Friday May 24, 2019
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Brexit, Despair and Betrayal

83 days ago

This article first appeared in my weekend Tomograph newsletter but I got such a big response I thought I'd reproduce it for a wider audience.  To sign up to that free weekly newsletter click HERE.

As you might have gathered, I voted for Brexit. So too did my wife, a card carrying lifelong member of the Labour Party.  And at the start of the process I had some faith that the political class would, as they promised, deliver on the result. But it is now clear that together with the media establishment, the  Civil Service elites, big business and academia there has been a deliberate, and I fear, successful attempt to block the will of the people.

First they insulted us, My wife, who is of Indian origin, has not dared to ‘fess up to her friends (academics) that she voted to leave. For in such circles describing leavers as stupid or racist is just a given, it is routine and unchallenged. And the insults include the suggestion that we the 52% did not know what we were voting for so would need to vote again. Perhaps if the remainers in charge of Brexit, the loathsome Mrs May and her henchman Olly Robbins, made enough of a mess of the process (which they have duly done) we would realise it was better to stay in.

All the time our leaders have insisted that they respect the vote. And that No deal is better than a bad deal. Except they were lying.  I am now resigned to the elites winning and the will of the people being denied. I did think that I would get angry, grab a yellow jacket and go protest. But I shall not. I just give up.

Among the elites voting on this farce is a woman, the Labour MP for Peterborough who has spent just a few weeks in prison for perverting the course of justice and who now wears an ankle tag. This lying criminal earns £77,000 a year plus expenses and gets to decide my future? My despair grows.

Britain is rotting from the head down. Like more and more of my fellow citizens, I despair at the greed , the mendacity and the patronising sense of superiority at once respected institutions such as Parliament or the BBC and am revolted that they are funded by me, the hard working taxpayer. Why the bloody hell should I pay £77,000 a year for a convicted criminal MP or £15,000 a week for Fiona bloody Bruce to host Question Time, a platform for more of the elitists to patronise me?

In politics, business, the media corruption is just a way of life in 2019. Academics teach a curriculum which would make Orwell proud. On every sort of issue it is them (the elite) versus us. Returning ISIS brides – 99% of the population say no but the elites know better. Transgender sex education for 4 year olds? No-one in their right minds supports this but the elites know better and anyone who dares speak out is a bigot. Over in the US the same liberal elites are forcing through rules allowing abortion up to birth. Naturally nearly everyone else thinks this is an abomination but we the people are powerless.

I can’t see any way that I can change that so, I suspect like m any, my reaction is just to turn off the TV, to pay as little tax a possible and to pretend it is not happening. I give up on this country and, indeed, on the West in general.

Tom Winnifrith



Labour and the Jew Haters - problem not solved post Chris Williamson, meet Erica Wexler

85 days ago

Only after a huge public outcry has Labour MP Chris Williamson been suspended from the party for suggesting that it had apologised too much on the matter of its own anti-semitism problem. Of course Williamson weill be back sooner enough but Labour now claims it has dealt with the problem. Ten minutes on twitter checking out the reaction of its own supporters to the Williamson news should be enough to nail that canard. I warn you that some of it is pretty ugly Jew hatred. Here is a relatively moderate Labour supporter in action. Meet singer-songwriter Erica Wexler...




Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - why won't the Mrs come to see the new Death Wish as her birthday treat?

416 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



The real problem with Jeremy Corbyn's forced "mea culpa" on anti-semitism in the Labour Party is the Chakrabarti report

424 days ago

As the Board of Deputies plans a protest at Westminster against anti-semitism in the Labour party the hand of Jeremy Corbyn is forced. After months of making excuses for all sorts of Jew Haters within his ranks now he faces the sort of PR disaster which forces him to admit that "there are pockets" of anti-semitism within the party. Deep pockets many of us would say.

But does that not beg a rather major question about the report into anti-semitism within Labour by, now Baroness, Shami Chakrabarti less than two years ago? It was widely regarded by the Jewish community as a whitewash after concluding that there were merely "occassionally toxic episodes" of anti-semitism but no endemic problem. That was clearly a lie but Sami was promptly made a member of the House of the Lords by Jezza for her good work which he praised fulsomely.

I doubt the liberal media will push Comrade Corbyn on this matter but surely he must now accept that Shami's report was if not a complete whitewash, then at least grossly inadequate in failing to address the real issue? In that vein surely he should apologise for welcoming and praising the document and ask the good Baroness to step down from his front bench at once and perhaps reconsider her membership of the House of Lords?

Will Corbyn admit that the Chakrabarti report was if not a whitewash and a cover up then, at least, a very poor piece of work indeed?

Tom Winnifrith



Video: the whitewashing of anti-semitism in the Labour Party

694 days ago

If folks like me say that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party is so infected with the virus of anti-semitism that it has become institutionalised I am accused - as an out and proud right winger but also as a proud Zionist - of smearing. The video below is remarkable in that it is produced by and features a raft of fully paid up Guardian reading, left wing academics, many indeed are Labour Party members. It is a truly shocking expose of the evil at the heart of the British left.

Tom Winnifrith



Carolyn Fairbairn, Director General of the CBI is just not fit for purpose

967 days ago

As head of the CBI Carolyn Fairbairn is meant to speak for British Business. She is, naturally, totally unqualified. Her CV says it all:

Cambridge, MBA at Insead, spot of journalism, management consultant, manager at BBC, NED at the FSA ( now FCA) and now head of the CBI. Those who can do, those who can't consult and preach.

During the EU referendum Carolyn warned ius all of the dire consequences of Brexit and insisted that British business wanted to stay. The warnings were lies and just as when the CBI said business wanted to join the Euro it spoke for a few not for all. This week Carolyn Fairbairn has been at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool.

Labour has promised so much additional spending that it will bankrupt the state. As Mrs Thatcher observed, the problem with socialists is that eventually they run out of other people's money. And socialism is back with Labour. we are promised a minimum wage of £10 that will send companies to the wall, we are promised more and more regulation, workers sitting on boards, the works.

This is clearly a manifesto that is very much a total disaster for British business and so what did Ms Fairbairn - who has never run a private sector business or risked her capital - say? She said she was "wary" of the minimum wage plans and that the spending and regulatory committments needed to be considered. FFS Ms Fairbairn, Labour's plans are a disaster for business. I know your old chums from the BBC may not appreciate that but your members do.

If Carolyn Fairbairn cannot speak up for the productive part of the economy, in which she has spent so little of her adult life, she should be looking for another job. Right now she is just not fit for purpose.

Tom Winnifrith



Getting a phone lecture from "Freddie" on behalf of Owen Smith MP - a traitor

1015 days ago

As a loyal member of the Labour Party since last summer I once again get to choose who will lead our great party over the precipice. Ooops. I meant to even greater electoral success. Whatever...last night I got a call from "Freddie" on behalf of Owen Smith MP, the man who is challenging the great leader, Comrade Corbyn on behalf of the Blairite traitors.

