Friday May 24, 2019
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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Confessions of a non estate agent & is the Corbyn threat discounted?

11 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Frontera Resources is quite simply bust, it is that simple

239 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



It looks like I am not alone on the treacherous Mrs May Brexit sell out – the Tories will not be forgiven

320 days ago

A Survation poll taken on Saturday shows the Tories falling fast to 38% and Labour rising to 40%. And the Brexit betrayal backlash is only just beginning. For starters, Mrs May’s henchmen have so far managed to gag most Tory MPs with threats while they spin the line that her betrayal is a good deal for Britain and is essentially what we 17.4 million voted for. That gag and that lie won’t hold for long. And secondly many of us were too bothered about the World Cup and associated drinking to take on board the full scale of the treachery, of the red lines and ,manifesto pledges abandoned. Only now is that sinking in.

But if you look at online articles on the matter you will see Tory loyalist after Tory loyalist showing photos of ripped up membership cards or making pledges to never trust the party again.  If you thought that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned think again and look at what Tory party die-hards are saying today.

For while Mrs May is rightly slammed as a wretched viper the way that the Cabinet brexiteers have just caved brings the whole party into disrepute. The Tories are now quite simply the party you just cannot trust.

Some, like myself, will go the whole way and vote for Labour just to punish the vile hag May and her party. Others take great joy in saying that they will vote UKIP or not at all. If the prince over the seas, that is Nigel Farage, returns to lead UKIP, the Tories will see wholesale desertions not just over voters but of their party members as well. The more Mrs May and the spineless toads who surround her tell us the obvious lie that this is a good deal for Britain and is what the 17.4 million voted for the more hated they will become.

The Tories will spin hard, the line that if folks like me do not show loyalty to the Tories the country will be ruined by Comrade Corbyn with, or without the assistance of the SNP and other loons. But again they misjudge the mood of so many of the 17.4 million of us who voted for Brexit. The mirage of economic prosperity of the past few years is largely a story of asset bubbles created by QE and low interest rates. Folks feel wealthier if they own property in London or the South East and to a lesser extent in the rest of Britain or if they own shares.  Folks in the City and in the upper echelons of the public sector have had big wage rises.

But many of us in the 17.4 million live well away from the degenerate hell-hole that is London, we are relatively asset poor and our wage growth has been pedestrian, at best, over the past decade. We are the Trump voters of the swing flyover states – The Donald said he’d make America Great again and make us better off, Crooked Hillary insisted America was doing very well already. The folks she spoke for on the Coasts were doing well ( largely thanks to asset bubbles) but there was no spill-over in the flyover states.

So if Theresa May tries to scare the 17.4 million with talk of how Corbyn will ruin everything and damage their economic well-being, her words will be wasted on many of us who voted Tory last time despite Mrs May and in no great hope of economic gain but because she alone among party leaders said that Brexit meant Brexit. She lied to us and we will punish her. Maybe in London she does not understand how angry folk are about this sell-out but out there in the boonies many of us who voted Tory last time are livid and will not be scared back into the fold whatever happens.

For reasons I explained a couple of days ago, I fear the UK will go to the dogs under Labour but I can’t see that Mrs May’s Tories are that much better. And thus my only desire is to punish Mrs May and her party at the polls with a wipe-out that makes 1997 look like a triumph. Soon Mrs May will realise that I am far from alone.

Tom Winnifrith



Theresa May set to betray the 17.4 million over Brexit – sod this that’s 1 vote secured for Labour (mine)

322 days ago

For many of us Brexit was the defining issue of the past few years. Finally we got a referendum, we were promised that the result would be implemented and we won. Slowly the political class backtracked and now today, Theresa May, will set down a watered down proposal which is a sell out. Mrs May is a Quisling. Gone are her “red lines”. Gone is the ability to cut our own trades deals so to get cheaper tariff free food for the poor and working classes.  We will have to accept laws and restrictions imposed by a bloc to which we hand over a vast cheque but have no say over, the Evil Empire. This is the worst of all worlds. This is the bad deal that is worse than no deal. Mrs May has betrayed us.

How as a loyal Tory does one react? It is not as if, under Mrs May, this is a Tory party I recognise or respect. Pro tem, sweating my balls off and risking my capital in the private sector I see tax freedom day (now June 3) move later every year and I see that private sector pay increases have lagged those in the public sector since 2010. Yet laughably Mrs May is now promising more tax hikes in order to end “austerity” for public sector pay.   The party of law and order unleashes initiative after initiative to tackle those who might “offend” others while proposing that folks sentenced to a year or less, i.e. real criminals, should be let out of jail free. 

