Sunday May 19, 2019
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This is a first: I agree with Hillary Clinton - Nikki Haley for 2024!

511 days ago

Sadly, since the passing of the 22nd Amendment in 1951, the US Constitution limits a President to two terms. It would be wonderful to think of Donald Trump causing all those, who right thinking folk despise, in Hollywood, the NFL, the liberal media and the special interest groups howling with anger in perpetuity as he talks common sense and stands up for American values. But sadly the party will come to an end after his second term, in 2024. And that brings me to crooked Hillary. You know, as I approach my 50th birthday for the first time ever, I find myself agreeing with the enabler of a rapist.

The question is who should take over from Trump. VP Mike Pence does a fairly good job of taking on the nauseating libs. His walk out in protest at the NFL prima donnas who decided to "take a knee" during the National Anthem was a stand out effort. How the liberal media baited him for that. I have not seen the BBC, the Guardian or C4 giving any coverage to how NFL attendances have plunged this year, stadia are full of empty seats and TV ratings have dived. Pence and Trump spoke for mainstream USA who are now boycotting the millionaire players with their hissy fits. The liberal media again backed the small liberal elite who think its okay to disrespect the flag and the anthem. So remind us Matt Frei, Kylie Morris et al who is it, you say is out of touch?

So Pence must be deemed a front runner. But call me disloyal but I agree with the crooked one: it is time to break the glass ceiling. I am ready now to start donating to Nikki Haley for 2024. The UN ambassador put in a cracking effort this week on cutting off aid to crooked third world Yankee bashers and Jew haters and is an all round top banana. She supports the right to bear arms, is opposed to murdering unborn kids, has no time at all for transgender folks in the military and wants Government to be smaller.

A devout Christian, born of Indian immigrants she is the American dream typified. Work hard and you can achieve anything, in the land of the free. She has been compared to Margaret Thatcher given her views on the desirability of a smaller state. A Haley candidacy would see tough words on immigration and no compromise on matters such as abortion. Watching the liberal media smear try to portray her as a racist and a sexist, as they do as a matter of course to white male GOP candidates with the same views, will be fun.

Haley is a Southerner who is not ashamed of the Confederate Flag (cue NY Times Op Ed on racism in the GOP), her husband did a tour of duty in Afghanistan - a great contrast to all those Dems who go round urging the US to invade everywhere but whose families never serve in the line of duty.

Haley has the lot. I road tested the idea on my godless 16 year old daughter Olaf who has requested a copy of the crooked one's book "why everyone else is to blame for me losing" for Christmas. She looked up Haley on google and described her as awful and unacceptable. If that is how you are viewed by an Islington elitist you have got to be doing almost everything right.

Haley for 2024

Tom Winnifrith



An unapologetic BBC, lying Swedes, immigration, rape, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage & Fake News

804 days ago

After Donald Trump's comments on Sweden and immigration, the Swedish home secretary Ylva Johansson gave an interview on the BBC News channel when she said there was no connection between crime and immigration and the level of rape in Sweden is “going down, and going down, and going down.”

Fair enough. That interview took place last week. The BBC did not challenge the minister at all since her pro immigration Trump bashing agenda is that of the UK state funded broadcaster. There is just one problem. The Minister lied.

She went on to lie. "The level of rapes is not actually high in Sweden”, contradicting another BBC hate figure Nigel Farage claiming he “doesn’t really know what he is talking about.”

There is only one problem with that statement which the BBC also did not bother to challenge since the elitist liberal broadcaster hates Farage almost as much as it hates Trump. That statement was also a lie.

Sweden, as you can see here, has the sixth highest rape rate in the World and the highest in Europe. Okay it is lower than Lesotho but it is still utterly shocking. A woman is more than three times as likely to get raped in Sweden than in Norway and six times as likely as across the EU as a whole. But maybe things are getting better? Er no.

The latest figures show a 13% increase in reported sex crimes in Sweden in 2016, and there has been a general increase over the past ten years. She has been slammed by a raft of MPs in Sweden from across the political spectrum but has the BBC run a correction or pulled the original programme yet?

Clearly it was running fake news but it is fake news that suits its agenda so that is all okay then is it not. It is not as if it will lose any revenue to fund its overpaid staff as a result of broadcasting lies and then refusing to withdraw them or correct them. We lucky Brits have to pay a poll tax to fund this rubbish or else we are threatened with prison and however low the fake BBC news stoops, that never changes.

Tom Winnifrith



Can Jo Cox's sanctimonious husband Brendan STFU - your wife was not a nationally loved saint

815 days ago

The sanctimonious husband of the late Labour MP Jo Cox, murdered by an obvious loon last June, has decreed that we should all hold street parties this June to mark her death and celebrate bringing communities together with love not dividing them with hate blah, blah, blah, we all reject UKIP as they steal our bicycles and hate immingrants yadda, yadda, yadda. The media luvvies of the liberal elite live in the same fantasy world as Mr Cox and dare not tell him the truth.

Until she was murdered 99% of us had never heard of Jo Cox. She suported a range of causes held as evident truths my the metroplitan elite, such as global warming and the benefits of mass immigration and multiculturalism, which most folks in the UK either do not care about or actively disagree with.

She was killed by a madman and Brendan reckons that as an MP - normally someone who like most folks in the top 3% of wage earners enjoys a cossetted existence - her death means more than all the other murders that happen in the UK each year. Most of those other victims are poor folk. Violent crime so rarely effects the elite that when it does they really are shocked.

I hope Mr Cox grieves with his kids on that bad anniversary. There might be the odd street party in Islington. But generally those who endeavoured to make political points or capital from Ms Cox's death, like the loathsome former drug dealer, hereditary politician and son of a war criminal, Will Straw, were viewed by we, the great unwashed, with unbridled contempt.

Im sure that Jo Cox was a caring and well meaninhg woman albeit one misguided on a wide range of issues. I am sure she was a great mother. I am also sure that Brendan was a loving and faithful husband. But sorry pal you live in cloud cuckoo land if you think that I or 99% of the folks in Britain will be holding a street party to remember her death.

Tom Winnifrith



The liberal left shows its love of free speech with some more death threats & by banning unheard speeches

853 days ago

Once upon a time, on both sides of the Atlantic, those on the liberal left believed in free speech and liberty. Back in the era of Mccarthy it was we on the right who were, correctly slammed, for stifling debate. I like to think that was an glitch in that for most of us who believe in a small state, freedom of expression is a given, it is part of the DNA of our thought set. It is the Big State loving left that wants to decide what the little people should think and say.

In recent years barely a week has gone by without some University no platforming not only good conservatives like Ann Coulter or Mark Steyn but also mad lefties such as Germaine Greer or Peter Tatchell because on some issue or another they are not quite mad enough. And holding the wrong view means that, for many on the left, you must just be silenced. And then abused by the Guardian, the BBC, the Washington post and pitiful CNN.

The intolerant left has had a cracking start to 2017. First came the revelation that Oxford Physics Don Joshua Silver had reported useless Home Secretary Amber Rudd for a "hate crime" for her Tory conference speech with some very silly proposals on immigration. That Rudd is an airhead with daft and unworkable and pointless ideas is a given. But to say this is a hate crime is surely insanity, particularly when, like Professor Silver, you did not actually listen to the speech.

At least it added to the stats showing a post Brexit rise in hate crimes which can all be blamed on Nigel Farage and it also wasted Police time and will perhaps deter others from even discussing immigration. For folks like Prof Silver there is no need to debate immigration - what is there to debate?

Trumping the insanity from Oxford came news that Opera star Andrea Bocelli had backed out of singing at the inauguration of Donald Trump after he received death threats. The liberal press thinks that it is very brave of Meryl Streep to stand up in a room full of millionaire liberals and say how Hollywood actors (ie millionaire liberals) are threatened by the Trump regime, singled out for attack.

it seems Trump's main crime in this regard is pointing out how American voters ignored the ludicrous threats made by the Hollywood elite about how America had to vote for crooked Hillary or they would all move to Canada. At the last count not one luvvie has headed to the frozen North. A celeb I admire is anyone brave enough to shrug off the abuse and threats from his or her fellow "artistes" and who will join most Americans in celebrating inauguration day on Friday.

Has Meryl Streep condemned those who posted death threats to Mr Bocelli yet? Or does she, like the rest of the left, not think that conservatives have any right to free speech?

Tom Winnifrith



Lily Allen you spoilt privileged luvvie snob you do not speak for me or for England on immigration: feck off!

948 days ago

Born to two celeb luvvie parents, the pop singer Lily Allen has never had to struggle. Growing up in lefty and leafy Islington she attended 13 different schools including uber posh Bedales and was booted out of most of them. She is fabulously wealthy thanks to her pop songs. And now, when visiting the Jungle near Calais, she has apologised to those there on behalf of the whole country. Lily you are an out of touch elitist and can fuck right off.

Most of the folks in the Jungle at Calais are harmless but a number are gang rapists and worse - crime is rife there. Lily wants the whole lot admitted to the UK. When they arrive the good folks and the bad will end up in poorer areas not where Lily lives. So the gang rapists won't threaten her. Not will any of them act as cheap labour in the singing profession and put downward pressure on her wages or ensure more rationing of education and health in the social circles inhabited by Lily.

For Lily there is no downside for immigration and so need to debate the fact that their presence in France shows Jungle residents are not refugees as they are already in a safe country. Their wish to move to Britain makes them economic migrants.

But rich folks like Lily and C4's uber liberal anchor Jon Snow want more migrants so facts don't matter. There will be more cheapo nannies, cleaners and waiters at posh restaurants on offer for the liberal millionaires and no downside. Lily lives a privileged life so remote from the rest of us that is one of the least qualified folk in Britain to speak on our behalf. Lily sweetie, you sell records, you are not mandated by the rest of us or qualified in any way to apologise on our behalf.

Post Brexit (which she opposed natch) Lily tweeted "One thing is for sure though Boris will not be negotiating with the working classes interests in mind. We must #STOPBORIS". Places like Bedales really teach you what the working classes want and qualify you to speak on their behalf.

Tom Winnifrith



Immigration: The Hungarians are Revolting but who is to blame? Everyone?

957 days ago

The Hungarian referendum on immigration left me feeling pretty disgusted by all involved. All the players appall me.

The liberal media wags from the BBC and Channel 4 were delighted to interview a raft of fat old Hungarians dressed in national costume heading off to vote. One woman insiated in sitting on the back seat of the car facing backwards with her ample arse in the air so as not to crumple her hideous dress which reminded us of folks in old Nazi propaganda movies from the thirties. Naturally 99% of those voting wandered to the station wearing jeans and looking normal. But the media wanted to show that all those voting to stop migration were old, inbred and stupid. We have seen that agenda before.

But the fact is that 98% of those voting did so because they wanted their constitution changed so that there would be no refugees forced on the Magyars by the EU. In this they are egged on by a loathsome Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, who says that the EU plans will destroy the Christian and Hungarian culture in his country. That is a blatant lie. The population of Hungary is just shy of 10 million. The EU set a quota for refugees of just 1300.

i am afraid that the Hungarian leader lied but his people must have known that he was talking nonsense but lapped it up anyway. Hungary appears keen to continue its long tradition of nationalism and intolerance of minorities which saw it side with Germany during the 1930s and in World War two as a willing ally. And so I find the attitude of the Hungarian nation mean spirited and frankly revolting.

But there is another player: the EU. It has simply imposed quotas on countries such as Hungary which are poor and whose people are hostile. There has been no consultation just a diktat by large unelected souls thousands of miles away. That is how the EU operates and it is something that is causing growing resentment by folks outside the elites across the continent.

I too am revolted by the actions of the EU on so many matters, notably the appalling way that the poor of my alternate homeland of Greece have been treated. The EU will cause folks across Europe to react against it in so many way. Brexit in Britain, this referendum in Hungary, by voting for fascists like Le Pen in France or Golden Dawn in Greece. Most of those outlets for anger fill me with horror.

None of the players in this Hungarian tale emerge looking like the good guys. They all deserve each other.

Tom Winnifrith



The family of 10 french immigrants who "deserve" a bigger house paid for by you

983 days ago

Mr Arnold Mballe Sub, his Mrs and eight kids moved from France to Luton in 2012 so that he could study to be a mental health nurse at the University of Bedforshire with the NHS picking up the £27,000 fee for the course. Neither Arnold or his Mrs work, they are currently housed in a three bedroom house. Before that they clocked up a bill of £38,400 staying in a hotel for four months. Actually it was worse. The family ordered hotel meals of £21,000 and then refused to pay leaving the Council to foot that bill as well. Chuck in benefits and this lot have cost the taxpayer £103,000 in the past year. It gets worse.

