Is this the worst ever investment made by David Lenigas (using other folks cash)?

1474 days ago

LGO Energy - the stench of David Lenigas wont go away

1519 days ago

So why are there two Lenigas Cuba companies, big Dave…answers, answers please

1555 days ago

David Lenigas – so what is with Leni Gas & Oil then big Dave?

1556 days ago

It is sometimes prudent to place shares – do not always bash the boss: ref Leni Gas & Oil

2038 days ago

Is a typo a hanging offence – ref Leni Gas & Oil?

2076 days ago

Tickets to UK Investor Show on April 5 Start going in the Post Today – still 10% of seats left!

2168 days ago

Invitation: Pizza with David Lenigas on Thursday 23rd in Clerkenwell

2228 days ago

5 days left for early bird discount booking at UK's only serious investor show

2343 days ago

Exclusive: Leni Gas Mediterranean: The smoking gun? Good News for Leni

2471 days ago

Exclusive: Mediterranean Oil & Gas hits back at Leni Gas & oil

2471 days ago

Exclusive: Leni Gas & Oil set for $9 million windfall from Mediterranean Oil & Gas? Court Victory for Leni

2473 days ago

Range Resources – Flagging a Tweet from David Lenigas

2582 days ago

A Magnificent Six Oil shorts for today

2646 days ago