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pyramid of victimhood

12 days ago

India Willoughby, Britain's leading transgender activist says their treatment just like the Holocaust

The British state has not shut down 1 trans business. It has not transported one trans person. It has not organised a Kristellnacht for  the trans community or barred trans folks from working in a range of jobs. It has not killed one trans person. It has not denied them equal rights with the 99.6% of the population who don’t identify as trans or the 99.95% who have not had operations to transition. Yet India Willoughby says that, bar the camps, folks like her are being treated as trhe Jews were by the Nazis.


411 days ago

Is the useless FCA breaking numerous laws in its determination to push a radical trans agenda?

If you still think that the FCA is there to stop financial crime and protect consumers from crooks and scams you are, with respect, living in a different era. That should be its priority, even if it was never any good at it, as I argue on video HERE, but what it is good at is wasting vast sums on woke campaigning, even if what it does is break the law. As I have explained many times on my own site there is a pyramid of victimhood out there among woke campaigners.


437 days ago

So 2021: the arrest of the masturbating woman with a penis

Some of these women with penises seem to play by a different rulebook to women who don’t have penisies or, as you and I might describe them, women. A few weeks ago we discovered how some lesbian women with penises reacted badly to lesbians who did not want to have sex with them. Last week the Girl Guides, a body which booted out and smeared as bigots some old stalwarts back in 2018 who had raised conncerns when the organisation embraced the idea of recruiting teamleaders who were women with pemises, had a spot of bother with two such leaders who seemed to have somewhat strayed from the path of rightousness.  Now meet Chloe Thompson a 41 year old “lass“from Middlesborough.


452 days ago

Zebra Crossing rooted to the bottom of the pyramid of victimhood: all hail the Trans crossing

A zebra crossing is black and white so I guess it is multicultural. But guide dogs know what it is and so it saves lives both of blind people and of kids who want to cross the road. But this is 2021. So it is not enough. First there was the LGBT crossing. Okay it was very expensive and totally confused the guide dogs so was a pointless virtue signalling health hazard. But the wider LGBTQ community is only so far up the pyramid, we can do better. and so to Camden Council in London which, as is the wont of such bodies, pays its senior staff mouth watering saleries but bleats endlessly about how front line services are having to be slashed back because of cuts in Government funding made by the evil Tories. As you can see below, Camden does have money for some vital projects…


467 days ago

It is 2021 so if a lesbian will not have sex with someone with a penis she is a bigot

Confused? Remember this is 2021 and on the pyramid of victimhood, women  – even if they are lesbians- are now pretty much on the bottom rung.  Meanwhile members of the transgender community are pretty much at the top of the pyramid so their needs trump those of a common or garden lesbian.


520 days ago

A trans woman in LA explains why tighter abortion rules in Texas hit her

Of course they don’t. Madeline can’t have babies and lives 1500 miles from Texas. So she is affected in the same way that, living in Wales, I am hit by changes in the school hours in Latvia. That is to say not at all. But when you are a professional victim, near the top of the pyramid of victimhood, in 2021 who cares?