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greedy teachers

2592 days ago

Just how stupid do you have to be to fail an A Level? Greedy Teachers lie again.

A level results are out today and the only question that goes begging is just how stupid to you have to be to actually fail?

98.1% of exams taken were passed. 25.5% of exams taken resulted in a grade of A or A*. 75% of those papers sat by boys were scored A* to C. For girl papers that number was 79.7%. Well done hard working girls. Well done hard working boys. Well done the grossly overpaid teachers. Well done everyone. 


2735 days ago

The Teachers are truly lazy bastards who make the greedy Junior Doctors seem almost selfless

The Easter holiday teacher union conferences are always good for a laugh as the idle bastards compete to see who can make the most preposterous claim. It is always a tough contest as, even when compared to the greedy junior doctors, this is a profession where almost everyone seems to be completely deluded.

An early entrant for the mad prize came with a suggestion that teachers should mark pupil's work in pink rather than red as it set out a more sympathetic message to those students who were less able. Frankly why bother marking course work at all just give all the little darlings straight A*s at GCSE and as long as they have learned that Hitler was the most evil man ever who cares?

Having spent useful time discussing what colour crayons the profession should use the teachers moved on to the main issue: How over-worked and stressed they all are.
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