Thursday May 23, 2019
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Photo Article - walking around Stourhead with the Mrs and Joshua, the end of the Booker family memory lane

51 days ago

And so to the end point of the trip down Booker family memory lane with the Mrs and Joshua - a vist to the gardens at Stourhead just over the Dorset border in Wiltshire.  Do you want to save £17 on an adult ticket by joining the National Trust said the lady? Er...

The price is bloody steep. My paternal grandfather Sir John Winnifrith, was Director General of the Trust but, as I have noted before, he must be spinning in his grave at its silly virtue signalling on global warming, LGBT issues and, just last week, on Brexit. So our answer was no. 

The gardens were designed around a newly created lake by Capability Brown. Again they are part of my Booker family memory trove. Serena Booker, my Auntie Cly, used to come down from London with friends and they would perfom, in costume, Gilbert & Sullivan on rafts on the lake. The performances would be on summer evenings with the laeside illuminated by torches and with my grandparents and others sitting on blankets on the grass eating and drinking. It is a happy memory of Cly and what a bright spark she was before her early death.

Back to the present, Joshua loved it and was out of his buggy running along the path as you can see below. The Mrs and I have been several times and it is wonderful place to visit. If you do go and fancy lunch, book early as the pub is always packed.




I can’t decide if Brighton is Sodom, Gomorrah or Bedlam

158 days ago

Brighton used to be known as Britain’s gay capital. But in recent times it appears to have its collective LGBT (notably T) obsession to a level which might be laughable were it parody.  Sadly it is not. Today’s episode of “Off your Brighton Rocker”  concerns eight year old kids.

It seems that in schools in the liberal Sussex paradise kids are to be taught that boys as well as girls can have periods. And these lessons start for eight year olds. Is eight the right age to discuss periods per se? I am not so sure.

But the fact is that boys do NOT have periods. Girls do. But in stating that I am apparently a reactionary old fart who does not understand the new world of transgender fluidity. Whatever…

In 20 years we will look back on such nonsense and realise that it was a horrific mistake driven by a tiny but vociferous minority but which few dared to oppose for fear of being termed bigots.  Whatever. I marched against clause 28, have long written in support of LGB (and then LGBT) rights. But this sort of thing is just madness.

I term it madness so regard Brighton where it is mainstream as merely Bedlam. Others will take the view that in forcing this nonsense on eight year old kids, those responsible will damage the way they grow up and are thus genuinely evil and as such Brighton is Sodom & Gomorrah. Maybe that is a bit harsh but I cannot think this rubbish helps kids in any way, shape of form so it is clearly wrong.

Tom Winnifrith



The BBC goes full on gay #fakenews after Belfast cake bakers verdict goes against its group think agenda

220 days ago

I have noted in an earlier piece why I am delighted, if a bit surprised, that Ashers bakery in Belfast has won its court case, allowing it not to be forced to bake cakes carrying political messages with which it disagrees, in the case in support of gay marriage.  As the great Peter Tatchell showed, backing the Christian bakers does not make you a bigot just someone who believes in key civil liberties.

In my lifetime the dominant mores of our society have been transformed and, I should say, largely in a positive way. But who is to say what the next great changes will be. Would gay bakers really want to be forced to print cakes, I’d admit they would have to be very large cakes, citing how extreme interpretations of Sharia law should be applied to the LGBTI community? How would your local gay bakers feel about being asked to ice on the words of Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 13:

If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

I guess even my local, straight, bakers, being good lefties, might baulk at that one and quite right too. Why should a customer be able to ram their political views down the throat of any business?   The Ashers case is about civil liberties as one of the greatest heroes of the gay rights movement Mr Peter Tatchell explains here.

But the BBC did not see it this way - the ruling went against the set group think agenda which is that "rights" of set groups get to trump civil liberties for all. As such its coverage was shocking. For starters it stated repeatedly that the decision was greeted with anger by the LGBT community. In fact many LGBT folks agreed with Tatchell while, I accept, many others disagreed with the ruling. But the BBC presented it as if the gay community was, at one, opposed to the judgement. That was simply fake news.

Then it turn across radio and TV to three vox pops from Ulster. The first was an obviously devout old buffoon who said that Jesus would have welcomed the decision.  The other two were “supportive straights” who said it would hurt the feelings of the poor gays and that it was thus a bad thing.  The clear message: only bigoted members of the one faith that the metropolitan liberal elitists of the BBC love to mock as old world, Irrelevant and ridiculous supported the bakers while the rest of Ulster were not bigots so opposed the ruling. According to the BBC  there is no-one in Ulster who takes the very sensible Tatchell line on this matter.

Such coverage is as ludicrous as it is unbalanced.  Yet we taxpayers face the threat of jail if we do not pay a license fee to support the very high salaries of those who churn such nonsense out on a daily basis. And the BBC wonders why it is not universally loved?

Tom Winnifrith



This is why Peter Tatchell is such a hero – he backs the bigoted bakers at Ashers on principle and for liberty

225 days ago

As I have noted before, the LGBTI and civil liberties campaigner Peter Tatchell is a national treasure. I don't always agree with him but today he again showed why he is a man of absolute principle. The case is Ashers, a baker in God’s chosen lands of Ulster, which refused to bake a cake for a same sex wedding. A lower court ruled that it was wrong to do so but at the Supreme Court today the bigoted bakers won their case. Step forward Tatch, a man who helped found the Pride march in London and who has been at the forefront of the gay equality movement for decades,  in their defence, Tatch says:

“This verdict is a victory for freedom of expression. As well as meaning that Ashers cannot be legally forced to aid the promotion of same-sex marriage, it also means that gay bakers cannot be compelled by law to decorate cakes with anti-gay marriage slogans,

Businesses can now lawfully refuse a customer’s request to emblazon a political message if they have a conscientious objection to it. This includes the right to refuse messages that are sexist, xenophobic or anti-gay, which is a good thing.

If the original judgement against Ashers had been upheld it would have meant that a Muslim printer could be obliged to publish cartoons of Mohammed and a Jewish printer could be forced to publish a book that propagates Holocaust denial. It could have also encouraged far right extremists to demand that bakers and other service providers facilitate the promotion of anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim opinions.

That would have set a dangerous, authoritarian precedent that could have been open to serious abuse. Discrimination against people should be illegal but not discrimination against ideas and opinions.

Although I profoundly disagree with Ashers opposition to marriage equality, in a free society neither they nor anyone else should be forced to facilitate a political idea that they oppose.

The ruling does not permit anyone to discriminate against LGBT people. Such discrimination rightly remains unlawful. Ashers did not discriminate against the customer, Gareth Lee, because he was gay. They objected to the message he wanted on the cake: Support gay marriage.’”

Tatchell’s comments will not make him universally popular in the LGBTI community but one of his great qualities is that he will not give a damn about that. For him it is freedom that must be defended at all costs for he sees, as many on the authoritarian left fail to see, that if we are all free than we are all safer, even if we are from not always popular minority group.

Tom Winnifrith



Photo article - the not so under-resourced Police at it again

239 days ago

The Police constantly bleat that they are under-resourced and so cannot deal with many crimes such as burglary as they would wish. If you get robbed well tough that is just part of the joy of living in Britain. The State will not allow law abiding folks to own a gun to protect their homes and families but the State says that it will not protect them either so giving a green light to criminals. But are the fuzz under-resourced? I bring you a tweet from Greater Manchester Police below.

If you search online you will see that virtually all forces have tweeted similar nonsense. So there are fuzz paid to tweet out this virtue signalling piffle and fuzz paid to dress up like dickheads to show they are "at one" with the LGBT community. But no fuzz to investigate burglaries. Lack of resource or an industrial scale mis-allocation of resources?




Trump press supremo Sarah Huckabee Sanders, The Red Hen and the blinding hypocrisy of the liberal left

331 days ago

A few weeks ago the US Supreme Court threw out a case brought against a baker who had declined to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Though the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop was happy to bake cakes for gay folks he, being a Christian, did not wish to be party to a celebration of something of which he did not approve.  Oddly in the UK the Courts backed the gay couple but in the US the Courts accept that the State has no right to force a business to serve anyone. The liberal left moaned, wailed, shrieked and hurled abuse. This was outrageous they claimed - no business should be allowed to turn away customers on the basis of belief. It was not that the customers were gay it was that the cake ordered was for something the owner did not believe in. But the liberals said that did not matter.

At the weekend Donald Trump’s press secretary, the charming Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined seven friends at the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia. Some gay waiters said that the stance of the Trump administration on transgender folk serving in the army offended them and that they had a right not to serve Ms Sanders. The owner agreed with that and so asked Sanders to leave which she did without fuss.

The incident blew up not – as the fake news BBC reported – when Trump tweeted about it but when a waiter tweeted out the whiteboard showing a record of Sanders’ ejection which libtards across America spread like a virus across social media. Trump responded in his own way.

For the liberal left the Red Hen suddenly had every right to boot out Sanders to decline to serve her on the basis of her beliefs and those of the owner or rather her staff. Indeed now we see leading Democrat Maxine Walters urging businesses across America to stop serving officials of the Trump administration. That would all be part of the Love trumps Hate campaign that Dems are so keen on.

The hypocrisy of the left is obvious to all and this hateful action against Ms Sanders who is far more popular than Mr Trump will backfire. Trump is now at a 43% approval rating which at this point in the cycle (five months before the mid terms) is incredibly high, not seen since Reagan in the 80s. Given the phenomenon of shy Trumpers that might actually understate just how well this President is doing but it is not surprising when he is up against what is increasingly “the nasty party” and a party of obvious hypocrites.

Like many conservatives I support gay marriage. Why the hell should LGBT folk not suffer like the rest of us? But my position is consistent - a business should decide its own clientele. I’d hope – and expect – that a homophobic baker will in the end suffer from market forces as the west becomes ever more tolerant. I’m sure that the Red Hen is toast. Insulting someone like Sanders, who is well liked, on the basis of political belief sets an unpleasant precedent, it is just not in the spirit of Western liberal democracy. So many dems will not root for the Red Hen and its actions will thus alienate most of its customers.

The gay waiters can happily head off to the safe space called the soup kitchen not to serve but as customers and few will sympathise.

The problem of the left is that having argued two weeks ago that a business cannot turn away custom on the basis of belief, too many liberals today are arguing the exact opposite.

The liberal elite may not realise how daft they appear but mainstream America does. Keep it up libs: #Trump2020 becomes more of a racing cert every time folks like Robert de Niro or Maxine Walters start to opine.

Tom Winnifrith



So are gay folks rich or poor – Peter Tatchell having his cake and eating it?

338 days ago

I am confused. This morning the Peter Tatchell Foundation run by the great and heroic civil liberties campaigner Peter Tatchell has launched a new report and sent out the following tweet. Of course Tatch is right that any tourist spot that is homophobic is kicking itself in the gonads and it is also acting in a way that is morally unacceptable. However it is the claim that the LGBT community has far more dosh to splash than we poor straights that interests me.

