purchases (spoofed ya!) by John Gunn and a series of soft paid for interviews with Sith Lord Zak "Judas" Mir and others when Mr Gunn said there was no need for a placing. So today there was a placing.


1811 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Andalas past present and if it has a future

In this podcast special I look at Andalas (ADL), the lessons for folks and also the future if it has one and where should the shares go and where will they go. All the clowns are in there, flip flop Ben Turney, the Sith Lord Zak "Judas" Mir,, Dave "rule breaker" Whitby and of course the crown prince of clowns, Justin the Clown himself


1821 days ago

Want to throw rotten apples ( sorry quiz) Strat Aero & the Sith Lord Zak "Judas"Mir? Here's your chance

Do you have any questions for the new management team at Strat Aero (AERO)? I do and they are below. Would you like to quiz whoever is in charge well thanks to the Sith Lord Zak "Judas" Mir you can. You can also ask Judas a few questions and, to get the ball rolling, I have one regarding David Lenigas.


1872 days ago

tip TV - the undeclared interests, the Lenigas PR man Bick and a void of transparency in the UKOG ramp

I have noted before that the little watched internet TV channel tipTV charges companies to appear then serves up a soft ramptastic interview and fails to declare that it is being paid to pull its punches and assist the rampathon. This is wholly unacceptable but tip TV persists. I guess it needs the cash.

The last reported accounts (year to September 30 2014 - HERE) showed losses of £178,717 and period end net current assets of £102,204. Hmmmm sweet FA viewers, spunking £15,000 pcm it does not look good. Better get a few more companies to pay for ramptastic interviews. But it gets worse. I am reliably informed that the company was almost out of cash just before Christmas so we can assume that when 2015 accounts finally come out they will also be a train-wreck. gets even worse...

David Lenigas companies have been among those getting interviewed most often and in the softest possible terms by t1p TV interviews such as the investment prostitute Louise Cooper and Zak, the Sith Lord, Mir. Not only did these folks not tell their viewers that companies were paying for soft questions what they also neglected to mention is that a major shareholder in tip tv is David Bick.

Does that name ring a bell?


1891 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 8 February - A scallywag to a buffoon, Ken Brooks to Zak Mir & MTV at 0.00p

A wide ranging podcast starts with comments on Eden Research, Ken Brooks and the abject failure of the FSA/FCA to protect investors. Then it is onto three shite companies starting with the letter M: Magnolia Petroleum (MAGP), Motive TV (MTV) and Mosman (MSMN). I look at Circle Oil (COP), Trinity (TRIN) and Tethys (TPL) as well as Servision (SEV) where my target price remains 0p. Then a brief stockmarket lesson for the Sith Lord on what a dead cat bounce actually means and a look at Aureus Mining (AUE).


1902 days ago

Oxus Gold appoints administrators - another kiss of death from Zak Mir, Evil Knievil takes £60k bath

It is not a great day for the AIM Casino. First down PeerTV (PTV) and now Oxus Gold (OXS) has called in the administrators and Nomad SP Angel has quit. The shares have been suspended since it lost its spurious legal case in Uzbekistan and now the money has all gone.


1915 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 15 January: The Force Awakens, The Sith Lord cast into exile

The Sith Lord Zak Mir will be leaving the rebel alliance for good on Sunday. As of now this site is (with the exception of the miserable froggie Thierry who has penned a great piece today) fundamentals only, no TA nonsense. We will do some buy tips but not of that ramping shite Bulletin Board Morons love - this site is becoming more critical and bearish. In terms of the market I comment on the joke that is ISDX in light of Nigel's great article today then onto MX Oil (MXO) - explaining market abuse & insider dealing for Wildes and other morons - LGO Energy (TOAST), Koovs (KOOV), UKRProduct (UKR), EG Solotions (EGS), Webis (WEB) and BMR (BMR)


1918 days ago

African Potash - after the pump comes the dump but how long till the next fund raise?

It was all so predictable. On 6 January African Potash (AFPO) issued an RNS which was both utterly pointless but also just about credible enough to have the Bulletin Board Morons/Zak Mir frothing. The morons ploughed into the aftermarket - not noticing that the RNS was in fact just confirming that part of a deal already announced several months prior had been completed but that no financials were revealed - paying up to 2.1p per share. The crony capitalists said "thank you very much cannon fodder" on the back of the pump and today came the dump... a placing raising gross proceeds of £825,000 at just 1.7p. However...


1921 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 8 January: hard analysis, taking Magnolia to the cleaners

I start by explaining to Zak Mir what a dead cat bounce actually means. That brings me to Golden Saint Resources (GSR). Then there is a detailed analysis of the worthless POS that is Magnolia Petroleum (MAGP), comment on why Wildes is so wrong on LGO Energy (TOAST), on Sports Direct (SDI), Premaitha (NIPT) and finally on Games Workshop (GAW) and Mysale (MYSL). I also continue pointing out why lunatics like George Ferguson the barking mad Mayor of Bristol, only serve to make retail stocks even more of an avoid.

Warning: bad language alert.


1947 days ago

Video: Zak Mir presentation at Gold & Bears November 2015

For those folks who believe in charting or want to hear which stocks the Sith Lord wishes to curse with his kiss of death we provided a special breakout room for financial masochists at the show. I normally write "enjoy" at this point but somehow that does not seem appropriate


1969 days ago

6 days to Gold & Bears – just 4 seats left – BOOK NOW

As of today there are just 4 seats left unbooked for the 2015 Gold & Bears Show on November 28 in London. So book a free seat now for a fireworks event with Jim Mellon, Gabriele Grego (Globo’s nemesis), John Hempton, Sam Antar, Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Amanda, Dominic Frisby, 50 CEOs etc., etc. To get a free ticket for one of the last seats


1978 days ago

Oilex – this could be terminal

It gets worse. Shares in AIM and ASX listed Oilex (OEX) have now been suspended on Oz as the full scale of its legal difficulties emerges. The stock has never really recovered from the dual kiss of death of being tipped by both Zak Mir (HERE) and by market abuser Chris Oil (HERE) and is today down another 31% at 0.375p – roughly 90% below the levels when tipped by the dynamic duo a few months ago. 


1984 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 6 November - bracing myself for lunch with Paul Scott

Listeners have pity on me. Lunch with the UK's top share blogger beckons. That means the regime which leaves Paul looking so trim and svelt - ie lots of alcohol - plus long lectures on margins in online retailing. If that does not turn a sober fellow like me into a drunken share blogger nothing will. Away from that I explain why I am not really a snob and then make a snobbish comment or two, then discuss CIC Gold (CICG), ECR Minerals (ECR), Falanx (FLX) and Optibiotix (OPTI) and the curse of the Sith Lord Zak Mir and Plethora (PLE) and its premature ejaculation drug. I dont understand what it is all about but invite readers to share their personal experiences so that we can get a grip on what's going on here.


1986 days ago

Zak Mir NOT Fired – thanks to antiquated voting system, calls for electoral reform grow

Under a single transferable vote system Sith Lord Zak Mir would undoubtedly have been fired by ShareProphets at midnight. But our poll operated under first past the post and so he survives – it seems our readers just could not agree on why he should be fired.


1987 days ago

Sefton, oh dear, oh dear, it gets worse and worse

Sefton Resources (SER) has today updated its shareholders via a release which can only be described as semi-literate. Was it written by Zak Mir?  Notwithstanding the appalling syntax the message is clear: shareholders are fucked. We bring the release with a ShareProphets translation service in bold.


1987 days ago

Reader poll - shall we fire Zak Mir?

Surely it cannot take Sith Lord Zak Mir long to cobble together the gibberish in his articles? Yet he is late in filing. The Pizza hardman Darren Atwater and I are undecided about whether we should fire him. What do you think? Vote now in today's poll.


1989 days ago

Not Jeremy Paxman interviews the self-proclaimed Britain’s Buffett – kiss of death portfolio

Following on from his disasters at Sefton Resources (SER) – suspended – MX Oil (MXO) – halved mummy’s cash and Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) another 50% hit,  what other shares have the kiss of death blessing of market abuser Chris Oil, the man who says he is Britain’s Buffett. I bring you a video of him being interviewed by a hapless Sith Lord, Zak Mir. Sometimes the Sith Lord makes even Justin the Clown over at ADVFN seem probing.


2007 days ago

CEB Resources – another ramp, ramp ramp, yadda, yadda, yadda – when’s the placing?

Another day and another ramping announcement of sod all import from twitter moron fave CEB Resources (CEB). If the CEO is not appearing on a paid for interview on tips TV patting away daft questions from the Sith Lord Zak Mir, he is busy churning our more IR guff. But the big question he will not answer.


