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65 days ago

The average GP now earns more than £100,000 + massive pension perks and the greedy and idle bastards still want more

Thank heavens we gave salaried GPs – those not really coining it in from running their own practices – a pay rise of 3% this year. Okay, these days only 56% of appointments are face to face. The rest are over the phone or online and the number of missed diagnoses for cancer and other life threatening ailments is, as a result, soaring.  The average GP works well under the maximum 48 hours per week and yet, after four years of inflation busting pay rises the data is shocking but the greedy bastards want more.


122 days ago

Just how much do greedy fat cats Julie & Ali at Sosandar need to be motivated? £50,000 becomes £2m as punters get screwed

What follows is a tale of greed and reward for failure. Look at the hard facts and you will, unless you dwell in the 1% sewer of greed, conclude that Sosandar’s (SOS) joint CEOs Ali Hall and Julie Lavington are now poster girls for fat cattery, for greed and are the unacceptable face of capitalism.


139 days ago

UK Oil & Gas – now 4.58% of the equity pledged to oust Lyin’ Steve Sanderson

With management owning just 0.07% of the equity and no institutions on the register, rebel investors in UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) seeking to oust fat cat boss Lyin’ Steve Sanderson, FD Kiran Morzaria and Chairman Allen Howard speak, as at 9 AM yesterday, for 4.58% of the equity. But…


231 days ago

Putting fat cat share purchases into context: Sam Smith of Finncap

As per its recent trading statement, Finncap (FCAP), like every other City advisory and broking firm, has enjoyed a quite amazing year. It is the nature of this industry that it is either feast or famine and with massive M&A activity, debt and equity refinancings and even IPOs in the small and mid cap space, even Finncrap must have coined it in. That brings us to today’s news that its, self-important, smug and woke, CEO Sam Smith has bought 130,000 shares at 30.5p.


796 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Tony O'Reilly Jnr you really are the biggest shit in Ireland

In today’s podcast I start with how Roger Lawson wants laws changed that will shut ShareProphets down and is using Burford (BUR) as his pretext. I look at how the AIM demise of Avanti (AVN) shows how wrong Lawson is and at lessons we can all learn. I cover Providence Resources (PVR) and its dirtbag fat cat boss Tony O’Reilly Jnr, at Cabot Energy (TOAST), Mysale (MYSL) – another mark of shame for Burford’s Nomad Macquarie and for Sir Philip Green – and at IMC Exploration (IMC) which is toxic.


908 days ago

RBS CEO quits – will this fat cat get his cream cake and eat it?

RBS (RBS) has announced that after five and a half years of earning a basic salary of a million quid a year plus numerous bonuses, LTIPs etc, Ross McEwan has resigned from his role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Director. We are told that bankster fat cat Ross is on a 12 month notice period.


1126 days ago

Back Roger Lawson as he takes on the Abcam fat cats and useless 1%-er Non Execs

Roger Lawson of ShareSoc is er…not always right but his latest battle is one where he is bang on the money. Lawson is a shareholder in Abcam (ABC) and thinks the board is taking the piss and need an AGM wake-up call. He is absolutely right.


1126 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - when a celeb tips shares in Tesla....

In today's bearcast I look at Brexit and house prices, a celeb tipping Tesla (TSLA)  and the nonsense MP Rachael Reeves talks about executive "fat cat" pay.


1284 days ago

Exclusive - more shocking revelations about how Beaufort clients are having their savings pissed away by PWC

Today I have a new exclusive on the shambles that is the administration of Beaufort Securities where 14,000 clients are having their savings pissed away by fat cat administrators PWC. This will shock you.


1357 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I hope Persimmon's Mr Fairburn tells the fat cat fund managers where to stick it & keeps his £110m

The scandal over fat cat bonuses at Persimmon (PSN) is something that we were the first to expose back in September of last year way before the national press got onto the case. The real villains are the Government but also the overpaid and negligent City fund managers who agreed to this scheme. They are now trying to shift the blame onto the bosses, notably CEO Jeff Fairburn, but this is about blame shifting not what is in the best interests of shareholders. I then look at wider market wobbles mentioning, en passant, IQE (IQE), SnapChat and other examples of lunacy.


