Friday March 22, 2019
Photo article - I've never seen this beastie in the wild before today
Photo article from the Greek Hovel - a swimming pool for Olaf starts to take shape
San Francisco honours IRA butcher Martin McGuinness for his war record – a crazy cause too far


Awesome Mid term campaign ad by the Republicans featuring a cameo by Crooked Hillary Clinton

140 days ago

The arrogance of Apple boss Tim Cook – God will not be amused, surely eternity with Hillary Clinton beckons

147 days ago

A new take on #MeToo – Hillary Clinton gives CEOs a green light to fuck the entire intern pool

158 days ago

The rank hypocrisy of the liberal left as they shout #Metoo and buy $745 tickets to meet a rapist and his enabler: the Clintons

164 days ago

Taylor Swift (net worth $280m) – do folks earning $33.954 pa give a FF about your political views?

165 days ago

Daughter Olaf berates my T-shirt and wants Mayor Sadiq Khan to be PM – should I disown her?

279 days ago

Hillary Clinton - don't call yourself a capitalist - folks hated you for being a crook

323 days ago

Video: Crooked Hillary Clinton slams half of her fellow Americans (again) as racist and sexist

374 days ago

Video - Crooked Hillary Clinton falls down stairs again but its only we right wingers and Russian Bots who think she has health issues?

374 days ago

The Liberal media says #Trump2020 is a busted flush - have they read the latest polls? Put your money on POTUS

391 days ago

#ReleaseTheMemo - It was never Trump it was always about crooked Hillary

427 days ago

#Oprah2020 - Bring it On, we deplorables can't wait for someone even better than Hillary

437 days ago

This is a first: I agree with Hillary Clinton - Nikki Haley for 2024!

453 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - I am not the 55th person Hillary Clinton had murdered

501 days ago

54 folks close to the Clintons who have been murdered or suicided - watch out Donna Brazile

503 days ago

Photo article: Even Harvey Weinstein has some standards

505 days ago

Breaking: Photo Evidence emerges of Donald Trump with Proven Russian collaborator

507 days ago

Trump Russia scandal - Manafort charged: pathetic and unrelated, not a glove laid on POTUS

508 days ago

Disgraceful: Kevin Spacey plays the gay card as he stands accused of child rape

508 days ago

This is now very clear: The real Russia scandals of 2016 are Hillary Clinton's - why will the British Media not report this?

511 days ago

Video: the rampers meneage a trois made in heaven: David Lenigas, the LSE Asylum and UK Oil & Gas

514 days ago

The Real Russia Scandal in American Politics - its the Clintons, Uranium and those pesky mega bribes

518 days ago

My #1QuestionforHillaryClinton - guess who paid Bill's legal bills during the Monica Lewinsky scandal?

521 days ago

Waiting for crooked Hillary Clinton on the BBC Women's Hour - are its listener's mad?

521 days ago

The Mrs to brainwash Joshua at Bernie Sanders event - looks like I may get outvoted on fleeing Corbyn's Britain

657 days ago

Hillary Clinton blames sexism for her electoral crushing but admits there may be other issues, such as what your crookedness?

688 days ago

Who will the Lefty Wimmin & Islington poseurs want to win: The Daily Mail or Melania Trump?

783 days ago

Bristol Against Trump is having a demo today - who'll tell the lefties that things changed in 1776?

791 days ago

Fantastic musical video in honor of Hillary Clinton: What Difference does it make? - Lock Her Up

844 days ago

Video: The amazing Mark Steyn on the ludicrous pomposity & irrelevance of the Clinton loving liberal "celebs"

846 days ago

Donald Trump has betrayed true conservatives, we deplorables: We want HER locked up

849 days ago

The vile double standards of the liberal left when it comes to Melania Trump

855 days ago

#BoycottGrubHub - Nasdaq listed company commits commercial suicide over Donald Trump

858 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Final thoughts on the Donald Trump victory - a liberal establishment in denial

860 days ago

Glass Ceilings: Hillary Clinton and the fascist Marine Le Pen

860 days ago

Eight reasons to delight in a win for President Donald Trump

863 days ago

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton - the Polls are still Rigged for the Dems ...but

864 days ago

Reader Poll Result: ShareProphets readers want Donald Trump to win but fear a close win for Hillary Clinton

864 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Will gold zoom if/when Trump wins

865 days ago

A recap on today's Hillary Clinton can be hard keeping up

866 days ago

Egdon at 14.5p worth 38p says VSA

866 days ago

Peter Schiff: Q3 GDP data rigged to help Hillary Clinton and emails explained for dummies & cars tell you its 2008 all over

866 days ago

Just when you thought the US Election could not get any weirder - #SpiritCooking at Camp Hillary Clinton

868 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Why I want Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton

868 days ago

Clint Eastwood makes my day as he tweets it as it is on Crooked Hillary Clinton

870 days ago

Video: Hillary Clinton for Prison Banners sprouting up everywhere - even at the World Series

870 days ago

Paddy Power blows a million dollars by paying out on a Crooked Hillary Clinton win 2 weeks ago. Premature?

871 days ago

Even the Rigged Polls showing Hillary Clinton ahead tell you that Trump is winning now

872 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Crooked Hillary, insider dealing and the Mrs fiasco

872 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: banking £309 fecking quid from Audioboom - 21 bottles of ouzo ahoy!

873 days ago

Caption Contest for my Card: But what to get for Hillary Clinton this Christmas

873 days ago

Ignore the lying liberal media: What the polls actually said, even pre FBI, is that Trump can win!

873 days ago

FBI re-opens Hillary Clinton email probe - this is very serious: Presidential race wide open

874 days ago

Photo article: Can I now wear my Hillary for Prison T-Shirt here in Bristol?