2010 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 12 October: jokes, jokes, jokes

I am staying wth my father and lefty step mother in Shipston and so there are a string of jokes at his expense. Talking of jokes I mention, en passant, Sefton Resources (SER) but also the total joke that is Golden Saint Resources (GSR). Then there is BBA (BBA), Telit Communications (TCM), Surgical Innovations (SUN) - cue predictable Zak Mir joke -  and eServGlobal (ESG). Finally I comment on Adgorithms (ADGO) and flag up superb Peel Hunt research HERE


2012 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 10 Oct: taking issue with Lenigas, Zak, Golden Saint, Surgical Innovations and CEB

I start with a discussion of World Mental Health day and then move onto David Lenigas and Afriag (AFRI). Then to the matter of trading whilst insolvent and discuss the cases of Quindell (QPP) ten months ago, TXO today and in great detail Golden Saint Resources (GSR). On that matter I raises questions for its Nomad Roland "fatty" Cornish and ask who is the compliance officer at the crowd funder assisting Golden as the chap is clearly the most certifiable imbecile in the Western World. Anyone know?  Then it is onto CEB Resources (CEB) and Surgical Innovations (SUN) where there are two reasons to sell first thing on Monday: fundamentals and Zak Mir tipping it today HERE


2018 days ago

Free Drinks at Jim Mellon’s pub on Wednesday as Zak Mir and Strat Aero hold court

My good friend Jim Mellon owns a pub in Notting Hill, West London, The Commander, and if you want free booze c/o Jim roll up roll up on Wednesday at 6.30 PM.  Now here’s the catch.


2018 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 4 October - Jim Slater, Zak Mir, Daniel Stewart and closed shops

In this webcast I cover Daniel Stewart (DAN), red flags, a closed shop that should be ended to improve AIM at a stroke and another in the legal system, Zak Mir and Jim Slater tipping Optimal Payments (OPAY) and why I disagree and also how I suffered as the lefty mates of my Mrs talked utter rot at lunchtme. I am truly traumtised. I am also handing out 20 free investor class tickets to The Gold, Bears & Traders show on November 28 and 1 person booking an investor class seta tonight using the promotional code BCGB will be upgraded to a Golden Ticket giving access to the after show party with the speakers, etc. So book now at  using the code BCGB


2020 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 2 October - plagued by Zak Mir, a fuckwit PR Girl & Paragon owning twitter morons

I had sme great news just now but cannot share it with you. On the other hand my day has been cursed. PR girl fuckwits calling during bearcast, Paragon Diamonds (PRG) owning morons on twitter and above all - since flip flop is on holiday - I have to sub Zak Mir's copy. Please God what have I done to deserve this? I comment on Paragon, Churchill Mining (CHL), Forte Energy (FTE), LGO Energy (LGO), Golden Saint Resources (GSR), Horizonte Minerals (HZM) and the loons who love CEB Resources (CEB) and why they are loons. I am now off to work on a cracking new mining share tip for Monday on the Nifty Fifty.


2026 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 26 September: Defending Malcolm Stacey, Attacking CEB Resources & Zak

In today's podacst I start with an apology to India from yesterday's Bearcast. Then it is on to defend Malcolm Stacey for his column today on refugees - for once the old boy is 100% correct although most folks seem to disagree. Then it is onto Zak's piss poor analysis of China frauds (HERE). Finally CEB Resources (CEB) which looks like a totally overvalued AIM Casino ramp.


2031 days ago

Zak Mir: The Ten Shares to buy for Autumn 2015 - New FREE book out NOW

ShareProphets Press' third e-book of 2015 is by Zak Mir. In it, the UK's most well-known technical analyst looks at the 10 best shares to buy for Autumn 2015.


2033 days ago

Buy Premaitha Health at a 20p offer, 
says Tom Winnifrith

This was not going to be my tip in the recently published book "The Magnificent 7" which you can download for free HERE. I was set to tip Optibiotix (OPTI) at c40p. Unfortunately for you (but fortunately for me since we own shares in the company) the share price has raced ahead to a 48p offer. I still think that they could head much higher and Zak Mir reckons that Optibiotix shares will be 60p by October. I think, that is what a chartist terms a long term view.

I take a rather longer, long term view than my illiterate Old Harrovian pal Zak and note that at least one broker (Hybridan) reckons that Optibiotix shares could trade at 200p by 2017 IF it delivers on all that it has promised. But I accept that there are a lot of IFs in that analysis and anyway you don’t want a stock that has already raced ahead since August.

And so that brings me to a sister company, Premaitha (NIPT) 


2037 days ago

Iofina – time for another profits warning or bailout placing? Or both?

On 14th July 2015 AIM Casino dog Iofina (IOF) made its last announcement – the usual bag of shite trading update. Its shares closed the day at c22p. The shares are now 14.5p having fallen steadily over the past two months but aggressively of late. So when and what is the bad news?

Obviously Zak Mir tipping the shares as a buy on August 8th was a bit of a kiss of death but there must be something worse to come?


2082 days ago

Why Rob Terry should & will go to prison, 7 share tips & 6 shares to bet the ranch on

The August Edition of UK Investor Show Magazine is now live and the cover story explains why the fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) infamy should, and will, go to prison. There are seven share tips from Tom Winnifrith, Zak Mir and Steve Moore and the ShareProphets writers answer the question "if you had to what stock would you bet the ranch on". Amanda van Dyke explains why she is still a gold bull and there's more..


2099 days ago

Video of Gareth Burchell of Shard Capital discussing small cap shares with the Sith Lord Zak Mir

Among the speakers at Zak Mir's event at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza last night (13 July 2015) was Gareth Burchell of the event sponsor Shard Capital . His conversation with the Sith Lord covering opportunities in small caps was recorded on video and can be seen below. To ensure you get priority free booking for Zak's future events register HERE


2100 days ago

Video of Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources with Sith Lord Zak Mir

Among the speakers at Zak Mir's event at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza last night (13 July 2015) was Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR). His conversation with the Sith Lord was recorded on video and can be seen below. To ensure you get priority free booking for Zak's future events register HERE


2100 days ago

Video of the Mining guru Amanda van Dyke with Sith Lord Zak Mir

Among the speakers at Zak Mir's event at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza last night (13 July 2015) was the mining guru Amanda Van Skye discussing mining shares. Her conversation with the Sith Lord was recorded on video and can be seen below. To ensure you get priority free booking for Zak's future events register HERE

Amanda is one of 7 writers to have tipped a gold stock to buy in our latest book which you can order for free HERE


2100 days ago

Video of Andy Frangos of MX Oil with the Sith Lord Zak Mir

Among the speakers at Zak Mir's event at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza last night (13 July 2015) was Andy Frangos of MX Oil (MXO). His conversation with the Sith Lord was recorded on video and can be seen below. To ensure you get priority free booking for Zak's future events register HERE


2109 days ago

David Lenigas Saint or Serial Sinner, Quindell worth 0p? and is now Gold’s moment?

The July edition of UK Investor Magazine went live last night. It is free to access and the cover story is “David Lenigas, saint or serial sinner” – a joint effort by myself and the Sith Lord Zak Mir. There are a couple of company profiles, three stocks to buy and three to sell. One of those is Quindell which really could be worth 0p again! And there is more…

Richard Poulden explains why gold really will sparkle this year, Zak Mir interviews Neil Ritson of Solo Oil, there is a share tip from Beaufort and the house view on Greece and why it should vote Oxi.


2119 days ago

Video of Nick Batsford of Tips TV at ZaksTradersCafe

One of Sith Lord Zak Mir's guests at his Traderscafe on Monday was Nick Batsford, the founder and a presenter at TipsTV a enterprise about which I have commented before. The video of his appearance is below.


2119 days ago

Video of Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas at ZaksTradersCafe

The second PLC presenter at Zak's Traders Cafe on Monday was the ever likeable Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG). Rather than present he opted to be interviewed by the Sith Lord. The video of that and him taking a few questions from me is below


2121 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast -23rd June, the night after

Not at my sharpest today - blame Zak Mir. In this podcast I cover ADVFN, Imagantik, Alecto, Greka Drilling, Green Dragon Gas, Monitise, Auhua, Falanx, Jiasen and its 25th June date.


2121 days ago

Video Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources at ZaksTradersCafe

Kerim Sener of AIM listed Ariana Resources (AAU) popped into present at the new event organised by the Sith Lord Zak Mir last night.I have always liked Kerim and also think Ariana shares are cheap.Anyhow, here is a video of his presentation.


2121 days ago

Video: Tom Winnifrith wipes the floor with Sith Lord Zak Mir at ZaksTradersCafe

Is charting cobblers? Of course it is. Zak Mir tried to pretend otherwise at Zakstraderscafe last night but ended up defending fraudsters and liars including Rob Terry and arguing that fraudbusters were the real criminals. The debate was one sided. It made the Brazilian mens national team against the West Ham ladies look like a level contest. To see the Sith Lord crushed watch below.


2122 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 22 June, preparing to wipe the floor with Zak Mir

The floor wiping will start at 6PM tonight at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza - all welcome. I refect on the joy of writing about or investing in real companies with profits, cashflows and assets and lament the popularity of stocks which are nothing like that on the AIM Casino. I look at Armstrong Ventures now run by my old pal Peter Redmond and Pires Investments - also a POS. Then at Jiasen, Falanx (statement needed chaps), Afren, Mosman Oil & Gas and Touchstone Gold.


