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58 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Is Joe Biden going to screw Bitcoin and is Biome Justin the Clown's new disaster

I start with Bitcoin and sleepy Joe Biden’s new legislation, the Infrastructure Bill. Then it is Versarien (VRS), Biome (BIOM) and finally more on Union Jack (UJO), before I discuss Peter Brailey’s big oil call and what that means for gold stocks and how I might adjust my SIPP.


506 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Am I a nicer and more sociable guy than Luke Johnson and has Boohoo boobed in Leicester

I start with a look at Boohoo (BOO) shares in which a falling on back of reports in a paper founded on profits from the slave trade that suppliers in Leicester are using slave labour. Then I ask if Luke Johnson or I am more sociable and what this means about folks stopping working from home. Then onto gold stocks in general, Hummingbird (HUM), Kefi (KEFI), Red Rock Resources (RRR) and Ariana (AAU). I look at Amigo (AMGO) , Attis Oil (AOGL) and finally why today’s shocking Versarien (VRS) expose really could indicate a major scandal. Footnote:


523 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I will be spending a lot of time with the FCA it seems

I start with a few other comments on Greek Hovel matters. Then I move on to talk about three companies which I shall be or are discussing with the FCA: Zenith (ZEN), Eqtec (DOG), and Verditek (VDTK). Then onto NatWest Group (NWG) where I apologise for my bad language. Finally my thoughts on the gold price and comments on gold stocks I own: Centamin (CEY), Ariana (AAU), Kefi (KEFI), Bluebird Merchant (BMV), and Xtract (XTR).


630 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: This Avacta valuation is bonkers & when to sell gold

I start with me reporting myself to the FCA as supporters of fraud and or corporate lying act like clowns once again. I discuss quite how scandalous it is that Legoland owner Merlin should get a cent of taxpayer cash. Then it is onto Avacta (AVCT) and gold stocks. Should we be banking gains? On the former I suggest yes on the latter I think not but offer a few notes of caution. Today is a day when I really start recording videos and podcasts for the ShareProphets Shares conference. I have just done a stormer with James Delingpole. It is now just two weeks away so book your seat now HERE.


669 days ago

Malcolm Burne's top Aussie Gold picks

In a bearcast earlier this week I mentioned how the legendary gold stock picker Malcolm Burne was buying some Aussie miners as a currency and gold play and folks asked “but which ones?” So I asked Malcolm who said:


1116 days ago

Video: Gold & Gold Stocks are moving closer to a bull market

The only technical analyst we rate, Jordan Roy Byrne explains why he is getting ever more excited about gold and gold stocks. His thesis:

The stock market is extremely oversold and should rally for a few months, which could coincide with a pullback in precious metals. When the market anticipates the first rate cut, the bull run in Gold will begin in earnest. This is all explianed in the latest video from Palisade Capital.


1158 days ago

Video - gold stocks could crash

Or they might not. But the potential is there warns the only technical analyst/chartist on this planet we pay any attention to, Jordan Roy-Byrne in the latest podcast from Palisade Capital.


1485 days ago

Video: Gold Stocks look very cheap but there are so many reasons why they have been total dogs

Gold Guru Adrian Day notes that only two gold stocks have outperformed gold itself in recent years. This underperformance is one of the reasons why many investors are not particularly interested in the sector. There are many inherent problems in mining, and poor management decisions exacerbate this.


1505 days ago

2018 Likely to Set Off Large Gold Rally

Technical Analyst Jordan Roy-Byrne's latest research unearths some interesting similarities with gold stocks compared to historical three-year bear markets. He found three that compare well; they are the S&P 500 during the great depression, the housing market during the global financial crisis, and Thailand in the mid-1990’s which had a huge bust. He describes how all of the recoveries afterward seem to follow a specific pattern and he sees that behavior in gold stocks. Those patterns ended after 14-24 months with prices moving upwards by 133% to 200%.


1552 days ago

Precious Metals Video Update: Gold & Gold Stocks Bounce

So gold and gold stocks have started to rally. What next? Over to Jordan Roy Byrne for his technical analysis with the latest podcast from Palisade Capital


1593 days ago

Simple Charts Showing Why Gold Stocks Are Poised To Blast Off

Okay, broker Palisade Capital focuses on resource plays so it is talking its own book. With that caveat, a short note it put out the other day caught my eye. It wrote: When gold began to rally in late 2015, investors breathed a sigh of relief. The longest resource bear market was finally over, and capital slowly began finding its way back into the mining sector.


