Thursday May 23, 2019
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Twitter shows in does not believe in free speech if you dare to challenge the liberal orthodoxy

89 days ago

The thread below is self explanatory. George Orwell would be proud of twitter. Greetings from Airstrip One...




Ex MP, Tory Remoaner, Ben Gummer and his fake facts the BBC does not bother challenging

135 days ago

Having lost his seat at the last election, former MP Ben Gummer is constantly wheeled out by the BBC and other liberal news outlets as a “mainstream” Tory. That is to say that – unlike most Tory members - he wants to stay in the EU. He then trots out the most monstrous canards claiming them as facts and, naturally, goes unchallenged.

On Radio 4 the other day, Gummer stated the FACT ( i.e. something that has happened) that UK economic growth had been reduced by 1.5% by the Brexit vote. Since there is no laboratory where one British economy trundles along with a vote for Brexit and another with a vote against, Gummer cannot prove that claim. It is not a fact. It is an opinion.

Gummer might claim that UK economic growth is less than had been forecast two years ago. But has he checked economic growth vs forecasts in the EU or US or China? Britain has a global economy and what happens here makes us, in many ways, a cork on that wave. Moreover those making forecasts back in 2016 had no idea of what the Bank of England would do with base rates or what our useless chancellor would do to "fine tune" the economy.

It may be that the Brexit vote has reduced economic growth although we should note that UK growth is far greater than growth in the Eurozone. So it is perfectly possible that the Brexit vote has not made an impact. After all, while folks like Ben Gummer predicted 600,000 job losses as a result of a vote for Brexit we have actually seen a net 700,000 job gains since June 23 2016. The bottom line is that we do not know for certain, the impact of that vote on UK economic growth.

But Gummer states it as a FACT and then makes all sorts of claims about lower Government tax receipts as a result of that FACT. But it is only an opinion. Not that the BBC and his fellow believers in the Great EU Project, who dominate the media, bother to challenge him on this matter.

Tom Winnifrith



The Chart that shows the lie at the heart of Oxfam's poverty claims - Child mortality

146 days ago

As I have noted before, Oxfam, a charity that likes to cover up for peadophiles, does not care about the truth when it comes to getting money to build up its empire. For when tapping up gullible old Guardian reading fools like my Dad, Oxfam repeatedly insists that poverty around the world is increasing. You do want to fight poverty don't you Dr Winnifrith, you bleeding heart liberal, so get your cheque book out! How can the old man argue with that?

Of course you, and I know that Oxfam employs more than 11 staffers earning £100,000 at its Head Office so not all of my Dad's cash goes to help poor folks out in Bongo Bongo land. But there is a bigger problem with the Oxfam thesis. It defines poverty as relative poverty so the number of folk earning less than a set proportion of the global average wage. In other words it focusses in on income inequality. That is an abstract concept only rich folk can afford to consider. Poor folk fear absolute poverty - not having enough cash to feed your kids etc.

And so while global income inequality has been increasing steadily since the 1970s ( having fallen for several hundred years before that), so increasing relative poverty, absolute poverty has fallen sharply during my lifetime. One measure of that, and a very accurate one, is child mortatlity.

The graph below tells its own story. If Africa could avoid wars it would do even better but what is important is the trend. It is dramatic and shows a key indicator of how global poverty has been reduced massively in absolute terms with a direct inverse correlation to Oxfam's ever more shrill and hysterical bleatings about how poverty is increasing.

Greed is good. Capitalism works. It keeps kids alive. Or you can follow the policies Oxfam advocates to "tackle poverty" and you will end up in Venezuela.  




The Genius of Titania McGrath Part 2 - The Gender gap & the myth

191 days ago

I have flagged up before the twitter genius that is @TitaniaMcGrath a radical intersectional feminist on twitter. Her true genius is that her account is a parody but it is so plausible that folks get really angry with "her" dismissing her as just another idiot uber-liberal millenial. Yesterday's offering, below, is another classic which has generated an amazing response from those with no sense of humour or who are just plain dumb. But as with all great parody a serious point is made about some of the rubbish talked about gender equality.  Enjoy.

Today's Titania offering is as good if not better and can be found HERE




The Genius of Titania McGrath Part 1 - Tom Cruise & Su Pollard - the gender pay gap

191 days ago

I have flagged up before the twitter genius that is @TitaniaMcGrath a radical intersectional feminist on twitter. Her true genius is that her account is a parody but it is so plausible that folks get really angry with "her" dismissing her as just another idiot uber-liberal millenial. Today's offering, below, is another classic which has generated an amazing response from those with no sense of humour or who are just plain dumb. But as with all great parody a serious point is made about some of the rubbish talked about gender equality.  Enjoy.

There is another Titania classic from yesterday HERE




Just how out of touch is the loathsome Guardian - no wonder its sales are plunging?

202 days ago

Have you ever been burgled? I have. You feel violated. As if your home is dirty. For a long while you feel unsafe in your own abode. What if they come again? And it is a crime that  affects folks of both genders, oops sorry I meant all genders. This Guardian headline  below is not meant to be ironic and is the sort of nonsense which helps to explain why  sales of this sordid rag are crashing, however many fake news articles by Carole Cadwalladr it publishes.

Suzanne Moore argues, with no evidence at all, that crimes of misogyny, a hate crimes so defined as onme where the victim feels hurt, lead to violent crime. I rather suspect that almost none of those who might wolf whistle a bird in a  skirt or term Suzanne Moore or Carole Cadwalladr daft bints(and thus could be accused of misogny) will go on and commit violent crime against individuals. But Ms Moore would rather that the fuzz investigate such folk than tackle burglaries.

This is how the liberal Metropolitan elite really do think. Even Marie Antoinette was more in touch with the sans culottes than are folks like Moore today.   




Photo Article - #PeoplesVoteMarch, not really very big is it?

215 days ago

As I sit with an ouzo in Greece, a country with 49% youth unemployment and where pensioners mist live on 9 Euro a day thanks to the EU, back in London, about 100,000 generally very affluent middle class folks are marching to overturn the wishes of 17.4 million of their fellow citizens and for Britain to stay in the EU. The organisers and the BBC and the rest of the liberal media claim this is a big demonstration but that is just fake news.

In 2003 a march against war criminal Tony Blair's illegal invasion of Iraq attracted 750,000 (Police estimate) to 1 million folks (BBC estimate). A few months earlier the Countryside march attracted 500,000 + including myself carrying my then baby daughter Olaf. On that march, where organisers claimed more than a million attendees, most folks had to travel in from the boonies. Some had never been to London before. But London is the most heavily remoaning part of the UK. If only 100,000 turn out today in the heart of remoaning territory, that is really, in relative terms, pretty small is it not?

Here is a picture from the start of the March.




After gender pay mania now wretched Theresa May wants a race audit – she must go now!

224 days ago

Forcing companies to disclose the pay of men and women demonstrated two things clearly. Firstly that folks doing different jobs earned different salaries and secondly the willingness of the liberal left and the media to distort data to pursue a virtue signalling agenda, and one that lumbers business with more costs and pressures.  There is a gender pay gap but its narrowing and it cannot simply be put down to sexism as I explained to the free speech loving ,angelic. multi-brained genius students at Bath Spa University here

One imagines this madness for gender equality audits came from the left but amazingly it is a fake Tory, that is to say wretched and hopeless Prime Minister Theresa May who is pursuing this insanity. Now she is going further.

It seems Mrs May is looking to force firms to do a race audit of workers. God help us all.  Recent migrants tend to do lower paid jobs like cleaning and security. Vast number of the non whites in this country have arrived in the past thirty years. Well guess what that means?.

My wife’s community of migrants, that is to say the Indians, tend to be far longer established in the UK and also to be far more Middle Class than most migrants.  So I look forward to data showing that the average Indian earns more than the average white but sadly the average black worker will earn less. Will this prove institutional racism in favour of Indians but against blacks?  No. It will show that different communities tend, for reasons not determined by whether their skin is white or not, to be overly represented in different jobs.  But the race obsessed left will not see it that way and will instead engage in an orgy of abuse towards wicked capitalists and the evils of capitalism.

The poor capitalists will be lumbered with more forms to fill in and will then have to jump through hoops apologising for their “crimes” in order to appease mobs on social media whipped up by folks such as the BBC. 

In days of old the Tory party would have called out this nonsense for what it is. Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher suggesting this new burden on business knowing full well what the outcome will be?  But in 2018 it is the Tory party of Mrs May that is instigating it.

This is yet another reason, of so many, why Mrs May must go now. She will achieve nothing with this policy, those who applaud it will still hate the Tories, it will create division not harmony and it will penalise, for no reason, folks who should be natural supporters.

Tom Winnifrith



The BBC hit job on Justice Kavanaugh continued all day

228 days ago

As I note elsewhere, I celebrate Brett Kavanaugh joining the Supreme Court but I’d rather that Donald Trump had nominated someone who is far more conservative. Naturally the BBC, the state funded British broadcaster and purveyor of fake news, which serves as a media hub for elitist metropolitan liberal group-think, took a rather different tone.

Having reported enthusiastically for a fortnight that the nomination was in trouble even as the holes and inconsistencies in the evidence put forward by accuser Christine Blasey Ford become ever more apparent and as she was shown to be a serial liar, the BBC finally realised late on Friday that the game was up. Natch it failed to apologise for its earlier coverage suggesting that Blasey Ford was purer than the driven snow and that Kavanaugh was a wrong'un at every level. 

But instead it focussed its report on the several thousand assorted snowflakes, man hating feminazis and other sufferers from full blown #TrumpDerangementSyndrome who protested in DC, doing their best to delay or block democracy in action.  Okay 324,996,000 Americans were not protesting but the 4,000 extremists, screaming as loud as they could in DC, spoke for America, according to Britain’s Pravda.

As to the actual proceedings, there was final day admission from the BBC that Kavanaugh would be appointed but with every report this was followed by the words “despite the series of allegations of sexual assault made against him.”

Yes allegations were made. One of the three coming forward to join this circus, claiming Kavanaugh organised gang rapes, had already ‘fessed that she made it up. Accuser two was barely more credible and that left Christine Blasey Ford whose story had changed many times and had more holes in it that a mountain of Swiss Cheese. The FBI had investigated Ford’s fiction and concluded it did not stack up. Yet was the BBC offering any balance in this respect? Of course not. It just showed another placard held up by some work-averse liberal accusing the good Judge of serial sex crimes.