2139 days ago

Launching a new monthly magazine today - download it now!

In between treavelling back from the Greek Hovel to Bristol there is always tiime to launch a new free monthly magazine - Uk Investor Show. Issue one leads on Greece and I have a centre spread on why it is kebabbed whatever. There are share tips and bear calls from myself and share tips from Steve Moore and Zak Mir. Columns by Chris Bailey and Thierry Laduguie and comment on why UK house prices must fall and on the election. You can download it for free with no registration needed HERE


2140 days ago

Market abuser Chris Oil Video from ZaksTradersCafe

He was Zak Mir's guest. Ben & I think that Chris Oil is a criminal and a market abuser. But here is the man himself on video. To register for more free booze and pizza at ZaksTradersCafe events ( the next one is 22nd June) click HERE


2145 days ago

Happier Times at the Kardamili Police Station

I sit with my back to the door at the Kourounis taverna typing away, writing almost anything to avoid the torture of completing the subbing of Zak Mir's book. Is it too early for an ouzo to stiffen my resolve to face the torture that awaits?

The cop at the Kardamili police station, who lives in my home village of Kambos, has just wandered in and pats me on the back "yas Tom" says he and wanders to the bar. This reminds me that I visited the police station at Kardamili once again last week. You may remember that last summer I spent a couple of hours detained at the Kadamili nick thanks to a bent cop and bent hotelier and so my memories of the place were, shall we say, mixed.

But I am trying to get Greek residency so that I can buy a car, a motorbike and a gun for the Greek Hovel. And that means that I had to go to Kardamili police station to present my papers. I took my Greek speaking wife with me for protection. Would I meet the bent cop who incarcerated me last year? Would I meet his goon of an assistant who looks like the nasty gay character in Coronation Street? I was rather nervous.


2147 days ago

Another ouzo says Vangelis - after an hour of subbing Zak Mir I deserve it

I was just planning to return to the Greek Hovel after an hour of subbing Zak Mir's golden prose. I had forgotten just how appalling is the way that he mangles the English language and am feeling pretty shell shocked. It has taken two ouzos to get this far and my task is only 30% done. 

And at that point I heard a cry from the bar at the Kourounis taverna "Tom, ouzo". 


2149 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - 21 May - delayed by IT snags

Another mellow, okay not entirely mellow podcast from Greece. Naturally there is mention of snakes in the introduction and then a few words on how Zak Mir simply is not dominating this website but even though charting is palpable nonsense we aim to please. Then onto a detailed look at why markets are being driven higher by crony capitalists using other folks cash and HAVE to retrace sharply. Then there is another see you in Court bitchez challenge - to a lying scumbag from Lombard Risk, and a few comments on the dog Tungsten.

The podcast was recorded on 21st may but I was then beset by IT snags. The odd thing is that the fastest internet connection in the Mani is in the Greek Hovel. In luxury Kardamili where I am staying with the Mrs connections break or are slow, then break. So on Friday morning I have headed back to the hovel where I am sharing my milk with a feral cat to upload this. 


2155 days ago

Pre-Register now for free pizza & booze at Zak's Traders Cafe

Fancy free booze and pizza at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza in Clerkenwell? Zak Mir will be offering both as he relaunches ZaksTradersCafe - a new monthly seminar event.  The first gig is on June 1 and to preregister to get advance booking rights sign up HERE.


2163 days ago

Chris Oil & Sith Lord Zak Mir Marble Bath Caption Contest – with David Lenigas

As deranged blogger Chris Oil sweats on whether the Takeover Panel will make him bid for New World Oil & Gas he is bleating in twitter about how no-one is talking about his penchant for inviting foppish middle aged Old Harrovians into his hotel bathroom anymore. Always keen to please we bring you our Monday Caption Contest. Simply post your entries in the comments section below, deadline midnight tonight (UK time) 



2176 days ago

Just what is the Sith Lord Zak Mir up to now?

As the death star implodes our Bothan spies have given us news of where most of the former stormtroopers are heading but cloaked by the dark side of the Force, the next destination for Sith Lord Zak Mir seems shrouded in mystery. But the Bothans have picked up on one little nugget.


2176 days ago

More News on Death Star Implosion & free Copy of book by Sith Lord Zak Mir to celebrate

With all stormtroopers bar one now working out their notice – or having already jumped on board an escape capsule – from the imploding Death Star, that is Jim Mellon’s asset stripped media business, the question is what happens next?


2179 days ago

Bulletin Board and General Election Moron of the Week - Round 18

By popular demand it is back but for the next two weeks we add a General Election twist. As ever the rules are simple. Filthylucre and Bananabob cannot post their own comments on this website as entries as they are just too good. But any other comment on a Bulletin Board or twitter is eligible.  But we also allow you to post any comment made by a politician during the Election campaign which is self-evidently ludicrous and unjustifiable. The most ludicrous or idiotic statement wins. We knew Vince Cable would come in handy one day. Although that mad Aussie who leads the Greens gives crazy old Vince a good run for his money.

For this week any comment from today until midnight next Saturday is eligible. Please note that articles written by Sith Lord Zak Mir are not eligible for inclusion as whilst all charting is nonsense, Zak should not be singled out for opprobium and he keeps a small portion of society entertained with his burblings. Tweets by Jim Mellon are also barred as we know he cannot be serious.


2215 days ago

News from the Evil Empire – Stormtroopers almost all put on notice, Death Star in meltdown?

News has reached various rebel alliance outposts of massive explosions at the Death Star with almost all of the storm-troopers working at the Evil Empire now formerly put on notice. Oh dear. And we hadn’t even launched a major assault yet!

The word is that all staff bar one or possibly two at the t1ps/master Investor/Oilbarrel and Minesite organisations have now formally been put on notice. Senior stormtrooper Richard Gollum Gill will be leaving in a month’s time after his “resignation” and for some reason no-one else has been daft enough to offer the poisonous and talentless little shit a job.

Others such as Sith Lord Zak “Judas” Mir 


2338 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's bonus BearCast as Rob Terry forced to quit - what next for Quenron

"Bulletin Board Morons, Cenkos Securities, Steamy & the QPPSAG, Zak Mir at t1psTV, Alan Green, Redleaf PR we have beaten them all, we have beaten them all. Rob Terry, can you hear me? Rob Terry your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating!” And so today’s BearCast special begins. Rob Terry has been forced to quit Quindell but has he really left – what next for this company which is a fraud…


2459 days ago

I may be fat but will not be soon, you will always be a moron

And so I replied to a Quindell (QPP) shareholder who tweeted the constructive suggestion that I was a bit of a fatty. Fair cop I am. I have put on a few pounds over the past two years since hitting fighting weight in the summer of 2012. I blame married life, owning a restaurant with great food, having to drink with Zak Mir etc., etc.

However, I am now back in Greece and on a truly Spartan regime. There is the weight loss caused by manual labour in the sun at the Greek Hovel I cannot say that in the UK I do much manual labour in the sun or otherwise. There are the pounds shed as I pace the one secure room in the hovel late at night wander what on earth is making all those noises outside.

I have not had a drink in ten days


2609 days ago

Fewer than 100 FREE Copies of the 180 page Malcolm Stacey Classic The Armchair Tycoon left on Offer for TODAY

There are now fewer than 100 Copies of the revised 2014 Edition of Malcolm Stacey’s classic e-book The Armchair Tycoon left to give away for free this month.

This book has something for everyone in its 180 pages, whether you are a stock market novice or an expert.

You can download your copy for immediate delivery for FREE HERE

And we also still have some copies of “Cracking the Code of Trading Gulf Keystone” by Zak Mir to give away for FREE just by clicking HERE

If you want more?

Zak "Judas" Mir’s new book, the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Shares by Technical Analysis can be downloaded for FREE HERE

or if you think charting is a load of tosh…

You can download a free copy of “The 49 Golden Rules of making Money from Shares” by Tom Winnifrith drawing on conversations he has had with well-known investors including Nigel Wray, Mark Slater and Jim Mellon as well as his own 25 years of market experience, by clicking HERE

We hope that you find all of these books a useful and enjoyable read.



2615 days ago

Amazing 37 Speaker Line Up at UK Investor Show on April 5 – Book Tickets now

37 big name speakers, experts in everything from tech stocks to gold to value investing to emerging markets to shareholder activism. The variety and expertise is there for all to see. That is the line-up for UK Investor Show on April 5 in London – no wonder that most of the tickets have already been booked. So who is speaking?

Well what are you interested in?  On the main stage…hosted by Louise Noel:

Value Investing?  There is a session with Ed Croft of Stockopedia, Nigel Wray and Paul Kavanagh of Killick.