The family want a larger house which, natch, will be paid for by the State. They have been offered several five bed houses which might see some of the brats having to share but they are young so that should be okay. But apparently that would not have enough storage space so the family want more and they want it now. They accuse the State of leaving them feeling "neglected. At this point you and I might start to use the words "ungrateful parasites."

We all know that these spongers will get a larger house. They will be a lifelong drain on a State funded by hard working taxpayers and taking up nil cost accommodation in an area with a housing shortage. The British taxpayer has to pay for a French family. At every level you can see this is wrong. What on earth was the NHS, which is always bleating on about how underfunded it is, thinking when it organised this bonkers arrangement?

For years the media and political establishment has cried "racist" when anyone questions immigration or open borders with full welfare entitlements within the EU. When cases like this one crop up, time and time again we are assured that they are "one-offs". We all know that there are vast numbers of such "one-offs" but to express that view is racist so we can't say a thing.

I do not blame Arnold for a second. He has spotted that there is a flawed system and is quite legitimately milking it for all he can get. Don't blame Arnold blame the system.

And above all blame a political and media class which does not suffer any of the consequences of this structural insanity, that is for ordinary taxpayers, and has united in smearing anyone stupid enough to point out what was actually happening. it is the elite that created Arnold and his family and that elite still does not see the error if its ways, merely innate evil in anyone who raises a criticism of anything to do with immigration.

Tom Winnifrith



EU leaders react to Brexit by ignoring the little people even more

998 days ago

You would have thought that leaders of the failing Evil Empire would have reacted to Brexit and the surge in support for anti EU parties across the continent by at least pretending to listen to the people of Europe. Surely a few cliches about "we must listen" would have been standard spin. But the EU really does not care.

And thus the leaders of Germany, Italy and France have just met out to map out the way forward. Heck, no need to invite the 24 smaller nations. the great Axis powers and Vichy France will make the decisions and the puppet rulers of the Lebensraum nations will just do what they are told. The trio met up on some Italian island where the founding fathers of the EU had also met to map out their dream and Europe's nightmare. The symbolism was clear, the EU is not listening. And so the answer that the EU's heavy hitters came up to growing popular discontent was more integration. The leaders are not listening to the little people it is full steam ahead.

As if to make that point even more clear, EU boss Mr Juncker opined, in a rare moment of sobriety, that the worst invention ever was national borders. As countries across the EU start to take the view that open borders are bad news when it comes to controlling illegal immigrants and terrorists and so so in the face of a massive groundswell of popular opinion, Juncker says we must head in the opposite direction.

Of course it is not the wel guarded elite who get killed by ISIS and it is not the very well paid elite that suffer downward wage pressure as a result of migration. Being blown up or taking a pay cut, that is for little people.

The EU elite say that opposition to the Evil Empire is lead by deranged right wingers like Madame Le Pen. What they fail to understand is that so many folks are so revolted by the EU that they are forced to follow Madame Le Pen and her ilk. That is because the mainstream political elite, especially on the left, are - like Goldman Sachs, the other banksters and big business, travelling first class on the Express Train to more integration and a more powerful super state.

The ordinary folk of Europe have been abandoned by a political elite who once again have made it clear that they just do not care. Pensioners in Greece living in 9 Euro a day? Spanish youth unemployment at 65%? Another terror attack by a French National last night? Portuguese and Italian banks one inch from failing? The Euro elite think there is just no problem. There is. And that is why the UK will not be the last nation to decide that it is better off out.

Tom Winnifrith



German SPD Politician on Newsnight - clearly does not give a fuck what his voters think

1025 days ago

Some weasel from the SPD, Angela Merkel's coalition partners is on Newsnight. Kirsty Wark put it to him that a poll showed that a clear majority of Germans now thought that the Government's immigration policy was wrong. His answer?

"I do not think that it is wrong". Oh well that's okay then. Your people think your policies are wrong and want them changed but you know better than they do. Stupid little people go away, leave it to the political and media elite who know better.

This is not going to end well is it?

Tom Winnifrith



Lying Leadsom walks, the Establishment loves May and the nation gets crosser

1042 days ago

Andrea Leadsom was not my favoured candidate to be PM for a variety of reasons. In short she was a liar and socially illiberal and so I wanted her to lose even though Theresa May is, herself, a ghastly piece of work. I guess she now walks into Downing Street. Leadsom has, this morning, after apologising for making vile remarks that 48 hours ago she was smearing jounalists by claiming she had not made, pulled out of the race, May is crowned not elected.

The problem is that for many of us she is just another career politician who went to Oxbridge and has bugger all real life experience. She promised tough action on immigration - in a rather nasty fashion - but delivered only inaction. And she was on the wrong side in the EU Referendum. She wanted to stay.

Tory MPs are today saying what a jolly good woman Mrs May is and how their party is united as opposed to Labour which is not. That may be the case. But for many folks this is just the establishment rallying around each other. I did not like Leadsom but wished that an insurgency within the Tories had challenged that establishment. It is as if the Country Club Republicans who were so out of touch with the party base had managed to get Trump to withdraw and allowed little Marco Rubio to win unchallenged.

The Coronation of Remain supporting Mrs May will do nothing to arrest the long term decline in Tory membership or to reach out to a vast audience of "Thatcher Tories" or indeed Labour heartland Brexiteers who now find themselves without a voice.

The trouble is that no one really wants to speak for those people, bar UKIP. The establishment can celebrate with a kiss and make up session at Tory HQ and champers all round. The rest of us could not give a damn. We get on with our lives and think "fuck the lot of you." Are we so really sure that our Glorious Revolution rather than the French Revolution is the model for Britain as it seeks as way forward?

Tom Winnifrith



Are all students loathsome? The Great fraud on the British taxpayer repels me.

1053 days ago

Maybe it is just a feature of getting older but whenever I read about more or less anything to do with students and politics I find myself thinking that we should bring back National Service is a prerequisite for those wishing to study for a degree. Of course National Service was something I dodged by about thirty years, but when I was a student only 10% of folks went to university. We were - with a few exceptions - an elite. These days almost half of young folks go to what are, in many cases, laughably called Universities and it seems that large numbers of students are pathetic, idle or stupid or all three.

The leader of Britian's students, Malia Bouattia is a 28 year old perma-student fanatic who has featured here before as a supporter oif ISIS and fanatical Jew hater. The other day she told the world that Tory cuts to higher education (regrettably there have been none) were driving students to join ISIS. She is a barking mad fanatic but the fact that she was elected as head of the National Union of Students shows just how many students live in a parallel universe based on discredited ideas and a sense of entitlement.

Post the Brexit vote, in which only 30% of those between 18 and 25 could be bothered to get of their arse and put a cross in a box, the outpourings of grief from the young people who are "working" their way through the University system have been a hoot.

A thread on the student chat room ( stop chatting and get back to your studies you lazy fuckers) "The Student Room" entitled "Does anyone else feel genuinely depressed about Brexit?' is, it seems, humming. Comments include:

'I've felt so down all day because of this, and just have this constant sick feeling in my stomach.

'I genuinely feel like I'm grieving. I feel like I'm grieving for our growing economy (slow but steady). I'm grieving for our loss of cultural enrichment.'

'Took about an hour for my hands to stop shaking, and for my knees to return to some semblance of working order after I saw the result.'

"I have felt sick all day, and ashamed. And angry, with special little peaks of rage dedicated to the claptrap by degrees either ignorant, racist or both, that leavers have peddled as their "reasons".'

"Can I class Brexit as a traumatic event when fail my exams next week? Because honestly I'm so distracted now because of it."

"II wonder if I can get special consideration for my Further Maths and Physics exams today because I was stressed about Brexit?'


Hmmmm, so we leavers were all ignorant racists while the intelligentsia preparing to get a 2:1 in a joint course in media studies and basket weaving are now traumatised by the whole event. Whatever. Perhaps they should all be given counselling?

But who from? A lefty academic well known to me, who actually voted to leave, reports back that her facebook stream is unremittingly gloomy. Natch nearly all her facebook pals are also lefty academics and all are gloomy and also lashing out with the narrative that leave voters were ignorant and racist and that the world is going to end. Such is the violence of the "groupthink" on this that this individual has not dared to fess up to a single friend in academia that she voted to leave, lest she be branded a racist too. Or just thick. Or both. She just sits and listens as they rant on for they cannot consider the idea that the she voted to leave. They assume because of her job that she is part of the group think. 

At the "victory" party the same person attended on the night of the 2015 General Election as the results started to filter in there was a similar shock among these lefty academics. They could not believe what was happening because, as one put it, "I don't know anyone who voted Tory."

British academia has been expanded massively in the past three decades on the basis that this expansion was self funding via student fees and loans. Of course many of those taking out such loans will either emigrate ( some folks always do) or in many more cases just not earn enough to have to repay and so, in the end, it is the taxpayer who will pick up the tab for this massive default.

We have thus created a system which lefty academics will fight tooth and nail to defend whereby not very bright folks go to bogus new Universities to learn not a lot and to have their tiny brains polluted with lefty groupthink by an academic establishment will will not tolerate any dissent from what it deems to be the truth.

You would have more chance of a fair debate on cultural diversity with a team from the Spanish Inquisition than you would have on discussing in a balanced matter: global warming, changes to immigration policy, the benefits of capitalism, the right of Israel to exist or the merits or otherwse of the EU on a campus in Britain in 2016. If you are a student or indeed lecturer reading this, you can go to Google to discover what the Spanish Inquisition was.

And as a bonus the expansion of all this nonsense is anything but self funding. At some point that will become clear. You the taxpayer are paying for this totalitarianism and excercise in futility. Are you sure that it is worth it?

Tom Winnifrith



Video: Dodgy Dave Cameron squirms - the Brexit question he just cannot answer from last night's TV debate

1067 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



Keira Knightley today's patronising multi millionaire luvvie bitch to bash Brexit

1069 days ago

So how does immigration affect multi millionairess luvvie Keira Knightley? Is she facing longer lines to get treatment on the NHS? Is there downward pressure on her wages? What about problems getting housing at affordable rates? Er no: it just means more cheap labour at her fave posh restaurants in London. Luvvie Keira and others in the 1% have no concept at all about how the EU affects those of us in the 99% , young or old.

Today Keira has released a video for the Remain camp in which she urges young people to vote to stay in the EU and "to stop others fucking with your future" . Ooooooh a bit of bad language, that is going to help you relate to young people is it not? What a patronising bitch.

Keira has not got a scoobie about how the EU impacts on young people across Britain. She can patronise them as much as she wants but the polls suggest that Ms Knightley's elegant and well thought out contribution to the debate is not having much of an impact.

Tom Winnifrith



The BBC World News takes the piss on Brexit

1071 days ago

Sadly here in the most excellent Melitsina Village hotel here in Kardamili the only English language channel we can get is the BBC World News Channel. It is Pravda at its best. The agenda is clear: Trump = evil racist, Brexit - evil supported by racists, Tories - evil racists who hate the NHS, all of the NHS, EU, crooked Hillary = perfect. Once you understand that all reporting has to fit that narrative watching becomes easy and your anger at having to pay for this crap with your taxes sort of subsides.

And thus we flicked channels and saw a BBC chappie called Sean with a panel of four folks discussing Brexit. As far as I could make out it was two yanks and two Europeans. It did not long for me to realise what this panel debate was about. It was not about whether Brexit was good or bad. All four guests and the host agreed that Brexit would be a disaster.

I think it is actually a game called BBC Bingo/ two minutes without hesitation. The idea is to see which of the guests or indeed the host, can use the most words like Trump, racists and Boris Johnson in a negative sense and immigration, Clinton and the Labour Party in a positive sense all in one sentence.

Once you understand that it is a sort of game show your anger as a taxpayer and license fee payer subsides. Surely after the fall of the iron curtain no country in Europe would consider extracting money from its citizens to fund such blatant propaganda while pretending it was news would it?

Tom Winnifrith



Dodgy Dave and the sneering elite respond to Brexit camp immigration plans with more lies

1079 days ago

In today's Daily Telegraph the columnist Allison Pearson describes how when debating Brexit with multi-millionaire PR man Roland Rudd (brother of dimwit cabinet minister Amber) she was told that "Allison does not want any immigrants coming to this country". The traditional retort to those to question any aspect of immigration policy is "you're racist"

As Pearson points out, the Rudds were kids of a millionaire stockbroker and then went to posh public school and Oxford (just like Dodgy Dave Cameron himself). They have never experienced the downside of immigration: downward pressure on wages for lower earners and problems getting access to schools and healthcare in certain areas or pressure on the housing list. For them as affluent employers and consumers immigration is all upside. And thus the rich and middle classes have for years branded anyone who queried our policies as racist. The most excellent Priti Patel, who also thinks current policies are crackers, came up with the same analysis.I guess Priti is a racist too. Heck so many of us who didn't grow up in millionaire households seem to be racists these days.

