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28 days ago

A villager snitches on me to Wrexham Council – but to no affect as I let rip

“I am here from the Council” said the young lady wearing fishnet stockings and a short skirt. “Hello…Oh yes” said I  in my best Leslie Phillips accent, wondering why she wanted to see me.  The awful truth is that someone here in the last village in Wales, has snitched to the planning department about lorry loads of rubble and earth coming down the lane to the Welsh Hovel, suggesting I may be threatening the flood plain. And so, I was honoured with a site visit.


201 days ago

Photo article from the building works at the Welsh Hovel - folks re-doing their homework

First up is the third of the fireplaces we discovered in the dining room kitchen. This wall had been covered in plaster with a small fireplace from the early 20th century. That was in front of the third of the holes in the wall and had been “restored” while I was away in Shipston. Sadly…