Shareholder Activism? There is a session with Roger Lawson of Share Soc, blogger and activist Paul Scott, music teacher and activist Nigel Somerville and Richard Hemans of the Vialogy action group

Emerging markets? The Legendary Terry Smith is on stage

Growth Investing? There is a Mark Slater Presentation

Already most of the tickets for this event have been sold. So to book yours NOW click HERE

Tech Stocks? A panel session featuring angel investor Cassandra Harris, Vin Murria of Advanced Computer Software ( the Queen


2616 days ago

Zak Mir’s new book Goes to No 4 on Amazon Chart

Okay this is not the overall chart. Zak Mir is not quite up there with Jeffrey Archer although I gather that both of these great men do need someone with even greater literary skills to turn their original golden prose into best-sellers. However…

My very good friend for many years, and godfather to my daughter, Zak proudly sends me the screenshot below, demonstrating that in the personal finance, technical analysis category The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money Using Technical Analysis is now the 4th best selling book. Congratulations to publisher Shareprophets Ltd and, even more so, to Zak. 

Priced at just £6.25 on Amazon you can join the masses buying it here.

Or you can download a free version here.

And you can also download a free version of Zak's new Gulf Keystone bookler "cracking the code of trading Gulf Keystone" here.


2636 days ago

Out Today: Zak Mir’s New Book – The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Technical Analysis of Shares – Order Your FREE Copy NOW

Zak Mir is perhaps Britain’s best known chartist – for 20 years he has been a leading practitioner of technical analysis. And today he has published a major new book: The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Technical Analysis of Shares which will be priced at £10.25 on Amazon. However Shareprophets has three hundred free copies to give away.

In this book Zak lists the 49 key technical set ups which act as the clearest indications of share price movements. He explains why they are critical and what exactly to look for. And for each set up he gives a clear example from recent history that demonstrates what happened and how this was a money making signal.

e-copies of this book will be despatched by the end of the month and we have just 300 to give away before then which will be sent out on a first come first served basis. 

To ensure that you get your free book click here


2639 days ago

My Torture is Over- Zak Mir's book is sub-edited

I have explained a number of times in the past two weeks that I am getting an early glimpse of what life will be like when I go to Hell, that is to say I have been subbing a book written by my good friend Zak Mir.  It is 4.30 AM and I am delighted to say that the torture is over. Or as Zak would say it:

Indeed, notwithstanding the aforementioned reference above to 4.30 AM, it could very well be said that on the basis of the bear trap exhaustion gap fill reversal Tom can go to bed. This is especially in the wake of the way that his resistance support has indeed been completely broken by the aforementioned reference – see above. In fact, having driven the last person to edit my work – Stephen Eckett, indeed through all resistance points on the way to the asylum, anyone tempted to undertake the aforementioned task will in fact soon become Dead Cross with a sell signal on my literacy.”

Yippee. Now to think what Hell will really be like. While watching the England Cricket team tour Australia for eternity I will be forced to spend any gaps between play subbing the works of Zak Mir, getting texts from triumphant Aussies and from my daughter saying that she is volunteering to work for Chris Rennard while having to listen to Al Gore reading out his great work of fiction, An Inconvenient Truth.

I have a foretaste of the worst part of it but have survived with my sanity, almost, intact.


2643 days ago

A Three Legged Cat with very little brain makes his bid for freedom

I stumble out of bed at 5.30 determined to sub more of Zak Mir’s book before the markets opened. But I have an excuse, the back door is open and whilst one cat (Tara) is sitting there waiting for breakfast, my aged three legged cat Oakley is nowhere to be seen. Aha…hunt for Oakley and I can defer the torture of subbing Zak’s book – great news.

I stroll out into the garden and hear wailing from next door. Peering over the wall I see that, somehow, a hugely overweight cat with three legs has managed to make it over. But he appears unable to attempt the return journey and is just wailing.  But it is 5.35 and our neighbours do not strike me as early risers. Indeed by 7.15 when the Mrs emerges to cook my breakfast there is still no light on at Number 58.

But then there is a wailing from outside the back door. It is Oakley. After God knows how many hours he has managed to remember how he got over the wall in the first place and has returned.  Since he is far too obese to fit through the cat flap (we are buying a dog flap this weekend) he now demands to be let in.  The Mrs, who loves Oakley more than she loves me, enjoys a tearful reunion with possibly the stupidest cat in South West England.

Drama over. Now to Zak’s book. 


2646 days ago

Weekly Political Video Postcard from Tom Winnifrith #54 – Scotland & Welfare Reform Edition

The weekly video postcard is back from its Christmas break. You know how you do not want to do something so you put it off and it gets worse and worse and harder to do? Like the washing up or subbing a book by Zak Mir? Of course once you start such a task (subbing Zak’s book excepted) it is easy. And so I fear next week’s video very little.

On the agenda this week, prompted by this piece earlier, is Scottish independence and its funding but also UK welfare abuse and reforms.

My weekly financial postcard covers AIM Cesspit posterboy Sean Nutley of Silverdell and can be watched here.


2648 days ago

Happy Birthday to Me – Closer to 50 than 40 as of today

An early birthday present from Carlton Cole and Mark Noble sees West Ham out of the relegation zone but that will not change the fact that I am today 46, closer to 50 than 40. 

I did not expect to be spending this Birthday living in Bristol, married to a Guardian reading Sociology Senior Lecturer or less than 18 months into running a new business. Life is full of surprises.

I have now been working for 25 years and in the old days would now be just 19 years from retirement. For the Mrs – who did a Post Grad - the figures are 16 and 26. So Maybe I shall call it a day at 58 and live off the State (via the Mrs).  I suspect not, work is too much fun. 

My father’s generation expected to retire at 65. My generation? It might be 58 it might be never. The one thing we do know is that it is not an automatic gold watch at 65.

For me a picnic at Chew lake looms followed by a walk with the Mrs and Uncle Chris Booker.. and then back to subbing Zak Mir’s new book. Happy Birthday indeed.


2654 days ago

The Man slumbering outside Temple Meads at 4.30 AM – my hard call for today

The cab from V-cars was early and the streets were empty and so I found myself outside Bristol Temple Meads at 4.25 this morning with 22 minutes to kill before the departure of my train.  As the other passengers scuttled in I delayed. Once on the train I have no excuse not to sub Zak Mir’s book and so standing awkwardly in the cold seemed a rather attractive idea.

The only chap not to scuttle in slumped and snored on one of those ice cold, terribly uncomfortable metals benches, with lots of little holes designed to leave bumps on your bottom, that Network rail is so keen on. He looked a tad rough and was taller than me and rather muscular but he was wearing a suit of sorts. 

On that basis I though he was more likely to be a passenger than a drunk old tramp and so wondered if I should wake him. If I do nothing he might miss his train. He can’t blame me but I know it will piss him off. If there is one thing worse than getting up at 4 AM to catch a train, it is getting up at 4 AM to catch a train and then missing it. But what if he turned out to be a violent drunk who lashed out? The British way is, I suspect, to show polite indifference and walk on.

Hmm, I could always walk on and sub Zak’s book. If he did beat me up and hospitalise me that would be a three day excuse for not subbing Zak’s book. That thought swung it for me. It was a win win.

And so I shook him gently. He snored on. And then a bit more aggressively stating “first train mate”. He awoke. He was indeed thoroughly pissed but seemed grateful as he wheeled in circles, tottering towards the Station.

A good deed to start the day…and now to Zak’s book. Aaaaaaagh


2656 days ago

16,089 words of Torture lie ahead thanks to Zak Mir

Yes, I am sub-editing a book by Zak Mir. My good friend is a top technical analyst but his Harrovian education has left him not quite semi-literate for that would be an insult to the semi-literate, but with what one might term a unique style.

Zak does to the English language on a daily basis what Call Me Dave has done to the Idea of governing with basic Tory principles. He twists, distorts, invents and produces something with only a fleeting resemblance to the original.

However I have enjoyed ten years of translating, ooops I meant editing, Zak’s prose. I know that trying to sub a whole Zak book did drive my friend Contra Coffee Man Stephen Eckett to the brink of insanity a couple of years ago, but if anyone can do it, it is me. A fine book is on the way.

Naturally I am procrastinating like hell. So I am writing this piece. The Mrs has offered me the opportunity to do some tidying and to cook supper and do all the washing up as well as empty the cats’ litter tray. “No problems my dearest.” I know the alternative.


2678 days ago

Only 120 Free Tickets worth £12 for UKInvestor Show left

Tickets for the UK’s premier investor show, UK Investor worth £12 each are on offer at no cost at all in a special Christmas offer. But while we did have 500 to give away we now have only 120 left – after that the price goes back to £12. So grab your free ticket now.

The show is on April 5 2014 in Westminster and stars men like Nigel Wray, Terry Smith, Lucian Miers, Zak Mir, Matt Earl, Tom Winnifrith, David Lenigas, Steve Moore, Matt Sutcliffe, Alpesh Patel, Thierry Laduguie, Malcolm Stacey, Dominic Frisby, Richard Poulden plus the Queen of Mining Amanda van Dyke. In all, there are more than 30 big name speakers and 90 growth companies presenting.

