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11 days ago

Emma Raducanu - the hypocrisy of Nigel Farage and the divisiveness of the left

It is like National Velvet but far better, the rank outsider coming through to win a major sporting event. Emma Radacanu seems such a pleasant young lady discussing how honoured she is to have had a message from a role model that is the Queen, after her win. Wearing that crucifix, so unfashionable in Britain today, this is a girl who has worked hard to get A’s in maths and economics A levels just a couple of months ago and who talked of celebrating with chocolate frozen yoghurt with added chocolate. So like the whole nation I wake up thinking how wonderful this British sporting heroine is. But if there is a bandwagon there is always Nigel Farage.


1109 days ago

Serena Williams can be a ghastly role model for all young female athletes and has “form”

A few years ago Serena threatened to stuff a tennis ball down the throat of a female line judge who had made a call she disagreed with. Yesterday she smashed her racket and abused the umpire with words that were defamatory and in the end got fined a piffling amount. She then said #Metoo – that is to say this was all sexism as male athletes could get away with worse. This ensured that her match will not be remembered for a glorious victory for underdog Naomi Osaka as she became the first ever Japanese to win a Major – but for Williams and her revolting tantrum.


2552 days ago

Piers Linney of Outsourcery – Entrepreneur of the year? You’re ‘avin’ a bubble!

All business awards ceremonies are a load of cock where those obsessed with personal PR, lobby and self-promote and then slap themselves on the back. I shall be turning my fire on the AIM awards very shortly. But as it happens I think the Black business awards make a serious point, but this year they may well lose all credibility as Piers Linney of AIM casino disaster story Outsourcery (OUT) is up for a gong.

It is surely not a bad thing to make a section of society that economically underachieves (Afro Caribbean and African youth) realise that there are alternative role models than moron soccer players and other celebs. Being an entrepreneur is a good thing – it creates jobs and wealth. As such I have some sympathy with the objective of these awards. But Piers Linney, entrepreneur of the year?

I know he is on telly (Dragon’s Den) and I know he CLAIMS to be worth £100 million. But the hard facts are that – as exposed HERE – his business career has been one of a string of utter trainwrecks, creating no jobs – as almost every firm he established has closed down – and losing folks stacks of cash.

Outsourcery was floated on AIM in May 2013 since when it has sent almost £20 million to money heaven. It is