Friday May 24, 2019
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Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Mueller out, Trump vindicated no Russia collusion, a rotten day for fake news purveyors

60 days ago

The past two years have seen organisations such as CNN, The BBC, Channel 4 Fake News, the Guardian and indeed most of the deadwood press insisting that Donald Trump would be impeached or forced to resign when the Mueller Report demonstrated that he had colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election against crooked Hillary Clinton. There was no real evidence  for this other than a dodgy dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign.  Yet journalists such as Jon Sopel, Kylie Morris, barmy Carol Cadwalladr and Matt Frei insisted Trump was toast. The Mueller report is now out. There was no conclusion. So where are the apologies for this disgraceful episode in the history of fake news?  There are none.  The poison of fake news driven Russiaphobia has spread to this side of the Atlantic too, thanks to this dreadful journalism. I discuss this all in today's podcast. 

Tom Winnifrith



Christmas in Syria – the story the guilty Western Media cannot bear to broadcast

141 days ago

There are just two countries in the Middle East where Christians can celebrate their faith openly, as part of a supportive community and with no fear of having their head chopped off.  One is Israel, which is also the only country in the region where there are gay pride parades. But suggesting that Israel is a beacon of tolerance in a sea of bigotry is not part of the group think narrative for the liberal media elites here in the West. So what about the other place where Christianity is not a high risk activity?

It is of course Syria. Well parts of Syria. Those small pockets still controlled by either ISIS or by the Al Qaeda affiliated Islamofascists of the FSA, who we in the West and Turkey and the evil Saudis have backed with guns and money, saw no Christmas celebrations.

But most of the country is now controlled by President Assad and in that part of Syria and in the Kurdish regions (whose troops in Manbij and elsewhere are now fighting alongside Assad’s men, against “our guys”)  you can, as a Christian, celebrate your faith openly.

One of the great joys not of the Christmas just gone but of 2016 was of seeing Christians in Aleppo celebrate the nativity inside their newly reopened cathedral, St Elijah’s. Just days before Christmas two years ago, Assad’s men had liberated Eastern Aleppo from the Islamofascists ("our guys").  The Western press described that liberation as a siege though, in fact most of the City, had always been in Assad’s hands. Certainly Christians felt liberated in that for the first time in several years they could celeberate the birth of Jesus without having their heads chopped off.

It is thus acutely embarrassing for we, supposedly Christian, countries in the West to see scenes of joy in Syria as our co-religionists celeberate our shared faith. For we in the West have done our darndest to topple the regime which protects this freedom and to replace it with one which wishes to commit genocide against our fellow Christians. The Western media has abetted our Governments in this appalling misjudgement with fake news or, as over Christmas, by just not bringing you real news.

Thus one must turn to non Western sources for the videos below. You may not like Russia Today. We are told, by our leaders and the Western press who have lied to us about Syria, that RT serves up fake news.  The footage below is genuine. 

Meanwhile the liberal Western press spins the line that the US troops being withdrawn by Donald Trump will help ISIS to recover.  Au contraire. That is fake news. ISIS was able to flourish in Syria because the Assad regime was under a well funded attack from “our guys” and so had to fight on two fronts.  The less support we in the West give to those Islamofascists who behead Christians, children, gays, Alawites and all sorts of others, the folks David Cameron termed “the moderates” the easier it will be for President Assad, assisted by President Putin, who was on the right side, to purge the country of ALL the terrorists.

Al Qaeda. ISIS. They are not that different. They hate the West. They hate Christians. They hate you. They want to kill you. As such if President Assad kills more terrorists of ekither strain of evil, that is fine by me. It is hard to see why the West got this so totally wrong.

Meanwhile back to Christmas in Syria and the scenes the BBC and Channel 4 "fake" News would not dare to show of folks able to celebrate with joy becuase "our guys" lost... Video one is from Damascus, video two is from Aleppo. 


Tom Winnifrith



Gas attack on Aleppo – where’s the wall to wall outrage from the BBC & liberal media and the political elites?

180 days ago

On the flimsiest of evidence, wretched Theresa May, Donald Trump and President dans Le Closet of France would use wall to wall media coverage to bomb President Assad of Syria whenever the Islamofascist terrorists he is fighting claimed that he had engaged in chemical warfare. Yesterday Aleppo suffered a chemical weapons attack leaving 55, including eight kids, hospitalised. So why aren’t the BBC and Channel 4 Fake News all over this? Why aren't Macron and Trump lining up another air strike? Oh yes…

The small portion of Aleppo under the control of the Al Qaeda supporting terrorists we in the West backed in an act of insanity, was liberated more than a year ago. Not that the western media report this but Christians in Aleppo will soon celebrate Christmas in their rebuit Cathedral without the threat of beheading for a second year. The population of Aleppo is growing rapidly as folks who fled the terrorists flock back to the safety and, relative, tolerance of Assad rule.

So it would not be Assad launching shells filled with poisonous Chlorine gas on the City. It is “our guys” – you know those Al Qaeda loving fanatics who execute 12 year old boys, gays,. Post Office Workers, Christians and others by beheading or chucking them off tall buildings. It is the terrorists who we in the West have backed with arms and money since 2012 so creating the Civil war that has made Syria what it is today. It is “our guys” in the Nusra Front who are gassing civilians.

Yet the Western media seems slow to report this and our leaders say nothing. I can’t think why…

Tom Winnifrith



Two Presidents caption competition

195 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



Swiss cheese - the multiple holes in the Christine Blasey Ford evidence - bad news for Kavanaugh haters with #TrumpDerangementSyndrome

235 days ago

I had thought that Rachel Mitchell, the lawyer brought in by Senate Republicans to quiz Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford was a total waste of space. I take it all back. She has just posted to the Senate her view, as a prosecutor specialising in sex attacks, of the "evidence" offered by by Dr Ford. I had suggested that Ford's statements had more holes than Swiss Cheese. I was being generous. Mitchell tears her evidence to shreds as you can see below,

Those who, whipped up by a toxic combination of #Metoo and TrumpDerangementSyndrome, to proclaim that the woman must always be believed (unless she is Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Monica Lewinsky, etc, etc) to asset that Brett Kavanaugh was presumed guilty unless proved innocent should read this and apologise. There may be new evidence which changes that but as things stand the good judge should be appointed to the Supreme Court at once. And those who started this witch hunt, notably Democrat senator Dianne Frankenstein, need to grovel. 

The American people will give their own verdict on this obscene witch hunt instigated by the morally bankrupt Democrats in the mid terms. Bring it on.

Now will the liberal media, the BBC, Channel 4 "fake" news and the rest bother to report this? Don't hold your breath...






Will the Republicans win the mid-terms? The Red Wave looks good – best polls in almost 8 years as Dems self-destruct

241 days ago

The conventional wisdom of the liberal media is that the Democrats will regain control of the House and possibly also of the Senate in the mid-terms coming up in a few weeks and that this will be a body blow to Donald Trump.  Here’s something the BBC and Channel 4 “fake” news is not reporting – the latest poll numbers are just amazing.

A Gallup poll out this week puts the Republicans favourability rating on 45% compared to the Dems on 44%.  To put that in context, the GOP is up 9 percentage points on a year ago and is the highest since January 2011, just after the 2010 mid-terms which saw it claim control of both houses.

Does the poll understate Republican support. The cleansing of Country Club Republicans from a party that is very much Trump’s party now is interesting. In the 2016 General Election I identified the phenomenon of the “shy Trumpster”. With the Dems and their bedwetting liberal bedfellows in the MSM now screaming that, with the passing of saint John McCain, ALL Republicans are sexist, racist, beasts I wonder if there is a “shy-Gop” element. We shall see.

Bear in mind that in US politics, thanks to the pork-barrel nature of Congress, the incumbent always has an advantage and most of the incumbents in the House are Republicans though most Senators up for re-election (the Senate retires in thirds) are, this year, Dems.

In the House there are a good number of those Country Club GOP Congressmen standing down. That may reduce the incumbency advantage but many of those are in “safe seats” so should not be too much of a factor.

In a sense of course these House seats are local contests but polling in some of the 24 seats the Dems need to win if they are to seize control such as The Florida 26th and the California 39th shows the GOP with a comfortable lead. There will be shocks in both directions but as things stand the GOP may well retain control of the House.