Yup, that will be 90 growth companies there at CEO level for you to meet and quiz.

You can get full details on the speakers and companies at

 We had 500 free tickets but now have just 120 left to hand out: To get your free ticket click HERE

After these have gone it is back to £12 a pop.


2866 days ago

t1ps reunited… Robert Sutherland Smith joins the Shareprophets team

It is always good to be firmly reunited with old friends. Robert Sutherland Smith and I started working together along time ago when he was only 148. I am pleased to say that he is, as of yesterday, devoting his freelance enterprises to – thus the four key writers who made t1ps what it (once) was: myself, Steve Moore, Zak Mir and RSS are all reunited again over at

RSS will continue to pen a monthly Pond Life column here but three times a week he will be analysing a FTSE 350 yield stock over on Shareprophets. Having started his City career in 1967 ( the year before I was born) RSS knows what he is talking about.

While some financial websites groups have recently admitted to sharply falling numbers I am delighted to say that after less than two months already has 7,000 registered users who go there for free share data on all UK listed stocks as well as breaking news and cutting analysis from 20 writers with the men who made t1ps what it was at the heart of it.

If you have not registered you can do so for free at


2879 days ago

May Spreadbet Magazine live featuring Tom Winnifrith, Zak Mir, Lucian Miers and Gold

The June Edition of Spreadbet Magazine is now live and features Tom Winnifrith on the failed AIM system, Zak Mir, an interview with Lucian Miers and a cover feature on gold. You can download it for free by clicking here. 



2894 days ago

AVN, RPO, SXX, QPP, XEL, GKP, CUP, ASC - the Great Conspiracy Revealed

They do not like it up ‘em. Shares in some of the darlings of the AIM Cesspit have taken a bit of a hit of late and some folks, the believers, believe that this is the result of a great conspiracy involving myself, Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Zak Mir, Red Evans and others. How about a quick look at the facts.

It is almost flattering to think that our wee band could wipe £300 million off the market value of Quindell (QPP). If only we were so powerful. As it happens Zak, myself, Evil and Lucian were all bearish on this company and we have been proved right. We are not always right but here we were correct. But the whole world is asking valid questions of Quindell now and that is why the shares have tanked. It is just that we called it correctly first. Is it a crime to be right and to ask valid questions?



2899 days ago

Lucian Miers says he feels like entering a Witness Protection Scheme: Gulf Keystone

I have not dared look at the Gulf Keystone (GKP) Bulletin Board threads since myself and Zak Mir went openly bearish. The more I look at this the more I am bearish. Bear raider Lucien Miers outed himself as a bear over the weekend and he has dared look at the thread on ADVFN.

None of the points he raised is answered in any way. Instead there is a torrent of abuse for him (and also again myself, Zak and Shareprophets). Lucian thinks we should all now enter the witness protection programme. You can read all of our thoughts at – we are not deterred and will not be deterred from writing again.


2906 days ago - big upgrades to service

A piece by myself and the great literary genius Zak Mir. Thanks for all the positive feedback on the service. And also for the suggestions! And so we have, over the weekend incorporated a few new features in the website.

First up is that your registration is now remembered so that you now do not have to login every time you access the site. Just periodically. This should make it easier to use.

Second up is that we have established a twitter account @ShareProphets – if you want an alert by twitter every time that we publish a new article just follow us on twitter. 

If you are interested...


2907 days ago

No rush to buy resource stocks

Calling the bottom of any market is always impossible. I leave that to cleverer, if illiterate, folk than me. i.e. chartists like my good pal Zak Mir. But it strikes me that those who regard now as an opportune time to get back into mining (and plausibly oil) stocks are getting ahead of themselves. Yes, the sectors have performed abjectly. But I sense that there is far worse to come.

The story starts a few years ago when gold was racing ahead, folks were convinced that China would consume 120% of every tonne of base metals produced and that it would do the same for oil. Extrapolating these macro trends into a super cycle allowed an awful lot of marginal project,s or even non-projects, and arguably just dreams, to gain a stock market listing and secure equity finance. In the four or five years that have followed a few things have changed.

Firstly, it has become abundantly clear to investors that management teams across the resources sectors live the life of riley, awarding themselves huge pay packages and jetting here there and everywhere at vast expense. Generally having a great old time.

Secondly, very few of these management teams have delivered anything in terms of value creation. There are actually more mining companies in the world than there are projects to work on


2909 days ago

Pour a beer and watch Evil Knievil, Nigel Farage and real master investors on your PC this weekend

In case you missed the UK Investor Show and fancy watching real master investors this weekend we have it all on video and those videos are now starting to go live. 

If you want to hear what infamous bear raider Evil Knievil is buying and selling or what top chartists Zak Mir, John Piper and Clem Chambers are long or short of there is no need to leave your own living room this weekend – it is all here on video for you.

Or fancy Mark Slater’s top share picks and thoughts on the market – he is here too with a full slide presentation and video. As is gold guru Dominic Frisby, the UK’s most cerebral short seller Lucian Miers and also Nigel Farage MEP in full flow.

The videos are from the UK Investor Show two weeks ago so if you want to hear what these folks are thinking, buying or selling just relax, pour yourself a beer and spend the weekend at your PC.

There will be more videos appearing over the weekend featuring Britain’s Buffett Nigel Wray, Secret Millionaire and property guru Nick Leslau, mining guru-ess Amanda Van Dyke as well as the CEOs of Leyshon Resources, Fastnet Oil & Gas and a dozen other companies. For alerts on when they appear register now at

Meanwhile, sit back, relax and watch the explosive action.

To see Evil Knievil, Zak Mir, John Piper and ADVFN CEO Clem Chambers in action – click HERE

You can watch UKIP leader Nigel Farage here

You can watch gold guru Dominic Frisby & access his slides HERE

You can watch small cap legend Mark Slater and access his slides HERE

And you can watch infamous bear raider Lucian Miers HERE

Over the next 48 hours we will also be publishing videos featuring Leyshon Resources, Fastnet Oil & Gas, Nigel Wray and Nick Leslau and mining guru Amanda Van Dyke. For all their thoughts and hot tips and much more stay tuned to your PC this weekend.

Following the amazing success of the UK’s only serious investor show we have just announced that the 2014 event will be held at a larger venue in Central London on April 5th  . More details soon.

We will upload more videos from UKInvestor very soon to give you something entertaining to watch from home all weekend

Now, for me, back to the beach.



2916 days ago

CPP - Slam Dunk short at 4.7p target 1p or less

Earlier this week Zak Mir indicated that if CPP (CPP) shares closed at above 7.35p they would go to 12p and that the shares were a good risk reward buy at 7p – see HERE. There is more chance of the Pope opening a strip joint in the Vatican than of this happening.  This company is worth 1p at the very best and is a slam dunk short. We should point out that Lucian is actually short.

CPP has stated very openly in an RNS on 17th April that it is, to use the technical term, absolutely buggered.


2921 days ago

UK Investor Show – I hope that you had fun: a few thoughts

I am still completely wiped out. It is incredibly draining doing presentation after presentation and half way through the post event celebrations I fell asleep (ok I had enjoyed a few drinks as well) but I still feel utterly drained. And so once I have ruined a few other weekends by breaking news of a planning oil company merger involving a well-known name I think I am off to sleep again.

Thanks for the many emails from folks who said that they enjoyed the show. On balance so did I. I thought that the talks were more interesting than for many a year. They have been put on video and so will start to go up from Tuesday in a variety of places. But suffice to say you should register now at to catch many of them.

The location was not ideal. Not least that in order to feed my addiction I had to scrounge a spare packet of Marlboro Light from David Lenigas who had thoughtfully come well supplied. But ADVFN and I know enough now and the show was a success and so we are now planning for UKInvestor 2014. Watch this space – we will announce the date soon.

Highlights for me?

The young man who now writes tips appearing disguised in dark glasses to gain entry (not having booked a ticket). When spotted by Steve Moore, he claimed that he was at Excel to go to the International Cake show down the hall and made a swift exit.  

Nick Leslau and Nigel Wray – optimistic about the UK economy and as a double act far more powerful than as individuals. A lot of wisdom was shared by the pair.

Losing the debate with Richard Poulden once again. I am now 3-2 down but I really will try to do slides next year and stage a comeback.

Mark Slater. The obligatory dirty joke but the quality of his analysis of the markets and of individual stocks (three of which have been tipped by myself and Steve) was incredible.

Nigel Farage – unscripted, lucid, funny and on most issues bang on the money. I had a good chat with him and Chris Booker after the event and he is a very funny and pleasant chap. C Booker’s Thatcher tribute was bang on the money and nailed a number of leftie canards.

Above all I really enjoyed meeting so many of you who attended (particularly, I should say, David from Oxford). Thanks for all the kind words and I hope that you enjoyed the day. On stage I had more fun than I have had for years. I can say what I like these days and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I actually enjoyed the day in a way that I have not enjoyed MI days for a long time. With the speakers, stand holders and the audience I felt far more at home than I can remember being for years.

