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9 days ago

[email protected] Capital – Yet More red flags from the income statement

We know that the fraud [email protected] Capital (SYME) is not great on accounting matters, given the three attempts to account for the £224 million deemed cost of the reverse takeover which has now been accounted for as an asset in the balance sheet, then written off to the income statement and now charged to the statement of changes in equity as I outlined on these pages and also the two changes of year end which led to its suspension. I note that it is still in the process of appointing a Chief Financial Officer. A Chief Financial Officer is clearly needed when you look back across the results published by SYME and the apparent inconsistencies as detailed below. Yes here are more red flags for Zak Mir and other morons to ignore.


29 days ago

[email protected] Capital audited 2019 accounts out – piss poor work and more red flags

I was never in doubt that Crowe UK, the auditors disgraced as the firm that signed off on the books of a vast number of the AIM China frauds, would sign off on the accounts for [email protected] Capital for the 9 months to December 31 2019. After all it was just a cash shell back then, awaiting the Supply RTO. But even so what this document tells us should scare, at least some, of this company’s moronic shareholders.


43 days ago

Powerhouse Energy – massively discounted placing: more red flags than a May Day parade in Moscow

How do you know when sleazy former Tory MP  Tim Yeo is lying? Simple: his lips move. Let me give you an example as, the firm he chairs, Powerhouse Energy (PHE) today raised £10 million at 5.5p, a 35% discount, thanks to bucket shop broker Turner Pope. Whilst it is coke and hookers all round as Turner Pope considers its £500,000 commission, I want you to consider this statement from 9 September 2020:


46 days ago

Short twitter?

The big tech stocks have led the US markets ever higher and valuations as a whole for this subgroup look, to me, to be stretched. But I have been saying that for a while so you may choose to ignore what follows. However, while I have compared shorting such enterprises to standing in front of an oncoming express train waving your red flags, is there now a case for shorting Twitter? At $47.42, the market cap is $37.8 billion.


109 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: all about 1 AIM stock

The company is cyber security outfit ECSC Group (ECSC) and in this podcast I dissect its finals from last year, interims, recent trading statement and other red flags leading me to explain why you should not buy into the hot sector argument and should not touch it with a bargepole.


168 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 10: Almost 3 hours of Andrew Bell, Matt Earl of Boohoo infamy and myself on more red flags from the liars at Verditek

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new, I hope, weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with bear raider Matt Earl on the markets, the real economy and on 2 stocks where he is short (IQE & Boohoo) and one where he might be soon (Future PLC). we focus on Boohoo. There is also a detailed interview with Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR). Its shares are 0.82p and what Bell says is ground breaking. I am on record as saying I shall eat my hat on video if the shares are not 1.26p before Christmas. I now reckon 1.65p is achievable and this is explained very clearly. Finally I return to the liars at Verditek (VDTK), why it is drowning in red flags and more. You can access the show HERE


168 days ago

Verditek issues more confetti but for what PR exactly? Meanwhile what has happened at BBR?

Can there be any more red flags fluttering over laughable AIM Company Verditek (VDTK)? You bet there are. First up is today’s news of a share issuance for PR services. What PR you say? Exactly.


176 days ago

[email protected] Capital – another spoof, an Epic spoof, shares steam ahead: fair value is 0p

The spoof continues.  Shares in [email protected] Capital (SYME) a company drowning in more red flags than one sees on a May Day parade in the land of the free, that is Russia comrades, now trade at 0.74p after today’s spoof release valuing this crock at £242 million. Now to explain why today’s news is a 100% spoof and the claims made by the company are pure fiction…


178 days ago

Drowning in a sea of red flags, a company built on lies – Verditek

Just how many red flags do you need? Because at this AIM listed company, there are more than you’d see on the annual May Day parade through my old stomping ground of Clerkenwell. Let’s list the Verditek (VDTK) red flags:


191 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ( Today's) - things that are making me angry

Well there is an annoying ex for starters. Then the folks taking the piss on a sash window here at the Welsh Hovel. Then PL defending Katie Potts spunking £1 million of other folks cash on Bidstack (BIDS)  and why following TR1s is an error. I look at Wishbone Gold (WSBN), trying to be realistic, more cracking news from Xtract Resources (XTR) and at sording pumping and dumping at Europa Metals (EUZ). No doubt Messrs Laurence Read and Benjamin Turner will be taking me off their Christmas card lists after that. Hey ho. Finally a look at red flag goings on at a company where I have pointed out many red flags before, All Active Asset Capital Limited (AAA). 


199 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: into battle with Old Mother Walters again as Mike bats - once more - for a company with no sales and which tells lies

I start with reflections on how Boris is begging companies to get the workers back to doing a shift at the office. Sory BoJo but in this mess of your own creation you are dreaming. Then it is onto our major expose of securities fraud at Verditek (VDTK) today, where it seems that Old Mother Walters is again batting for the company with a bonkers market cap, no sales, which lies to investors, and which is technically insolvent. What’s not to like? Oh yes, and the company’s chairman is a former Tory MP. More red flags than at the May Day rally in Moscow.


248 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Julie "Lingerie on Expenses" Meyer and Drive software masterclass in red flags & aggressive accounting

Julie is back and since she seeks press coverage and is also seeking investment into a new great British Company she is, in my view, fair game for comment. No doubt she will accuse me of misogony, obsession and try to get the fine upstanding lawyers she shares with Prince Andrew to harass me (remember what happened last time Julie!) but what follows is a case study in red flag spotting and how to read through aggressive and unusual accounts.


255 days ago

Puke, puke & puke again: Iconic Labs – Toxic Dave Sefton serves up another toxic deal, is it a fraud?

In a series of articles running for almost a year I have highlighted a sea of red flags concerning uber-dog Iconic (ICON).  Yesterday Iconic announced that it “supports Greencastle Capital bid for Joe Media and discussions on management contract”.   The rest of the announcement below provided some more background as follows but trhere were a few, explosive, details Iconic neglected to mention.:


275 days ago

Iconic Labs – four more red flags for the collection

I have already shown that there are more red flags at uber dog Iconic (ICON) than in Moscow on May Day. But after taking a further review of the Prospectus issued on 25 March 2020 and recent RNS announcements I note four more for the collection. Whatever is Tory MP Damian Collins doing getting mixed up in this shit show?.


