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62 days ago

Abingdon Health after the corrupt deadwood press pump when’s the placing dump?

I should have mentioned this in bearcast yesterday, the maths is clear and unchallengeable. Abingdon Health (ABDX), a company I warned you about at IPO as it was insolvent and the valuation absurd, is pumping its stock via the yellow journalists on the Daily Mail and the Telegraph ahead of a bailout placing. You know the score: mug punters overpay in the secondary market ahead of a placing at a vast discount to fund managers.


72 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the Mrs doing her bit for the fuel crisis

I explain why there was no bearcast yesterday. Then I look at the part this household is playing in the fuel crisis. It is all about psychology. Then a look at Real Good Food (RGF) and companies delisting before a look at the pathetic punishments for the enablers of fraud at Patisserie Holdings (CAKE) I also look at what Australian regulators are doing to tackle pump and dump twitter gangs while the FCA jerks off on more ESG porn doing nothing about tackling real crime. I flag up Aura Energy (AURA) in this regard.


113 days ago

Spiv Trevor Brown takes the piss at Braveheart, does discounted placing AFTER £4m of share dumps

This will come as a bit of a shock to France’s Warren Buffett – Braveheart Investment Group (BRH) run by spiv pump and dumper Trevor Brown has raised £2.5 million via Peterhouse at just 18p. Wowzer. This stinks to high heaven. Shame on all concerned and here is why.


120 days ago

Have mug punters finally wised up to the king of the penny share pump Trevor Brown? Braveheart still 80% overvalued

As I write, shares in Braveheart Investment Management (BRH) are 11% off at 27.25p valuing this crock where Trevor Brown is the CEO at £11 million. But now that folks appear to have wised up to the pump and dump activities of Brown, what is fair value? I suggest 5p and here is why.


204 days ago

The charlatan Elon Musk and the bitcoin bubble chapter 2

After part one of the Musk pump and dump and then volte-face on bitcoin, the great fraudster faced the problem that Tesla (TSLA) was still sitting on around half of the $1.5 billion of bitcoin it had bought to great fanfare in February. But this bitcoin is dirty and environmentally tainted said the great green auto-maker – what to do with it?


312 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: how do you keep idiots in suspense? SYME shareholders I have a bombshell for you tomorrow!

Yes that horrific news for shareholders in [email protected] Capital (SYME) will be out in the morning. Meanwhile I reflect on a video I have recorded with the great Dominic Frisby which goes live tomorrow, I hope, and on news that Kwasi Kwarteng might just take action to stop directors lying to investors. I then explain why Redditt groups exposed HERE and HERE in the UK are, in reality, just pump and dump schemes, why they will not deliver another GameStop and why most folks following them will do their conkers. It will end in tears and, I hope, jail time and won’t “burn the shorters”  or Fuck The London Stock Exchange, as the organisers promise, at all.


321 days ago

Xtract Resources – a classic Colin Bird Pump & Dump action replay from September

With some folks having paid 8p+ for shares in Xtract Resources (XTR) late last week, today  the company did a placing to the sewer dwelling clients of Novum Securities at just 4.5p.  The shares are now just 4.8p to sell. Boy those folks suckered in by the Colin Bird ramping must be hurting today. This is so familiar but I did warn you explicitly what the old scoundrel was up to.


363 days ago

Ramper James Parsons with an Ascent share purchase which is a sell signal

Ascent Resources (AST) has only avoided a crash landing in tits up alley thanks to the provision of death spiral finance by Riverfort Global and Align Research. Essentially, it has sod all cash, its assets in Slovenia it failed to monetize for eons and some joke Cuban assets. At c6p it is capitalised at c£5 million. Given Parsons’ track record as a pump and dumper and value destroyer, only a total poltroon would buy any shares. So step forward… Mr James Parsons.


716 days ago

Dev Clever: from 1p to 14.5p and now a placing at 1p all within a year – true pump & dump shame

Dev Clever (DEV) joined the Standard List at 1p on January 21 2019. Boy: it has been a rollercoaster year of pumping and dumping.


999 days ago

Bahamas Petroleum – even with today's scumbag placing is time running out asks top oil analyst

I have not minced my words with regards to today’s shocking pump and dump by Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) as you can see here. But the City’s No 1 oil analyst, Zac Phillips of SP Angel worries that Bahamas may not be out of the woods yet although its assets look good. The great man wrote to his clients today to say:


999 days ago

Bahamas Petroleum Pump & Dump – I do hope shareholders were lubed up, this will hurt

A month ago shares in cash strapped Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) traded at 1.2p which was probably generous. for this company has struggled for years to secure the farm in partner it needs to drill its acreage in the Caribbean. But then things started to happen.