1641 days ago

Major Autumn Rally Coming in Gold & Gold Stocks

We are seeing pretty classic gold action. Gold stocks are normally more volatile when compared to the regular markets. The U.S. system is currently very dysfunctional, nothing seems to get done, just like it was under Obama. Overall this will affect the psychology with the dollar. The Canadian dollar and gold charts look very similar since these are tied to natural resources. The Canadian dollar improvements in recent weeks have caused Canadian mining stocks to move up in US Dollar terms. We still need some sort of catalyst, an external event, some small drop in the markets to get things started. People are going to be surprised how quickly gold heads for the all-time high.


1660 days ago

July Is Going to be Very Ugly for Gold & Gold Stocks

This is not the normal fare from gold bulls Palisade Capital. The firm's technical analyst Jordan Roy Byrne is uber bearish warning that July will be awful for both gold and gold stocks. Watch the latest video from Jordan, for a TA saddo he is better than most. All we need now is the Sith Lord Zak Mir saying that the charts look bullish and the bear case would be complete.


1757 days ago

Ali Zamani: Former Goldman Sachs Manager Says Gold And Gold Stocks Are Best Investment

In this week's podcast from Palisade, Ali discusses how people compare the current financial situation to those of the past, however the big picture is usually different, as the underlying economic circumstances have changed. The US has real competitors unlike the 1950’s and the demographics are radically shifting. The US deficit will continue to grow in part due to baby boomer retirements, their pensions and health care.


1764 days ago

Precious Metals Video Update: Short-Term Upside But How Much?

In this video Jordan Roy-Byrne of Palisade discusses the short-term upside potential in gold stocks and the key resistance levels. It would be a good sign for miners if they can test their February highs. Otherwise, the sector would remain in a trading range.


1839 days ago

Gold, the Oversold Bounce Begins

Gold and gold stocks have begun their much anticipated oversold, post-tax loss bounce. Jordan Roy Byrne provides rally targets and discusses the implications for 2017 in the latest podcast and video from Palisade Capital. 


1840 days ago

Precious Metals Video Update: Rally Coming Now or at Lower Price?

The precious metals sector, specifically Gold and gold stocks have been oversold for a while. They recently broke lower and have made a small bounce the past few days. They may have to drop further before a sustained rebound takes place. Jordan Roy Byrne also analyzes the US$ and how its strength could eventually help Gold bottom in the latest video from Palisade Capital.


1854 days ago

Rick Rule: Gold- “Don’t Try To Catch A Falling Safe!”

Post Fed meeting, the freefall in gold and gold stocks continues. It’s a perverse characteristic of investing that the narrative gets better as the market gets worse. Rick Rule believes that a 35-40% decline in gold stocks makes them 35-40% more attractive. The legendary boss at Sprott explains why in a special video with Palisade Capital.


1887 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: talking to baby Joshua and watching a film about submarines

The Mrs was off getting her hair down ahead of a Christmas Party, the Cloudtag (CTAG) morons were harassing innocent folks to get at me and I was watching a film about submarines with baby Joshua. What a day of domestic bliss. Meanwhile I look at gold stocks and Avocet Mining (AVM) in particular. Then at Mosman Oil & Gas where the City's top oil analyst Zac "the Knife" Phillips needs fisking, Milestone Group (MSG), Avanti (AVN) and Strat Aero (AERO)


1910 days ago

Precious Metals Video Update: A Low in Gold & Gold Stocks…?

A look at Gold and gold stocks and their trajectory going forward after completing what appears to be a short-term low. The latest podcast from Jordan Roy-Byrne at Palisade Capital. 


1968 days ago

Too Much Money, Not Enough Gold - gold should be at $3,770 oz!

This short research note from Palisade Capital is interesting. It is just another way of explaining why gold is mis-priced and should be far higher, one reason we retain such a strong weighting in gold stocks in our portfolio. Palisade writes: 


1974 days ago

We are still in bull mode: Precious Metals Video Update: Next Upside Targets for Gold and Gold Stocks

Ok it may be technical analysis and, therefore, by definition utter cobblers but for those who are interested Jordan Roy Byrne at Palisade Capital remains bullish on all things golden. Let us hope that for once TA gives us a correct signal with his medium term targets. 