As for the Senate where the GOP currently has a 51-49 advantage there are four GOP seats where the battle looks tight but there are seven currently Democrat held States where Trump won the vote in 2016 where the GOP may well make gains. It is not at all inconceivable that the GOP will actually make gains. And those gains will see retiring Republican senators who might have blocked Trump’s ideas replaced by the faithful. In both the House and the Senate the Republicans elected will be far more supportive of POTUS than some of those Country Clubbers standing down.

The economy is, of course, key to the GOP surge. Whether Trump’s tax cuts and other policies are the key to economic growth or whether it is just a continuing growth of the asset bubble is a matter of debate. But the facts are that Americans are richer than they were two years ago, they are earning more and more have jobs. I noted how particular beneficiaries of this are black voters and that is why Trump has the highest approval rating of any Republican leader amongst blacks and Hispanics since the 1960s.  A stockmarket correction in October might dent this and be a warning that the real economy may stumble at some stage but right now things look good on this front.

And, as I have noted many times before, on issues such as take a knee, trade deals, transgenders in the military, Trump and the GOP may horrify the liberal elites of the coastal cities and the, increasingly less read and watched, MSM but they are “in tune” with ordinary America. The more the Dems object by trying to bully Ted Cruz and his wife from a restaurant (something that will only enhance Cruz's, already very strong, chance of holding his Texas Senate seat, one of the four marginals the Dems are targetting) or launching obvious smears against proposed Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the more mainstream America recoils.

The Democrat candidates for Congress have never before contained so many extreme left wingers who may appeal to the party faithful but who alienate what is essentially a small c conservative country. The more such folks shout, rant and try to obstruct the President every which way he turns by means fair and foul, the more independent voters shift to the GOP and the more united and determined to vote become registered Republicans.

Of course the BBC and Channel 4 News will not report this poll or any others that do not fit its narrative. No doubt they are preparing to blame the Russians or someone else when all their hopes and predictions are dashed in November. I am not saying that the Red Wave is a slam dunk certainty but those hoping that the Dems will make such big gains that they can impeach Donald Trump on spurious grounds come the new year may be in for a disappointment.

And if the GOP wins the mid-terms and the economy holds then #Trump2020 looks a slam dunk. It may well be time to start dusting off those “Four More Years” signs already.

Tom Winnifrith



I cannot bear to watch the BBC any more, its bias & fake news on Brexit, Trump and Israel is just nauseating

248 days ago

For some reason we found ourselves watching both the 10 O’Clock News and Newsnight last night. In the end I had to switch off and vowed not to allow myself to suffer in this way again.  It started with the warnings from the convicted fraudster Christine Lagarde and the IMF on Brexit.

We were told on both programmes that the IMF is highly respected and Ms Lagarde warned that any Brexit would damage the UK and a No deal Brexit would be a disaster, causing a recession, etc.  No -one on either programme mentioned the fact that during the referendum, the fraudster and the IMF warned that simply voting to leave would cause a recession in 2017! It would also trigger a stockmarket and house price crash at once.

Of course there has been no recession, the economy has grown, the stockmarket has headed higher and house prices now are ahead of where they were in 2016 though are now falling.  The IMF has, to its credit, ‘fessed that its 2016 forecasts were all wrong.  I should cocoa.  Yet there was no mention of this as the BBC treated Lagarde’s words as gospel. Natch Channel 4 Fake News also lead with these siren warnings without any comment on the “form” of the IMF when it comes to predictions in this area.

On Newsnight we were treated to a panel debate on Brexit with Kirsty Wark not hiding her remoaning views in the chair. Warning that Britain was in a bind and Brexit would end badly was an Irish politician and, for balance, er.. a  former Civil servant who adamantly opposed Brexit. Impartial, fair and balanced? There was no-one present to argue in favour of Brexit.

Newsnight also covered the hearings for the Supreme Court vacancy where Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual harassment 35 years ago when at High School. There was no mention of the witnesses who flatly contradict the allegation, only a grudging admission that the accuser is a rabid Trump hating democrat, that she has been accused by her own students of being flaky or that Kavanaugh’s mum (also a Judge) found the accuser’s parents guilty in a Court case many moons ago. Instead Wark sneered that Kavanaugh is a “known conservative”.

WTF. A conservative President nominates a conservative judge – well what a surprise that is. Knock me down with a feather. Whatever next? The Pope nominating a catholic to be a bishop?

The Wark sneer was in the same way you might talk of a “known felon” or a “known pervert”.  The use of words was a shocking admission of partiality.

Back to the BBC News at ten where Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen reported on the evil Israelis trying to tear down a village, constructed illegally, in the West Bank. The details are for another day but what struck me was Bowen’s use of words. He talked of how Israel had “seized” the West Bank. Hmmm. I guess viewers might have thought Israel “seized it” from the Poor Palestinians.

The truth is that in 1967 Israel was attacked on all sides by the Arab nations. The West Bank was part of Jordan and the Palestinians were given no autonomy whatsoever by the Hashemite Kingdom. Jordanian troops went into Jerusalem’s Jewish areas to kill Jews. Israel fought back and eventually pushed the Jew murdering Jordanian army back past the Dead Sea and back into Jordan proper. That is how Israel gained control of the West Bank.  That is not quite the story  Bowen’s use of the word “seize” might suggest. It is part of the drip drip drip feed of fake news designed to blacken the name of Israel which the BBC serves up almost daily.

Why, I ask, should I be forced under threat of jail to pay a license fee for this tosh?

Tom Winnifrith



The Independent makes up a scare story involving Thatcher, Brexit and dark warnings about soaring poverty – it's 100% fake news

304 days ago

The headline in the Independent, an online publication which was once a newspaper but is now a little read comic is clear:  “Biggest rise in UK poverty since Margaret Thatcher was in power, experts claim”. In lefty bingo terms it gets better with a claim by the Indy that “The figures show the extent to which a combination of Brexit and government austerity is imposing a serious squeeze on living standards.” Thatcher, Brexit, Austerity – House! Of course it is 100% fake news

There is no data or facts behind this. Instead a lefty think tank, the Resolution Foundation, has taken the most recent data, from end 2016, and “with the help of statistical extrapolation and adjustment techniques for historical patterns” created what the Indy terms a “nowcast.” So by “figures” what the Indy means is “estimates”. And it uses that to say that “The incomes of the poorest households in the UK slumped last year.”

Er except that it goes on to admit that the numbers show that real incomes (i.e adjusted for inflation of 3%) in 2017/18 for the poorest households fell by £50-150 which actually means that the actual incomes will, in most cases have increased which is not the “slumped” claimed by the Indy.

The Indy, the sister publication of Channel 4 Fake News, says this slump (which is actually an increase) is down to benefit cuts. Whatever. It ignores material increases in the tax threshold which benefit the poorest families in work by the most and the fact that most benefits actually increased. It is, in other words, total bollocks.

And of course it is also based on how one views poverty. You and I think of absolute poverty as an evil to be eradicated. But the Indy and the lefty think tank and indeed the entire left define poverty as “those families living on incomes of less than 60 per cent of the median after accounting for housing costs”.  So what happened in 2017 as in 1989 is that the economy is doing rather well ( remember the Lawson boom?) and thus after a period wage restraint with employment hitting multi year highs wages are increasing across the board as part of a catch-up process.

So poverty – as defined by a lefty goes up – when more and m ore people earn more and more money.  And now the Government is promising three groups of folks earning well above average wages inflation busting pay increases: teachers, NHS staff and the Old Bill. That, of course, will increase poverty by even more if you are a lefty which the Indy and its cretinous economics editor Ben Chu will then be able to blame on Brexit, the wicked fucking Tories and austerity while evoking the memory of the dark one, aka Britain’s greatest ever Prime Minister.

No doubt Channel 4 News  and the BBC are preparing a follow up expose of this fake news as I write.




At least our press is marginally more free than that in Burkina Faso

393 days ago

The 2018 World Press Freedom Index is just out and following Leveson, Section 40 and the Lords' attempts to introduce press regulation by the backdoor the UK ranking has now slipped to No 40 in the world, in between Trinidad & Tobago and Burkina Faso. But heck we are still ahead of Burkina Faso but, perhaps, not for long.