The home team from RMPC & ADVFN staging our first show should be thanked, notably John W, Clem, Fiona and especially Mike Hodges and from our side Darren, Nigel, Sarah, Steve, Robert Sutherland Smith and Martha. It was their first run at this, the second time is always easier.

So thank you to all who attended. ADVFN and RMPC starts work on Monday on UK Investor 2014 which will be bigger and different. I hope to see even more of you there then.




PS I should mention one other highlight. The after show pool games. I defeated Andrew Bell of Red Rock. Zak Mir fluked a victory against me. And then it was the final: The UKIP volunteers against myself & Zak. They had been trying to persuade Zak to sign up to UKIP although he is obviously a bit too right wing for them. And so with the prize being that if Zak and I won they would allow him to become the party’s immigration spokesman (Zak’s views are unprintably stern on this matter, making Evil seem like a total Guardian reader) we played.  The bad news for UKIP is that Zak and I won.


2924 days ago

Project x is live! The launch of

It is time for the workers to take control. Well at least in the world of financial writing. We have had enough of writing about stocks that do not interest for folks who mess us around and do not treat us with respect. For the avoidance of doubt I am not referring to ADVFN who are top bananas. But the workers co-operative has today launched – our own project x.

Comrades Zak Mir, Steve Moore, Lucian Miers, Aubrey Brocklebank, Adnan Siddique, Sam Bottell, Dru Edmonstone, Brokerman Dan, Doc Holiday, myself and others to be revealed will all be writing there. There is data on the stocks you follow, alerts on when comment appears on stocks that interest you, and a lot more to come. And it is totally free, just go register at and answer the confirmatory email sent to the address you give and you are in.

The writers will write about what THEY want. There is no Big Brother dictating what they should cover or say. Free speech, free comment, no holds barred. Game on.

I look forward to your feedback on the site, we will tweak it as we go alive but it is now live and almost 100% bug free.




2939 days ago

UKInvestor Show – Prizes, People and Updates – For April 13

The UK’s only serious one day investor conference is now less than three weeks away. Details can be found at www.UKinvestorshow.combut the final touches are now being put in place for what seems set to be an explosive day. If you have registered for a ticket it will by now have landed with you. A bit more on tickets later but first to the prizes on offer for those attending.

The show is at Excel and doors will open at 9 am sharp. The day ends at 5 PM, In between you can mingle among the dozens of stands manned by PLC CEOs chatting to them about whatever you wish. A full (reasonably up to date) list is on our website or you can listen to a series of talks by investment legends, folks who really are Master Investors, such as Mark Slater, Lucian Miers, Dominic Frisby, Nick Leslau and Nigel Wray.


The first talk starts just after 10 am and is a three way session with property legend and secret millionaire Nick Leslau and his long time business partner Britain’s Buffett Nigel Wray with me in the middle. I get to choose most of the questions but… five of the questions come from the audience and win prizes.

We will send out an email shortly to all ticket holders with a short form on it asking for your questions for Nick & Nigel. Simply print that off fill in your question and when you arrive at the Excel centre drop the question off at the Real Man stand before 10 AM.

If your question is picked a bottle of premium English wine from the Chapel Down vineyard is yours.

More prizes? How fat is Evil Knievil?

Well a second anyway. On that form we will also ask you to guess the combined weight in stone and pounds of Evil Knievil, myself and Zak Mir. I give you a hint: - Evil is almost half of the total on his own. Entries in Kilogrammes will automatically be disqualified. Imperial only.

And there are more prizes to come. We will send out details with the next email.

For full details on the all-star speaker line-up and on the companies presenting go to

One last favour? All tickets were sent to those who booked last week. If you have not received a ticket to the show please email [email protected] ASAP and we will send one before Easter.
And if you have got a ticket but cannot use it please let us know. We have now been able to allocate tickets to most folks on the waiting list but there are still a few waiting. If you are not using your ticket let us know so that we can give it to someone who wants to attend.

If you wish to attend and have not booked we cannot guarantee that there will be a place on April 13th for you but you can apply to join the waiting list at

Tom Winnifrith
PS Off for a run now to see if I can lose a couple of pounds and push Evil’s share of the combined weight to more than 50%



2966 days ago

March Spreadbet Magazine with TW on EMED now live

The March issue of SpreadBet Magazine is now live. Some poor sod had to turn Zak Mir’s abuse of the written word into English and there is an article by me on EMED and much more. You can download it for free by hitting the link below.

Click here


2972 days ago

Is the great 41 year gold bull run over? No.

And so we are told the great bull run in gold may be at an end. As I write, the one true currency is trading at $1570 oz. I am told by chartists, not that I listen to a word they say, that as long as a $1550 gold price holds then the story is intact. The problem with chartists is that they are such short termists. They regard a three day trade as a long term investment. Okay, before Zak Mir wades over to Real Man Pizzain Clerkenwell to drink me under the table again as punishment, that may be harsh. But the way to look at gold is on a forty one and a half year view and I am not sure that many technical analysts have bothered to go back that far..?


2973 days ago

Zak Mir makes porn

Well not exactly. It is just that now I am on Facebook my old friend popped in to Real Man to discuss strategy. Thankfully he is off to Leeds now to spend an evening on the town in a curry house with Richard Jennings of SpreadBet Magazine so there is no danger to my liver. Zak said that he was on Facebook and suggested that I become his Facebook friend. Well why not?

And so I searched for Zak Mir. Top of the list is Zaki and Miri make a porno. Apparently it has 4,744 likes. Well I knew that Zak was a popular fellow as the self proclaimed top chartist in the UK but I was unaware that he was that popular. Or indeed of his latest sideline.

Apparently it is a film. Zak said that when it came out big averts used to flash by on London buses and he would read it as Zak Mir makes porn and get rather confused. Heaven knows what Mrs Mir, a formidable lady made of it all. Anyhow that is not him.

There is a Zak Mir in Texas but he is not the one. In fact I cannot find THE Zak Mir on facebook at all. Perhaps he is too busy diversifying.


2974 days ago

Guest Post: Zak Mir on Avanti Communications - target 360p

I have no idea what the following gobbldeygook from my old friend Zak Mir means but I gather it is called Technical Analysis. But he seems to think that shares in Avanti are going up. I agree. But for the life of me I have no idea what Zak is on about. The great man writes…

It would appear that Avanti Communications is something of a Marmite company in the sense that traders seem to either love it or hate it – especially in terms of the fundamentals. This concept is represented quite well by the price action trace over the past year as it shows wild swings for the share price either side of the 200 day moving average currently at 340p. In fact, at either end of the range we have seen sharp bull and bear traps making any predictions regarding this stock fraught with danger.


2982 days ago

Zak on Avanti Communications - Kiss of Death, he is a buyer


Today’s unfilled gap to the upside shows people were short and caught on the hop.

The target above 280p is 350p, especially while floor of gap at 257p remains unfilled.


2982 days ago

Guest post: Zak Mir says EMED to jump from 13p to 20p

Of course all charting/ technical analysis is hogwash but now and again I humour my old pal Zak Mir by bringing you a snippet of his work. On EMED my target price is 38p but Zak seems to think the shares should race ahead to 20p. That would be a start. Here is his share tip – not from natch.

As can be seen from the daily chart of EMED Mining over the past couple of years, we have been treated very rough ride terms of the noisy price action. But the most painful part of the journey could be described as that seen this time last year when the stock jumped from below 8p up to 16p and then back again. It could be argued that for Bulls of the stock to have survived that kind of experience, really would underline their loyalty / blind faith as far as the company is concerned. At least on the back of the early 2012 white knuckle ride it is evident how since May last year despite all the volatility, a rising trendline has been put in place by the shares one that currently runs level with the key 200 day moving average at 10p.

Indeed, the most obvious thing to do is to draw a parallel trendline to this multi-tested 2011′s support line in order to discover what the likely upside here could be – a likely 2 to 3 month price target at 20p for the stock. Indeed, it may be achieved even sooner than this suggested timeframe as yesterday’s 13p low at former post-July resistance remains in place as the fresh support for the stock.


2993 days ago

Light Blogging Day – Blame Zak Mir

My old friend Zak Mir wandered into Real Man Pizza at 6 PM last night with THAT look in his eye. I should have made my excuses and fled. A wide ranging discussion followed and the wine flowed freely until I finally kicked him out at 3 AM. Heck, Zak actually paid so it would have been rude of me not to accept his hospitality

Mrs Mir seems to let Zak off the leash about once a quarter at which point he descends on me with THAT look in his eye. Readers of this blog must just accept that on the day that follows I will be somewhat less productive than normal. My alarm is pre-set and so I am up and at my desk but I cannot say that I really have the appetite for much in the way of work.

