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32 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Wellesley investors have only themselves to blame & what now for SYME after today's dynamite expose

I start with ShareSoc backing an investor action group at bust mini bond outfit Wellseley. I warned folks explicity about this almost two years ago HERE and many times thereafter so have scant sympathy. I discuss the role of the floor shitters at the FCA in this debacle. That brings me to [email protected] Capital (SYME) after today’s dynamite expose HERE. The email is genuine. I ask what next? Finally I discuss comments by populists seeking cheap love, such as shamed Neil Woodford promoter Jeff PressTrip of the Mail on Sunday and Nigel Farage, about GameStop. Do they both really support bubbles and capital misallocation?


41 days ago

BREAKING Mini Bond Ponzi The High Street Grp Limited – the reckless promises and worthless guarantee provided to investors

And still the floor shitters at the hopeless FCA allow this massive mini bond ponzi to carry on hoovering up investors cash despite a stream of exposes on this web site which a child of ten could see is a warning that immediate action is needed.


205 days ago

Wellesley Finance Plc - from bad to worse: the next mini bond blow up?

It is 92 days since I last wrote about Wellesley Finance Plc.  So, I have looked at recent developments at the mini-bond disaster waiting to happen where the FCA is, as ever, asleep at the wheel.


296 days ago

Wellesley Finance Plc – how much longer can the mini bond lender stagger on? And why has the FCA not stepped in?

This has all the hallmarks of another mini bond scandal which the FCA has failed to deal with, so allowing more and more folks to lose their hard earned…Last time I looked at Wellesley it was in the context of its parent Wellesley Group Investors Limited making an offer to buy Urban Exposure Plc.  I called that out as spoof bid and nothing more has been heard from Wellesley in the last two weeks.


313 days ago

Blackmore Bond goes bust – another mini bond scam bites the dust: usless FCA still failing badly

In early 2019, I wrote a series of articles highlighting significant concerns over four mini bond lenders.  As the table below shows, as of this week 3 of the 4 are now in administration. Predictably, Blackmore Bond has bitten the dust. That makes c£320 million ponied up by, generally vulnerable, savers seeking low risk investments up in smoke. So what is the useless FCA doing to ensure there are no more blowups. this will horrify you.


325 days ago

MAJOR EXPOSE: The High Street Group – a Potemkin Village of a Group: another multi million mini bond scandal?

Previously I have warned extensively about London & Capital Finance (now in administration), Blackmore Bond Plc (now in default on interest payments), Wellesley Finance Plc (material uncertainty over going concern) and Basset and Gold Plc (now in administration).  Today, following a reader’s prompt, I publish a major report on another massive mini bond scandal in the making.


336 days ago

West Ham sponsor Bassett and Gold – the huge scale of the losses to mini bond investors revealed

In my dynamte expose of 2 April 2019, I published my first note on mini bond charlatans Bassett and Gold Plc based on the accounts for the year ended 30 September 2017 warning of the risks associated with this mini bond lender. Yesterday it went bust with West Ham supporters the main victims, the club ignoring my warnings as it greedily took Basset;s cash. So how much have my fellow supporters lost? This will shock you.


338 days ago

BREAKING: West Ham Shirt sponsor the mini bond chancers Basset & Gold goes bust – we warned you all

I warned you on April, 2 2019 that this mini bond firm looked very dodgy and would end in tears. The FCA ignored me or did it?. My beloved West Ham certainly ignored me and many of its poor fans, having endured merde on the pitch all season, now  have to face up to the risk of massive financial losses as well. West Ham did not give a FF about its fans it just wanted sponsorship cash. Its despicable board would allow Satan as a sponsor as long as he had enough dosh. Anyhow, you read it all here first.


376 days ago

Wellesley Finance - yet more mini bond red flags, it’s May Day at the Kremlin again!

I last published an update about Wellesley Finance Plc on 7 January 2020 discussing the dire results for the year ended 31 December 2018.  The results of the Wellesley Group Investors Limited, the ultimate parent, for the year ended 31 December 2018 are now 4 and half months overdue so we cant evaluate how the whole group is performing. But there are yet more red flags now fluttering. the only thing we cannot say is when the car crash will happen.


421 days ago

Bad news for those mugged by the London & Capital Finance crooks – very few will get FSCS compensation

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) scheme has today announced grim news for nearly all of those who had their money stolen by Amber Rudd’s good pal Simon Hume-Kendal[l and others at London & Capital Finance. Almost none of these mini-bond victims will be getting any compensation. But every cloud has a silver lining…


423 days ago

BREAKING: Wakey wakey FCA: Wellesley Finance PLC – another £100m mini bond accident & scandal in the making

Well you have been warned repeatedly by myself for almost a year as was the FCA which, natch, did nothing. Wellesley Finance has finally filed its 6 months overdue accounts for the year ended 31 December 2018 at Companies House and they are truly dire.  The net loss before tax is £10,249,314 and a deficit on shareholders’ equity was £9,202,737. The auditors, unsurprisingly, cite a material uncertainty on going concern. Worrying times for the mini bond lenders who have lent £99,540,212 to Wellesley Finance Plc.  A further £64 million in Peer to Peer assets is held off the balance sheet. 