Such has been the unadulterated bias shown by almost the entire British media on this issue that, as I have dared to suggest to folks over the past week, old fashioned idea such as “innocent until proven guilty” or natural justice.” I have been met with almost universal disapproval. It is as if I were suggesting that Hitler had his good points as well as bad, which, for the avoidance of doubt, is not a view that I hold.

It makes me feel that Joshua and I should move to a solid red state well away from the coasts where we might find ourselves among folks who have similar beliefs. I have suggested this to the Mrs but am met with a Paddington stare. She is not convinced of the merits of my idea.

Tom Winnifrith



Brett Kavanaugh: as accuser Number 3 admits she lied and made it up – Dems try to disbar over 30 year old bar spat

233 days ago

The main accuser of Supreme Court nominee, Christine Blasey Ford, is now shown to have paper thin evidence for her claims that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago.  Witness number two has no evidence at all and not one witness for her lewd claims of party antics and now the third accuser, Julie Swetnick has gone on NBC and admitted that she made up all that she claimed. She is a liar. So what next for the desperate Dems?

Frankly Swetnick, who is represented by Stormy Daniels’ loathsome lawyer, was never credible but that did not stop Democrats led by Senator Dianne Frankenstein from demanding that the FBI check out her claims. Their agenda was always to delay the process until after the mid-terms when they hope they will regain control of the Senate.

So the sexual assault charges are now fading away. There is no way they can block Kavanaugh on that basis. But if you suffer from #TrumpDerangementSyndrome as most of the liberal media establishment does, you need to find a way of stopping the man. So initially the agenda was moved to his anger at the Senate hearings. I guess if I was falsely accused of what Kavanaugh was accused of I’d be angry too as would any normal man. But that did not seem to occur to the media although as the evidence, or rather lack of it, against him is shown to be increasingly risible most normal Americans will understand that anger.

So the press an d the Dems need a new stick with which to beat the Judge. Hence the NY Times is today running with a story that 30 years ago, while a student, Kavanaugh went to a UB40 concert and afterwards at a bar thought he saw the lead singer. The man he thought was the lead singer denied it and a slightly drunk student threw some beer over him in an altercation in which the details are somewhat unclear. The Police were called but no charges brought.

So the agenda has moved on for the liberal left. Okay Kavanaugh may not be a perv but when he was a student he might have thrown some ice over a man in a bar. And that disqualifies him from being a Supreme Court Judge?

This has never been about the Dems establishing the truth. They sat on the "evidence" for weeks. This has always been about destroying Kavanaugh as part of an attempt to ensure that the Supreme Court does not tighten laws relating to murdering unborn babies and other matters. Tossing an innocent man under the bus to achieve that is thoroughly loathsome.

Any rational person can now see that this witch hunt is almost over.  The questions will now being about who created this witch hunt of an innocent man. Step forward Senator Frankenstein and the swamp dwelling Democrat establishment. Bring on the mid-terms and a Red Wave driven by disgust at this circus.


Tom Winnifrith



Fake news from the Brexit loathing BBC – ref Next

240 days ago

"Next warns on Brexit" risks screamed the headline on the BBC website as you can see below. On radio and TV broadcasters shouted the same message. But if you read what Next, a company run by highly pro Europe management, actually said rather than what the state funded broadcaster said it said you might be surprised.

The BBC article states

Next said the UK retail market remained "volatile" and it remained "cautious" in its outlook.The Brexit-related risks include higher tariffs on goods imported into the UK. However, queues and delays at UK and EU ports as a result of increased customs declarations for other companies posed the biggest risk. The retailer said it was preparing for the possibility that the UK leaves the EU without a transition period or a free trade agreement in place.However, it downplayed the impact a no-deal outcome would have on its business.


Of course the UK outside the EU would not have to impose tariffs on imports. Indeed it could scrap the tariffs the EU forces us to have on good imported from outside of the Eurozone. Outside of the evil empire imports could actually be cheaper, it would be our call.

However here is what Next actually said. It note that the risks of a no-deal Brexit do not “pose a material threat to the ongoing operations and profitability of NEXT’s business here in the UK or to our £190m turnover business in the EU.

It concluded that “there would be some additional administrative costs but, in the scheme of the Group, these will be de minimis.”

In short the BBC coverage was just more fake news from the remoaning metropolitan liberal elite.




Oakley Funeral date set – The Mrs has a book on the death of Mog for me to read to Joshua

253 days ago

Amid a flurry of calls on various matters including an invitation to meet the new Headmaster at Warwick School tomorrow to discuss Geoffrey Eve and another abuser from the "good old days" - a matter on which I have received shocking new information overnight- I have received a call from the vets. The ashes of the King of Cats, Oakley, are in an urn and ready for collection.

And thus there will be a small ceremony on Saturday. My daughter will take Joshua for a walk allowing a few of us to bury the urn close to that of Kitosh whose ashes were finally laid to rest here a few years after his demise and to say a few words of farewell. There is not room underneath the rhubarb plant where the body of Oakley’s Companion Tara lies.

Meanwhile, the Mrs is in Belfast on a piss up, I meant serious academic conference. I have been left strict instructions about washing, cleaning and other matters that can wait until Friday afternoon a couple of hours before she gets back. I have also been left a book called Goodbye Mog which I MUST read to Joshua.

Mog is a cat who lives with a ghastly family of tedious do-gooder liberals and my right-on sister has sent a number of Mog books for Joshua to read.  I make a few changes as I read them to my lad, to make Mog’s dreary Guardian reading family a bit more entertaining. Your son wants to dress up like a Greenham Common woman? Fine. But allow me to explain to Joshua that this is not normal. Dirty Harry does not dress like that because he is a real man. Comprende? The daughter is a vegan? Whatever – that is why she looks like she has cancer.  Eat some of Mog’s food FFS and get healthy you pathetic snowflake.

But this book, borrowed from the library, is about Mog’s demise and what happens next. It is predictably drippy but I will obey orders. I’m a good German. Last night, Joshua and I watched the Paddington Movie but maybe tonight I shall inflict Mog’s demise on the poor boy. And then we can watch an old Clint film to cheer him up.

Tom Winnifrith



Trump now at 31% among black voters – this is an earthquake the liberal media establishment will just not report

281 days ago

I noted the other day, how Donald Trump’s approval rating among black voters was at 29% which was just astoundingly high. The latest Rasmussen poll puts that figure at 31% which, if you check the data here , makes him the most popular Republican leader among blacks since the 1950s.

America was a very different place then. In the “Solid South” the white majority opposed civil rights and voted for the party that had opposed the abolition of slavery – the Democrats. Blacks in the South voted for the party that freed them, the Republicans.  Civil Rights changed the Dems and changed the south.  And no Republican has come close to reversing that shake-up until now.

Quite simply by overseeing massive job creation, aided by his tax cuts, Trump has helped the poorest in America and yes, that means a lot of blacks.  He has delivered life changing experiences. Years of listening to Democrats popping down to the ghetto at election time to sing Kumbya brought no jobs, no chance of a better life and black voters are starting to twig, in ever greater numbers, that they were just vote fodder for rich, largely white, liberals.

And how do Dem’s respond, with their white AntiFA activists chasing black conservatives out of restaurants? By trying to prove that Donald trump once used the N word?  It may not be singing Kumbya with the folks in the ghetto but it is the same hopeless gesture politics which will make no difference to the lives of ordinary Americans be they white or black.

If Rasmussen is anywhere close to correct then #Trump2020 is a racing cert. The only question is whether Trump’s surging popularity among black and Hispanic voters – as well as his ongoing popularity among whites – will be translated into GOP votes in the mid-terms. If it is, then with many country club Congressmen standing down to be replaced by Trump loyalists the next two years you see a raft of radical reforms as well as a good bit of swamp draining with the folks in Congress singing from the same hymn sheet as POTUS. Bring it on.

Meanwhile have you seen the BBC or Channel 4 Fake News reporting about this earthquake? Is the Guardian telling its dwindling readership that the man they have branded as a racist on an almost daily basis is so popular with black and Hispanic voters? Er…don’t hold your breath.  The liberal establishment is, for once, just speechless.

Tom Winnifrith



Trump press supremo Sarah Huckabee Sanders, The Red Hen and the blinding hypocrisy of the liberal left

331 days ago

A few weeks ago the US Supreme Court threw out a case brought against a baker who had declined to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Though the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop was happy to bake cakes for gay folks he, being a Christian, did not wish to be party to a celebration of something of which he did not approve.  Oddly in the UK the Courts backed the gay couple but in the US the Courts accept that the State has no right to force a business to serve anyone. The liberal left moaned, wailed, shrieked and hurled abuse. This was outrageous they claimed - no business should be allowed to turn away customers on the basis of belief. It was not that the customers were gay it was that the cake ordered was for something the owner did not believe in. But the liberals said that did not matter.

At the weekend Donald Trump’s press secretary, the charming Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined seven friends at the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia. Some gay waiters said that the stance of the Trump administration on transgender folk serving in the army offended them and that they had a right not to serve Ms Sanders. The owner agreed with that and so asked Sanders to leave which she did without fuss.

The incident blew up not – as the fake news BBC reported – when Trump tweeted about it but when a waiter tweeted out the whiteboard showing a record of Sanders’ ejection which libtards across America spread like a virus across social media. Trump responded in his own way.

For the liberal left the Red Hen suddenly had every right to boot out Sanders to decline to serve her on the basis of her beliefs and those of the owner or rather her staff. Indeed now we see leading Democrat Maxine Walters urging businesses across America to stop serving officials of the Trump administration. That would all be part of the Love trumps Hate campaign that Dems are so keen on.

The hypocrisy of the left is obvious to all and this hateful action against Ms Sanders who is far more popular than Mr Trump will backfire. Trump is now at a 43% approval rating which at this point in the cycle (five months before the mid terms) is incredibly high, not seen since Reagan in the 80s. Given the phenomenon of shy Trumpers that might actually understate just how well this President is doing but it is not surprising when he is up against what is increasingly “the nasty party” and a party of obvious hypocrites.

