Friday May 24, 2019
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Brexit, Despair and Betrayal

83 days ago

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As you might have gathered, I voted for Brexit. So too did my wife, a card carrying lifelong member of the Labour Party.  And at the start of the process I had some faith that the political class would, as they promised, deliver on the result. But it is now clear that together with the media establishment, the  Civil Service elites, big business and academia there has been a deliberate, and I fear, successful attempt to block the will of the people.

First they insulted us, My wife, who is of Indian origin, has not dared to ‘fess up to her friends (academics) that she voted to leave. For in such circles describing leavers as stupid or racist is just a given, it is routine and unchallenged. And the insults include the suggestion that we the 52% did not know what we were voting for so would need to vote again. Perhaps if the remainers in charge of Brexit, the loathsome Mrs May and her henchman Olly Robbins, made enough of a mess of the process (which they have duly done) we would realise it was better to stay in.

All the time our leaders have insisted that they respect the vote. And that No deal is better than a bad deal. Except they were lying.  I am now resigned to the elites winning and the will of the people being denied. I did think that I would get angry, grab a yellow jacket and go protest. But I shall not. I just give up.

Among the elites voting on this farce is a woman, the Labour MP for Peterborough who has spent just a few weeks in prison for perverting the course of justice and who now wears an ankle tag. This lying criminal earns £77,000 a year plus expenses and gets to decide my future? My despair grows.

Britain is rotting from the head down. Like more and more of my fellow citizens, I despair at the greed , the mendacity and the patronising sense of superiority at once respected institutions such as Parliament or the BBC and am revolted that they are funded by me, the hard working taxpayer. Why the bloody hell should I pay £77,000 a year for a convicted criminal MP or £15,000 a week for Fiona bloody Bruce to host Question Time, a platform for more of the elitists to patronise me?

In politics, business, the media corruption is just a way of life in 2019. Academics teach a curriculum which would make Orwell proud. On every sort of issue it is them (the elite) versus us. Returning ISIS brides – 99% of the population say no but the elites know better. Transgender sex education for 4 year olds? No-one in their right minds supports this but the elites know better and anyone who dares speak out is a bigot. Over in the US the same liberal elites are forcing through rules allowing abortion up to birth. Naturally nearly everyone else thinks this is an abomination but we the people are powerless.

I can’t see any way that I can change that so, I suspect like m any, my reaction is just to turn off the TV, to pay as little tax a possible and to pretend it is not happening. I give up on this country and, indeed, on the West in general.

Tom Winnifrith



The true motivation of some of those who demanded the blood of Priti Patel - meet blood libel endorsing academic Mona Baker

558 days ago

I have never hidden my admiration for Priti Patel. She is the sort of aspirational Tory who could widen the franchise in the way Disraeli and Thatcher managed. Her parents arrived in the UK with nothing and worked hard. Priti went to a state school and modest university (Keele) and has worked hard. Her gut instinct on the role of Government, the EU, law and order and so many other issues marks her out aqs a real Tory in an era where the party is dominated by the privileged, the conceited ands the incompetent. Having said all of that I accept, sadly, that for breaking the ministerial code and for being a little economical with the truth when exposed, she had to resign. But those baying for her blood include some awful Mona Baker who is an academic.

For what it is worth if Lord Mandelson and the Right Honourable Keith Vaz can make comebacks after doing far worse than Priti, I have no doubt that she will return to the cabinet and, perhaps one day while Labour sticks to white male leaders, the Tories will give Britain its first Asian and third female PM. We shall see. Mona Baker would not like that. She started an online petition to have Priti sacked.

You can see Mona's profile on twitter and details of her petition below.



Now I accept that Priti had to go for breaking the code. Mona arrives at the same conclusion and bayed for blood but her issue seems as much tied up with who Priti met rather than the fact that she held "freelance" meetings. Had Priti met a stack of French politicians and charities I doubt Mona would have been on her case. You see Mona is on the militant wing of the Israeli hating lobby in academia, a lobby which often spills over into Jew hating. Her willingness to endorse lies in this cause is one reason why you must worry what poison folks like her implant in the minds of our young people.