Freddie greeted me with an explanation that he was calling on behalf of Owen Smith. Now I don't know what Freddie does as a day job but somehow doubt that he is a member of the labouring classes. But by 6.30 PM I am pretty cream crackered as I start my working day between 5 AM and 6 AM. Moreover I was playing Stratego with my daughter and did not relish being interrupted as I was enjoying putting a member of the younger generation in her place. And so when Freddie asked me if I had any thoughts on the campaign I let rip explaining how the members of our great party had spoken and those MP's attempting the coup were subverting democracy and betraying all socialist principles. I added that I was lookig forward to the deselection of  our treacherous local MP, Comrade Kerry McCarthy for her part in the plot to oust the dear leader.
Freddie said "so I don't expect you will be voting for Owen Smith then?" I replied that "I'd rather jump into a nest of vipers which is how I view people in your camp". Freddie said "well we are al in the same party and there is no need to use such language". At that point I put the phone down.

Comrade Freddie - what gives you the right to follow up patronising text messages by interrupting an important game of Stratego at a time when most folks are just winding down for the day? We workers have spent a hard day labouring away in our chains and being exploited by the bourgeoisie friends of your pal Tony Blair and can do without your patronising phone calls. Just piss off.

Tom Winnifrith



The Labour battle of promising ever more insanity & unelectability: Corbyn vs Smith

1026 days ago

Every day I receive at least one text message or email from either Comrade Corbyn or Comrade Smith as they each seek my support to become the man to take Labour over an electoral precipice. For as each day goes on they make promises that are more and more insane.

Remember that the UK has a budget deficit of c£50 billion a year and as the global economy slows that number will probably get bigger as the next election approaches. It was always a Tory lie from George Osborne that he would eliminate the deficit. His successor Hammond has just given up on fiscal prudence from day one. UK Government debt is now c£1.58 trillion or c 82% of GDP.

When debt goes past 90% of GDP that, in itself, starts to restrict growth. Remember that even at current all time low interest rates, which will not last forever, we are already spending some £45 billion a year just servicing, paying interest, on our existing debt. that is more than we spend on, say, defence.
Yesterday Comrade Owen Smith promised that if he wins the Labour leadership and becomes PM. which is about as likely as me shagging Cherlyl Cole and the entire Dallas Cowboys cheerleader squad by the start of September, he would immediately launch an extra spending plan on this that and the other worth £200 billion. That gets debt to GDP past 90% at a stroke. Well done Comrade Smith. You have bankrupted the country, do not pass Go! Do not collect £400 because all the money's gone.

But today Jezza reminds me by email that he is committed to a £500 billion investment programme, backed up by a new National Bank. That may sound like it is real money but really it is just more borrowed money. Under Comrade Corbyn debt to GDP, ceteris paribus, zooms to 105% on day one. Anything owen can do, Jezza can do better. Way to go Jezza, that would be just over 10% lower than where Greece was just before it toppled into a vicious spiral of GDP deflation and debt inflation as it had to borrow more and more just to meet interest payments. Now Greece is at 175%.

Truly this is a competition of who can make the most outlandish and totally unsustainable pledge in the happy knowledge that Labour is so totally unelectable that neither man will get to trainwreck the economy with their crazy schemes. That Comrade Smith who would push us past the bankruptcy inflexion point on day 1 is the more moderate candidate shows just how far into la la land Labour now operates. Needless to say, since Comrade Jezza is winning this crazy auction of insanity, the bearded loon is ever more certain to secure my support in the actual contest.

It shows how out of touch both men are with "ordinary working folks". They do not see debt as a virtue. They may look at Greece, Portugal, Spain and Eire and see that when countries drown in debt, the rich businessman, media and political elites still have enough cash to dine out. It is the poor, the old, the young and the sick, the vulnerable who get crushed.

There is nothing Socialist about bankrupting your country but who is going to point this out to the Labour Party?

Tom Winnifrith



Lookalike: Owen Smith MP & Penfold from Dangermouse

1032 days ago

Now i know where I have seen Owen Smith MP before he announced that he wanted to be leader of the Labour party. He used to star as Penfold the assistant of Dangermouse as you can see below.

According to Wikipedia, Owen Smith is a timid, bespectacled hamster, and Danger Mouse's reluctant assistant. He is a coward (codenamed "The Jigsaw," as he goes to pieces when a problem occurs), becoming terrified at any sign of danger. He appears in every episode accompanying Danger Mouse, and he is often captured or getting himself into other dangerous situations before needing to be rescued by Danger Mouse. His main catchphrase is "Crumbs, DM!" and others include "Oh, heck!", "Oh, fiddle!" and "Oh, carrots!", all said when things go wrong. Other catchprases inclue "Jeremy Corbyn is not a Patriot" and "I never said that even though I did" 

Nevertheless, he appears to have some moral fibre, and is willing to resist Evil when things begin to go wrong—at least temporarily. He is a self-proclaimed expert in the martial art referred to in the cartoon as "kung moggy", though his skills do not do him much good in practice. He almost always makes ridiculous responses, whether by misunderstanding or mistaking as a joke, to which DM tells him to "shush". He has an obsession with jam sandwiches, to the point that he'll make copious quantities of jam when nervous.

Meanwhile Penfold wants to be leader of the Labour party but there is nothing interesting to say about him at all.

Tom Winnifrith



Owen Smith on Newsnight - so utterly awful, I consider switching from Corbyn

1032 days ago

I was told that someone called Mr Smith, who no-one had heard of until a couple of weeks ago but now wants to lead the Labour party, was being interviewed on Newsnight and so tuned in. I sat in amazement wandering for a couple of minutes what a drab little man who looked like an accountant from a small provincial town was doing there. Even for an accountant he was terribly dull and as he droned on about double entry book-keeping and how he was generating new business for the practice at the rotary club I fell asleep. I woke up to find that the tedious little man was still droning on and was in fact Owen Smith MP.

He was asked about immigration and suggested that Labour was not connecting to the working classes in not recognising that it was not always beneficial. So would he limit it? Er... three times he declined to answer that one instead bashing the Tories for abolishing some ministerial post or other. That was Owen trying to reach out to smelly working class voters but not quite wanting to actually talk their language. Owen would rather eat guacamole with his Guardian reading pals.

Owen and his middle class mates who, like him, got cushy white collar jobs, thanks to family connections, post University and who have never suffered poverty, might think that the working class will swallow his nonsense on immigration but they are wrong. You could see through his pathetic pretence of sharing the concerns of the sans culottes when he clearly did not, a mile off. On this matter he is just a transparent little fraud.

So what about Trident? Corbyn was wrong in the 1980s but is right now that it is a waste of money but Smith was wrong in the 1980s in backing CND and is doubling up now in being wrong again now in wanting to spunk £205 billion on a new system. He told the interviewer that recent events in France and Germany show how much more dangerous the world is which is why we need Trident. Why? The interviewer let him off the hook there but how exactly does having nuclear missiles deter a chap with an axe on a German train?

