Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Is there something Manolete wants to tell us all?

11 days ago

Manolete: attempted PR hit job on ShareProphets as company issues woeful attempted rebuttal of our dossier

67 days ago

The Dark Destroyer Matt Earl launches new attack dossier on Boohoo

120 days ago

The Dark Destroyer Matt Earl's Shadowfall outft publishes daming 69 page dossier on Future PLC

236 days ago

Muddy Waters credits ShareProphets and Drunken Sailor as publishes new Burford dossier

389 days ago

Muddy Waters new dossier: ex CIA spooks called in to show Burford (BUR) is, allegedly, misdleading investors

403 days ago

Carson Block & Muddy Waters hit back at Burford - the rebuttal of the rebuttal appears compelling (and we publish in full)

408 days ago

BREAKING: Gotham City set to issue Burford short dossier this weekend

411 days ago

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: New 1 billion Euro short dossier from Gabriel Grego - Italy AIM listed Bio-On

429 days ago

Aphria - a cannabis giant set to go to zero: the new Gabriel Grego dossier

661 days ago

IQE counters on Matt Earl dossier - but does it? Methinks not.... keep selling: Earl hits back

962 days ago

Journalists from the FSU cotton onto the Frontera Resources malarky - full dossier here

1018 days ago

Top Boffin slams UK Oil & Gas analysis as "fundamentally flawed" - new dossier

1117 days ago