1357 days ago

Stellar Diamonds - so when exactly did you get a bid approach, before or after fat cat share options were repriced?

On February 1st 2017 Stellar Diamonds (STEL) announced that it was "in advanced negotiations" about a bid at 12.7p, a 452% premium to the share price on January 31. Hooray, trebles all round. But hang on Henry what about those share options?


1554 days ago

42 BBC fat cat women like Fiona Bruce and Laura Kuenssberg dress up naked greed as a feminist fight

42 grossly overpaid readers of autocues at the state funded generator of fake news that is the BBC have written to their boss today demanding that they be even more grossly overpaid. The least grossly overpaid of these women earns £150,000 a year or, put another way, just over 1000 license fee payments. They have made demands for substantial pay rises because they are doing their bit in the invaluable fight for women's equality, they are fighting as feminists. This is a truly selfless act on their part. Yup.


1811 days ago

Caption Contest - Golden Saint's Cyril d'Silva who's a fat cat then Edition

Cyril d'Silva who floated Golden Saint Resources (GSR) at 10p a share three years ago has just updated his facebook profile with a new picture. With the shares at 0.05p Investors have lost 99.5% of their money but Cyril does not seem to be starving. The word on the street is that Golden is trying to get another bailout placing away urgently as it is again out of cash. Meanwhile as you look at the smug fat fellow below do you have a suitable caption for the photo. Entries in the comments section below before midnight Tuesday please.


1991 days ago

Most businessmen want to say in the EU - the poll that shows that is another Brexit lie from Project Fear

Dodgy Dave and Project Fear keep on lining up fat cat FTSE 100 bosses to oppose Brexit. None of these chaps are entrepreneurs who start businesses with their own capital. They are just grotesquely overpaid managers who prosper whether profits are rocketing or plunging. They are crony capitalists who like the EU as its feast of red tape helps put smaller competitors out of business. But Dodgy Dave and vile harridans such as Amber Rudd time and time and time again tell us that this means that most businessmen oppose Brexit. It will not surprise you greatly that this is a lie.


2297 days ago

Photo article: Greece – Greek fat cat tracked down

So where did all the money go in Greece? To the fat cat politicians and industrial barons of course. I now bring you a photo of a Greek fat cat I encountered. 


2674 days ago

Reader Poll: Which AIM Cesspit Company will send a lawyer’s letter to Tom Winnifrith Next?

I have not had a lawyer’s letter for more than two weeks. I can only conclude either that the greedy fat cat City Bully Boy lawyers are all sipping corporate champagne at Wimbledon or that I am slipping and being too much of a nice guy for my own good. It is only a matter of time and so I invite readers to guess who will send me my next lawyer’s letter. And, to help you select which scumbags are likely to win, I offer a handy form guide.

The Form Guide is simple. How many lawyers letters have I received in the past two years from the companies in the week’s poll.


2715 days ago

AstraZeneca Statement does not wash – tell the fat cat board to accept Pfizer bid

The Board of AstraZeneca (AZN) has today rejected an improved £55 a share bid from Pfizer. The yanks say they will not go hostile but urge Astra shareholders to tell the board to get a grip and accept. They should do exactly that.


3266 days ago

Inland PLC vs. Paul Scott: Back Paul against greedy fat cat directors

Paul Scott is a smart investor and a good battler against boards which take the piss. Looming in his sights now is AIM listed property developer Inland (LSE:INL). The issue is boardroom pay versus shareholder return. And Scott is not wrong here. Inland is a good company but its directors Stephen Wicks and Nish Malde clearly have interests that are not aligned with those of shareholders. Let battle commence.