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Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Mueller out, Trump vindicated no Russia collusion, a rotten day for fake news purveyors

25 days ago

The past two years have seen organisations such as CNN, The BBC, Channel 4 Fake News, the Guardian and indeed most of the deadwood press insisting that Donald Trump would be impeached or forced to resign when the Mueller Report demonstrated that he had colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election against crooked Hillary Clinton. There was no real evidence  for this other than a dodgy dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign.  Yet journalists such as Jon Sopel, Kylie Morris, barmy Carol Cadwalladr and Matt Frei insisted Trump was toast. The Mueller report is now out. There was no conclusion. So where are the apologies for this disgraceful episode in the history of fake news?  There are none.  The poison of fake news driven Russiaphobia has spread to this side of the Atlantic too, thanks to this dreadful journalism. I discuss this all in today's podcast. 

Tom Winnifrith



Blacks for Trump – one reason the Democrats may face electoral oblivion in 2020

255 days ago

As I am sure you can remember, the liberal media, spearheaded in the UK by the BBC’s repellent Jon Sopel and Beltway Kylie Morris and Matt Frei of Channel 4 Fake News, demonstrated, to their satisfaction, if not that of anyone else, that Donald Trump was a racist back during the Presidential campaign of 2016. The Democrats and Hillary paid a few visits to the ghettos and sung Kumbaya and all was well.

Trump secured just 8% of the black vote which Kylie et al saw as some sort of vindication of the claim that Trump was a racist. Of course, as I pointed out at the time, it was not. That low score was not because Trump is or is not a racist but because, since the 1960s and civil rights blacks have just always voted Democrat however useless was the candidate, crooked Hillary Clinton being a case in point.

Nixon got 35% of the non-white vote in 1960. That was at a point when in the South it was the "Dixiecrats" - Southern Dems -  that were resisting Civil Rights and thus blacks there voted for the party that had brought them their freedom from slavery, the party of Lincoln, the GOP. But since then the Republican candidate has - according to Gallup - polled among non white voters:

6% Goldwater 1964

12% Nixon 1968

13% Nixon 1972

15% Ford 1976

10% Reagan 1980

13% Reagan 1984

18% Bush 1988

11% Bush 1992

12% Dole 1996

At this point Gallup seperates hispanics and blacks and other non whites and it is clear that the GOP does a lot worse among black voters than among other non whites (for instance in 2004 polling 7% among blacks and 22% among other non whites to give an overall non-white 17% ) and that implies that the actual black vote since 1960 - other than in 1988 - has been consistently at 10% or below even when the GOP has won the battle for the White House. And so we go on..

3% Bush JNR 2000

7% Bush JNR 2004

1% McCain 2008

5% Romney 2012

In other words, in 2016 Trump did better (despite being a racist bigot according to the MSM) than any GOP candidate this century and almost certainly better than any GOP candidate, other than Bush senior in 1988 and possibly Ford in ’76,  since Nixon 58 years ago.

However since the old racist, that is to say Trump,  got into the White House the economy has boomed and that has seen more blacks lifted out pf poverty than at any time in memory. Dems may spend billions on Government programmes which employ lots of middle class folks to help the folks in the ghetto but they just don’t work, blacks stay poor. Freeing up the economy does work. Black wages are surging and thus in a poll a few days ago by Rasmussen Trump’s approval rating among black voters was an absolutely astonishing 29%. Now maybe approval ratings do not translate exactly into pulling levers in polling booths but if that poll is anywhere close to accurate this is an earthquake which makes #Trump2020 a slam dunk certainty.

Assuming The Donald has coat-tails it should also make the mid-terms in November very interesting indeed. If the personal popularity of POTUS among blacks translates into an unprecedented enthusiasm for the GOP then the Democrats are in massive trouble.

So how do the Dem’s respond? By threatening a black women having breakfast in a restaurant. I kid you not. This is not 1950s Alabama this is Philadelphia 2018. The black woman Candace Owens is a conservative commentator but video of ANTIFA, nearly all white folks who all support the Dems, driving this photogenic and charming young lady from a diner has shocked America.

As black America considers the idea that, whatever they were told about the bogeyman, racist Trump, they really have never had it so good, now they see the same white folks who called Trump a racist chasing a black woman out of a restaurant and haranguing her, which way do you expect Trump’s ratings to go?