1980 days ago

Get ready for an Autumn surge in Gold Stocks

We are seeing a few weeks of rest in the junior mining space, and many are predicting a massive rally this fall. Markets move up when there are more buyers than sellers, and down when the opposite occurs. Both the metals, and mining equities markets are extremely well bid. If there is a break in the market it’s likely to be on the upside, not the downside. That is the key message from Rick Rule of Sprott in this week's podcast from Palisade Capital


2000 days ago

Hang Your Hat on Small Cap Private Placements In Gold Stocks

It often takes one year of gains for the typical investor to get interested in something in the stock market, which is where we are approaching with gold right now claims gold guru Mike Swanson. Investing in the first year of this bull market is a great strategy. The bull market for precious metals and mining stocks will likely last 3-5 years so Mike reckons you should be 20% invested in gold stocks and thinks this might be the biggest bull market we will see in our lifetime.


2018 days ago

Fireworks Erupting in the Junior Gold stocks

In gold bull cycles, the junior mining companies represent the highest possible returns, especially for investors positioned early in a cycle. Commentator David Skarica believes that the next 6 to 12 months is a great time to position yourself. Historically, moves in the junior miner move between 3-5 years, and we are only 6 months into the current move! If you enter these cheap stocks right now, and invest in 20 or 30 companies, 5 or 6 of them will probably blast off, providing exceptional returns.


2036 days ago

No Major Pullbacks In Sight for Gold Stocks Until 2017

Oh Goodie Goodie I hope Amanda van Dyke's colleague Jordan Roy Byrne is correct as we own a stack of gold shares. He argues that: Gold performed well last week but there is resistance at the $1300 mark. There are many factors in play causing volatility in the gold price but this has not effected the stocks which have performed well without any significant corrections.


2098 days ago

Gold & Gold Stocks Bullish Consolidation

Will the rally in gold shares and the gold price continue? Yes. Well that is the view of technical analyst Jordan Roy Byrne of Amanda's pals at Palisade Capital. His most recent video explains why and is below. Natch all TA is bollocks but on this occasion I think he is right.


2251 days ago

Q&A with John McGloin of Amara Mining

As one of only two gold stocks I follow I thought it opportune to catch up with Amara Mining (AMA) and its CEO John McGloin. I do rate these shares as a buy. And so we chatted.


2708 days ago

Amara Mining – we are well ahead on share tip but there’s more to come – Yaoure news

Steve and I have avoided tipping gold stocks on our Nifty Fifty website but we made an exception for Amara Mining (AMA) suggesting readers pile in at a 15.75p offer. The shares are now 23p and there was cracking news a couple of days ago. This stock is starting to hum.

Amara Mining announced further drilling results from its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire which “include exceptional intercepts, demonstrating high grade areas within the Yaoure Central Zone and the presence of mineralisation in ‘information gaps’” and “continue to confirm the high grade nature and continuity of the CMA zone”. These are expected to expand the mineral resource and reduce the strip ratio. 


3332 days ago

Video Postcard Number 17

I hope the sound and light work here. It was filmed in my father’s conservatory in Warwickshire – not exactly an ideal studio but then is not the BBC. That has to be a point in my favour. The video is about eleven and a half minutes long.

On the Agenda

1.Oil stocks – the reasons for selective bearishness

- funding issues, how the recent stream of drill failures have had a disproportionate impact on the ability to raise capital in this sector


3408 days ago

Shanta Gold – Low Risk Very Cheap Gold Play

I first tipped AIM listed gold explorer and producer Shanta Gold (SHG) at 21.5p in July 2011 on the site I ran for 12 years until this September – In my most recent performance stats (august 31st) it is in there at 20.5p but the shares are today trading at 29.25p and are still, very cheap. The Tanzanian based company is valued at £93 million, has cash and is now producing gold and material cashflows from its lead asset at Luika. I reckon that the stock is hugely undervalued. It really is a Red Hot Penny Share!

So what does Shanta own and what is it really worth?


3419 days ago

Ortac Resources - No obvious insider dealing so bid spec in Telegraph wrong

The Daily Telegraph reports that shares in AIM listed gold exploration company Ortac Resources (OTC) rose yesterday on the back of bid speculation. Yeah right. A story pumped to a daft journalist by someone looking to make a turn or just a way to fill up a line. If there was real bid speculation or activity the stock would have risen by a heck of a lot than 0.03p. Oooh are you saying that there is insider dealing in London? Er yes.