The party of a sound defence supports prosecuting soldiers who served in Ulster 40 years ago but rewards returning jihadis with benefits and a bump up the council house waiting list. The party of freedom flaps pathetically but does nothing tangible to stop a growing suppression of free speech on campuses across the land. The party of small Government is still running a vast deficit – and now plans to borrow more for more public sector wage hikes – as borrowing mounts higher and higher.

The list goes on and on and on. Mrs May’s Conservative party is really not that different from the Labour party but the latter has not served up the biggest betrayal of democracy since Ted Heath told all those lies to get us into the EU in the first place. And as such Mrs May and the party she leads deserves the fate of Peel’s Tories after the repeal of the Corn Laws, only back then the PM did the “right” thing for his country , rather than betraying it. So the fate the rotten Tories deserve in 2018 is not to be thrown out of power for a generation but for good.

I know that Labour will train wreck the economy by being even more profligate than the Tories but my time as a capitalist is almost up anyway. Risking my capital, working myself into an early grave so creating jobs, generating taxes, sod that for a game of soldiers. This “golden goose” is retiring before the next election at which I shall be voting Labour as one last fuck you to the traitor May and to her pathetic and wretched party which allowed her to behave in this way. The so called Brexiteers of the cabinet who will roll over today are pitiful.

I realise many others will find the idea of voting Labour too much to stomach but many good Tories will  protest with other parties or, more likely, just stay at home. Why should we show any loyalty to those folks who have betrayed us?  And that might just be enough to see Jeremy Corbyn, propped up by a coalition of nationalists and fringe parties,  heading to Downing Street.

Mrs May you wretched and appalling traitor, your duplicity and mendacity will be the architect of that defeat.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith New Year's Day Bearcast - 6 themes for the year ahead

508 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



Theresa May's £10 billion Help to Buy bribe & student giveaways - the PM is bonkers.

600 days ago

It is now quite clear that prices of houses in the better parts of London have fallen sharply and that the "Chelsea ripple" has already started to spread. Here in a less fashionable part of Bristol prices are off by 5-10%. The ripples are spreading. That is great news for young folks wanting to get onto the housing ladder. So what will Theresa May announce tomorrow? Madness. That is what.

Mrs May knows that young voters are overwhelmingly backing Jezza's Labour so is trying to bribe them back into the Tory fold. So she will spend an extra £10 billion to expand the Help to Buy scheme which she claims will make housing more affordable. But market forces are doing that already by sending prices down. The only effect of this wave of taxpayer cash will be to - temporarily - stop the fall in prices of cheaper housing. In other words it will, for a while, create no more affordability. But as prices of all other homes slide as as the £10 billion is spent Mrs May will look like Canute and the prices of starter homes and flats will fall anyway.

Those who took Mrs May's bribe and overpaid will be out of pocket. And the taxpayer will certainly be out pocket. The only winners will be fat cat bosses of housebuilders who will thank Mrs May for helping them clear surplus stock at inflated prices so making unexpected profits. This is a scandal in the making as I exposed last week HERE.

Meanwhile Mrs May is also proposing a series of handouts to students. The political class and academia have pretended that the vast expansion of the UK University system has been fully funded via student fees. That is of course a lie since most students will never pay back their loans. As a result we have created a long term liability (debt not repaid) created to allow academically weak young people to study pointless courses which leave them believing that they deserve good jobs but, in reality, qualified for almost nothing other than a life of bleating.

Now Mrs May wants to hand out more taxpayer cash to the poor students so adding to the nation's vast budget deficit and ballooning debt. In the end that fiscal horror show will blow up. I aim to be retired and fully funded by then so the higher taxes and slashing of public services that will result from folly of the type May proposes won't be my problem. It will be that of today's young voters.

That is the great irony of this madness. Those who will end up picking up the tab for it are those that Mrs May and Comrade Corbyn claim to be helping. But it is a generation who really do believe in the money tree with such a passion that they cannot see how they are being hoodwinked. Mrs May is spending other people's money in a way that this country can't afford but as she is in Government and is meant to be a Tory (i.e. fiscally prudent) there is some restraint on her silliness and folly. For Comrade Corbyn there are no limits and thus, if the useless Mrs May is entering a bribe a millennial contest with Jezza, she is bound to lose it. Her gambit will not work in terms of winning over young voters but in terms of weakening the UK's shaky finances while failing to improve the lot of young folks it scores a perfect ten.