Natch the liberal media and the Democratic party will respond by upping the volume on the chants of racism. But, it seems that black America is just not listening any more.

Tom Winnifrith



What the BBC, CNN and the Guardian just will not say about Trump, the illegal migrants & the polls

289 days ago

The BBC and its sister publication the Guardian had a weekend wankfest as large crowds gathered to protest against policies Donald Trump had already rescinded to deal with illegal migration across the Mexican border. But their coverage failed to show what is really happening. They are in denial as they serve up non-stop fake news.

The liberal media loves those protesters. But those large crowds are the same folks who protest against everything Trump does. If he says 2+2 equals 4 they scream “racist” and demand that Bob Mueller investigate POTUS for getting Russia to help him with his maths. As Trump brings peace to the Koreas they shout “fascist” and say that he has made the world more dangerous. As news comes through of surging jobs numbers especially among black workers they shout “well done Obama, for it is your policies that have delivered this despite Trump.”

And all the time this affluent middle class mob enjoy spending those tax cuts the President has implemented and which they said were just a sop to the rich.

So Trump is hated by well heeled liberals in the coastal states. Tell us something we did not know Jon Sopel et al.

What the liberal media is not discussing is how the polls show that most Americans actually approve of Trump’s tough line on immigration. And the sight of Beltway Dems and Hollywood celebs screaming about how they, effectively, want no controls at the Border only makes Trump more popular.  Among GOP voters his approval rating is now 90% - as we approach the mid terms that is Reagan plus territory.

But more alarming still for the fake news media is that his overall approval rating among all voters is now 47% and climbing and if one factors in “shy Trumpsters” he is doing extraordinarily well for this point of the cycle, far better than Obama was. All talk of the Dems seizing control of Congress in November is now off the table. Not only will the GOP do well but those congressmen elected will be Trump Republicans not the Country Club set like McCain and Romney who cannot be relied upon to support Trump’s policies.

I still worry that, before we start celebrating a win for #Trump2020, the global economy may slow and the asset bubbles created over many years in the USA (and the UK) may start to pop. That would not help the Donald to defeat whichever candidate the Dems select. But, on the other hand, as the liberal media continues to give wall to wall coverage of the Trump hating mob and as the Democratic party aligns itself ever more closely to that mob whose views may be mainstream in the hipster infested parts of Brooklyn but are anathema to most Americans, the popularity of Trump and of the GOP will continue to climb.

And given how Trump's approval ratings in the biggest, solidly blue, states New York and California, are so incredibly low, basic maths suggests that in the rest of America and, critically, in the swing states of the Mid West he is well ahead. In 2016 Trump won partly because some folks thought he was awful but his opponent, crooked Hillary, was far worse. What the Dems just cannot understand, which makes them scream in an even more demented fashion, is that two years later more and more folks actually like Trump and what he is doing. Most of the folks who ldent their votes to Trump as the anti Clinton candidate are now firm pro Trumpsters. They are "deplorables too" and are most welcome to join the party. 

One thing that you will not find reported on the BBC, CNN or  read about in the Guardian is one group where there has been a big swing to Trump in recent weeks, helping fuel his ratings climb. That group is the Hispanic block.  That should not be odd at all although one imagines that the liberal media elitists just will not understand.

More illegal migrants from the South will mean more folk ready to clean the lavatory of Nancy Pelosi et al or to serve them in swanky restaurants. But whose jobs will they be taking? Whose wages will they be threatening to undercut? In many cases it will be Hispanics living in the US legally and starting to pursue the America dream. They may wait in a restaurant but maybe their kids will go to college and get a better life. For such voters Donald Trump protects the American dream, the Dems threaten it.

If there was an election tomorrow the Dems would head to the ghettos and scream "Trump is a racist" not hoping but expecting to get what they regard as "their people" out in drov es. And the Dems would win the hispanic vote and the black vote. But with black employment zooming and black living standards rising in a way that just did not happen under Obama, there is little doubt that Trump would do better among black voters than any GOP candidate since Nixon and would almost certainly deliver the best ever GOP result among hispanics. But don't expect the mainstream media to tell you about that any day soon.




