English writer backs USA vs Brave Lionesses for the daftest reasons: new heights of Guardian wankerdom

111 days ago

Justine Greening MP – go to the back of the class you daft bint

461 days ago

A last picture of the ruin at the Greek Hovel - it comes down this summer but will be a Phoenix

974 days ago

I want to make it clear that I've not propositioned a lesbian for 25 years

1098 days ago

Brexit has caused hate crimes against Gay people to rocket 147% says the Guardian - an obvious lie

1106 days ago

The bloated state and the pampered rich in bankrupt Britain - the whites who say BlackLivesmatter

1128 days ago

Can I divorce the Mrs for reading Prima Magazine? the case for an Asteroid strike on Britain - women's magazines

1139 days ago

The Treatment of Scumbag Keith Vaz - the moral bankruptcy of the public sector exposed

1141 days ago

Caption Contest Hillary Clinton has been a role model for young girls for 30 years

1175 days ago

The Liberal media creams itself over Michelle Obama...they still don't get it

1181 days ago

An American asks an agony aunt for advice

1208 days ago

Having sex with 10 people is like shagging the whole of Belfast? Really? Gerry Adams included?

1288 days ago

My 12 year old Daughter’s shock admission – something no father wants to hear

2122 days ago

The Drunks on the train

2221 days ago

And so the journey to the spiritual homeland of Greece begins...

2302 days ago

#RadFem 2013 – Conference NOT cancelled – mad feminists celebrate: Wonderful quotes!

2326 days ago

Mr P the Tory MP with the lesbian housekeeper he did not want a three in a bed session with is named

2326 days ago

Who was Mr P, the Tory MP and his lesbian housekeeper? We will never know

2329 days ago

Mr P the Tory MP who wanted a threesome with his lesbian housekeeper – it gets better

2329 days ago

Tory MP wanted threesome with his lesbian housekeeper - tribunal told

2330 days ago

PR prude Kay Larsen does not want me writing this but shares in Advanced Computer Software are a strong buy

2395 days ago

Happy Birthday Bram Stoker – father of Dracula

2538 days ago