Surely even a buffoon like Boris could not be this useless?

Tom Winnifrith



The liberal media elites prepare for an onslaught on the DUP - everything they despise

713 days ago

It has started already. The DUP, from God's chosen land of Ulster, will back the Tories and we might just have stable Government for a while. The liberal media elite who are reporting Jeremy Corbyn's "victory speech ( hint Labour lost) is enraged. The knives are out for the DUP for they stand for everything that London millionaires despise.

Yes the DUP opposes gay marriage. But there is no suggestion that it will demand a crack down on the LGBT community across the United Kingdom. Yet some in the media say that this policy ( which I disagree with) will break the deal. Clearly it will not.

The DUP is not a socially liberal party. We can agree on that. But if you read its manifesto, not something that its critics will bother doing, it is actually a really fine document: tax cuts, slimming down Government profligacy, not funding state funded leftist propaganda (the BBC). It is an old fashioned manifesto which we who believe in a smaller state and lower taxes would love. It is the sort of document that Mrs Thatcher won elections with.

The hatred of the DUP is the same hatred the metropolitan elites show for ordinary decent folk in the shires who always flew Union Flags in the years when the BBC sneered that only racists and extremists did, in the years before it was accepted that having a pride in Britain was not shameful. The DUP is proud of being British and not ashamed of it.

The DUP was founded by a clergeyman(of sorts) the good Dr Paisley and a good number of its supporters and leaders have faith. Not the faith which cannot be criticised because it is racist to do so but the faith which the elites disparage and dismiss as old fashioned and irrelevant, that is to say a muscular Christianity. And that means that it has always been loathed by the talking heads on our TVs and by Guardian columnists living in Hampstead and Islington.

The DUP is proud of the heritage of Ulster and Britain. Its leaders will march with the Orangemen as they celebrate Good King Billy's victory at the Battle of the Boyne. We are a product of our history and he DUP accept that and are proud of their heritage and culture. Over on the mainland our students are brainwashed to believe that every aspect of our Empire was evil and that we should be ashamed of creating and supporting slavery. Let's not let the actual facts get in the way of the liberal narrative. Our kids are not taught the glories of Trafalgar or Agincourt although those are battles which shaped our history. Instead they learn about the evils of Hitler and why that means we must be part of a European superstate to ensure peace and happiness. Again they are being brainwashed in the post fact era.
For daring to look back to a glorious past, for understanding why we are as Britons what we are the DUP are despised by a degenerate elite who hate such values.

On twitter today I see a barrage of tweets from idiots who say Corbyn was smeared for association with the IRA but now May is in bed with DUP extremists. This is just post fact nonsense. Corbyn was not smeared he was in bed with the IRA. And the IRA killed innocent folks across a province which overwhelmingly did not share its goal of a united Ireland. many good DUP folks were killed by the IRA. There were, of course, loyalist killers and I am sure they did vote DUP. They were not going to vote for the patrician toffs of the Ulster Unionists and they were not going to vote for Republicans so who else would they vote for? But that is not the same as saying the DUP was the political wing of loyalist terror in the way that Sinn Fein clearly was the same as the IRA.

But let's not get facts get in the way of the attack. And the attack is coming because a degenerate Metropolitan liberal elite who see nothing wrong in backing a man like Corbyn who openly supported terror, see in the DUP an embodiment of all the cultural values they so openly despise.

Tom Winnifrith



The Mrs to brainwash Joshua at Bernie Sanders event - looks like I may get outvoted on fleeing Corbyn's Britain

721 days ago

I suggested to the Mrs, a Guardian reading sociology lecturing paid up member of the Labour party, that she should start looking at Irish websites to see where we will flee in the event of a Labour victory on June 8th. She seems unconvinced. Worse still, our household is a democracy and eight month old Joshua will get the casting vote.

I have done my bit. He waves his arms enthusiastically as I chant "lock her up" if we see Hillary Clinton on the TV. He is a quick learner. I have amended certain nursery rhymes so that they give out a powerful message on the virtues of hard work, thrift and self reliance. But the Mrs offsets this by taking him to Politically Correct Nursery Rhyme classes run by the crackpots at Bristol City Council. No more drunken sailors, etc.

