Justin Trudeau squirms on brownface scandal but is he disgraced?

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Brexit Derangement Syndrome victim of the day Carol Hedges

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Brexit Derangement Syndrome victim of the day Susan Scarrott

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My first young mums event at the Welsh Hovel – this singing in Welsh malarky is beyond me

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Olaf turns 18, Chris Oil turns his portfolio and Boris turns to sordid bribery

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It's okay Nigel I have voted with a treble pleasure

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Boris Johnson & rank Left wing hypocrisy odd one out contest

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Diane Abbott - I never thought I'd say this..

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Boris Johnson may sound like an intellectual (sometimes) but his #Russia2018 #Berlin1936 comments are those of a clown

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Glaxo, The Mail on Sunday, the MPs and the Brexit lies - Brexit will NOT kill you with cancer

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Day Four of the Olive harvest at the Greek Hovel: into the lair of the snake

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Tom Winnifrith postcard - The Odious hypocrisy of Boris Johnson over Yemen and why Syria is not worth World War Three

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Britain and America have Kurdish blood on our hands - yet the BBC covers it up

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Nice attacker lone wolf theory crushed: five arrested - liberal media's five stages of denial

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Nice - the BBC really does not want to say the obvious: It was ISIS which did it

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I can no longer support Jeremy Corbyn - are we yet organised for Tories4Eagle?

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Poor Jocasta & Rupert are going to get fired - Foxtons Profits Warning (blames BoJo)

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So what if Boris Johnson has screwed half the women in London?

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Video: Boris Johnson, tomorrow can be Independence day - Vote Brexit

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Michael Heseltine is still alive? Remind us what he said about the Euro as Tarzan bashes Boris

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Project Fear smears Brexit and Boris Johnson on the Hitler Front

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Brexit - which Bank of England Governor Mark Carney was lying?

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Project Fear lie number 185: Brexit fears caused UK unemployment to increase in March

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Brexit scare story of the day from Project Fear: If you vote to leave the EU ISIS will be happy

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Stephen Kinnock, tax dodging hereditary member of elite with the weeks's stupidest Brexit lie

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Weekly Prize Caption Contest - Phil The Greek & Call Me Dave Edition

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BoJo you Clown – sort it out!

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The Vanity of Boris Johnson and that EU cash

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Mayor Boris Johnson loses the plot – which party is he dying to lead?

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Caption Competition – Boris Johnson Special

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