I have emailed Mr Tatchell to ask if it is true. I suspect that it is, simply because fewer gay folks have kids to support and that can be bloody expensive.

I only ask because a quick google search will show numerous sociology departments and NGOs producing research (funded invariably by the grateful taxpayer) which shows that gay folks are actually suffering more poverty than we straights. Natch the suggested answer to this is for the Government to pay yet another visit to the great money tree.

So which is it Tatch? Are gays poorer in which case the central tenet of your report today is bollocks or are they richer in which case the academics and NGOs are wasting taxpayers cash and talking shite? I am almost certain that it is the latter but would like you to confirm this and perhaps suggest to sociologist colleagues of my wife that they stop telling untruths as part of the celebration of minority victimhood.

But I am afraid that I do not expect this question to be answered since everyone, these days, has a human right to be perceived as a victim in every way whether, or not, the facts justify that status.




Erdogan vs Trump - the rank hypocrisy of the British left

373 days ago

I think that I am abroad when President Trump visits the UK. Were I not to be overseas I would regard it as my duty to head to London in my "Hillary for Prison 2016" T-shirt to show my support for the leader of the free world. For every ghastly lefty going, notably Guardian squit Owen Jones and useless Mayor Khan, are promising to launch mass protests against The Donald.

Natch they accuse him of sexism, racism, homophobia and of making the world more dangerous by er... making Korea a nuclear free zone. So they must protest. You would have thought that they could have had a dress rehearsal this week.

For who is in town by another President who has banned all public displays of LGBT activities as he regards homosexuality as evil, sent thousands of journalists to jail, sent his troops to fight alongside folks who use chemical weapons and behead 12 year olds (the FSA in Syria), and has sacked any state employee he thinks disagrees with him. Not even The Donald stands accused of such things, yet where are the protests against Turkey's fascist leader Erdogan, by the British left?

Is this not a double standard or am I missing something?

Tom Winnifrith



The Sunday service ..Dr Johnson would not have been surprised

416 days ago

I shall not name the Parish as that would be unfair on a female vicar who was enthusiastic and welcoming and on a large congregation of good folk but the service we attended on Easter Sunday morning was not one for the traditionalists, that is to say me. Dr Johnson would, no doubt, have viewed it as evidence that his famous bon mot on a women preaching was bang on the money.

I suppose I should have been alerted when, upon entry, we were presented with no hymn books or order of service, for everything we had to sing or say appeared on screens throughout the church. Seeing the screens excited Joshua who had immediately said "Peppa" very loudly but was somewhat disappointed when his porcine heroine failed to appear.

When I told my father that the service included a short drama session depicting the resurrection he knew which way this was heading. We had already had the same story relayed to us via the gospel (not KJV but a rather newer version) so why do we need it a second time? It is the way parts of the CofE try to "get down with the kids" and relate to "a younger audience".

In the same vein the vicar's sermon managed to include the theme music from EastEnders and also a cartoon flashed up on our screens of some folks in a swimming pool which the vicar used as a metaphor for faith. In front of us a mother, with kids dressed in the sort of home made wooly jumpers designed to get them beaten up at school but so beloved of the sort of middle class Christians who raise their hands to the Lord during hymns, nodded approvingly.

The folks in the congregation were welcoming and did not mind Joshua running around happily once he realised that Peppa was not appearing on screen. They are far better people than I can hope to be and I am sure far less judgemental, except when it comes to LGBT issues (pro), Brexit ( anti), capitalism (evil) global warming denial (akin to holocaust denial), Israel (the bad guys) and other things on which the CofE tends to be utterly judgemental.

It is just that, like my father, I find the attempts of the CofE to "relate" to a 21st Century audience just a but of a turn-off.

The Mrs says that is because my world view is from the nineteenth, not even the twentieth, century. Heck, I reply, the nineteenth century was not all bad and she gives me a Paddington stare.

Tom Winnifrith



97.5% of Irons are not Irons - West Ham virtue signals again

463 days ago

West Ham United's St Valentine's day tweet is to suggest that we consider which three of those who have played for the club have had "beauty that has caught the eye". Apparently the top three "whose beauty caught the eye of the Claret and Blue Army, who swooned over their film-star looks and toned physiques in a West Ham United kit" are in reverse order Tomkins, Ljunberg and Dani. FFS. Ger real you fools.

According to the ONS less than 3% of the population are what used to be known as Irons but are now known as members of the LGBT community. Thus the overwhelming majority of the members of the claret and blue army are male and straight.

While our beloved West Ham takes time off from thinking about avoiding relegation for another bout of virtue signalling, most of we Irons (that is supporters of the club once known as Thames Ironworks FC) will not be dreaming of James Tomkins as we go to bed tonight. Nor will we we be pondering Dani, who played just 9 games for the club but according to the West Ham website "his high cheekbones and immaculately combed curtains will never, ever be forgotten." Bollocks, I had forgotten all about him years ago as had most others.

Would uber PC West Ham write a daft article about the 97% heterosexual claret and blue army viewing and objectifying women in this way? Let's see the three hottest members of the West Ham Ladies squad are.... Of course not. This is just more low grade piffle from a club whose owners  are ever more out of touch with its supporters and who are thus justifiably detested.

Tom Winnifrith



One of life's little treats, a spectator sport for we on the right: Trans vs radfem

466 days ago

Generally, as I hear the latest pronouncements on transgender issues or radical feminism, I just turn away in despair at how far and fast our society is sinking. What? Do I hear you all saying #Metoo?

We live in an incredibly tolerant society here in Britain with most of the great civil liberties battles having - thankfully - been won during the past fifty years. But just occasionally, for we folks on the right, it is worth getting some beer and popcorn ready and tuning in as the progressives tear each other apart.

And thus I note the turf war taking place on Hampstead Heath. The owner of the ponds up there, the City of London Corporation, has ruled that a human being with a penis but who is trans, that is to say, identifies himself/herself as a woman can use either the male or female changing rooms and also either the male only or female only pools as well as the mixed pool, which I would have thought was ideal.

A body of Radical Feminists thinks this is all wrong and as part of the Mayday 4 Women group are suggesting that the trans personnages should use only the male facilities. Naturally, for suggesting that persons with penises might not be women in the strictest sense of the word , these North London radical feminists who, you can bet are Guardian reading nutso lefties on every other issue, are being slammed as reactionary bigots by some members of the LGBT community as well as other figures in the liberal virtue signalling classes
In such debates I feel it is better not to intervene but to merely watch from the sidelienes with beer and popcorn as the virtue signallers tear each other apart.

Tom Winnifrith



The Minefield of transgender vocab - the phrase "born male" is now deemed defamatory.. whatever

492 days ago

One of the few joys of the transgender madness, promoted by the elitists of the liberal media, and now raging across the West is seeing uber PC lefties such as Germaine Greer and Peter Tatchell fall foul of this new lobby, no platformed and accused of bigotry becuase they just cannot keep up. Want to avoid such a fate? Thankfully I can help.

US based Trans Student Educational Resources describes itself as "the only national organization led entirely by transgender youth. While TSER members do have specific roles, we purposely do not have an executive director or management to make sure all levels of the organization have a voice and operate collectively." And collectively TSER has produiced a handy guide to what you can and cannot say.

For instance you must not use the word transsexual as it is "A deprecated term that is often considered pejorative." Okay so I will not use it ever. Uh oh hang on. "When speaking/writing about trans people, please avoid the word transsexual unless asked to use it by a transsexual person." Cripes I am confused already.

Lets crack on with the trans agenda. ... Oh you mean Agender:

Agender: An umbrella term encompassing many different genders of people who commonly do not have a gender and/or have a gender that they describe as neutral. Many agender people are trans. As a new and quickly-evolving term, it is best you ask how someone defines agender for themselves.

Oh right so your agender means whatever you want it to mean. Thanks for that.

Cissexism: Systemic prejudice in the favor of cisgender people. Gosh who are these lucvk Cisgender folks?

Cis(gender): Adjective that means “identifies as their sex assigned at birth” derived from the Latin word meaning “on the same side.” A cisgender/cis person is not transgender. “Cisgender” does not indicate biology, gender expression, or sexuality/sexual orientation. In discussions regarding trans issues, one would differentiate between women who are trans and women who aren’t by saying trans women and cis women. Cis is not a “fake” word and is not a slur. Note that cisgender does not have an “ed” at the end.

So a normal bloke or bird then? Go straight to hell Winnifrith you insenstive bastard.

LGBTQQIAPP+: A collection of identities short for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, aromantic, pansexual, polysexual (sometimes abbreviated to LGBT or LGBTQ+). Sometimes this acronym is replaced with “queer.” Note that “ally” is not included in this acronym.

An ally is what used to be known as a "supportive straight" in less complicated times gone by.

I save the best to last.

AFAB and AMAB: Acronyms meaning “assigned female/male at birth” (also designated female/male at birth or female/male assigned at birth). No one, whether cis or trans, gets to choose what sex they’re assigned at birth. This term is preferred to “biological male/female”, “male/female bodied”, “natal male/female”, and “born male/female”, which are defamatory and inaccurate.


Bring on the asteroid strike

You can read the full guide to how not to offend a transgender person HERE


Tom Winnifrith



In a rare moment of honesty Tim Farron MP admits he is a liar

498 days ago

You have probably forgotten who Tim Farron is but as a reminder he is that annoying little twit who kept on reminding us all how working class (pronounced to rhyme with gas not, as would be more appropriate, arse) he was while leading the Lib Dems to their second worst result in eons. He is still an MP. Do you remember now?

As leader he got into a spot of bother with the homosexuals. Not in a Jeremy Thorpe kind of way way. Farron did not want to kill any homosexuals - who had been his boyfriend - he just thinks that their souls will burn in hell. That is to say he is a devout Christian.

On the stump little Farron squirmed and squirmed on where he stood on this matter finally declaring that he did not think that homosexuality was a sin. Except that he did believe that all along and has now admitted that he lied to secure, fairly unsuccessfully as it turned out, electoral advantage.

I rather admired Farron for having some principles and standing by his faith for a short while, even though I profoundly disagreed with his intolerant views on LGBT matters. Then he showed he had no principles by abandoning his faith. Now we discover he did not abandon his faith and his principles after all he just lied about it.

I cast no judgement on Farron but suspect that St Peter may have a few questions for him on this matter on the great day of judgement. And before anyone says it, I am aware that he will have many for me too.

Tom Winnifrith



#MakeAmericaGayAgain - what twits these liberals are, what double standards

508 days ago

It is trending on twitter after the millionaire liberals with a holiday home next to that of Vice President Mike Pence draped a flag with this message over his dustbins.

All the data suggests that 2-3% of Americans are gay. As LGBT campaigners reminds us all folks are born gay not made gay. So you can't make America gay again ( not that it ever was) or straight, it will be what it will be.