And now I discover that Bernie Sanders is in Bristol tomorrow. I have suggested that if it is okay for Bernie to have three houses we should too but I fear that is not what the old fool will be discussing. Joshua will be brainwashed with a lot of nonsense about how Corbyn is the answer to all our problems, global warming, the evil Trump and other matters. How I pray that he will loudly utter his first words "lock her up - drain the swamp" at an opportune moment.

I fear that he will not and the emigration vote is thus looking like 2-1 against me. But I still have hopes that Joshua may see the light with a bit more prepping. The Mrs is beyond redemption

Tom Winnifrith



Are there "shy" Le Pen voters out there in France? You can bet there are

763 days ago

In the US election I flagged up the phenomenon of the "shy" Trump supporter. I reckoned that 3-4% of voters were prepared to back Donald but would not fess up to pollsters and that is why I predicted the Donald would win the swing states just as the corrupt liberal media and pollsters assured us that crooked Hillary would win. So are there shy Le Pen voters in France? You bet there are.

When I tell the polite middle class pals of my Mrs that I supported Trump they are horrified but decline to hit me or throw me out of their house. But if I said I was backing Marine Le Pen - which for the avoidance of doubt I am not - they would just go mental. Last time around polls showed Marine at 16% and she scored 17%. But as she reaches out beyond her base she is attracting new non hardcore supporters who will be even more reluctant to admit it. So if the polls have Marine on 22% I'd guess that she will score 24% in the round one Presidential poll on Sunday. And that means that it is Marine vs who in the second round?

Right now the man who reminds me of a young Tony Blair, Mr Macron is at c24% in the polls. He is a man who is drawn from the elite, a metropolitan liberal whose instinct after today's Paris attack will be to worry about its effect on multi cultural diversity. He despises many of the fears and views of the sans culottes but won't admit it. He may slip on the terror attack and so it is just conceivable that the crook Fillon, a millionaire Thatcherite who stole taxpayers cash by giving his wife a bogus job might make it through to round two. A wild card is the commie Melenchon, a more left wing version of Jeremy Corbyn without the beard but with an equal lack of charisma.

The reality is that all four candidates are ghastly. The choice of young Blair, the fascist, the crook and France's Corbyn makes one despair of democracy. John Stuart Mill's comments about a poll being a choice of rotten fruit in the local market has never been more apt. If I was a froggie I am not sure I could vote for any of the rotten fruit on offer, I think Id abstain and pray for the restoration of an absolute monarchy.

And that begs a question for the second round. The assumption is that the supporters of the defeated candidates will all vote for the not Le Pen candidate. I am not so sure that a good number of the working class folks backing Melenchon seeking radical change might not go Marine. Nor would I bet against many Fillon supporters preferring a semi-reformed fascist to a socialist light candidate. What I would bet on is that in round two, FN voters will vote. But that turnout rates among those who backed the defeated candidates will be far lower- Mr Abstention will be a very popular man.

On balance I still see the non Le Pen candidate ( probably Macron) winning but I sense it will be a lot closer than some folks think. Right now all four candidates are clustered within a margin of polling error. Shy Le Pen voters and the terror attack in Paris today mean that anything could happen on Sunday.

Tom Winnifrith



Getting a phone lecture from "Freddie" on behalf of Owen Smith MP - a traitor

1015 days ago

As a loyal member of the Labour Party since last summer I once again get to choose who will lead our great party over the precipice. Ooops. I meant to even greater electoral success. Whatever...last night I got a call from "Freddie" on behalf of Owen Smith MP, the man who is challenging the great leader, Comrade Corbyn on behalf of the Blairite traitors.

Freddie greeted me with an explanation that he was calling on behalf of Owen Smith. Now I don't know what Freddie does as a day job but somehow doubt that he is a member of the labouring classes. But by 6.30 PM I am pretty cream crackered as I start my working day between 5 AM and 6 AM. Moreover I was playing Stratego with my daughter and did not relish being interrupted as I was enjoying putting a member of the younger generation in her place. And so when Freddie asked me if I had any thoughts on the campaign I let rip explaining how the members of our great party had spoken and those MP's attempting the coup were subverting democracy and betraying all socialist principles. I added that I was lookig forward to the deselection of  our treacherous local MP, Comrade Kerry McCarthy for her part in the plot to oust the dear leader.
Freddie said "so I don't expect you will be voting for Owen Smith then?" I replied that "I'd rather jump into a nest of vipers which is how I view people in your camp". Freddie said "well we are al in the same party and there is no need to use such language". At that point I put the phone down.