Then it was onto patriotism. Apparently Smith thinks Jeremy Corbyn is not really patriotic. In justifying this claim he used the words "liberal and left" in a negative sense. Sod Theresa May with her affirmative action policies promoting idiots like Amber Rudd because she is female, make Owen Smith leader of the Tories, he was starting to sound like a real Conservative. Patriotism is of course the last refuge of the scoundrel and smearing Corbyn for not being a patriot makes Smith the scoundrel's scoundrel.

Actually that is a bit harsh as it implies that Smith has a real game plan. The reality is that he is all over the shop. Back in 2008 when he said he agreed with Tony Blair on everything, Smith was advocating private sector involvement in the NHS. Now he wants no private sector involvement in the NHS. It is not the flip flop that is painful but that Smith now denies that he ever held views which he was well documented as holding back in the day.

After what seemed like an eternity the interview drew to a close. Smith had been shown up as a flip flopper, as a man who was dishonest about his past views, a man with no vision and a man who landed the silliest smears on Corbyn. But above all he was just boring. My initial analogy was perhaps unfair...on accountants who get their kicks at the rotary club. Smith cannot help the way he looks, his nasal drone or the way he waffles on drearily. But that is how he comes across and he really did send me to sleep.

At this point, I would like to apologise to Angela Eagle for suggesting that she was the one Labour MP who might lead the People's Party to an even greater humiliation than that which it faces under Comrade Corbyn. I take that back. Owen Smith is so utterly boring and so transparently fraudulent in his attempts to "connect" with the great unwashed that he will truly trainwreck the party once and for all.

So bad was Smith that I am sorely tempted to switch my allegiance from the bearded loon to the little fraud to ensure electoral devastation for Labour. But as one who craves some excitement in life I fear that four years of soporific Smith would be far less entertaining than four more years of Jezza. And so pro tem I have to remain a loyal party member, standing shoulder to shoulder with Comrade Corbyn, marching towards an electoral precipice

Tom Winnifrith



Jeepers, as a #Tory4Corbyn I am now really confused -Jezza might actually be the best Labour has, so the worst choice for leader

1041 days ago

I was pretty much convinced that I was right to back Comrade Corbyn as the man to lead Labour to complete electoral disaster although I was flirting with sour faced warmonger Angela Eagle. News that my lefty sister N and her half German husband were now backing Angela Eagle as the best ABC (Anyone But Corbyn) candidate only made me more certain that I should, as a loyal party member since last summer, stand firm with Jezza. But today's Sun has a shocking poll.

Punters are asked how they would vote in a General Election with the loathsome Theresa May leading the Tories and Labour being lead by Comrade Corbyn, warmongering Angela Eagle or the third candidate who is not even a household name in his own household but is apparently called Mr Smith. Mr Smith says he is left wing but apparently also supported Comrade Blair's illegal war in Iraq and privatizing most of the NHS so may well, in fact, be more right wing than Theresa May. Will Mr Smith support affirmative action to ensure that the cabinet is stacked full of both women and also total imbeciles with at least one member filling the Amber Rudd seat, that is to say belonging to both oppressed minorities?

The results of the poll are:

May V Corbyn Con-43% Lab-28%
May V Smith Con-42% Lab-27%
May V Eagle Con-43% Lab-26%

You do not need to have the mathematical skills Andrea Loathsome learned in her high flying investment banking career counting the money for the ATM machines at Barclays Bank (Uxbridge branch), to see that with Comrade Corbyn or Comrade Smith in charge we in the people's party lose by 15% but with Comrade Eagle in charge we lose by 17%.

I have flagged up before the possibility that the woman touted by the modernisers, the war mongering metroplolitan elite whose views are almost entirely a complete anathema to traditional Labour voters, as the woman to unite the Party was Ms Eagle. I am now seriously considering the possibility that in the interests of family unity I should stand shoulder to shoulder with comrade sister N and her husband the kraut in support of Comrade Eagle.

This is proving a most difficult contest, for those of us in our wing of the Labour Party to desice whom to back. The more one learns of Ms Eagle the more qualities it is clear that she has to offer the People's Party in its quest for electoral oblivion. I guess I am a floating voter once again.

Tom Winnifrith



The hospice party, Corbyn vs Eagle pitches me against Sister N and then Midsomer Murders - I "out-Sherlock" my father

1045 days ago

It was a reasonably old episode of Midsomer Murders on the rerun Channel 10 last night. Dad and I missed the first three minutes despite me driving back to Shipston at what he terms breakneck speed, that is to say 50 miles per hour. We'd been at an impromptu party at the hospice.

My youngest sister N had pitched up from Oxford. and So Dad and I stayed on far later than planned as my step mother said we should have a party. I had actually brought in a few bottles for my step siblings to cheer them up. And so we all talked a bit of family holidays in days gone by. Was Pelion 1989 or 1991? Heaven only knows but we played along with the game my step mother suggested of matching years and places.

On best behaviour and not drinking ahead of the drive home, I resisted the urge of teasing my sister about the leadership contest in the People's Party. She takes these matters very seriously. Like me, she and her husband, are loyal members of the Labour Party, albeit from different wings. That is to say they are on the wing that wants Labour to win whereas I am on wing created last summer whose members signed up with a rather different goal. My sister does not regard the future of the movement as a matter for jest, ridicule or banter.. She and her husband both work for the State and, well put it this way she gave him his membership as a Christmas Present. Gosh how romantic.

Suffice to say, neither regard my membership and writings about who should lead our great party (over the precipice) as a matter of amusement whereas my father regards the whole debacle as a real source of joy. Anyhow, N will be over on Thursday as it is her day off. Well one of here three days off in a seven day week. When's my day off in the private sector I wonder. Er...December 25. Yup that's it.

So tomorrow we will take this matter forward. As I explained HERE, an Eagle vs Corbyn contest is a win/win for my wing of the People's Party but the early signs are that N and her husband will be supporting the Blairite, Iraq war fan, Kulak Eagle. From Sheep Street Shipston last night a great cheer went up last night as the news said that Comrade Corbyn needed no nominations at all to enter the contest.

My father is happy that there is a summer of internal strife ahead, to keep him amused. I too look forward to this but am beginning to think that our wing of the party will be swinging behind Corbyn if only to annoy N and her half German husband who, I gather really disapproves of my wing of the party with a passion. To the barricades Comrades, Jezza we can!

Now back to Midsomer where it was Bergerac Barnaby in charge with Sergeant Dan Scott at his side. That tells you - as all Midsomer groupies know - that we are at series 7 or 8 out 18. Dad and I arrived two or three minutes in with Scott in a pub having wagered £50 on a horse race involving the nag Bantling Boy. At this point, as I prepared supper, I outdid my father in not only predicting the first victim of four, who at this point was still alive, but also the killers. My father agreed with my assessment and we concluded that we were indeed great detectives. Of course,after the spilling of large amounts of blood, old Barnaby eventually came to the same conclusion as we knew he would, having both seen the show several times before. Naturally we watched gripped to the very end.

Even the panto in the Labour Party can't beat a good episode of Midsomer.