And that matters in terms of Brexit at two levels. Firstly there is the Turkey issue. It will join the EU at some stage. And if we are in then its 75 million punters plus a few million refugees now living in Turkey all have the right to come to the UK and polls suggest that, understandably, many want to. Dodgy Dave says this will never happen so here is a quiz question for you. Who said:

"I will remain your strongest possible advocate of EU membership , together I want to help Turkey pave the road from Ankara to Brussels."

Yes it was 2010 and Dodgy Dave Cameron himself. Turkey will join one day and those who want us to stay in the EU just do not explain how we will handle this. Oh and Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro will also be joining soon but I guess the Albanians who pitch up will not be moving to the neighbourhoods where folks like Cameron or the Rudds live, nor will their kids try to get into the sort of schools where little Camerons or Rudds are educated meaning that the little Camerons and Rudds end up at 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice academies.

Then there is the proposal from the leavers that Britain apply an Australian style points system to ensure we admit only those we want to admit from wherever in the world rather than the current system of points for non Europeans (the darkies) and free access for Europeans (the whities). Those in Project Fear started by saying that the proposal articulated by Boris (half Turkish, born in the USA), Gove and Priti Patel was a touch racist implying it was certain to reduce numbers. At the same time they said, look at Australia it will increase immigration! Talk about having your cake and eating it.

Australia is a vast continent with just 22 million citizens so it needs more folks. But its system allows it to decide exactly who it wants and also to control the flow. If it wanted to slash immigration it just ups the points needed and vice versa. The key point here is that Australia gets to decide exactly how many folks it admits and what skills they must have and it does it in a 100% colour blind manner, there are no bonus points for being an Aryan from Europe unlike our own racist system.

My own solution is of course totally free movement but zero state benefits for anyone (including native Brits) until they have paid five years of taxes. But that will not happen given the reluctance of the political classes to really tackle the welfare culture.

As a half way house Aussie points is clearly less racist and fairer and better for Britain than the current EU mess. There is no argument against it so elitists such as the PR supremo Roland Rat must merely resort to the smear of "racism" or the patent lie that Aussie Points will lead to more immigration. Even folks like Rat and his ghastly sister Amber must be aware that they are talking utter rubbish. On this matter, camp Brexit has won the debate and perhaps now the referendum might go the right way. I am starting to hope again.

Tom Winnifrith



The Hills are alive with the sound of Extreme Right Wingers, Hofer almost wins in Austria

1091 days ago

I wrote this article pre postal votes. I have updated it to reflect the fact that they altered the result. EU boss Martin Schulz warned the Austrians not to do it but I guess that they stopped obeying orders from the Germans some time around 1945 and so have almost just elected an extreme right winger as their President. Norbert Hofer denies he is a fascist or a Nazi but he, and his Freedom Party founded by , are pretty right wing. Excluding postal voted Norbert won, overall he lost narrowly. Who is to blame for the rise of the far right? No doubt David Cameron is already blaming Brexit while his new best buddy President Erdogan of Turkey is blaming the Kurds.

In a sense nobody is "to blame". The left only likes democracy when it wins. But as Ben Gurion noted of Israel, his country only became a proper country when it had prostitutes and fascists.

The people of Austria have "form" in voting for extreme right wingers. There was the war criminal Kurt Waldheim for starters. And then of course that native born son with the moustache who emigrated to Germany but returned to take control after the Anschluss.

The Freedom Party almost won power under its founder Jorg Haider in the 1990s. Incidentally, in Austria, you can be fined 100,000 Euro for suggesting that the late Mr Haider - who died in a car crash after drinking heavily in a gay bar after rowing with his long term male lover - was gay or bisexual. I guess I won't be visiting Austria soon then.

As democrats, we must respect the choice of large numbers of Austrians in voting for gun toting immigrant bashing Herr Hofer and his party which was founded by a gay and Jew bashing closet homosexual who took funding from both the late Saddam Hussein and the late Colonel Gadafi. We must respect that choice even though Herr Hofer is pretty loathsome. I am not quite so sure the EU will see it that way.

Because, in a sense, the EU which claims to have brought peace to Europe. is once again to blame for the rise of extremism not just in Austria but in France (Le Pen's National Front), in Greece (Golden Dawn) and elsewhere. Austria was last year forced to absorb immigrants equivalent to 1% of its population. That is an almighty influx.

Some of us might say that with an ageing population, Austria needs immigration. But it is not for me to say that. Nor is it a decision that the EU should be making. It should be a decision for the people of Austria and it seems that they are not that keen on the idea. Yet it has been imposed on them by the EU, abetted by home grown bien pensants who think they know what is good for the "little people".

No doubt the EU has also meddled in Austria with daft new regulations on the length of Lederhosen or alpine horns. Across Europe there is a growing backlash against the edicts of corrupt, grossly overpaid and remote officials in Brussels. Herr Hofer and Madame Le Pen, in opposing this interference, are the electoral beneficiaries of the EU's power grab.

The people of Europe clearly do not want ever closer political union. In Britain we are being lied to as we were in 1975 when we are told that the choice is out or status quo. It is not. It is out or ever closer union. Across Europe folks are waking up to the lies and starting to fight back. I loathe pretty much everything Hofer stands for - other than the right to bear firearms - but I can see why he has won so many votes and if anyone is to blame it is folks like Martin Schulz and his comrades at the EU.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith postcard: EU immigration into the UK: either way the Government is lying - another reason to vote for Brexit

1162 days ago

I speak as someone who supports - with one massive caveat - free immigration to the UK. But on the matter of EU immigration to Britain the Government is lying to us all and refusing to tell us the real figures. There are two possible reasons for this and either means that Brexit is the only way forward.

Tom Winnifrith



The rabble who mobbed Nigel Farage’s car do not understand free speech

1518 days ago

I do not support UKIP and I find much of what Nigel Farage has to say on matters such as immigration truly nauseating but those folk who mobbed his family car yesterday are even more nauseating.

Ben Gurion said that for Israel to be a grown up country it needed both prostitutes and fascists. Mr Farage is not a fascist (or a prostitute)  but would have understood the sentiment. In a mature country we tackle the economic illiteracy at the heart of UKIP, we point out why its policies on immigration make no sense and are just fundamentally nasty. One engages in a free debate. You do not mob the car in which he and or his family sits.

I find the views of Polly Toynbee or Owen Jones even more offensive and repellent than those of Mr Farage but I celebrate the fact that they are allowed to spout their nonsense as that gives those with half a brain cell the chance to engage in debate and point out how preposterous their ideas are.

It is sad but many on the left simply do not understand that free speech means supporting the idea of those whose views you loathe to speak freely. The gut reaction of far too many on the left is simply to attempt to shut down and no platform those with whom they disagree.

As an aside, many of those in the mob attacking the Farage car looked n good need of a bath and appeared to be a rainbow coalition of those living off welfare or working in the public sector. Perhaps one reason that the right does not protest in that way is that we are too tired after a long week in a real job to make the effort?

Tom Winnifrith



Impellam – I can’t agree with Malcolm Stacey (again)

1581 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



What sort of country do we live in? UKIP, immigration & poison

1612 days ago

A UKIP voter tweeted out a UKIP image suggesting that immigration causes, among other things, crime. I disagree. There is not a causal connection per se between all immigration and increased crime in the UK. And so I challenged this thesis.

I now face a volley of abuse from UKIP tweeters. Apparently I am a “leftard”. Hmmm… the various libertarians with whom I discuss shrinking the state in a way that deficit denying UKIP – happily announcing a raft of new spending pledges all paid for by the cost savings from leaving the EU – will be surprised to hear that I am “leftard”.

I support immigration because it makes Britain richer and it makes it more diverse. I am partly descended from Irish immigrants and my wife’s parents came here from India. Had UKIP been in charge sixty years ago, the parents-in-law would not have been able to pay taxes here for fifty years supporting the NHS (as a doctor) and small businesses as an accountant.

We can debate the economics of immigration all day. To assert that immigration causes crime and that anyone who disagrees is a “leftard” may win UKIP some votes.  But it is sort of poison that means that, even though I am dyed in the wool Eurosceptic, it will never gain my support.

Tom Winnifrith



Video Postcard #90 - The Rochester fallout, UKIP, immigration and the despised political classes

1638 days ago

I start this week's video postcard with a couple of comments on life at the Greek Hovel. Pictures will follow. But the main focus is on the Rochester fallout. UKIP and immigration is a mess and I explain why. Equally the comments of Emily Thornberry, the snobbish Labour prig from Islington are a symptom of an out of touch and despised political class.

My weekly financial video postcard looks at the City analyst system which is bent and not working and it can be viewed HERE

Tom Winnifrith



Video Postcard #85 – happy Birthday Nadine, welcome to Britain & immigration issue

1673 days ago

I went to Nadine’s Birthday party yesterday. She was also celebrating 10 years in the UK with a British party. Since she is a friend of the Mrs and so it goes without saying that the place was packed with deluded lefties.

I therefore discuss the politics of food in relation to Britain’s poor but also the idea of taking responsibility for one’s own actions.  I then move on to reclaiming the flag, the idea of Britishness and the whole immigration debate based as it is on lies and a fail to tackle the real issue of welfare abuse.

My financial video postcard looks at buying opportunities and earnings visibility for UK shares and can be watched HERE

Tom Winnifrith



What to do on May 22nd?

1827 days ago

It is entirely likely that thanks to Labour dirty tricks, that is to say the Mrs neglecting to put me on the electoral roll, I shall not be able to vote at all this week. We will troop over to the polling station near her old flat on Thursday and find out.

If I can vote what should I do? As a dyed in the wool Eurosceptic and someone who believes that the entire political class should be strung up with piano wire my natural inclination is to vote UKIP. After all the European elections do not really matter do they? My guess is that enough folks will view it this way to ensure that Mr Farage and his supporters will be celebrating triumphs in both the local and European elections as I explained HERE earlier.

I do not care if UKIP contains more than a smattering of prize loons that does not deter me.

However, I find that when Mr Farage moves away from Europe, where I agree with him 100%, to other matters I get rather agitated. He is clearly now trying to appeal to traditional Labour voters and so he supports a minimum wage (a tax on jobs) and there is talk in UKIP circles of backing the living wage.  This is not a pro-business agenda but it will also not assist the poor since it will destroy jobs.

I remember wincing when I heard him at UK Investor Show 2013 talking about gay marriage. He said that he did not care about the issue but could not understand why the Tories were so obsessed about it. That was a coded message to the sort of Tory voter who believes that “shooting one pooftah might cure the rest” or that gays cause climate change. As a libertarian I do rather care about this issue.  Ones sexuality is nobody’s business but your own and the State should not allow different folk to be treated differently on this matter. I doubt it won Call Me Dave any votes to push gay marriage through but, for once, the spineless little creep showed principle.’ As a libertarian one should care about this issue, UKIP clearly does not and is happy to see different folks treated differently because of whom they choose to sleep with.

And then there is immigration. Ever since Baa Baa black Sheep was banned as being offensive the R word has been used with gay abandon. I do not accuse UKIP of racism. I simply accuse it of being wrong and of lying to the British people. Immigrants are not coming to the UK from Europe to “take British jobs.” They are coming here to do the jobs that British shirkers (as opposed to workers) refuse to do because they would rather live on welfare.

Curbing that immigration would be profoundly bad for Britain. Immigrants, on balance, pay more in tax than they claim in benefits (as opposed to the indigenous population who are net takers). Immigrants create wealth by starting, in disproportionate numbers, new business which offer jobs and generate tax.

The UK is not overcrowded as UKIP claims. We have 1.3 million empty homes in Britain.

However we also have a welfare system and a health system which are unjustifiable and unsustainable with or without immigration. The libertarian answer to the problems of the UK is unlimited immigration combined with a massive overhaul of both health and welfare.  Yes that does mean paying a small sum for using the NHS because any service that is free (see Food banks) will by definition face unlimited demand. And yes it does mean slashing benefits.

I support these things not only because it is the libertarian way but because it would benefit Britain greatly. Some who opt to be idle would suffer but that is THEIR call. Others, most notably the low paid, would see great benefits from the tax/benefits changes that are needed.

In his heart Farage knows this. But UKIP is sending out a different message. It is populist one but it is a total lie.