Tom Winnifrith



Guardian harpie Christina Patterson – the BBC fails to haul her up for the most disgraceful Donald Trump smear

301 days ago

Stranded in the car with the Mrs, I found myself forced to listen to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 as it discussed Donald Trump  with the author, the Guardian writing metropolitan liberal elitist Christina Patterson. Listeners who liked Trump were invited to call in so that Christina could brand them as racists because she thinks all Trumpsters are racist. Keep it up liberal moron! Every such statement makes #Trump2020 even more of a shoo in.

Remember when Crooked Hillary branded Trump supporters as “Deplorables”. We took that as a badge of honour. Trump’s poll ratings improved. Smearing half the electorate is just not that smart.  You kind of know that liberals like Patterson are losing the argument when they are forced to both deny what is fact ( Trump’s poll ratings at this stage of the cycle are very good indeed and getting better) but also just to resort to smears and insults.

One deplorable on the phone complained that folks don’t get a fair view of what trump actually does thanks to the biased media citing, inter alia, the BBC.  Natch the BBC presenter insisted in a pompous manner that it was fair, free and impartial, to quote loathsome fake news expert Jon Sopel, as Trump “owned him” a couple of years ago.

The BBC then demonstrated exactly why it is not fair or impartial as Patterson discussed Trump’s policy on tariffs claiming that “it will hurt exactly the people he is trying to help, the white working class.” Consider that statement and let it sink in.  Trump’s tariff plans are trying to help the entire working class in the rust belt, a working class that is both black and white.  He has not inserted or talked of any measures to ensure only whites benefit. His anti illegal immigration policies, whatever you think of the, do not impact on working class blacks (or whites) in the rust belt except in that it might reduce competition for lower paying jobs.

What Trump is trying to do is to help the working classes. It was Patterson who inserted entirely without justification the word “white” to create fake news. The facts are that wages among black workers are rising faster than ever. Black unemployment is the lowest since 1972 having fallen sharply since Trump took office. The Dems may talk the talk on tackling black poverty but Trump walks the walk and that is why he increased the GOP vote among black voters in 2016, from 2012, and much to the annoyance of folks like Patterson, will increase it again in 2020.

But Patterson does not like facts. So she made something up and smeared Trump in a horrible way – rather like the Kylie Morris of C4 News "make America white" smear of 2016. And the BBC being “impartial” just let her get away with it completely.

Tom Winnifrith



So will the BBC, Channel 4, the Dems and the rest of the liberal elite apologise en masse to peace-maker Donald Trump over North Korea

408 days ago

For more than two decades the mad dog eating commies of North Korea have been trying to perfect missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to the USA. Us President after US President has said how cross he is and if the dog eaters don't stop being so naughty they will impose more sanctions for China and most other folks to ignore.

Oddly enough this approach has not worked and after eight, especially spineless years, from President Hopey Change, Donald Trump came to power with North Korea having missiles that could nuke America. Naturally the liberal media had consistently praised the statesmanlike efforts of Nobel Peace Prize winner Hopey Change in attempting to secure peace & keeping the Korean Peninsula stable. They overlooked the fact that Obama had failed miserably in stopping the Korean nuclear & ICBM programmes, and so Obama handed over to Trump with a real hospital pass.

Trump told little Rocketman and North Korea where to get off. Mess with Trump's America and you will meet "fire and fury". Folks like the BBC's lamentable Jon Sopel or  Beltway insider Kylie Morris of Channel 4 Fake News rounded up tame country club republicans and armies of Dems to say how POTUS was risking an apocalypse, threatening world peace and following a path of sheer insanity.

Wind forward and North Korea has now said that it will scrap its nuclear programme altogether if its safety is guaranteed. We do not know how this will play out but thanks to President Trump we have something we never saw under his predecessors who were lauded by the liberal media as sage diplomats on matters Korean. We have the chance of disarming a rogue nation, of taking away its nukes.

So who will bee first to apologise to the President for allowing their hatred of Donald Trump to drive them to call the past two decades of relations with North Korea so incredibly badly? Sopel? Morris? Any other member of the liberal news elite? Your silence is deafening guys.

Tom Winnifrith



#ReleaseTheMemo - It was never Trump it was always about crooked Hillary

455 days ago

Members of Congress have been shown a 4 page memo which details FBI spying under the Obama adminstration in which crooked Hillary Clinton served. The memo has been described as "shocking" and "worse than Watergate." Now the pressure is on to #ReleasetheMemo.

Oddly the Dems in Congress are all opposed to releasing it while Republicans want it out. I can't think why there should be this partisan divide.