Tom Winnifrith



Jeremy Corbyn must be booted out of Labour for comparing Israel to ISIS

1058 days ago

There is a report out today into anti semitism in the Labour party and at its launch the, pro tem, leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn made a remark which is simply not acceptable. While he remains a member of the Labour party, let alone, its leader no Jewish person in Britain can surely consider voting Labour. Corbyn stated:

Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel than Muslims are for Islamic State

So Jeremy "some of my best friends are Jewish...but" Corbyn, I guess your old pal Red Ken Livingstone will be proud of you today.

To discuss a democratic State which is tolerant of women, gays and those who live within its UN defined borders who are arab and muslim and which supports free speech and allows dissent, to the murderous and barbaric ISIS regime is offensive. It is as offensive as comparing Israel to the Nazis, something that many folks in Labour appear to do more than now and again.

That Corbyn comes up with this hateful discourse at the launch of a report into evidence of deep rooted anti-semitism with Labour is appalling. Anyone who has watched the British left for the past thirty years knows that many of the comrades have a problem with the evil Jews. Some, like Comrade Livingstone are quite open about it. Comrade Corbyn today let his mask slip.

It seems that like many on the left, he regards anti-semitism as an acceptable form of racism.  The pathological hatred of Israel which is now part of the British lefty-liberal DNA, has left many on the left actoing as apologists for barbarity across the Middle East simply because your enemy's enemy is your friend. Others have allowed the line between the Jewish State and the Jewish people to have become blurred in their fury and hatred.

Until Labour cleanses its party of folks who hold views like those of Corbyn I cannot see how anyonewho is Jewish can support the party.  As someone who is happy to wear the yellow star in solidarity, I am equally excluded.

Tom Winnifrith



Jeremy Hunt for Tory leader - he's avin a bubble

1060 days ago

Suddenly Comrade Corbyn's Labour party is in with a slim chance for it appears that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is pitching to be the next Tory leader. Short of appointing Roy Hodgson it is hard to see how the Cons could think of a bigger death wish candidate.

Not only did he manage a PR disaster when the greedy bastard junior doctors went on strike but then he caved into the little Trustrafarians. So bad spin and a defeat. In the Referendum he backed the losing side and has trumped that by suggesting we now need a second referendum on the terms of Brexit. Hunt thus shows his contempt for the electorate.

You know what Jeremy? It is mutual.

If you wish to do something for your party you should announce that you are standing down at the next election. The fact that you even consider standing just shows what a fantasy world you live in, your arrogance and brass neck.

Just get it into your thick, elitist, head: no-one likes you.

Tom Winnifrith



Kerry McCarthy MP (Labour farming) Treat meat eaters like smokers…er hang on comrade

1338 days ago

I write as a meat eating smoker and loyal member of Comrade Corbyn’s Labour party here in Bristol East where our local MP is Kerry McCarthy, a vegan recently made shadow minister for The Environment, Food & Rural affairs. I am starting to worry that Comrade McCarthy and I might not see eye to eye when showing fraternal solidarity at our next branch meeting.

Comrade McCarthy is today quoted as saying: “I really believe that meat should be treated in exactly the same way as tobacco, with public campaigns to stop people eating it. Progress on animal welfare is being made at EU level... but in the end it comes down to not eating meat or dairy.”

Hmmmm.  Campaigns to stop smoking are because smoking cigarettes is bad for you – if you do it often enough you will get sick. So of course is unprotected anal sex with complete strangers. But we do not have bath-house taxes instead we have punitive cigarette taxes (which creates a mass criminal smuggling industry) because middle class morality insists on the right of the state to decide selectively what we should or should not put into our bodies.  Cigarettes bad. The todger of a highly promiscuous Easyjet airline steward, okay.

But at least there is a public health issue with smoking. Eating a balanced diet including meat is healthy. Eating too much meat is bad for you. But so too can be a vegan diet if not balanced out. I always thought milk was good for you. So there is no public health reason for Comrade McCarthy's campaign. It is down to her view on animals. 

It is of course a middle class townie view. If we all went vegan no-one would rear pigs at all and sheep would almost die out in this country. Thousands working in farming would lose their jobs. Ordinary working class farm workers as well as rather richer farmers would be thrown onto the dole.

I remember in the Election that Comrade McCarthy was keen to deal with the Seagull menace that afflicts this part of Bristol. Surely this is not a case of some animals and birds being more equal than others?



Tom Winnifrith



Tony Blair is Christmas come early for Comrade Jeremy Corbyn - Keep up the good work Tone

1363 days ago

The war criminal Tony Blair has again spoken of the dangers Labour faces if it elects Jeremy Corbyn as its leader. Comrade Corbyn must be delighted.

Blair’s intervention comes on a day when his tax minimisation arrangements come under further scrutiny. There are growing calls for Lord Chilcott to publish his report into Blair’s illegal war based on his lies about WMD. And there is further evidence of his links to a man most labour folks despise more than any other, Rupert Murdoch. In short Blair must be among the most loathed figures within the People’s Party.

Every time he urges the comrades to vote for anyone other than Corbyn, our boy Jeremy picks up more votes. Corbyn must be over the moon every time the war criminal opines.

As it happens as a new recruit to Labour my ballot paper arrived by email on Friday. I am urged to vote electronically to save the party money. 

Naturally I want Comrade Corbyn to have as much money as possible to spread his interesting range of views to Middle England. And so I was only too delighted to oblige. 

That is one more vote Comrade Corbyn can count on. You don’t need to thank me personally Comrade. It was my pleasure.

Tom Winnifrith



This Blog backs #Corbyn4Leader

1407 days ago

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour MP for Islington North is a principled man, not swayed by focus groups, but a steadfast campaigner for true socialism. And the recent polls show that he may well be the next leader of the Labour Party. We welcome this and send fraternal greetings to comrade Corbyn: this blog is coming out as a proud support of Jeremy to lead the people’s party.

Of course the bearded old nutter has been wrong on almost every single issue of the past 30 years and is utterly unelectable outside the champagne socialist honeypot of London N1. His steadfast defence of welfare scroungers, illegal economic immigrants, foreign aid for kleptocrats across the globe and numerous other loathsome causes means that core Labour voters in the Northern welfare safaris will find him as much as a turn-off as folks in the hard-working South.

With the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary party now able to squeeze into a Gents lavatory and led by a bloke who is not even a household name in his own household, a Corbyn led Labour will guarantee perennial Tory rule.

But naturally that is not our reason for backing the mad old leftie.  No of course not.


Tom Winnifrith



Should I vote Labour to tackle the Seagull Menace – the hot issue in Bristol East

1519 days ago

I am rather cross with my capitalist cat Tara. Whereas my morbidly obese three legged cat Oakley treated the UKIP pamphlets thrust through our door with suitable respect by defecating on Nigel Farage’s face, Tara failed to respond in a suitable manner when the Labour party pushed three flyers through the letterbox. Bad Tara. 

Thus the Mrs, a lifelong deluded lefty, thrust them into my hand smirking at the failure of Tara to follow orders and I dutifully had a butchers. There was one from a dreadful harridan who leads Labour on the City Council and thinks our pompous arse of a red-trousered mayor George Ferguson is awful. He is. But her rantings made me feel almost sorry for the poor man. The level of petty squabbling just made me want to see the whole lot of them at City hall strung up with eco-friendly piano wire.