As the Government moves to ban Russia Today altogether for challenging its very "dodgy dossier" narrative in Syria and as Rod Liddle of the Sunday Times faces a Police Investigation for telling a mild joke about the whining, self-pitying, welfare-addicted race of moaning dwarfs who dwell West of Offa's Dyke, by 2019 the hot money is on Britain sinking well below Burkina Faso. At the current rate, we will be lucky to stay ahead of Botswana (48) and Senegal (50).

It may stick in the craw to defend the fake news team at Channel 4 fake News or the grossly overpaid millionaire script readers at the BBC demanding, in the name of feminism and equality,  gargantuan pay rises, paid for under threat of jail by folks earning a fraction of what they do.  Too many of the media class are such good buddies with the folks in power who they are meant to hold to account that the Fourth Estate in Britain is, rightly, seen by many as corrupt, as part of the problem, not the solution. 

Yet despite it all a free press will provide some check on corruption and abuse of power in the political, corporate and sporting world and elsewhere. There are many good folks in my profession who have not been corrupted and it is in all of our interests that they are allowed to work unhindered by the State. But in Airstrip One things are heading in the wrong direction.

Tom Winnifrith



ITN Gender pay gap - Natch Channel 4 "fake" News gets it all wrong despite being on the inside

435 days ago

There is a 19.6% gender pay gap at ITN announced Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News ( part of ITN). She was clearly enjoying rubbing her employer's nose in it. She then handed over to a colleague who grilled the head of ITN demanding repeatedly that he apologise for the way women were being treated unfairly. But of course, data on the gender pay gap can be misleading as I explained to students at Bath Spa, to my cost, just before Christmas.

The 19.6% figure is the mean average gap but even Cathy Newman knows why we use the median number which is closer to 18%. If you don't know why listen to the Bath Spa lecture HERE.

But 18% is still very high. About half of the gap is down to just 17 employees. If the top 20 earners at ITN ( 17 of whom are men) and very few if any of whom are actual journalists as opposed to managers were removed that gender pay gap would be eliminated. Given that ITN is committed to halving the gender pay gap within the next five years if a senior managerial post falls vacant and you are a man I would not bother applying.

So what is the rest of the gap down to? Infuriatingly ITN does not break its gender pay gap down by age. But you can bet that its gap reflects that of society at large. That is to say among staff under 40 there will be no pay gap. It is not a matter of men and women getting different pay for different jobs. It is simply that the longer serving staff - who will be better paid- having risen through the ranks will be disproportionately men. Thirty years ago when I started in journalism most folks in my profession were men. When Old Jon Snow the anchor of Channel 4 Fake News started in about 1870, nearly everyone was male.

As time goes on and old farts like Snow are, finally and not before time, pensioned off the proportion of long serving and better paid staff who are female will increase and the gender pay gap will narrow. It is happening across the workplace. It will happen naturally at ITN. It is inevitable.

This is not a story about men and women getting paid different wages for the same job but one of overpaid liberal media folks pursuing an agenda which can only be based on denying hard facts. Channel 4 Reports on itself, fake news discusses fake news and produces fake news.

You can read ITN's own release HERE

Tom Winnifrith



Naughty Naughty Krishnan smears the Brexiteers as Jew haters on Channel 4 Fake News

467 days ago

The liberal remoaning elite have spent the past year bleating on about Russian interference in the Brexit referendum. Loons like, person of the people, Carole Cadwalladr of the Guardian and all the folks at Channel 4 fake News have droned on ad nauseam. Sure there were only about 1000 tweets from Russian state related accounts on Brexit but that caused all 17.4 million of us to vote the wrong way. There is no evidence but that will not stop the Russian "exposes".

The remoaners argue, correctly,  that foreign interference in a domestic vote is wrong. Oddly they did not complain when President Obama weighed in to intervene but folks like the Guardian editorial team operate in a post fact world where there is no need to be consistent.

So this week we learned that Hungarian American George Soros has given £700,000 to groups trying to overturn the referendum. Give her dues even the high priestess of barking mad metropolitan elitist remoaning, Gina Miller, says this is wrong. But most in the liberal media thing there is nothing to see here.

Thus, on Channel 4 Fake News, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, found himself interviewing Brexit supporting Richard Tice about the matter. Krishnan went straight for the smear as you can see below noting "There have been allegations of a nasty undertone in that George Soros, who throughout he's life has been attacked in an antisemitic way. That's been denied by various people today but what do you say to this allegation.

What to say? We Brexiteers were onme led by a Jewish businessman, Sir James Goldsmith ( father of arch Brexiteer Zac), back in the days of the Referendum Party. Would Krish like to clarify who exactly has been daft enough to go on the record saying that the objection to Soros money is because of his faith? Krishnan did not elaborate on that matter. Jews gave money to both pro and anti Brexit campaigns in the referendum. This is not about faith it is because Soros is a foreigner trying to get Britain to change a policy voted for by 17.4 million folks who, unlike Soros, have a British passport.

This was not a question from Guru-Murthy it was just a nasty and silly smear. When did you stop beating your wife? Are you sure that some of you lot are not Jew haters?.

type here




Channel 4 News on the Drought in Cape Town caused by Climate Change - Fake News!

468 days ago

Channel 4 reporter Lindsey Hilsum could not contain her excitement as she reported on the drought hitting Cape Town. There were a number of factors to blame but Climate Change was repeated many times. Her conclusion was clear, Governments across the world must not wait for climate change to hit them as it had hit the Cape as that would be too late, they must act now. Hmm. Fake news alert! We know Channel 4 prefers pious virtue signalling to hard data analysis but this was extreme.

As it happens Lindsey's report was filmed earlier in the week and was not live. That was a pity as on Friday it rained in Cape Town and more rain is forecast today. But that is an aside.

First up we might look at how dry the Cape is in historical terms. Luckily we have data from three weather stations in the Cape (Vrugbaar, Rustfontein and Nuweberg) c/o the South African Weather Service (SAWS) and the Department of Water & Sanitation (DWS). Drought conditions cannot be created in just one year so - accepting that 2017 was very dry( the driest since 1933) - it is better to look at four year trailing trends and if we do that we see that the current dry spell is a bit wetter than that ending 2005, is the same as that ending in 1975 and only marginally drier than that ending in 1935, before all those cars and coal fired power stations caused all this global warming.

So why is the Cape only running out of water now? The next set of data ignored by Lindsey is population. Now there is a caveat here in that not all folks use the same amount of water. The blacks in the shanty towns do not have baths and showers so use far less than other folks and the growth in the population of Cape Town is in part, but only in part, down to shanty towns. So what was the population at the height of previous dry spells? I cannot find a 1935 number but in 1946 it was 383,000 having trebled since the turn of the century. By 1973 it was 1.2 million rising ro 2.9 million by 2005 and today it is 3.8 million. In other words demand for water has rocketed.

There is a third factor Lindsey ignored completely - leakage. The infrastructure of water supply in South Africa was put in place by the evil Britishers as part of our Colonial oppression. As all kids are taught today, the Empire was a force for evil and one of the way that we oppressed the poor folks of South Africa was by building a world class water supply system, Christ we were bastards. I feel so fecking guilty. And to show what real bastards we were we built a similar system at the same time back home in Blighty.

Politicians being politicians they the used water rates as another source of revenue and failed for decades to reinvest the proceeds in maintaining the water supply system. Thus by the 1980s leakage rates in both countries were alarming and rising. In the UK the wicked and evil Tories privatised the industry, part of which involved forcing the companies to spend set amounts on repairs and maintenance each year, amounts linked to profits. Guess what? Leakage rates in the UK have fallen by a third to just above 20% and are still falling! That bitch Thatcher and her privatisations she has a lot to answer for.

In South Africa they have been spared the evil Tories and their dastardly schemes and thus water supply is still in the benevolent hands of the state. Thus capital spend has been insufficient to stop leakage rates rising and they are now 35% and still heading North. So more than 1 in three gallons taken from the reservoirs of the Cape never makes it to a tap.

But Lindsey Hilsum and her colleagues at Channel 4 Fake News do not care about real data. This drought is largely down to climate change and Governments need to prepare for that or they will suffer as the Cape is suffering now. It is that simple in the post fact fake news world of Channel 4.

Tom Winnifrith



NEW Video: Jordan Peterson analyses radically neo Marxist self righteous" non victim Cathy Newman

486 days ago

In light of Cathy Newman's car crash interview on Channel 4 Fake News with Jordan Peterson, the left is now spinning Ms Newman as a courageous victim - palpable nonsense. Now Jordan has hit back in a new interview. The psychologist analyses Ms Newman's behaviour and also that of C4 spinners as well as the disgraceful behaviour of the British liberal media, notably the Guardian and the Independent. It's a long video but the Newman incident is the first 32 minutes.. Enjoy.