Pence has a religious problem with homosexuality but he does not seek to outlaw it. Yet he is targeted mercilessly by American liberals for his beliefs. That would be the same liberals who never challenge Iran, Saudi Arabia, Gaza and other places where being gay is a death sentence. Pence is a soft target .

Can you imagine what would happen if the libs went to Tehran with a Make Iran Gay Again flag?

Tom Winnifrith



A true hero Peter Tatchell absolutely owns his fellows lefties on sexual harassment

510 days ago

If there is one man who deserves a New Year's honour in 2018 it is the veteran LGBT and free speech campaigner Peter Tatchell. He will not be on a list packed with airhead celebs, sporting cheats, party donors and professional arse-lickers to the establishment. For, like me, Tatch is a Republican and so has refused honours for that reason and because he, rightly, views the system as rotten and corrupt.

What makes Tatchell a national treasure is that he never feels bound to any party line. Thus he has been no platformed by snowflake students for his failure to toe the line on transgender issues. Who in their right mind could view Tatchell as a bigot yet he finds himself lumped in with the rest of us for saying it as it is.

And thus today he has tweeted to amongst others the half-witted Guardian big mouth Owen Jones, loathsome unfunny comedian Russel Brand and lefty singer Billy Bragg on the matter of sexual harassment.

Some commentators have expressed more outrage over a hand wrongly placed on a woman's knee than about the mass sexual abuse of working-class girls in Rotherham & elsewhere. Both abusive but double standards & middle class bias. @OwenJones84 @PennyRed @rustyrockets @billybragg

Spot on once again Mr Tatchell.

Tom Winnifrith



West Ham virtue signalling for the Irons - I don't give a damn, I just want them to win tonight

545 days ago

My beloved West Ham are on nine points and in the relegation zone. We have just sacked one useless manager in Slaven Bilic, something we should have done ageas ago. But we have replaced him with David Moyes and many of us fear that he will make Bilic look like Ron Greenwood. So facing the biggest crisis since the last one I am deliughted to hear the big news today...

The players will be wearing rainbow laces tonight to show the club's solidarity with the LGBT community, let'sd kick homophobia out of football, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I marched against clause 28, I have written on the need for greater tolerance and support for the LGBT community for years. I need no lectures from a bunch of players most of whom can't count to 28 let alone knowing what clause 28 was, about LGBT awareness. This is utterly pointless virtue signalling.

Like almost every other person who calls themself an iron while fiully aware of what an iron hoof refers to in cockney rhyming slang ( iron hoof, poof, geddit?), all I care about is getting three points at home tonight against Leicester City. I really don't want lectures from the club about how or what to think I just want them to start playing even half decent football. Is that too much to ask?




Parson Street Primary in Bristol and the gay penguin family - I really despair

606 days ago

The politically correct BBC here in the South West creamed itself as Parson Green Primary here in Bristol picked up an award for its work to promote LGBT equality. Kids at the school are allowed to wear trousers or skirts whatever their gender, toilets are unisex and the school prides itself on teaching the kids from the start that gay is normal.

Head teacher Jamie Barry told a drooling BBC that pupils needed to "grow up in a culture of acceptance". The award was handed out by a body called Educate and Celebrate which gets stacks of wonga from the BBC's Children in Need and which,according to its CEO Dr Elly Barnes, aims "to eradicate sexism, homophobia and transphobia" and "smash stereotypical views of gender".

Stephanie Akinbulumo, a teacher at Parson Street Primary, told Pravda: "We want pupils to leave with a sense of empowerment that you can do anything, no matter who you are."Stephanie s shown on camera teaching five year olds about a family of penguins with two dads. I am prepared to concede that there are gay penguins (I believe homosexuality is part of nature) but, I hate to break it to Stephanie, Elly Barnes and the BBC but gay male penguins do not have kids. They cannot conceive and there are no LGBT adoption services in the penguin community. Teaching kids about the normality of homosexuality by pretending that two gay animals or indeed men can create life is a lie.

Pointing this out to my PC sister N, I was told that it was important to show that homosexuality was normal at an early age as some of the 400 kids at Parson Street will be gay. I accept that statistically 8 of the 400 will in later life be gay. And maybe some of them will protest as some gay adults do that "they have always known." But I find it hard to believe that at 5 any kid knows about sex or has sexual urges at all. Let alone knowing for sure that they want to engage in same sex relationships when - a few years later - they are physically capable.

The BBC was told by Parson Street's head teacher that kids had to know about same sex relationships as o kids at the school might have same sex parents. Really? Data I have seen suggests that gay couples have adopted c3000 kids since 2006. In which case the chances of there being any kids at your average primary school with gay parents is very small indeed.

My sister N thinks I am just not with it in not wanting my son Joshua exposed to this piffle. I will discuss LGBT issues with him as a parent I do not want his five year old mind confused by gay penguin families at 5 or being told that wearing a skirt is, as a 5 year old boy, normal. Because it quite simply is not.

Luckily we live in a working class/lower middle class district. The young mums at our local primary are either good Catholic Polish speakers, wearers of Muslim headscarves or solid working class folk none of whom will tolerate this sort of nonsense. If it is imposed on us I, for one, will opt for home schooling. It is not the job of The State to teach 5 year olds, who really can't understand the complexities of this matter, lies all about the facts of life.

Tom Winnifrith



The National Trust has Sir John Winnifrith spinning in his grave yet again

615 days ago

My late grandfather was, inter alia, Director General of the National Trust after his retirement from the Civil Service. He saw its mission as very simple: to preserve fine old buildings and outstanding areas of countryside. For the Trust nothing else mattered and that single mission is why so many of us have supported it over the years. These days the NT has my grandfather spinning in his grave about once a week.

It is not that he would have had a massive problem with the Trust's obsession with LGBT issues, climate change and other non core issues. I suspect that he would have been a global warming sceptic and whilst he might just have supported equal rights for gays it would have been in a quiet passive way not in an aggressive in your face way.

But what he - and so many of us who have historically supported the National Trust - would object to is how money is spent on these non core areas as great old houses are allowed to rot, including the one the Trust let him ive in during retirement, as I described here. This matter is simple. If I want to support gay rights I will donate to Stonewall or the most excellent Peter Tatchell Foundation safe in the knowledge that my cash will not go to preserve fine old houses. If I want to save the houses I give to the Trust. Oddly Tatch and Stonewall understand that but the Trust does not as it opts to spend my cash elsewhere.

This week the Trust launched a new "voluntary" survey of its volunteers asking them to reveal their 'gender identity', giving them the choice of 'male, female, trans, non-binary or intersex. It then asked them: 'Is your gender identity the same as the gender you were assigned at birth?' It also asked them to identify whether they are gay, bisexual, lesbian or straight?

Who gives a damn? Yet the Trust spends time and money on this claiming it has not got the resources to do the job it is meant to be there for. Sir John spins in his, now well worn, grave yet again. More folks who were donating or leaving legacies quietly change their minds. Like the RSPCA before it, the Trust increasingly echoes the concerns of a metropolitan elite while forgetting what it was meant to and what it once did so well making it, in the past, so well regarded.

Tom Winnifrith



Tony Perkins - A sign that God has a sense of humour

631 days ago

From the suffering of the flooding caused by tropical storm Harvey comes one sory showing what a touching sense of humour the almighty might enjoy. Tony Perkins is a preacher in Louisiana whi is noted for his strong views on gay folk, or the LGBTQIFGHTYUCS community as they wish to be known today. Put it this way, if Perkins lived in Britain he'd probably right now be one of those battling to become the next leader of UKIP.

His main contention is that God punishes us for homosexual activity by sending natural disasters upon the earth. I am sure you have guessed what had happened next. I guess there was a lot of sodomy going down in the Baton Rouge area of late as it seems that Perkins and his family have been flooded out, escaping Noah fashion in a canoe, to continue doing the Lord's work that is to say broadcasting about the evils of the homosexuals.

God is no doubt chatting to both Noah and also Job about this little joke and considering what to send Mr Perkins as his next little gift.

Tom Winnifrith



#TheResistance is laughable #TrumpResign trends on twitter for a few hours - back in the real world look at coal exports

640 days ago

My twitter feed is set to a New York location. In many ways it is where my heart is though my body is rarely there. And overnight #TrumpResign was trending. How pathetic it was.

The millennials, the metropolitan elitists who'd rather eat their own toes than visit a flyover state, the Hollywood luvvies were all there. For once the actor who played Mr Sulu moved off his favourite topic "Do you know I'm gay" to his second fave Trump bashing. Why should POTUS resign: racism, Russian spies, nasty to LGBTQIABCDEFGs, all the usual reasons. All the folks who promised to emigrate to Canada if The Donald won last November, seem to have gone off the idea of moving to a socialist, soon to be, economic basket case and are tweeting to each other as #TheResistance.

Natch they disagree with Trump ( and 70% of Americans) and want to rip down all Confederate memorials to poor brave dead soldiers. Natch they - who would NEVER fight for their country - disagree with POTUS and most Americans and want Transgender folks on the front line. Natch they disagree with Trump about energy policy too. They hark back to the days when the White House handed out billions of dollars from the money tree to subsidise solar companies, not all of which were frauds and which created millionaires on Wall Street but sod all jobs. They look back with pride on how Obama's legislation helped to almost close down the US coial industry.

back in the real world we learned that since Trump became POTUS US coal exports have surged by 58% and jobs are being created in all those nasty flyover places that George Takei and his liberal elitists from the coastal states would really rather not visit. After all, the bastards in places like West Virginia and Ohio abandoned the Dems despite crooked Hillary's commitent to saving the polar bears and to LGBQTIMLNOPRST rights, just because they wanted a chance to work again in awful places like coal mines. The bastards voted for Trump - how goddamn selfish of them. And now trump is, at zero cost to the taxpayer but simply by rolling back daft laws,  creating jobs for them. But what do George and the millennials sipping a fair trade semi skimmed Colombian latte in a hipster joint in Brooklyn care about that? That is not a really important issue is it?

Just keep tweeting fellows. Real America is just not listening to your pathetic butt-hurt whining. 




As the Left Embraces Jew hating, idiotic Anne Frank Center does its best to piss off its remaining friends

651 days ago

Mark Steyn wrote a funny piece a few years ago about why it would soon be hard to perform a play about Anne Frank in her native Holland. Steyn reasoned that as the German troops marched on stage looking for the little Jewish girl who was hiding in the attic, the audience would start shouting out "she's hiding in the attic, she's up there."

Across Europe anti semitism is on the march and all too often it is the liberal left, so befuddled by its hatred of Isreal, that are the fellow passengers. Hence the support from leading members of the British Labour party for the vile events of the Al Quds day march. So how do liberal Jews react? By insulting and abusing their remaining supporters, who are largely of the right. Whatever.. I bring you a tweet from the Anne Frank Center below. I should note, hat tip Reg, this is not the Anne Frank House organisation in Europe but a US grouping which says it wants to push for what Anne wanted. 