Like many conservatives I support gay marriage. Why the hell should LGBT folk not suffer like the rest of us? But my position is consistent - a business should decide its own clientele. I’d hope – and expect – that a homophobic baker will in the end suffer from market forces as the west becomes ever more tolerant. I’m sure that the Red Hen is toast. Insulting someone like Sanders, who is well liked, on the basis of political belief sets an unpleasant precedent, it is just not in the spirit of Western liberal democracy. So many dems will not root for the Red Hen and its actions will thus alienate most of its customers.

The gay waiters can happily head off to the safe space called the soup kitchen not to serve but as customers and few will sympathise.

The problem of the left is that having argued two weeks ago that a business cannot turn away custom on the basis of belief, too many liberals today are arguing the exact opposite.

The liberal elite may not realise how daft they appear but mainstream America does. Keep it up libs: #Trump2020 becomes more of a racing cert every time folks like Robert de Niro or Maxine Walters start to opine.

Tom Winnifrith



Guardian harpie Christina Patterson – the BBC fails to haul her up for the most disgraceful Donald Trump smear

335 days ago

Stranded in the car with the Mrs, I found myself forced to listen to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 as it discussed Donald Trump  with the author, the Guardian writing metropolitan liberal elitist Christina Patterson. Listeners who liked Trump were invited to call in so that Christina could brand them as racists because she thinks all Trumpsters are racist. Keep it up liberal moron! Every such statement makes #Trump2020 even more of a shoo in.

Remember when Crooked Hillary branded Trump supporters as “Deplorables”. We took that as a badge of honour. Trump’s poll ratings improved. Smearing half the electorate is just not that smart.  You kind of know that liberals like Patterson are losing the argument when they are forced to both deny what is fact ( Trump’s poll ratings at this stage of the cycle are very good indeed and getting better) but also just to resort to smears and insults.

One deplorable on the phone complained that folks don’t get a fair view of what trump actually does thanks to the biased media citing, inter alia, the BBC.  Natch the BBC presenter insisted in a pompous manner that it was fair, free and impartial, to quote loathsome fake news expert Jon Sopel, as Trump “owned him” a couple of years ago.

The BBC then demonstrated exactly why it is not fair or impartial as Patterson discussed Trump’s policy on tariffs claiming that “it will hurt exactly the people he is trying to help, the white working class.” Consider that statement and let it sink in.  Trump’s tariff plans are trying to help the entire working class in the rust belt, a working class that is both black and white.  He has not inserted or talked of any measures to ensure only whites benefit. His anti illegal immigration policies, whatever you think of the, do not impact on working class blacks (or whites) in the rust belt except in that it might reduce competition for lower paying jobs.

What Trump is trying to do is to help the working classes. It was Patterson who inserted entirely without justification the word “white” to create fake news. The facts are that wages among black workers are rising faster than ever. Black unemployment is the lowest since 1972 having fallen sharply since Trump took office. The Dems may talk the talk on tackling black poverty but Trump walks the walk and that is why he increased the GOP vote among black voters in 2016, from 2012, and much to the annoyance of folks like Patterson, will increase it again in 2020.

But Patterson does not like facts. So she made something up and smeared Trump in a horrible way – rather like the Kylie Morris of C4 News "make America white" smear of 2016. And the BBC being “impartial” just let her get away with it completely.

Tom Winnifrith



Anna Liberadzki of Lefty spammers SumofUs lies about Donald Trump to get my cash

336 days ago

In another GDPR non compliant mailing from snowflake liberal spammers SumofUs a bird called Anna Liberadzki asks me for £2 to ensure Donald Trump is met with massive protests when he lands in the UK.  Anna, as is the way with SumofUs, just cannot help but tell lies.

She writes: 


On 13 July, Donald Trump will touch down in the UK. As Theresa May welcomes Trump and his hateful brand of politics with open arms -- we’re going to greet him with a huge carnival of resistance, from the moment he steps off the plane.

We’re ready to go all out. We need tens - even hundreds - of thousands of people there. We need coaches from across the country, we need banners, placards, eye-catching costumes, big sound systems, and huge billboards with messages for Trump from activists around the world.

But these things cost money, Tom. We need your support today to show Trump a massive people-powered display of resistance that he can’t ignore. We don’t have much time -- will you chip in today to stop Trump?

Donating just takes a moment – use Paypal or your card. Chip in £2 for a huge carnival of resistance to stop Trump!

Right now, Donald Trump’s administration is cruelly and systematically separating thousands of children from their families, and even babies are being caged and detained at the US border.

If we let his UK visit go ahead unchallenged, it will send a message that the UK endorses this politics of hate. We’ve already felt the impact of Trumpism in the UK: a rise in hate crime, a growing hostile environment for migrants, and he’s even endorsed fascist group Britain First.

No thanks! While Theresa May wines and dines him, it’s up to us to show that hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are saying no to Trump and all he represents!

Etc etc, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Of course Mrs May is not welcoming Trump with open arms. The UK’s most useless Tory Prime Minister in history is always lecturing The Donald which is one reason why he declined to sit down with her at the G7.

So Trumpism is to blame for a rise in hate crime and a growing hostile environment for migrants? Really? Just a year ago the same folks at SumofUs were telling us that it was Brexit that was  entirely responsible for this. Whatever. I guess an apology will be on its way to Gisela Stuart, Pritti Patel and Farage. Or maybe not. 

As for Trump endorsing fascist group Briatn First. Well that is just a lie. He retweeted a tweet from the leader of the fascist group without knowing who she was. That is rather different from endorsing the loathsome party. Unlike his predecessor Trump declines to suggest in any way how folks in the UK should vote. So that statement is a lie. He has never, for the avoidance of doubt, endorsed Britain First. That is just a slam dunk lie from Anna.

And as it happens the statement that Trump’s administration was “cruelly and systematically separating thousands of children from their families, and even babies are being caged and detained at the US border” was not really true either. No babies were being caged despite the efforts of some to spread fake photos. Kids of illegal immigrants were taken from their parents as the latter had been arrested for a crime and it was thought wrong to throw the kids in jail with them.

These are illegal immigrants – what would SumofUs ask Trump to do, just let them all in? I suspect it would but it is not honest enough to say that. Anyhow Trump has now stopped this policy with an executive order. So Right now Anna should be sending out a correction on that matter too.

So the spam is based on lies. That is usually the case with SumofUs but donate away snowflakes there are some well heeled millennials who need your money to pay their salaries so they can tell more lies. 

Tom Winnifrith



Patriotism again a dirty world among the liberal Metropolitan elite - The Independent offends me

338 days ago

Hell's teeth: I do not even support England, but the sneering elitism of the metropolitan elite, as exemplified by the little read Independent newspaper (below), almost makes me want to. For the avoidance of doubt, with no Irish team in Russia, I am hoping that England triumph. I would not go as far as some of my neighbours in flying the cross of St George but I understand their pride in their country and why they do so. 

Where I live in Greece, there are Greek flags everywhere, all the time. In Germany, France, Sweden and Belgium national flags are fluttering today as they cheer on their boys in the World Cup. Only in England is patriotism considered a dirty word by some, that is to say the liberal elite. 

If a few racists or extremists fly the English flag they might only be said to have co-opted it if everyone else did as the elites urge and declined to show pride in their nation and shunned the flag. But as anyone who has actually been to a sporting event knows, millions of ordinary folk will these days happily paint their faces or fly the flags with the cross of St George. They do not see themselves as tarred they just have some pride in being English. 

It is not how I feel but I see nothing wrong in it. That a rag like the Indy even asks this question, or that the Royal Mail has banned posties from flying the English flag on their vans during the World Cup for fear of offending someone, is a sign of just how out of touch the media, political and business elite has become with the 99%. No other country in Europe is this silly.




Nasim Aghdan the Youtube shootings, censorship and the gnashing of liberal teeth

414 days ago

As the news broke the liberal media started salivating. Another shooting in the US, another chance to bash the gun loving freaks at the NRA and POTUS. They have blood on their hands again don't they? If they weren't such a Godless bunch., the MSM would have been praying that it was some right wing gun owning NRA freak shooting Youtube workers for banning a Katie Hopkins video. Heck, liberals are hypocrites, so they probably prayed anyway.

Then word seeped out. It was a woman. Worse still she was of Iranian heritage and indeed had boasted of being in the Iranian army. Dumb journalists reluctantly started to mention that she was of Arab descent although, of course, Iranians are not actually Arabs. But we live in a post fact era so who cares?

It got worse she, like all the liberal media, was heavily into animal rights albeit at the extreme wing of the movement, PETA. So someone who is in two of the camps liberals don't want to offend and refuse to call out on various issues, that is to say an immigrant of Mid Eastern origin and an animal rights nutter was the culprit. Maybe God does not answer the prayers of those who don't believe?

It seems that Nasim Aghdan who manged to kill only one person, that is to say herself, was in fact protesting against Youtube censoring certain video content. She thought she was a performer but her work which survives is incredibly bad, not funny, nor original, just the fantasies of fame and artistic talent from someone from a society which tells its youth that anyone can be a star. Irony of all ironies Youtube has now censored her completely by removing all of Nasim's content but not before evil right wingers downloaded some of it and started to expose the shooter for the nutjob that she was.

Anyone watching what has escaped the censor could only conclude that this woman was a 100% fruitcake with some very strange views indeed. What is achieved by denying the rest of us the right to see that for ourselves? Meanwhile given that it was the "wrong sort of killer" the censorship of Youtube will allow its buddies in the MSM to bury this story as quickly as possible and start praying that the next shooting is by an uneducated white, male NRA member from Alabama wearing a MAGA cap and with Dixie flags hanging on his bedroom wall. That story could be recycled for weeks on end.

Tom Winnifrith



Hero Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon slams the CBI, The Guardian, FT and others for more Brexit lying on trade & food prices

433 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



Video - Crooked Hillary Clinton falls down stairs again but its only we right wingers and Russian Bots who think she has health issues?

436 days ago

For a good while before she got thumped in the 2016 General Election a number of us pointed out that crooked Hillary Clinton kept on falling down and clearly had serious health issues. Natch we were dismissed as Alt-Right fruitcakes or Russian Trolls by the mainstream, liberal media. But the crooked one just keeps on falling on her fat arse. Here she is in India this week. Just when will the MSM admit that we critics were right all along and that their denial and failure to report issue during the campaign was the fake news.  

Tom Winnifrith



How do you get the BBC to report on the Telford sex scandal? Tell them President Putin is involved?