Comrade Freddie - what gives you the right to follow up patronising text messages by interrupting an important game of Stratego at a time when most folks are just winding down for the day? We workers have spent a hard day labouring away in our chains and being exploited by the bourgeoisie friends of your pal Tony Blair and can do without your patronising phone calls. Just piss off.

Tom Winnifrith



The Labour battle of promising ever more insanity & unelectability: Corbyn vs Smith

1026 days ago

Every day I receive at least one text message or email from either Comrade Corbyn or Comrade Smith as they each seek my support to become the man to take Labour over an electoral precipice. For as each day goes on they make promises that are more and more insane.

Remember that the UK has a budget deficit of c£50 billion a year and as the global economy slows that number will probably get bigger as the next election approaches. It was always a Tory lie from George Osborne that he would eliminate the deficit. His successor Hammond has just given up on fiscal prudence from day one. UK Government debt is now c£1.58 trillion or c 82% of GDP.

When debt goes past 90% of GDP that, in itself, starts to restrict growth. Remember that even at current all time low interest rates, which will not last forever, we are already spending some £45 billion a year just servicing, paying interest, on our existing debt. that is more than we spend on, say, defence.
Yesterday Comrade Owen Smith promised that if he wins the Labour leadership and becomes PM. which is about as likely as me shagging Cherlyl Cole and the entire Dallas Cowboys cheerleader squad by the start of September, he would immediately launch an extra spending plan on this that and the other worth £200 billion. That gets debt to GDP past 90% at a stroke. Well done Comrade Smith. You have bankrupted the country, do not pass Go! Do not collect £400 because all the money's gone.

But today Jezza reminds me by email that he is committed to a £500 billion investment programme, backed up by a new National Bank. That may sound like it is real money but really it is just more borrowed money. Under Comrade Corbyn debt to GDP, ceteris paribus, zooms to 105% on day one. Anything owen can do, Jezza can do better. Way to go Jezza, that would be just over 10% lower than where Greece was just before it toppled into a vicious spiral of GDP deflation and debt inflation as it had to borrow more and more just to meet interest payments. Now Greece is at 175%.

Truly this is a competition of who can make the most outlandish and totally unsustainable pledge in the happy knowledge that Labour is so totally unelectable that neither man will get to trainwreck the economy with their crazy schemes. That Comrade Smith who would push us past the bankruptcy inflexion point on day 1 is the more moderate candidate shows just how far into la la land Labour now operates. Needless to say, since Comrade Jezza is winning this crazy auction of insanity, the bearded loon is ever more certain to secure my support in the actual contest.

It shows how out of touch both men are with "ordinary working folks". They do not see debt as a virtue. They may look at Greece, Portugal, Spain and Eire and see that when countries drown in debt, the rich businessman, media and political elites still have enough cash to dine out. It is the poor, the old, the young and the sick, the vulnerable who get crushed.

There is nothing Socialist about bankrupting your country but who is going to point this out to the Labour Party?

Tom Winnifrith



If Corbyn wins Labour Leadership we will get 2 parties- can I join both this is so much fun

1028 days ago

Being a member of the Labour Party is so much fun. Seriously: it is the cheapest form of entertainment going. Okay, when I say entertainment, it is rather like having front row seats at an illegal dog fight where both contestants emerge bloodied and unfit for anything but, now that fox hunting is illegal, if you like blood sports join the Labour Party.

One of the joys are the almost daily emails from all levels of the party and from the competing factions. Each sender competes with his or her rivals or superiors and inferiors in the party hierarchy to be the most sanctimonious and pious on issues that no-one on this planet cares about, with an occasional undertone of sheer nastiness, sometimes about the Tories, but usually about fellow Comrades.

The other joy is, of course, what appears to be an annual contest to select our dear leader. I am obviously new to the ways of the People's Party but as I understand it, whoever wins is then baited and stabbed in the back by all the other MPs for a year before they announce that he is even more despised than Comrade Blair, and so have another leadership contest.