287 days ago

Tern – six more red flags and another email from Lloyd Leckerman

Tern (TERN) shareholder Lloyd Leckerman argued in his fan mail of yesterday that I penned an article on his beloved POS AIM stock every day. Not to disappoint Lloyd I serve up six more red flags for him to ignore. But first…


332 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: More red flags than flutter on Jeremy Corbyn's bedroom wall

I start with a look at dividends in general and why they should be cut or axed but I discuss  as per today’s most excellent article from Chris “Three Brains” Bailey  Imperial Brands (IMB) and Shell (RDSB) in particular. I am tempted to buy both becuase i think their shares will go up AFTER an inevitable dividend cut. I discuss what a moron Jeremy Corbyn is and my anger at an Oxford institution wanting Government cash. I look at Zenith Energy (ZEN) wondering if it has found more fake sheikhs drawn to the AIM Casino and also at AIQ (AIQ) – which continues to amuse.


370 days ago

Wellesley Finance - yet more mini bond red flags, it’s May Day at the Kremlin again!

I last published an update about Wellesley Finance Plc on 7 January 2020 discussing the dire results for the year ended 31 December 2018.  The results of the Wellesley Group Investors Limited, the ultimate parent, for the year ended 31 December 2018 are now 4 and half months overdue so we cant evaluate how the whole group is performing. But there are yet more red flags now fluttering. the only thing we cannot say is when the car crash will happen.


405 days ago

Good companies just do not behave like this – non financial red flags at Eurasia and Versarien

Lucian Miers and I have covered Versarien (VRS) many times, looking at the maths as to why the shares, at 79.5p having fallen back a good bit, are still monstrously overvalued. It was one of Lucian’s sell tips of the year HERE and he, and I, reckon that fair value is sub 10p.  Eurasia Mining (EUA) is another AIM casino ramp which, on fundamentals, looks to be massively overvalued. I would not be a buyer of the stock even if it fell by two thirds from the current 4p.


413 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Trolling & harassment of myself and my family plumbs new depths

It seems to be followers of Versarien (VRS) and Bidstack (BIDS) leading the charge but there is another matter as well. suffice to say, this has been a bloody week and as I celebeate my birthday this weekend I wonder how many more years this can go on for. In terms of companies I discuss the hot air at Big Dish (DISH) and the red flags at, soon to leave AIM, Cloudbuy (CBUY). Followers of IQE (IQE) please take note.


436 days ago

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition TWENTY ONE with Tom Winnifrith - what does it mean to generate cash, fake & real claims

There are no guests in this week’s show which is sponsored by Open Orphan PLC (ORPH). It is just me once again sitting in the Welsh Hovel as the flood waters rise. I start with a red flags special on Iconic Labs (ICON). The company is an irrelevant and wofrthless POS but the red flags are interesting. Then it is onto a company where I demonstyrated compelling red flags six years ago but I’ve had to be patient. Finally, using Fulham, Shore (FUL) as a case study I look in real detail at why claims that company’s generate positive operating cashflow can be so misleading and why this is so important.If you like this and can’t wait seven days for more of the same and are tired of being a cheapskate you should listen to my Bearcast every day.


473 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Oooh Er MRS, lessons in red flag and value destruction spotting

I fear that it all looks very bleak for Management Resource Solutions (MRS) a company we have red flagged her numerous times. In this podcast I look at the big red flags and other companies flying the same sort of red flags.


541 days ago

Oooo Er MRS, the comedy shit show continues – shares in Management Resource Solutions suspended

Shares in this posterboy for the AIM Cesspit fell in morning trade. Pure coincidence natch! Nothing to see here officer, move along quickly please. At 2.20 PM the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation suspended trading in a company we have pointed out is drowning in debt and red flags and is almost certainly worthless on many occasions as you can see HERE. At 4.01 PM Management issued a statement. You cannot make this shit up. Only on the AIM Cesspit.


553 days ago

Eddie Stobart - the Red Flags were there to spot

We missed this one. we cannot spot every car crash waiting to happen. But we did give an alert of sorts. Week in week out, Eddie Stobart Logistics (ESL) featured in Steve Moore’s table of the most shorted AIM shares. When bears hunt in packs, like this, they are rarely wrong, especially when the biggest cheerleader on the other side are Bulletin Board Morons or, as in this case, Neil Woodford. So what were the red flags? There were three big ones:


553 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: which is the best way to lose your cash, buying Nostra Terra shares or with ProphetFX?

I start with a discussion of how young and inexperienced most sell side analysts are and why that bodes so badly for the horrors that will emerge in the coming bear market. I move onto Versarien (VRS) a pointless deal and accounts that contradict themselves, I look at Burford (BUR) and the sex tapes allegations as well as my own on Napo and then finally at forex service ProphetFX which is drowning in red flags as is AIM Casino rubbish Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG)


556 days ago

Blackmore Bond Plc – is the next domino in the mini bond scandal about to topple?

In early 2019, I wrote a series of articles on what has become a widely known minibond scandal.  On 6 January 2019, I flagged up a swathe of red flags at London and Capital Finance Plc (“LCF”) (now in administration).  On 3 February 2019, I asked whether Blackmore Bond Plc was another minibond disaster in the making? Well it looks increasingly like that was yet another incredibly prescient call, the latest warnings signs are:


586 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Versarien is not the new Quindell, it is not a fraud but it will end in tears

I start with a look at how well meaning Government intervention in the free market can often have dire economic consequences. then in light of 24 hours of abuse from Neill Rickets and his cultist followers I look at some of the Versarien (VRS) Red flags. 


592 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: £2m coke & hookers money for the City boys, shareholders lose 80% - another day on the AIM Casino

In today’s bearcast I look forward to the new show on Wednesday which will be half recorded by the end of today. I cover Mortice (MORT) a tale of shareholder woe friom the AIM Cesspit, Kier (KIE), Dev Clever (DEV), Anglo African Oil & Gas (SCUM), Premier Technical Services Group (PTSG) and Mobile Streams (MOS), where I study what happens to cashflow when a company is near to death and the red flag gaps in today’s trading statement.


603 days ago

Purplebricks just a few more bearish observations

For a company that will have net current assets of somewhere between SFA and £30 million by Christmas and which will again burn cash this year the valuation of Purplebricks (PURP), £314 million at 103p, is bonkers. In light of that I revisit full year numbers from Wednesday and ask you to consider a stack more red flags.


619 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Neil Woodford, Luke Johnson and scumbag pond life journalists like Ben Harrington & Ali Hussein

In today’s bearcast I look at “lucky” Luke red flags and Patisserie Valerie, Neil Woodford, Babcock (BAB) and sumbag, lying or disingeneous, pond life journalist scum such as Ali Hussein, Sabah Meddings, Jamie Nimmo and the fraudster’s fave journo Ben Harrington.