436 days ago

Over the weekend news broke of the UK's biggest ever sexual abuse scandal. This makes events in Rochdale seem like small bear, horrific though they were. Thanks to the Mirror and the Mail we now know that over 40 years more than 1000, nearly all white, working class girls and young women were raped and abused and in a handful of cases murdered by Asian gangs in Telford.

I use the phrase Asian and wince.It is the phrase we are told we must use. My wife is Asian and so my son is half Asian. But the Telford rapists were like those in Rochdale, Oxford and elsewhere not of South Indian Christian descent like my wife. Nor were they Sikhs or Hindus yet we must offend those communities by talking of the rapists as Asian gangs. The gangs are, of course, overwhelmingly Muslim. But we are not allowed to say that are we?

And so in a town with a population of 150,000 ( so 75,000 women) , over 40 years more than 1000 women - some as young as 11 - were abused or raped and some were killed. Think about the scale of that crime-wave. Relate it to your street. I guess there is an average of 2 women per house in my street so In Telford terms by the time I have walked past 38 doors I have walked past a victim. There are two victims in my street in Telford terms. This is utterly horrific.

On the day the story broke the BBC gave it zero TV news coverage and on its news website merely linked to the stories in newspapers. The website had a small story up but not for 24 hours. BBC TV did report on it a daay later but in a morning chat show not in its main news bulletins.

Thanks to widespread press coverage, we the great unwashed know about Telford despite the BBC's attempts to pretend it had not happened as it did not fit its liberal agenda. If only someone could have linked the Russians to Telford maybe the BBC would have reported it, but without that hook it ignored it.

The BBC can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. I cannot see one sensible argument as to why I should pay a license fee to fund the telephone number salaries of news staff who have no idea of fair and transparent reporting of real news and instead push a news agenda designed to appeal to an out of touch elite but which ignores what is really happening to the population at large..

In Telford 1000 working class women were sexually abused and raped by Muslim men. No BBC Coverage. At the Presidents Club the padded arses of a few dozen PHD students earning pin money to support their middle class ambitions, got pinched by largely white old Tories and evil capitalists. Wall to wall coverage on the BBC. Is that because, round at the BBC, the white working classes are deemed trash who do not matter or count as victims or because bottom pinching old white Tory businessmen are inherently deemed more evil than Muslim rapists?

Or is is that round at the BBC they regard the real battle for women's rights as being not about the industrial scale rape of 11 year old working class trash in post industrial trash towns? But instead about whether Emily, Laura et al should get £200,000 a year or £250,000 in the fight for equality?

Tom Winnifrith



The Liberal media says #Trump2020 is a busted flush - have they read the latest polls? Put your money on POTUS

453 days ago

The narrative of folks like the BBC, The Guardian, CNN in fact the whole of the liberal media elite is that Donald Trump should not have defeated crooked Hillary in 2016. Without admitting that their gal was useless they agree that next time around the Donald just cannot win, in fact many argue that he will not stand at all. But have they actually looked at the polls in detail? If they have, they ignore them as they churn out yet more fake news.

One "impartial commentator" interviewed fawningly by the BBC the other day said that there was a 1/3 chance that Trump would be impeached and so not stand, a 1/3 chance that he'd be so sure of losing that he would not stand and a 1/3 chance of him standing and being beaten soundly. In other words the chances of him winning were zero. But then again the BBC has form in getting these matters horribly wrong, in deliberately mis-reading polls.

On the impeachment level, after almost a year of Mueller nonsense a few folks associated with Trump have been charged with either financial crime pre-dating and unrelated to the campaign or of lying to the FBI. 13 Russians have been charged with interfering with the election, staring in 2014, a year before Trump decided to run. Facebook says most of the Russian money spent with it was spent after the General Election. No link has been shown between the 13 and the Trump campaign. In other words not a shred of evidence of Trump Russia collusion has emerged which is not surprising as there was none.

On the other hand the FBI, crooked Hillary and the Obama administration have been shown to have real links to Russia via the dirty dossier funded by Clinton, via Uranium One and have been shown lying to judges and destroying evidence of Clinton wrongdoing. Russiagate is a Democrat problem and Trump will just not get impeached. But can he win the vote?

As I noted repeatedly during the General Election there is always a "shy Trump" factor in all polls - something the liberal media ignores since it is their non stop vilification of Trump and his supporters that has created it. I am happy to admit to being a "deplorable" as Hillary Clinton branded 50% of her fellow Americans. And so are many others. But given the non stop attacks we Trumpsters have suffered in the press it is no surprise that some folks will pull the right lever on election day but don't dare admit it to anyone.

At this stage of his first Administration Obama was on 45% approving of his (dismal) performance. The most recent poll (Rasmussen) had Trump on an amazing 50% approving 49% not and he has been on the up in all recent polls. That Rasmussen poll is meant to have a margin of error of 2.5%. Now I concede that other polls (claiming a similar margin of error) taken a few days earlier have him on as low as 37% approval. One thing we can say for sure is that at least one of those polls is wildly wrong!

The overall tracking poll currently has Trump at c43% ( and rising). Throw in the shy Trumpsters and he is basically where Obama was at this point. But Trump's ratings are improving rapidly.

But there is another factor at play here. Trump lost the popular vote but stormed the electoral college. That is because millions of useless Dem votes piled up in safe and big Dem states like New York, California and Illinois. Whereas in smaller flyover states Trump won by a narrower margin. His landslides in the South and Mid West were also largely in smaller states - the only big red states being Texas and Florida.

There was a state by state poll on approval ratings undertaken some weeks ago when the overall picture was that Trump was nationally in the mid to high thirties. What was clear from that was that in places such as New York, New England and California, i.e safe Dem states, POTUS was even less liked than he was back in November 2016. There has been a large swing against him. But this makes no difference at all to the electoral college.

In the States that were safe Trump in 2016 he was still safe and in the swing states, back then he was in the 40s already. In other words, at what should be a low point for Trump (mid term year) he is still very much in contention in all the states that matter. Throw in the recent revival and the shy Trump factor and he could well be ahead or only marginally behind in all the swing states. At this point in the cycle that is a remarkably good showing.

The great unknown is how the economy fares between now and 2020. If it is stimulated by the Trump tax cuts and jobs continue to be created in those swing rust belt states the #Trump2020 victory party is s slam dunk cert. If it falters then the race is more of a toss up with a lot depending on which of the umpteen dwarfs the Dems are considering is selected as their candidate. Natch I am praying that Chelsea Clinton decides that it is her familial turn to steal the Dem nomination but the reality is that there is no strong and obvious choice bar Bernie Sanders who is a) very old, b) tainted by his wife's financial scandals and c) a total fruitcake.

When push comes to shove will folks in Ohio or Michigan want to back a man who thinks we should #takeaknee in solidarity with transgender campaigners in a programme funded by tax hikes? Okay I parody his position slightly, but on the big social and economic issues Trump stands with folks in Ohio, Bernie kneels with snowflakes in Brooklyn. It is the story I have commented on many times before, one of the two Americas.

The Bottom line is that any media outlet telling you that Trump has a 0% chance of residing in the White House after 2020 is just ignoring the facts to pedal fake news.

Tom Winnifrith



One of life's little treats, a spectator sport for we on the right: Trans vs radfem

466 days ago

Generally, as I hear the latest pronouncements on transgender issues or radical feminism, I just turn away in despair at how far and fast our society is sinking. What? Do I hear you all saying #Metoo?

We live in an incredibly tolerant society here in Britain with most of the great civil liberties battles having - thankfully - been won during the past fifty years. But just occasionally, for we folks on the right, it is worth getting some beer and popcorn ready and tuning in as the progressives tear each other apart.

And thus I note the turf war taking place on Hampstead Heath. The owner of the ponds up there, the City of London Corporation, has ruled that a human being with a penis but who is trans, that is to say, identifies himself/herself as a woman can use either the male or female changing rooms and also either the male only or female only pools as well as the mixed pool, which I would have thought was ideal.

A body of Radical Feminists thinks this is all wrong and as part of the Mayday 4 Women group are suggesting that the trans personnages should use only the male facilities. Naturally, for suggesting that persons with penises might not be women in the strictest sense of the word , these North London radical feminists who, you can bet are Guardian reading nutso lefties on every other issue, are being slammed as reactionary bigots by some members of the LGBT community as well as other figures in the liberal virtue signalling classes
In such debates I feel it is better not to intervene but to merely watch from the sidelienes with beer and popcorn as the virtue signallers tear each other apart.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Surging Sterling: it was never about Brexit

479 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



The BBC was Robbed! Where's its #FakeNewsaward Mr President?

490 days ago

Last night Donald Trump handed out nine awards for excellence in fake news. He knows what the BBC is, having owned its grossly overpaid North American Reporter, pompous prig Jon Sopel, in public as you can see here. But POTUS failed to recognise our State Funded broadcaster. That is outrageous. How dare he snub the British? Is it because he is racist?

I cannot deny that the award winners were worthy recipients. President Trump handed out gongs to various outlets. CNN was given four “awards”, with The New York Times taking two and one each going to ABC News and the magazines Time and Newsweek. But none for the BBC. Shocking.

Who can forget that classic BBC Newsnight "scoop" that Trump was doing so badly that he would lose Utah and Alaska to crooked Hillary and thus the GOP had to dump him before it was too late? Or numerous utterly bogus stories and 99% of Sopel's coverage. Only the other day Sopel posted a whole report on the new Trump book by Michael Wolff listing the damning quotes but neglecting to mention both Wolff's history of making up quotes in prior books or the fact that several of those quoted in this book - including Tony Blair - had denied quotes in this book. Surely with Sopel as its lead man the BBC merited an award for fake news such as this gem on the embassy move in Israel? It was robbed. Next year maybe POTUS could like the Oscars introduce a best foreign language category for the BBC to win by a country mile?

As for Channel 4 News, the home of British fake News: well I guess with its audience size Mr Trump had to draw the line somewhere in terms of obscure crackpot outlets fronted up by millionaire elititst liberal nutjobs like Cathy Newman.

