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snake repellent

538 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel for Bryan's Mrs - yes there are snake repellent canisters

Reader Bryan says his Mrs does not believe that there are any such things as snake repellent canisters. Here is the photo to prove that there are. There are three of them “live” here at the hovel each about 10-15 yards from a corner of the house. You are told you only need two on diametrically opposing corners but I always have three up


1894 days ago

Photo article: All change in Kambos, farewell ouzerie, au revoir accursed creperie or is it goodbye?

As I wandered into the little square in Kambos which has Miranda's at the top, looking up at Zarnata castle, and the Kourounis taverna on one side, something looked very wrong. 


2112 days ago

BREAKING: I met a snake at the Greek Hovel and I killed it!

This day goes down in history. I am terrified of snakes. Everyone in the village of Kambos knows it and laughs at the idea of the weird Englishman from Toumbia living in a hovel in the snake fields at the top of snake hill. But I need to do manual labour and so this afternoon headed to the hovel. Retrieving my pick axe from the rat room, or spare bat room as it is now known, I went onto the illegally constructed level above it, the snake veranda.