634 days ago

Video: Tom Winnifrith exposes Neil Woodford back in April 2018 - so far ahead of any other journalist

Neil Woodford, Britain’s best known fund manager has seen his empire start to crash and crumble today with a suspension of dealings in his flagship fund. Some in the corrupt deadwood press, like the Mail on Sunday, were still praising Woodford yesterday. Others have turned bearish over the past few months having previoously drunk the cool aid. But for almost two years we have been calling this out as a debacle waiting to happen, you can see our full, and incredibly detailed, coverage HERE. Site Editor Tom Winnifrith gave a keynote address at UK Investor 2018 predicting exactly what would happen and highlighting numerous red flags. You can see that video, now shown to be UK Investor at its finest, below


634 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the latest Novum/Aberdeenman POS ramp deconstructed & asking the fuzz to investigate two old friends

In today’s bearast I take a detailed look at Sub Standard list Bermele (BERM) which is over-ramped, dripping in red flags and been pushed by shamed Bulletin Board Moron Aberdeenman. I also explain why I shall, tomorrow, be asking the Met to investigate whether Julie “lingerie on expenses” Meyer and her lawyer Peter McGrath might  as a result of this  be perverting the course of jiustice as I have news on the FCA’s criminal investigation into Meyer which seems to be ratcheting up. I am not accusing either of this serious crime merely asking the Met to see if something awry is taking place.


648 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Transgender "genocide", IQE profits alert and Monkey facing wipeout

WARNING: Our apologies, this Bearcast has distorted sound from after ten minutes, when Tom recorded it. It is still audible. We’ll try to fix it for tomorrow’s Bearcast. I start with a short bit on the wild use of language and yes the trans “genocide” is my starting point. I look at IQE (IQE), Thomas Cook (TCG) and classic red flags – Eight Peaks Group (8PG), Yu (YU.), Bushveld (BMN) and Tesla (TSLA). If you have yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks (another announcement tomorrow), please do so HERE.


776 days ago

Another look at more red flags at the ponzi underpinning Independent Oil & Gas

AIM Casino listed Independent Oil & Gas (IOG) is dependent on financing from London Oil & Gas which in turn is dependent on financing ( repayable on demand) from a ponzi called London & Capital Finance now the subject of a full FCA raid and lockdown. We have covered this extensively already but there is more...


782 days ago

London and Capital Finance – a sea of red flags involving a Tory party grandee and a Dodgy Solicitor

I have already highlighted how London and Capital Finance Plc (“LCF”) is the principal lender to Independent Oil and Gas (“IOG”) via London Oil and Gas (“LOG”) and raised concern about those arrangements.  Looking at the parent of LOG and its subsidiaries raises a whole series of red flags which is not only bad news for holders of LCF minibonds but also shareholders in IOG.


799 days ago

Neil Woodford’s disaster of the day No 1 – Netscientific

There were two enormous red flags waving at NetScientific (NSCI), the healthcare IP commercialisation group. The first was the announcement a few weeks ago of a “strategic review” which in plain English means “we are fucked” and the second was that Britain’s worst performing fund manager Neil “Nomates” Woodford owns 47% of the company with the funds he used to manage round at Invesco owning another 19%. And so to today’s disastrous news.


924 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Frantic hovel tidying as the Mrs arrives tomorrow

It really is the 17th, I may have said it was the 16th at the start of this bearcast as I have spent a frantic day trying to make the Bat Room at the Greek hovel a bit less untidy ahead of the arrival of the Mrs and Joshua tomorrow. In the podcast I discuss BlueJay Mining (JAY), red flags, SP Angel and MySquar (MYSQ)


959 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Its not that I don't believe Rob Proctor means what he says, but...

I am now back from my 12-14 mile walk of which the first six were solidly uphill. I shall post details of what happened on my own website but it was an adventure. Think of me trekking up the mountain road and please make a donation to Woodlarks ahead of my 32 mile walk with Dan in two weeks time. Donate here. In today's podcast I look in detail at Audioboom (BOOM) and its statement of yesterday. And I flag up some more red flags regarding Telit (TCM).


1198 days ago

Green Dragon - surely this is an admission that its equity is worthless?

Drowning in debt and red flags POS Green Dragon (GDG) admitted on 30 October that it was in talks with bondholders to push out repayment terms and it promised that those talks - which had been undserway for a while - would be concluded by 20 November. Well maybe not.


1201 days ago

Fishing Republic- the maggots are only just starting to emerge - a retail zero in waiting

When Fishing Republic (FISH) joined the AIM Casino at 15p in June 2015 it published an admission document bulging with red flags which I pointed out in numerous articles HERE. But brokers Northland pumped the stock shamelessly up to well over 40p to get away more placings. But today the shit hit the fan with a shock (lack of) profits warning but the maggots are only now starting to emerge. At 22.5p this is a zero in waiting.


1207 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: as a former tax dodger in the Isle of Man I can't say I'm shocked by the Paradise Papers

Of course when I was a crony capitalist I spent a couple of years in the Isle of Man with its progressive tax system.  That was all legit, it is called tax avoidance (legal) not tax evasion (illegal) but it is clear that the IOM facilitates a stack of illegal tax evasion. I am not shocked by the Paradise Papers revelations on this and explain why. Elsewhere there is follow on work on Totally (TLY) looking at more red flags and the vanity of sales, then coverage of Red Emperor (RMP) and P:aragon Entertainment (PEL)


1212 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - it is fit young mums day!!

Just a short bearcast today as I had to rush off for my regular Thursday morning date with the Fit Young Mums. In today's podcast I talk about the IPO/RTO today of Sosandar (SOS) which we own shares in and I reveal the first of the celeb investors. Then it is onto Playtech (PTEC) and some wider thoughts on gambling regulation in the UK. Finally there is a look at Rosslyn Data (RDT) where - hat tip Roger Lawson - it is surely profits warning ahoy. I look back at the numerous Rosslyn red flags.


1232 days ago

The £1.75 billion company that could go to zero - a major report from Tom Winnifrith

The red flags are obvious. The business model is one that could blow up with the asset bubble that has created it. Even in a best case scenario the valuation is absurd. Oh and Neil Woodford is a major investor. Need I say more. After Purplebricks (PURP) which is a nailed down zero, this is my number 1 short for the Autumn.