Tom Winnifrith



Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News nailed by Jordan Peterson the worst interview in the history of fake news

491 days ago

Until yesterday the most toe-curling interview in the history of Channel 4 Fake News was when little white liberal Matt Frei hectored a black pastor about why it was racist to vote for Donald Trump, a man the vicar supported wholeheartedly. But Cathy Newman has now trumped that with an interview with Canadian shrink and best selling author Jordan Peterson. The full 30 minute car crash is below and from start to finish demonstrates why the liberal media elitists have so completely lost the trust of the wider population.

On C4 Fake News Newman introduced the Prof as a "hero of the Alt Right". Alt Right started as a term which was very specific in the US and liberals quickly started to use it as interchangeable with racist, bigot, fascist etc. And by implication they thus argued that anyone who was a hero of the Alt Right must also be a racist, bigot, fascist etc. As it happens Jordan is a hero of many folks on the centre and right for the way he shows how data can be used to mislead. But for folks like Newman anyone to the right of Kenneth Clarke is more or less Alt Right. So she introduced the interview with a smear.

What followed was 30 minutes of comedy. Time and time again Peterson would make a point. Newman would respond by stating that he had said something completely different and accused him of bigotry on that basis. Hence at 5 minutes 40 seconds she says "so you deny the gender pay gap". Of course Peterson had denied nothing of the sort - and this seems all to close to home for me with recent events at Bath Spa - he merely stated clearly that there are a number of facts that explain the gap of which gender is only one.

The interview is full of such classics from Newman " Why shouldn't women have the right to children" she asks. Natch Jordan had never said they did not. "You're saying (gender) equality won't happen" Cathy asserted. Jordan had said nothing of the sort. At 27 minutes in there is a superb segment on lobsters in which Newman asserts " You are saying we should organise our society along the lines of lobsters." It goes without saying that Jordan Peterson had said absolutely nothing of the sort.

At one point, after another ludicrous made up assertion from Newman, Peterson noted that her comments were made "because you are not listening.". At around 23 minutes on the matter of free speech which Peterson believes in for all, but Newman believes in only selectively, Peterson actually managed to silence his harpie interregator with a question she could not answer.

You might think that Newman's string of ludicrous bogus assertions and failure to grasp hard data is a sign that she is very stupid. That would be a mistake, she is not. Like nearly all the media liberals she is a product of public school ( Charterhouse) and Oxbridge ( dark blue). She is clever. Her problem is that she is liberal media establishment to the core. It is in her DNA. Thus she does not believe in free speech where it challenges her core beliefs and she will not listen to those who advance arguments or produce data which really threaten those beliefs. And it was actions driven by that mindset which left her looking so remarkably stupid in the interview below.

Tom Winnifrith



The Minefield of transgender vocab - the phrase "born male" is now deemed defamatory.. whatever

492 days ago

One of the few joys of the transgender madness, promoted by the elitists of the liberal media, and now raging across the West is seeing uber PC lefties such as Germaine Greer and Peter Tatchell fall foul of this new lobby, no platformed and accused of bigotry becuase they just cannot keep up. Want to avoid such a fate? Thankfully I can help.

US based Trans Student Educational Resources describes itself as "the only national organization led entirely by transgender youth. While TSER members do have specific roles, we purposely do not have an executive director or management to make sure all levels of the organization have a voice and operate collectively." And collectively TSER has produiced a handy guide to what you can and cannot say.

For instance you must not use the word transsexual as it is "A deprecated term that is often considered pejorative." Okay so I will not use it ever. Uh oh hang on. "When speaking/writing about trans people, please avoid the word transsexual unless asked to use it by a transsexual person." Cripes I am confused already.

Lets crack on with the trans agenda. ... Oh you mean Agender:

Agender: An umbrella term encompassing many different genders of people who commonly do not have a gender and/or have a gender that they describe as neutral. Many agender people are trans. As a new and quickly-evolving term, it is best you ask how someone defines agender for themselves.

Oh right so your agender means whatever you want it to mean. Thanks for that.

Cissexism: Systemic prejudice in the favor of cisgender people. Gosh who are these lucvk Cisgender folks?

Cis(gender): Adjective that means “identifies as their sex assigned at birth” derived from the Latin word meaning “on the same side.” A cisgender/cis person is not transgender. “Cisgender” does not indicate biology, gender expression, or sexuality/sexual orientation. In discussions regarding trans issues, one would differentiate between women who are trans and women who aren’t by saying trans women and cis women. Cis is not a “fake” word and is not a slur. Note that cisgender does not have an “ed” at the end.

So a normal bloke or bird then? Go straight to hell Winnifrith you insenstive bastard.

LGBTQQIAPP+: A collection of identities short for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, aromantic, pansexual, polysexual (sometimes abbreviated to LGBT or LGBTQ+). Sometimes this acronym is replaced with “queer.” Note that “ally” is not included in this acronym.

An ally is what used to be known as a "supportive straight" in less complicated times gone by.

I save the best to last.

AFAB and AMAB: Acronyms meaning “assigned female/male at birth” (also designated female/male at birth or female/male assigned at birth). No one, whether cis or trans, gets to choose what sex they’re assigned at birth. This term is preferred to “biological male/female”, “male/female bodied”, “natal male/female”, and “born male/female”, which are defamatory and inaccurate.


Bring on the asteroid strike

You can read the full guide to how not to offend a transgender person HERE


Tom Winnifrith



Now about that global warming (falling in near record amounts in the US today) - I quote the UEA, Chris Booker and the Guardian fake news paper

506 days ago

A friend who is the epitome of the remoaning metropolitan elitist emails me today to claim that "you really are becoming a fascist in your old age what with your support of Donald Trump and your climate change denial." The elitists always forget that labelling anyone with whom you disagree as a fascist demeans the true horror of what fascism is. But I suppose it is easier than actually debating facts. I shall deal with my admiration of the leader of the free world another day but let's look at some hard facts about climate change or , as it used to be known, global warming. I bring you three quotes:

The first is from 2000. David Viner who made his name at the world leading global warming (data bodging) establishment that was the University of East Anglia warned in 2000 in the Indescribably boring newspaper that because of global warming snow would soon become a “rare and exciting event”. He added: “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”

The UAE forecasts published in the late 1990s, replicated by other experts notably the IPCC, suggested that the world would just get hotter and hotter. That underpinned Viner's prediction. And this Group Think has formed the basis for the Paris Accord and other initiatives that will cripple Western economies in order to fight global warming. Only one world leader has dared to point out how horribly wrong the UEA forecasts ( and all the other "expert" projections) have been so far. If Viner at al cannot get their forecasts right for 20 years why should we believe their 100 year guesstimates?

Of course the only leader understanding this basic logic is Mr Donald Trump. Fools like Theresa May and all of the rest of the EU are happy to sign up to economic suicide for their own nations even though the data on which the hara kiri pledges are made is now utterly suspect.

So you understand Viner's predictions and the UAE/IPCC projections on which they are based. Now I refer you to the Guardian, the fake news publication of choice for metropolitan liberal elitists, from yesterday:

Record-breaking big freeze grips much of North America

Bone-chilling cold gripped the middle of the US as 2018 began on Monday, breaking a low temperature record, icing some New Year’s celebrations and leading to at least two deaths attributed to exposure to the elements.

The National Weather Service issued wind chill advisories covering a vast area from south Texas all the way to Canada and from Montana and Wyoming in the west through New England to the northern tip of Maine.

Dangerously low temperatures enveloped eight midwest states including parts of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Nebraska along with nearly all of Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.

The weather service said a temperature of 15 below zero (-9.44C) was recorded in Omaha before midnight on Sunday, breaking a record low dating back to 1884, and the temperature was still dropping early on New Year’s Day. That reading did not include the wind chill effect.

etc etc etc

But maybe that is a one off? I now refer you to Uncle Chris Booker writing in the Telegraph ten years ago:

"The winter from hell’

Over the first three months of 2008, as global temperatures continued to fall, the world endured one of its coldest winters for decades, In January, the northern hemisphere recorded its most extensive snow cover for the month since 1966 (just before those predictions that the world might be entering a ‘new ice age’). Not only were there record snow falls across North America, but countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and several regions of China experienced more snow than they had seen for 50 or even 100 years. NOAA and the US National Climate Data Center reported that on land it had been only the 63rd warmest January globally in 114 years.

In February the chill continued. Snow was recorded in the deserts of southern Iran where no one could remember it ever falling before. Jerusalem had its second snowfall in a month. Astonished Athenians gazed up at a snow-draped Acropolis, while more than 200 villages in Greece and Crete were cut off by blizzards. In Turkey the number of villages cut off was estimated at 1,000.] Further heavy snows across southern China added to a disaster which had already damaged 10 percent of the country’s forests and devastated thousands of square miles of farmland.

As the four official sources of temperature data agreed that global temperatures had fallen below their 20th century average, even Hansen’s GISS figures showed the steepest January-to-January global temperature drop (0.75 degrees) since surface records began in 1880.

In the US in early March there were blizzards as far south as Texas and Arkansas. In the northern US states and Canada what was being called ‘the winter from hell’ continued to break records for cold and snow going back in some cases as far as 1873. In Afghanistan it was reported that the abnormal snow and freezing weather had killed 1,500 people and 200,000 animals. In Tibet six months of snow and record low temperatures had killed 500,000 animals, leaving a further three million at risk of starvation.

Meanwhile in Antarctica sea-ice cover was at its highest March level since satellite records began in 1979, nearly a third above its 30-year average. In the Arctic, where sea-ice the previous September had dropped to 3 million square kilometres, its lowest level ever recorded, prompting frenzied media predictions that it would soon be gone altogether, the winter freeze had now returned the ice to 13 million square kilometres, the same level it had been at a year earlier.

In western Greenland, the Danish Meteorological Institute recorded temperatures 30 degrees C below zero, while more ice was clogging the strait between Greenland and Canada than at any time for 15 years.


Snow falling in record amounts in winter, whatever next?. To happen once in a decade looks like an inconvenient truth. To happen twice suggests that the predictions made to support the bogus religion that is global warming by the "experts" are just plain bollocks. Here in Europe we ignore the facts, the record snowfalls, the plunging temperatures and still stuff the peasants with energy tariffs to fight global warming, we crucify heavy industry with additional costs to stop the planet getting warmer, our leaders follow this religion blindly.

Only one politician looks at the real data and is brave enough to call out global warming for the fraud that it is. That admirable and brave man is Donald Trump and the true fascists are those who try to close down debate on climate change by saying that it is a settled science when the hard data of what is falling from our skies suggests that this is simply not the case.