Tom Winnifrith



A few of we right wingers are total arseholes but the few have allowed Cathy Newman and Channel 4 News off the hook

488 days ago

My sister N is the sort of public sector employed lefty whose prime source of information is the Guardian. And since I am about the only Tory she speaks to, for there are few to no-one in her social circle, there is no-one to challenge the lies she is fed by the BBC's sister publication. And thus when I asked her if she had seen the Cathy Newman car crash interview with Jordan Peterson on Channel 4 Fake News she said "I've read about all the abuse and death threats she is getting."

Sadly it is true that a very small number of folk have posted the most vile abuse and threats against Ms Newman. Just as the Left has some vile trolls who post the most hateful abuse against Jews and enemies of the dear leader Mr Corbyn, we on the right have our arseholes too.

Thus Channel 4 News has branded critics of Ms Newman as misogynists and said it has called in its security experts. The fact is that 99.9% of her critics, including my own wife, a Guardian reading lefty, criticise Newman because her performance was just so dreadful. We have every right to point out that a presenter earning a six figure salary at a State owned broadcaster has recorded an interview which is so toe-curlingly bad and that it demonstrates the mentality and intellectual vacuum at the heart of the liberal media establishment.

Yet the few vile threats allow C4 to move the narrative. The story is now one of trolls, harassment and the loony right. For folks like N that is all that they will read and know of the incident. My sister is bright enough to watch the whole video and I hope that she will see that there is far more to this story than Channel 4 and the Guardian would have her believe. Sadly others will not watch the video and will conclude that Cathy is just another victim of we evil folks who do not follow JC as he seeks to build a new Venezuala.

Tom Winnifrith



The BBC was Robbed! Where's its #FakeNewsaward Mr President?

491 days ago

Last night Donald Trump handed out nine awards for excellence in fake news. He knows what the BBC is, having owned its grossly overpaid North American Reporter, pompous prig Jon Sopel, in public as you can see here. But POTUS failed to recognise our State Funded broadcaster. That is outrageous. How dare he snub the British? Is it because he is racist?

I cannot deny that the award winners were worthy recipients. President Trump handed out gongs to various outlets. CNN was given four “awards”, with The New York Times taking two and one each going to ABC News and the magazines Time and Newsweek. But none for the BBC. Shocking.

Who can forget that classic BBC Newsnight "scoop" that Trump was doing so badly that he would lose Utah and Alaska to crooked Hillary and thus the GOP had to dump him before it was too late? Or numerous utterly bogus stories and 99% of Sopel's coverage. Only the other day Sopel posted a whole report on the new Trump book by Michael Wolff listing the damning quotes but neglecting to mention both Wolff's history of making up quotes in prior books or the fact that several of those quoted in this book - including Tony Blair - had denied quotes in this book. Surely with Sopel as its lead man the BBC merited an award for fake news such as this gem on the embassy move in Israel? It was robbed. Next year maybe POTUS could like the Oscars introduce a best foreign language category for the BBC to win by a country mile?

As for Channel 4 News, the home of British fake News: well I guess with its audience size Mr Trump had to draw the line somewhere in terms of obscure crackpot outlets fronted up by millionaire elititst liberal nutjobs like Cathy Newman.

Tom Winnifrith



Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News nailed by Jordan Peterson the worst interview in the history of fake news

492 days ago

Until yesterday the most toe-curling interview in the history of Channel 4 Fake News was when little white liberal Matt Frei hectored a black pastor about why it was racist to vote for Donald Trump, a man the vicar supported wholeheartedly. But Cathy Newman has now trumped that with an interview with Canadian shrink and best selling author Jordan Peterson. The full 30 minute car crash is below and from start to finish demonstrates why the liberal media elitists have so completely lost the trust of the wider population.

On C4 Fake News Newman introduced the Prof as a "hero of the Alt Right". Alt Right started as a term which was very specific in the US and liberals quickly started to use it as interchangeable with racist, bigot, fascist etc. And by implication they thus argued that anyone who was a hero of the Alt Right must also be a racist, bigot, fascist etc. As it happens Jordan is a hero of many folks on the centre and right for the way he shows how data can be used to mislead. But for folks like Newman anyone to the right of Kenneth Clarke is more or less Alt Right. So she introduced the interview with a smear.

What followed was 30 minutes of comedy. Time and time again Peterson would make a point. Newman would respond by stating that he had said something completely different and accused him of bigotry on that basis. Hence at 5 minutes 40 seconds she says "so you deny the gender pay gap". Of course Peterson had denied nothing of the sort - and this seems all to close to home for me with recent events at Bath Spa - he merely stated clearly that there are a number of facts that explain the gap of which gender is only one.

The interview is full of such classics from Newman " Why shouldn't women have the right to children" she asks. Natch Jordan had never said they did not. "You're saying (gender) equality won't happen" Cathy asserted. Jordan had said nothing of the sort. At 27 minutes in there is a superb segment on lobsters in which Newman asserts " You are saying we should organise our society along the lines of lobsters." It goes without saying that Jordan Peterson had said absolutely nothing of the sort.

At one point, after another ludicrous made up assertion from Newman, Peterson noted that her comments were made "because you are not listening.". At around 23 minutes on the matter of free speech which Peterson believes in for all, but Newman believes in only selectively, Peterson actually managed to silence his harpie interregator with a question she could not answer.

You might think that Newman's string of ludicrous bogus assertions and failure to grasp hard data is a sign that she is very stupid. That would be a mistake, she is not. Like nearly all the media liberals she is a product of public school ( Charterhouse) and Oxbridge ( dark blue). She is clever. Her problem is that she is liberal media establishment to the core. It is in her DNA. Thus she does not believe in free speech where it challenges her core beliefs and she will not listen to those who advance arguments or produce data which really threaten those beliefs. And it was actions driven by that mindset which left her looking so remarkably stupid in the interview below.

Tom Winnifrith



The Liberal media has an "end of Trump" spunkfest after Alabama race - fake news!

526 days ago

Boy did the liberal media love the defeat of GOP Candidate Roy Moore in the Alabama special election for the Senate. John Snow on Channel 4 Fake News described Alabama as the state that helped make Trump President. Le Monde described it as a referendum on Trump. The BBC was already planning the coronation of a Dem in the 2020 White House race. Fake news folks.

Naturally, beltway Kylie Morris on C4, again,  won the prize as the Queen of fake news as she described how Trump had backed the wrong candidate twice while she and Snow drooled over a victory caused by Afro Americans turning out in big numbers. Now for the real facts.

Roy Moore was not Trump's preferred candidate for the GOP. He had backed another in the primary as Moore was clearly a bit of a lunatic. But his brand of religion driven fundamentalism played well in that Primary so he won. And Trump backed him thereafter. That, I put it to you Kylie, is Trump backing the right candidate just one that lost the Primary.

Moore was up against a liberal democrat. Alabama is a deeply red - that is to say Republican - state and in normal circumstances Moore would have won. But two months before polling allegations emerged of sexual harassment many moons ago but at least one of the alleged victims was under age.

In the current climate some in the GOP like Mitt Romney did not wait for proof of guilt, largely because the country Club elitists of the GOP did not like Moore's politics. They openly backed the Dem or urged folks to stay at home. Trump is battling in the Senate to get through a radical agenda on homeland security, tax and healthcare reform. Most Americans back POTUS but sadly some Republican senators do not. Serial losers like John McCain have an almost unblemished record of voting with the Dems against Trump reforms. So while the Senate is nominally Republican ( 52-48 after Alabama) it is in fact very much on a knife edge on the big issues.

Trump took the view that Moore would back his reforms and the Dem would not and so as leader of the GOP backed the GOP man. The result was close. Moore got 48.38% and the Dem 49.92%. But this was not a happy tale of a rainbow alliance voting in droves as the liberal media tells you. This is not a seismic shift in racial politics in the South as the BBC insisted.

Quite simply turnout in rural areas which are heavily Republican was down, especially among women. That was Republicans staying at home. There were also some Republicans who simply voted for the Dem and the write in vote, those folks writing in a third name was bigger than the Dem majority. Those folks were Republicans who could not stomach voting for an alleged child molester.