874 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Trump is not the threat to World Peace, Crooked Hillary Clinton is

877 days ago

Feeling Old - My daughter says "no-one listens to them anyway: was Bono really in U2?"

879 days ago

New Video evidence of Team Hillary Clinton trying to rig election emerges

879 days ago

Don't Tell the BBC or C4 but Donald Trump is now leading in some opinion polls

880 days ago

Veritas Video: Hillary Clinton Rigging the Election part 2 - massive vote fraud

881 days ago

Rigging the Election - Video I: Hillary Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

881 days ago

The Hypocrisy of the liberal Media as Donald Trump blasts rigged election

882 days ago

Why Hillary Clinton Reminds me of an ex wife - debate three

882 days ago

Video: Career criminal Hillary Clinton - 25 of her (many) crimes

883 days ago

Channel 4's Matt Frei meets Bruce Springsteen for a Trump hatefest - even the Boss looks embarrassed

884 days ago

NBC Wall Street Journal Poll showing Trump 11 points behind - why it is a lie

886 days ago

The Mainstream Media will be the big losers from Trump vs Clinton as the big lies are exposed

887 days ago

Advanced Oncotherapy Open Offer at 100p: I'd rather get stranded on a desert Island with Hillary Clinton than accept

887 days ago

Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton? Which is better for gold

887 days ago

Hillary Clinton's lead is tiny and shrinking - the polls are just wrong: here's why

891 days ago

Whoever wins on November 8th - it is a one term Presidency for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

892 days ago

Debate Two - A massive win for Donald Trump, he can still win the Presidency

893 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Despite the sex video Donald Trump is not finished yet whatever the BBC & liberal media tells you

894 days ago

Crooked Hillary Clinton is coughing and staggering again - its not her health its the cover up

902 days ago

The post debate poll bounce for Hillary Clinton - it is not enough: Trump will still win

902 days ago

Clinton Trump Debate - I admit it: Hillary won but Trump can still win the Election

906 days ago

So Gennifer Flowers can't make the front row to stare at Hillary Clinton tonight - who should stand in at the debate?

907 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Why Donald Trump is the candidate who walks in the footsteps of Dr Martin Luther King

909 days ago

Lifelong Democrat Kirk Douglas compares Donald Trump to Hitler - the Hollywood liberals are rattled

909 days ago

Bruce Springsteen supports Hillary Clinton, terms Trump a moron and the Guardian thinks this is news.

909 days ago

The State that knows Crooked Hillary Clinton best shows American the way: latest Arkansas polling sets 44 year record

910 days ago

Is Hillary Clinton going to come clean on her health issues? Key rally dropout

912 days ago

Clinton Poll Collapse among young voters: the more they learn about Crooked Hillary....

914 days ago

Shock new poll: How will the liberal media explain how "racist" Trump is the most popular Republican with black voters in 56 years?

914 days ago

Media Spin - Let's mislead in Support of Crooked Hillary Clinton and Trump Bash - The i on Friday

915 days ago

Ron Howard is backing Hillary Clinton "Scoop" - Can SkyTV's Sophy Ridge be more stupid please?

916 days ago

The smartest easy money political bet - Lay Crooked Hillary Clinton. I bet Bill won't

919 days ago

Just doing a Russia Today interview on Hillary Clinton - I am not an ffing blogger!

921 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Crooked Hillary Clinton collapse - her lies & prospects and a bad day for the lying liberal media elites

921 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard - 8 Reasons why Donald Trump will defeat Hillary Clinton on November 8

929 days ago

Farage meets Trump on the stump and the liberal idiots go into meltdown

939 days ago

The British liberal Media wants to bury Trump so ignores the polls - The Donald is surging

945 days ago

8 share tips, Adam Reynolds, a Golden Night at Saracens RFC - UK Investor Mag - download now!

945 days ago

Photo article: Hillary for Prison 2016 - a new T-shirt arrives but the Mrs is not impressed

951 days ago

British Forces are in Syria - are we stark raving mad?

952 days ago

Wakey wakey liberal British Media - the real breaking story is not Trump gaffes but Crooked Hillary's Crookedness

952 days ago

Crooked Hillary Clinton poll lead is evaporating as predicted: UK liberal media in denial

955 days ago

The Guardian & other liberal media smear Clint Eastwood as an apologist for racism because he backs Trump

960 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - a mad mad world is getting madder

961 days ago

Caption Contest Hillary Clinton has been a role model for young girls for 30 years

962 days ago

ISIS & Al Qaeda must be praying that Crooked Hillary Clinton defeats Trump

965 days ago

Are you a guilty white liberal who wants to self flagellate to atone for the sins of your ancestors?

966 days ago

The Liberal media creams itself over Michelle Obama...they still don't get it

967 days ago

How will the media spin the divided Democrats & will Wikileaks send Crooked Hillary to jail?

969 days ago

BBC Bashing of Donald Trump - just how out of touch and dishonest can it be?

974 days ago

The late Jo Cox MP and the Brexit Killer Lie as Project Fear becomes Project Smear

1008 days ago

Only a superscandal can now stop Clinton lining up to get beaten by Trump in November

1016 days ago

Is this the worst Trump & crooked Hillary reporting yet? BBC World News heads out West

1020 days ago

Just two weeks to stop crooked Clinton handing the White House keys to Trump

1035 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Ignore the British liberal media, why Trump will beat Clinton in November

1037 days ago

Video: Hillary Clinton Warmonger vs Donald Trump for Peace - what the British Liberal Media won't say

1104 days ago

Top of the Pops – Hamas Style

2305 days ago

Syria – Which Side are we on and why?

2412 days ago

Syria – Both Sides are Vile – who wants to intervene now?

2423 days ago

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