Then there was a glossy pamphlet from our Labour MP Kerry McCarthy. Oddly I could find no picture of her party leader Mr Miliband on the flyer and cannot imagine why that is. She had a long go at the Tories for failing to tackle the deficit. You what? Suddenly the party that always runs out of other people’s money when in power is the party of Austrian economics?  Pull the other one Kerry luv.  Kerry also boasts that she has mentioned Bristol 200 times in Parliament in the past five years. Wow… my taxes are well spent on you aren’t they?

Finally there was a pamphlet from my local council candidate who was wearing a trainspotter’s uniform and looked about 150. By this point I was losing the will to live but comrade Mike Langley grabbed my attention by flagging up the real issue in this election: the seagull menace here in Brislington.  And that made me check out Kerry’s flyer again and she too realises the gravity of the situation and is doing her bit to tackle this real threat. 

Kerry does not bother mentioning minor issues such as Europe, immigration, crime, welfare abuse or how she and Ed Balls will clear the deficit but she seems pretty hot on identifying the real big issue: those blasted seagulls. 

Hmmm, that is it. I was fairly sure that I was going to vote Tory even though my local Tory candidate Theo Clarke seems like a raging lefty but at least I could annoy the Mrs by backing Theo. But now that I realise the seriousness of the seagull threat and that only Labour has the radical solutions to tackle this issue and to put it top of the agenda, I am not so sure.

I accept that we must deal with the Seagulls. I am torn and so I am once again a floating voter. Maybe I should write to Mr Cameron and see if he realises the gravity of the situation and if whether he has any firm pledges on seagulls as well? What is the UKIP policy on the seagull peril? Send them all back home to Europe. Deport the lot of them. Over here stealing food and jobs from hard working native British sparrows. Political correctness gone mad.

Do the Greens want to give Seagulls human rights like the dolphins or do they accept the threat we face here in Bristol East? I assume the Lib Dems are too busy explaining why they knew nothing about Cyril Smith to have come up with a Seagull policy. The SNP will no doubt propose a special tax on London bankers to deal with the Seagull menace but in Scotland only and that will be a key negotiating point with any potential coalition partner.

Why is it that my local MP Kerry realises the gravity of the Seagull peril and is working tirelessly on this issue but it was not raised in the Leader’s debates last night?  Surely that is yet another reason not to pay my license fee to the BBC?

Tom Winnifrith



Labour Party Councillor has sex with an alien 4 times a year

1951 days ago

Just to show that UKIP does not have a complete monopoly on Nutters, and to show balance I refer you to Labour Councillor Simon Parkes from Whitby who says that he has sex with an alien four times a year and this is causing tensions with him human wife. Ok. Compared to Ed balls on Economics this seems quite plausible but none the less...

Cllr Parks says that he has had a child called Zarka with an alien who he calls the Cat Queen. Mr Parkes, a driving instructor by trade,

The driving instructor, who has three children with his human wife, said the intercourse with the alien happens about four times a year. “What will happen is that we will hold hands and I will say ‘I’m ready’ and then the technology I don’t understand will take us up to a craft orbiting the earth," he said.

Parkes has also claimed he was abducted by extra-terrestrials as a child and that his “real mother” is a 9ft tall alien with eight fingers. But residents of Whitby should not worry. Parkes states:

“It’s a personal matter and it doesn’t affect my work. I’m more interested in fixing someone’s leaking roof or potholes. People don’t want me to talk about aliens. I get more common sense out of the aliens than out of Scarborough Town Hall.”

Cllr Parkes UKIP application interview video, oops sorry I meant to say revelations of his alien experiences, can be watched below.

Tom Winnifrith



Hester Goes - does it matter who is at the helm?

2170 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



The Labour victor in South Shields – thick lardbucket

2212 days ago

Whatever you think of David Miliband he was articulate and he was clever. He was wrong on most matters but he had his plus points. I was horrified by the stupidity of the lard bucket who has succeeded him. More than half the voters cast in this contest were cast four weeks ago by post. They were organised by the established party machine in the seat (Labour) and so fell almost entirely for Labour. Those who actually voted on the day, voted for UKIP not this lard bucket. There is something very wrong with such a system but do not expect the established parties to change it.

That she has a strong Geordie accent is not a problem. So does the delightful Ms Cheryl Cole who – as we all know – can do no wrong. But this woman just uttered an incoherent stream of grammatically incorrect babble. She is thick. Asked by Sky TV if she was a Blairite or a Brownite she looked vacant. I am not sure I could explain the differences too clearly myself but then I am not a Labour MP.  And so the lard bucket answered: I am a Labour party supporter. Well there’s a surprise.

Whet are her solutions to the Country’s ills? Er…shake that magic money tree. Spend, spend, spend. Great. What did the lard bucket do before this to give her such an acute grasp of economics? She was a social worker.

At that point I could take no more and flicked to another channel featuring another Labour supporter in the news…Mr Stewart Hall

Tom Winnifrith



Making Money from My Father thanks to UKIP & the Shipston poll

2213 days ago

My father has already done his stint as part of the slick electoral machine of the Shipston branch of the party that wishes to block the deportation of Abu Qatada and now we sit back and watch the results come in tonight. To add interest we have six bets running. And it is at 5 Albanian Lekke a pop.

My banker is who will get a greater percentage of the popular vote: UKIP or the Lib Dems. The last national survey suggested the Lib Dems would get 14% and UKIP 22% just behind labour on 24%. I think it is pretty brave of anyone to admit voting Lib Dem but I suspect that even more folks are reluctant to admit to voting UKIP lest the local council snatch their kids or Ken Clarke accuses them of racism. So I sense the 22% might just underestimate the UKIP vote and so barring a miracle this is my banker bet.

I win 5 Albanian Lekke from my father.

I wish we had a bet on the South Shields by-election where the word is that both the Tories and Lib Dems will lose their deposits. Indeed there is a suggestion that the unofficial Monster raving Loony party (the one led by Nick Clegg) will in fact be beaten by the Official Monster Raving Loony party. UKIP will come second but I suspect a lot closer to Labour (in its safest seat in England) than it did in Rotherham.

How well UKIP actually does is down, I suspect to whether folks feel apathetic (Local elections do not count, all politicians are greedy sleazy tossers who ignore our wishes on everything, but I am off down the pub, staying at home waiting for the next Coronation Street star to be exposed as an alleged sex offender) or angry (all politicians are greedy sleazy tossers who ignore our wishes on everything) and so since local elections do not count I will kick them in the gonads by voting UKIP.

The signs are that in some places apathy reigns. But in others (like along the High Speed rail line) turnout is half decent.’ And that means UKIP will do well.

It is just conceivable that UKIP will win more of the popular vote than Labour. It will gain dozens of seats. The Tories and Lib Dems will suffer a bloodbath but Labour’s low share of the vote (it is largely rural seats up for grabs) will be used to bash them. Of the party leaders only Farage will really be smiling tonight.

