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5 hours ago

If your 7 year old shits in his nappy the BBC reckons the Tories are to blame

The BBC decided to send one of its reporters, Branwen Jeffreys, to some grim Northern town where folks were poor so that they could take the piss out of the “levelling up” programme which is one of Boris Johnson’s little joke policies.  Firstly the state broadcaster showed the traditional scenes one associates with grim post industrial Northern towns such as this one, Ashington in Northumbria. And then complained that the Government was not spending enough on infrastructure to change that.


78 days ago

Michael Gove’s soon to be ex Mrs Sarah Vine serves up 100% fake news on Margaret Thatcher, coal and global warming

The soon to be ex wife of Michel Gove, Sarah Vine, is – for reasons I have never been able to fathom – paid vast sums to serve up a weekly diet of complete bilge in the Mail on Sunday. If Mr Gove is looking for an excuse for his historic drug use, I’d suggest that having his Mrs read her column to him each week is one that would gain the sympathy of many. Today, Vine deals with Thatcher, coal and global warming prompted by Boris Johnson telling an unfunny and factually inaccurate joke last week.



1380 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Jamie Oliver & Carillion both going down - the taxpayer should not bail out either

Thank you for the kind words about yesterday's special podcast on my own website HERE. In today's bearcast I look at Carillion (CLLN) and Jamie's Italian, both of which are in dire trouble. I touch on bank bailouts, Mrs Thatcher (rightly) shutting down coal mines and the madness of Government farming/forestry policy. It is related to Carillion I promise!