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cash strapped

34 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the short, medium and long term stinks at Eurasia that COULD make it AIM's second £1bn+ scandal

Quindell (QPP) was the first. Maybe there has been another, Anyhow I look in great detail at Eurasia Mining (EUA) but also at a spoof from cash strapped Verditek (VDTK), more on Union Jack Oil (UJO) and signs of trouble at mill for Colin Bird and Bezant Resources (BZT).


57 days ago

Rejoice: the cash-strapped envy of the world, that is the NHS, is hiring again!

The NHS may face record waiting lists, deaths from cancers and other ailments are soaring thanks to all those missed tests, during the scamdemic plague with a 99.97% survival rate, but there is good news. After giving GPs, average salary £100,700, and other NHS staff an inflation busting 3% pay rise, those running the envy of the world had claimed that there was a £600 million funding gap this winter. But as you can see below, vital jobs at the coalface are still being filled.


369 days ago

The cash-strapped NHS celebrates #PronounsDay - the envy of the world?

The poor NHS is so cash-strapped it can afford to employ Eddy as its LGBT Staff Network trans and non-binary lead. No I also don’t have a clue what that means either. The “envy of the world” is today taking time off from recording nurse led tik tok dances to celebrate world pronouns day which, I gather, means referring to my wife as “they” so as not to offend her.  I mean they. I am sure it is all money well spent. Should I go outside and bang a sauacepan at 8 PM tonight to show my appreciation?  OBEs and pay rises all round. They are all heroes. The envy of the world.


623 days ago

Versarien: now about that tyred old deal? Boom Boom Geddit?

When forced to fess up on 21 January 2020 that its, much RNS vaunted,  US hub was in fact a serviced office with no staff, cash strapped Versarien (VRS) tried to sugar coat the pill by referring to discussions with a leading US tyre manufacturer. That rang a bell. For whom the bell tolls, etc, etc.


1063 days ago

Top analyst says Georgian Government could and should terminate assets of Frontera

The City's number one oil analyst Zac Phillips of shamed SP Angel has plunged his bloodied knife into cash strapped Frontera Resources (FRR) after today's joke RNS. In his morning email the great man opines: 


2508 days ago

Another problem for insider dealing Laurence Moorse at Quindell

I guess the in-tray for Laurence Moorse,  the insider dealing Finance Director at Quindell (QPP), is getting to be a little on the bulging side: folks owed £180 million by the cash strapped company demanding immediate payment; letters from the FCA, letters from AIM regulation, the PWC memos on his dodgy accounting and now to add to his woes …Companies House has confirmed that its on his case.