You will see below three tweets that Mona retweeted .The first is a Retweet of a downright lie. Priti Patel discussed giving money to the Israeli army's units in Golan which are treating wounded refugees from Syria. That would be Muslim folks attacked by Muslims who flee to the evil Jews to obtain safety and medical assistance. And the wicked Jews provide both. Most of us would agree that the wicked Jews are doing a rather good thing. But the Jew haters twist what actually happen into a blood libel, that is to say the assertion that Priti wanted to give cash to the IDF to go kill Arab Muslim kids. And Mona retweeted that blood libel. She retweeted that lie.

Do you think she teaches any other lies or any other blood libels to her students?

Next up is a RT of a suggestion that claims of anti-semitism in Labour are just a smear. There is no real anti-semitism in Labour this is just a smokescreen, no doubt, created by those wicked Jews again. Quite clearly there is anti-semitism in Labour as a leading Jewish Labour supporter demonstrates here. Yet Mona tweets the opposite.

Finally we see Mona supporting the boycott of Israel. In this case it is a pop singer. In other case the boycott Israel movement has got Israeli academics no-platformed simply for being Israelis and has urged the waging of economic war against a state that exists under UN mandate. Only among certain Arab factions and on the wild fringes of left wing opinion here in the West is there support for a "one state solution" which does not involve those pesky Jews.
Of course Mona is entitled to support that view but her RT's of clear blood libels and other lies really does make you worry for what poison she drips into the curriculum for her impressionable young students. And her visceral hatred of poor Priti is now put into a wider context.





Bath Spa University, the transexuals and the sheer cowardice of liberal academia

605 days ago

This is a bit sensitive as the Mrs is a senior lecturer at Bath Spa. This morning I wished her well as she headed off to campus to fill the empty heads of impressionable millennials full of left wing nonsense and told her that I hoped she enjoyed the book burning or whatever else was planned by her cowardly employer today. For Bath Spa is in the news.

Therapist James Caspian paid Bath Spa (until 2005 a college of Higher Education) to do a thesis on people who decide to reverse gender reassignment operations, what is termed " "detransition" in the politically correct Newspeak of 2017. Caspian is no dangerous evil right winger but is a counsellor who specialises in therapy for transgender people. He had observed a number of men who had had their gonads chopped as part of becoming women and then opted to reverse that call. Data suggests that c5% of trans folks decide to detransition.

If 5% make that amazing decision I wonder how many others consider it? We are constantly told by the trans community that they are imprisoned in the wrong body and all have a right to trans. Frankly that may or may not be the case but surely the incidence of detransitioning and contemplation of detransitioning is a worthwhile study. To ignore it seems wrong. But Bath Spa has now told Mr Caspian that he cannot do his study.

He stated that"The fundamental reason given was that it might cause criticism of the research on social media and criticism of the research would be criticism of the university and they also added it was better not to offend people," and Bath Spa appears not to disagree.

In the past, Universities encouraged debate, free speech and academic enquiry. No doubt some folks were offended by suggestions that the earth was not flat or that man was not created in seven days by God. Would Bath Spa have shut down research which investigated alternative theories too? Its decision is sheer cowardice by an institution obsessed with political correctness.

One can only imagine that the decision to detransition is the most appalling one to make. If academic research might allow fewer folks to suffer such torment what is to be lost in pursuing it?

I trust that Mr Caspian will be drummed off campus in a torchlight parade tonight while his research notes are thrown onto a fire also containing the books of Germaine Greer and anyone else questioning the one true narrative when it comes to transexuals. It would be offensive to allow any further debate on the matter.

