Photo Article from the Greek Hovel August 2020 - Day 9, completing a circle as Uncle Johnny, Joshua and I head to Mistras

28 days ago

Photo article: The Greek Hovel August 2020 - Day 5 and then lovely Eleni had real double competition

38 days ago

The Greek Hovel August 2020: Day 3: I am invited to a meeting by Nicho the Communist & an enormous present for Joshua

46 days ago

The Greek Hovel August 2020: day 1 and it's Masks at Manchester

49 days ago

Nightmare at the Greek Hovel – car won’t start bus to catch

291 days ago

Day Two of the 2019 Olive Harvest at the Greek Hovel – Thursday, Vreki & the Police pay a visit

296 days ago

My first visit to a Greek bank in three years, I'm half way to owning a gun!

652 days ago

The rabid Brexiteer holed up in Greece sneered the metropolitan elitist remainer

655 days ago

Photo report from the Olive harvest at the Greek Hovel Day 3: the Albanian cavalry arrive

659 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel Joshua says its "my bed" as workmen eff it up

696 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel - A Lizard enjoys the 23 degree heat

704 days ago

One hour back in Britain and I am already jolly cross and want to head back to Greece

742 days ago

Photo Article - the Roma at the Court House in Kalamata and Greek indifference

746 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel – disaster averted

761 days ago

Photo Article: Fear not Olaf & the Mrs: chairs arrive at the Greek Hovel

766 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel: Doors and windows

769 days ago

A great and exciting day looms – I move into the Greek Hovel tomorrow!

770 days ago

Jesus Wept! The Greeks bring disaster upon themselves – snagaroo at the Hovel

780 days ago

Easyjet and the nasty food currency scam it inflicts on its customers

794 days ago

Waiting for Godot, aka a Bulgarian xxxx at the Greek Hovel.

798 days ago

Walking through the burning Greek Sun - not plain sailing

800 days ago

Sweating for Woodlarks – Mad Dogs and all that, strolling in Greece

802 days ago

Farewell to the Greek Hovel & Kambos - 240 trees and out

841 days ago

Back at the Greek Hovel - snake report: two more corpses

851 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - yes: the bat room now has a door, window and ceiling:

860 days ago

UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Harry Adams of Kefi Minerals

865 days ago

Hat Tip to Easyjet CEO Johan Lundgren for taking me seriously as a customer

923 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Beaufort, Big Sofa and whose bed will I sleep in tonight?

934 days ago

For my father and I it was a great day as both our rugby teams won but its a history fail for the BBC

940 days ago

Photo Article - the Dry River at the Greek Hovel is gushing and indeed another has appeared

942 days ago

Photo article: A Spectacular view from the big ugly church in Kambos

942 days ago

A day of non appearances at the Greek Hovel and I fear I'm outed as a failed pyromaniac

944 days ago

Photo article: from bikini clad women in the sea to snow covered mountains in half an hour

946 days ago

Photo article - "the alpine" Greece that so few Northern Europeans ever see

946 days ago

Two views from my hotel window in Kalamata - 48 hours is a long time in weather terms

1023 days ago

Photo article: The Greece you don't see - the Kalamata seafront and Taygetos mountains in December

1024 days ago

The storm - no olive harvesting today

1029 days ago

Photo Article for Paul Roberts: Traffic Jam on Kambos High street

1035 days ago

Video - Joshua in action, why I could not write any articles yesterday

1113 days ago

Fuck you Germanos - I lose my rag in Kalamata

1115 days ago

Photo Article: My son and Heir, Joshua, in Greece

1115 days ago

Sitting in the Caribbean Beach Bar in Greece repels me and sends my blood pressure zooming

1120 days ago

I am having to boycott the new "creperie" in Kambos - this is appalling

1122 days ago

Off on a road trip with Joshua to see his inheritance and the snakes

1123 days ago

Photo Article Real Progress at the Greek Hovel but....

1137 days ago

Photo: Picking gooseberries in the glorious English Rain at Shipston - how I would miss our summer rains

1164 days ago

Photo Article: So I picked up a young woman and was shamed

1187 days ago

Photo Article: Frigana slashing at the Greek Hovel part 2 - Lightning stops play

1197 days ago

The Vagina Monologues - red face for myself at the breakfast table

1207 days ago

Photo Article - back at the Greek Hovel - it is starting to look rather beautiful, but there is bad news

1209 days ago

Photo Article - another dead snake at the Greek Hovel: slight change of accommodation plans

1209 days ago

A nervous traveller to Kalamata caught between Scylla and Charybdis at Gatwick Airport

1211 days ago

Diary of a diabetic day ..whatever: a disastrous week

1226 days ago

In trouble with the Police again

1230 days ago

After three years...building work starts at the Greek Hovel. Laptop off!