In November next year this Senate seat comes up for grabs again and the newly elected Senator Jones will lose his seat. If the Republicans pick a candidate who is not alleged to have forced himself on a 14 year old girl and many other women the write in voters will return to the fold and the folks out in the boonies will once again vote in normal numbers and they will vote for the GOP. So Alabama will once again vote for a senator who will back Trump.

This was no referendum on the President, it was simply a good number of Republicans saying they could not bring themselves to vote for the most Godawful candidate imaginable. Had the sexual issues not come up Moore would have won, he was well ahead in the polls before they emerged. Hell's teeth I think I would have struggled to back Moore he was that bad!

The liberal media can have their day but if they tell you that this says anything about the 2020 Presidential race or indeed about the 2018 Senate race in Alabama that is just fake news.

As for Jon Snow, Alabama was not the state that helped make Trump the leader of the free world. The states that took him to the white house were those swing states in the rust belt. Alabama voted red in 2016 as it has for many elections and as it always will. If you think that is changing you really have lost the plot.

Tom Winnifrith



Why are the BBC and The Guardian not all over the Yasmin Seweid story this time?

619 days ago

You may remember that last December, shortly after the US election The mainstream media was filled with reports of hate crimes against immigrants and muslims in particular surging across America. The highest profile victim whose plight the BBC , the Guardian etc reported enthusiastically without verifying was Yasmin Seweid. She was an international cause celebre.

She claimed that several Trump supporters verbally assaulted her while she was on the New York City Subway. On her Facebook page she posted, “Three white racists yelled such disgusting slurs at me, I was so helpless and felt defenseless.” She claimed that these Trump supporters said, “Look it’s a f-king terrorist”, “go back to your country, you don’t belong here” and directed other racial slurs toward her.

Fabbo said the liberal media, not concerned that while Yasmin said the subway car was packed there were no witnesses and - amazingly - no-one filming on their mobile. Who cares about checking facts? We are fake news and this shows Trump supporters are racist scumbags.

Last week Yasmin pleaded guilty to falsely reporting an incident and disorderly conduct. She admitted that she wasted valuable police resources. A pathetic liberal judge sentenced her to six months of counselling and three days of community service.And what sort signal will that send out about committing such a crime? Thankfully there were no good ol' boys from Alabama wearing MAGA baseball caps on Yasmin's train. But imagine what would have happened had there been as the cops pulled them in for questioning with the liberal media wolfpack, Jesse Jackson and thousands of virtue signalling millennials on new media all baying for blood. Imagine such an ordeal Yasmin - as liberals often forget actions do have consequences.

Anyhow the poster girl for the wave of - alleged - Trump inspired hate crime is convicted as a fraud and a liar. So where is the mass coverage of this real news on outlets such as Channel 4 Fake News to balance their lazy, unverified, agenda driven fake news of eight months ago?

Tom Winnifrith



It is not Trump out of touch on Confederate memorials but the fake news liberal media - C4's Kylie Morris smears again

644 days ago

Of all of the liberal media harpies covering the US election, beltway Kylie Morris of Channel 4 fake News was the most openly partisan as I exposed time and again HERE. Her crowning glory was to make up words for Donald Trump to smear him as a racist HERE. Like her fake news colleagues Kylie cannot get over the defeat of crooked Hillary so she fights on, twisting the truth to smear POTUS. The pulling down of Confederate staues and war memorials has been one of her finest hours.

To recap, President Trump condemned such acts. He did not say that they were morally equivalent to the Neo Nazis on the march, he made it clear that the latter were far worse. Trump is not - as the Guardian and BBC have falsely stated - any any way an apologist for the fascists. But he attacks those tearing down memorials to brave men who fought and died with their neighbours to, as they saw it, protect their homelands.

Kylie and her fake news colleagues as well as the liberal luvvies from Hollywood and the metropolitan elites smeared Trump as an apologist for Nazis but also said that there was outrage in America at his comments. The conclusion - it was POTUS that was out of touch.

I found that impossible to believe. Most Americans are good decent folks who would find the real outage being the desecration of a war memorial to their fellow Americans. And blow me down with a feather, polls out yesterday showed that I was right. A YouGov poll showed that of those with an opinion 39.5% of all Americans approved of taking down a statue of General Robert Lee in North Carolina but 61.5% disapproved. Marist conducted a poll about all Confederate monuments not just the Lee statue and the scores of those with a view were 30.3% for removal and 69.7% for staying up.

Hell's teeth among black voters the split on the latter poll was - among those with a firm view - 52.4% versus 47.6%. By the way that is in favour of keeping the monuments up!

Trump again tweeted that the statues should stay up which prompted Kylie to say that he was a) just playing to the polls and b) risking dividing America.

That is a shocking distortion of the truth. Trump has maintained his consistent position throughout. And it is clear that his stance is one that reflects a clear majority view and an overwhelming majority view in America. The outrage that C4 fake News and the rest of the liberal media has been reporting on for two weeks is not an outrage across America but an outrage of a minority of folks who backed the losing side on November 8 and, unable to accept that it is their party that is out of touch not Trump, just cannot help themselves.

As for the assertion that Trump's comments risk dividing America, how on earth can that be justified in the face of poll numbers which show that, once again, POTUS holds views that reflect those of most Americans, though they may be alien to those in the degenerate liberal media bubble in which Kylie lives.

The liberal media might think that dishonouring brave Americans who died in a horrible war. But however much they bully us into thinking that it their way is the moral way, to anyone with a shred of decency - including it seems 70% of Americans - their views are quite simply loathsome. And the more they and the Dems on Capitol Hill spout such views, the more certain a Trump win in 2020 becomes.

Tom Winnifrith



Public sector pay has gone up by just 1% since 2013 - the hard data that shows that is not true

686 days ago

The debate about public sector pay is predicated on the myth that it has gone up by just 1% since 2013. The liberal media, the Labour party and indeed almost everybody just accepts this is a fact. But it is not true. It is fake news spun and reported by those who cannot be arsed to check their facts. If you actually bother to check the data from the Office of National Statistics you will see that it is a lie.

In 2013 the average wage for public sector employees was £26,933. That was above the overall national average wage showing that public sector workers actually earn more than private sector workers. By 2016 the ONS shows that number had increased to £27,974 - which works out at an average wage increase over three years of not 1% compounded but of 1.3% compounded. That is a striking difference is it not? It is a 30% differencce in the annual claimed increase.

So how has that happened? It is very simple. All public sector workers received a standard 1% increase per annum. But in vast swathes of the public sector - certainly across the NHS, schools and universities there are what are termed grade increases. You do the same job with the same title but move up a grade and so earn more.

These grade increases are not decided on you having achieved certain goals or delivered on certain targets as would be the case in the reviled private sector but simply are a recognition of years of service. In the real world of the private sector they would thus be described as a "pay increase" but in the make believe world of public sector finances they are described otherwise.

I have written before about how when you hear public sector workers bleating on about how they have to go to food banks, have had no pay increases or earn less than the private sector they are telling straight lies. But now the hard data from the ONS shows the biggest lie of all. Public sector pay has not been increasing by 1% a year but by 1.3% per annum since 2013 - it has been going up in absolute terms by far more than its claimed..

Of course there is nothing wrong with that. The economy is growing and that means that private sector pay is going up by more. But public sector workers should remember the dark days of 2008-2010 when the economy was in crisis. At that point average private sector pay actually fell while in the public sector it carried on rising in both real and in absolute terms. In bad times the public sector wins and in good wins as well. In the private sector it is very much a case of the years of the lean calves and the fat calves. Indeed if the calves get too lean there is no calf. In the public sector a recession does not bring the risk of job losses as it does for we evil capitalists.

Next time you hear the BBC, Channel 4 Fake News or the rest of the liberal media banging on about this wicked 1% pay cap please remember it is just not true and if they could be bothered to check their facts or had a desire to report non fake news they would be behaving otherwise. They should also put the pay rises of 2013 onwards in the context of what happened in 2008-10 and remember that public sector workers simply do not earn less than those of us in the accursed private sector. They earn more, get better pensions - paid for by the grateful taxpayer - have, on average, more sick days and get longer holidays.

