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Daughter Olaf lambasts me on the 6PM curfew for men issue – here is why she is both wrong and patronising

15 March 21

…for all men. That Bonkers Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford showed some sympathy with the idea is surely all …


Do I get a prize for spotting first that the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, is stark raving mad?

12 March 21

…not quite as certifiable as Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford. Today he has opined on the idea proposed …


I have my misgivings but my appointment for covid jab now fixed – as I feel ever more sceptical about lockdown

18 February 21

…man in the Western world, Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford. But… I can see the writing is on the wall. …


Peel Street Wrexham – the sheer stupidity of Mark Drakeford and the woke Welsh political and media class

17 February 21

…by the certifiably insane first minister Mark Drakeford and rubber stamped by the grossly overpaid … all.” Or perhaps not. Gaynor and her master Mark Drakeford score a straight fail on Peel Street in Wrexham …


Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel, back-breaking work and, hey presto, Wonderwall

29 January 21

…glad that a couple of neighbours emerged to break Mark Drakeford’s house arrest and have a chat as both Paul …


A blast from the past emerges from a packing case to delight the Mrs

19 January 21

…the determination of Welsh First Minister mad Mark Drakeford to bankrupt every cafe and restaurant in wales …


It is not we lockdown sceptics who have blood on their hands, it is you Matt Hancock

16 January 21

…But that did not happen because Hancock, Mark Drakeford, Piers Morgan and the lot of them said that we …


Feck off Boris Johnson, Feck off Mark Drakeford: Birthday photo article of the Winnifrith multi-crime family

12 January 21


Dad: your attitude to the Welsh & Scots is schizophrenic!

11 January 21

…Badger fancier Ron Davies who when compared to Mark Drakeford seems to be of the stature of Lloyd George, that …


Diolch to North Wales Police as it shows how it uses its time and your cash so effectively

8 January 21

…crucial tasks here in the land ruled by Mad Mark Drakeford. Here in North Wales, everyone speaks English. …

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