1029 days ago

Blue Rock Diamonds – a month of pump and now the dump- a case study in how the AIM casino operates

Over the past month the share price of AIM casino listed Blue Rock Diamonds (BRD) has soared from 0.29p to 0.38p. Some lucky souls paid up to 0.4p on Friday. Let’s review the timeline:


1043 days ago

Bluejay Mining - after pump and dumper SP Angel, founder Jeremy Whybrow now heads for the exit

Following on from my article on Sunday on Bluejay Mining (JAY) covering the very large share sales that showed up on Friday last week, news came out yesterday afternoon confirming that the seller of a chunky 6.48% of the company's float (netting a cool £6 million+) was co-founder and long time Rod Mcillree acolyte Jeremy Whybrow. That should set more alarm bells ringing for the bulls.


1272 days ago

UK Oil & Gas – after the pump – the dump at 0.9p – shameless ramping

We forced a statement last Friday and, today,  UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) says it has completed an “oversubscribed” placing at 0.9p.  FFS these bastards have a nerve. How they abuse and insult the owners of this company, its shareholders.


1574 days ago

I will make this simple enough that even Bushveld shareholders can understand it

I'd like to start a competition to find the AIM shareholder list with the lowest average IQ. I am beginning to think that it may well be that of Bushveld Minerals (BMN). Sure its shares are up by 400% since the pump ahnd dump of last fall (exposed HERE) and they may rise again on the latest pump and dump of yesterday (HERE) but folks need to be aware that a placing is a slam dunk cert. Oh no, say some very stupid people.


1658 days ago

Arian Silver: Pump & Dump, Mislead Investors, Executive Greed - why do I bother?

A chap for whom I have some time some of the time asked me why bother sticking it to Arian Silver (AGQ), a worthless piece of crap on AIM. Will it make any difference to the charade, to the game which sees userless tossers like Arian's CEO Jim Williams get ever richer, crony capitalists earn fat fees and investors get buggered again and again and again. No. My writings won't change that. And the chap is right in that it will just make a few more pathetic wretches who would rather lose money than accept the truth hate me. Yup. He is right. 

So there is a case for not bothering writing this article. But, on the other hand, if it saves one person from falling for Jim Williams' next pump and dump that is one person saved. And it is also right to point out the truth. And jusy now and again as we saw with the fraud Eden last week you get a result. So for what it is worth.


1873 days ago

Bushveld Minerals - the Pump and Dump webcast with the BRR 4th estate hookers

In yesterday's bearcast I commented on the latest pump and dump by Bushveld Minerals (BMN). My attention is now drawn to a promotional video recorded by CEO Fortune Mojapelo on 17 October. This is just so sordid.


1928 days ago

Strat Aero - after the pump the dump, bailout placing & misleading but dire trading update

Shares in AIM dog Strat Aero (AERO) zoomed ahead by 140% on Monday on the back of a total piece of non news. There was more non news on Tuesday but the shares started slipping back from 1.1p and they fell again today becuase after the pump there was the dump a placing to raise £370,000 pre expenses at just 0.5p. Oooh you bought into the pump at 1.1p - sore bottom time.  The shares are now 0.6p to sell. It gets worse.


2098 days ago

W Resources - the 8 day pump and dump: just what happened here?

On the evening of 2nd March W Resources (WRES) presented to a group of investors in London with the shares having closed that evening at 0.6p. In the eight days that followed the company issued not one but two ramptastic pieces of good news yet the shares slipped back steadily. They closed last night at just 0.47p.


2099 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 10 March - Depressed like a Horse Shite pump post dump

I refer you to my bonus podcast earlier for the depression note. I ask you what is the point? back to the markets and I look at another Horse Hill pump and dump, step forward Regency Mines (RGM ) and Andrew Bell. Next to dump Solo (SOLO) then UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) whatever David Lenigas tweets. Then I look at Origo (OPP) and also at Sprue Aegis (SPRP)


2104 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 5 March: Solgold rockets 43% - but all the money's gone!

