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2549 days ago

Video: Martin Luke Vox Markets The Mechanics of Spread Betting at Gold & Bears - November 28 2015

Okay he is Welsh but Martin Luke is a good chap none the less, and tried to explain spreadbetting and how to make money from it at a special Gold & Bears breakout session. Martin runs a fascinating service, Vox Markets, which you can find out more about HERE


3283 days ago

Trade Number 7 in my ETX Christmas trading challenge with Steve Moore – Range Resources shock

This is going to shock, horrify and stun you. My seventh trade in my Christmas ETX Trading Challenge with Steve Moore is to buy Aussie oil explorer Range Resources (RRL) at 1.28p at £60 a penny. “What the Castlemaine xxxx” I hear you say, are you not a mega bear?


3297 days ago

The First Trade in my Christmas ETX SpreadBet Challenge – buy @UK

Well here goes…I have never done a spread bet in my life until just now. I am challenging Steve Moore to a trading challenge to run until Christmas. And I am now underway.

We have both opened accounts with ETX and been given £50 to trade small cap shares. If we were to trade Forex or indices we could get another £450 free. This is not a special deal for us you too can get your free trades with ETX starting right now.

All you need to do to trade is to open an account which you can do in minutes – CLICK HERE

My first trade ( using my free £50) was to buy @UK (ATUK) at just over 55p with a 48p stop loss. The Closet Chartist says that the stock is heading to 80p, I like the management – having backed them at c5p a few years ago – and I hope this is a winner.

Any profits that I make on my Christmas trading challenge will go to the Woodlarks charity.

You can start spreadbetting small caps with ETX right now HERE


3299 days ago

Learn how to spreadbet for free with star FT columnist Dominic Picarda

My good friend Dominic Picarda may look like a debt collector with menace but as a columnist on the Chronic Investor and Financial Times he has a great reputation as an expert on technical analysis and spreadbetting. He is of course a speaker at the UK Investor Show on April 5 and we have THREE books by Dominic to give away free to Shareprophets Readers.

The first is an Dominic’s top 5 trades for Q4 2013 ( ie now). The second is Dominic’s Beginners Guide to SpreadBetting. And the third is Dominic’s Guide to Pair Trades. 

You can order one or all of them for free HERE.

We have just 500 booklets to send out. So if you want one ( two or three) order NOW HERE

Tom Winnifrith


3317 days ago

Teaming up with Spreadbetter ETX & I open my account for a Christmas challenge

We are approached by all sorts of spread-betting firms to partner up with them. After one not so great experience I am very picky about who we deal with. And so I am delighted to say that we have kissed the frogs and without reservation teamed up with ETX.

I have opened an account ( for a Christmas trading challenge with Steve Moore) and you too can do so here

Shareprophets will earn a small percentage of the spread each time you deal with an ETX account opened here so I hope that you do open such an account.

It was pretty much the same deal on offer across the board so why did we pick ETX?

1. They will allow you to spreadbet all the normal bets ( indices, forex, blue-chips, commodities) but almost uniquely they will also allow you to place a bet ( long or short) on small caps with a market cap of as little as £10 million. So you can short like Evil in a way you could not before but also0 place leveraged buy bets on the long tack.

2. ETX is a long established and pukkha firm which won’t be disappearing overnight like some newbies in this market. They are good guys.

3. You get a bonus of up to £500 for just opening an account. Can’t say fairer than that.

I will start my Christmas trading challenge with Steve (any profits we make on that will go to the Woodlarks charity) next week.  Spreadbetting is not suitable for everyone, your leverage means that losses are in theory unlimited.

But if you fancy a free bonus for signing up and want to spreadbet small caps I hope that you open an account HERE


Tom Winnifrith


3695 days ago

London Capital Group – High Risk Buy or One to Dodge?

AIM listed financial spread betting group London Capital Group (LCG) has issued a profits warning today and its shares have duly tanked by 10p to 52p, valuing the company at £27.6 million. Declaring an interest first, London Capital (like several other sensible enterprises) advertises on, I wonder if the market has over-reacted a tad. Net cash is, after all, £21.5 million (or was at 30th September). So is this a high risky buy? Or perhaps not.