Tom Winnifrith



Joshua's apparent hatred of Santa Claus

526 days ago

There is no doubt that my angelic one year old son Joshua will be blessed with a visit from Santa Claus on the night before Christmas for he has been a good boy. The Mrs will be equally blessed for she has been a good girl. Notwithstanding the fact that he has just vomited in the kitchen, my three legged cat Oakley will also be rewarded with a stocking. Indeed, Santa will be a busy fellow. The mother-in-law is joining us to brighten up my Christmas and I gather that Santa will also be visiting her. to reward her for her good deeds in 2017, The only question is will daughter Olaf, be so lucky? She is a godless creature delighting in liberal delusions who thinks that Christmas is just one great consumerfest and nothing to do with Jesus. Should Santa really reward such heathens? But back to Joshua...

At his nursery a grotto has been established where parents can leave a present for Santa to hand out to their little darlings at the end of a given school day. And thus as I go to pick Joshua up in the evening, a big fat man with a white beard, glasses and a kindly smile sits there in his red suit waiting to greet the little children.

On Monday I was carrying Joshua to the car. He was smiling as he greeted me and in a good mood as I slung him over my shoulder like a small sack of spuds. So when I saw Santa I put him down, facing the old man. Joshua stood, looked and then started screaming and bawling in a way he has never before. After a minute or so of trying to console him and persuade him that Santa was really a well intentioned old geezer I just apologised and carried him away.

Tuesday came and Joshua and I were walking home so he was in a pram. I wheeled him from his classroom towards the exit and he was happy. Then he spotted Santa. Again cue screaming and bawling. I hastily agreed with Santa that he and Joshua were just not meant to be friends and we scuttled away. Today was a noon pick up so no Santa. I think that means no more encounters with the bearded old boy. I am struggling to explain Joshua's hostility. Perhaps he thinks it is Jeremy Corbyn?

Tom Winnifrith



Donald Trump to move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem - BBC Responds with fake news

533 days ago

For more than two decades Congress has pushed for the US to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is, after all, the capital. It is where the Knesset sits and is the logical place to be situated. Except of course that the Arab world would rather than the embassy was in Tel Aviv or better still scrapped altogether and the Jews pushed into the sea.

The BBC clearly sides with the Arabs and opposes anything Trump proposes which today will be to do what Congress urges and what he promised to do in the election. Gosh, a politician fulfilling a pledge, how awful.

The BBC insists that this will annoy the Arabs and cause protests on the Streets so challenging peace. Those streets of course were the same ones where many Palestinians celebrated 9/11. Twenty years of pandering to such hate has not exactly changed any minds has it? Why not show some support for the only democracy in the region and the only country allowing free speech, full rights for women and LGBTs? And of course are only steadfast ally in the Middle East?

On BBC Radio 4 Jon Sopel explained why not. Trump "was urged by everyone not to withdraw from the Paris climate accord and he did it anyway" and this will be the same. But Jon that is fake news is it not?

Paris commits the West to cut carbon emissions while allowing the big emitters (notably India and China) to belch out more than ever. It is economic suicide for the West which will not tackle carbon emissions. The link between them and climate change is not proven so America was asked to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of jobs for a bogus religion. Many in the US supported Trump all the way.

So the statement "everyone" opposed his move on Paris was a lie. Unless Jon defines "everyone" as just being the liberal elites and the beltway cliques which, in his patronising way, he quite possibly does.

And as with the Jerusalem news, not everyone opposes the move. Congress backs it. Most Americans back it. So what Sopel says is just fake news. Of course Trump has exposed Sopel for this before as you can see HERE. But why should British taxpayers continue to fund such manifest dishonesty?

Tom Winnifrith



Photo Article - yes sweetie you are a moron!

540 days ago

I present to you a rare moment of honesty from the American liberal left. Yes darling you are a moron.




Anyone wishing me "Happy Holidays" should know that I find that offensive

542 days ago

A LinkedIn group for writers to which I belong is agonising about what to say to folks this year as we approach December 25. Being a bunch of wretched and godless liberals there are endless variations of Happy Holidays but until I chipped in only one chap explaining why he wished people a Merry Christmas.

On December 25 folks across the West of all religions or - in most cases - of none will be swapping gifts, eating to excess and celebrating. Very few will be at work. And why will they all be doing that on December 25? Because it is Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ.

We can discuss at great length how Jesus was almost certainly not born in December but December 25 is his day. That is a fact. Most folks will not take an hour out of their materialistic excess to go to Church but that they engage in such excess at this time of the year is down to it being Jesus's birthday.

Those like my Godless daughter Olaf and the Guardian who pretend otherwise are simply in denial of fact. The same liberal elitists would, of course, not dream of wishing Happy Holidays to a Muslim during Eid as that would be culturally insensitive. But Christianity is fair game for ridicule all year round but especially at this time of year.

To wish me Happy Holidays is a denial not only of my heritage but also of fact. And, on the latter matter, it is something that I find mildly offensive. So don't do it!

Tom Winnifrith



50p on a unit of Alcohol - Scotland sets a precedent for stupidity

553 days ago

Finally it looks as if the SNP is going to get its way and from next year if you buy booze from a shop in Scotland you will have to pay a minimum of 50p per unit of alcohol. Scotland sets a world precedent in stupidity.

Of course the middle class will be unaffected. The price of the sort of wine I drink and the type of whiskey I enjoy at this time of year is well above 50p per unit. So we middle class drunks will not notice the change at all if we happen to be visiting the Greece of the North.

But the price of a 3 litre bottle of cider will zoom from £4.50 to £11.25. The price of 20 cans of cheap lager will race ahead from £13 to £18. It will be the poor and working class who are hit by this tax, as of course, they are by smoking taxes.

The middle class liberal evangelists say that pushing up the price of fags has cut smoking. Nope, what has slashed smoking is vaping. It was the private sector that did for smoking not the state with its clumsy and regressive fiscal bullying. The same will happen with poor Scottish drinkers as has happened with smoking. Some will pay up. This will be a hugely regressive tax. A few will quit.

Others will, and if the elite were really to study history they would know this, simply get involved in crime. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to drive a mini van from the East End of Glasgow to Carlisle in England. If you stack your van up with 200 bottles of 3 litre cider at £4.50 you can sell it to your neighbours at £6 and they will love you and you will make an easy £300.

No doubt more Police time will be wasted chasing amateur Al Capone's but enough will get through. Shops in Glasgow and certainly booze outlets in the borders will go bust and Carlisle and Berwick will enjoy a bonanza.

Surely if the "war on drugs" has taught Scotland anything it is that prohibition ( and such steep price increases are a form of prohibition) just does not work.

Tom Winnifrith



"After a driver in New York mowed down 8"... how the media and the libs got everything wrong and Trump was right again

567 days ago

The quote is from John Humphreys on BBC Radio 4. It was at least better than that from American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour who tweeted after the Halloween attack in New York

Sending love and prayers to victims & families in Manhattan shooting. Devastating. People shouldn't have to fear walking in their city.


The bloke shot was the terrorist. Those who died were the eight folks he mowed down in a van. Some "activists" really do not do their own cause any good.

Some on the liberal left compared the attitude of we on the right in expressing anger over this killing when, apparently, we did not show such anger of the killing of 59 in Las Vegas by a white guy. Of course that is not true, we on the right are equally angry. We share the fury of President Trump that the Las Vegas killer evaded justice by taking his own life. We share his anger that the New York killer sits in a hospital bed smirking at us as he demands an ISIS flag for his room. He knows that he can play the US justice system for years especially in liberal "everyone has rights" New York. The man is guilty. Like the President we would just like to see him executed swiftly and also anyone shown to have assisted either killer.

Indeed it is the libs who show a different attitude to the two crimes. After Vegas it was all about banning guns. Do I hear calls for the banning of trucks? We are on the right know that it is not guns, trucks or knives that kill but humans. As it happens in New York the killer was only stopped in his tracks by a cop who had a gun and wounded him, sadly not fatally. In Tel Aviv the same would have happened. In happy no gun London he could have carried on killing. Guns can and do save lives.

The New York killer was allowed into America in 2010 on a "Diversity Visa" a really daft idea enthusiastically promoted by President Obama to get a greater diversity of immigrants into the USA. You will note it is not about bringing in the folks America needs for their skills just about "diversity". The killer was in fact only skilled enough to get a job as... and you have guessed it already.. an Uber driver. So he had a driving license, that was his skill set.

Donald Trump wants to ,limit immigration from countries where there happen to be rather more jihadists than elsewhere. It is pointed out that this fellow was from Uzbekistan which is not one of the eight countries on the Trump list. But the general idea that you dictate entry to your country by what it needs and that you make it safer by restricting entry to folks from high risk places seems far more sensible than a policy based purely on creating diversity.

Trump is right. America overwhelmingly agrees with Trump who displays what is simply common sense yet the liberal media and the out of touch Dems scream in anguish and accuse POTUS of extremism .And then they wonder "what happened" when they get thrashed at the polls?

Whatever, the media in America is already (as is now part of the ritual along with London's useless Mayor Khan tweeting solidarity and the candles) running articles on how the real victims of this episode are the Muslims facing a backlash. These backlashes are predicted after every atrocity but never seem to result in rows of bodies being laid out in morgues. They just don't happen.

I suppose, in these politically correct times, I am not allowed to say that the eight dead and scores of injured are the real victims.

Tom Winnifrith



Disgraceful: Kevin Spacey plays the gay card as he stands accused of child rape

570 days ago

Actor Kevin Spacey today stands accused of trying to force himself on another actor who at the time was just 14. That counts as statutory rape, is utterly illegal and there can be no defence. That is unless you are a leading member of the luvvie liberal elite like Spacey or Roman Polanski.

The accuser is now a well known actor, Mr Anthony Rapp, so this cannot be dismissed as Spacey's friend crooked Hillary Clinton has dismissed those accusing her husband of such acts, as being the claims of publicity seeking trash. The allegations are very specific in terms of time, place and what went on.

Spacey says he cannot remember anything happening but if it did it would have been "inappropriate". He then blathers on at length about how he is gay and the problems of being a gay man. The implication is that he is the one suffering and that those who attack him are somehow motivated by homophobia.