Tom Winnifrith



The BBC, the £51,000 Student Debt - it ( and everyone else) just does not get it

687 days ago

A report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies suggests that the average student is now leaving colleague with debts of £51,000 a figure seized on by the left and the liberal media as a sign that everything should be handed out for free. The right insisted that it showed how the system was working. Everybody lied.

The IFS report also suggested that over half of students would end up not repaying their debts at all. And that is the massive elephant in the room all chose to ignore. Naturally the BBC managed to grasp the wrong end of the nettle firmly in both hands. On the Radio 4 Today programme John Humphries quizzed a spokesman for Britain's universities insisting that such terrifying debts will scare clever folks from poor backgrounds from going to get their - in far too many cases - worthless degrees. Natch Channel 4 Fake News took the same line.

Okay it is one not born out by the facts. The number of folks from poor homes going to University has, in fact, never been higher. And why not, if you a smart 18 year old whether rick or poor this is a nil brainer: go to Uni for three years to get your 2-1 as almost everyone does these days. If you then get a good job as a result of that degree you pay back the loan. If you don't you don't!. What is not to like?

In the old days 10% of 18 year olds went to University. They were the elite. They got degrees in proper subjects from proper universities and generally got good jobs as a result. That still happens now for the elite. Go to Oxford and pay £9,000 a year and that should set you up for a good job. In the old days academically weaker young folks did not go to Uni and generally earned less. These days they also pay £9,000 a year to go to De Montfort Uni ( 2 Es entrance needed) but will end up, at best, stacking shelves at Tesco and so will never earn enough to pay back the loan.

The impulse of the BBC and Channel 4 Fake News is to parrot Jeremy Corbyn's line which is that these vast debts deter smart kids from poor families. The facts show this is rubbish but we live in a post fact era. The Tories, on the other hand, blather on about more poor kids going to great universities thanks to this wonderful self-funding student loan system. They boast how the burdern on an expanded uni system is now ,rightly, largely carried by those who benefit rather than ordinary working folks without degrees who don't. Except that is a lie.

The stunning level of default means that the expansion of universities has been funded not by students, not by adding to the deficit but by adding to the debt. More than half of student loans issued are assets which will turn out to be worthless. And as such that gap will have to be funded by the UK state taking on yet more debt - you may remember we have the highest State debt in the EU already and if we were honest about matters such as student loan defaults it would be higher still.

The question the BBC and the media should have asked is why we are lumbering the taxpayer, most of whom will not have enjoyed three years at Uni, with vast future liabilities on student loans that are never repaid which have produced young folk whose education is not good enough to obtain a job earning even £21,000 a year. The degrees, it seems, are worthless, the debts are for all of us to pay in the years that lie ahead.

Natch the BBC and Channel 4 Fake News believe in Money Trees so it would not occur to them to ask such a question.

Tom Winnifrith



Jon Snow and Little Matt at Channel 4 Fake News cream themselves as Naomi Klein spouts golden liberal shit to plug her new book

690 days ago

She has a book to plug so best selling harpie Naomi Klein is doing the rounds of the liberal media to talk about what a complete bastard Donald Trump is. Okay she is Canadian but the accent is good enough, she is THE expert one needs to talk US politics. On Channel 4 Fake News, where they make up quotes by Donald Trump to show what a racist he is, Jon, "I hate the fucking Tories" Snow was asking the soft questions. Purring from the sidelines was Matt Frei who likes to accuse black vicars of being racist for supporting Trump.

The conversation turned to how people in Middle America, the flyover states, could bring themselves to vote for Trump. And to so do in droves. Snow boasted that he had been there! Cripes Glasto, New York, LA and then the flyover states. Next they will be sending the great metropolitan liberal to spend a week on a council estate in in Rochdale. Naomi looked impressed - Jon seemed to have survived his encounter with horrible, god fearing, gun owning, hard working and patriotic Americans unscathed.

They discussed Trump rolling back Obamacare, something that most Americans support because President Hopey Change's mad scheme does not help the poor but costs ordinary folks an arm and a leg. But while most Americans want Obamacare rolled back which is one reason the Donald lives where he does today, that does not impress Naomi at all. FFS Next these disgusting rednecks will want America to have real jobs rather than exporting them to Mexico or China. Naomi is convinced that what folks in the sort of states in America's heartland that she would not visit without getting her jabs first, wanted is more than Obamacare "they want an NHS but one that is properly funded."

Oh yes, the world's third largest employer, the financial black hole that gave you Mid Staffs, Harold Shipman, the deaths at Bristol kids hospital and natch hair removal operations for transexuals on demand. It's Obamacare on Steroids. The polls - either opinion polls or that glorious poll of last November, the one where Naomi would have voted for the losing candidate had she not been an Alien, show most Americans wanted, at best Obamacare light, very few wanted a US NHS. But heck, Naomi knows better than the great unwashed. Millionaire liberals from the Coasts always do, especially those who have lived their entire lives in the leafy groves of academia and journalism.

Natch Snow did not challenge Klein's assertion that Americans really want their very own Mid Staffs. She said it. He has not met anyone who would think otherwise apart from a few folks on his brief tour of the flyover states and he has tried to forget that mixing with the great unwashed. So it was just left in the air as a fact. That's Channel 4 Fake News for you.

Tom Winnifrith



Photo Article: What a small world as I revisit Warwick School to discuss abuse 40 years ago

836 days ago

The current abuse scandal of the day concerns young men from Winchester College who were beaten savagely at some Christian camp attended by the current Archbishop of Canterbury wet Justin Welby. As if to make the scandal even more at the heart of the establishment Cathy Newman of Channel 4 Fake News told us that Winchester was Britain's oldest public school. In a sort of post fact era maybe. It was founded in 1382.

My own school Warwick was founded in 914 AD so, even in a post fact era, it is much older than Winchester. I believe that four schools are even older than Warwick: King's Canterbury and St Peter's York being the only two I can name.

The Warwick School of c914 was in town not on the edge as now and clearly had many structures over the centuries that followed. Warwick today is essentially a child of the nineteenth century. It is really a nouveau school and thus it only got around to getting its coat of arms with the words Altiora Peto ( I seek higher things) in the last Century. How do I know this becuase as I entered the building there was a document sent to the school from the College of Heralds.

It was signed by a senior herald of the time, Arthur Cochrane. That would be Sir Arthur to you, the nouveaus at Warwick, Sir Arthur of the Cochrane's of Edenmoor House Co Donegal, my paternal Great Grandfather. Neither my father or I had ever noticed this before.

Flagging this up was a good way to break the ice with the Headmaster as I headed back to discuss the sadistic abuse handed out by school teacher Geoffrey Eve to myself and others some 40 years ago.

Tom Winnifrith



Fake news maestro Matt Frei of C4 gets to nail that black Trump supporting vicar for backing racism again

843 days ago

One of the highlights of the US presidential campaign for those of us who really dig fake news from the established liberal media was Matt Frei of C4 News lecturing Trump supporting pastor Mark Burns for supporting Donald Trump. White Frei patronised the poor pastor as only a Guardian reader could do as he explained to him, assisted by a stack of made up alternative facts why he was backing racism.

Pastor Burns countered with facts but over at Channel 4 Fake News they live in a post fact era and Burns was backing racism and that was it. Frei put the darkie in his place by ignoring facts and just repeating the mantra that Trump is a racist. That showed him did it not? Boy the whole C4 team must have creamed themselves with that interview.

The good pastor is obviously a glutton for punishment as he has come over to Britain for a holiday and found himself face to face with little Frei again.

Joining Frei and Burns was Mhari Black the rather stupid SNP loudmouth MP. Poor Burns tried to talk facts, pointing out this was not a Muslim ban, noting that the vast majority of Muslims are not banned he was just targeting seven nations infested with terrorists. He also pointed out that Carter and Obama had imposed similar bans to no liberal howls of protest.

The gobshite money tree worshipping MP and little Frei interrupted repeatedly insisting that Trump was a racist, islamophobe, etc etc. Burns said he was a black man from Southern USA and new full well what racism was. Mhairi said that he was just being naive. Too right, dem der Niggers just don't know what racism is, they should listen to the white scottish lady and learn the facts of life.

When the MP interrupted Burns, Frei allowed her to shout over him. When the pastor tried to respond to smears that is to say vile opinions presented as facts, Frei told the darkie to let Mhari finish. Know your place boy!

