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197 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: seeing through a purple fecking mist

I refer to the painting of a window at the Welsh Hovel which occurred as I was out doing a 16 mile Woodlarks training walk. I am utterly livid so please give a few quid to Woodlarks HERE, as you consider both my anger and my sore feet. In this podcast I look at professional media tarts like Peter Hargreaves bleating on about retail punters being mugged on the Deliveroo (ROO) float. Then at signs of the bubble of everything this time in relation to residential housing.


1707 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: lefty millionaire media tosser Paul Mason on Greece - you have it 100% wrong you despicable elitist POS

Yikes! I thought I was safe with Greek TV from the likes of Lineker & Graham Norton but then up popped commie media tart Paul Mason lecturing the poor bubbles on why the EU and the Euro was the only way forward. Mason is an asset millionaire. My neighbours here in Greece are starving, unemployed, emigrating and angry. Mason just has no idea and worse still he talks rot. Greece does have a choice and I urge it to take it.