1261 days ago

SHOCKER: Corporate Failures and Censures - the red flags at Purplebricks you ignore at your peril

Neil Woodford, Paul Scott and the man who compares himself to Warren Buffett, Roger Lawson, have no doubt done full due diligence on the manangement at Purplebricks (PURP), notably its founders, the Bruce brothers. Or maybe not...


1295 days ago

Telit Communications: what the bears saw, it's about the balance sheet stupid

After my earlier story about the covenant breach which is, I am increasingly sure, a smoking gun, I explore some trends shown by the financial statements of Telit Communications (TCM) that may have been some the red flags that resulted in hedge funds making Telit the most heavily shorted AIM company - this is all about the balance sheet. It also highlights why some type of fund raise, equity or debt, was almost inevitable in May - without it the lights would have been switched off by now.


1299 days ago

Telit - Smelly Cat, smelly Cat - its not your fault: talk me through the share dumping timeline again

I have just posted my analysis of today's disastrous interims from Telit Communications (TCM). This company is just drowning in red flags and the shares have crashed from 340p on May 25 when CEO Oozi Cats flogged £24 million worth to 156p. I could see this being a zero as explained in full HERE. But perhaps Oozi can help me on a few timeline issues just to explain why he is not an insider dealer. In return I have a special musical video just for him below...


1300 days ago

Telit - as we often predicted this is the day the disaster unfolded, but can the CEO explain his £24m share sale?

I am not sure if Neil Woodford had a big stake but Telit Communications (TCM) ticked all the other red flag boxes for AIM casino disasters waiting to happen. UK Investor Show attendees know that this has been high on the bear's hit list for a while. Today the train wreck happened and as I write, shares in what was the most shorted stock on the casino, are 39% down at 156p. But a £199 million market cap is still a rum and coke. The shares could be 20p and I still would not buy. Pro tem I count this as another big win for the Sheriff of AIM.


1333 days ago

MySquar - the bollocks trading statement and crazy valuation

AIM ramp de jour MySquar (MYSQ) has today boasted that in the last days of June as daily sales reached $8500 "the business has reached a very significant milestone of achieving run rate operating breakeven". Er..can you smell the red herrings - they are hidden underneath the red flags.


1364 days ago

Fusionex now 42.5p but that is 42.5p too high: fitness guru Paul Scott weighs in

If ever there was a demonstration of how price is not the same as value when it comes to shares it was Fusionex (FXI). Time and time again we pointed out the red flags yet the company maintained a market cap of up to £100 million. that was £100 million too high. Now, after five years in which £55 million has been transferred from UK Investors to Malaysia the company announced after hours on the Friday before the bank holiday weekend that it would delist. Its shares have crashed to 42.52p (the last fund raise was at 325p) but that is still way too high. And Britain's top share blogger, the fitness guru Paul Scott has weighed in and agrees with me.


1394 days ago

Concha - Stop bleating on Ve - you screwed up please no second helpings

Dear Chris Akers. Excuses are like arseholes. We all have them. And no-one cares. And that brings us to today's announcement from your company Concha (CHA) regarding its disastrous investment in failed unicorn Ve Interactive.
Despite there being stacks of red flags Concha invested c £4 million in Ve in a £1 billion valuation, a decision which we pointed out at the time was completely bonkers.


1406 days ago

Mercantile Ports & Logistics - slam dunk sell (target 0p) as Nomad Cenkos (again) brings AIM into disrepute

Nomad Cenkos was repeatedly warned by myself and others about the fraud at Quindell (QPP). It banked fees of more than £12 million and did nothing to stop the wrongdoing. In doing so it brought AIM into massive disrepute. Now there is evidence that it is turning a blind eye to horrific red flags at Mercantile Ports & Logistics, which at 8.5p is capitalised at £32 million. My target price is 0p but what the hell is Cenkos playing at? I break my break to deal with the errant Nomad - I have a score to settle here since some of the money it raised for the Quenron fraud was used to harass me with fascist lawyers letters..


1453 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: from Jewish Vlachs to Avanti Coms - a business that can never ever work so is toast

I answer an email from a reader who reckons the Vlachs, (world's greatest living expert, or so he says, Dr TJ Winnifrith), are really Jews and that opens up a wider issue of Jewish settlements in Greece. Then the main issue of the podcast, why Avanti Communications (AVN) will go to Zero? Quite simply its business model is flawed. There are other red flags to consider but I strike at the crux of the matter.


1468 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the lunacy of PC Aviva & 3 Stockmarket Red Flags

In today's podcast I look at the new rules Aviva is implemententing in the name of gender equality. They are not needed and are bad news for all concerned. It is yet another sign of how Britain is losing the plot on capitalism. I then offer up three clear signs that we are at a market top and why it pays to be very wary.


1471 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Ouzo time for me but a bad bathtime for an AIM CEO tonight

The ouzo refers to the latest crushing blow for snakeoil salesman Darren Winters. This man has claimed to have fleeced, sorry trained, 500,000 Britons yet still the deadwood press fail to report on our takedown of the charlatan. Pathetic. The bathtime refers to the CEO of Tracsis (TRCS) who claims to listen to bearcast in his bath. I comment on today's trading update. Then it is onto China fraud Jiasen (JSI) and its latest bollocks news signed off by low life Nomad Cairn Financial. And then after an en passant look at Polemos (PLMO) I take a very detailed look at Blenheim Natural Resources (BNR) which is overvalued hype with a bushel of red flags thrown in for good measure. I advise my pal Big Dave Lenigas to take profits and sell and others to do likewise.


1510 days ago

Harvest Minerals - by jove the internet troll Lucian Miers is right: this is a sell!

I revealed yesterday how the ramptastic boss at uber-pump Harvest Minerals (HMI), Mr Brian McMaster, had branded Lucian Miers as an "internet troll" for having the temerity to (rightly) call the shares as a sell at 21.5p. The outrageous behaviour of this spivvy promoter makes me look at the shares, now 17.25p to sell, and I have to say that it is "red flags ahoy" - Lucian is 100% correct.


1510 days ago

Challenger Acquisitions chairman quits after just 358 days as company admits its in real trouble

Cynical Bear is probably onto his second bottle of ouzo by now thanks to today's news from Challenger Acquisitions (CHAL). Mr Bear has warned you time and time again about the numerous red flags associated with this company and indeed made it one of his two sells of the year with a target price of 0p HERE. And today we learned that after just 358 days with the company the chairman John Le Poidevin has resigned. It gets better if you are Mr Bear. Have another ouzo.