Tom Winnifrith



Photo article: Remoaning academic says Brexit opponents "silent majority" - pity her poor students

789 days ago

Gina Miller, Nick Clegg, Tony the war criminal Blair, Michael "Brexiteers are Nazis " Heseltine. Apparently it is that they are silent. You might have thought that the BBC and C4 gave these folks every opportunity to yak on about what a disaster Brexit will be, but oh no, as the tweet below shows.

The poster is an academic who is marching through London today to speak up for the "silent majority" in opposing Brexit. Hmmmm. Gina silent? As for "majority," presumably at Middlesex University the teachers do not need to be able to count past 48? Remind me again of how we actually voted on June 23 2016?

Apparently this tweeter is a professor at Middlesex University and is a philosopher. Does that include logic? Once again I worry for the impressionable young folks whose minds are being filled with junk taught by people as deluded as this creature.




Today's mad Oxbridge academic in la la land is Wendy Ayres Bennett - time to learn Polish

856 days ago

In last week's demonstration of how out of touch elite academics are with the rest of us, an Oxford Don reported the half witted Home Secretary Amber Rudd to the old Bill for Hate Crimes for a speech he had not heard. This week Cambridge has struck back in the battle to show which top University is more out of touch.

Wendy Ayres-Bennett, professor of French philology and linguistics at the Fenland university, said it was 'very important to think of integration as a two-way street. So while supporting calls for immigrants to learn English, she says "I would like to see more opportunities for British people to learn some of the community languages of the UK, such as Polish, Punjabi and Urdu."

Bollocks. Earning a multiple of the average wage with holidays that last forever and being well educated it may be easy for Prof Ayres to find the time and money to learn Polish. And as a bonus she would be able to chat to her cleaning lady who is likely to be about the only immigrant Wendy meets because people like her life in plush leafy areas where only people like her can afford to live and nearly all people like her are white Brits.

For the rest of us, struggling to pay the bills and working long hours with short holidays, learning Polish to make Professor Ayres-Bennett's cleaning lady feel more welcome is not exactly a top priority.

My wife's family moved here from India in the 1960s. I am jolly glad they were thrown in at the deep end and made English the family language. That is why one daughter has a good job in IT and the other is an academic. Thank heavens they did not stay in a ghetto with other folks from the same background with greatly reduced pressures to learn English.

Okay Oxford your turn now - which nutty Don are you sending in to bat next to trump Professor Wendy.

Tom Winnifrith



Juggling a City career and bringing up kids makes you a hero! Give us a break loathsome Andrea and Wayward Elaine

1049 days ago

Andrea Leadsom wishes us to think that juggling her City7 career and bringing up kids makes her a role model. Okay her City career was not quite a high flying as her CV implies in terms of what she actually did and in that it was often part time but even were she to have been full time why should I admire her. I am sad to see that the wonderful Elaine Craig, normally about the only sane commentator on matters political from Scotland, also sees this as a plus point for Andrea.

Bringing up kids is always challenging and so being a good mother, as I am sure Andrea was, is something that earns our respect. But when you have shed loads of money the burdens of parenting can be that little bit easier.

I grew up in a single parent household where my father had neither (much) inherited wealth or a job in the City. Okay academia pays reasonably well and the hours are not exactly onerous. But to make ends meet my father moonlighted marking vast amounts of IB exam papers.  I am clearly biased but in my view, my father is a hero far more than a bankster mother whose salary allows her to afford luxuries such as nannies, au peres and not to worry about how to pay the electricity bill at the end of the week.

And there are many parents, single or otherwise, who earn less than academics, who have to juggle even more than my father did. They are real heros. If someone like Andrea Leadsom asks me to view her as somehow more special because of how she had to juggle, I think of my father and conclude that the lady doth protest too much.

All mothers or prime carers are worthy of admiration in some way but bankster parents are in now way meriting of even more respect than we in the great unwashed.

In the case of Andrea, given her views on gays and on those without kids she probably looks down on single parents too, the God she talks to not being the most loving and tolerant of fellows. 

Tom Winnifrith



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