There are five writing assignments that I must complete today and Clerkenwell’s finest Celtic Italian restaurant has already taken 40 bookings for lunchtime ( about two thirds of capacity) and thus with the staff fully stretched I am on call as super chef. Once that is all done I am going back to bed. It will be relatively light blogging today. Blame Zak Mir.


3003 days ago

The FTSE 250 and yield

I tried to steer Zak Mir away from the dark side of Technical Analysis and towards the true shining path of fundamental research last night. Of course I failed. Zak explained that as a semi-literate Old Harrovian he had to stick to charts. Words fail me. Or rather they fail him. That is the problem…. But, during the course of our discussions, he sent over a table of the highest yielders in the FTSE 250 Index and it is illuminating. The three highest yielders (Cable & Wireless, First Group and Man Group) offer such moth watering yields that they are too good to be true. The yield tells you that the dividend must be cut.

Below that trio, there are only 11 stocks (out of the 247 that remain) that offer 6% or more. Frankly, I would not be terribly sure that all of them will hold their payouts. As a value investor this is pretty alarming.


3008 days ago

PE Ratios and why I am bearish ( but bullish)

think equities will go up, but I am bearish. If that sounds like the sort of TA nonsense that my pal Zak Mir spouts I apologise. Let me explain. Equities will go up because the bond bubble is only starting to burst. We will likely continue to see steady outflows from bonds into equities at an institutional level and that will push shares commensurately higher given the sheer mass of capital that is parked in bonds at present. To be more precise, it will push blue chips and mid caps higher as those are the sort of liquid stocks institutions will buy. I am not sure that it will do much for the riff-raff tail on AIM however!

Out of the frying pan into the fire. Are equities good value. The FTSE 100 I propose to ignore as it is heavily weighted towards stocks that are always on low PEs (Banks) and those which are British companies in name only – all their earnings are overseas. Instead I wish to draw your attention to the FTSE 250 Index which, at 12763.64 trades, now on a trailing price earnings ratio of, wait for it, 18.66 times. Towards the top end of its long term levels.


3009 days ago

Zak Mir and Richard Jennings – who is the Real Man? Neither.

An enjoyable evening at Real Man Pizza Company finally drew to an end. Zak picked up the tab. I hope he submits it as an RSH expense claim.

I suppose after my last 5 AM bender with Zak I should feel lucky to escape at 10.30 PM. We were joined by Richard Jennings of SpreadBet Magazine – he is the one on the right.

The two Northerners (some GNSH & Glasgow respectively) engaged in an act of macho bravado with an order of the Snaefell Diabola, the hottest pizza in the UK. Jennings was demanding water within seconds and wimped out after less than half a pizza. Zak claimed that as an Asian he was used to hot food. He managed one slice.

Perhaps you are more of a macho man than Zak Mir. Feel free to pop along and out it to the test.


3018 days ago

New Year Resolution - Book your seat on April 13 TODAY

We can always learn more about how to be better investors by learning from the experts. If your New Year Resolution is to do that then you need to book a ticket today to meet real Master Investors on April 13th in London at the UKInvestor Show, organised by ADVFN. The speakers are not career stockbrokers or rent a quote journalists but men who have actually made hundreds of millions of pounds by buying and selling the right assets. True master investors.

You can book your free ticket HERE

Leading the line-up are Nick Leslau and Nigel Wray. Nick was one of TV’s secret millionaires and is probably the most successful property investor of his generation. The firm he runs owns Madame Tussauds, thousands of pubs and much else. Over many years he has worked closely with Nigel Wray, aka Britain’s Buffet , the master of small cap investing. Nigel is the biggest shareholder in Domino’s Pizzza (LSE:DOM), having bought in at 36p – the shares are now c£5 – and is also a big holder of Alliance Pharma (LSE:APH) another stock worth watching.

Next up is Mark Slater, son of Jim and an extraordinarily successful fund manager in his own right. For detailed bottom up analysis of smaller growth plays you just cannot beat Mark and his detailed stock specific presentations are always packed with ideas. He is followed by Dominic Frisbey, comedian and gold guru. Have you ever seen his debt bomb video? If not watch it as it is a classic. Dominic is not only someone who writes about gold but he has made more than a million quid from more or less zero capital buying and selling the stuff. His theme: gold.

We have the UK’s two best known bear raiders in conversation (with me). That is to say Evil Knievil and Lucien Miers (profiled HERE). In what is promised to be a structured presentation they will outline their market views but also specifically a top ten shorts for 2013.

Moving on we also have a keynote presentation from another Nigel. That is Nigel Farage MEP the leader of UKIP on why the UK should save itself billions and quit the Evil Empire. Farage is funny and articulate and he has a good point don’t you think?

If you want a free ticket book NOW HERE, as the 2,500 seats will go on a first come first served basis

But it does not end there. During the afternoon we have two alternatives for you.

Choice One is the Traders Session. Lead by Clem Chambers of ADVFN, half a dozen of the UK’s best known traders will discuss strategies, charts and ideas to make money in 2013. On stage are Zak Mir, John Piper, Simon Denham of London Capital and Alpesh Patel.

Choice two are the breakout rooms where you can hear presentations on how to make money in mining stocks by Amanda Van Dyke a partner at Dundee Securities and chair of Women in Mining, on turfing out useless boards and shareholder activism by Roger Lawson of ShareSoc, on how climate change laws will cost you dear by Christopher Booker and on making money from alternative investments by Mike Hall of Stanley Gibbons. Each speaker will do two presentations.

That knockout line-up is surely enough. To book free tickets which will be allocated on a first come first served basis click HERE

Not enough? Well how about the companies attending giving you a unique chance to chat to the CEOs of companies you may be invested in or thinking about backing. Among those already lined up are: EMED, Minoan, Vatukoula, Stanley Gibbons, Ortac, Intandem, Leyshon Resources, ReThink Group, Northern Petroleum, 1Spatial, Wishbone Gold, PGC Entertainment, Anglesey Mining, Red Rock Resources, Regency Mines, Sharescope, Mechan Controls, Symphony Environmental, K3 Business Technology, @UK, Alexander Mining, London Capital Group and the list goes on and on. There will be around 80 stands on the day.

The venue is Excel in London and the fun starts at 9.30 AM on April 13th. There are 2,500 tickets available and they will go on a first come first served basis. But hurry. Already the show is one third booked out!

If you want more details or to book a seat go HERE to the UKInvestor Show website.

I look forward to seeing you in April

Tom Winnifrith


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January Spreadbet e-Magazine out today with my feature on Archipelago Resources and much more

Just a note that the January edition of SpreadBet Magazine is now out. The publication now features a monthly feature from me and this time I am writing about how bearish I am about certain junior miners but how my conviction buy for 2013 is Archipelago Resources. The mag also features stacks of other stuff from folks inccluding Dominic Picarda and my old pal Zak Mir. There appears to be no end to those happy to sign up to sub-edit Zak’s semi-literate streams of consciousness.

You can download your free glossy bumper issue HERE.


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My sixth 2013 tip of the year is live: a gold play for New Year's Day & Act now to get my 7th tip tomorrow with

Six down one to go. I refer to my seven tips of the year for 2013. The seventh will not appear on any website but will be the first share tip on my new partnership with ADVFN, – sign up HERE.

It is simple – sign up for free and tomorrow you get my last share tip of the year. In the three working days that follow you get the tip of the year from each of ADVFN boss and columnist Clem Chambers, my pal Zak Mir and ex senior writer Steve Moore.

Thereafter every working day of the year we will send out by email a free share tip from a panel of 20 top tipsters, bloggers and analysts. Each of us serves up around one tip a month. All you need to do is sign up here
If you missed my previous six tips of the year:

On New Year’s Day my SIXTH share tip of the year ( of SEVEN) went live ( here).
On New Year’s Eve my FIFTH share tip of the year ( of SEVEN) went live ( here).
On 30th December my FOURTH share tip of the year ( of SEVEN) went live ( here).
On 29th December my 3rd share tip of the year ( of SEVEN) went live ( here).
On 28th December I published my second share tip of the year ( here).
The day before I published my first share tip of the year ( here).
On Boxing Day I published my macro-economic assumptions for 2013.

The only way to receive the FINAL TIP OF THE YEAR in your email is to register HERE at .
Go on, you know it makes sense.

Happy New Year


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Why any company issuing results from Monday to January 2nd is a sell

I rather lose track of which days the stock market is open between now and the New Year. Some days are holidays. Others are half days. And on others the market is open but as far as I can see only utter stock market anoraks (my good friend Zak Mir and myself) or the criminally insane will give two hoots about what is actually going on over Christmas. But there will be announcements, and those will include prelims and interim results. Frankly however, any company issuing results between now and January second is one I would not wish to own shares in. There may be the odd exception but generally it is a golden rule.

Companies will issue results when nobody bar Zak, myself and the criminally insane is looking for one of two reasons.


3036 days ago

Zak Mir and I agree on Falklands Oil & Gas - Sell

Just a brief note on AIM listed Falklands Oil & Gas (FOGL). Thanked by no-one really I have been warning folks to bail out all summer. And I have remained bearish. My most recent piece was on November 27th when I said that the stock was still a sell even down at a 37.5p share price. The share price is now 29.75p. But it will get worse.