1548 days ago

Advanced Oncotherapy - Sinophi denial throws up more red flags: this stinks more and more

In the face of relentless pressure from this website, embattled Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) yesterday put out a statement attempting to draw a line in the sand over its falling out with Sinophi, whom it had claimed was set to buy $120 million of machines from it. It has failed. the statement begs even more questions and the shares remain utterly uninvestable.


1554 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Red Flags come home to roost for the Sheriff's fave AIM Turkeys

How is that for a Thanksgiving mixed metaphor of a title? In this podcast I look at denial, red flags and bending the rules on the Casino. Among the companies covered today are:  Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), Cloudtag (CTAG), African Potash (AFPO), Fastjet (FJET) and the insider dealing, Mkango Resources (MKA), London Capital (LCG), Audioboom (BOOM), Milestone Group (MSG) and I flag up that Steve & I have a hot share tip you can access for just £5 coming up very soon HERE


1580 days ago

LAST DAY to order free copies of Tom Winnifrith e-books

A slight tweak in the ShareProphets business model means that, as of November 1st nearly all, of the e-books that I have penned will no longer be available for free on this website - you will have to buy them on Amazon. So TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to get free copies of titles such as "The 49 Golden Rules of making Money from Shares" as well as the 49 Red Flags book and the book Ben Flip Flop Turney and I produced on how to value oil, gas and mining shares. The same applies to Zak Mir's crap e-book on charting.


1638 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Highland Natural Resources really is run by some well dodgy fellows

Still no lawyers letter from African Potash (AFPO) has arrived at Sheriff Towers. It really is like waiting for Godot. But at least my mother in law has remembered that it is my wedding anniversary tomorrow. I discuss another thing happening tomorrow, that is to say African Potash which has no cash having to repay $1.1 million to its FD's Mrs, Katrina Clayton. I look at Highland Natural Resources (HNR), Gulf Keystone (GKP), Glenwick (GWIK), Opera (OPRA) and then Gable (GAH) which really has posted a most enormous red flag today. Sell - target 0p. 


1654 days ago

Haike Chemical - Any more Red Flags for Tea Vicar?

Shares in Haike Chemicals (HAIK) have more than trebled since the spring but do not get suckered in as this is almost certaintly just another common or garden AIM listed China Norfolk. I am grateful to a correspondent in China who writes:


1666 days ago

Audioboom - drowning in red flags - where to start: sell

I noted a week ago, here, that Audioboom (BOOM) shares were weak and that since it was running out of cash I reckoned a placing was afoot. Lo and behold there is indeed a £2.55 million placing at 2.5p today but there is also a stream of other announcements which are a red flag festival. This is a horror story.


1687 days ago

Begbies Results, no red flags: Buy

Insolvency, restructuring and property services group Begbies Traynor (BEG) has announced results for its year ended 30th April 2016 and that, although cautious, “the recent acquisition of the Pugh auction business, together with the Taylors valuation business, gives the opportunity for growth in earnings in the new financial year”


1712 days ago

Circassia shares crash on cat trial failure - the latest Neil Woodford Biotech disaster

Hats off to veteran journalist Tim Blackstone who called Circassia (CIR) as a short with a £900 million market cap on January 16 this year HERE. Today the shares have crashed by 64% to 98.5p giving it a market cap of just £261 million. Tim Blackstone dared to go up against Neil Woodford with this call as he is the largest shareholder. It looks like another biotech disaster for Woodie. 


1713 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Cancer, Fewer Bearcasts & Articles & Advanced Oncotherapy

I start with a few personal issues and then in this bearcast I explain why the mountain list of red flags at cancer play Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) matter but what will be the killer blow and when I shall deliver it.


1713 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Brexit Bollocks from Gary Newman and the stench from Strat Aero & Regent Pacific (i.e Plethora)

I start with a discussion on how the sad events in Yorkshire may sway the Brexit vote before turning to Gary Newman's nonsense earlier today about Brexit, house prices and Foxtons (FOXT). Then it is onto a detailed look at Strat Aero (AERO) and also Regent Pacific, the new owner of Plethora (PLE) and in both cases its red flags ahoy big time.


1739 days ago

Highland Natural Resources, the stench of Stanford (C)Rook and the related party deal that makes me run a mile

I realise that over on the LSE Asylum criticising Highland Natural Resources (HNR) gets the sort of reaction normally reserved for those who suggest that the McCann's are not complete role models when it comes to best practice in babysitting, but a transaction announced back in 2015 looks very odd indeed to me. Any more red flags vicar?


1850 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - China Norfolk Aquatic Foods Red Flag special

Aquatic Foods (AFG) has been on the AIM Casino for exactly one year but its shares have slumped from 70p to 15p bid. The FD walked the plank today and surely Nomad SP Angel which raised £9.3 million for this POS 12 months ago must realise that the end is nigh. In this podcast I look at the numerous red flags. This one is going down.


1855 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - GTS Chemicals, drowning in Red Flags

Capitalised at £70 million GTS Chemicals (GTS) has seen its shares more than double since its IPO on August 1 2014 and the stock is up 9% today. But this company is drowning in red flags. In a detailed podcast I list almost a dozen major red flags, just for starters, and explain why the shares are a sell at almost any price.


1860 days ago

TrakM8 - before we look forward lets just examine its historic lack of cash generated (Part 7)

Paul Scott insists that I must ignore the series of historic lies, woeful lack of cash generation and the rest of the Red Flags at TrakM8 (TRAK) and look forward to the jam tomorrow. I shall do exactly that on Monday and show why that jam won't arrive. But Benjamin Graham tells us that historics are often a better guide to valuation than promises of jam tomorrow and in that vein I shall now demonstrate what an overhyped dog's dinner of a cash consumer this company is.


1862 days ago

TrakM8, net cash, Paul Scott & Lies - Part 4 of Series

Britain's top share blogger Paul Scott seems to have fallen in love with TrakM8 (TRAK) and is thus blind to numerous red flags which in any other stock would be causing him to plunge the knife in. Let's start with the lie about net cash.


1876 days ago

The 49 Red Flag Tick List - Inspirit Energy

I published a book last year "49 Red Flags" - there are actually 50 listed and the book explians why each is important in avoiding piss-poor investments. As a little exercise the deputy Sheriff of AIM and I have applied the check list to Inspirit Energy PLC (INSP) and the results are appalling.


1896 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 19 December - would I buy shares in any non UK company on AIM? No.

