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prima donnas

352 days ago

This loyal hammer increasingly despises Declan Rice

As a diehard supporter of West Ham United I am supposed to say that captain Declan Rice is wonderful, to look at his tackle and pass stats and say that he is the new Bobby Moore and worship the ground he walks on. Sorry. I cannot say that. I, increasingly, despise him more than I despise most Premiership prima donnas and that is saying something. As ever in football it is greed at the heart of it all.


2965 days ago

When do folks take their Enger-land flags down?

Wandering down to the Avon on Sunday, the Mrs and I passed through the sort of streets where everyone currently has an Enger-land flag on display in their window. This is of course to celebrate the National Side playing the National Sport in Brazil.

I am not sure of the etiquette here but when should those flags go down? Should it have been last week when Enger-land’s status as rank no-hopers was officially confirmed with an early World Cup Exit? Should the flags have gone down after Roy Hodgson’s over-rated prima donnas failed to defeat Costa Rica thereby ensuring an early exit without a win? Or do the flags say up all summer as a sign that “We may be rubbish but we don’t care?” As of tonight the flags are still up.

I only ask.