That is disgraceful. It actually allows those who perpetuate the myth that gay men are attracted to boys and that there is a blurred line between homosexuality and paedophilia to push that line all the more aggressively. Spacey's sexuality has been an open secret for years and there really is no way that it hurts his career in uber liberal Hollywood or Broadway.

So at best Spacey being gay is irrelevant. At worst him playing the gay card is disgraceful and a profound disservice to other gay men who may not live among such tolerant peers. I tend very strongly to the latter view.

The issue here is whether Spacey as a rich and powerful man attempted to force himself on a far less powerful and underage victim, a minor. Whether the minor was male or female is neither here not there. Attempting sexual relations with a minor is a crime.

Spacey once labelled Donald Trump " a disease." For that he was applauded by the liberal media. Today I see the BBC reports the allegation and in the same breath Spacey's self outing. Can you imagine it being quite as disgracefully charitable if the allegation had been made against one of that truly endangered species. a leading Republican in Hollywood?

Tom Winnifrith



Bath Spa University, the transexuals and the sheer cowardice of liberal academia

604 days ago

This is a bit sensitive as the Mrs is a senior lecturer at Bath Spa. This morning I wished her well as she headed off to campus to fill the empty heads of impressionable millennials full of left wing nonsense and told her that I hoped she enjoyed the book burning or whatever else was planned by her cowardly employer today. For Bath Spa is in the news.

Therapist James Caspian paid Bath Spa (until 2005 a college of Higher Education) to do a thesis on people who decide to reverse gender reassignment operations, what is termed " "detransition" in the politically correct Newspeak of 2017. Caspian is no dangerous evil right winger but is a counsellor who specialises in therapy for transgender people. He had observed a number of men who had had their gonads chopped as part of becoming women and then opted to reverse that call. Data suggests that c5% of trans folks decide to detransition.

If 5% make that amazing decision I wonder how many others consider it? We are constantly told by the trans community that they are imprisoned in the wrong body and all have a right to trans. Frankly that may or may not be the case but surely the incidence of detransitioning and contemplation of detransitioning is a worthwhile study. To ignore it seems wrong. But Bath Spa has now told Mr Caspian that he cannot do his study.

He stated that"The fundamental reason given was that it might cause criticism of the research on social media and criticism of the research would be criticism of the university and they also added it was better not to offend people," and Bath Spa appears not to disagree.

In the past, Universities encouraged debate, free speech and academic enquiry. No doubt some folks were offended by suggestions that the earth was not flat or that man was not created in seven days by God. Would Bath Spa have shut down research which investigated alternative theories too? Its decision is sheer cowardice by an institution obsessed with political correctness.

One can only imagine that the decision to detransition is the most appalling one to make. If academic research might allow fewer folks to suffer such torment what is to be lost in pursuing it?

I trust that Mr Caspian will be drummed off campus in a torchlight parade tonight while his research notes are thrown onto a fire also containing the books of Germaine Greer and anyone else questioning the one true narrative when it comes to transexuals. It would be offensive to allow any further debate on the matter.

Tom Winnifrith



Jacob Rees Mogg views me as a murderer but he is not a deadbeat dad and his abhorrent views disqualify him from nothing

620 days ago

I see that my Oxford Contemporary Jacob Rees Mogg is under intense fire from the liberal left, notably for his views on homosexuality, abortion and because he has never changed a nappie. A woman who once campaigned to lower the age of consent to 14, that is to say the niece of Lord Longford, woman of the people Harriet Harman reckons the nappie offence makes Jacob a deadbeat dad.

Jacob's views on the gays and abortion are driven by his Catholic beliefs. On abortion he believes, as does the Pope, that life begins at conception and all who have life have rights. So even if a woman is a victim of rape no abortion is permissable as the murder of one soul is never justified whatever the evil inflicted on another. It is a logical position. It is far more logical than those who say that some foetuses have a right to life while others of the same age do not.
Jacob is logical but, in my view inhumane. He would regard me as a murderer. Before my daughter Olaf was born weighing 1lb 4 oz at 26 weeks, 16 years ago my then wife was pregnant with what would been our son. Sadly we were told that he had stopped growing and was alive but would never be viable. Jacob would argue in his logical way that we should have gone to term or whenever, say 34 weeks, and given birth to a dead baby. Instead we opted to put a neede in it and my wife suffered a dead birth at 26 weeks.

I know that that loss still haunts her and me. I know when our son's "birthday" is and each July 16 I think of that awful day in UCL. But I do not regret curtailing both the suffering of my ex wife Big Nose or of our son. Jacob views what we did as murder. But I understand his logical approach to abortion as I understand his logical belief based position on homosexuality. I note that he says he would not try to change the laws to ban either which I regard as a positive since I disagree with him on both counts.

There are howls from the left that Jacob's views make him unsuitable to hold high office. I can think of other reasons for that but find it rather pleasant to see a man stand by his principles as opposed to, say, Tim Farron who caved into a liberal media wolf pack, sacrificing principles for electoral gain. Or not in the case of Mr Farron. Perhaps rather than just a small number of very rich metropolitan elitists deciding whether Rees Mogg should be elected to high office why not let the people, the electorate, decide if his principles disqualify him. Or is the idea of democracy one that the liberal elitists find just too terrifying after the Brexit vote?

Ms Harman's objection to poor Jacob was driven by her innate belief that folks like her know how other people should live their lives, that Nanny State and its operatives can intrude into the family unit. Mr Rees Mogg seems to have an agreement with his good Mrs that she bears the kids and - with a nanny - looks after them. Mr Rees Mogg does his bit by inheriting vast amounts of cash and making a good whack himself.

In the Harman household, Harriet had the carreer in politics while her hubbie had to wait until the great feminist got him a seat which had previously been reserved for a women only short list. Mr Harman, aka Jack Dromey, presumably changed lots of nappies in the early years but in later life kept himself busy favouriting gay porn tweets. Jacob would not lecture the Harmans on how to make their marriage work or how to live as man and wife becuase he accepts that is decision for individuals not the nanny state.

There are many deadbeat dads in Britain. Those who fail to provide for their offspring leaving it to the welfare state and who, in many cases, provide no male role model cause real problems for society in a way that - as a father - Mr Rees Mogg clearly does not. Surely even Ms Harman recognises that?


Tom Winnifrith



Barcelona: the Cowardice, Double Standard and Virtue Signalling of the liberal elites

643 days ago

Back in 2004 there were horrible bombings in Madrid. The attackers at that point were Al Qaeda who stated that they were attacking Spain because it was involved in the war in Iraq. The Spanish surrendered. A new government pulled out of Iraq at once. Of course these days we give guns and money to Al Qaeda factions in Syria because we have a new enemy. As Orwell might have pout it: We are not at war with Al Qaeda. We were never at war with Al Qaeda, We have always been at war with ISIS. Anyhow the Spanish surrender has done it a fat lot of good as today ISIS has killed a stack of folks in Barcelona. The reaction of the world's leaders is to show cowardice, double standard but we are all to familiar with this are we not. First up was Donald Trump.

The Donald suggested from the outset that this was ISIS at work. The world's fake news liberal media went into attack mode because POTUS was jumping to conclusions, albeit ones that seemed fairly obvious to the rest of us. After 99% of attacks of this nature have been carried out by Islamofascists with just one or two right wing nutters also attacking and those chaps have been US based.  So it was a bit of a slam dunk cert that the Donald was right. Over on this side of the pond, the leader of the Welsh Nationalists, Plaid Cymru, a woman of little brain called Leanne Wood jumped to a different take on who was likely to be to blame.  Yup someone driving a car into a stack of European civilians who on earth could it be? Natch it is those right wingers again, get ready to blame Trump and Farage and to burn effigies of Katie Hopkins in the valleys.

is the tweet below an indication of a deranged mind set or just crass stupidity? The people of Wales might want to ask that question.  Natch, not one member of the liberal media was "outraged" at Leanne for jumping to conclusions or not waiting till more facts were known. The liberal media is only ever outraged by we conservatives.

The rest of the political elite were not long in reacting as they took to twitter. #Barcelona. We stand in #solidarity. We will not change our Western way of life as that is what the terrorists want. We will defeat them by carrying on as normal. Yadda, yadda. Yadda. 

Now where have we heard that before. Oh yes.  #Barcelona. We stand in #solidarity. We will not change our Western way of life as that is what the terrorists want. We will defeat them by carrying on as normal. Yadda, yadda. Yadda.  Or was that #Manchester or #Paris.  It is #wherever  innocent civilians get butchered by the Isalmofascists except when it is in Israel as the fucking Jews asked for it anyway. That is how the political elite, shielded by security barriers and men with guns, always react. And we carry on as normal waiting to see where women and kids will get butchered next. 

Great, I can't think what is wrong with this policy other than it is a complete failure. I am just so tired of "defeating them by carrying on as normal and am prepared to risk defeat by doing things like rounding up all known ISIS supporters and sending them packing to Raqqa to let the Kurds, Syrians and Russians send them all packing to meet the 72 virgins.   But clearing our country of folks who might want to kill us would be to admit defeat so I guess that is unthinkable. A selection of tweets from the "great and the good" who are happy to risk your lives in order to carry on as normal is below. 










The BBC, Guardian and liberal media slate and smear Donald Trump as a Nazi - 4 more years in the bank

645 days ago

When Donald Trump spoke to the USA about his priorities for America, folks outside the liberal metropolitan hotpots of the coasts loved it. Crooked Hillary's waffle and re-hashing of ideas that have failed ordinary Americans did not wash and so Trump won. The liberal elites of the media still cannot accept it and so now simply content themselves with smearing POTUS at every opportunity. The more the Russia smears fail the more desperate they become and the more real Americans see through them. As the MSM tries to label Trump a Nazi, those of us who supported him in November look forward to an inevitable win in four years time. Truly the liberal left is pathetic. I start with the State funded UK broadcaster the BBC.

On its flagship Radio 4 show Today this morning the headlines were read. Trump has condemned the Neo Nazi protesters in Charlotte. Former KKK leader David Duke has supported Trump's words.

What the hell is that all about? More or less all Americans from across the spectrum might support Trump in condemning the Nazis. Why does the BBC opt for weirdo Duke a man whose past crimes include endorsing crooked Hillary in one election. Natch that was never brought up time and again as bad for her - she did not ask for his support. But if he ever agrees with Trump the media spin it as if the two are joined at the hip. Trump does not want the backing of the fruitcake Duke.