I am asked by a reader would I buy shares in any AIM listed company from Israel? I widen that to include Aussie, Greek, Chinese and US companies and the answer is NO! I explain why. Then I go on to thank the readers who post so many great "spots", "red flags" and technical insights in the comments section here. You make me look an awful lot smarter than I really am. I also discuss Star Wars which I shall be watching tonight and which I have looked forward to all year. Merry Christmas to you all.


1945 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 31 October - ALL the lessons you can learn from the Globo fraud

This podcast should really be a tutorial in red flag analysis. In it I endeavour to cover every single lesson you can learn from the Globo (GBO) fraud - I hope it makes you look at your portfolio of shares in other companies in a more critical manner.


1957 days ago

David Lenigas turns £14,000 into £7 million with Lenigas Cuba but what happened to the LSE listing?

Yesterday I raised a number of red flags about the proposed listing of Lenigas Cuba on the joke ISDX market. Not least is the sheer greed of Big Dave Lenigas himself – this is the unacceptable face of capitalism.


1966 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Fishing Republic, valuation is er....fishy

Thanks to Paul Scott for his help on this one. I know that Gary Newman is a fan but I just do not get Fishing Republic (FISH) at all - the red flags are now highlighted. The Crony Capitalist City parasistes trousered fees of £550,000 ( two years after tax profits) from a £1.5 million fund raise at IPO (with directors pocketing £106,000) but I somehow suspect investors will not propser with this AIM casino chip.


1972 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 4 October - Jim Slater, Zak Mir, Daniel Stewart and closed shops

In this webcast I cover Daniel Stewart (DAN), red flags, a closed shop that should be ended to improve AIM at a stroke and another in the legal system, Zak Mir and Jim Slater tipping Optimal Payments (OPAY) and why I disagree and also how I suffered as the lefty mates of my Mrs talked utter rot at lunchtme. I am truly traumtised. I am also handing out 20 free investor class tickets to The Gold, Bears & Traders show on November 28 and 1 person booking an investor class seta tonight using the promotional code BCGB will be upgraded to a Golden Ticket giving access to the after show party with the speakers, etc. So book now at  using the code BCGB


2037 days ago

Visit to Jiasen International June 2015 - Red Flags Ahoy, when's the delisting?

A man known to me has recently been to China to see Jiasen (JSI). I was a bear before, having read this I am even more of a bear. Too many things just do not stack up. There clearly is a Jiasen business. But it is just nothing like what is claimed by the listed company. On the basis of this on the ground reporting by a fellow who understands industrial processes I state that beyond doubt I do not believe that its stated profits, sales and net assets are real.

The point made about who undertakes the local audit (the same fellows who signed off on the creative fiction that were fraud Naibu’s accounts) is utterly alarming. Anyone who remains associated with this enterprise needs their head examining. Target price: 0p or delisting. Our man in Fujian writes:


2172 days ago

China Chaintek Results – a Norfolk is ‘avin’ a bubble

Results from AIM casino listed China Chaintek (CTEK) today are risible. The logistics company is based in fraud central Fujian and is represented by London’s worst Nomad, ZAI Corporate Finance which managed to do full due diligence on the fraud Naibu (NBU) even though its CEO was in jail at the time. Enough Red flags for you? You want more? 


2215 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 3rd February

Both Maribel and I are feeling a little fragile after a night of boozing at The Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House. And so life is a bit of a struggle today for both of us. Anyhow this podcast covers insider dealing, Afren, TXO, Camkids, Northbridge Industrial, profits warnings, Asian Citrus and Creston


2218 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Announcements from No-One is Watching O'Clock and silly legals issue

There was a spate of announcements at No-one is watching O'Clock yesterday. But I was watching and so this podcast covers Worthington, Speymill, Sefton & Brokerman Dan and Afren. Moving on I look at legal and other silliness by companies including TXO and the Big Dave Lenigas vs Doc Holiday Stellar Resources affair.

To get your free copy of my new book 49 Red Flags sent to you today  fill in the form HERE


2219 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - what is cheap and what is a trading statement?

It seems that I disagree with Comrade Malcolm Stacey once again as I discuss whether a stock on a PE of 22 (Diageo or JD Wetherspoon) can be desribed as cheap. I then discuss what should be in a trading statement looking at Foxtons, Blur and Outsourcery - run by the ghastly Piers Linney - and what this says about shares in all three.

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2223 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Afren: The lessons you can learn for ALL your investments

I covered Afren and where its shares are heading (down) in the earlier Bearcast HERE. Now to move on and I look at the lessons you can learn from this omnishambles for all of your investments, lessons about debt, cashflow, capex and more.

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2224 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 26 January

In today's podcast I look at Igas (vindicated), Quindell (vindicated), Gowin New (vindicated), Cambria Africa, Flybe, Fitbug, Coms (vindicated) and prepare to have a go again at Ray Zimmerman and ZAI over its next China POS IPO

To get your free copy of my new book 49 Red Flags sent to you today  fill in the form HERE


2224 days ago

Red Flag Number 35 of Tom Winnifrith’s 49 Red Flags Dedicated to Rob Terry

Those who have ordered a FREE copy of my new book, 49 Red Flags, which is dedicated to Robert Simon Terry, the founder of Quindell (QPP), will be receiving their copy today. If you want a copy simply fill in the form HERE. As a taster of what it contains I bring you Red Flag 35, a failure to have truly independent Non Execs. It reads: 


2224 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 25 January

In this podcast I look at profits warnings, earnings visibility and equity valuations. I also look specifically at oil and resource stocks explaining why there is not yet blood on the streets but there will be.

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2225 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Quindell BearCast special - Making Money from Nigerian fraud & Mobile Doctors scam

In this podcast I pose some regulatory questions for Quindell and the Ministry of Justice regarding the resigning compliance officer Mrs Helen Cutler, I explain how Quindell made money buying a POS business from a convicted Nigerian fraudster ( and other rubbish deals) and I expose what has gone on with Mobile Doctors and Speedy. This is all very shocking.

Tom Winnifrith's new book, 49 Red Flags, is dedicated to Robert Simon Terry of Quindell and features him prominently. It is published tonight. To get your free copy sent to you tonight just fill in the fom HERE


2243 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Quindell BearCast - a whistleblower explains the culture of bribery, fraud and lies

The title is self-explanatory. The contents of this podcast are most serious. hapless Nomad Cenkos can verify the lot or it can just admit that it does not give a FF about its regulatory duties.