What this tweet has to do with remembering poor Anne Frank and ensuring there is not another holocaust is beyond me. This is a liberal virtue signaller putting words into the mouth of a long dead girl to make the point that President Donald Trump is, in terms of who he has waged war on, the new Hitler.  All the minorities below could have ended up in Auschwitz alongside the Jews.

Of course Trump has not waged a vicious war on any of the minorities below. That is just a lie. As for war with North Korea, if it launches a nuke on LA just how should a virtue signaller respond.

The tweet is ludicrous. And it insults not just POTUS but the millions of conservatives across the West who supported him, folks like myself. And folks like me usually stand pretty strongly with Israel and against the holocaust deniers and Jew haters. I certainly do as those who have read my work for many years will know. Pissing on your core supporters in this way really is not very smart is it? It is not going to make me start rooting for Hamas but when I am looking for a Holocaust memorial charity to support or donate to, I am afraid that it will not be this one. 




My Grandfather Sir John Winnifrith spinning in his grave again as the National Trust joins the LGBT fest

656 days ago

Earlier this week it was his fellow socialist Polly Toynbee arguing for subsidies for farmers and higher food prices for the workers that would have had my late grandfather spinning in his grave. Well Sir John will have had reason tp spin again as the National Trust has joined the 50 year LGBT-fest led by the BBC, in the most ridiculous of ways. This is not to say that Sir John was a homophobe but he was Director General of the Trust.

In his day the Trust was there to restore and maintain old buildings for the nation. I remarked a few years ago on a visit to Kent and Sussex that while the Trust was spending cash putting up signs at Bodiam Castle to propagandise about the perils of global warming it had allowed Hall House Farm in Appledore, a lovely old house which the NT let my grandparents use in retirement, to fall into disrepair.

My grandfather had a wonderful sense of history. He had been part of history working in Churchill's war rooms during WW2. As a boy I'd travel around Romney Marsh - the history of which is told in a book by Sir John Winnifrith - with him and he'd tell tales of how if the Germans had invaded he had been ordered to assemble on the playing fields of Eton. He'd point out a remnant of PLUTO ( the pipeline sending fuel to France after 1944), an old concrete guard box from the War, a "pill Box", we'd discuss the Royal Military Canal built to fend off earlier invaders. In his garden and on the other side of the road there were still concrete Dragon's Teeth - defences against enemy tanks. We discussed the Mithraic finds on the Marsh.

Grandpa thought the National Trust was there purely to save our heritage. And that is what it should be there for. Wind forward to 2017 and to Felbrigg Hall, in Norfolk, which was gifted to the Trust by Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer. Mr Ketton Cramer was gay but never disclosed this in his lifetime. He chose to stay in the closet. But last week the NT outed him with a new film about his sexuality and this week it demanded that all staff who met the public at the Hall wear rainbow LGBT National Trust badges. No badge and you are off the team.

Outing folks even if they are dead is wrong per se. There might just be circumstances where one can make a case. For instance of the gay in question was in public a high profile homophobe working to discriminate against LGBT folk. I can understand that such hypocrisy deserves exposing. But if your ordinary LGBT person wants to stay in the closet his or her wish must be respected even after death.

The Trust does not care about that basic right because its determination is to drive home political points. But it does so when it faces limited resources and so is failing to implement its basic remit in full. In doing so it threatens its very existence in that many of its supporters are older folk who will not share its belief in the need to preach about LGBT rights or the perils of global warming and so will withdraw financial support in life and in death, via legacy bequests.

The National Trust is only starting its descent into a self inflicted financial crisis but it should perhaps look at the RCPCA whose obsession with persecuting fox hunters has alienated so many of its core supporters. The RSPCA is now in terminal decline. I fear that Grandpa will be doing a lot more grave spinning as the National Trust heads down the same path.

PS. I am not sure where my grandfather stood on LGBT rights. In Brideshead revisited there is a scene where the most obviously queer chap at Christ Church was thrown into a bond in the main quad. Evelyn Waugh (who like another great writer of the 20th century was rejected by The House and ended up at Herford) based that on a real incident involving a flamboyant fellow and the Christ Church rowing team out celebrating. As an old man sitting in the Ferry pub my grandfather discussed that for he was on the team. He was deeply ashamed both of being such a hearty for he was a solid and sober man for most of his life but also, I think, for his intolerance. I doubt Grandpa would ave been cheering on Pride as a supportive straight but he was certainly a tolerant man and, of course, he was married to a Lesbia.

Tom Winnifrith



The Bisexuals take over BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour and sheer comedy ensues

657 days ago

As part of its month long LGBT-fest to celebrate the most important event since 1066, that is to say the 1967 decriminalisation of homosexuality - BBC's Radio 4's Women's Hour invited two bisexuals onto the show.What followed was sheer comedy in an utterly pathetic sort of way.

So what is a bisexual? Asked the host. Now that is easy thought me, I can do that one. It is someone who swings both ways, who gets it on with both guys and gals? Er no... I am just so terribly 20th century. One of the guests opined that it was someone who was attracted to folks of more than one gender. The other guest agreed and the host purred approvingly. How could I have forgotten that there are just so many genders these daya. What an evil fucking reactionary I am.

After what seemed like an eternity the love-in drew to a close and the host asked each guest what was the big leap forward that the bi community needed now.

Hmmmm, the overall LGBT community is richer than we straights, has equal rights under the law, is over-represented in politics, the BBC rich list, the media and has more chance of adopting kids than straight folks so what do they need now to achieve equality? Silly me again, bisexuals have particular needs. 

Guest one opined that the Government had to spend more money on surveys and other work addressing the particular health needs of bisexuals. Hmmmm. The stats are pretty clear, those who engage in man to man anal sex without using protection are responsible for a hugely disproportionate number of the new cases of HIV and the dramatic rise in cases of other STDs, notably the newest strain of gonorrhea. The data is clear and bisexual men are clearly at higher risk of that than straight men. No doubt stating this will be deemed as bigoted but I am afraid that it is just a plain and hard fact

What should they do? take responsibility by engaging in safer sex practices? Well not necessarily. The gay community demanded that the cash strapped NHS make available very expensive PreP pills allowing gay men to have unprotected sex with - if they remembered to take the pills properly - a much reduced chance of catching HIV.  But even with the pills you have an 8% chance of infection. That was ignored. Great.. So more folks engaged in the activities that caused the spread of other STDs. That was so predictable, as I noted HERE, but the answer is for the State to do something. It always is with special interest groups.

Guest two opined that the big need was for the LGBT community to be more accepting of bisexuals. Apparently those nasty common or garden pooftahs do not treat bisexuals fairly. The problem used to be wicked conservatives not it is oppression from within the LGBT tent. Hooray, for once I am not one of the baf guys. It is always fun to see "tolerant" liberals turning on each other.

Whatever. If this is the biggest problem bisexuals face in Britain today, then perhaps the great battles in this sphere have all been won and it is time for "the campaigners" the whole charity industry supporting the gay community just to recognise this and move on to another fight, to get a proper job.

Tom Winnifrith



My Grandfather Sir John, a hardline socialist would spin in his grave as Remoaner Polly Toynbee demands more cash for farmers

659 days ago

In her Guardian column today arch remoaner Polly Toynbee took time out from tending to her Tuscan castle to bash Brexit because it will hit British farmers so badly as they lose subsidies from the Common Agricultural Policy. Natch, the BBC took time out from the month long LGBT-fest to make way to report this breaking news from its sister publication and thus Toynbee opined on Radio 4's Today Programme. It was classic Toynbee and I am so glad my late grandfather Sir John Winnifrith, a true socialist and friend of Tony Benn and a campaigner for No! in 1975 was not around to hear it. He would be incandescent as he really did believe in "for the many not the few."

As ever, Toynbee started off by patronising we ignorant Brexiteers by telling us why we voted as we did. Apparently we voted for Brexit to preserve the British Countryside. Jeepers. And there was I thinking we voted for Brexit because we were all racists or just plain stupid. It is so good of Polly to let me know why I really voted as I did.

Toynbee went on to say that the end of CAP subsidies will see many British farmers go bust. Of course we put more into the EU than we take out so it would be very simple for the UK to carry on subsidising our farmers but just not have to pay to subsidise those in France, Germany, Italy etc. No British subsidies for Tuscany but more for the can see why Toynbee's neighbours are so angry about it all.

But then Toynbee played her trump card saying that Liam Fox and the wicked Tories were trying to open up the UK to new markets which would allow more cheap food to enter Britain from outside the EU. Food prices would go down so some British farmers would go bust.

Now what was that that Mr Corbyn said about for the many not the few? The Mrs said "but is it not good for us to have locally produced food?" Of course for folks like this household and Ms Toynbee, when she is in genteel leafy North London as opposed to Tuscany, paying more for your food is not really an issue. We can afford it. But we are the few. So too are the farmers. The many are those who are struggling to make ends meet  and for whom cheaper food would be great news.

That was what concerned my Grandfather in 1975. No longer being the senior Civil Servant (at MAFF) he could speak out. He warned that being in the EU meant external tariffs on non European food which would increase the cost of food. That was a bad thing. Though my grandfather had, via scholarship, gone to Westminster and Oxford he was all too aware that his father was a country vicar descended from blacksmiths and labourers. His mother was illegitimate, her mother a servant. My grandfather, though wrong on most things, cared deeply about those Toynbee pretends to care about, the poor and the working classes. But Toynbee never actually meets such folk and her outburst today shows that she really does not care at all.

As an evil right winger I believe in no subsidies. If British farming cannot compete with cheap food from abroad then so be it. Turn the countryside into theme parks for foreign tourists. Create real jobs and give our citizens cheap food. Do not expect profitable industries to be throttled by taxes needed to support the unviable. That is in no-one's interest. I would not expect La Toynbee to agree with that analysis, nor would my grandfather have supported it. But my solution offers a lower tax burden ( so helping the poor), real sustainable jobs not bought unsustainable jobs (so helping the poor) and cheaper food. What is so dreadful about that grandpa?

Tom Winnifrith



On the LGBT-fest that was BBC Breakfast -Bashing Trump for Transphobia & not saying what gay equality means as more is demanded

664 days ago

It was 50 years since the legalisation of homosexuality and 1 day since President Donald Trump said he was banning Transgender folks from the US army. And thus BBC breakfast focused in hard on issues that affect directly just over 2% and between 0.3% and 0.6% of the population directly. What else could the liberal media focus on? It was a veritable LGBT-fest and a reminder why BBC Breakfast really is just such dismal viewing.

As you may know I marched against clause 28 and am delighted that finally the UK law treats gays the same way as straight folks. There may be a few wrinkles left but the law is finally about right. Yet still there are demands for special treatment in the name of equality. But what do we mean by equality?