Meanwhile the liberal media tries it best to report on almost anything else. I am yet to see the BBC bother to cover this story. Presumably its grossly overpaid fake news man in North America Jon Sopel is too busy still trying to find a shred of evidence to back up his numerous assertions of Trump Russian collusion.

The story of corruption should never have been about Trump it was always about Hillary. #Releasethememo and then start the process to #LockHerup

Tom Winnifrith



The BBC was Robbed! Where's its #FakeNewsaward Mr President?

456 days ago

Last night Donald Trump handed out nine awards for excellence in fake news. He knows what the BBC is, having owned its grossly overpaid North American Reporter, pompous prig Jon Sopel, in public as you can see here. But POTUS failed to recognise our State Funded broadcaster. That is outrageous. How dare he snub the British? Is it because he is racist?

I cannot deny that the award winners were worthy recipients. President Trump handed out gongs to various outlets. CNN was given four “awards”, with The New York Times taking two and one each going to ABC News and the magazines Time and Newsweek. But none for the BBC. Shocking.

Who can forget that classic BBC Newsnight "scoop" that Trump was doing so badly that he would lose Utah and Alaska to crooked Hillary and thus the GOP had to dump him before it was too late? Or numerous utterly bogus stories and 99% of Sopel's coverage. Only the other day Sopel posted a whole report on the new Trump book by Michael Wolff listing the damning quotes but neglecting to mention both Wolff's history of making up quotes in prior books or the fact that several of those quoted in this book - including Tony Blair - had denied quotes in this book. Surely with Sopel as its lead man the BBC merited an award for fake news such as this gem on the embassy move in Israel? It was robbed. Next year maybe POTUS could like the Oscars introduce a best foreign language category for the BBC to win by a country mile?

As for Channel 4 News, the home of British fake News: well I guess with its audience size Mr Trump had to draw the line somewhere in terms of obscure crackpot outlets fronted up by millionaire elititst liberal nutjobs like Cathy Newman.

Tom Winnifrith



Do I feel sorry for a female BBC employee on £135,000 a year? The issue is that BBC men earn too much

465 days ago

To her enormous credit, Carrie Gracie the BBC's former China editor turned down a £45,000 pay rise last year when she pointed out that on £135,000 she earned far less than other International editors such as Jon "fake news" Sopel in the USA and Jeremy Bowen in thee Middle east. One issue is an apparent gender pay gap. The real issue is that overall pay levels are bloated and the BBC is unaccountable and funded by you and I under threat of jail.

Gracie gets this point. She regards earning £135,000 a year for doing a job she loves as more than fair. It is £74 an hour and easily enough to get you into the top 2% of income earners. Her salary was paid by the BBC which is funded by the taxpayer through State subsidy and directly via a license fee which we must pay whatever we earn under threat of jail.

Too many of Gracie's fellow female stars have demanded that she get a big pay rise in the name of feminism and gender equality. These greedy women should realise that the struggle for gender equality should focus on those at the bottom of the heap, women who are vulnerable and suffer real poverty not pampered millionaires.

The real issue is why Jon Sopel earns £200-249,000 putting him in the top 1% of earners. Has he really shown such exceptional talent at reading a script tpo justify this. The answer as Gracie points out is not to give her a pay hike but to start to slash the salaries of men like fake news Sopel and Bowen. That is gender equality without transferring more wealth from the 98.5% to the 1.5%.

Who other than greedy millionaires like Claire Balding and Fiona Bruce could argue against that?

Tom Winnifrith



Donald Trump to move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem - BBC Responds with fake news

499 days ago

For more than two decades Congress has pushed for the US to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is, after all, the capital. It is where the Knesset sits and is the logical place to be situated. Except of course that the Arab world would rather than the embassy was in Tel Aviv or better still scrapped altogether and the Jews pushed into the sea.

The BBC clearly sides with the Arabs and opposes anything Trump proposes which today will be to do what Congress urges and what he promised to do in the election. Gosh, a politician fulfilling a pledge, how awful.

The BBC insists that this will annoy the Arabs and cause protests on the Streets so challenging peace. Those streets of course were the same ones where many Palestinians celebrated 9/11. Twenty years of pandering to such hate has not exactly changed any minds has it? Why not show some support for the only democracy in the region and the only country allowing free speech, full rights for women and LGBTs? And of course are only steadfast ally in the Middle East?