To pre-order your FREE copy of Tom Winifrith's new book "49 Red Flags" out on Wednesday 7th January, which taks a lot about Quenron (QPP), fill in the form HERE


2249 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s share tips for 2015 No 3 – Sell Globo at 39p

My general view on equities is mildly bearish as I explained in my macro calls piece HERE. As such I will be serving up 5 longs and five shorts as my tips of the year. The first long was HERE and the first short HERE. Now for Number 3, Globo (GBO), the sort of flim flam that will suffer badly in a bear market. 

I have been bearish on Globo (GBO) since the mid-seventies and so its shares have almost halved since I weighed in. at 39p the market cap is £132 million and for 2015 I would expect the shares to halve again, or worse.

Globo throws up a series of red flags for any investor but I will leave the most serious to last. But in no particular order other than leaving the best/worst to last here goes:


2258 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 22nd December

There is not a lot happening so I look back on a couple of golden rules, golden red flags if you like from 2014. And I have an extra special Christmas present for a chap at Quindell. When should I run it to utterly train-wreck his Christmas do you think?


2279 days ago

Tom Winnifrith, talking Death Threats, Red Flags, Forensic Accounting, Quindell & More at UK Investor on April 18

Quindell is unravelling at a rate of knots. Once the biggest stock on AIM probably will not exist by the time of UK Investor on April 18 2015. And the man who exposed the lies and fraud was Tom Winnifrith. For his efforts he received bullying lawyers letters from Quindell and death threats from its shareholders. And that has spurred a special new session at UK Investor 2015.

Already Tom was down to do a session with Dan Levi (Brokerman Dan) in a 250 seater room on the true story of Sefton and how they unmasked that fraud. That session is still going ahead.

But now, with a special STAR guest to be announced soon – Tom will take to the main stage to discuss Quindell, Death Threats, dealing with Corporate bullies and how you seek out Red Flags. He will illustrate this point with previously unseen material to be revealed only at UK Investor Show.

If you book your seats for UK Investor Show you can get a 25% discount on your seat simply by entering the promotional code SP25 at

Quindell will not be Tom’s last battle. He


2283 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Red Flags – Bulletin Board Morons publish Real Man Pizza Accounts!

RMPC is a private company and so feels no need to report bogus profits to ramp its shares like er…Quindell (QPP). It will make no difference to the fate of Quindell (insolvency) whether RMPC survives or fails. But since some utter moron (Goldust88 from the LSE Asylum) has posted highlights of our August 31st 2013 accounts raising six red flags about me, which other cretins have plastered on other asylums, I might as well respond.

I start with the post of the moron in full. And I answer in podcast format. As you will see he not only talks bollocks but shows such profound misunderstanding of basic accounting & tax law that her demonstrates why he is destined always to lose money on shares.

The cretin posts:


2318 days ago

Quindell’s Rob Terry tells a £140 million Lie to Shares Magazine – Mobile Doctors Red Flag Strewn Annual Report Out

Rob Terry of Quenron (QPP) is today once again exposed as a liar of monumental proportions. Even the money-grabbing leeches round at Nomad Cenkos should by now be considering their position as I expose today’s £140 million lie told by Mr 2+2 can = 5.

Shares Magazine promised its readers a hard hitting interview. Bollocks! This is a blow job on paper. No questions about TMC, Himex and the accounting fraud. None about the RNS lies. This is cock-sucking journalism, an embarrassment to our trade.  But the gem is a lie that Mr Terry tells unchallenged about his cash position. Let me quote from Shares magazine: 


2320 days ago

Quindell Legal Services – More Red Flags Vicar? Part 2

The video of my presentation “Quindell, how it has committed accounting fraud, has not generated a cent of cash despite what it claims and why it is worth 0p” should now appear tomorrow. Pro tem here is part 2 of the Quindell Legal Services – More Red Flags Vicar series. QLS served up so many Red Flags it needs two articles. Part One can be found HERE. Now moving on.


2320 days ago

Quindell Trading Statement – Folks are starting to see what Bullshit it all is

Quite simply I have never read such complete and utter bollocks in my life. As I write Quenron (QPP) shares are down by a couple of pence at 151p. That is despite it issuing a trading statement which was meant to appear extraordinarily upbeat. In the old days the stock would have jumped by 20% on this sort of bull. But these days investors seem to be waking up to the fact that it does not add up, that the company is talking patent bollocks and that the cash situation is clearly critical. Chuck in the Red Flags from subsidiary accounts which are landing thick and fast and this one is now in a a rapid spiral towards death.

And so what crap is talked in the statement? Where does one start? At the top my friends.


2320 days ago

Quindell Bulletin Board Moron of the Day: Mr Palmer LSE Board – his “obligation” is to destroy me”

Oh dear, The Quenron (QPP) shareholder list does contain more than its fair share of complete and utter nutters. On an almost daily basis I am alerted to a post which has been made by someone who really is truly bonkers. I was entertained to see some cretin on ADVFN discuss the “TW Red Flags” on Quenron – apparently having a strong opinion which is not buy is deemed a Red Flag.  However, The Bulletin Board Moron of the Day is “Mr Palmer” on the LSE Board. On a day when another Quindell nutter who boasted on twitter of having a "hitlist" which included myself and Dan Levi has been reported to the Old Bill (not by me as I regard the Met as useless), Mr Palmer takes centre stage.


2320 days ago

Quindell Legal Services – More Red Flags Vicar? Part 1

And so Quindell Legal Services, the biggest part of the Quenron Group (QPP) has filed its accounts. Also of interest is the fact that it filed two annual returns for last year. Would Quindell care to deny that it had a spot of bother with its capital adequacy forms filled in with the FCA? That might explain a few of the red flags but not all.

The first thing to note is that Companies House stamps the accounts for calendar 2013 as received on October 1st. that is a £150 fine for Quenron. It is small beer although it is good that someone is making money from the company. But it is indicative of a badly run enterprise.

I note also that KPMG – which earned £60,000 for compiling this document that contradicts itself – did not actually attach a signature to its sign off.


2336 days ago

Quindell’s RNS from 18 September 2012 – Quintica Red Flags

There is speculation that Quenron (QPP) subsidiary Quintica is horribly late in filing its annual report which was due on May 30th. Actually it changed its year end so the report was due to be filed 30th September 2014. It has not been but it is only a bit late not horribly late. However, I just wanted to point out that the release announcing the deal was a tad on the misleading side. 

