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18 days ago

Sign the Petition as the wretched Tories renege on promise to curb public sector fat cats

Hang on Mr Pleb:  members of the establishment do have to look after each other don’t they? Most senior civil servants went to the same Oxbridge colleges and public schools as most of the cabinet. If you can’t feather the nests of your chums what’s the point of public life?  In another fuck you to blue collar Tory voters in the so called red wall seats, the wretched Tories snuck out a disgraceful U-Turn just before the weekend.


62 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - waiting with Joshua for the snow

Of course, here in Wales, you can get Covid from sledging but Joshua and I will risk it and as the first snow fell today his excitement was off the scale. Sadly the snow has not lasted. Fingers crossed for tonight. In the podcast I discuss tips of the year contests ( as opposed to our 22 tips of the year) and laugh at Justin Urquhart-Stewart. I look at two reasosn the bulls spout for bullishness and discuss. And i look at executive turnover and greed among FTSE 100 fat cats.


421 days ago

Capitalists are their own worst enemy – Roger Lawson spot on regarding executive greed

Just now and again the ShareSoc man is bang on the money and his comments on FTSE 100 far cat pay awards are one of those rare occasions. I have no issue with rewarding those who risk their capital or those managers who deliver exceptional returns but that is not what is happening now. So what is the solution?


632 days ago

Allied Minds unhappy shareholder rails against executive greed

I suppose Neil Woodford does not care about executive greed at Allied Minds (ALM), people in glass houses, etc, etc. But it seems as if Richard Bernstein of Crystal Amber is not quite such a happy camper and is particularly pissed that the fat cats refuse to discuss it with him. He has now taken to twitter to express his ire as you can see below.


1789 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 10 April - hang FTSE fat cats from BP & elsewhere up with piano wire

FTSE 100 fat cats are in the news. They should be strung up with piano wire. I say this as a capitalist my father, a deluded lefty, nods in agreement in the background as I record. I should record that the old lefty was a managerial fat cat this morning as I dug his garden as an exploited worker. Referencing BP in particular I explain who is failing us and why it cannot go on like this.


1990 days ago

Breaking: OEM – shareholders/creditors screwed – City fat cats agree shoddy deal to trouser £1 million

This is disgusting. Directors of OEM (OEM) stole £6 million from the company before it went bust - see HERE. Accountant’s Baker Tilly sued them and the case was set to come to court next month. But do the City fat cats give a FF about creditors or shareholders? Of course not. A shoddy deal and a gagging order to protect fat cats and thieving director alike has just been agreed.

At the outset Baker Tilly and City fat cat lawyers Lesters Aldridge took Counsels opinion on the likelihood of recovery. This was sufficiently robust to obtain insurance cover on fees as they set about recovering £6 million of stolen funds from the directors. 

Shareholders were assured that ex director Robin Turner alone had £10 million of free and clear assets. Meanwhile former CEO Robert Noonan had transferred his prime assets into the ER Trust (controlled by his wife) But shareholders were assured that Baker Tilly would ' break the Trust ' and pursue Noonan to bankruptcy. 

But scumbag lawyers 


2068 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 7th July - Page 3 bird photo

As an experiment I tried to upload this direct, rather than via Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater, but could not work out how to upload my photo so had to use an alternative. In today's podcast I look at Greece, China (the real story of the day), Sefton, Fitbug, Phorm, Stratmin Global and fat cats. Real fat cats like Oakley not fat cats like Sir Martin Sorrell.

And fear not Champagne Charlie Gibson fans, I had not forgotten about you. Just a reminder of why the Edison analyst is a convicted felon HERE and as a bonus a reminder of how it is not only the poor he screws HERE - and a reminder of why I feel the urge to remind you all HERE