Shares in Solgold (SOLG) raced ahead by 43% on Friday. But has anyone looked at the balance sheet and cashflow statements? It is just totally out of cash. All the money's gone. The RNS trail, is ramptastic and SP Angel (BTW what has happened to Mkango you scumbags) is bound to roger PIs with a post pump dump of a placing within days. This, and the idea that West Ham are the new Brazil and that all rugby players are homosexuals, is discussed in today's podcast.


2111 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 Feb - smoking, ISDX joking, Alba poking and IRG choking

I comment on my smoking - after 12 days I am still clean and on the weekend's sport. Then onto ISDX and the silly claims by whichever pompous git runs it that it is the new AIM. I explain why it is not, what ISDX shares we own or wish we own (Mechan, Chapel Down & Coinsilium) and why we wont buy any more at all. I discuss the Alba pump and dump as the Horse Hill Gatwick flusher ( of mug punter cash down the pan) saga continuies. Finally my low point of the week: Independent Resources ( IRG) - it makes me feel sick...


2157 days ago

African Potash - after the pump comes the dump but how long till the next fund raise?

It was all so predictable. On 6 January African Potash (AFPO) issued an RNS which was both utterly pointless but also just about credible enough to have the Bulletin Board Morons/Zak Mir frothing. The morons ploughed into the aftermarket - not noticing that the RNS was in fact just confirming that part of a deal already announced several months prior had been completed but that no financials were revealed - paying up to 2.1p per share. The crony capitalists said "thank you very much cannon fodder" on the back of the pump and today came the dump... a placing raising gross proceeds of £825,000 at just 1.7p. However...


2184 days ago

Anatomy of a pump and dump - Afriag & the de Robillards

The birth of AfriAg (AFRI) saw the hand of Jabba The Hutt's old mucker Paul de Robillard present, almost right from the start.  Lenigas and Mr de Robillard appear to have worked together on this AfriAG (SA/plc/UK/whatever) venture almost right from the beginning. 


2385 days ago

Sefton Resources - the Drama continues - what an omnishambles

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Jimmyliar Ellerton is back and Sefton (SER) shareholders now face a potential wipeout. Congratulations to Chris Oil for telling folks to buy at 0.37p as he dumped his entire holding. The shares are now 0.17p to sell and could well head back towards zero after news today. Well done to Chris Oil and all connected to him for their pump and dump.

Yesterday I asked whether Sefton could comment on a number of matters postulated by the rampers, namely that a placing had been agreed, that Rob Shepherd was joining as CEO and that a deal to bring in producing assets was almost done - see HERE. That seems to have goaded the company into making a statement.

Well what do we learn today?


2446 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast Extra - explaining the difference between a ramp and a share tip

For the benefit of one reader in particular this podcast explains the difference between a share tip and a ramp, it explains pump and dump, it looks back to historic cases such as the City Slickers and explains why Bulletin Board Morons use the words differently to normal human beings.


2496 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Video -10 Pump & Dump AIM stocks to flag up

At the ShareProphets Seminar on 2nd February I did a joint presentation with my pal Anand from PrimaryBid. Anand’s new venture goes live next week and aims to kill off the bucket shops by allowing private investors to supply capital to AIM tiddlers at a discounted price directly. It will also make it cheaper for such firms to raise capital. I hope you will ALL support this venture and register HERE

My video flagged up 10 stocks which look like slam dunk pumps ahead of a dump to me.

Anand then explained PrimaryBid and we worked through an imaginary example together as you can see below.


2512 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 23rd January

In today's podcast I look at the PR/Financial Press corrupt deal. I then move into Quindell, Robinson, Cambria Africa, Frontier Mining, what timber prices tell us about general earnings visibility, Gowin New, a new China POS that had been flagged up to me called JQW (target price 0p), the Wandisco pump and dump and Jiasen International.


2734 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Terry and the Quindell attempted Directors Share Dumping he and Canaccord didn’t tell you about

Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) has always been so bullish about his stock urging us all to buy. And he buys shares too – he’d never try to sell would he? Oh yes, I have now seen and email which reveals a very dirty secret indeed. This will shock you to the core. But before we come to the attempted dump let’s deal with the pump.

On March 4th 2014 Quindell PLC used shareholders funds to pay for soft-soap interviewers BRR to record a podcast with Terry in which he was asked a series of very easy questions. So where does Rob think the share price (then in the low 40s) is going? Over to you Rob as he discusses the move to the Main Market from AIM:


2748 days ago

Exclusive: Independent Resources already seeking another £2.5 million – when’s the pre dump pump?