On 18 September 2012 Quindell announced: 


2338 days ago

18 More Red Flags for Quindell – I stopped counting at noon (there may be more)

Quindell (QPP) has even more subsidiaries than I thought. And now the subsidiaries are starting to have subsidiaries. And more have been started this year. Think of rabbits breeding. You start with just one pregnant female and pretty soon you are swamped. Okay the interbreeding causes a few problems down the line but that is Quenron in a nutshell.

By noon I had counted 18 subsidiaries of Quindell PLC or subsidiaries of subsidiaries which were meant to have filed their annual accounts (for calendar 2013) with Companies House by 30 September 2014 bit had not done so. That will be a small fine for Quenron but at least it stops me poking around for a while. It is particularly the accounts of Ingenie which I expect to be most illuminating.

Bulletin Board Morons


2350 days ago

MoPowered Group – A Disaster with Red Flags all over it – Is Death imminent?

MoPowered Group (MPOW) raised a gross £3.64 million at 100p when listing on the AIM Casino on December 18 2013. The shares now stand at 20.5p valuing this POS at just over £3.2 million. And while it says that it is going ahead with a £3.5 million fund raise you’d have to be mad to subscribe as this has red flags all over it. Death is all this deserves.

Of course £3.64 million did not go to the company. The admission document reveals that the cost of the IPO and fundraising was a staggering £700,000. That will have paid for an awful lot of hookers and coke at offices of brokers, Nomads, PRs, accounts and lawyers across the City last Christmas.  It is a staggering sum. So where are the shareholder’s coke and hookers?

Where are they? Oh don’t be stupid. We shareholders get no coke and hookers. This is AIM. This is crony capitalism. Our money is simply transferred to the Crony Capitalists of the City. The coke and hookers are all for the Square Mile, not for the peasants. We are just there to pay for them.


2351 days ago

Quindell and Jonathan Stretton Knowles, or is it Jon, or Stretton-Knowles – curiouser and curiouser: More Quindell Horseshit

I flagged up HERE the very curious case of Skillwise and Jonathan Stretton Knowles. But doing some digging this becomes all the more mysterious and smelly. It really stinks even by Quindell (QPP) standards.

To recap. Skillwise was a shell company established in August 2013 and bought on the 16th of that month by someone Quindell opts not to name for £68.40 (including VAT). It had no assets and was worth £68.40 (including VAT). On September 2nd it was bought by the Quindell group via a now wholly, but then 51%, owned subsidiary by the issue of £2.77 million of Quindell shares.

Quindell stated in its ham fisted attempt to rebut some of the Red Flags


2367 days ago

Quindell Interims – Accruals, selling shares it issued to itself and more in red flag feast

Who was the 41% customer of Quindell in 2011? Was it TMC which had a spare £5.5 million (more than 100% of stated PTP and cashflows) thanks to the Quindell shares it was issued with and flogged? I only ask because of a revelation regarding Quindell flogging shares it issued to itself in today’s interims. That stands out but what about those accruals? Boy oh boy. 

So earnings come in at 30p and Quindell insists that it will hit all targets. I expected nothing less. But I serve up for you a stack of red flags.


2390 days ago

Quindell Infamy they’ve all got it In for Me – 2 press comments of note

This is not today’s Quindell (QPP) main article, the Bulletin Board morons are going to have to wait a bit longer for today’s red flags. However I bring them a couple of press comments to keep them occupied pro tem.

The first is from the Sunday Times. I think it is self-explanatory. But I think rather shows whose side the press is on. And no I did not plant it.


2393 days ago

Avanti Communications – Contract win: puff, puff, huff, puff – sell target is 100p

Drowning in debt Avanti Communications (AVN) needs to get both another bond issue and an equity issue away in the next year to keep going. It has just issued a profits warning. Its accounts in recent years have raised almost as many red flags as Arthur Scargill and so what to do? Yes…announce another contract win.

And so the PR spin goes. Avanti has announced


2417 days ago

Quindell – Canaccord talking utter cock on PT Healthcare – raising more red flags

Oh dear. How Canaccord must wish that it still had a proper analyst covering Quindell (QPP). But Kevin Ashton asked too many hard questions of Rob Terry and so found himself on gardening leave. His replacement – Arun George – published a 54 page note yesterday (slashing his target price by 70% and slashing earnings forecasts – see HERE) but absolutely tied himself in knots on PT Healthcare. This is a shambles from the house broker and begs even more questions.

Arun states on PT:


2422 days ago

Killik – Buy Note on Quindell at 211p

For the avoidance of doubt I think this note from broker Killik is unmitigated drivel. Quindell (QPP) has not answered a number of key Gotham points. Quindell’s cashflow looks incredibly weak. Killik refers to a “number” of Red Flags. There is a very large number. As to major shareholders doing Due Diligence, I guess they did with Gowex too. Maybe Killik can explain how many shares Quindell issued to itself to buy PT Healthcare and how many it has dumped without telling us? Anyhow in the interests of balance I bring you a buy note from Killik. My stance remains sell with a 20p target. Killik writes:


2552 days ago

Phorm – Why I disagree with Evil: This is not a buy & is probably a short

I noted at the weekend that bear raider Evil Knievil had gone long of AIM Cesspit listed internet company Phorm (PHRM) at 13p. Having considered the matter, I certainly would not buy the stock and am almost tempted to open up a short. I serve up a few red flags for you to consider.

  1. This company’s technology is old. If it was going to make a breakthrough it would have done so years ago. I am not sure that I understand what exactly has changed.

  2. The company raised £10 million in November but is – quite incredibly burning its way through between £2 million and £2.5 million a month. That means that it will be out of cash sometime between end March and end April. It is quite clear to me that the company is on an active roadshow at a time when markets are jittery. I would thus expect its next placing to be at a material discount to 13p. So even if I believed it, which I am not sure I do, I would buy after the placing not before.

  3. The company claims


2849 days ago

Quindell: More red flags than on a May Day in Moscow

Shares in AIM listed Quindell Portfolio have slumped to 7.12p following a disastrous results presentation. But that still values this strange stockmarket beastie at more than £400 million. Folks cannot say that they were not warned about this… On my new website, myself, Lucian Miers and Evil Knievil (SBM editors ‘pal’!) all warned folks to get out well before the current debacle. Personally, I still see the shares as a strong sell – there are just too many red flags here.

Supporters will tell you that the stock now trades on a PE of 5 and that the recent slump from 13p is all down to wicked short sellers and scumbags like me spreading disinformation. Er…no. I list below the red flag issues which should tell you that this will end in tears for the bulls and obscenely excessive bacchanalian celebrations round at Real Man Pizza Company for the bears.