My wife’s parents came to Britain as immigrants. In a Farage regime they would not have been welcomed. But both have worked hard paying taxes all their lives and have two daughters who have done the same. In a Farage Britain that family would not be there but White Dee would still be living on Benefits Street. We would all be so much the poorer for that. It is not just my wife I think of ahead of Thursday but the staff at Real Man not one of whom is British but all of whom work hard taking jobs that Brits refuse to take, paying taxes and making this a better Country. In a Farage Britain such folks would not have enough points to enter the UK or would be barred completely.

I find the rhetoric of UKIP on this matter so offensive that although some urge me to hold my nose and back them I just cannot. Chatting to an Aunt of mine by marriage just now she said she felt the same way. Her mother arrived in the UK as a child, a refugee from Russia. Would she have been welcomed in Farage’s Britain? We both agree not. My Aunt says that she too cannot hold her nose and back UKIP for the same reason. For my Aunt’s mother, for the staff at Real Man, for my in-laws and because UKIP is just lying to us all I cannot vote for the party.

And so I am floating between spoiling my ballot paper (if I have one) and the Tories. I suppose just to cancel out the vote of the Mrs who will as ever be backing “the people’s party” I will have to vote Tory. After all it is a Mickey Mouse election and so it does not really matter.

Tom Winnifrith



The Freedom Festival – A Libertarian Weekend gives me mixed feelings, remembering Shoreditch

1906 days ago

A friend of mine from my Shoreditch days says that he is heading off to a weekend of eating drinking and libertarianism on the 15th March and would I care to go. It looks great but then comes the libertarian dilemma.

If you are a pure thinking individual I would urge you to check out the Freedom Festival here

There are some entertaining speakers: Mark Littlewood, Norman Tebbit, Toby Young, Dan Hannan and I am sure that it will be great fun. However:

a) I am not convinced that this is ideologically pure enough for a true libertarian. I see there is a debate “is immigration a boon or a burden?” If you score straight A’s on the Ron Paul crystal pure test you would not need that debate, the answer is obvious. There is another debate “is the conservative family falling apart?” Heck, when did we join that family to start with?

b) Maybe I am a libertarian because I hate the idea of being organised. One of the joys of Shoreditch life right inside the triangle was that the residents were a pretty crazed bunch. On a day to day basis I had nothing in common with the Lebanese cookery writer for the FT, the fat American artist gay couple, the super geek IT guy from Morgan Stanley or the Australian architect with his French wife who’d been there since the sixties. I struggle to remember the other residents but occasionally we’d come together like a Wild West town called to form a posse, to fight a joint battle. We unite. We disband and then get on with our own lives with no-one passing comment or interfering with what we got up to. It was a very libertarian set-up.

The only neighbour I still chat to from those days (although I bumped into the cookery writer in the Street the other day) is my fellow libertarian, an uber-posh stockbroker.  I am always happy to chat to him or to others of a similar persuasion in a chaotic and disorganised manner.  But the idea of a weekend of organised and collective libertarianism somehow goes against the grain. Even if the event were not to be somewhat blurred by the presence of certain folks whose views are not exactly crystal pure Paulist (Lord Tebbit, Hannan and the other members of the conservative e political classes) the idea of an organised event is just not me.

For me, the chaos of the internet and of life in a corner of Clerkenwell is a far better forum for my style of libertarianism. And thus I think I must pass on a wet weekend in Bournemouth. Besides I note that West Ham are that weekend visiting the Cultural Quarter, viz Stoke on Trent. That looks a far more attractive option.

Tom Winnifrith



The Sheer Nastiness & Economic Illiteracy of UKIP – EU welfare claimants in the UK

1906 days ago

UKIP supporters are frothing madly at data showing that 600,000 EU citizens are living in the UK claiming welfare – the answer according to the fruitcakes is to stop them coming here. It is a populist line but a nasty one.  On twitter I am lambasted: “You diss non-working Brits and ex-pats, but then defend benefit claiming EU folks.” Of course I do nothing of the sort. It is just that I am not an economic illiterate.

Do I enjoy EU citizens turning up her to claim benefits? Of course not. But I am minded that there are many British ex-pats living in the EU enjoying a range of state benefits paid for by the taxpayers of France, Spain, etc. This is not a one way matter as UKIP tries to pretend.

But there is a bigger issue. I am equally disgusted by our home grown welfare bums on Benefits Street. Frankly I “diss” all welfare bums equally wherever they were born. The way to deal with all welfare bums living in the UK is to drastically scale back the level of largesse of the British welfare state – reinvesting the savings in increase sing the thresh-hold at which all workers pay tax.

The answer is not as UKIP pretends simply to stop other EU citizens claiming welfare payments and State benefits (such as the NHS) here. Aside from the problems that would cause our ex-pats when other countries showed reciprocity, it would deter those from outside the UK who wish to come here to work but might take a few weeks to find work.

For the reality is that British workers simply refuse to take low paid jobs. Those jobs are filled by migrant workers from the rest of the EU. Adopt UKIP policies and British businesses would not be able to employ workers who would allow them to remain profitable. We would all be worse off – something Nigel Farage has admitted.

Showing real compassion to those who wish to work (by arguing for tax cuts for them), but also a grasp of basic economics (I'd like British businesses to thrive) I find myself concluding that UKIP is increasingly a party of populists, economic illiterates and frankly just very nasty people.

Tom Winnifrith



Are 99% of the population of Lewisham: Mad Lefties, morbidly obese, criminally stupid or all of the above? Ref BBC Question Time

1955 days ago

The audience on BBC Question Time is meant to be representative of the local community and last night came from Lewisham in South London. I can as a result conclude that the residents of Lewisham are almost without exception either morbidly obese, madly left wing or in terms of intelligence make the X-Factor audience look like a gathering of Nobel laureates. 

Among the gems were a contribution from a 29 stone woman who claimed that the coalition were using the immigration debate as a smokescreen for their real agenda of privatizing the NHS and dismantling the welfare state and a only mildly obese old coot who reckoned that merely stopping tax evasion would allow the Government to spend another £90 billion a year on more schools, hospitals, fire stations, welfare payments etc. Heck no chance of closing the deficit then?

Should anyone be shot while unarmed was the question. Half the audience seemed to assume that the Police just liked killing black people at will. The other half thought yes, if the person in question was a member of UKIP.

77% of the British public want immigration controlled. I am in the 23%. But when the matter came up, the fellow from UKIP (deputy Fuhrer Paul Nutter) got only abuse and not any applause at all as he spouted a whole load of total scaremongering hogwash about waves of Romanians arriving here next week. 

I guess the Romanians are too smart to want to go to Lewisham lest they be crushed to death by a stampede of 23 stone local residents rushing to pick up a welfare cheque, so it is not an issue there.

Tom Winnifrith



If you are reading this in Romania or Bulgaria, please come to England as I have a job for you

1961 days ago

I realise this may not win me many friends among the Daily Mail reading classes but I need a new waitress as Real Man Pizza Company in Clerkenwell is opening up a new venture in its basement area from February and if you are reading this in Romania and Bulgaria today feel free to get in touch.

Naturally I shall advertise in the UK as well. £6.50 an hour or whatever the minimum wage is. 30 hours a week. Job waitress and also plongeur. She needs to be presentable. To like very hard work, to be numerate and to speak good English. Notwithstanding the need to be numerate and to speak good English a few products of the UK Comprehensive schooling system will be qualified. 

But will they apply? Like hell they will. You see I have done this before and young Brits would rather live on welfare/go to a crap former poly to study a worthless degree than go get a job which involves hard work and pays the sort of wage an unskilled less than 20 year old can expect to get as a first job. If they work hard they can expect to earn more in due course, I am a fair employer.

But folks. You always start at the bottom.

What the immigration loathing wolf-whistlers of UKIP and the Tory right fail to realise is that the Romanians/Bulgarians are not taking jobs from Brits but are needed to do the jobs Brits refuse to take.

I shall give home grown talent the chance to apply. But since I know from bitter and hard experience that this is doomed I also make this offer to our friends in Transylvania, Sofia and Bucharest. If you want to work hard, improve your English and have the skills I want we want to offer you a job. Can you start February 1?  

Tom Winnifrith



Nigel Farage is not being “nice” on Syrian asylum seekers but even more nasty than usual

1965 days ago

When a man spends years telling us all that this Country cannot afford to take in any more people it seems odd when he suddenly announces that we should take in tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing an awful Civil war, starvation and persecution. But surely we are full up are we not? It seems as if we the UKIP leader has done his sums again and we can squeeze a few more folk in. All of a sudden that Nigel Farage is playing the nice guy. Fear not. Nigel is nastier than ever.

Farage claims that the UK has a long tradition of offering refuge to those facing persecution from his own ancestors the Huguenots to the Jews and most recently to the East African Asians when persecuted by Idi Amin. Farage is correct. It is an honourable tradition and all three of those groups have made a massively positive cultural and economic difference to the UK. We have been rewarded for our hospitality.

And so Farage argues that we should continue that tradition. He states we should offer refuge to Syrian Christians.  Er…hang on..

What about the Syrian Muslims? Oh, they can stay there and starve, get killed and persecuted. Farage won’t be letting them in. For fuck’s sake we have got too many Muslims in this country already have we not Nigel?

You see that is Nigel’s coded message to Middle England. What he is saying is “we in UKIP are nice guys in the British tradition but fear not, we do not like the bloody Muslims either.”

The Jews and the East African Asians were not Christians yet we took them in. The British tradition is to offer refuge to all folks facing persecution not just those who follow Jesus rather than Allah or some other faith. The Farage sleight of hand allows him to claim that his offer is a traditional humanitarian British one (so he is a nice guy) while sending a clear message out that he is not keen on the Muslims.

This is not Nigel being nice this is Nigel being nastier than ever.

His suggestion of active religious discrimination is not in any way part of the British tradition of hospitality to those felling persecution.  It is simply a coded and evil wolf whistle dressed up in a pretence of humanity.

Once again on matters of immigration it is shame on UKIP and shame in Nigel Farage a man who, I know, to be better than this but seems seduced by cheap short term electoral opportunism. 

Tom Winnifrith



It had to happen eventually – Vince Cable is 100% right about something: immigration

1972 days ago

I never thought I would be writing this but I suppose it had to happen eventually: I find myself agreeing 100% with what our thoroughly deranged Business Minister Vince Cable had said. The man is just bang on the money. The subject is immigration.

Cable, who I accept is mad as a hatter 99% of the time, says that the Tories are running scared of UKIP and so are engaging in wolf whistle politics on the subject of Romanian and Bulgarian immigration after Christmas. As Cable, Call Me Dave Cameron, the frightful Theresa May and Nigel Farage all know full well, the numbers arriving here will not be gargantuan. None will be able to claim benefits for quite some time and so those coming here will be those willing and wanting to do low paid jobs.

British business needs such folk because our welfare system is far too generous and so has created a whole layer of society which is fit only to undertake unskilled/low skilled labour but refuses to do so.  In making that point Cable is again bang on the money. The Business Secretary understands that for GDP to grow as it should we need these immigrants.

The facts are:

1. Relatively few Bulgarians/Romanians will come over to the UK in January
2. Those who do will come to work
3. They are not taking jobs from anyone – employers cannot fill such jobs from home grown “talent” as that “talent” prefers welfare to such work
4. Consequently Romanians/Bulgarians will continue (as they do now) to pay far more in taxes in the UK than they claim in benefits from the State. This, by the way is a stark contrasts to the wider “native population” especially in the Welfare-mainlining subsidy paradise that is Scotland
5. This immigration will thus assist the exchequer and will boost business. It is good for Britain.

Those are the facts and Farage, Cameron et al know this full well. But they also know that, whipped up by the Daily Express, Daily Mail and others most folks are convinced that hundreds of thousands of semi-criminal welfare seekers are on the way. This is simply not true.

Someone with honesty would do what was best for the country and explain that. All credit to Vince Cable for trying to do just that. He cannot bring himself to say that we also need drastic reform to welfare. For if we did that there would be no immigration from South East Europe as there would be no jobs. As an employer I would rather hire someone who was fluent in English (or what goes for English as a result of 30 years of Comprehensive Education) to work hard. It is just that there are no such folks available hence the need for immigration.

But for saying something which will earn him only vitriol from the popular press and which will lose his party votes but which is none the less honest, compassionate, principled and true Vince Cable is an unlikely Christmas hero for 2013.

As for Farage, May, Cameron etc…. you know that what you say is untrue. You are engaged in a sordid fight for votes and so carry on regardless. Shame on the lot of you.