This time around the person challenging Comrade Corbyn, the man who inspired myself and many other folks who were, shall we say, not exactly tribal Labour, to join last year, is a fellow called Owen Smith. He appears to be an Olympic standard flip flopper and, having told the papers that he agreed with Tony Blair on everything in 2008, he now stands on a platform that makes Michael Foot look like your average Daily Mail reader. Owen appears to have had a personality bypass at an early age and so not only can one not believe a word he says but you will also sleep through most of his words anyway.

Smith is so utterly hopeless that I am sorely tempted to vote for him but, on balance, I think I should continue backing the man who has made Labour what it it is today, Comrade Corbyn. He is a proven winner, at least for those on our "wing of the party." But this brings up the prospect that if - as seems likely - comrade Corbyn wins, that Smith and others in the Westminster bubble will form a new party.

Smith et al will have no money, no Union backing and most members will regard them as traitors but until they are wiped out at the election they will have more "Labour" MPs. I wonder if it might be possible to join this party as well, at least until it is wiped out in 2020. Will it have the annual backstabbing and leadership challenge? Will its members all hate each other as with Labour Mark 1?

There is a suggestion that this new party will be lead by a man who got his job because his Daddy used to lead the party, who somehow wriggled off a tax evasion charge and who sends his daughter to a £29,000 a year private school while ranting about how others should not have that choice, Mr Stephen Kinnock. He sounds like a real winner too. Where do I sign up? Or, as a member of Labour (Real) will I get in to Labour v2 without paying on a Buy One (Membership) Get One Free, BOGOF basis? Whatever, count me in.

Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer we'll keep the red flag flying here. Exactly.

Tom Winnifrith



Owen Smith on Newsnight - so utterly awful, I consider switching from Corbyn

1032 days ago

I was told that someone called Mr Smith, who no-one had heard of until a couple of weeks ago but now wants to lead the Labour party, was being interviewed on Newsnight and so tuned in. I sat in amazement wandering for a couple of minutes what a drab little man who looked like an accountant from a small provincial town was doing there. Even for an accountant he was terribly dull and as he droned on about double entry book-keeping and how he was generating new business for the practice at the rotary club I fell asleep. I woke up to find that the tedious little man was still droning on and was in fact Owen Smith MP.

He was asked about immigration and suggested that Labour was not connecting to the working classes in not recognising that it was not always beneficial. So would he limit it? Er... three times he declined to answer that one instead bashing the Tories for abolishing some ministerial post or other. That was Owen trying to reach out to smelly working class voters but not quite wanting to actually talk their language. Owen would rather eat guacamole with his Guardian reading pals.

Owen and his middle class mates who, like him, got cushy white collar jobs, thanks to family connections, post University and who have never suffered poverty, might think that the working class will swallow his nonsense on immigration but they are wrong. You could see through his pathetic pretence of sharing the concerns of the sans culottes when he clearly did not, a mile off. On this matter he is just a transparent little fraud.

So what about Trident? Corbyn was wrong in the 1980s but is right now that it is a waste of money but Smith was wrong in the 1980s in backing CND and is doubling up now in being wrong again now in wanting to spunk £205 billion on a new system. He told the interviewer that recent events in France and Germany show how much more dangerous the world is which is why we need Trident. Why? The interviewer let him off the hook there but how exactly does having nuclear missiles deter a chap with an axe on a German train?

Then it was onto patriotism. Apparently Smith thinks Jeremy Corbyn is not really patriotic. In justifying this claim he used the words "liberal and left" in a negative sense. Sod Theresa May with her affirmative action policies promoting idiots like Amber Rudd because she is female, make Owen Smith leader of the Tories, he was starting to sound like a real Conservative. Patriotism is of course the last refuge of the scoundrel and smearing Corbyn for not being a patriot makes Smith the scoundrel's scoundrel.

Actually that is a bit harsh as it implies that Smith has a real game plan. The reality is that he is all over the shop. Back in 2008 when he said he agreed with Tony Blair on everything, Smith was advocating private sector involvement in the NHS. Now he wants no private sector involvement in the NHS. It is not the flip flop that is painful but that Smith now denies that he ever held views which he was well documented as holding back in the day.

After what seemed like an eternity the interview drew to a close. Smith had been shown up as a flip flopper, as a man who was dishonest about his past views, a man with no vision and a man who landed the silliest smears on Corbyn. But above all he was just boring. My initial analogy was perhaps unfair...on accountants who get their kicks at the rotary club. Smith cannot help the way he looks, his nasal drone or the way he waffles on drearily. But that is how he comes across and he really did send me to sleep.