And so to our other bet which is on the Warwickshire County Council contest in Shipston on Stour. This ward has elected in the last three contests a Tory, a Liberal and a man from the People’s Party. That was a flash-in-the-pan win for Labour as the plebs showed their support for the proposed supermarket. This time there are five candidates:

Incumbent councillor Mr Saint (regarded as Mr Sinner by my father as he is the Conservative candidate)

Wacko Environmentalist (the Green Party Candidate)

Beardy Weirdie (Lib Dem)

Nice Lady from the Post Office (The People’s Party)

A bloke no-one has ever heard of (UKIP)

Last time Mr Sinner won by a landslide. Beardy Weirdie is a sitting District Councillor. Wacko Environmentalist was very anti supermarket as were Beardy Weirdie and Sinner. The bloke no-one has ever heard of (UKIP) has not declared his hand on Supermarkets.

And so the bets are on each of the five places. My father goes with

1. Sinner
2. Beardy Weirdie
3. Nice Lady from Post Office, New Labour
4. Wacko Environmentalist (Friend of deluded lefty step mum)
5. Bloke no-one has ever heard of, UKIP.

I predict a mammoth UKIP surge with the Sinner suffering the most and so go with:

1. Beardy Weirdie (perhaps the only Lib Dem gain in the UK tonight)
2. Bloke no-one has ever heard of (UKIP)
3. Sinner.
4. Nice Lady from the Post Office
5. Wacko Environmentalist.

As a footnote it appears that little step sister Flea forgot to put herself on the electoral roll and so cannot vote at all. As such her opportunity to show her true colours (blue or purple) has been denied her.

I sense that on positions 5 and 4 I am bang on the money. But I am starting to worry that in fact I might have got three and one the wrong way round and that Mr Sinner will triumph while it is Beardy Weirdie who faces coming behind the bloke that no-one has ever heard of. All to be revealed tomorrow.


Tom Winnifrith



Friday Caption Contest Lord Ahmed (prize shit & convicted killer) issue

2261 days ago

As I noted earlier today Labour peer Lord Ahmed killed a man by crashing his Jag into the man’s stationary car while texting away at 70 miles an hour. Ahmed reckons that service 16 days for this killing was harsh and only happened because he was a victim of the worldwide Jewish conspiracy. Labour has suspended this repellent anti-Semite but this is an easy call. What next. Julius Streicher, ooops I mean Lord Ahmed, made this claim on a video which I am sure Ed has seen. Either Labour believes in one nation or it does not.

And so this week’s caption contest comes with no prize just the chance to insult and abuse the spineless Ed Milliband as he decides whether he wishes to lead a party with at least one principle or to keep Lord Ahmed and those who agree with his vile views on board.  So please leave your entries for the picture below in the comments section.

My entry is:  “We are the party of one nation…except for the evil frigging Jews

Milliband if you wish to prove me wrong you know what to do with the despicable Lord Ahmed.

Last week I asked you for a caption to this picture of the General Belgrano going down the last time the Argies tried it to impose their wishes on a land where 99.8% of the citizens would rather be British.

Now this will shock you but the independent judge was not impressed by the entry from the Evil son of deluded lefties and has awarded the prize to Garydavs for:

Sinking of ARA General Belgrano: the last known UK government target that was hit.

Gary, drop me an email and I will organise in due course for a Piss off Argentina T-shirt (which you can of course buy here) to be sent to you.

Now post away with your entries to this week’s contest.

Tom Winnifrith



Thieving Pig (literally) – Lancashire Police Commissioner Clive Grunshaw

2346 days ago

I always thought the Police Commissioner elections were a waste of space. It was just another chance of the lower members of the political establishment to stick their snouts in the trough. Step forward thieving pig Clive Grunshaw, a long serving Labour councillor and as of last month the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire. He is also a thief. Go ahead and sue me Clive. Oink Oink. Sleaze. Sleaze. Oink. Oink.

The excellent blog has used FOI information to trawl Grunshaw’s expenses claims. I pass you over to that blog:

“In 2009 when Commissioner Grunshaw held roles as a County Councillor and a member of the Police Authority, he claimed that he had spent from 8 am to 1 pm on 28 September on Police Authority duties, involving a round-trip of 56 miles apparently from his home in Fleetwood to Police Headquarters at Hutton, near Preston, but then claimed 46 miles from the County Council for a round-trip to County Hall at Preston the same day, apparently being absent from home on that occasion between 12 noon and 5 pm. It is not clear how he left home on the second occasion an hour before he had arrived home from his Police Authority duties, or why he travelled 51 miles via his home instead of the 5 mile direct journey.

Whilst this may seem like a simple mistake, TopOfTheCops has uncovered 8 other occasions where Grunshaw’s timings for claims from one authority appear incompatible with timing for claims from another authority for the same day.


It seems that porcine Clive also submitted multiple claims for food on the same day. Needless to say when confronted with these claims the man who must oversee a one billion quid budget to stamp out crime said it was all an innocent mistake and he would repay what was due. Yeah right.

The man submitted false expense claims and thus stole taxpayers cash. In the private sector he would be fired and prosecuted. A welfare claimant would lose benefits and be prosecuted. But for members of the “political classes” different rules apply. And that is because they set their own rules.

As we near the end of 1984, sorry 2012, I once again am drawn back to the works of George Orwell and in this case Animal Farm:

“Comrades!” he cried. “You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege? Many of us actually dislike milk and apples. Milk and apples (this has been proved by Science, comrades) contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig. We pigs are brainworkers. The whole management and organization of this farm depend on us. Day and night we are watching over your welfare. It is for your sake that we drink that milk and eat those apples.

Grunshaw should use some of his fiddled expenses money to buy a copy of Animal Farm and of 1984 and to read both (after he has resigned and asked for a Police Force from outside Lancashire to investigate him in full).

Double Speak is a combination of two terms from 1984 (Double Think and New Speak) and essentially means saying one thing and meaning another. Someone might, for instance, say “I am tough on crime” while in practice thieving themselves. Ring any bells Police Commissioner?

Of course, trougher Grunshaw will not quit. It is one rule for them and one for us. Some of us are just more equal than others in the sight of the law.

The excellent Top of the Cops piece is here.

My e-book out the other day, Letters from the Chestnut Tree cafe, Thought Crime in Britain and Greece (1984 is finally here) contains numerous other examples of this sort of double standard with my comments and can be bought direct from the publisher HERE for £5. .

Tom Winnifrith



Video Postcard Number 14

2386 days ago

I think I got the sound and the video right this time. I have been thinking in the New Year that I might start doing two short daily audio reports on a) the markets and b) life in general – the world, the evil State and the Evil Empire. I am investigating the technology. Whaddya think?

On the Agenda

1. Sefton Resources
2. Re Sefton but a wider point about looking at revenue, profits and free cashflow
3. The US election & what it means
4.The Euro mess what it means
5. The UK’s broken budget. How all four parties ( I include UKIP) are not admitting the hard choices we must make and what those choices (i.e. cuts) will be
6. value stocks v hype stocks
7. The Nifty Fifty – two more tips up this week and how to join HERE.
Running Time 9 mins 36 seconds

Tom Winnifrith



Irony from Westminster on child care and the paedophile scandal

2389 days ago

The Tory paedophile scandal (with Labour to follow) will dwarf that of the Savile affair if it is shown that senior political nonces were let off the hook as part of an establishment cover up. There has been no sign from senior Tories, as they express their faux outrage and shock, (having known all the stories for years) that they will deal with this. The grim truth will have to be dragged out from them.

