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1158 days ago

Julie Meyer MBE retweets the Pope as she explains how she lives for God

I forget where in the bible it says "blessed are those who don't pay staff, who put lingerie on expenses, who are wanted by the Police on criminal charges, have not paid taxes in three countries or numerous suppliers. Blessed are those who, rather than turning the other cheek to legitimate criticism harass journalists and whistleblowers with lawyers letters, online blogs and other methods." Which Gospel is that in? Perhaps Julie Meyer knows - this weekend she retweets the Pope, explains how she forgives and talks about meeting Jesus for the first time. Enjoy...


1926 days ago

The pope goes to see lesbians today but miracles wont happen

The Pope is today spending two hours on the Greek Island of Lesbos to meet a camp full of economic migrants, that is to say folks from a range of countries, but mostly Syria, who fled the safety of Turkey to pitch up in Europe. Now they are set to be sent back to Turkey in a sordid deal involving a 6 billion euro bribe and are protesting. I am not sure what the Pope hopes to achieve but I have bad news for his holiness: miracles don't happen.

It is pretty horrid seeing the folks


2126 days ago

Horizonte Placing – WTF – was its last announcement, er.. True?

Did Horizonte Minerals (HZM) tell the truth to investors on 28 September? At best it misled them. Will Nomad Finncap resign in disgust? Is the Pope a spiritual leader of  ISIS?


3022 days ago

CPP - Slam Dunk short at 4.7p target 1p or less

Earlier this week Zak Mir indicated that if CPP (CPP) shares closed at above 7.35p they would go to 12p and that the shares were a good risk reward buy at 7p – see HERE. There is more chance of the Pope opening a strip joint in the Vatican than of this happening.  This company is worth 1p at the very best and is a slam dunk short. We should point out that Lucian is actually short.

CPP has stated very openly in an RNS on 17th April that it is, to use the technical term, absolutely buggered.


3043 days ago

AIM adviser VSA quits AIM because AIM is not working and adviser fees too high: is AIM toast?

It is rather like the Pope saying that he is not really into this Easter business and there is no point in going to church as it does not seem to get you into heaven anyway. But just before the long weekend, AIM listed VSA Resources (LSE:VSA) – which is actually an adviser to AIM companies - has said that it plans to delist from AIM as there is no point. Well you said it guys…


3089 days ago

The best of the Pope quits jokes from twitter

Obviously at our Celtic Italian restaurant in Clerkenwell, Real Man Pizza Company. we are all devout Catholics. Well up to a point. But we wish his Holiness an enjoyable retirement anyway. As for twitter, its verdict was not always quite so charitable

You know that the economy is bad when even God is laying people off.

The Pope is resigning. He will soon be known as Ex-Benedict.

Text from Prince Charles: “Pope Benedict XVI is standing down to give someone younger a chance at leading a Church. Just saying.”

Nope Benedict

#Pope makes good on #Vatican poker night joke, gives up papacy for lent.

So the Pope is resigning. Is it something we did?


3133 days ago

Reading v West Ham: Match Preview

Will Reading get relegated this season? Is paedophilia a national sport in Belgium? Do sheep get nervous when they cross the border into Wales? Is the Guardian a paper fit only for lighting fires with and using in the cat’s litter tray? Is the Pope a Catholic? Of course Reading (and QPR) are going down.