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2379 days ago

TripAdvisor – what a bunch of wankers: bogus customer question

Last week we had to call the Police into Free Speech & Pizza as one Bulletin Board jihadist was calling 40 times a day to swear at our staff. TripAdvisor is fully aware of the campaign of harassment against Clerkenwell’s finest pizza house because we have told it. It refuses to take action and refuses to let us post replies to bogus posts pointing out that they are bogus as that is defamatory. Now it asks if we would like to answer a customer question. An email just received is a hoot. It reads:

A customer has a question about The Real Man Pizza Company. Respond and your answer will rise to the top of the list. Answering questions is a great and easy way to engage with customers (new and old) and encourage more business. 

Hi When are the council going to close this rat hole down i hear they paid a corrupt councill official to sign off the hygiene certificate. This place should be condemmed certainly would not recommend to any one. Also I am sure some of the staff were smoking weed outside in the street. Should this be allowed are the police aware there are probably drugs on the premises. The owner often brags about coke and hookers and when i was there a couple of not so clean looking girls were in the restaurant flirting with some fat toothless drunk on table no 10. My question is when is this place going to be fully inspected? 

Hmmm. Apparently that is not defamatory at all is it TripAdvisor? And you kind of wonder


2597 days ago

Quindell owning Moron James Beckwith moves from death threats on twitter to bogus restaurant reviews

Last week Quindell (QPP) owning Bulletin Board Moron James Beckwith told folks on twitter that he’d like to put a knife to my throat – see HERE. This week he has a new game, joining all those other Quindell owning morons who delight in posting bogus reviews of Real Man Pizza Company on Tripadvisor.