It is always good to agree with a good pal and I have few better friends than Zak Mir. I do not really understand the world of technical analysis but according to him the charts look dire. He has thus published this sell advice today .

It rather chimes in with my own fundamental sell advice published here on November 27th.

I think that makes the conclusion a universal “sell”


3037 days ago

The Unusual Timing of Company Announcements

Companies should be fairly predictable in the timing of their announcements. On a December year end you would expect results in March, an AGM in May and June, Interims in August/September and a year end trading statement in December and January. There may be news of a big contract win (one of my tips) or a profits warning (one of Zak Mir’s tips like HMV – only kidding Saqib!) – but otherwise the pattern should be predictable and regular. If it’s not it is invariably a bad sign.


3037 days ago

Zak Mir reviews Letters from the Chestnut Tree Cafe

Tom Winnifrith is a bit of a marmite individual. Read some Bulletin Board posts and he is the spawn of Satan. Read others (I try to as much as I can to improve my grammar) and it occurs to some people that he makes some extremely good points. At a financial level some of his pieces, such as this little gem on Falklands Oil & Gas and notably this little gem on US Oil & Gas not only real insight but are also extremely funny. Indeed, for us Old Harrovians a sense of humour is everything, the only thing that differentiates us from the savages, or as they taught us in public school – socialists. I can think of no other financial tipster who would write a piece about a company whose shares were heading South and manage to include a video of Adele singing Skyfall ( or Sharefall as Tom termed it) to show that the Fat lady is about to sing. But that was Tom’s piece de resistance yesterday for shareholders in Vialogy.


3038 days ago

Guest Post: Zak Mir says EMED on a Rising Price Channel

Although it can be seen on the daily chart of EMED Mining that the shares have been in a volatile state at best over the past couple of years, the dominant charting feature still remains in place in the form of a rising May 2011 price channel. This nominally has its floor level with the 9.5p zone, something which suggests that we can assume further upside is on it way.

It is also implied that any weakness toward the uptrend line of last year should be regarded as a buying opportunity. Indeed, the attraction from a technical perspective is that while last year’s support feature remains in place the upside here could be substantial, if only in percentage terms. This is said on the basis of a 2011 resistance line projection heading towards 18p plus, a feature that can be regarded as the 3-4 month target. What can be said currently


3038 days ago

Mark’s In: Mark Slater completes all star line-up at UKInvestor Show on April 13th

f you want to hear quality speakers there is only one UK Investor show to attend next year and that is The UKInvestor Show held on April 13th at Excel in London. The speaker lineup is now almost complete with news that Mark Slater, the most successful fund manager of his generation is on board.

Mark joins as the other main stage speakers: Nigel Wray (Britain’s Buffett), Nick Leslau (property legend and secret millionaire), bear raiders Lucian Miers and Evil Knievil, gold guru Dominic Frisby and UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

And that is not all: The trader’s session (also a main stage event) is chaired by Steve Moore and stars Clem Chambers, Alpesh Patel, Simon Denham, John Piper and Zak Mir (plus one name to reveal shortly)

And in the breakout rooms we have the Goddess, Amanda VanDyke on making money from mining stocks, Stanley Gibbons boss Mike Hall on alternative investments, Roger Lawson on shareholder activism and Christopher Booker on how global warming costs you so much.

There is the Poulden v Winnifrith debate (10 minutes of main stage comedy) and 80 companies presenting at CEO level.

No other show comes even close to assembling such an all star lineup.

There are just 2,500 tickets on offer. They go strictly on a first come first served basis. Already more than a fifth are gone ahead of the official launch of the show campaign in the New Year. Treat yourself to a free gift this Christmas. To book your free seat and to get more details click HERE.


3038 days ago

A New e-book for Christmas: Lessons From the Markets for 2013 by Zak Mir

Zak Mir is an old friend and godfather to my daughter. He is a very funny man. He can be incredibly cool and he can also be Geek of the Year – ask him about his fascination with weather patterns. That is train spotting for the middle classes. The one chink in his armour is his deprived education background. Not a reference in a PC way to the oppression of a you Asian lad growing up in a post industrial Glasgow decimated by the evil Thatcher. Oooooo all those nasty white racists and bloody English. Thatcher! How they suppress my fellow Celts. Nope, Zak lived in a posh bit of Glasgow ( I gather there is one) and went to Harrow which is clearly a dreadful school as I have never met an Old Harrovian who could write more than three words (they all seem to be able to manage f*ck off pleb) without introducing some spelling mistake or grammatical error.. .And so we come to Zak’s latest ebook – an ideal TA Chistmas gift.


3042 days ago

UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP joins headline speakers at UKInvestorShow on April 13th

UKInvestor Show is an event about making money but I have always thought such a show needs one non investment speaker and I am delighted to say that Nigel Farage MEP emailed this morning and he is up for it. The leader of UKIP will talk about how staying in the EU costs all of us so much and why we should leave now.

And so on April 13th at Excel we now have a main stage line up of Nigel Wray (Britain’s Buffett), Nick Leslau (property legend and secret millionaire), bear raiders Evil Knievil and Lucian Miers and Dominic Frisbey, Mr Gold and Nigel Farage. And there is one other surprise for you on the main stage.

The traders session ( also a main stage event) is chaired by Steve Moore and stars Clem Chambers, Alpesh Patel, Simon Denham, John Piper and Zak Mir ( plus one name to reveal shortly)

In the breakout rooms we have the Goddess, Amanda VanDyke on making money from mining stocks, Stanley Gibbons boss Mike Hall on alternative investments, Roger Lawson on shareholder activism and Christopher Booker on how global warming costs you so much.

There is the Poulden v Winnifrith debate (10 minutes of main stage comedy) and 80 companies presenting at CEO level.

You have to admit that is a cracking line-up. No other show even comes close. If you want to hear a master investor speak this is the only show worth attending. To register for your free ticket on a first come first served basis go HERE.


3057 days ago

Guest Post: Zak Mir on Avanti Communications

My pal Zak Mir asks me to plug this article. It is all TA (Technical Analysis) gobbledygook to me so I have no idea what it means but it is about Avanti Communications (AVN).

Avanti has served up a roller coaster ride of price action so far in 2012 that apart from being excellent fodder for a whole books worth of technical analysis, has although given traders / investors the most painful of journeys. But at least after an accelerating decline from an initial August bull trap retreat it would appear that the bulls have a “final” opportunity to go long on an non catching a falling knife basis, or even worse, a leap of faith.

This is said on the basis of a falling line of support from August last year on the daily chart currently running through the 211p level.


3071 days ago

My Drunken Error, Disappearing Viagra and Corby goes to the Polls

Zak Mir tells me that he feels like death after leading me astray with our all night drinking session. Good. It serves him right. I feel the same way but have now realised the truly horrible consequences of my actions. That is to say I appear to have arranged at some stage during the evening to meet someone else for supper tonight. You can safely assume that I shall not be drinking alcohol and that I will not be staying out late. I am too old for all of this.

Meanwhile Corby goes to the polls today in a by-election caused by the resignation of the frightful Louise Mensch.


3071 days ago

Light Blogging Day Ahead: All the Fault of Zak Mir

Saqib Ahmed Mir ( Zak) is my daughter’s godfather and one of my few friends. He is also the most unreliable man on this planet and it is entirely his fault that this will be a light blogging day. You see he was meant to pop in to Real Man Pizza for a quick glass of wine at around six last night. By the time he actually pitched up it was 11 PM, I had already had a few glasses to while away the time and was finding it hard not to pen a third article comparing the accuracy of shots by the woeful England football team and the laudable Israeli Defence Forces.

By the time Zak left our mutual pal Alpesh Patel was heading off for a 5 AM TV appointment despite my misguided efforts to persuade him to pop into Real Man for a quick drink instead.


3094 days ago

A quiz just for weather geek Zak Mir

There was I sitting in the pub minding my own business when a bloke came up and invited me to take part in the pub quiz. Normally I am always up for a good quiz. But a) he looked like a total weirdo and b) he said that it was weather themed. I declined.

This would, however, be where my good friend Zak Mir would have been in his element.


3123 days ago

Yet Again, congratulations due to my good friend Zak Mir (and Mrs M)

Zak Mir was a late starter in the reproduction game but once he got going there has been no holding him back. And so once again I find myself congratulating him and Mrs Mir who gave birth to a boy on Friday, their fourth child. Having sworn to become a good Catholic when marrying Mrs Mir, I am sure that his Holiness is proud of how Zak has followed his teachings in at least one regard.

You are discovering my obsession with Venn diagrams. Rather like my LinkedIn isolation of being a friend of Albania, Israel and a West Ham Supporter, Zak also stands on his own. I cannot believe there are many Glaswegian, Old Harrovian Moslems now following a Catholic life. His Harrow education has left Zak barely literate,