Tom Winnifrith



Domino’s Boss is Right on Immigration, fake Tory Minister Mark Harper talks bollocks

1985 days ago

Outgoing Domino’s Pizza boss Lance Batchelor is being attacked from all sides for saying that the UK needs to relax immigration rules so he can find suitable staff. Ex M&S and now Ocado boss Sir Stuart Rose said the same thing. They are spot on and “fake Tory” immigration minister Mark Harper is taking prize bollocks for attacking the pizza fellow.

Batchelor says that Domino’s could hire another 1.000 drivers and pizza toppers tomorrow but native Brits won’t take the jobs and tighter immigration rules mean there are fewer foreigners ( who will take them) around.

Harper, who after Oxford went to work for big 4 accountants KPMG before meeting up with his old Uni pal Call Me Dave and becoming a Southern England MP, disagrees with the analysis of the real life businessmen who have actually run businesses creating thousands of jobs. So who do you believe?

Being a fake Tory Harper says Batchelor should see that “market forces” are telling him that he has to up his pay rates. You will note the use of the word market forces – that is to make you and I think Harper is really a Tory. But of course market forces for those in the bottom quartile of paid employment are distorted massively by… Government of course. I refer to welfare.

Harper is fully aware that there are folks who regard welfare as an alternative lifestyle option. Not only is life on welfare a viable career choice but Government makes it seem an even attractive one by taxing those on relatively low wages.

Market forces are therefore so horrifically distorted that companies are unable to employ folks on wage levels which allow them to make an adequate return on capital. If Mr Harper had any real world experience in business he would know that any entrepreneur would this say “why should I risk my capital ( or that of my shareholders) expanding when I know I will earn only a marginal return ( at best) thanks to the way Government policy distorts market forces and wage levels”

I conclude either that Mr Harper does not understand basic economics and business which given that he is an MP in Call Me Dave’s party is perfectly plausible. Or that he is just another politician wanting to talk tough on not letting in any more darkies because it plays well with the Daily Mail.

Either way he is a useless parasite who is talking bollocks.

Tom Winnifrith



Racist UKIP Nutter Victoria Ayling – what does Farage really think?

1988 days ago

High profile defector to UKIP Victoria Ayling is now exposed on camera saying about immigrants that she wants to “send them all back.” UKIP Fuhrer, Nigel Farage says that this is “slightly odd”. No, Nigel it is despicable. What do you not understand about that?

If Mrs Ayling ends up wielding power in a Farage Government (unlikely, I admit, on two counts) she would presumably be despatching my parents-in-law back to India after 60 years of hard tax-paying slog in this country. Would my wife get booted out too?  Perhaps Mr Farage might wish to clarify this point?  Having watched this racist old bag (I refer to Mrs Ayling not my Mrs) on video there is nothing “odd” about her views, they are merely abhorrent. 

Incidentally would the Ayling diktat apply to Europeans in a UKIP run UK outside of the EU? I guess that means that Mrs Farage would be on the banana boat with my in-laws as she is German. Or perhaps Mrs Ayling only has a problem with non-whites?

The UK has an ageing population as well as a large number of folks who would rather live on welfare than take low paid jobs. We need immigration desperately if we are to thrive as an economy. We also need welfare reform. In his heart I know that Farage accepts both of these points but for electoral purposes he’d far rather play a simple tune on his wolf-whistle: “UKIP is tough on immigration.”

And if that means having folks like Mrs Ayling in his camp he seems happy to play along.

Shame on you Farage.

Tom Winnifrith



Misleading, Deceitful and Repellent: UKIP on Immigration

2001 days ago

Why did I rise to the bait of a twitter fight with UKIP loons regarding immigration? Paul Nutter UKIP’s deputy Fuhrer is on C5 News tonight ranting on about how we will be swamped with millions of Romanians and Bulgarians on 2nd January.

What Nuttall does not say is that Romanians already here, on average, pay 34% more in taxes than they take in benefits, which is a far better ratio than native born Brits. Romanian workers are good news for Britain. What Mr Nutter also declines to mention is that folk arriving in 2014 will not be able to claim a single cent in benefits for at least a year. So they will take the low paid jobs Britain needs to fill if it is to compete.  

Aha…they are stealing British jobs. So goes the chant from UKIP followers on twitter.


Have they tried hiring someone on the minimum wage or even £7.50 an hour? I doubt it. I have placed a number of such adverts over the past year. Of c800 applications received I think three were from native born Brits. In London there are hundreds of thousands of young Brits on the dole who could have applied. They did not. They prefer a life on benefits to working bloody hard for £6.50-7.50 an hour.

Of the three British applicants, one was illiterate. Two I actually gave a chance to but they could not hack it and walked. I do actually now have one British employee in my restaurant now and he is great. But the reason I hire 85% foreign staff is that they are the only ones who will work for £7.50 an hour rather than sit on welfare.

I would love to see our home grown lumpenproletariat out there on the vegetable farms, in restaurants and filling up other low paid jobs. But they simply will not do it. And so I look forward greatly to Romanians and Bulgarians arriving here seeking work next year.

Mt Nuttall should be honest about the real problem we face here. That problem is the cradle to grave welfare state and a dependency culture. It is not immigration. But articulating such a message will not win UKIP votes from the Neanderthal element of the electorate who look for easy solutions and easy scapegoats to the nation’s perceived ills.

Shame on you Nuttall and shame on you UKIP. The idea that you are – as you claim – a libertarian party is a total joke. You are nationalist, reactionary and on matters such as this, downright nasty. Not to say: wholly misleading.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom’s Weekly Political Postcard #51 – Duplicitous Neil Hamilton, UKIP and labour edition

2002 days ago

Tom is, as you can see in this video, sporting a truly stupid tash. He is doing this for Movember and seeking your sponsorship to raise money to fight prostate and testicular cancer? 

Tom covers this in the video.

If you wish to sponsor Tom Winnifrith for Movember go HERE

Tom also tackles Neil Hamilton, the disgraced ex MP and now UKIP spokesman and his disgraceful deceit on Bulgarian & Romanian immigration 

Then Tom addresses the financial issues at the heart of the Co-op’s unacceptable financial arrangements with the Labour Party

Tom’s financial video postcard covers the lies by Crony capitalists on AIM and how to deal with them and also the fate of mining stocks and it can be viewed HERE

Tom Winnifrith



Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – Jumaa Kater Saleh Edition

2009 days ago

Don’t’ know who Jumaa is yet?  Is that

 a)      Because Theresa May has cracked down on the UK’s insane asylum laws and so there is no problem

b)      Becuase you have not read the sane Sunday press

c)       Because you read the Guardian/Observer/Independent and think that our immigration/legal aid/welfare system is an unmitigated blessing so have not been told about Jumaa?

Ok, to the chase: Jumaa arrived in the UK illegally in 2004 in the back of a lorry. He cannot speak proper English. He has never worked. He has always lived on benefits. And he raped a 13 year old girl and two other minors. He is a paedophile.

So is the UK:

a) putting him in prison for a long time and then sending him back to Sudan because Theresa May has cracked down on the UK’s insane asylum laws?
b) Sending him straight back to Sudan?
c) having jailed him for just two years it is now paying him vast amounts of compensation for keeping him in prison longer as we tried to deport him and thus infringing his human rights?

Guess what? It is c. No kidding. Apparently Jumaa has cost the British taxpayer £350,000 since are arrived here. And Theresa May is useless. Well that second item won’t be news to you.

In honour of this case I ask you for captions to the picture below. Please post your entries in the comments section.

For what it is worth my caption is:

Idi takes a time machine and arrives in the UK in 2013 and Theresa May welcomes him saying:  “Mr. Amin, we appreciate that if we sent you back to Uganda you would be persecuted for your cannibalism and so to protect your human rights please stay in Britain…now where would you like us to put you up?”

Last week I asked you for captions to this picture


The winner came via twitter from Peter McBride with:

I wonder if I could franchise the other lapel...?

Balir to a T. well done Peter.

I look forward to seeing the Amin capitions in the comments section below by Friday.

Tom Winnifrith



Call Me Dave on “Exporting Gay Marriage” – wrong on every count

2122 days ago

Call Me Dave this week boasted that he wanted “to export gay marriage” around the world. I support the idea that gay men and women should be allowed to get married and divorced just like straight couples. Why should the misery of this institution be the preserve of heterosexuals? Spread the pain. But at every level David Cameron MP just shows himself up as a member of a metropolitan Elite with a particular world view which makes me despise ever more.

My starting point is that as a libertarian I believe that you have every right to do whatever you want with your own body. As such there should be no differentiation in law between gay folk and straight folk. Homosexuality, like playing Hockey, watching Golf or going to Ibiza has never appealed to me personally but whatever floats your boat. So I am glad that gay folk can now get married in the UK. I am glad that my friend Abbe Aronson having broken my heart 28 years ago, marry her girlfriend next year in New York and look forward to attending the ceremony.

But let’s start with the gay community and its priority. Call Me Dave takes a very Western centric view of this. For him the moral crusade is to allow gays to get married across the globe. There are a good number of countries in Europe and States in America where gay marriage is either already legal or where it will become legal at some stage soon. But the “west” is but a small portion of the globe.

There are many countries where homosexuality is illegal. In Iran gays get strung up from cranes. In Gaza and Egypt it may or may not be illegal to be gay but they kill you anyway. In Cameroon it is merely five years in prison that awaits you. Uganda thinks that prison is not enough, gays might “reoffend”, and so is thinking of bring back the death penalty. In Somalia you might get off with prison but if you are in the wrong region (Puntland) it is a ritual stoning that awaits you.

I would have thought that the big issue for the global gay community was not to ensure total equality in a few Western countries, where basically discrimination against gays is minimal or at least not life threatening, but to ensure that gays are not imprisoned or killed in many more countries.

It is a measure of the arrogance of Call Me Dave that he thinks that he can export gay marriage to, say, Texas or Russia, where the folks will say “with respect we do not care what you think.” But with places like Cameroon and Somalia and Gaza Call Me Dave COULD make a difference. For you see we, and the EU, hand over large amounts of foreign aid (most of which is stolen by those in charge) to these places. If we are going to continue handing out aid (which I regret we will) surely we could say that a condition of receiving aid is that homosexuals are not stoned to death or jailed?  I am sure that the kleptocrats who run some of these places are more concerned about their Swiss bank accounts than about the sexuality of some of their citizens.

So Call Me Dave could make a real difference to global gay rights in a way that would absolutely change (save?) lives. But instead he grandstands about an issue where he can make no difference and which is a priority only of a small metropolitan elite.

Meanwhile Dave’s obsession with the gay marriage issue also grates when there are so many other issues which concern folk in this country which need to be addressed urgently. I ask you to list your top ten issues. Do they include: the out of control deficit & ballooning national debt, immigration, the EU, Secret Courts & gagging the press, value for money in the NHS, MPs expense and salary abuse; our failed and illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Falling Education standards, tax rates, welfare reform and exporting gay marriage around the world. I offer you eleven issues. Which didn’t make your top ten?

The UK is hurtling towards bankruptcy. Our relationship with the EU is not working. We are still fighting illegal wars, civil liberties are threatened at so many levels, and the Welfare state is failing. That CMD obsesses about a peripheral issue where he can make no difference just makes him seem ever more of a despicable and pathetic little man.

Tom Winnifrith



Bon Voyage Abu Qatada – hardly a triumph for Theresa May

2142 days ago

Abu Qatada is an Islamofascist hate preacher with clear links to Al Qaeda. Finally, after ten years he is as we speak in a prison van heading off to the airport on a one way ticket to Jordan where he is going to goal for terrorist offences. This is being presented as a triumph for Home Secretary Theresa May and the Conservative Party “Tough on terrorism, tough on the causes of Terrorism (except in Syria where want to give guns to Al Qaeda).” Bollocks.

It has cost £2 million to deport this loathsome man. He and his family have taken the grateful taxpayer for another £3 million plus in benefits and free housing over the past decade. And that is a triumph?

Three questions for Mrs May:

1. How many other loathsome terrorists & murderers ( like that chappie in Coventry who killed 400 in Kenya) are living in the UK on benefits? Do you know the answer?

2. How soon will you kick them out?

3. Why is Mrs Qatada allowed to stay? She faces no trial back in Jordan and nor do the little Qatada’s. They are of no benefit to this country, show no inclination to work, may well share their father’s repellent views and remain a burden on the taxpayer. When Abu finishes his stretch in Jordan he will undoubtedly claim that it is a breach of his Human Rights not to be allowed to re-join his adoring family. So Mrs May do you plan to have the entire Qatada family booted out as well?

