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5 days ago

Funded by you, Manchester Art Gallery urinates on all taxpayers

Manchester Art Gallery sucks greedily at the teats of numerous taxpayer funded organisations. So you, dear reader, fund its activities as the UK tax burden hits the highest level seen in 70 years. With that in mind, I invite you to consider the thread below, images of the display signs currently up. As someone working to pay tax 365 days a year, boy am I glad how my money is spent. Let’s play woke & historically inaccurate bingo shall we?


461 days ago

Little House on the Prairie’s Laura Ingalls Wilder an offensive racist author say Cambridge academics

I am reading this series of books to my five year old son Joshua who is, of course, of Indian origin. So I explain what Laura means by an Indian and he gets it.  But in years to come  the simple pleasure of reading these wonderful books may be denied us because Laura is now like coffee, women’s knickers, fried chicken, a 42 tonne rock, trees and numerous other items officially racist. Who says so? Homerton College Cambridge.


1488 days ago

The BBC on Nigeria – beyond parody

Taxpayer funded, BBC Radio 4 has just run a long report on the problems Nigeria faces. It started with David Cameron slamming the country as being corrupt back in 2016. This, the BBC argued, was unhelpful. It was a bad thing to say. I am not normally one to defend Call Me Dave, but on this occasion.


1759 days ago

The Stupidity of Newcastle University Prof Alison Stenning on the Gender Pay Gap - are our kids really taught by folk so dumb?

Right now Professor Alison Stenning, a professor of Social & Economic Geography is considering her next strike action in support of maintain the ludicrously generous taxpayer funded pension scheme of which she is a member. She is also tweeting such absurd nonsense on the gender pay gap that I despair that our kids are paying £9,000 a year to be taught by folks this stupid.