Friday April 19, 2019
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Photo article - are you as tight-fisted and mean as a London tourist?

266 days ago

 Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater, says that until last week it was happening, on average, 12 times a day. Tourists would wander past his, most excellent, Wedge Issue pizza joint on the Clerkenwell Road and just walk in asking if they could use its loos for free. Of course cleaning the bogs, providing loo paper etc means such a service is a cost for Darren with no revenue associated. So he put sign below up, with a jar with some coins in it behind....

Surely a few coppers to a great charity like Woodlarls in return for using the loos is not too much to ask? Apparently it is. Most tourists apparently see the sign and now walk on. Tight fisted bastards. 

I am sure you are not as mean as the tourist vermin are you? Tomorrow i will walk 33 miles in the burning heat across Surrey to raise money for Woodlarks. We have already raised almost £24,000. Our target is £25,000.

Please donate whatever you can HERE

Tom Winnifrith



Walking, walking, walking – update on my training for Woodlarks, another day of humiliation

311 days ago

I see that  Brokerman Dan, who will be walking 32 miles for Woodlarks with me on July 28, has tweeted about completing a 15 mile training walk. In the smug looking selfie that accompanied the tweet the old bastard looks fresh as a daisy, as if he had just strolled to and from the local corner store. If only it were that way for me.

On Saturday or Sunday I shall be doing my weekend long walk. Last Saturday I managed ten miles. The target this weekend is 12-14 miles along the River Avon starting at bath and heading West. Do I stop at the Chequers pub ( 11.5 miles) or can I make it to the Conham River car park (14 miles) and get the Mrs to take me back to the pub by car? Decisions, decisions.

Pro tem it is back to five miles every other day – my weekday training. Yesterday saw me do just over 3.5 miles in an hour on a constant uphill gradient of between 4 and 7 ( whatever that means) at the local gym run by Perry the Tory here in Brislington, Bristol. The body builders who are the gym’s other clients did not giggle but at the end I was sweaty and smelly but not actually that breathless and easily able to walk straight to Joshua’s nursery and wheel him home. That involves a couple of steep hills as well so a  good five miles in all and lots of hill work.

I worry that the Woodlarks walk has a lot of hills along the way.

I am not sure that the girls who look after Joshua at his nursery were that impressed by his sweaty and smelly dad. I tried to mumble something about training and a 32 mile walk but decided quickly that the best thing to do was to get him out of there as soon as possible with a promise that we could go visit the snakes and rabbits at Pets at Home over the way.

Today is a day off although I shall do the one and a half mile walk to pick Joshua up just to keep my hand in so to speak. Instead I have sent a few emails to encourage folks to make their donations.  After about three weeks of fund raising Dan and I have raised £5718.16 ( with gift aid that is £6,815.210). That is 28% of our £20,000 (without gift aid) target so not bad.

But most of you reading this article have  not yet pledged. To those that have I am grateful and will not let you – or myself – down. To those that have not, I am sure that you can spare a tenner. Go on, think of me trying to explain away how smelly I was to Joshua’s carers, think of the muscle men laughing at me, think of my humiliation, laugh and donate a tenner HERE

Tom Winnifrith



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