1235 days ago

Can I be a victim too? Virtue signalling is such fun as I suffer a hate crime at Gatwick

1236 days ago

Diary of a diabetic day 21: Trousers now a real issue - they are falling down

1246 days ago

Photo article: Diary of a diabetic day 18 - a tale of two soups

1248 days ago

Diary of a diabetic Day 15 - Disastrous fishing and 6.8 on the bloods - far too low far too high

1252 days ago

The Motorway reaches Kalamata - good news and bad

1254 days ago

Sitting in my favourite restaurant in Kalamata all alone with an ouzo - gosh I'm glad to be out of this game

1310 days ago

Photo Article: If this does not make my pal Evil Knievil salivate nothing will

1313 days ago

The Bridge over the gorge - I date it and Dad & I work out why it is that old

1314 days ago

Photo article: A new bridge is spotted under the double murder bridge near Kambos - I must investigate

1315 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A tale of two podcasters, I met a sheep with its hind leg trapped in the fence today

1316 days ago

Photo Article: back at the Greek Hovel, a failed pyromaniac reports in

1316 days ago

Photo article: My cunning plan turns out to be not so cunning after all - I now know what hell is

1318 days ago

Photo article Mike the Vlach arrives and I meet his sister as well

1318 days ago

Photo Article: Olives are not the only Fruit

1379 days ago

Photo Article: The olive oil harvest at the Greek Hovel - I have a cunning plan

1379 days ago

How much would my Greek Hovel lunch on Thursday have cost in London?

1380 days ago

Sleep glorious sleep

1381 days ago

Olive harvest at the Greek Hovel - day 7: They think it's all is now!

1382 days ago

Day Four of the Olive harvest at the Greek Hovel: into the lair of the snake

1385 days ago

The Lady from the British Council said sod the Greek peasants "what about the environment?"

1387 days ago

Photo Article: day one of the olive harvest 2016 at the Greek Hovel

1388 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the storm clouds cover the mountains where the Greek Hovel lies

1390 days ago

Photo: The global warming falling hard in the Mani Greece this year

1390 days ago

Now at Athens Bus Station and freezing, I blame Paul Scott

1392 days ago

Video - Do you understand why I love where I live in Greece now?

1540 days ago

The EU immigrants living in fear and misery thanks to the lies of the liberal left

1541 days ago

Photo Article: the road to Mistras

1546 days ago

The Mrs heads home from Greece - life without her is very different, I'm back at the Hovel

1558 days ago

Back at the Greek Hovel ...brown is the new green

1571 days ago

So I told Nicho the communist about my snake encounter

1577 days ago

A tale of two keys - late night panic at the Greek Hovel

1583 days ago

Wildlife diversity report from the Greek Hovel - day 5

1594 days ago

Amazing news from Greece - we have a forestry permit for the Greek Hovel, next step... a bribe?

1596 days ago

Photo article: My first snow of the winter - in Greece 3 weeks ago

1737 days ago

Tom Winnifrith: Its 3 AM & Ive just checked myself into Hospital

1748 days ago

Winter in Kalamata

1753 days ago

Most Certainly ouzo o'clock - George the Albanian is located at last

1753 days ago

Major problemo at the Greek Hovel... Hell's teeth

1757 days ago

Paying an Electric bill for a witch: Greece does not work anymore & never worked

1903 days ago

I sit where Where Greek Independence began in 1821 as the country prepares to go bust

1936 days ago

My cunning travel plan to get back to Bristol - yes it involves ouzo

1936 days ago

Witnessing the great bank run first hand as I deposit money in Greece

1940 days ago

Happier Times at the Kardamili Police Station

1941 days ago

A two snake day & the Mrs is on a plane struck by lightening

1952 days ago

Tom Winnifrith: No Bearcast today but my dedication to you dear reader knows no bounds

1959 days ago

Suffering Head On Bike Crash in Greece – Feeling Bruised and stupid

1962 days ago

In praise of Nicho, Papou in Kambos

2089 days ago

The more I travel First Great Western the more I hate it

2107 days ago

Delayed at the Greek hovel ...but I work with Vangelis - the man in the pink shirt

2114 days ago

I need not have feared, lovely Eleni was right – I have power but the Vreki!

2117 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 2nd December - New China AIM POS Revealed

2120 days ago

I was dragged to the Police station in Kardamili and bullied, Greece in context

2185 days ago

Paddy Leigh Fermor, The Mani and Kambos

2189 days ago

My First Hangover at the Greek Hovel – getting to know the locals in Kambos

2191 days ago

The Double Murder in Kambos – the nearest village to the Greek Hovel

2207 days ago

How to get back to the UK from Greece – Jihadists and Ebola concern me

2209 days ago

At last...I have a real fan!

2250 days ago

Transport Issues at the Greek Hovel – Luckily I am Steve Frigging McQueen

2250 days ago

Easter Day Goat in Greece

2344 days ago