At this point, I would like to apologise to Angela Eagle for suggesting that she was the one Labour MP who might lead the People's Party to an even greater humiliation than that which it faces under Comrade Corbyn. I take that back. Owen Smith is so utterly boring and so transparently fraudulent in his attempts to "connect" with the great unwashed that he will truly trainwreck the party once and for all.

So bad was Smith that I am sorely tempted to switch my allegiance from the bearded loon to the little fraud to ensure electoral devastation for Labour. But as one who craves some excitement in life I fear that four years of soporific Smith would be far less entertaining than four more years of Jezza. And so pro tem I have to remain a loyal party member, standing shoulder to shoulder with Comrade Corbyn, marching towards an electoral precipice

Tom Winnifrith



You have 24 hours to invest £25 to save Britain forever: join Labour & Vote Corbyn ( but here's how to do it on the cheap)

1039 days ago

The NEC of the People's Party has changed its rules on who can vote in the forthcoming leadership election in a last stab at stopping Comrade Corbyn from winning the contest. But it is not too late to foil the wicked Blairite anti-democrats and to do your bit for Labour and for the Country. It is simple and costs £25. Actually it does not, you can do your bit for Jezza for far less. But act fast.

The polls suggest that in a contest among Labour members between Comrade Corbyn and either of his two rivals, the backers of illegal wars in Iraq and many other Blairite causes Mr Smith (who is he?) and Comrade Eagle it would be close.

But in polls among the wider electorate it seems that Comrade Eagle would be even more of an electoral liability than Comrade Corbyn and so many of us are torn. However Mr Smith might just be less of a liability and thus it is the duty of all good patriots to stand firm behind Comrade Corbyn to ensure that he can lead Labour forward to complete oblivion.

It costs £25 to join Labour buit only a fool would pay the full whack. Here is how to get in on the cheap to back Jezza.

If you are from an ethnic minority you get two years membership for just £5, c/o its patronising sub grouping for ethnics - BAME Labour. Labour needs this little bit of tokenism because, as every rich metropolitan liberal living in leafy, nearly all white, neighbourhoods knows, all ethnic minorities are oppressed by racism and so are all very poor and always will be.

I have not asked whether Anglo-Irish counts as ethnic or whether being eligible for an Indian passport thanks to my maternal grandmother being born out East means I can join BAME. I fear that whilst I can become an Indian I could not become a member of Labour's grouping for people including Indians. Whatever....You can join BAME here.

Or you could join LGBT Labour and it only costs £8. I was beginning to think that as a white straight guy I was sort of discriminated against by the Labour Party. What on earth makes the patronising bastards in Labour think that LGBT folks are any less affluent than straight people or, as Mr Smith defined them yesterday "normal" people. All the evidence is, as it happens, to the reverse.  

But as it appears that you do not need to be a shirt lifter to join LGBT Labour. Great. This grouping's website notes that "Supportive membership is open to all." Fabbo. If, like me, you are supportive of gay rights. If unlike Mr Smith who reckons being married to a woman and having kids is "normal" you actually regard being gay as normal too, you too can join LGBT Labour and get right behind Comrade Corbyn for just £8 HERE

I was trying to find the Labour Party grouping offering cheap membership to genuinely poor working class folks from the grim North who were once the bedrock of the party. But apparently Labour does not want to reach out to them and they have to pay the full whack or can just fuck off.

More guacamole! Jasper now where do we join LGBT Labour, I'm sure all our multi-millionaire neighbours in Hampsted are already on board. Spiffing idea Comrade.

If you wish to assist the great leader to take Labour the final yards, over the precipice, you have 24 hours to invest as little as a fiver most wisely.

Tom Winnifrith



Jeremy Hunt for Tory leader - he's avin a bubble

1060 days ago

Suddenly Comrade Corbyn's Labour party is in with a slim chance for it appears that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is pitching to be the next Tory leader. Short of appointing Roy Hodgson it is hard to see how the Cons could think of a bigger death wish candidate.

Not only did he manage a PR disaster when the greedy bastard junior doctors went on strike but then he caved into the little Trustrafarians. So bad spin and a defeat. In the Referendum he backed the losing side and has trumped that by suggesting we now need a second referendum on the terms of Brexit. Hunt thus shows his contempt for the electorate.

