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schoolboy error

62 days ago

Photo Article The first serious Woodlarks training walk, 2 schoolboy errors

The Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks walk is looming. It is June 11.34miles. And my training to date has been poor.  So, at 6.24 AM I set out for a little stroll as you can see below.

I am doing this to raise cash for an incredible charity. As you enjoy my real suffering below please do make a donation HERE


200 days ago

Online Blockchain – schoolboy error in joke accounts: a restatement will be needed, guess which Nomad signed off this boo boo?

I need to write this quickly so as not to interrupt the luncheon plans of Mr Roland “Fatty” Cornish, Nomad to this fine company. I would imagine that the start of Advent or the anniversary of the birth of Winston Churchill or the fact that it is Wednesday will be seen as good reason for a celebratory seven course meal starting as soon as Fatty has finished his elevenses. And so to rush. Fatty, you and your client Online Blockchain (OBC), the bastard parent of ADVFN (AFN) have goofed with final results today and those results will have to be re-stated. That is, if you care about accounting rules as much as you care about your reputation as the City’s greatest gourmand.


352 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel: a man diagnosed as Educationally Sub Normal at 4 teaches his 4-year-old about letters

Those who comment on my frequent typos may not be surprised to hear of this early diagnosis, prompted by the fact that my sister T – 15 months younger than me and a girly swot even at that stage – was more advanced in the reading department than her older brother. It was not until I was seven and interviewed by Jack Marshall the head of the Warwick Junior school that this cloud was lifted.