The gay rugger play Gareth Thomas was there to discuss a telly show he had recorded about the one sport which is clearly still very gay intolerant - soccer. The understandable reluctance of gays to come out in certain sports is still an issue but that we are now fighting those issues as the big issues for gay folks shows how far we come. But if equality is the aim would the LGBT community, which economically is better off in asset and disposable income terms, than the straight community say what actual targets should be.

I note that 45 of 650 MP's are openly gay. I bet there are a few more still in the closet but that means that while 2.1% of the population are gay, at least 6.9% of MPs are LGB. And 7% of babies adopted in Britain this year will be adopted by gay couples. There is a long waiting lit to adopt babies but, perhaps, because the gay community is richer so can offer a more comfortable home, it does better than childless straights. I see that openly gay folks were well over quota in the BBC rich list.

I am not arguing for affirmative action for straight folks. That is planily very silly. I just wonder if those demanding equality might like to explain actual targets and justify them?

Meanwhile the BBC gave it to Donny Trump with both barrels for trying to ban Transgender folks from the US Army. It noted that a crowd of several hundred gathered in New York to protest. It did not put that in context. New York has a population according to the 2016 census of 19.75 million and is a very LGBT friendly, liberal City so that demonstration is not exactly massive. The BBC also noted that the move was "condemned by both Democrats and Republicans." Of course lots of Dems condemned it and so did some Republicans, but not many. US political parties ate loose coalitions and there are some very liberal wooly minded folk in the Republican tent. But most in the GOP supported Trump's call. The BBC did not make that clear.
I note a horrific statistic. 45% of 16-24 US transexuals have tried to kill themselves. The BBC would say that is down to transphobia but all the evidence is that the very high suicide rates is down to the trauma these folks feel trapped in a body they can't identify with. A compassionate society would - for their own good - not send folks suffering such mental anguish into a place where they may be suffering the additional stress of mortal combat.
The role of an army is to defend a nation. It should recruit the best folks for that job not serve as an instrument of social change. A compassionate society would support and offer counselling to trans folks and not allow them to get into situations of added stress which can only intensify internal stresses and up the risk of suicide.
But a sensible society would also bar those at a high risk of suicide from the armed forces for the sake of other soldiers. It is bad enough having to fight the enemies of your country in mortal combat and you can only succeed by working as a unit. having one of the members of your team at high risk of suicide is not going to help the rest of the troop. It imperils them.
Trump is pragmatic in his approach. He is acting as sensible commander in chief would as he considers the welfare of his troops and the safety of his people. hat he says makes sense and most folks in America know that which is why, as the liberal media, the Hollywood luvvies and the pathetic Beltway Dems cry foul yet again, it is they not POTUS who seem ever more out of touch with the 99%.

Tom Winnifrith



Photo Article: The dysfunctional left applauds the Palestinans who execute gays at Gay Pride

684 days ago

It is really simple being a lefty. You have to be dogmatic and have a set world view. Otherwise you may be suspect in your liberalism. As such certain things are beyond doubt. LGBT and abortion issues are important above all else - these are the number 1 concerns of "real people", or at least of real people among the Metropolitan elites, not thick working class people or evil Christians because they don't matter. The USA is wrong on everything and Donald Trump is stupid and satanic. Israel is also wrong on everything. The EU is right on everything, The Daily Mail should be shut down to protect free speech. The Palestinians are always right. The BBC is a vicious right wing tool of the enemy but we'd all love to work there. You get the drift.

The problem with this dogma is that it all too often generates logical inconsistencies but so stuck are the left in their world view that they do not see how ridiculous they look. Have a look at this photo from Gay Pride yesterday.

You will remember how Jewish gays were banned from waving a rainbow flag with a Star of David in it at Chicago Pride as it might have offended some folk? Not that anyone was offended when liberal posterboy Justin Trudeau wore his Eid socks at Gay Pride in Canada in one of the silliest bits of virtue signalling seen this year. For some reason Justin was not wearing his gay pride socks at the numerous Eid celebrations he attended. I cannot think why.

Back to London and our photo. There is, of course, no Israeli flag on the street art below. Those fucking Jews, what with the fact that homosexuality is legal in Israel even in the army; that Pride Tel Aviv attracts 200,000 folk and that Israel welcomes refugees from across the Arab world who flock there because being gay is an offence punishable by death where they live. The fucking Israelis they are such homophobic bigots, shame on them all.

On the other hand there is a Palestinian flag. Natch those lovely folks in Gaza who can do no wrong at all should be applauded. Okay they don't have a Pride parade there and in fact they execute gays because being LGBT in Gaza is a capital offence. And thus many gay folks in Gaza are forced to claim political asylum from those evil bigoted Jews in Israel to dodge a state sponsored execution. What nice folks they are in Gaza let's fly their flag with pride.

Here explained in pictures are the logical processes involved in being a dogmatic liberal




London's useless Mayor Khan gets his economic knickers in a twist virtue signalling about gay bars

686 days ago

Ooooh you are awful said Dick Emery. In the case of London Mayor Khan that is awfully politically correct. And awfully useless. Fresh from supporting the Al Quds day, aka lets blame the Jews for Grenfell Tower, march, hapless Sadiq Khan has a new battle: saving LGBT bars and clubs and he has promised "urgent action." Politicians always promise urgent action never just action but what exactly is little Khan's understanding of why gay bars are shutting?

Actually this is an old battle - the initial report on this crisis was published last December and back then May Khan pumped £10,000 of taxpayers cash into more research. But ahead of the Pride rally this weekend he has duped George Osborne's Evening Standard into making this its lead story. Pliant press gives free PR to useless Mayor making this fake news.

The data from University College London Urban Laboratory published almost 8 months ago showed that in 2006 there were 127 gay bars and clubs in London. Today there are just 56. or is that the real data. Having actually read the research which is loaded with C Grade sociologist jargon I note:

"Between 1986 and the present, we have recorded the presence of 233 venues, 80 nights/events. This is, of course, just a snapshot, based on the particular listings we have identified and recorded"

In other words the data is not comprehensive and is thus almost certainly therefore wrong. But let us accept that there is a trend. The study covers the years 1986 to 2016 and "peak gay bar" was 2004 since when there has been a steady decline. Mayor Khan thinks this is awful saying:

I hold LGBT+ venues in very high regard and have made it clear that protecting them is an integral part of my plans to grow London’s night-time economy and culture. The importance of LGBT+ venues cannot be overstated in the role they play in helping members of an often vulnerable community to take pride in their identity, and enriching London as a whole. These shocking figures show urgent action needs to be taken.

Now let us put this in context. This weekend a million folk will march and celebrate gay pride in London. The population of London is 8.8 million and - according to the ONS - 2.6% of Londoners identify as L, G or B so that is c 250,000 people. Moreover the pink pound phenomena is well documented meaning that on average these quarter of a million souls are more affluent than straight Londoners.

The ONS identifies an increasing trend for folks to identify as LGBT with younger folk regarding sexuality as more fluid than we oldies. Thus there are more gay Londoners with more cash to spend and more of an age when they's rather go out, than stay in to watch Midsomer Murders, than ever before. Yet gay bars are closing. So too are pubs as a whole by the way,between 2006 and 2015 pub numbers fell by c16% across the UK and at an even faster rate than in London.

If there was a genuine need for more gay bars then a large and affluent population would - via market forces - ensure that they were opening. Bars that are open to all and do not practice sexuality based apartheid would be turned by their owners into gay bars. But that is not happening. It seems that the trend is the other way.

Those who run bars and clubs do not do so as a charity, they do so to maximise returns and what this data shows us is perhaps that society as a whole is moving away from bars and clubs, thanks to the smoking ban and a general desire to be more healthy. But also that especially in uber tolerant and liberal London gays now feel increasingly relaxed about drinking and dancing with non gays. If they felt otherwise, the vast wealth of London's gay community and its material size would, via market forces, see gay bars opening not closing.

Mayor Khan probably knows this in his heart of hearts. But that is the point. It is not that this useless man will manage to turn back the tide driven by the invisible hand, but that he will use scarce resource, taxpayer's cash, to show that he cares.  In short, this is just another pointless exercise in virtue signalling for the pathetic Evening Standard to run - without critique - as real news.

Tom Winnifrith



The media & political bubble dwellers lie, smear and dissemble over the DUP Tory deal but do you really care at all?

695 days ago

On June 9th the liberal media warned us that those bigoted DUP types from Ulster would want to roll back LGBT and women's rights in return for propping up pathetic Prime Minister May. We Thatcherites dared to dream that the DUP might demand some proper Tory policies like privatizing the BBC or slashing corporation tax as the price for keeping the wretched Conservatives in power. What nonsense. Ulster politics is all about posture and pork barrel and the latter is the more powerful of the two.

Thus the DUP will prop up the May creature in return for an additional £1 billion being poured into the Ulster pork trough during the next two years. The DUP are, it turns out, utterly unprincipled wastrels just like all the other folks at Westminster.

The predictable faux outrage and hypocrisy from the virtua signalling liberal establishment. was loud and instanteous. This is an insult to the LGBT community and sets back gay rights by years. Bollocks. It will make not a jot of difference.

Labour at once accused The Tories of offering a sordid bribe. The tone was almost of an evengelical Victorian preacher warning his flock of the power of Satan and evil. It soon emerged that in both 2010 and 2015 Labour had approached the DUP offering bribes, that is to say more cash for the Ulster pork barrel, in return for Westminster support.

So the attack changed and the fake news liberal press joined in, demanding to know how the wicked Tories could afford half a billion a year. How many nurses could that pay for they shrieked but sadly Diane Abbott was not around to provide the exact answer.

Of course this is all posturing. Thje deficit is more than £50 billion so that extra £500 million spunked on Ulster makes little difference. It is funded by the money tree but so too is £50 billion (100 times as much if Diane is struggling with that sum) of spending on nurses, policeman, hair removal ops for transexuals, foreign aid to fund Ethiopian girl bands and all the other vital ways HMG spends borrowed cash. So it was a sily point but how the politicos and journalists frothed and raged.

Meanwhile I tried to find a letter from the taxman about an overdue bill of a couple of hundred pounds from 2010. I had a couple of meetings about UK Investor Show 2018. I noted how Darren's new waitress at Wedge Issue is a total stunner so much so that when I observed as much to Darren's rather stern and PC Mrs, she actually agreed with me rather than - as would be her wont - giving me a severe frown. I wrote a few articles so delaying my journey back to Bristol, having discovered that the mother-in-law has graciously extended her stay by another night. I had a long chat with a new source to ensure I have a massive scoop on Tuesday which will help pay the bills for a few days. I wondered at the beauty of the English countryside as my train sped back to Bristol and considered some take-aways from my lunch with old friends from New York.

