Am I wicked in looking forward to the death of the White Widow, the British ISIS bitch Sally Jones?

980 days ago

Bloody Martin McGuinness: heading rapidly towards death - can I say that I am sorry?

1129 days ago

Feeling old - my wife's friends look back on a year of births - for me its deaths

1193 days ago

Another reason to leave the EU at once: Drunken imbecile President Juncker on the passing away of Fidel Castro

1230 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: AIM Death List Update 4 - Four New Entrants, now 10 kills from 27

1233 days ago

A good reason NOT to employ millennial women - they are statistically pathetic

1287 days ago

BBC mourns and lauds ISIS poster girl Kadiza Sultana: Like everyone else I celebrate her death

1336 days ago

It was 40 years ago today, well not quite: back at Warwick School via Myton hospice

1363 days ago

Writing about death and family then it happens for real

1364 days ago

Thrashing away hacking back the frigana, I am reminded of a short story from the depression

1420 days ago

Media meltdown as its PrinceRIP - how will they cope when Saint Bono pops his clogs?

1448 days ago

Jihadi John – another extra-judicial killing, this is wrong

1609 days ago

Golden Saint Resources Live Execution Deathwatch day 15 – Guess What?

1628 days ago

The Bears Scent Death at Quindell – King of the US Bears Muddy Waters weighs in

1996 days ago

Is it a death threat for Tom Winnifrith or just a total moron who owns Gulf Keystone

2200 days ago

Putting life & death in perspective in Clerkenwell today

2546 days ago

Planning for your death as a small businessman

2557 days ago

Cupid Mega Bear Aubrey Brocklebank also looking at Dignity

2569 days ago

Guest Post: Aubrey Brocklebank: Dignity It's your funeral

2647 days ago

Dignity – Death is not a one way bet

2648 days ago