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the bread oven

703 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel: A large table lands on my doorstep

With the aircon not working, Joshua and I were forced to share the main bedroom which also contains a stand-alone fan. Even so, it was hot and my sleep was not assisted by Joshua kicking me wildly as is his wont. Bring back the Mrs and her snoring. The net effect was that we slept late and when we eventually wandered outside and up to the upper level for breakfast, we found an enormous table sitting at the top of the steps which wind above the bread oven and lead to the kitchen.


1751 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - George says this is a World War One bomb

On the steps up to the front door of the Greek Hovel in the side of the bread oven there is a small hole in which a curious, rusting, metal object, pictured below, has always sat. I have always wondered what it is. George the Architect says it is a World War One bomb which would have been dropped from planes, minus of course the fuse and the head. Well maybe, but that begs other questions...