Over on the Channel 4 News website the text on this interview is misleading. It states in bold at the start:

One of the MPs taking part in tonight’s demonstration, Mhari Black from the SNP, and Mark Burns, a evangelical pastor who has been vocal in his support of Trump in the past.

That makes it appear that Burns may be thinking again after what the Donald has done. But he is not. He backs POTUS all the way. Burns is STILL vocal in his support.

Frei reminded the Pastor that 1.5 million folks had signed a petition saying the Donald should not have a state visit here. Okay most of them are bots or not British but this is Chanell 4 Fake News. It lives in a post fact era. And don't let any upstart darkie from the cotton fields tell it otherwise.

Tom Winnifrith



Aged 49 my child like obsession with snow makes me really jealous of folks in the North

861 days ago

If you are preparing for a five hour journey to work along snow covered roads or your pipes have just burst you may think that I am talking utter rubbish. But the lack of snow here in Bristol is really starting to annoy me.

Over in Greece there is lots of the white stuff on the mountains above the Greek Hovel and in fact far lower down as well. The Express tells us on a daily basis that Britain is braced for a deluge of global warming. Channel 4 News last night reported - with a straight face - about the threat of global warming ( as in the world getting hotter) but 24 hours earlier was reporting about how unseasonally cold weather ( and snow) across South East Europe and Turkey was hitting poor refugees. That, of course, was climate change.

But while the North is blanketed, here in Bristol we see almost nothing. I realise that I am a bit old to be building a snowman but as I talk to my daughter I share the excitement of what that might entail and exchanging a few snowballs with the Mrs is always fun. Above all I'd love Joshua to see snow for the first time.

So, reverting to childhood: where is the snow? It is so unfair!!!!

Tom Winnifrith



Channel 4's Matt Frei meets Bruce Springsteen for a Trump hatefest - even the Boss looks embarrassed

947 days ago

Bruce is in London plugging his autobiography and so is being interviewed by every TV station radio station and newspaper in town. The book talks about his battle with depression and sounds a bit depressing so the liberal media would rather have a Trump hatefest as they yack away with the Boss. Let's put this into context....

Springsteen has voted Democrat all his life. Back in 1984, at the height of his career when we were all Dancing in the Dark to Born in the USA, the Boss told us we must vote for Walter Mondale against wicked Ronald Reagan. In the election that followed almost nobody in America voted for old Walter other than Walter himself and Bruce. Ronnie won by a landslide.

Actually I am not sure that even Walter voted for Walter but Bruce did.

Matt Frei of Channel 4 News started off his Trump hatefest asking if any of Bruce's "people" were backing Trump. The boss looked a bit embarrassed. When Frei refers to Bruce's people he is talking about blue collar workers from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the rust belt states who are overwhelmingly voting FOR the Donald. But Bruce is these days worth $200 million and for almost forty years has lived with the Hollywood millionaires. Brad, Angelina, Matt are his pals and I think we know they are not big Trumpsters. But Brucie played along and said he knew a few Trump voters. Yeah that would be Clint Eastwood right? He's the sort of guy who might be one of Bruce's people these days.

Matt warmed to the task and went onto his specialist subject: racists. No he did not want to talk about the new controversy over whether Hillary Clinton uses the N word because Channel 4 does not do impartial coverage and so is not covering that story at all. But the man who recently accused a black vicar of being a racist for voting for Trump, instead asked the boss if "all Trump supporters are racist".

Springsteen may be a draft dodger who is wrong about almost everything in life but he is obviously a patriot and must have felt a bit pissed as some little European squirt asked if half of his fellow countrymen were racist. It is actually rather insulting not to say just ludicrous tosh. Even Springsteen could not go along with little Frei on this matter and had to answer in the negative.

And so it goes on...tonight on Channel 4 News watch absolutely no coverage whatsoever of senior Clinton campaign officials having to resign in the wake of the Veritas video showing industrial scale vote rigging and dirty tricks by the Dems. The real story from America is going to be absolutely anything else....

Tom Winnifrith



Channel 4 News Beltway Liberal Kylie Morris puts awful words into Donald Trump's Mouth...she's scared

973 days ago

A few months ago beltway liberal Kylie Morris of Channel 4 News was still sure that Donald Trump would not even get the Republican nomination. But now she and her "Group Think" elite are running scared.l So all pretence of impartiality is out - quite simply Kylie now tells lies to smear Trump and aid Clinton. Her report last night opened with an assertion from Mat Frei back in the C4 studio that hispanic voters in Florida are overwhelmingly likely to support Clinton and retiree incomers to support Trump. Certainly the latter is true.

As to the former, among Florida hispanics Obama beat Romney by 21% in 2012, the last poll (Pew Research) showed Clinton 24 points ahead of Trump but with a stack of undecideds and with momentum heading Trump's way. Trump ( now on 29% to Clinton's 53%) will secure more than a third of the hispanic vote come November 8. As with Brexit, C4 just cannot accept that non whites might vote the "wrong way".

Kylie went to meet old retirees who are overwhelmingly voting Trump and naturally found the nastiest most outspoken Trump fanatic going to focus her report on. That is always her game: find the dimmest and most hard line Trumpster and depict him as the norm. But it got worse as Kylie described the retirement villages where old folks have "found the American dream he is promising: its predominantly white and predominantly conservative."

Kylie: can you find me one single quote where Donald Trump has promised to make America predominantly white? That may be your view of what he wants but you are hardly partial. But what you stated to camera is not that you think Trump wants a white America but that Trump has promised a white America. We both know that he has promised nothing of the sort and what you are passing off as reporting as balanced journalism is, in this instance, a very explicit and unequivocal fabrication. You are putting words in the mouth of Mr Trump to smear him.

Of course Kylie has talked demonstratble garbage for so many months, as I have demostrated with hard facts time and time again, that the only folks that believe her now are those who would vote for Clinton even if it were shown that she had emails deleted showing that she gave access to her office in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Which of course is exactly what has been proved beyond all doubt anyway, not that Kyle will report that in full.

That Kylie smears Trump on a daily basis with her unfounded assertions is to be expected. But to now start claiming he said quite outrageous things which he simply has not, marks a new low. She is worried and it is showing....

Tom Winnifrith



Talk about filial devotion: I have to go buy a Guardian in public again

1010 days ago

For the third day, despite receiving clear instructions to deliver the loathsome Guardian Newspaper to my father here in Shipston and despite promising to do so, the Newsagent has failed. And that means that I must again head down to the shop in a few minutes to pick up the rag.

I shall explain loudly that it is not for me but for my deluded lefty of a father lest anyone in the store recognise me. And naturally I shall be wearing my Hillary for Prison T-shirt. But it is still really embarrassing and also makes me feel just dirty having to pick up the awful publication and carry it home along Sheep Street.

My father has always said that he heads to the White Bear only to read the Telegraph "for balance" Since he is - pro tem - unable to walk to the boozer, I have suggested that he achieve that balance by ordering that the Torygraph or Mail be delivered here (or not as the case may be) along with the Guardian. He appears to think that an unnecessary expenditure.

Thus his "balanced" media commentary is now the BBC, its sister publication The Guardian and for added militancy ghastly Channel 4 news - we watch at least five news programmes a day. Thank heavens he has me here to counter such a barrage of lies but think of me today, humiliated again at the Newsagent and then subjected to a 24 hour assault by the dreadful liberal media elite. This is true filial devotion.

Tom Winnifrith



When No Republicans get to vote Cruz wins, when real people vote Trump Wins - bring on New York

1134 days ago

Channel 4 News is happy to employ a reporter (Assed Baig) who appears to support islamofascists rather than British soldiers but that is what free speech is all about for the liberal left. When it comes to Donald Trump it means interviewing a collection of blacks and gays in New York who would be more likely to join the KKK than vote in a Republican Primary, and who were demanding that Trump leave town at once because he was a horrid bigot. Free speech for the left does not apply to folks you don't like and so Mr Trump needs to be drummed out of the town where he actually lives.

What do these folks demonstrating against the Donald tell us about the Republican primary. Nothing at all. You might as well ask a bunch of God fearing, gun owning, small businessmen from the Republican heartlands if they wanted to have sex with Mrs Clinton and on the basis of their answers make a call on the Democratic race. But what does the liberal media care about balance, truth or reporting what is actually going on?