To save Mrs May the trouble of answering her reply if she was honest would be: No! Incredibly slowly at best but probably not at all. No!

As you know I’d happily let anyone into the UK but no benefits should be given until five years’ work with NI has been delivered. If Mrs May thinks this one (incredibly costly) partial triumph will make anyone think that the situation is under control, she is fooling only herself.


Tom Winnifrith



I’m from Bulgaria can I have some money please? No: xxxx off back to Bulgaria.

2148 days ago

It is a quiet night at Real Man (Monday always is) and so I am sitting here with two staff who are working away while I write. And so in wanders this old crone who says “I am from Bulgaria and have no money”.  I rather sense that this will become an increasingly poor way for her to start a conversation.

The deal is that she cannot find work in the UK so would like those that do have work to give her some money. Hmmm so the two immigrants who are sitting here with me earning just above the minimum wage should hand over some of their after tax earnings to someone who came to the UK with the intention of begging and who will after January 1 supplement their begging income with welfare paid out of those taxes.

My response: if you cannot find a job in the UK you should go back to Bulgaria. Is that a bit harsh? 

No. I believe in unlimited immigration (I am such a frigging tree hugger) but no welfare payments until you have paid five years taxes (I’d apply the same rule to the begging home-grown Jeremy Kyle class too). But begging is a crime. In my book – three strikes on that count are you are out. Why the hell should I give any of my after tax income earned by working my nuts off to folks who opt not to work or, worse, have moved to the UK with the explicit intention of not working?

Now what sort of “ist” does that make me?

a) a racist
b) a class-ist
c) a nationalist
d) a realist?

Tom Winnifrith



John Bercow is 100% right about European immigrant workers – the mainstream parties & UKIP faux outrage is pathetic

2174 days ago

Speaker John Bercow is in many ways a horrible little man. However for once I have to applaud him for stating what is a self-evident truth on the matter of immigration – something which the mainstream parties have lambasted him for as they grub for votes.

Bercow stated: "I want to underline the fact that there has been an important wave of immigrants that came to Great Britain from new member states and in many cases they came with aptitudes and a commitment, an involvement we haven't always seen in our labour force.”

He is bang on the money. The growing success of our Real Man Pizza Company restaurant  in Clerkenwell sees us again hiring for another waitress/sous chef position.  It is hard work and if you play the benefits system well you are better off not taking the gig. Once again the advert goes up and once again I have received a flood off applicants from Eastern Europe and Southern Europe, all keen and in London looking for work.

However the idea of working for £6.50 an hour or may be £7 really does not appeal to native Brits. I have received absolutely ZERO applicants from British born workers. And how many unemployed young Brits are there in London?

Real Man currently has one part time waitress who is British and killing a few months before heading off to set up a scuba diving school. She is the only British applicant (other than one who was utterly illiterate) I have had recruiting for 5 staff posts since Christmas. I have had hundreds of European applicants. Most have degrees and qualifications and are well spoken and presentable.

Bercow is bang on the money. Our welfare system has created an attitude amongst far too many of our home grown “talent” that they will wait for the “right job” or forever and live off welfare. Thank God for immigration.

Bercow is attacked by the four main parties for a) daring to say this at all or b) not being neutral as a speaker should be. This is faux outrage. The 4 main parties know that immigration is not popular and they are simply grubbing for votes among Daily Mail readers. They are simply seeking cheap votes by being seen to be angry with Bercow.

Instead they should be addressing the issue of why so many Britons are happy not to seek work. And that means tacking welfare aggressively. Given that bankrupt Britain has a £100 billion deficit which is unsustainable welfare must be tackled. But the political class care not about dealing with welfare dependency or budget deficits but simply about ensuring getting positive write-ups in the popular press and their survival at the 2015 election.

Good for you John Bercow. Cripes I never thought I’d be writing that.

Tom Winnifrith



Abu Qatada, John Thuo and the UK’s moronic immigration & welfare laws

2189 days ago

You know who Abu Qatada is. He reckons that there is something wrong with the UK’s welfare system. We agree on that. Abu’s specific complaint is that the five bedroom house that the taxpayer provides him with is not big enough. He needs more storage space.  Saints preserve us.  Now meet John Thuo

Back in in his native Kenya he killed between 100 and 400 people using a machete. Policemen, innocent civilians, members of other criminal gangs – he butchered the lot. He also undertook female circumcision. In 2003 he came here as an illegal immigrant and has lived in taxpayer funded accommodation and on benefits ever since.

The Home Office tried to boot him out but failed because it would infringe his Human Rights. You see, he might get murdered by his old gang back in Kenya. Apparently Thuo also has mental health problems and says he might top himself if we boot him out.

Of course if I say that these cases shows our immigration and welfare system is flawed, the deluded lefties and liberal elite respond in three ways:

1. Anyone who says the immigration system is flawed must be a racist.
2. These are exceptional cases and very rare – most of the time our system works fine.
3. The Daily Mail has reported these cases and so this is just right wing scaremongering, gosh we hate the Daily Mail, let’s talk about what an awful paper it is.

Whatever. The UK has a £100 billion budget deficit. We are going bust. These gents add to that deficit. They contribute nothing to our society. They will not seek work.

I fail to understand why anyone who has never worked should get any benefits at all. Whether the scrounger is an  Islamofacist hate preacher/probably terrorist, a Kenyan mass murderer or a white chav from some Grim Northern Shot Hole appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show.

In the case of Mr Thuo I cannot see why we are protecting him from justice in Kenya. Why cannot we hand him over to the Kenyan Police? If his gang manage to get at him or he tops himself do I really care? Do you?

Tom Winnifrith



Andrew Gilligan – The Westminster Bubble at Play on UKIP on LBC

2205 days ago

I happened to be in a car passing through London and so caught Andrew Gilligan’s politics show discussing whether UKIP was a fraud. It was pure Westminster bubble stuff. It showed clearly why the establishment does not understand why folks voted UKIP and so is clueless as to how to respond for the political & media establishment is the problem not the solution.

Three political wonks (none of whom support UKIP or predicted its success) discussed how the established parties should respond with Gilligan helpfully chipping in every now and again to say “But isn’t it a fraud, let’s look at its 2010 manifesto.” The response was that the old three could see off UKIP by making policy shifts of emphasis that showed they cared/listened without actually “moving to the right” i.e. actually doing anything. 

And that was it. Folks voted UKIP because they are sick of an elite that refuses to discuss certain issues or countenance certain policies while at the same time adopting a moral high ground as they embezzle money and display sleaze at every opportunity. And so the elite responds by saying “we can see off UKIP by saying we sympathise but not actually doing anything.” Just how stupid do the elite think that the electorate is?  They obviously hold us in complete contempt.

And then Gilligan took a few calls from plebs. A bloke opined that the immigration laws were unhelpful. Well yes they bloody well are. Do I have to use the magic words Abu Qatada to make my point? The main parties say they are listening but they are clearly not and Gilligan summed up their underlying attitude by going back to the bloke with “So basically you do not like foreigners.”  Unluckily for Gilligan, the (perfectly decent) man said that actually he employed a stack of people from across Europe it was just that he did not like folks coming here and getting immediate access to welfare. I happen to think that is a valid point as do most ordinary folks. But in the Westminster bubble raising this matter is equated to not liking foreigners/racism.  If UKIP is the only party that is prepared to raise this matter (although I continue to think its solution is profoundly wrong) then it will win votes.

Two other callers said they were sick of a political elite who feathered their nest and never did what they promised. Gilligan shot back with “look at the UKIP manifesto of 2010, is it not a fraud – they are just politicians like the rest of them.” But all parties have changed policies since 2010. And the difference with UKIP is that although some of its members may be a bit peculiar it is not a party of career politicians. Gilligan seemed unable to grasp how much those he works with, socialises with and spends his life with in the bubble are loathed.  The vote on Thursday was as much about that as it was about the EU, immigration or wind farms.

If the response of the establishment is to carry on smearing, to try to hint that they care about what we plebs care about without actually doing anything and to continue as before, allowing proven expense thieves to mix with career political wonks then UKIP is onto a real winner. The purple bandwagon may yet keep rolling.

Tom Winnifrith



David Cameron: an out of touch, principle free liar – a Godsend to UKIP

2206 days ago

147 net gains for UKIP on Thursday was a political earthquake. The political class is scared. They do not like it up ‘em.

Like most folks I was first attracted to UKIP over the EU. It wants out of the Evil Empire and so do I. Does it have any other policies? Yes. Do I agree with all of them? No. But where we disagree on matters like immigration UKIP at least accepts that the current system (easy entry + free welfare) is a joke and unworkable.  UKIP would make entry impossible & keep welfare, I would make it automatic but scrap the welfare.

My point is that UKIP is instinctively right in that it sees – as do – most folks in Britain – that there is a vast problem. In its DNA UKIP is on the right track. The established parties have – for years – made it clear that the immigration system needed minor adjustments. They have lied about the scale of immigration, tarred anyone who questioned the system as a racist and then occasionally made tiny changes which stop skilled workers coming here ( who we want) in order to win grubby votes and Daily Mail headlines.

And so when David Cameron or Ken Clarke or any of the other mainstream politicos of all three parties tarred UKIP as racist in the past they meant it. That is what they actually believed. When they now say they are “listening” and must “connect with the views of those who voted UKIP” it is just another big fat lie. It is a lie born out of desperation.

And that brings us to David Cameron. Instinctively Nigel Farage is what we might describe as a Tory in the Thatcher mould. He believes in a small state, is Eurosceptic, feels no need to piss billions away on aid to despots, tackling bogus global warming scares, etc. I do not always agree with his solution but the DNA of Farage and UKIP is to call it correctly or at least to boldly state that a problem exists.

Cameron on the other hand has lived a closeted existence (like most of the political elite). The same sort of schools, the same Universities, the same utter lack of real world job experience and thus the same total lack of understanding of how most folks actually live and think.  So can he be instinctively right about anything? No. All he wants to do is win elections. He thought he could do that by protecting foreign aid and jumping on the global warming bandwagon to make the Tories “nice.” If he thought that winning power meant abolishing foreign aid altogether and stating that global warming was bogus he would do it. Does he actually believe in any of it? No. 

And so now he says that he wants to ensure that we get a referendum on the EU in 2017 by passing legislation now. This is all Westminster Willy waving. If Thatcher were leading the Tories she would say “there will be a referendum NOW.”

And so when Cameron says that he will now “listen to the little people” you should ask “why the hell were you not listening before?” And then ask yourself will he act on what he hears? The answer is probably not a lot and if so only grudgingly. And if UKIP went up in smoke not at all.

If UKIP was in power it would attract folks from the political classes and elite and I would probably start to despise and mistrust it too. But right now it is not. And since there is no ideological difference of note between the three grubby parties of old (most of whose leading MPs had to hand back cash they stole from us via expenses) I can see no reason to abandon UKIP. The protest will go on and hopefully grow. And Cameron is a good reason (as are his fellow Oxbridge PPE, never had a proper job, pals Miliband and Clegg) for that growth to continue.

Tom Winnifrith



Weaning my Deluded Lefty Partner away from Labour (The People’s Party)

2208 days ago

My partner is a lifelong deluded lefty. She has always voted for the People’s Party. But I can report a mini triumph of a shift away from the loons here in the Clifton Ward of Bristol.

Naturally my partner would rather drink her own urine than vote for the wicked Tories. The Lib Dem’s murdered a forest of trees in an attempt to win support for their ageing hippy of a candidate. But however many new park benches this old fool has managed to get set up around here my partner cannot forgive the Lib Dems for being in coalition with the wicked Tories so that was a non-starter.

And that left the People’s Party (no leaflet) and a nice young man with a Polish name standing for UKIP. He promised to end political correctness on the Council which I though sounded like a good idea although my partner was not so sure. And he also promised to end immigration from Eastern Europe. I guess he doesn’t like his relatives much. And I am not entirely sure what Bristol City Council under UKIP leadership could do on this matter anyway? Passport controls on the M4?

I tried in vain to suggest to her that it was racist not to vote for the Eastern European candidate but this did not seem to wash. And as such it appeared that she would stick with the People’s Party. But…

A quick internet search revealed that there was an independent candidate who seems like a total loser to me. An accountant for a not-for-profits local Arts charity this old lady seems to stick her nose into everything with a view to ensuring that as much taxpayers cash as possible is pissed away. Bingo. My partner was convinced.

As such in this household I can report a swing of 100% from New Labour to crackpot independent. To lose this household is a disaster for Ed Miliband. No Labour candidate in history has failed to win this household by a landslide. It is game over for Ed.

