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1438 days ago

Radical Feminist Mark Slater and the cause of women's soccer

There are two things that I have never associated with my friend Mark Slater. One is being in any way, shape or form politically correct. The other is having any interest in football, it is surely a game for the oiks. Imagine my shock then to see the latest image tweeted by Brislington Ladies FC, my local club who I follow keenly - on twitter at least.


1573 days ago

Bath Spa University, the transexuals and the sheer cowardice of liberal academia

This is a bit sensitive as the Mrs is a senior lecturer at Bath Spa. This morning I wished her well as she headed off to campus to fill the empty heads of impressionable millennials full of left wing nonsense and told her that I hoped she enjoyed the book burning or whatever else was planned by her cowardly employer today. For Bath Spa is in the news.


1575 days ago

Parson Street Primary in Bristol and the gay penguin family - I really despair

The politically correct BBC here in the South West creamed itself as Parson Green Primary here in Bristol picked up an award for its work to promote LGBT equality. Kids at the school are allowed to wear trousers or skirts whatever their gender, toilets are unisex and the school prides itself on teaching the kids from the start that gay is normal. 


1585 days ago

Off to learn French with 364 days old Joshua - another great idea from the Mrs

This has to be one of the sillier ideas of the Mrs. Instead of politically correct nursery rhymes or sing and sign, which is even more PC, my son and heir and I are off to French lessons for babies.


1603 days ago

After ISIS attack 500,000 Spaniards march in Barcelona for peace - you are fools and you fool only yourselves

Back in 2003 Al Qaeda blew up dozens of Spaniards in Madrid demanding that Spain stop attacking poor Muslims in Iraq. The Spanish had a General Election that weekend and the new Government duly caved and pulled its troops out of Iraq. It said " we are not afraid" but caved into the Islamofacists anyway just to be sure.


1689 days ago

The Mrs to brainwash Joshua at Bernie Sanders event - looks like I may get outvoted on fleeing Corbyn's Britain

I suggested to the Mrs, a Guardian reading sociology lecturing paid up member of the Labour party, that she should start looking at Irish websites to see where we will flee in the event of a Labour victory on June 8th. She seems unconvinced. Worse still, our household is a democracy and eight month old Joshua will get the casting vote.


2052 days ago

It's Ouzo Time! Outsourcery shares suspended, serial failure Dragon's Den Piers Linney admits its a wipeout!

The BBC could not get enough of Piers Linney as a Dragon on the Den. Black, working class and from the North the chap was, we were told, worth £100 million. If only he'd been in a wheelchair and a lesbian and the Beeb would have got the full Politically Correct suite but heck Piers was "minority" enough and the State Funded broadcaster creamed itself. Sadly it was all a myth. 


2502 days ago

The BBC is RIGHT to suspend and maybe sack Jeremy Clarkson

I have defended Jeremy Clarkson when he has been attacked unfairly – for instance when he made a series of factually accurate comments about the workshy semi feral population of the welfare safari that is the slum Liverpool.  I cannot think that I have ever written a pleasant word about the politically correct nest of paedophile friendly vipers that is the BBC – I would privatise it at once. But for once I stand firm with the waste of taxpayers cash that is the Beeb.

Clarkson is alleged to have thrown a punch at an employee of top gear. In every single workplace in the country such conduct would see anyone – even a CEO – suspended pending an investigation and, if found guilty, fired. Simply being a celebrity does not buy you an exemption. O it should not buy you an exemption.

I see that Noel Edmonds is arguing that the BBC should accept that “stars” have to be treated differently. Rubbish. One of the facets of the sad decline of Britain is our lamentable worship of the cult of celebrity. Folks want to be famous just to be famous. And when you are famous somehow you get to live by different rules.

Maybe that is the way our nation is going. Maybe simply by being famous you can be allowed to hit your staff. What else are you allowed to do as a celeb which we plebs cannot do? Steal, cheat, murder? I don’t know but where exactly do the celeb-worshippers draw the line?

It was, arguably, this cult of celebrity that allowed Saville, Hall, Harris and the other monsters to get away with what they did. 

Call me old fashioned


2780 days ago

The Most politically correct Museum in Britain just tells lies – Welcome to Cheddar lie land

Among the joys of half term week was a trip to the Cheddar Gorge. For someone whose maternal family comes from Dorset and who lives in Bristol with relatives across Somerset this may sound odd but in 46 years on this planet this was my first visit. I now have a ten year pass and so will be back to look inside a few more caves. And then there is the small museum.

It has some interesting displays on the history of Cheddar on cannibalism and on sex 5000 years ago. But it also manages to pack in what it terms a “modern perspective”, what the Daily Mail termed “political correctness gone mad” and what I would call just plain lies.

What enraged the Mail was that the Museum has replaced the terms AD and BC with BP (Before Present). Thus 0 AD is 2014 BP, 1066 is er….oh shite I can’t do the maths in my head BP You get the drift.

The Mail ranted on in a predictable fashion about how the Museum was abandoning Christ and offending good Christian folks. My objection is that the system – as demonstrated above – is clumsy and also silly. 1979 AD (the year that our Saviour, the blessed Thatcher came to power and thus Year 0 in a new system I propose) is right now 35 BP. But in January 2015 it becomes 36 BP. This is just silliness in a way that only politically correct lefties can regard as sensible.

But the Museum offended in a far worse way as it tried to explore the idea of man’s willingness to destroy his fellow man with these words on a poster “9/11 Religious zealots from poor Muslim countries destroy the Twin Towers, symbols of Western Consumerism.” Well that is a series of lies is it not? Yes it is.


2954 days ago

Houston. I think I have a problem – The Independent is too right wing?

As I tap away in a local hostelry, the Mrs is sitting opposite me reading the Independent on Sunday. This really is a minority taste but I suppose someone has to. I know that I would struggle to manage more than five minutes of imbibing the Indescribablyboring’s diet of anti-capitalist, Israel hating, politically correct bilge. But…

The Mrs has just piped up that she thinks that it is too right wing…I am trying to contain my sense of disbelief. She might as well have said that Elvis Presley was sitting on the table behind me. Be calm... after lunch we head to the Conservative Club where I suspect the Indy is not on offer behind the bar.


3123 days ago

The Politically Correct World of Word Mole

I blame my partner for introducing me to Word Mole. It is an addictive game on my phone. A 6 by 6 square is filled with letters and you need to make words to rack up an ever increasing number of points to get onto the next round. Unable to sleep overnight I managed a new high score of 4,154 – a totally pointless and meaningless achievement in the world of mind rot. Especially as this US game is politically correct in a nasty sense.

I accept that I cannot use the word rounders although baseball is fine. Not a problem.  Horny is okay, shit is not. But then move on. Faggots – as in the British meat dish or indeed a bundle of wood tied together is not allowed. That is because it can be used as a disparaging word for a group of gays (that word is allowed).

Rather more sinister is that the word Zionist is not allowed. German, Arab are fine but Zionist is somehow beyond the pale. How odd. I wonder who might be offended by such a word being acceptable.