In other words I got on with life. So, I suspect, did you. And we will do the same tomorrow. And the next day. And, God willing, the day after that. For 99.9% of the population the sordid deals, utter hypocrisy and fake posturing of the political and media classes have no impact on our lives at all. We are too busy paying the bills, earning cash to pay our taxes - to support the overpaid scumbags at Westminster - and trying to get on with our nearest and dearest, to give a stuff about whether the DUP is in bed with the Tories or the terms of their coupling and the constitutional implications of all of this nonsense.

In Greece I might not have discovered news that I am told is hugely important for several days. Am I any better off having found about it as it happened? I cannot say that I am.  I really don't care about any of it. Be honest. Do you?

Tom Winnifrith



Tim Farron quits as Lib Dem leader as he faces witch-hunt for being a Christian in sad new Britain

707 days ago

Tim Farron was a pretty hopeless leader of the Lib Dems. His weasel words and demands for a second vote on Brexit were laughable and the way that he kept on insisting that he was the only working class ( pronounced with no r) was just plain cringe worthy. But the reason that he has quit as Lib Dem leader is that in modern Britain being a Christian is not acceptable, at least to the fake news wolf packs of the liberal metropolitan media.

Farron's faith is strong and for that I admire him. I have no faith but often wish that I did. Timmy is, because of his faith, unable to accept gay marriage and indeed homosexuality as morally neutral with a straight marriage and heterosexuality. It is his view and for that he was relentlessly persecuted in a way that de-railed his wider campaign.

And he knows it will happen again and again until the media gets their man. He has accepted the inevitable and quit. I wish him well.

I have no moral issue with homosexuality. The LGBT community should get exactly the same treatment as straight folks. If they want to get married why not? Why should they not suffer like the rest of us? But I understand that there will be those whose religious faith means they take a different view including, according to recent polls, more than 52% of British Muslims.

The liberal elites cannot bring themselves to say how appalling the views of most British Muslims are but Christians are a soft touch. Its not racist or a hate crime to bash a Christian. It never is. A cartoon of the bible being flushed down the toilet is art. The same cartoon with the Koran is a hate crime.

Sure ,the Metropolitan elites celebrate Christmas but not in a way that has anything to do with Jesus but purely as a consumerist spendfest and a chance to drink as much as possible. Indeed those of us who actually do link Jesus and Christmas are derided. My Islington dwelling daughter insists that Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus and her view, not mine which happens to be based on fact, dominates.

For the metropolitan sophisticates the power of prayer is denied, except that is when they are tweeting #prayforwhereverISIShasbeenbutcheringthisweek and even then they are not trying to talk to God they are just mouthing platitudes as part of an exercise in Group Think as if this will actually deal with the problem.

In such a climate poor Farron was obviously doomed. Already the liberal bien pensants on new media are tweeting en masse about how he should join the other current objects for communal hate-mongering, that is to say the DUP. I suppose that is what goes for humour if you are left wing.

Good luck Tim Farron you are better off without this nonsense.

Tom Winnifrith



A Sunday Morning by the church in Koroni, Greece

739 days ago

I could not sleep for reasons that I shall discuss later so was up at the crack of dawn leaving the Mrs and Joshua snoring loudly in our hotel room. We are in Koroni, a pretty little sea port around the coast from Kalamata, going away from the Mani. The stated reason is to visit the parents of the husband of the sister of the Mrs, Stavros & Stavroula. It is the latter who taught me everything I know about the art of goat milking.

I say that Koroni is pretty. It had old buildings, narrow and winding streets and a charm. It is still a working town as well as a tourist resort. So there are fishing boats in the harbour and this morning I wandered through a market where the local peasantry bring their fruit and vegetables to sell - it was an array of colours and the size of the specimens on offer is stunning. We might almost be in Chernobyl.

On the other hand, I do not enjoy eating out in any place in Greece that has a whiff of tourist. There is the hard sell from the owner as you walk buy, the insistence that all his fish is fresh and local when the octopus and calamari is almost certainly not. And there are the relatively high prices one pays for fairly ordinary food.

Before any remoaners start bleating, the pound is now just 2% down on where it was before Independence Day last year. Tourist Greece used to offer cheap and cheerful food (ie, not terribly good). The standards of cooking in most tourist resorts have not improved but prices went up once the drachma was replaced with the Euro. They need to re-adjust downwards. I resented paying 9.5 Euro for a very tough pork souvlaki with a few greasy chips, which I gave to Joshua.

I thought fondly of Miranda's up in Kambos where there is never any fish on offer. But where the cooking is consistently good - if simple -  and where a meat and veg option plus an ouzo & greek coffee will still leave you with change from a ten Euro bill. In Koroni one can watch the sea but the noise of people and tinned music is everywhere. Up in Kambos there are just a few people talking and laughing, you gaze up at the mountains or at the castle on the hill in the other direction. You just ponder as the world goes by.

My family has been writing about Greece for 150 years. Greece is "in the blood" but that Greece is up in Kambos not here by the seaside.

At 8 AM and the tourists are sleeping off last night's ouzo. I found one coffee shop open and it is opposite the main church and so as I tap away on my laptop, smartly dressed little old ladies wander by on their way to praise the Lord. I can hear the priest intoning loudly inside. The people respond in an age old ritual. That would be the same ritual being celebrated by many of the folks back in Kambos right now.

No doubt many people reading this, including my proudly godless daughter Olaf, will deride such faith as just another meaningless relic of the old world. But Daddy what is their stance on LGBT issues? Don't you know who won Eurovision last night?

Which is likely to be more long lasting: the modern cult of celebrity and ephemera or the quiet faith of the little old ladies, even if it fails to condemn Tim Farron for homophobia as all snowflakes and metropolitan elitists must do once a week as their ritual? On that, my almost 16 year old daughter and her ageing father are, as usual, likely to disagree.

Tom Winnifrith



My Godless daughter brands me an evangelist who's got religion as I defend Martin Luther King

751 days ago

My godless, almost 16 year old, daughter Olaf calls me as her GCSE's start next week. Her school reports are glowing, she has already won a scholarship to the 6th form and I wish her luck but am confident that it will be A*s all round. We have agreed not to discuss grade inflation, I'm very proud of her anyway. Conversation then turns to the General Election where she says she is backing the Tories. Again I am proud of her. Her real anger is directed, however, not at her fellow Islington resident Comrade Corbyn, but at Tim Farron and the Lib Dems. She is furious at poor Mr Farron for his less than unequivocal support for LGBT rights. In Islington that is the sort of issue that really matters above all else.

Her mother Big Nose joins in the conversation and takes a similar approach. Poor Mr Farron. He is a loathsome weasel in many ways. His claim the other day that he is a Eurosceptic is just risable. His grasp of economics is so bad he actually thinks Vince Cable, who has predicted 17 of the last 4 recessions, is some kind of savant. The Lib Dems support of secret courts and of gagging the press in the last Parliament was a disgrace which must have seen Gladstone spinning in his grave.

But I do not think that Farron hates the pooftahs as Big Nose and Olaf suggest. He has a faith. For what it is worth, it seems to be a quiet and sincere faith not the faux evangelical nonsense of Tony Blair who started an illegal war because "God told him". And Farron's faith tells him that homosexuality is wrong.

In metropolitan liberal elitist London people of faith are derided. Well not entirely, the elite will not attack certain faiths because that is contrary to the spirit of multiculturalism. But the old world belief in Jesus? That is a subject for mockery. Christmas is not a time when Big Nose or Olaf go to Church. It is a time for merriment and consumerism and anyone who says that it is about celebrating the birth of Jesus is ridiculed. The old folks who trudge to Church are openly despised. Big Nose compares their beliefs to believing that there is a giant teapot in the sky that runs our lives. History and the evidence from the bible suggests that her case is weak.

There is a suggestion from Olaf that those who have a faith like Farron should be barred from politics. Really? I point to men like Martin Luther King and Wilberforce, whose Christian faith drove them and gave them courage as they made the world a better place. As with all Godless liberals, Big Nose tries to argue in a post fact era sort of way. She suggests that they may not have been Christians it is just that in the past everyone said they were. Being distantly related to Wilberforce and having studied his life and that of Dr King I point out that there is a huge body of evidence to the contrary. But the liberal elite live in a post fact era and that is brushed aside.

For the avoidance of doubt I am not comparing Tim Farron to Dr King. But it strikes me that having people with a sincere faith involved in public life is not quite the disaster my ex wife and daughter suggest.

For my troubles it is suggested that I have "got religion" and am now "evangelising." I increasingly question my faith but admit to a lack of it. My real crime is that I am tolerant in a way that the liberal metropolitan classes are not. For them certain minorities must be protected and, often promoted, at all costs, notably the gay community. But other minorities, notably Christians, should be openly derided and ridiculed. For them, it is acceptable to stop Ann Coulter from speaking - free speech only applies to those who hold certain views. And for them poor Tim Farron must be crucified for his views on just one subject.

Me, I take the old fashioned view that all minorities have rights to live their lives as they wish without persecution or open derision.. Gays should have the same rights as straights. Heck, and i am not thinking of Big Nose in particular, why should the misery of marriage be the sole preserve of heterosexuals. Let the gays suffer in the same way.
And Christians should have the same rights to live in a way that is compatible with their faith as should those of no faith. But in islington today some minorities are just more equal than others.

I suggest that my daughter considers going to university at Berkeley. She does not understand why.

Tom Winnifrith



Happy Birthday Peter Tatchell - enjoy your bus pass old man

848 days ago

I would be lying if I said that I agreed with everything that Peter Tatchell said or wrote. I do not, for instance, believe that cottaging is a basic human right which the State should allow. Have sex with whom you want but whether you are straight or gay you should, in my view, not engage in sex in public as that infringes on the rights of others. Having said all of that, freedom of speech is what makes living in Britain vaguely tolerable and over the past forty years Tatch has used that freedom to great effect campaigning not only on LGBT issues but on exposing the actions of Robert Mugabe and many other good causes.

Tatchell writes today of how he has survived oppression as a gay man, which he will have done in less enlightened times when he was much younger, the Aids pandemic which so thinned the ranks of his generation and having Robert Mugabe's thugs break most bones in his body. As he turns 65 today, there is no doubt that he has put his body on the line for what he believes in and is one of, if not the, bravest and most principled spokespeople for civil liberties in the UK. We would be a poorer and less free nation without him.

I have always thought Tatchell was far younger than he is. I wonder if he uses a less than up to date photo on twitter? Before anyone says anything, mine is just five years old and I really will update it this year. But I do not expect near pensioners to confront the security guards of Africa's Hitler but that is exactly what Tatchell did. While many folks stop fighting for what they believe in as they get older, Tatchell never seems to give up - the fire still burns within him.

That he is principled is beyond doubt. Unlike me he has been offered a gong several times. He has actually done what I would do, reject the honour because he is a Republican and because the honours system is utterly corrupt. Whether you agree with Peter Tatchell on some things or or nothing or on most things he is a man who you just have to admire.

I hope that he has a wonderful birthday and enjoys his bus pass, winter fuel allowance and free TV license to the full and keeps on speaking out, on matters where I agree with him and also where I disagree with him vehemently, for many years to come.