As I pointed out yesterday the media and political establishment have known for years about the rumours now spread widely across the internet and have at best turned a blind eye to protect “their own” or at worst actively engaged in a cover up. You can read that piece HERE.

Thus with perfect irony I read a House of Commons Select Committee Report out today on Child care which, believe it or not, seems to call for more children to be taken into the “safety” of State care homes.

It starts with a concern that older kids are pushed out too soon or that kids of illegal immigrants are not taken into care because they are illegal but goes on to state:

On neglect, the Committee found evidence that children are left too long in harmful situation. To encourage earlier intervention, it calls for better training for all front-line professionals in child development and the long-term consequences of neglect.

On older children, an urgent review is needed of the support offered to this group in order that services can be re-shaped to meet their needs. Ofsted should monitor and report on the provision made for this group by local authorities, taking into account the views of the children themselves. Practitioners must demonstrate greater willingness to look beyond behavioural problems and recognise signs of neglect and abuse in teenagers.

More needs to be done by central and local agencies to raise awareness amongst children of the nature of abuse and how it might affect them, and to encourage self-referrals.

So trying to get this straight. The sort of Social Workers who so badly let down Victoria Climbie and Baby P ( and none of who got fired) and who have already intervened in a scandalous way in taking kids from normal parents ( as described by Christopher Booker HERE. ) will now seek to shuffle kids into care homes at an earlier stage.

Had I a shred of confidence that those who have been guilty of abusing kids in care in homes in the past had all been exposed and punished I might take this semi-seriously but the record of social services in recent years has been so shockingly bad that even then I would have my doubts.

It is irony that one year long enquiry finishes with these recommendations just as it emerges that another year long enquiry costing £14 million into serial abuse in the same sector in North Wales appears to have been a total farce.

Tom Winnifrith



Paedophile Scandal at BBC and Westminster – it is the establishment cover up and faux outrage that truly revolts

2390 days ago

And so in today’s chapter of paedogeddon Home Secretary Theresa May and PM David Cameron claimed to be disgusted by the allegations made against a senior Tory of the Thatcher years ( who everyone now knows the name of but we cannot say) and a new enquiry into events in North Wales children’s homes has been ordered. Over at the BBC an enquiry is underway into allegations made against arch nonce Jimmy Savile and 29 others, some of them celebrities. The Old Bill has very publicly dragged Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr in for questioning and claims that other celeb arrests are imminent. Suddenly the establishment is desperate to be seen to be outraged, shocked and doing something.

It just does not wash. This is faux surprise, faux outrage and bandwagon mounting par excellence but I sense that no-one really believes any of it any more.

I served my time on Fleet Street. And so I heard stories about Savile and – even before he was nicked – Jonathan King. I was told about Ted Heath (who like Savile was a frequent visitor to a certain Jersey children’s home). And yes I heard about the senior Tory we cannot name and indeed another even more prominent Tory plus three very prominent Labour figures all of whom were widely believed to have a Savilesque taste in younger men.

To be fair to Fleet Street, the British libel laws were a stinker and it would have been hard to report much of it. It is only the totally unregulated world of the internet that means that you all now know all or most of the names that I know. And if you do not, ten minutes on Google will quickly bring you up to speed.

But over at the BBC and at Westminster, folk also knew the stories. And they could have done something. For May and Cameron to express horror at what is now emerging just does not wash. They would have heard the same tales so what we are hearing now is not, whatever they say, any sort of surprise to them. For years the political parties operated with dossiers on leading figures on “the other side” that could be used in an emergency. One of our nonces gets exposed we can deflect the damage by exposing one of yours. And so no-one said anything. But I think it was worse than that. I think that there was a genuine feeling that what the political elite got up to away from the office was their own business and that somehow they were not tied to the normal rules of society because they were just above all of that. And clearly they were.

When the original North Wales enquiry took place (cost to the taxpayer £14 million) there must have been plenty of folk at Westminster, in the police and secret services who were fully aware of well known figures who somehow escaped censure. They said nothing. How on earth are we now to believe that yet another “independent” enquiry organised by politicians will come any closer to exposing the truth than the first one?

And I am afraid that it may get rather worse. For it has been rumoured for an awfully long time that when some of the political nonces went just a bit “too far” ( i.e. risked getting caught) they were like peado Catholic priests simply moved to another parish, given a sinecure outside the House of Commons and told to shut up. If indeed that turns out to be the case (and if you want to get up to speed on this google is very helpful) then the political parties themselves (and possibly some figures still prominent within them) actively connived to protect these appalling men and to cover up their appalling activities. Were this to be true this would indeed be a monumental scandal for the entire political class (for it is suggested that this was a cross party matter). If there is to be a proper enquiry this matter needs to be addressed as a matter of critical importance, if only to put these suggestions to bed once and for all.

The BBC enquiry into itself is being conducted by a firm of lawyers that earns an awful lot of its money doing work for…the BBC. No-one has any faith in an enquiry into politicians organised by the politicians themselves (especially when there has already been one whitewash, I mean enquiry). Faith in the political and media establishment has never been lower. Quite simply they are not trusted at all. The false shock and outrage today from folks who have known these rumours (and probably more) for years will not change that one iota. Nor will the Police regain the trust of anybody by publicly leading old Gary Glitter off in cuffs yet again as it slowly emerges how they repeatedly allowed Savile and others off the hook, again and again and again over decades.

It has been another truly depressing day in the decline of a country that appears to be rotting from the head downwards.

Tom Winnifrith



Does Anyone NOT know the Newsnight alleged paedophile Tory yet? New Media wins again

2391 days ago

Since Newsnight bottled it last week and refused to name high profile Tory was an alleged paedophile abusing boys on North Wales (still alive so he might sue) new media has done its worst. As I predicted.

If you are one of the few folks in the UK who does not know his name I challenge you NOT to be able to discover it on Google within five minutes. I have seen several tweets today linking to blogs that name him (as well as a few other chaps from both Labour and Tory high circles, and the late Liberal MP Sir Cyril Smith to make it an all party affair). If libel writs are to be issued the nonces in question can start today in earnest as they have now been outed in dozens of places. Does the Newsnight nonce have a case to build?

Incidentally I see that one of those named on a few sites is the step-father of someone I met at University and who I was told was a nonce a quarter of a Century ago. Maybe it was true after all.

Call Me Dave has tried to kick the issue into the long grass by ordering an urgent enquiry into North Wales abuse. While he is about it might he ask for a refund on the £14 million pissed away on the last enquiry into this matter which clearly failed to name and shame. The cat is out of the bag. New media wins again. There is no point in prolonging the cover up. Fleet Street has known all the names mentioned for ages. Thanks to the internet most of us ordinary “plebs” now know as well. Come clean Dave and pass the files to the Police. The UK libel laws, as I pointed out at the weekend HERE, just cannot beat the internet. The clash has come and new media has won.