As it happens polls among GOP voters in New York ahead of next week's primary show Trump on 52%, Kasich on 22% and Cruz ( the establishment choice) on just 19%. In other words the Donald is heading for a mammoth landslide in his home state, something the liberal British media just cannot bring itself to mention. It is not just that Trump is going to win, having been written off as in real trouble by the British liberal media after Wisconsin, but that he is going to win by a total landslide. They are not going to be counting The Donald's votes in NY but weighing them.

The British media says that Trump is going to struggle to get the required delegates to win an absolute majority at the Republican convention after losing the Wisconsin primary and the Colorado lesson in non-democracy. In that state party leaders ditched the idea of holding a Primary and last week gave all their delegates to Cruz. When real voters get to vote Trump wins, when no-one gets a vote Cruz wins.

Colorado was clearly a stitch up and seems to have boosted support for the Donald in New York and also in Pennsylvania, the next big vote where, surprise surprise, Trump is way ahead and Cruz third in the polls. Cruz has lost ground since being seen as a beneficiary of stitch up politics.

If Trump wins every congressional district in NY ( which he will) and also over 50% of the votes ( which he might) he gets all its delegates and that might just give him a shout at winning the convention on the first poll.

Nationally among Republicans Trump is now polling 41% to Cruz on 29% and Kasich on 18%. In a two man race it is 48% Trump to 38% Cruz. It is clear that GOP voters want Trump. Should he fall just short of a majority of delegates and the party elders decide to stitch up a brokered convention to "crown" a candidate other than Trump most Trump voters (64%) want him to run as an Independent.

That in theory would see the loathsome Clinton woman home and dry in the General. That is unless mad Bernie Sanders actually wins more elected delegates to the Dem convention but Clinton wins the nomination thanks to Super Delegates in which case Mad Bernie might just also run as an Independent. In a four horse race with insurgents from both left and right anything can happen. I shall look at the Democratic race later.

At some point the liberal British media is going to have to admit that the free speech denying die-hard Democrat protestors demanding Trump be kicked out of his home town are not exactly representative of GOP voters and that Trump is going to win New York and Pennsylvania by a landslide. The only question is whether he manager to get 1 vote over 50% in NY. That is all that matters.

The only other question is how a Trump landslide and Cruz coming third will be spun by the liberal media pundits and GOP establishment as bad new for The Donald and a good result for stitch-up Cruz.

Tom Winnifrith



I bet you £100 no-one promoting IWD 2016 will honour this illegal immigrant uber-achiever on International Women's Day

1172 days ago

What is there that the mad lefties who run the Guardian, the BBC, Channel 4 News and all the State supported quangos celebrating IWD 2016, could not see in a woman who was an illegal immigrant ( overstaying a visitor's visa), an ethnic minority (Jewish), an atheist and whose writings are so influential that she is seen as the driving force of a major school of thought?

Surely on International Women's Day we should be holding a woman - whose family were persecuted when she was just 12, losing their homes and facing starvation - and who herself was booted out of University for not adhering to the line of an oppressive regime, up as a role model for our daughters? This woman achieved so much despite all the odds being stacked against her.

So as we celebrate Great Women today why won't the lefties tell our daughters about Ayn Rand? 

Er.. perhaps it is because she opted to flee the Soviet Union, the society that persecuted her, and to find freedom in the USA. Rand lived the America Dream, something that lefties just do not believe in although wave after wave of immigrant has found it to be very real.

Rand's influence is on libertarianism, a belief set not based on quotas or on the State tinkering with society but on freedom, on the idea that, unshackled, the individual can achieve anything however much the odds are stacked against them. As they were for Ayn Rand herself.

So anyone want to take my bet?

With hindsight Ayn Rand should be added to the earlier article on 5 photos of women over achievers to annoy feminists on International Women's Day HERE

Tom Winnifrith



Cathy Newman C4 News - Worst Data Analysis of Day: Corbyn on Prostitutes

1176 days ago

Jeremy Corbyn has called for prostitution to be decriminalised. Cathy Newman of C4 News opposes this and tweets:

Because Cathy is on Channel 4 News you instinctively know she is talking utter rubbish and so here are just a few factoids for you:

1. Prostitution is legal in certain counties in Nevada but not all. There are currently 16 legal brothels in the State. 66 times as many women work in illegal venues or on the street as in legal brothels.

2. Nevada in 2013 (most recent data) ranked 5th among US states where women were likely to be killed with a female murder rate of 1.95 homicides among 100,000 women. That was 27 deaths.

3. However among men Nevada ranked....5th with a homicide rate of 6 per 100,000 versus a national average of 4.7 ( 2014 data).

4. 94% of women murdered in the US know their assailant well. The vast majority are victims of domestic violence.

In light of this the tweet from Ms Newman is patently utter gibberish and does not land even a glancing blow on Comrade Jeremy.

You do not need to have studied philosophy at Oxford to work that out. As it happens Ms Newman studied English at Oxford but surely she can see all sorts of reasons why her tweet is just rather embarrassing for her. Perhaps, as a journalist shown not to have got her facts right, it is time she apologised to her followers and to poor Comrade Corbyn?

Tom Winnifrith



Kylie Morris on C4 News: "racist" Trump & the Hispanics, a new low point for lefty British Media

1185 days ago

I have noted before how Kylie Morris, the US correspondent for Channel 4 News is perhaps the dopiest, most out of touch liberal left reporter going. This woman makes the BBC look balanced. But we can now show Kylie hitting a new low as she points out what a vile racist Donald Trump is.

Two days before the Nevada primary Kylie filed a long piece on how hispanics voters in Nevada were shunning Trump. After searching really hard all day Kylie managed to find just one Latino voter who was voting for Trump, a Vietnam vet who Kylie was thus able to expose as a weirdo. In Kylie world, latinos shared her view that Trump was a racist and none were backing him.

Now the Nevada results are in. Trump got 44% while his two closest rivals - both half Cuban - got 24.5% (Rubio) and 22% (Cruz). That was among all Republican voters. Among hispanics Trump scored 44%, Rubio 29% and Cruz 18% which means that the supposed racist scored as well among hispanics as among white voters securing almost 1 in 2 Hispanic Republicans. Cruz appears to be even less liked by hispanics than he is by whites. Maybe he is half racist? Kylie can you explain?

Of course Kylie boasts that she lives inside the Beltway and thus her Washington liberal elite narrative is that all hispanics are poor brown folks who think Republicans generally are racist and so are default Democrats.

The reality is that large numbers of Latinos have ignored Democrats who urge them to portray themselves as victims of racism and give up and have instead worked hard, lived the Americam dream and thus, as affluent, tax-paying, God fearing folks are now registered Republicans and are are very open indeed to the Trump message.

Kylie in her patronising liberal way just assumed that brown folks would be poor. She did not seek out any rich latinos of whom there are many. And that is why British viewers were told that it was impossible to find any Latinos voting for the racist Trump when in fact the Trumpster stormed the Latino vote.

At what point will Channel 4 News accept that whilst Kylie's take on life might fit in well with their snearing liberal values, her failure to report anything like the truth is just getting a tad too obvious and that she needs to be replaced by someone marginally less stupid?

Tom Winnifrith



Kylie Morris of Channel 4 News you are a patronising and silly woman - ref Donald Trump

1210 days ago

Over on Channel 4 News on Thursday Kylie Morris was interviewing two God fearing hard working, tax paying folks from Iowa, that is to say Republicans from a flyover state - the sort of people the liberal media establishment would rather not mix with. Kylie put it to them that Donald Trump was making the GOP race a bit of a pantomime, after all "the UK Parliament even debated banning Trump from Britain". Words almost fail me.

In America they believe in something we used to fight for in Britain, that is to say free speech. Mr Trump is clearly a very popular figure among Republicans and even among Independents. Unlike the belle of the liberal media ball, the loathsome Mrs Clinton, there is no chance that he will be indicted any time soon for email cover-ups. Unlike all other contenders from both parties (bar crackpot Dem Bernie Sanders) he is not a creature of the Beltway but has actually made money and created jobs in the private sector.

An awful lot Americans thus have a lot of time for Mr Trump, something Kylie just cannot understand.

That the parliament of a declining second rate power wastes its time debating whether to insult our allies in the US and defecate on the idea of free speech shows that our politicians are the clowns. And Ms Morris is just a very silly and patronising woman, showing her true colours with her ludicrous assertion.

Tom Winnifrith



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