Tom Winnifrith



Bristol Against Trump is having a demo today - who'll tell the lefties that things changed in 1776?

853 days ago

My wife draws my attention to the Facebook page of Bristol Against Trump which one of her mad left wing public sector working pals supports. BAT is holding a demo against the democratically elected leader of the USA at 5 PM today. Who is going to tell these fucktards that as of 1776 they stopped having any say in how the USA was governed and by whom?

Of course that does not matter. When Mr Trump opines that Brexit is good news for Britain, these same people post on facebook that it is none of his business. But apparently we are all obliged to assemble at 5 PM because who runs the US really is our business.

That is not because the BATty ones are especially worried about US foreign policy. The facebook page makes it clear the four main reasons that Donald Trump is a bad man are in order. "No to racism, no to sexism, no to LGBT hate and no to war."

So what if the outgoing President is the only man to serve two terms with US troops in action for every single day of his office? So what if Trump wants to pull US troops out of foreign lands while as Secretary of State Clinton was the big interventionist. UK lefties do not understand that isolationism means less war for America. Somehow they think that a President who wishes to get along with Russia threatens world peace. Whatever...

And can those demonstrating please explain what in Trump's past as a New York liberal or his platform equates to LGBT hate? No they can not. Or why replacing a President who has seen a record widening of the earnings gap between black and white with one who by bringing jobs back to America will narrow it, is such a disaster? No they can not.

This is a post facts demonstration by folks who simply regard their value set as innately superior to one that might be described as populist. The BATties are almost certainly also Remoaners. Ultimately they just cant' handle democracy, the idea that folks outside the comfortable middle classes might dare to disagree with them.

Anyhow, things have moved on since 1776 and come 5 PM I shall be sitting in front of the TV, wearing my Hillary for Prison T-shirt, and celebrating the choice that America made without taking orders from folks here in the Old World.

Tom Winnifrith



Avoiding two hours of George Michael - there is a God

877 days ago

"His family and fans are devastated, a tweet from Elton John, the world Genius is used too often but, an icon of a generation, RIP ( insert name of celebrity here) yadda, yadda, yadda." I never liked the music of George Michael.

His personal life was far from perfect but let us gloss over the fact that he drove cars when off his head on drugs and move quickly on as to how he campaigned for LGBT rights. I agree with George that who you have sex with is your decision and yours alone. Most of us agree with that. But the assertion that it is your right to have sex with complete strangers in public places because you are gay is something George & I might disagree on. Cottaging is not an essential human right for the gay community or is it, these days, a hate crime to make that assertion?

The Mrs loved George Michael. As part of our marriage vows she agree to come to watch West Ham at least twice a season (she has Welshed on that one) and also not to inflict any more than two George Michael/Wham songs on me in any car journey. She has kept to that one. But yesterday, as we set off on a two hour trip to see my father,  I feared that every radio station would be playing wall to wall George in tribute.

Luckily it was Boxing day so most stations were on pre-record and so oblivious to the demise of Saint George who, according to the BBC, was already sitting at the right hand of the father teaching the Angels the words to Last Christmas.

Frantically the Mrs looked among the CDs for her "best of" Saint George collection but it seems that she had taken it inside the house some weeks ago to inflict on poor Joshua on days when I was elsewhere. I was thus spared for a whole journey. There is a God.

Tom Winnifrith



The Guardian's snobbish liberal readers swung it for Bush, can dipstick Avaaz millennials swing it for Trump?

934 days ago

Back in 2004 the Guardian identified Clark County Ohio as a swing district in th4e swing state of Ohio. History shows if you win Ohio you win the White House and Clark was an uber-marginal district. So the Guardian got its readers back in the UK to call up folks in Clark. You can guess what happened next.

"Hello my good man this is Jasper from Islington and that Bush fellow is a racist who does not understand why LGBT issues and global warming are the big issues in Ohio today please vote for John Kerry. There's a good chap. Power to the workers."

Sound of silence as American from flyover state wonders who this posh British tosser is and why he is talking total rubbish.

There was a 1600 vote swing to Bush in Clark giving him a landslide win in the district and helping him to land Ohio comfortably.

It is not too late for The Guardian to get its readers on the phone before November 8. Ohio looks safe for the Donald so how about the Grauniad readers work their magic in Florida or Pennsylvania? But in this new media era there is already an effort underway from Avaaz, the online grouping fighting for every duff cause on this planet. Remember Brexit?

On June 22nd Avaaz emailed its database of dim millennials urging everyone to vote Remain. It warned that if we voted leave it would mean this for the country:

It can turn away from Great Britain to become little England: small, weak, and white. But that has never been the dream of the English, or the British. It is not now the dream of any of Britain's major political parties or leaders. It is only the dream of a few populist xenophobes, buoyed by a few small minded newspaper editors and owners of the Mail and the Sun, especially Trump-loving American Rupert Murdoch, who have whipped up anti-government and anti-immigrant hysteria with lies and propaganda."

Well that was balanced and fact based. With an Avaaz campaign in overdrive in the final days of the campaign the polls did indeed move. Much to everyone's shock, Britain voted to leave.

And so to Trump, okay most Avaaz folks are in Europe but we can still help the great cause. So Avaaz warns it millenial readers of what a Trump win means. It starts with the BIG ISSUE

Trump wants to tear up the Paris climate deal, and that's just the start of his horrifying plans! But now there's a way we can all help stop him, just by texting.

Then onto the other Trump issues...

Trump and the racist, sexist, anti-climate, isolationist message he peddles is a threat to the entire world, to everything we fight for as a community. And connecting with young Americans who also care about saving our planet, and ensuring they have all the information they need to vote, can be enough to secure a vote against Trump.

So what to do: starting texting! Over to Avaaz

Tests show that one of us can make a voting plan with 30 people who share our values in just an hour -- there's no get out the vote program anywhere that has that kind of success rate!

You’ll get everything you need to jump right in through progressive group NextGen Climate -- a thorough training, a community, a support team in a chat room, and a contact list when you’re ready to get started. And because the tool doesn't use any text messages on your plan -- you send them through a web page -- you can recruit tons and tons of people at no extra cost (make sure you're super comfortable writing in fluent English though!).


Well good luck folks. Make sure you text all those unemployed young folks across the Rust Belt to tell them why you are fighting carbon emissions. Make sure to text the black community where Trump is the most popular GOP candidate for 56 years to say that all Trump supporters including 1 in 5 Afro Americans and almost 40% of hispanics are racists

Please explain to the poor kids in the inner cities and the south who will be the next lot in the front line for the army why isolationism is so much worse than sending young folks overseas to die in numerous pointless wars, the Clinton doctrine.  

Go for it...Clark County goes national with the proven vote winners of Avaaz.

Tom Winnifrith



Brexit has caused hate crimes against Gay people to rocket 147% says the Guardian - an obvious lie

955 days ago

The Guardian reports that "The number of homophobic attacks more than doubled in the three months after the Brexit vote, with toxicity fostered by the EU referendum debate spreading beyond race and religion, new figures suggest. Hate crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people increased 147% during July, August and September compared to the same period last year, according to the LGBT anti-violence charity Galop." Unfortuanately this is just utterly bogus as the Guardian article itself makes clear.

The Guardian also states in the same laughable article: "Galop gave support to 187 LGBT people who had suffered hate crimes in the three months that followed the referendum vote, compared with 72 in the same period in 2015. The rise is proportionately higher than other hate crime rises in the wake of Brexit ."

So in fact all those comments by Boris & Prit has seen we wicked remainers lashing out at the pooftahs even more than we bashed the immigrants? Nope - read the sentence above again. The 147% figure is the number of hate crimes reported to GALOP not those reported to the police and that number is likely to be a very small sample and a skewed one. To extrapolate from that that there has been a 147% increase in overall hate crime against LGBT folks since Brexit is sheer nonsense as will become abundantly clear when the full data from the rozzers finally comes out.

I quote from the 2016 GALOP report on hate crime:

At least 7,016 homophobic and transphobic hate crimes were recorded by UK police during 2014/15. That was an increase from at least 6,409 the previous year.

So those served by GALOP appear to be c4% of the total number of gays suffering hate crimes.
I am sure hate crime against LGBT folks has also risen in 2016 - it is a long term Europewide trend, and invonveniently for the Guardian, a dispropotionate number of those carrying out LGBT hate crimes are from another minority grouping.

Instinctively we know the Guardian is talking nonsense. I simply do not believe that Brexit has caused LGB folks to suffer a disproportionate increase in hate crimes. It just sounds implausible. Are wicked remainers really leaving off the Poles to seek out gay men to attack? 

Moreover you will see that "hate crimes" have been increasing rapidly across Britain for several years, in large part down to new definitions of what is a hate crime. They have also been surging across the rest orf the EU for several years.

Naturally the Guardian knows that this is all down to Boris, Priti and the other 17 million of us who voted for Brexit. The logical flaws in this coverage are just breathtaking.

Tom Winnifrith



Pepsi - the Channel 4 News LGBT star from the Calais Jungle: a wet dream for Jon Snow

966 days ago

It was a total wet dream for liberal media luvvies Matt Frei and Jon Snow of Channel 4 News as they discovered Pepsi in the Calais Jungle. Originally from Indonesia, Pepsi had started adult life fighting as an Islamofascist terrorist before he moved to Libya where he came out as a homosexual which under the Gadaffi regime was, apparently, fine. But the Western backed rebels who ousted Tony Blair's pal Gadaffi were not so progressive when it came to gay folks so Pepsi, we are told, had to flee to Italy as an illegal immigrant. Actually he could have fled anywhere or even taken a plane back to Indonesia. He opted to illegally enter Italy and Europe but C4 gossed over that detail.

In Italy, Pepsi decided to start dressing as a woman but says he still likes to be described as male.

Clearly the place where Pepsi would fit in best is swinging London and thus Pepsi hiked it up to Calais and the jungle. Here it gets bad. Pepsi says most of the migrants there are conservative Muslims who are not big on LGBT issues. Indeed six of these conservatives are so anti gay that they took Pepsi out into a field and gang raped him.

Now Pepsi wants to apply to be in France rather than the UK. Channel Four, of course, wants us to let all the folks from the Jungle including those ultra conservative muslims who hate gays so much they gang rape them, into Britain. Luckily for Jon and Matt and the C4 liberals, the gang rapists will not end up getting housed anywhere near the posh bits of London where they live. They will be sent to live with the poor people and if the poor people don't like it, I guess that just makes them racists does it not?

Pepsi is not a refugee. He/she is clearly a migrant from Indonesia. The gang rapists are not refugees, they lost that status when they first set foot in a country that was deemed safe having left their homelands. That is if the homeland is unsafe which for many Jungle residents it is not.