Tom Winnifrith



Bully Boy Lefties and an Orwellian view of free speech - re UKIP and Immigration

2242 days ago

UKIP is running a poster at the moment “End EU Open Door Migration.” I disagree almost entirely with UKIP immigration policy as prohibition does not work and for many reasons I have explained numerous times. But the party has a right to express its view.

Deluded lefties always blather on about free speech and human rights to be heard, blah, blah, blah. Except when they disagree with what is being said. And so some deluded lefty tweeting as @binthecondems started complaining to the poster company - and getting others to do so – that the poster was racist.

The poster company is a giant enterprise but the bigger the corporation the more terror it has of being tarred as racist and so the lerfties claim that the poster has been pulled. @binthecondems is delighted and happily tweeting out about how UKIP is full of “bigots” “racists” and “Nazis.” The poster company says it may pull the poster, it is reviewing it.

This will be interesting.

Of course UKIP does not want this tweeter banned from expressing that (factually incorrect) view because it believes in free speech – that is the right of EVERYONE to be heard not just folks with whom you happen to agree. That more limited definition of free speech belongs firmly to the left.

Tom Winnifrith



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2244 days ago

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Tom Winnifrith



Prohibition does not work with illegal immigration either – open the door but slash welfare for all

2258 days ago

There are few sentient human beings who maintain that prohibition of alcohol in 1920s America was a roaring success. Criminals benefited and made a killing. The costs of law enforcement went through the roof. Customers had to pay more. Checks to ensure safe supply of liquor became impossible. And anyone who wanted a drink could get one anyway. Yet still mainstream opinion argues that prohibition is a good idea elsewhere. The results are always the same.

As a libertarian I believe it is my call on what I put into my body not that of the State. So I have a philosophical opposition to prohibition. I do not expect many of you to agree with that stance. But you should see that on a practical level it does not work. Legalise drugs and allow supply via tobacconists and you could ensure that no dirty heroin hits the streets, tax receipts would go up, prices would go down. The 80% of crimes that are drug related would disappear and so we could reduce policing costs. With your car & house less likely to be broken into your insurance premiums would fall.

But there is another prohibition which is an abject failure – that on the movement of people into this country. It emerges today that it costs £25,000 to boot an illegal immigrant out. And he or she will soon be replaced. Criminals make a fortune trafficking people into the UK. A whole industry of lawyers and other parasites makes a living (from the taxpayer) arguing that folks should not be deported because it will infringe the human rights of their cat, result in homophobic bullying or whatever. And still we have no idea how many illegals are in the UK – it is probably well over one million. The whole system is a costly farce as any system based on prohibition always is. All those who talk tough about immigration seem to miss the point. We could spend 20 times as much as we do on “getting tough” but prohibition NEVER works.

And so why not allow anyone who wants to come to the UK? But with a twist. It is quite clear that we have vast number of home grown Heather Frost figures who have never worked, will never work and regard welfare as an entitlement. That is not sustainable or equitable. And so we make a small rule change.  You can only claim income support up to a value of x times the amount of NI contributions you have made historically. And unless you have paid NI you and your offspring shall have no entitlement to schooling, healthcare, subsidised housing or any other state benefit. If you cannot afford kids do not have them and simply expect others to pay.

If one adopts these rules for our own home grown Heather Frosts you will not – with an open borders policy – get folks moving to the UK to live off the State because the same rules will apply to them. By all means let the Rumanians come en masse. But unless they are working they will starve. Make that abundantly clear and those who want to work hard will come to the UK and we will benefit from that. Those who want to scrounge can go to a “caring, socialist paradise fucked economy” like France or Scotland when it gets its independence. Perhaps they can take Heather Frost with them.

Adopt this policy and UK welfare spending will plunge. The parasite lawyers who feed off immigration law at the taxpayers’ expense will have to go get proper jobs and save us all a packet. All those employed by the State in this futile pretence that we are tough on immigration can be let go. And the vast savings can go on slashing the UK’s unsustainable deficit and on raising the threshold at which anyone pays tax to £20,000 so making ,low paid work that much more attractive.

Obviously this makes sense. The chances of it happening zilch.

Tom Winnifrith



Harrods’s Boss Bang on the Money on Immigration

2262 days ago

I never thought I’d find myself writing this but someone close to Harrods’s owner the Phony Pharaoh is talking common sense. The man is Michael Ward the managing director of the ghastly West London emporium and he has lashed out at the mainstream political parties on the subject of immigration. His point is that the Labour/Conservative alliance are so terrified of being soft on immigration that they are making it damn hard for those we would all like to move here to actually get in. Spot on.

The British public has no problem with folks turning up here who wish to work hard, pay taxes etc. The problem we all have is those who turn up in the UK and then become a drain on the State. Frankly we have enough Heather Frost type home grown talent in that department without needing to import any.

But in order to be seen to be tough on immigration the mainstream parties have both supported policies such as reducing the number of highly skilled migrants who are allowed in each year. My ex-girlfriend is an Indian National. She is highly skilled, has never claimed a penny in benefits and paid vast amounts in tax. Yet she had a nightmare getting the right to stay here. We want folks like her in the UK but partly as a result of the shitty way the UK has treated her, the odds are that she will soon be paying taxes to the German exchequer. Germans like to welcome hard working folk.

It may play well with Daily Mail readers for politicians to boast about how they are cracking down on the skilled worker scheme which is abused. But in reality it just damages the economy. And it does nothing to stop the welfare tourists who are those who cause anger among ordinary Britons in the first place.

How to tackle the welfare tourists? Simple. By changing a system that allows Heather Frost to life a dream existence at the taxpayer’s expense. That would also dissipate voter resentment about the immigration since it tackles the sort of immigration that offends us all. And it helps the economy.

The Cheeky Girls get that point. Mr. Ward gets that point. It is just the political elite who have never got that point. I cover the great political thinkers of our time and their solution to this issue (I refer to the Cheeky Girls) in an article to be found only in this weekend’s Tomograph newsletter which will go out on Saturday night. To make sure you get a copy register HERE

Tom Winnifrith



Eastleigh: The Message for Call Me Dave on a night of UKIP Glory, Lib Dem Relief and Tory Humiliation

2270 days ago

The Lib Dems held on but UKIP was surging. A couple more days and UKIP would have snatched it. In the end it was wasted Tory votes that let the Lib Dems in as Call Me Dave’s party came third in what is his 40th target seat. Labour was always irrelevant here, its own disaster is not an issue.

The Lib Dems will be greatly relieved to have held onto what should be one of their safest seats albeit in very tough circumstances: Chris Huhne off to do porridge and the current sex scandal. For now Clegg hangs on but if he is shown to have lied about his knowledge in the sex pest cover up he may still face the chop. This is not the start of a Lib Dem recovery, Rennardgate may well still drag that party to Thorpe style lows.

UKIP is now coming second in both leafy southern towns like Eastleigh but also GMSH’s like Rotherham. There is a growing disgust with the entire political class and UKIP is the big winner from that. All the established parties should be worried but they are so arrogant and out of touch that the corrupt establishment will not change tack.

But the big losers right now are the Tories. As long as Call Me Dave stays as Tory leader it is only a matter of time before UKIP gains an MP in a freak by-election – that will I fear be the limit of its success for now. But the Tories are in trouble. UKIP picked up votes from all three parties but the Tories were the biggest losers. This was a humiliating night for David Cameron and for his whole team.

He will no doubt say it was a mid term protest. Or have it down as a single issue cry of anger on Europe and the EU. He is wrong. On a whole raft of issues Call Me Dave has shown himself as the heir to Blair not to Thatcher and those who should vote Tory are disgusted and have had enough and now have another credible home in UKIP. As I have noted before, if the Tories stand for no Tory principles who cares if they or Labour are in Government since it makes sod all difference.

As a social liberal I support gay marriage. Why shouldn’t they suffer like the rest of us? But to make it such a critical issue when the UK has so many problems pisses off me as much as it pisses off the traditional Tories who believe marriage is something for a man and a woman. And on a whole range of other core issues Call Me Dave, his wimpish sidekick George Osborne and his team of effete London based modernisers have quite simply failed: deficit reduction, welfare reform, shrinking the State, immigration, the EU, rolling back rather than increasing State surveillance powers, the real needs of the Countryside. I could go on for ages as the list of failures is a long one.

Call Me Dave has failed his party and his Country and shows no signs of changing course. If he offers a big state, elitist ( in a non meritocratic sense) social democrat agenda, real Conservatives will increasingly look to UKIP. Or at least in enough numbers to see Dave thrashed in 2015.

If only the Tories had voted for David Davis as their leader, there would have been no need for Nigel Farage.

Tom Winnifrith



The Romanian and Bulgarian EU immigrant issue – lies, lies and more lies

2301 days ago

It is quite clear that, as things stand, anyone in Romania or Bulgaria will be able to celebrate New Year’s Day by coming to live in Britain. We are after all brothers in arms in the EU. Given that the average net wage in Romania is £275 a month, with many earning far less, while in the UK families can trouser up to £500 a week tax free on benefits you do not need the brains of Lloyd George to see what is going to happen next. Yet our political elite seem either not to care or not to have an answer and so they resort to lies and smears.

Is it unreasonable for you and I to object to the idea that Romanians and Bulgarians will in very large numbers make a sensible economic choice and move to the UK? Are we racists for objecting? Of course not. The fact is that the UK has mammoth debts and is running a huge budget deficit. So having to pony up vast amounts in benefits for folks from out East is beyond our means. We cannot afford it. This is not an argument about race simply basic economics. Britain is going bankrupt and this could accelerate that process.

The political elite seem finally to have twigged this despite being warned about the looming problem for a long time by, among others, the good folk at UKIP. The response has been pathetic. There was a plan floated to distribute millions of leaflets (cost unspecified) to hand out in downtown Bucharest and Sofia warning that Britain was a horrible place with nasty weather. Er… words fail me.

Now we are told that the Government will force Romanians coming here to get private medical insurance so as not to overburden the NHS. Does this Government think we are stupid? GPs are told they must allow anyone to register. Are they now to be told that that this means anyone from Upper Volta, Mali, Greece, Turkey and any other country on this planet except Bulgaria and Romania? Go straight to the Human Rights commission, do not pass go, collect a load of wonga in compensation. And, apart from anything else, it would be illegal under EU edicts. The Evil Empire will not allow this plan to get off the starter’s blocks.

There are only three solutions to this:

1. Tell the EU to stick its rules where the sun don’t shine and say that we will not allow anyone from outside the UK to enter this country without proof they have a job and see what the EU says.

2. Tell the EU to stick it altogether and leave.

3. Change the benefit rules for ALL new claimants of benefits after 31 December 2013 irrespective of where they were born so that you cannot claim any welfare payments at all or gain access to social housing until you have paid 5 years NI contributions and then allow unlimited immigration.

Naturally as someone who wishes to see wages driven down and the UK become competitive I would go with option three (and at the same time abolish the minimum wage and increase the thresh-hold at which you start to pay tax to £20,000.).

Naturally Call Me Dave and the pathetic Conservative party will do none of the above. Nor will Call Me Dave tell us whether one of the changes he will demand from the EU before giving us a referendum is one allowing us to boot out welfare claimants from outside the UK. Instead we will be fed a diet of silly suggestions, lies about how many Bulgarians are expected and nothing concrete done to stop this next step towards the bankruptcy of Britain. Another day to despair.

Tom Winnifrith



The Government’s misguided attempt to rig an over-valued housing market

2331 days ago

This Government, like all Governments, wants to rig the housing market. It calculates – correctly – that it garners short term electoral gain by pushing up house prices even if this involves wholesale pissing away of taxpayer’s cash and ultimately also directly and negatively impacts on the standard of living. One day this almighty con must stop. UK house prices are too high and Call Me Dave might reckon that he can buck the market that he can beat nature, but like King Canute he, or some other Prime Minister will ultimately fail in a spectacular fashion. This is a great con trick played by the political classes on you with your money. We all lose in the end.

Oh okay, before anyone quibbles about UK house prices being too high: The UK price to income ratio is just above 5.5 – well above the Long Term Norm. When it gets well above norm a steep fall always follows. You do not know when the bubble goes pop but in the end it always does. We had a good burst in 2007 ( when the ratio reached 6.5) and in 1987 ( the Lawson Boom) the ratio was only 5 before it slumped ( to 2.6). So blather on about new paradigms if you wish but UK house prices are too high. They will fall one day. However the politicians will defer that day for as long as possible.

The calculation of those meant to serve us is that if house prices are stable or go up we all feel richer ( or at least those more likely to vote, i.e. homeowners and those over 30 feel richer) and so the party in power has a greater chance of re-election. Of course this is a con at every level.