You know what Jeremy? It is mutual.

If you wish to do something for your party you should announce that you are standing down at the next election. The fact that you even consider standing just shows what a fantasy world you live in, your arrogance and brass neck.

Just get it into your thick, elitist, head: no-one likes you.

Tom Winnifrith



Comrades - we must De-Select Kulak former comrade Kerry McCarthy now

1062 days ago

Kerry McCarthy has just become the seventh member of the shadow cabinet to quit in a palace coup designed to oust our democratically elected leader comrade Corbyn. Kerry is my local MP and so as a loyal member of the people's party, since last summer, I am mortified.

How dare Comrade Kerry suggest that Jezza is out of touch. This is the woman who said meat eaters should be treated like smokers. How exactly does she think that resonates with core Labour voters in the grim Northern welfare safaris or even back in Bristol East? That is the sort of crass shite the metropolitan elite has been spouting for years which has managed to alienate the same folks Labour was created to represent.

And comrade Kerry thinks comrade Corbyn is out of touch? She must have been smoking the sort of stuff Will Straw used to trade in before he started dealing in smears

In Bristol East, as elsewhere, loyal party members voted for comrade Corbyn to be the dear leader last year. Now MPs are trying to subvert that democratic wish. Traitors! The Dear leader must act swiftly to deal with the Kulaks such as comrade McCarthy in order to protect the revolution. There is no time to be lost. Onwards to victory.

Tom Winnifrith



Just in case you had forgotten - the real crackpots are in the Labour party - lets have tea with ISIS

1159 days ago

Amid all the hoo-hah about the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith it is easy to forget that one reason that the Tories are happy to fight each other is that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party appears determined to make itself utterly unelectable. My local MP, ardent vegan Kerry McCarthy, is now the shadow minister in charge of farming and thinks that meat eaters should be treated like smokers, as pariahs. But if you thought she was barking mad meet Christine Shawcroft.

This old Trotskyite sits on Labour's National Executive and has just opined that the way to fight the islamofascist war criminal butchers of ISIS is not with air strikes but with tea bags, that is to say our soldiers should head off to Raqqa for a friendly cuppa.

Of course comrade Shawcroft is right about air strikes. Our RAF planes are achieving little other than making the UK a prime target for ISIS. We should not be intervening. But the naivete of her suggested solution to the conflict is breathtaking.

It is not that Comrades Shawcroft or McCarthy are evil, bad or wicked. I am sure that they are both very well meaning decent indibiduals and, for all I know, are charming and fun to be with as well. Actually I doubt that, they both appear to be rather humourless ladies. 

The problem is that they come over as just being utterly barking mad and - as a general rule - Britain does not like to vote for folks that are so clearly mad from the off. For a politician to be certifiable once in power is to be expected but they should at least try to hide the fact until the contest is won. That does not appear to be the way of Comrade Corbyn's Labour Party.

Tom Winnifrith



Now that Comrade Corbyn is i/c I can admit to loving Between the Wars by Billy Bragg

1342 days ago

The pre-election purge of Comrades who might actually believe in Socialism is over and thus I now feel able to admit to greatly liking the works of Billy Bragg without fear of expulsion from the Labour Party. As I drove to and from London yesterday Bragg was my constant companion and there was a particular pleasure in blasting out and singing along to "Between the Wars" as I passed the former Labour HQ under Comrade War Criminal Blair on Millbank and the Houses of Parliament. Listen to the words and remember that this classic was written is 1985.

Today many on the left talk of austerity but here Bragg uses the word three decades before most Comrades regarded it as fashionable.  The Bard of Barking refers to the 1930s - surely we must admit that the life of the poor now is so much better than it was then? That was real austerity. This is faux austerity.

Bragg sings of the dignity of the working man - 30 years ago he talks of the right to a Living Wage. But it is a working man not a welfare man. There is no dignity in poverty that is self-inflicted. 

Naturally there is much in this song that I cant's agree with "Call up the crafstman, bring me the draftsman, build me a path from cradle to grave". Not so sure Comrade, but Bragg is a true craftsman when it comes to poetry set to music. Eve if you are on the meritocratic libertarian right there is much in this classic that you can agree with. Perhaps Comrade Corbyn should suggest this as our new National Anthem


Tom Winnifrith



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