On BBC Radio 4 Jon Sopel explained why not. Trump "was urged by everyone not to withdraw from the Paris climate accord and he did it anyway" and this will be the same. But Jon that is fake news is it not?

Paris commits the West to cut carbon emissions while allowing the big emitters (notably India and China) to belch out more than ever. It is economic suicide for the West which will not tackle carbon emissions. The link between them and climate change is not proven so America was asked to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of jobs for a bogus religion. Many in the US supported Trump all the way.

So the statement "everyone" opposed his move on Paris was a lie. Unless Jon defines "everyone" as just being the liberal elites and the beltway cliques which, in his patronising way, he quite possibly does.

And as with the Jerusalem news, not everyone opposes the move. Congress backs it. Most Americans back it. So what Sopel says is just fake news. Of course Trump has exposed Sopel for this before as you can see HERE. But why should British taxpayers continue to fund such manifest dishonesty?

Tom Winnifrith



BBC Brexit Bias & fake news on Donald Trump.. why am I paying a poll tax for this?

760 days ago

The BBC started its Ten O'Clock News with its reporters and presenters visiibily delighting in the FBI stating that it was investigating allegations of links between members of the Trump Campaign team and the Russians. But why stick to facts on a day like this?  it was time for some classic fake news from Pravda's gimp in Washington, Jon Sopel.

He asserted that these new "facts" about team Trump were sending shockwaves across Washington. A fact is something that has happened. There were no new facts revealed yesterday at all just the FBI saying it was investigating allegations, largely made by the liberal media. But when it comes to bashing POTUS, little Sopel always operates in a post fact era.

Then it was onto Brexit where the BBC revels in its unbalanced approach. Supporters of leaving were seen popping champagne corks. Yes what fascist toffs they are. And then a Labour shadow minister Kier Starmar was interviewed. He is a remoaner. So for balance they interviewed one more MP. Some SNP Loon. A Remoaner. Yup real balance from taxpayer funded Pravda once more.

Tom Winnifrith



Jon Sopel: The BBC is impartial, free and fair - that is a fake news lie from an elitist tosser

791 days ago

The highlight of the week was Donald Trump sticking it to the BBC's North America correspondent Jon Sopel who - as you can see here - spluttered that the BBC was "impartial free and fair." I guess that would be fake news then because it is patently not any of the above. Let's start with free.

I have to pay a TV license, a poll tax, irrespective of my income and that cash goes to the BBC to pay the, hugely inflated, wages of preening liberal poltroons like Sopel. If I do not pay, even if I elect NEVER to watch the BBC, I am threatened with jail. To describe the BBC's service as free is thus a lie. 

As for fair and impartial, that is even more of a monstrous lie. On every great issue of the past year the BBC has a partisan stance. There is no debate on global warming or climate change or whatever it is called these days - it is a given. All the economic good news in the UK since June 23 has been reported as "Despite Brexit" and ahead og June 23 the Beeb went out of its way to report as fact the laughable claims made by Remainers such as Carney and Osborbe warning of economic doom if we voted to quit the EU.

As for its coverage of the Trump campaign there were so many low points of bias and fale news that it is hard to pick out one crowning moment where the BBC showed it was neither fair or impartial. But my favourite remains a Newsnight with Emily Maitlis where she seized on two polls in tiny states which showed that Trump was not only going to lose rock solid GOP states (Alaska and Utah) but that mean he was such a liability that he'd ensure the Dems swept the House and Senate too. Emily thus suggested that the GOP had to think about dumping Trump. That was the BBC line in October as the liberal media tried to derail the Trump campaign. If course it was utter bollocks at the time as I demonstrated HERE

This was one of many times that the BBC showed itself to be neither impartial or fair. It is an organisation staffed by very well paid members of the liberal elite pushing a clear agenda. The tosser Sopel is part of that elite.

His statement yesterday is patently untrue and as the BBC aired it surely it classified as 100% fake news. 

Tom Winnifrith



Video The BBC's Jon Sopel gets totally owned by Donald Trump

792 days ago

Enjoy this clip as the BBC's Jon Sopel gets totally owned by Donald Trump. Perhaps on his State Visit to the UK, the Donald might ask why we have to pay a poll tax to support the inflated wages of the elistist liberal losers who staff the state broadcasting service at the BBC. 






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