Independent Resources (IRG) won last week’s AIM Cesspit pump and dump (on mug punters) prize as it got its rescue £2.76 million placing away at 3p (the shares being 6.5p) after the pump but before the dump. But a City source makes it clear that the operation is not over yet.

The company admitted in its post dump (ooops I meant placing) RNS that it would be looking for money again. After the funds just raised will only last another 15 months and that is assuming that no drilling takes place.


2748 days ago

Independent Resources – The Pump and the Dump (on mug punters)

This is just par for the course on the AIM Cesspit – today’s less in how crony capitalism sees private investors shafted on a daily basis comes from the toerags at Independent Resources (IRG). This is just shocking.

Twelve days ago, with the shares at 5p, I helpfully pointed out that Independent was almost certainly almost insolvent HERE – that is to say its net current assets were almost certainly negative.

On 25th May this article appeared on a certain website:

Independent Resources (LON:IRG) £1.50 again you could profit more than 3000%

Independent Resources has taken a bit of a bashing since 2011, with the earthquake in the Po Valley having seriously put into question the value of the Rivara asset, but thankfully all looks set to change and investors can either grab a great long term hold… 

Oddly the article did not mention that at that point Independent was technically more or less bust. Lo and behold private investors lapped it up and bought shares in the market sending the stock to 6.4p. Lo and behold a placing day has raised £2.76 million at 3p. 

So how does this work? And who benefits?


3250 days ago

The Harmonic Energy Joke – You could not make it up as it goes New Media Mad

I have written a number of times about how UK websites you are meant to trust like MoneyAM and UK-Analyst (and now Digital Look has also trundled along the walk of shame) have been accepting money to send their loyal readers a promotion for US OTC stock Harmonic Energy (OTC:ASUV) stating “This is the one stock you must buy now” and suggesting that gains of 3,200% are possible. In very small print on these promotions it is admitted that they are paid for by a shareholder who wants to sell shares. In other words this is a pump and dump operation. And in the latest SEC Filing of 14th December we discover that Harmonic has almost no cash, no revenues and is burning cash – it should be clean out of money within a couple of weeks. The auditors flag this as a going concern issue. Er…just a bit. At 95 cents today the company is valued at $59.9 million.

The whole thing is total joke as I described on the largest US website Seeking Alpha just before Christmas HERE .

US Investors are happily dumping shares and guess which suckers are buying? Er… Yes Limeys it is you thanks to those mailings from websites you thought you trusted. Heck that is the special relationship in action, the yanks get to offload their shit on the Brits and we send them Piers Morgan in return. Unless you were one of the folks suckered this is almost funny.

That supposedly respectable UK websites take cash to pump out this crap is a total disgrace but the story of this mega stock promotion for a total nothing company gets funnier still as I am sent the latest release from Harmonic with blockbusting news


3276 days ago

The Harmonic Energy pump and dump moves up a gear – Do NOT be suckered

Last Friday one small website took money to send out a mailing about the “one stock you must buy before the new year.” Returns of 3,200% were mentioned. What the mailing mentioned only in very small print was that the mailing was paid for by a shareholder who is looking to sell shares in the market. What the mailing did not mention at all is that Harmonic (a US OTC Bulletin Board) stock also needs to raise cash as it has no money and in fact that its auditors had that day filed a statement saying that Harmonic may not be a going concern.

I had hoped that my piece would warn UK investors about this pump and dump and also deter any more list owners from taking money for promoting this filth to readers to whom they must surely feel some sense of moral obligation.

You can read my damning indictment of this company and its operation here.

I am sad to say that MoneyAM sent out the same mailing yesterday. I am sadder still that UK-Analyst (part of the group) sent out the same mailing today. That makes me very sad.

I make no comment about why they did this.

I merely beg you to ignore this mailing and not to buy shares in Harmonic under any circumstances.

I would also ask you to urgently pass this article on to anyone you know who does dabble in shares so that they might also be warned as to what is afoot.

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3281 days ago

Were you suckered by a Large scale share Pump & Dump on Friday? Thousands targetted

An email was sent out by a leading financial websites group to its readers on Friday with the headline : “The one stock to own before the New Year.” I do not know where to begin with this shocking tale but if you bought that stock (and it is clear some folks did) you need to sell first thing Monday. This is just horrible. The stock in question is Harmonic Energy Inc (ASUV) which is traded on the US Bulletin Boards ( think Plus markets but less regulated and less liquid if you are a seller). The whole episode is just appalling.