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2210 days ago

Tom Winnifrith postcard #139 - flooding in UK & India NOTHING to do with global warming, the fake religion

There are floods in the UK and there have been big floods in India. The evil combine of Big Government, big business, the useful idiots of the liberal press, academics on the payroll and the usual global warming nutters clutch at this straw as proof of their bogus religion. The facts, as ever, do not support their cause. 


2933 days ago

Prize Caption Contest – The two Ships of Fools in the Ice & Call Me Dave with Foxy Blonde issue

I am sure that for many readers of this blog there have been two highlights of the Christmas News Season. The first came from Call Me Dave Cameron who arranged a photo shoot with a foxy blonde lady who was one of the first to use taxpayers cash to buy a flat under the Government’s Help to Buy scheme ( also known as lets bribe the fools with their own cash by inflating the housing bubble to win the election scheme).

It has since emerged that this bird (Ms Sharon Ray) did not need taxpayer’s cash at all since she drives a £33,000 sports car. Better still, the Estate Agent who pocketed a handy commission for selling the flat to the foxy bird was in fact the foxy bird herself. Great photo op Call Me Dave and I am delighted that my taxes are going to such a worthy cause. 

Only one event trumps this triumph for the heir to Blair and it was the stranding in ice packs of the Russian research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy over Christmas. This ship was carrying 52 passengers (including research scientists and, naturally, reporters from the BBC and its sister paper The Guardian) and was travelling to the Antarctic to investigate how global warming was melting the ice packs.

I would have thought that they would have been more successful had they been trying to find a bunch of Shepherds, three wise men and a virgin in Cardiff City Centre. They would at least have found the shepherds. Antarctic ice is in fact at levels not seen since modern records began. I know that the computer models 


2935 days ago

The cruel wit of a new ShareProphets writer

An old friend from my Investors Chronicle days will be joining ShareProphets next week – an expert writer on property, insurance and (oddly) biotech, He is also a bit of a sports nut. We have spent long hours discussing cricket and soccer. Sadly he supports Spurs but nobody is perfect. 

In his New Year greeting to me he wishes the best of luck to England’s Cricketers and the footballers at West Ham United. An apt if cruel pairing.

I wonder if any other side could be added to that list of the biggest flops of Autumn/Winter 2013? I really am struggling to think of one that entered its current campaign with such high hopes and has proved such an abject failure at every single level. The Nigella Lawson PR machine?  The Ship of Fools global warming nutters trapped by record Antarctic ice? 

Any other suggestions?


2962 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #53 – Rivington edition

I explain why I am still sporting a Movember tash. Fear not it will come off this weekend.

There is a brief comment on the death of Nelson Mandela but that is covered in more detail in an article here

I look at how the global warming nutters have commented in such an asinine way on the storms.

And then I talk for the first time about my departure from Rivington Street just under two years ago. That was a company I founded 13 years ago which is now going into administration, 19 months after I left it and 28 months after I stopped being its CEO.


3003 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a (storm) Sunday - wrong kind of wind for the farms edition

The winds are not yet at 80 MPH but as we all sit watching Downton tonight just how much of the electricity we use will be generated by those bird killing machines so beloved by the global warming nutters at the RSPB, I refer to wind turbines. The answer, of course, is exactly nil.

In a month when it emerged that Former Energy and Climate change secretary Chris Huhne had on release from prison promptly landed a cushy job with a green energy firm, wind farms are still popular in some circles. But as they grind to a halt tonight I ask you to post captions to this picture in the comments section below – deadline 9 AM Friday.

For what it is worth my entry is


3003 days ago

Tom’s Video Postcard #47 – housing bubble & global warming nutters issue

There are now almost a year’s worth of video postcards loaded up on this site and the topics have been pretty wide ranging. Today there are two topics.

1. When will the Global warming nutters concede, Margaret Thatcher and Nuclear power.

This refers to an article I published earlier this week HERE

2. The House price bubble and the disgrace of Government policy.

In between I manage to mention the Great British Bake-off and the dismal reaction of Call Me Dave.

My financial video postcard on covers 1987, storms, crashes and also housing and can be viewed HERE


3008 days ago

Antarctic Ice at Record Levels – Time Global warming nutters stuck their hockey sticks where the sun don’t shine

Oh dear. Oh dear. The Global warming nutters are in disarray. Their models – on the basis of which trillions of dollars have been pissed away and Al Gore has become an incredibly rich fat bastard – have been shown to be just WRONG!

I quote from Der Spiegel which cites NASA as its source:

Whenever the ice at the North and South Pole is mentioned, it is mostly in the context of melting triggered by global warming. However, the sea ice in Antarctica - in contrast to that in the Arctic - has proved to be remarkably robust. New measurements have now confirmed that. As the U.S. space agency NASA announced, the sea ice in the Antarctic has extended over an area of ​​19.47 million square meters at the end of September. That is the highest since measurements began in 1979. Why the white splendour is extending there while it is rapidly disappearing in the Arctic is a mystery.


A mystery eh? Perhaps it is because the world is er…not getting warmer. It has got colder since 1997.  So why does that matter?


3140 days ago

Fantasy Weather Forecasting from the EU

The world has got cooler since 1998 – even the Met Office admits this. We have skiing in Central Europe in June. But the last bastion of global warming nutters is predictably enough the EU. I bring you a real delight – the EU long range weather forecasts 2071-2100. As you can see “The rain in Spain falls…nowhere” We can all look forward to no rain, stacks of tropical nights and the Sahara desert crossing the Mediterranean and creeping up towards Switzerland. Sheer fantasy. Your money.

The link is here