Tom Winnifrith



Faux New Labour outrage over Jimmy Savile joke

2416 days ago

Some Tory local council candidate told a Jimmy Savile joke on twitter. The Labour party have now written to Call Me Dave demanding that this man be barred from standing for office again. Shit, why not go the whole hog and report him to the Police and get him banged up for 3 months for causing widespread “distress” via an electronic communication. Oh please…

The joke was tasteless but half funny. So at the risk of going to prison for three months for causing distress (see below) I shall of course repeat it in full.

Meanwhile should not Labour be focussing their fire on how their pals at the BBC covered up for this monster and others ( another one outed tonight, some bloke I have never heard of from Children’s hour) on an institutional scale for years? The Plymouth Tory has now protected his tweets but here’s the joke:

Image stolen from Political Scrapbook

Tom Winnifrith



Harriet Harman knows best in the bedroom and elsewhere

2423 days ago

In her Labour conference speech today Harriet Harman ( class warrior educated at St Paul’s School for Girls) devoted most of her tedious diatribe to attacking young ladies who did not enjoy her privileged upbringing but earn a good whack as page 3 birds . Privileged Harman wishes to deny them that opportunity while telling the rest of us what we can or cannot read in a newspaper. But of course like all good lefties she knows best.
But to lighten the tone she also discussed want she wants in a man.

“Because, let’s be honest, what most women want is not a man who ties you to the bed, but one who unstacks the dishwasher while you watch the Great British Bake Off.”

I suspect most men would feel that if shacked up with Ms Harman we would rather stick our head in the dishwasher than go anywhere near the bedroom. It is all the stuff of nightmares. It rather reminds me of the Winston Churchill, Lady Astor exchange.

Lady Astor: “If you were my husband, I’d poison your tea,”
WC: “Madam, if you were my wife, I’d drink it!”

Ms Harman’s husband (who must have been laughing out loud at Hattie’s little joke) is of course a TUC high flyer Jack Dromey who, late in life, became a Labour MP when a seat which had been told to have a women only short-list was ordered to change its rules.

All are equal but some are rather more equal than others. Power to the people. Up the workers. Etc, etc.

Tom Winnifrith



Hardship in Local Government – Doing the Lambeth Walk

2423 days ago

The wicked Tories are – as we all know – forcing local councils across the land to cut back on vital front line services. And apparently it is the poor in the inner Cities who will suffer the most. Places like Lambeth.

Indeed reading the blog of council leader Steve Reed I see the man pontificate:

The Tories and Lib Dems in Government have chosen to cut Lambeth’s net budget by nearly one third. Prime Minister David Cameron said ‘we’re all in this together’ when he promised that the broadest shoulders would bear the heaviest burden in paying down the cost of bailing out the banks. But he has done the opposite. Britain’s poorest communities and poorest families are losing the most.

By the time the funding cuts have all been made, Lambeth will lose £94.5m a year out of a total budget that was once around £300m. Our Labour councillors are doing our best to manage that devastating reduction in a way that minimises the damage to our community. We made a number of promises that we are determined to keep: we committed to:

 Protect services that matter most to local people
 Cut the back office to protect the front line
 Protect the most vulnerable
 Support people’s aspirations for a better quality of life including better housing, schools, and a clean environment
 Keep people safe and secure

This piece does go on but I cannot face it. I have spent five minutes on Reed’s blog and I feel the need for a stiff drink already.

Anyhow it is good to see that Reed is cutting spending in a manner designed to protect core services. Like? er, well let’s go to the jobs page on Lambeth Council’s website.

FIN0297 Mayoral Services Macebearer, Chauffeur and Assistant
Grade: Scale 6
Salary: £25,515 rising in annual increments to £27,009

1 x Permanent

2 x Fixed Term Zero Hour Contracts
Redeployees have priority

An exciting opportunity has arisen within the London Borough of Lambeth for one permanent and two Fixed Term Mayoral Services Macebearer, Chauffeur and Assistant. The post holders will be responsible for providing transport, macebearing and administrative support for the mayoralty. Duties will include acting as the macebearer at all ceremonial events many of which will be held during evenings and at weekends, and chauffeuring the mayor and/or the deputy mayor to and from civic engagements.

The post holders will need to hold a clean full UK driving licence and will be required to work on a rota basis (including evenings and weekends), with overtime payable for hours worked beyond the weekly full time equivalent hours of 35 hours in line with the Councils overtime provisions.

Lambeth stresses that it is an Equal Opportunities employer. ‘Natch.

It is truly heartening that in the face of, what Reed terms elsewhere, an “onslaught” from Central Government it has got its priorities right. Bravo comrades. Power to the People and all of that.

Tom Winnifrith



Ed Balls – Spending Imaginary Money and Punishing the Poor (Again)

2426 days ago

Ed Balls worked with Gordon Brown to wreck UK Government fianances. Even Keynes ( not my idol) argued that Governments should only run deficits in times of recession. In good times they should pay down debt. Balls is quoted today as saying that “Labour d not do balanced budgets”. That is indeed true. As someone said, the trouble with socialists is that they eventually run out of other people’s money. And so Balls was a key part of the team that ran up huge deficits in good times and bad.

As a result, I remind you get again that by 2016 the UK will be approaching a debt to GDP ratio of 90% – the point of no return. If one includes the numerous “off balance sheet items” we are there already. And so Balls has a plan which must win a prize for sheer lunacy. When the UK auctions of 4G mobile licenses in a few years he will use the £3 billion netted to give first time buyers relief on stamp duty on homes up to £250,000 (cost £500 million) and spend £2.5 billion on building 100,000 affordable homes.
It is hard to know where to start. But firstly Balls should regard avoiding bankruptcy rather than trying to buy votes as his priority.

Secondly there are already stacks of affordable homes –semi deserted terraces in Northern mill towns and council stock mis-managed by inner city local authorities across the land. It is just that folks do not want to live in those houses. Tough. Why should the taxpayer subsidise them to make a lifestyle choice. If folks want to move to a better house then they need to earn more money and save more not get a better home simply as a result of taxpayer largesse.

And thirdly what Balls proposes is a subsidy for housing via the Stamp Duty exemption. This will of course create more demand so push prices up so will have no effect on the affordability of housing – it is a con. All it will do is piss away another £500 million that Balls could not afford if, heaven help us, he was Chancellor. The way to make housing “affordable” for first time buyers is to stop the ludicrous system where private landlords can charge “market” rents to welfare claimants who recoup all the funds from the taxpayer. Scrap that housing allowance or at least cap it at a much lower level and suddenly rents will fall and – assuming yields stay the same – so too will prices of the sort of houses first time buyers want.

Of course this solution would a) save taxpayer’s cash and b) annoy the welfare clientele of the Labour party. C) be something the wicked Tories would be too spineless to do as they merrily increase the deficit/push the UK towards bankruptcy in a Ballsian manner. So the chances of it happening are nil.

Tom Winnifrith



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