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4 days ago

Verditek – more bad news from Tory Toff Lord Willetts, cash crisis looms

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. That used to be the catchphrase of disgraced penny share tipster Mike Walters of Minmet, 3DM, Polly Peck, Pursuit Dynamics, etc, etc infamy. I wonder if he will be using it today as the Verditek (VDTK) dog he has promoted so aggressively has coughed up to another lack of sales warning. It means that a bailout discount placing is inevitable within the next couple of months but natch the company, chaired by Tory Toff Lord Willetts, polishes the turd.


26 days ago

Remote Monitored Systems – does anyone believe this Amazon joke projection? Have a look for yourself

Bulls of Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) or paid penny share hustlers, such as LSE Share Talk, are forced to make extraordinary projections about sales of Pharm2Farm face nappies in order to justify urging folks to chuck their cash down the pan by buying these shares. For the current valuation is bonkers. Just see for yourself and ask a few questions.


49 days ago

Ridgecrest shares unsuspended – Zak Mir must be creaming himself: let the insanity continue

I warned folks on 22 January that cash shell Ridgecrest (RDGC) was, at 3.1p, a £13.5 million accident waiting to happen. With folks such as the penny share hucksters at LSE Share talk, employers of disgraced promoter Zak Mir, in full on spiv mode, folks were piling in even though the company had cash of just £2 million and no other assets. It was insane. Still, if Zak says the shares are a buy…


54 days ago

An apology to Mr David Lenigas, the UK's top analyst of gold stocks

Of course, I am not influenced at all by my ownership of a significant number of shares in Wishbone Gold (WSBN), at 15p valued at £24 million. I note the claim, below, by Mr David Lenigas that Wishbone’s gold asset may offer a bigger gold target than that of Greatland Gold, market cap £856 million. If I have ever given the impression that I consider Mr Lenigas a penny share pushing stock promoter prone to laughable hyperbole I would like to apologise. The man, as you can see below, is the most prudent and conservative analyst of high quality gold stocks in Britain today. He is a National treasure.


64 days ago

Remote Monitored Systems - is this tweet low grade ramping or outright market abuse

Though he does not declare so in the tweet below, he has elsewhere: penny share huckster and known associate of Zak Mir, Mr Alex McKinley is a shareholder in joke company Remote Monitored Systems (RMS). You know, the maker of masks to stop covid spread that are so good its site turned into a covid hot spot. Yes, that fine enterprise.


78 days ago

Ridgecrest – now it is forced to make a statement but still the morons don’t get it. An RTO explained for morons including Zak Mir.

I warned you on Friday that with the scoundrel penny share spivs at LSE Sharetalk, the house of Zak Mir, ramping away, the 3p share price of AIM shell Ridgecrest (RDGC) was insane and that even broker Peterhouse which has only last Wednesday raised £2 million (gross) at 0.6p would be vaguely embarrassed. Indeed, that seems to be the case as now the company has been forced to issue a statement.


81 days ago

Ridgecrest Ramp – Sordid LSE Sharetalk & Peterhouse Corporate Finance an axis of evil?

I guess with shares in [email protected] Capital (SYME) now suspended, the paid for penny share ramper Alex McKinley of LSE Sharetalk, employer of the Sith Lord Zak Mir, needs to find other shite to promote with ludicrous targets plucked from thin air. I flagged up one zero sales entity enjoying full on ABM pumping here, now have a butcher’s at Ridgecrest (RDGC) which this loathsome sewer dweller is pumping today.


150 days ago

Iconic discounted placing and a new deception - if this RNS is not misleading I am a banana

Iconic Labs (ICON) has a history of deceiving investors as long as your arm. That history today got even longer with City penny stock shufflers Shard Capital at the heart of the latest deception.  The RNS reads: “Firm Placing, End of EHGOF Share Issuances and New Conventional Debt Facility. “ But that simply is not true.


214 days ago

David Lenigas ramps again - please don't let me stop you

I reckon that my losses on Wishbone Gold (WSBN) are now down to around £25,000. In that vein, I should like to apologise for any suggestion that Mr David Lenigas is an unscrupulous ramper of penny shares and make it clear that he is a thoughtful analyst who does detailed research before taking to twitter. For he is at it again.