Firstly, so what if your house goes up in value? Ultimately you will either sell to buy another house or die and see your house sold so your kids can buy a house/repay a vast mortgage taken out to buy an equally over-priced asset. What can you buy with a house? Another house. We are not really “richer” if the value of our family home goes up.

Secondly the cost of servicing a mortgage that is too large will (over the course of that mortgage) eat seriously into ones disposable income. Yes young folk, one day interest rates will be 10% not 0.5%. And that reduces the amount we have to spend on other items. Would you rather not have more cash to spend on holidays, alcohol or food for the kids?

Lower house prices would encourage more labour mobility. It would allow first time buyers to get on the ladder without numerous taxpayer subsidised schemes such as NewBuy. This is essentially the taxpayer shelling out hard cash to solve a problem that the taxpayer helps create. Lower prices would increase disposable income so driving economic growth ( and of course they would cut Government spending as schemes such as NewBuy could be scrapped). Falling prices would discourage folks from buying property as speculative investment ( so pushing up prices) and thus drive investment into more productive parts of the economy.

But though the case for allowing market forces to operate is clear this spineless Government like all of its predecessors has instead tried to beat the market. Importing new citizens via immigration whether they contribute to the economy or are a drain helps as these folk have to be housed. As you know I’d have unlimited immigration with the minor caveat that until anyone had paid five year’s taxes they got not a cent of benefits and no right to state funded housing. That would I suspect see the Abu Qatada’s of this world head off elsewhere. But current immigration patters stoke demand for housing.

There are other equally costly wheezes. The current wheeze is the large amounts given to the banks to lend to kick-start the economy. This has largely gone not to SMEs who need the cash but on funding a mortgage war. Once again you can get a dirt cheap 95% mortgage ( guaranteed by the State if you are a first time buyer).
The unintended consequence is that with free funding available for the Banks from the State, they do not need to borrow from savers so rates on savings accounts have plunged and are now, in real terms, negative on most accounts. So the prudent get whacked in order to allow folks to over-borrow to buy an overpriced asset. Perhaps someone can explain to me why this helps anyone?

Folks who believe that the State can beat the market are ultimately doomed to failure. The problem is that that socialists eventually run out of other people’s money. One would have hoped that a Conservative Prime Minister might have appreciated that. Clearly not.

Tom Winnifrith



Sardine Can Britain 2050 – The Daily Mail misses the point

2395 days ago

The Daily Mail carries a rather typical scare story today about how the UK will have 80 million residents by 2050. I am not sure that given my health profile I shall be one of them. In fact I know that I shall not be, I am determined to end my years in a rather warmer climate. But the Mail, needless to say, gets its assumptions wrong in a rather desperate attempt to cosy up to its Middle England readership.

It predicts the end of the Green Belt. The population could increase by another 14 million or so without whole swathes of the countryside being built over. Enforce planning laws to protect the Green belt and it can be saved. Most of Britain is still fields. Some may have to be built upon. But equally there are large numbers of unused homes already in existence it is just that folks do not want to live in run down mill towns or the tower blocks of Newham. I cannot blame them. But if you have a system in place where a State is heading towards bankruptcy yet pays housing benefit to millions I cannot see why if the State pays your rent, why you should get to choose where you live. In fact you should not. So that means that all those unused properties (currently c 1 million) can get filled up fairly rapidly.

Secondly the Mail hints that immigration is the issue – this follows on nicely from a story yesterday about how 1 in 4 babies born in the UK are born to foreign mothers. But, as the Mail, correctly points out by 2015 there will be 5 million Britons aged 85 or over. By then 85 really will have to be the retirement age if the pension system as we understand it is to be financeable. But you are going to need an awful lot of younger people to a) clean up the wee in the old folk’s homes and b) create the private sector wealth needed to fund all the grey hairs etc. So in a sense a rising population is a good thing. Economies with an expanding demographic can grow. Those with a shrinking population find it almost impossible.

Since Europe faces a demographic timebomb ( we are all getting rapidly older) we are going to have to face up to this dilemma. Either accept more immigration or clean up your own wee in the old folks homes/accept a shrinking GDP and more poverty all round. That is a choice Europe will not face up to. But it has to. For what it is worth, I would allow absolutely unfettered immigration but with one proviso: no benefits of any kind for you or your family until you have paid taxes for five years. And to avoid charges of racism and to make sense of UK state finances I would apply the same rule to UK born folks too. Welfare should be a safety net not a lifestyle choice.

But what the Mail misses are the great variables here which all come down to the parlous state of UK Government finances. The UK continues to run a huge budget deficit and its debt/GDP ratio is rising rapidly. Decades before 2050 it will head past 90% (the point where it seriously chokes off economic growth) and then past 110% ( there is a run on your bonds as everyone knows the game is up). This is not an IF but a WHEN.

This offers up a few more variables.

1. Currently less than a third of the population are net givers to the state, the rest are net takers so bloated has our state become. As Britain slides towards bankruptcy, the State spends ever more and the rich are inevitably made to pay ever more the percentage who are net contributors will shrink and shrink. At some stage there will be material numbers of those in the minority who will regard this as unfair and leave/give up creating wealth. When will this inflexion point arrive?

2. Will the UK make dramatic changes to avoid its inevitable bankruptcy? Will it introduce the sort of welfare and pension reforms I advocate? Will the IMF force it as part of an “austerity package” to adopt such measures? When will this happen? I suspect that the answers to those questions will have a material impact on the demographics of this country?

3. The total population may rise to 80 million. I suspect it will not because of points 1 and 2 raised above. But what will the mix of that be? Who will be emigrating and who will the immigrants be? I suspect as the UK’s decline accelerates the emigrants will be exactly the sort of folk you do not wish to lose: entrepreneurs, the hard working, the young and the intelligent ( see Greece 2012). At that point who, at all, would actually want to emigrate TO Britain? I suggest that the answer will be nobody.

And so, for what it is worth, I would bet 5 Albanian Lekke that the UK’s population will not each 80 million by 2050. My greater concern is that it will not be increasing at all over between now and 2050 ( it will go up a bit in the next few years but then tail off and may reverse). At that point a country already teetering on the edge of an economic precipice will face negative demographics: a population not increasing but getting older. That, will of course, place ever greater strains on State finances and leave the chances of Britain growing its GDP at more or less nil. That is what the Mail should really be terrifying its readers with.

Tom Winnifrith



The Tomograph Issue 4

2472 days ago

This is the last Tomograph for three weeks as I start to make my way back to England. If you are a registered user of the site you will by now have it in your email inbox. It contains an exclusive piece on why Greece’s strong arm policy on illegal immigrants is so misguided.

It also recaps the top ten stories on the blog this week in terms of readership and gives a reminder of the caption contest where so far Nick Bubb, the retail guru, is a strong contender.

You can download this week’s Tomograph here.

You can download archived past issues here.

And in case you do not read our best of the web section (RH of the blog half way down), and have finished your supper, I suggest you have a look now at what has to be the top story of the day from Japan.

Tom Winnifrith



Voula Papachristou – I am with Voltaire

2487 days ago

You may not have heard of Voula Papachristou but, until last week, she was one of Greece’s few hopes of an Olympic medal. She is not that hard on the eye either. But then the triple jumper tweeted the following “with so many Africans in Greece at least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat homemade food.” Uh oh. There is not actually any guide relating to twitter policy for the Greek Olympic team so she has not actually broken any rules at all but some folks felt it was racist and so she is not going to the Olympics.

Before my place in the UK squad is also withdrawn I should say that her remark was crass and unfunny and it is arguably racist although I am not sure about that – Voula merely expresses the view that there are a lot of Africans in Greece – too many – by implication she would like to see fewer. Logically, therefore does that mean that anyone who feels that there should be any limit at all on the number of foreigners allowed to settle in any country and expresses that view is a racist?

Unless you agree in absolutely unlimited immigration you are a racist? Really. Perhaps this might be clarified to help the rest of us – are we allowed to believe in any limit at all without being racist? Just for the record, as I explain below, I believe in no limits at all. Back to lovely Voula. The reaction and remark says a lot about Greece and our world and it all makes me feel uncomfortable.

Before you judge Voula, or for that matter me, I would urge you to read the piece above this, Petra’s friends to try to understand quite how what you might regard as the normal rules of society have broken down here. That is the context in which you need to understand Voula.

Let us start with why she made that remark. Immigration is an issue here. As in the rest of Europe the establishment won’t allow the matter to be discussed openly because anyone who believes in limits is a racist so must be no platformed. But with unemployment at 27% and rising there is an issue which ordinary Greeks regard as serious about folks who are obviously not Greeks working here.

So the lovely Voula said, albeit in a way that was meant to be funny but sounded crass in a way that so many twitter jokes do what a large number of ordinary Greeks feel to be true and regard as a serious issue. Personally I would have absolutely no barriers to immigration at all on the condition that an immigrant cannot have access to any form of welfare at all (including housing) until he or she has paid taxes for 5 years. Those way welfare scroungers can scrounge of someone else but those who wish to work should always be welcome. And (assuming you had no minimum wage) would thus make your country more competitive by their presence. So Voula and I disagree on the economics of this matter but, make no mistake, it is economics that is driving Voula and many Greeks to feel this way.

Now the thing about Voula is that she has a bit of form. She is an open supporter of Golden Dawn the racist and fascist whackjob party that got 7% in the recent election. Golden Dawn really is a very nasty party indeed.

And so, even though the lovely Voula, has not broken one single rule the Hellenic Olympic Committee has de-selected her from the Games. She is not banned, you understand, because she has not actually transgressed any code or law, she is just made a non-competitor in an extra judicial process. There is no right of appeal. That is it.

The Olympics are meant to be above politics. Of course they never are but I shall humour the Hellenic Olympic Committee on this one. What I wonder would have happened had Voula been an open supporter of one of the two established parties, the crooked pie eaters Pasok and New Democracy. What, I wonder, would have happened had she been a supporter of the deranged communists of Kappa Kappa? Would her card have been marked? I doubt it and she could have opined on more or less anything. Except this issue. She is not allowed to express her view that there are too many immigrants in Greece.

I rather think that this is one of the lesser problems facing Hellas. But the way to lance the boil is to take on Voula head on and point out that there are not really that many Africans here. Frigging hell, you’d have to be a pretty thick economic migrant to go to Greece in search of work – anyone bright enough to travel thousands of miles in search of work, is probably bright enough to go the extra few miles and go somewhere where there actually is some work. The way things are going, Greeks are soon going to be skipping off to Chad and Upper Volta in search of a better life.

And you should take on Voula and point out that the reason that unemployment is 27% and rising is that Greece is corrupt as hell and needs a big dose of Thatcherism and a floating currency (the drachma) to sort out its economy. Argue the point do not try to suppress discussion as that only gives credibility to evil men at a time when society is breaking down and folks look for those who claim to have definite solutions.

The sad truth is that banning the lovely Voula has given the racists who cannot debate on facts a glamorous pin-up girl who will attract sympathy and allow the evil men of Golden Dawn to argue that the pie-eaters of the establishment are covering up the truth.

And one of the reasons that will have so much traction is the austerity programme. To misquote Leona Helmsley on the subject of tax “We don’t do austerity. Only the little people suffer austerity.” There may be less Euros for the political elite and the sort of establishment fellows who sit on the Hellenic Olympic Committee to steal these days but they are still eating plenty of pies. And as such they are increasingly detached from ordinary Greeks. And that is why what was a 2 party state (Pasok and ND) is one where freaks like Golden Dawn and the, almost as mad but not racist, SYRIZA are now attracting so much support.

That support will grow as either austerity measures bite ever deeper or Greece is chucked out of the Euro and goes bust. Many folks despised ND/Pasok but regarded Euro exit as a humiliation only the 2 old parties could avoid. When the exit does happen there will be no reason to support the old pie eaters any more. Heaven knows what happens next, but the brutal treatment of Voula for expressing a concern which the pie eaters will not discuss or address will only convince more folks that maybe Golden Dawn has a point.

This is a frightened place. The people are scared and uncertain. Read about Petra’s friends and understand why anything can happen. Who knows they might bring back the Monarchy (Phil the Greek for King). They won’t but it would be a hell of a lot less damaging than some of the alternatives on offer. As for Voula. I am with Voltaire. I disagree with everything she has said and stands for and the fact that she supports Golden Dawn means that she is probably pretty thick or a racist or both, but I defend to the death her right to say it. And she should have gone to the games where I would have hoped that she would have come fourth. Behind three athletes from Africa.

Tom Winnifrith



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