456 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: surely no insider dealing at Fastjet and Neill Ricketts takes the piss again, what bad news does he want to bury?

It is day 1 of the olive harvest and ShareProphets reader K is a hero. I swear he is a closet bubble. I give a progress report on that and then turn to Fastjet (FJET), Versarien (VRS), the useless FCA and mini bonds and the imploding and smelly ramp that is Eurasia Mining (EUA).


469 days ago

The Mini bond crisis: So Blackmore customers think they are insured?

Blackmore Bond which is delaying interest payments to clients, highlighted in its bond prospectus the insurance policy it had arranged to protect investors should the company itself get into financial difficulty. So this is low risk tight? Just like the other minibonds?


476 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I really am going to have to go to the FRC about this one

In today’s podcast I look at PureCircle (PURE), the roll call of shame and who should be publicly executed. I also look at Dev Clever (DEV), Tissue Regenix (TRX) and, once again, at Blackmore Bond a mini bond car crash which appears imminent and is another part of what will be one of the biggest financial scandals for years.


476 days ago

Wellesley Finance Plc - another mini bond provider in deep trouble? Delayed Results

I have warned before that Wellesley Finance was yet another mini bond provider to avoid like the plague. Now another red flag emerges….


491 days ago

Blackmore Bond – timber! Now that it is too late will the FCA finally wake up?

The FCA and our elected leaders at Westminster continue to pretend that the London & Capital Finance mini-bond scandal is a one off and not the tip of a vast mini-bond iceberg. Readers of this website know otherwise and we have flagged up a number of times that Blackmore Bond is likely to be the next scheme to topple. Here is more damning evidence for the regulator to ignore.


515 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: Blackmore will be the next mini-bond to collapse - the question is in how many weeks?

MPs and the FCA seem happy that London & Capital Finance, which we have done so much to expose, is a one off fraud. Of course it is not, it is part of a much larger mini-bond scandal. Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable savers will face ruin and our leaders and regulators are asleep at the wheel. In fact LCF is one of a number of such schemes to go pop. The next big one to topple will, be….


615 days ago

When will the dim MP’s get it? The mini bond scandal is so much more than LCF – new Blackmore red flag

Dim-witted MPs and poltroons of the deadwood press seem to think that the London & Capital Finance is a one-off. Sure the level of theft by Amber Rudd’s pal Simon Hume Kendall was obscene but as we have flagged up many times there are stacks of other LCF type mini bond scandals waiting to emerge.  I highlighted back in February 2019, a number of similarities between Blackmore Bond PLC and, now, insolvent London Capital and Finance Plc.


674 days ago

West Ham Mini Bond partner Bassett & gets worse and worse

I am delight to see that a mere 26 days after we exposed the looming scandal involving my beloved West Ham United and its mini bond short sponsor Bassett & Gold, that the deadwood press ( The Sunday Telegraph) has picked up on the matter. As ever the MSM well on the ball, what a suprise that newspaper sales are tanking. But the story gets worse as I can now reveal….


683 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Naughty naughty Lord Razzall (again), another mini bond blow up and yield, reward and risk

I staert with a few thoughts on Eazster and on the hollow words from our wretched Prime Minister Theresa May on protecting Christians who are under attack. I then have a few more words on lying Mail on Sunday journalist limp dick Jamie Nimmo. Finally with a hat tip to Jamie’s paper for breaking another mini bond scandal, MJS Capital, I discuss shamed Lord Razzall and the idea of what a high yield really tells you on a bond, a share or a house.On this day of gioving please make a donation to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. 90% of those who listen almost every day to this podcast are yet to chip in, please correct that HERE!


697 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Reviewing my portfolio

In this podcast I look at the  growing mini bond scandal as I flag up another ponzi waiting to collapse today HERE. Then I do a review of my own bull portfolio: Optibiotix (OPTI), Yourgene (YGEN), Concepta (CPT), Big Sofa (BST), Wishbone (WSBN), Kefi (KEFI), Reach4Entertainment (R4E), Falanx (FLX), Fox Marble (FOX), Berekely Energia (BKY) and Argo Blockchain (ARB). I did not mention Fox in the podcast so I'll do a seperate update later. Finally: why have you not joined the roll call of heros HERE? I say a few extra fucktards on that count.


697 days ago

SHOCKING: ADVFN promotes an insolvent mini bond ponzi - welcome to Burrito Bonds

It sounds great, the latest 8% yielding mini bond plugged aggressively by ADVFN, the second Burrito Bond. Unfortunately if you do a bit of digging this is yet another mini bond scandal set to join the growing list.


740 days ago

Do the maths stupid: London & Capital Finance MUST be a ponzi, folks MUST go to prison

Yesterday’s posting HERE of the Administrator’s Report into London & Capital Finance, the mini bonds provider founded by Amber Rudd’s chum Simon Hume Kendall has got Cynical Bear and others doing their sums and they, and I, conclude, this now just has to be a ponzi and folks must go to jail. Let me explain.