909 days ago

Creightons - a penny share buy

Having exceeded 40p in 2017, shares in Creightons (CRL) fell to below 20p early this year following a trading update including that “the group has outsourced supply of some branded products lines. This has impacted upon the profit margins of these lines. Therefore, the board has concluded that the full year profit before tax is likely to be marginally lower than last year”. However, that was because of “demand out-pacing capacities in our factories ahead of planned expansion in manufacturing capacities”. Despite late June-announced results having shown profit actually slightly ahead and including that investment in personnel and equipment “has been successful with all previously outsourced manufacturing brought back in house by the end of May”, the shares have only recovered to a current 28p offer price…


2275 days ago

Universe Group a Penny Share tip at a 7.5p offer

Investment Case: September-announced interim results from Universe Group plc (UNG) saw the company report “delays in getting customer go-ahead for planned projects… (but) significant progress in establishing our refreshed product set in our chosen markets… We look forward to strong trading in the second half of the year”. The shares subsequently fell towards 5p having been 7.5p early in the year. However, there is clear evidence that trading momentum has indeed since been positive and with the shares still now available at a 7.5p offer price, they are a penny share buy.


2517 days ago

Empresaria – we are 58% ahead on this share tip after AGM but more to come

International specialist staffing group, Empresaria (EMR) has updated at its AGM that it “has made a promising start to the year” and “remains on course to meet market expectations for the full year”. Jolly good. We are now 58% ahead on an offer to bid basis on this share tip but there is more to come.

The company reports “particularly good trading” in its two largest territories, the UK and Germany, and that investments made this year, in Dubai, Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong “are progressing well”. It adds that “we continue to look for opportunities for both organic and external investments”.

The announcement has helped the shares nudge higher currently to 45p-47p – this comparing to a 28.5p offer price at which they were added to the Nifty Fifty Penny Share portfolio in January 2013 – 58% up in 16 months is no disgrace.



2982 days ago

Vialogy – will Chevron really be the pay daddy?

Supporters of AIM listed director lifestyle (oops sorry I meant oil exploration services) company Vialogy (LSE:VIY) always pin big hopes on the idea that Chevron will announce mega contracts. The penny share dreadful, Vialogy has never actually announced what its two contracts with Chevron were worth but we know that the first was c£40,000 ( or less than Chevron spends each year on toilet rolls for all of its offices). I have no idea how much Chevron will commit to Vialogy’s product but I bet that it will not be much.


3018 days ago

Vialogy – Cynicism Bordering on Exploitation (of shareholders): Sell

Director lifestyle (oops I meant to say oil exploration services) group Vialogy (LSE:VIY) needs to raise cash urgently or it is going bust. That is not just me saying that,. That is the bombshell from its auditors that the company snuck out over Christmas when no-one was watching. Its attempts since then to sucker private investors into buying the stock so that it can get a rescue placing away ( at a huge discount ‘natch) display a cynicism which is quite extraordinary. Anyone buying the stock in the market is being exploited shamelessly as I shall detail below.

The shock warning from the auditors came out on December 31st. Yup, New Year’s Eve when no-one was paying attention. I try to watch this company like a hawk but I missed it. The statement is pretty clear:


3086 days ago

Sefton – Why did your Nomad Resign? The short case now unanswerable

AIM Listed oil producer Sefton Resources (SER) has made two announcements today. I shall turn to its operational guff later but I start with news that (yet again) it has changed its Nomad – its adviser on AIM matters. This is critical and I have exclusive news on this – this change was not entirely voluntary. For the avoidance of doubt these shares remain more or less worthless and at 1.65p are a stonking short. Target price 0.01p. At best. Now to the Nomad.


3135 days ago

1Spatial – CEO Chat & Assessment

I met up with Marcus Hanke the CEO of red hot penny share tech stock 1Spatial (SPA) yesterday for a detailed catch up. This company – formerly known as Avisen – has been a tale of woe for investors. Not because it has screwed up operationally but because in share price terms the stock has not performed. I will address both issues in turn but at 2p, valuing the company at £7 million, the shares are a compelling buy.


3141 days ago

JJB Sports - do not waste your cash, c0p ahead

JJB Sports (JJB) shares now trade at 0.32p valuing the company at just under £1 million. Quite amazingly there are still a few prize loons out there who think this Aim listed retailer is some sort of penny share punt and are “buying for recovery.” They are mad. This stock is utterly worthless and if you can realise enough after trading costs by selling what shares you have you should do so even at this price. This is not a call to short, I imagine that it is very hard to do so but I cannot see how the end game here is much different from 0p.