The whole sad story of Pepsi shows what a mess this whole situation has become. But let's not allow hard questions or serious issues to get in the way of a tale which just ticks all the right boxes for London's liberal media millionaires. For folks like Jon Snow and Matt Frei, Pepsi's tale was a chance to show how truly pious they were, it was like Christmas had come early for the Guardian reading elitists.

Tom Winnifrith



Torturing stern lefty sister N as my reactionary father comes out in style

1035 days ago

My lefty sister N is the one who gave her husband, the kraut, membership of the Labour Party as a Christmas present. Jesting with her about the current woes of the People's Party is therefore not something that boosts family unity. But there is a new tease from my father.

The old man has for the past 28 years humoured my late step mother by reading the Guardian every day. Global warming, LGBT oppression, the beloved EU, those poor polar bears, he knows it is all rubbish but devotedly he read it anyway. As the Grauniad argued that poor oppressed and overworked university lecturers needed to be even more overpaid he thought back to his bone idle colleagues at the University of Warwick, and his anger boiled up but he suppressed that in front of my step mother by toddling off to the White Bear to read the Daily Telegraph whose world view was far more acceptable.

During the past three days my father has been in Bristol and sometimes he listened to my podcasts being recorded, at the end of which he pretends to be a lefty by muttering "fascist filth". Most of the time has been spent reading Niall Ferguson (Empire), Melanie Phillips (All Must have Prizes) and that Peter Hitchens book about the decline of Britain. He nodded with approval throughout all three tomes concluding that he could find little to fault in any of them. And then, he joined the Conservative Club too, noting its cheap cider. Heck: Dad that is the joy of capitalism, market forces and all that.

And so, on our return, sister N phoned to ask how Dad had enjoyed Bristol. For N, Ferguson, Phillips and Hitchens are devils of the right, wicked awful folks who support everything that she opposes. And of course they all do so with a cracking sense of humour. It is N who expresses the view that "if Uncle Chris (Booker) supports something it must be wrong". You and I know that on all issues bar one ( Israel) C Booker is bang on the money. For N the horseman of the conservative apocalypse are Hitchens, Phillips, Ferguson, Booker (who Dad reads every week) and perhaps these days Rod Liddle. Maybe I shall give her a book by Mark Steyn or perhaps Demonic ( how the Liberal mob is endangering America) by the wonderful Ann Coulter, to broaden her sense of outrage.

Anyhow last night Dad fessed up to his reading matter and how much he had agreed with Mel in particular. I guess that was his "coming out" moment.

Tom Winnifrith



My Oscar Winning speech in full

1179 days ago

We can safely say that I will never win an Oscar but just in case I do I have penned my winning speech already. It is not long but I think captures all the points one needs to make.

I thank you all most sincerely in selecting me from this all white short list. I am not worthy and have only won becuase you are all racists. None the less I am glad that you have jetted in in your private planes from around the world. While we sit here let's not forget the really important issues outside like combating global warming.

Why I wonder were there no woman nominated as best actor? You are not only racists you are all sexists too. And though only 5% of the population is gay, in this room where at least 10% of the audience is out - cue brief short joke about Tom Cruise - we cannot regard this as a truly progressive industry until LGBT actors and actresses are fairly represented.

I dedicate this award to the migrants at Calais, Donald Trump would not do that because he is a fascist.

Cue: enormous gales of laughter and massie applause from an audience who think Calais is a small town in Dixie.

God bless America, unless you: live in the flyover states/like stock car racing/listen to Country music/believe in God/dont burst out laughing whenever anyone says Donald Trump is a fascist/vote Republican

Thank you.

Tom Winnifrith



Heading through 5,000 twitter followers – so ffing what?

1634 days ago

I started tweeting about two and a half years ago and the number of folks following me as grown pretty much from day one – which growth has accelerated in recent weeks on the back of Quindell I suspect. Apparently I am in the top 1.2 million most followed folks on earth. Big deal.

I read the other day that more than half the twitter accounts created in 2013 are already inactive. You can buy thousands of twitter accounts for just a few dollars. Okay you are tweeting to people who don’t exist but in Willy waving contests some folks think it matters.

I am open about my twitter account. Occasionally there is some banker with folks on twitter. I have enjoyed baiting Peter Tatchell, who I admire greatly, but who can be a prize loon and ties himself in knots as he first berates Israel for everything and then finds himself berating more or less every Arab regime for their less than tolerant approach to gay rights. Come on Pete you know that what you really want to do is praise one of the most gay friendly states on earth. Come on Peter say after me “Israel’s approach to LGBT issues is exemplary”.

But for the most part I simply tweet links to articles I write. I assume that those who follow me do so because they find some of what I write interesting even if they disagree with what I say. And so twitter is an easy way of helping more folks read my articles which has a monetary value.

I do not view twitter as a way to change the  although in this week’s video postcard I do note how it has allowed we peasants to challenge our lords and masters in the political and media establishment in a way we have not seen before.  That is a good thing. The video is HERE

Onwards and upwards. Can I break into the top million? And do I care? Er…no.  

Tom Winnifrith



Why does the EU hate Israel & Just Love Terrorists?

2124 days ago

Last week the EU took three decisions regarding Israel which are in short despicable and take the Jew hating stance of the Evil Empire to new levels. Led by the former CND activist and total non-entity Baroness Ashton (the EU Foreign Secretary), the Evil Empire has plunged to new depths.

The first two measures impose trade sanctions on Israel. Any goods produced beyond the 1949 Armistice lines will now have to be flagged up with specific labelling and any entity with an address beyond those lines will be deni8ed any EU contracts or funding. The 1949 Armistice lines are not Israel’s borders but merely the point at which Arab armies were halted as they tried to wipe out the Jewish state at birth. So areas which the UN recognises as Israeli and which are Israeli under International law will be targeted by the EU.

Frankly, economically successful Israel does not need money from bankrupt Europe and so can stand on its own two feet. But having to wear a “yellow star” on your goods has kind of sinister undertones.

The third measure is the truly vile one. You will remember that in the West we are meant to be fighting a “war on terror”, tracking down the sort of evil which sees rockets fired on innocent men women and children and suicide bombers head onto buses? Remember that?  Well I guess it doesn’t matter to the EU if those innocent men, women and children are only frigging Jews.

The EU has at last recognised that Hezbollah's "military wing" is a terrorist organization – in that it is responsible for sending those rockets, suicide bombers etc.  However the EU has also stated that the political wing of Hezbollah is a legitimate body and thus as long as they say they are “part of the political wing” Hezbollah personnel and Hezbollah institutions can operate with utter freedom  in Europe raising money, planning attacks, and recruiting terrorists. 

To quote the uber excellent Caroline Glick: “In other words, all Hezbollah operations directed against Israel and Jews will remain lawful in Europe.” 

I guess Baroness Ashton always thought that Saint Gerry of Adams and the Butcher McGuiness were nice folks who had nothing to do with the IRA at all?

In short the EU has in one week moved down the road to a yellow star regime of economic sanctions against the Israeli state while at the same time made it easier for a terrorist organisation committed under its charter to pushing all the frigging Jews into the Sea to expand its operations from the sanctuary of Europe.

Not in my name Baroness Ashton and the EU.  What shall I do about it?  I shall increase my personal commitment to buying goods and services made in Israel. Stick your Yellow Stars where you like I am buying more.

As for Hezbollah just remember Pastor Niemoller. First they came for the Jews. Well I know the EU does not care about frigging Jews. Then they came for the homosexuals. Well the EU tends to overlook what happens to members of the LGBT community in Gaza these days (hint: it involves either stones or concrete, not a free and joyous celebration of pride). And then the wider Islamofascist terror alliance came for stupid, idiotic, Western liberals who have acted as their patsies for years and started blowing up buses in London, Brussels and Madrid. Baroness Ashton I am talking about YOU.

Tom Winnifrith



Call Me Dave bashed by some (bigoted) gays – I almost feel sorry for him

2132 days ago

Since I almost never read it, I forget what a horribly awful newspaper The Independent has become. But occasionally you are dragged back by a piece just so ludicrous that you have to read it in the name of research into just how crazed some deluded lefties are. And thus I stumble on a classic by someone called Lena Corner about how a group of gays in the East End are furious with Call Me Dave for legalising gay marriage.

At this point I almost feel sorry for Call Me Dave. I too support the idea that gays should be allowed to get married. After all, why the hell should only straight people have to suffer?  But I note how some bigots within the Tory party have bashed Dave for pushing the bill through. At least however he must have won some friends, or at least not alienated some of – what my deluded lefty girlfriend tells me I must call – the LGBT community? In English that means homosexuals. But also those who want to change gender who I might have thought in my naïve way were rather different to homosexuals. Whatever.

Anyhow it seems Call Me Dave can do no right with some LBGT folk dragged out by the Independent. Among the choice quoted in the article with comments from me are:

I don't believe in gay marriage, not in a conventional sense, absolutely not …I believe in equal rights but I don't want equality in terms of the same social blueprint as straight people. We are diluting who we are to gain the right to get married. Soon we will be living like straight people in suburbia. Screw that: I want to live on the fringes of society

Er…. So there are no gays living in surburbia? Would you honestly have gay marriage recriminalised?

What does the passing of the Bill actually mean? Didn't the original Stonewall radicals call for liberation rather than equality? Wasn't marriage itself deemed as oppressive? And do we really want it done in a church?

Er… who said marriage had to be oppressive? Or living in sin/shagging random strangers in public lavatories liberating? The Bill gives you the right to marry in a church not the obligation.

We have fought for a long time for our rights – to stop harassment, arrest and murder – because we wanted to explore our freedom. To choose to go back into an institution seems like a wasted opportunity.

"I never trust a Conservative on gay issues. This whole debate stinks of Tories

Er….what freedoms do you wish to explore? Some gay rights campaigners said “cottaging” was a human right for gays, others said it was forced on gays as they could not live in a relationship like straight married couples. Please clarify.  Meanwhile I understand that you hate the Tories but do you think they have actually done this as part of a conspiracy AGAINST gays. Sorry I mean LBGT folk?  You are plain mad at best. At worst you are a bigot in that you think one minority group within Society who cannot help how they feel and who engage in practices some of us find repellant (I refer to carrying a Conservative Party membership card) are inherently evil.

To me it feels like various institutions – the media included – are talking about us rather than talking with us. We need equal rights but we also need cultural difference.

I do worry that we are moving towards a more heteronormative society. And I worry that it is partly being policed within the gay community – we are putting restrictions on things that are stopping us from thinking beyond definitions. Maybe the gay-marriage debate has diminished the way we think

Oh….for fucks sake. The gay rights movement (justifiably) started the call for gay marriage.  Please explain why you NEED cultural differences. They are gay bankers, gay road sweepers, gay IT geeks and gay all sorts of things. Are you saying that your identity must be defined primarily by who you sleep with rather than every other aspect of your life? In which case you are a bigot.

As for anyone who uses the word heteronormative, I give up.

Only The Independent could run such utter bollocks.

Tom Winnifrith



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