But the read through of The BBC coverage is that even when Trump is attacking Nazis he is actually backed by Nazis. It is not alone. Its sister publication the Guardian ran this headline today which claims that Trump is a Neo Nazi sympathiser. Starting in Hollywood there is a twitter campaign #ImpeachTrump for being a Nazi. Hell's teeth.

Trump's crime is to say that the actions of some of those who have protested against the Nazis but also against relics of the Confederate forces (the South) from the Civil war are disgusting too. He is not saying they are equivalent. Trump is clear that the Nazi marchers are the really bad guys. But he is 100% correct to say that those marching/ rioting. destroying property on the other side are not always Angels.

Attacking cops and looting shops is never justified. Attacking memorials to ordinary soldiers who died in any war is just wrong and offensive. The grunts of the Confederate Army were brave men fighting alongside their neighbours to protect where they lived, or at least that is how they saw it. I guess Mellennials and media luvvies do not study history so just assume that soldiers in the "rebel army" just fought becuase they hated black folks. It was a bit more complex than that, this was about States Rights versus a Federal Government on a range of issues. But for the grunts it was just about defending your homeland. Moreover,, it was very hard to opt out of the Confederate army and by the end mere boys and okd men were being thrown into the conflict. Should we not honour them, their bravey and their sacrifice?

I have spent some time in German military graveyards in Crete, Greece and Italy. There is no doubt that the men buried there were fighting for a bad cause and were on the wrong side. But they did so as folks were just enlisted and most Germans fought bravely and did not commit war crimes. I honour such men. The only folks dishonouring brave men from the US Civil War are the "anti fascists". Trump is right. Their actions are wrong.

What about pulling down statues of Southern Generals like Lee or the Johnston's? Before the civil war most of the upper ranks of the US army were filled by Southerners. So these men were trained soldiers and fought wars according to standards of their time. They were from the South and so when the call came they fought alongside their neighbours. Back in 1861 that is what folks did, they did not make an ideological decision as to whether they'd back Dixie or the forces of Lincoln. Generally they behaved with honour throughout.

Indeed, if we are to seek out those who committed war crimes against civilians it would be the Northern troops and their commanders who behaved quite appallingly after the war ended as they rampaged through the South. Snowflake protesters who know nothing of American history should perhaps do a google search for "carpetbagger"

Yet across the South today we see statues pulled down and desecrated, folks delighting in breaking them up in a way reminiscent of the way statues of Saddam were defiled after his fall. But it is not locals pulling down statues in the South but Yankees.

Let's be clear Trump believes the villains of the current peace are the Nazis, the neo-fascists. But he raises very valid questions about some of those protesting against them while making it clear there is no equivalence. Trump is right in his analysis. Folks like the Guardian, CNN and the rest of the liberal press are wilfully misinterpreting and smearing him. And ordinary folks across America can see through these increasingly desperate and laughable smears.

As I have noted so many times before, if you call everyone a Nazi then the term ceases to have a meaning. The Guardian's loathsome smears are an insult to the memories of those who died or suffered at the hands of real Nazis.

Even my metropolitan elitist colleague Darren Atwater falls into this cheap and lazy mindset. When loading the Guardian image for me he puts the headline on the piece "Trumpenfuhrer." Of course he thinks that is hilarious as will all bearded hipsters in Central London and probably the liberal multi millionaires of Hollywood too. Two of my daughter's godparents saw nearly all of their families turned into soap at Auschwitz. Maybe Darren wants to explain to them why a man who - rightly - condemns Nazis is viewed as a modern day Hitler and why that is funny? 




Maths not the strong point of the liberal left as protesters gather at #TrumpTower

646 days ago

As the White House renovations continue, President Donald Trump has, for three days, moved his office back up to his home in New York, Trump Tower. As POTUS prepared to arrive protesters gathered to express their outrage that their beloved crooked Hillary was not President, oops I meant at the Donald's awful policies. And the crowd was, according to libs tweeting and whining all over social media, "massive" as you can see below.

Hmmm 1000 people in a City of 8.6 million is massive. Putting that in context, the population of the twon in which I grew up, Leamington Spa is 49,491. If the level of outrage against Mrs May in Leamington is as massive as the level of outrage against President Trump in New York then there would be a crowd of six folks massing outside the Pump Rooms to show their anger.

That fewer than 1 in 8,600 folks in a City which voted massively Democrat on November 8 turned out to protest is not in any way shape or form "massive". I guess liberals don't do maths except when it comes to spending as much of other fplks cash as they can.

I see that the placards include a good few suggesting Mr Trump is a Nazi. How often does it need to bne said that if you go calling everyone who is to the right of you a Nazi then the term Nazi loses its meaning. The folks who killed 6 million Jews were Nazis. The knuckleheads in Charlotte over the weekend were neo-Nazis. Donald Trump is just a conservative. Calling him a Nazi trivialises the awful acts and thoughts of those who really are Nazis and is sadly typical of the moral bankruptcy of today's left.




As the Left Embraces Jew hating, idiotic Anne Frank Center does its best to piss off its remaining friends

651 days ago

Mark Steyn wrote a funny piece a few years ago about why it would soon be hard to perform a play about Anne Frank in her native Holland. Steyn reasoned that as the German troops marched on stage looking for the little Jewish girl who was hiding in the attic, the audience would start shouting out "she's hiding in the attic, she's up there."

Across Europe anti semitism is on the march and all too often it is the liberal left, so befuddled by its hatred of Isreal, that are the fellow passengers. Hence the support from leading members of the British Labour party for the vile events of the Al Quds day march. So how do liberal Jews react? By insulting and abusing their remaining supporters, who are largely of the right. Whatever.. I bring you a tweet from the Anne Frank Center below. I should note, hat tip Reg, this is not the Anne Frank House organisation in Europe but a US grouping which says it wants to push for what Anne wanted. 

What this tweet has to do with remembering poor Anne Frank and ensuring there is not another holocaust is beyond me. This is a liberal virtue signaller putting words into the mouth of a long dead girl to make the point that President Donald Trump is, in terms of who he has waged war on, the new Hitler.  All the minorities below could have ended up in Auschwitz alongside the Jews.

Of course Trump has not waged a vicious war on any of the minorities below. That is just a lie. As for war with North Korea, if it launches a nuke on LA just how should a virtue signaller respond.

The tweet is ludicrous. And it insults not just POTUS but the millions of conservatives across the West who supported him, folks like myself. And folks like me usually stand pretty strongly with Israel and against the holocaust deniers and Jew haters. I certainly do as those who have read my work for many years will know. Pissing on your core supporters in this way really is not very smart is it? It is not going to make me start rooting for Hamas but when I am looking for a Holocaust memorial charity to support or donate to, I am afraid that it will not be this one. 




Peak Dunkirk liberal idiocy: Robert Fisk in the Independent

654 days ago

Marie Claire showed commendable liberal idiocy for its take on the film Dunkirk. USA today was almost on a par. But the winner of the liberal metropolitan elitist idiot commentator on this war movie depicting an actual historic event is Robert Fisk of the Independent, a man who has real form when it comes to being a stranger to the truth. It is thanks to Robert that we have the phrase "to Fisk" meaning to go through a newspaper article to discover the series of statements from the post fact era.

Fisk slates Dunkirk because it is a "whitewash version that ignores the bravery of black and Muslim soldiers". Fisk says that by 1940 there were may troops from the empire fighting for Britain, notably Pakistani Muslims and also heroic black folks from Britain serving King and Country. Well up to a point. As I noted a few days ago the black population of the UK in 1939 was tiny. The BEF comprised ten divisions from all parts of the country and most came from areas outside those areas where black folks congregated in parts of London, Toxteth Liverpool and St Paul's here in Bristol. Thus of the c350,000 BEF troops sent to France in late 1939 it is inconceivable that more than 30 or 40 were black.

As for Fisk's assertion that there were large numbers of Muslim troops from the Indian sub continent at Dunkirk again this is sheer fantasy. Troops from the Indian armies were almost all retained in India in 1939 to fight the Russian threat in the North. You will remember that at that point Russia was allied with Germany in carving up Poland. The British were also mindful of the Japanese threat. In total four mule companies from the Indian armies were shipped with their beasts to Dunkirk. So perhaps 500 men from the Indian sub continent of which maybe a quarter might have been from modern day Pakistan fought with the BEF.

Make no mistake these men showed enormous bravery. Three DSMs were handed out and one clearly went to a Muslim, Jemadar Maula Dad Khan. But the hard fact is that the number of Asian and black soldiers fighting in a BEF which totalled 350,000 men was no more than 600. Or put another way less than 0.2%. The failure of the makers of Dunkirk to make a song and dance about the presence of ethnic minority soldiers in the BEF is simply a reflection of fact. Fisk's assertions are sheer fantasy.

Fisk points out that among the French troops fighting to protect Dunkirk, some of whom were saved in the end, were a number from French North Africa who would have been Moslems and this is not shown in the film. The French soldiers protecting Dunkirk were those who had evaded German capture and were from the French First Army. There were clearly some Moslems from North Africa but in the heat of battle with faces covered in oil, sweat, dirt and blood maybe Mr Fisk can sniff out a Moslem at 50 yards on the big screen but most of us cannot. I can't, despite having worked alongside Moslems from North Africa in a hot restaurant kitchen over vseveral year .The Moslem North Africans in the First French Army would have worn the same uniforms as Froggies from France and as it happens most ( c85%) of those in North African regiments were Europeans who just happened to be colonists
Millions of Black, Asian and Moslem soldiers did fight heroically for the right side in WW2. Very few, but it should be noted including 30,000 Indians, also fought for the wrong side. We should honour the bravery of our heroes but by making up untruths as Mr Fisk has done you honour no-one at all.

Fisk ends his piece by noting that Nigel Farage likes the film " No wonder Farage urged us to watch Nolan’s movie. The Brits in 1940 were, at last, alone. It took another generation to create a Europe in which there would be no more international slaughter. 72 years of peace. And now we are committing Dunkirk all over again". Whatever. Britain was not alone in 1940. The Indian army was more than a quarter of a million strong by then but it was NOT at Dunkirk. To pretend otherwise is just a lie. As is pretending that it is the EU that has brought "peace in our time" and that it is Brexit that threatens that.




Reasons to loathe the BBC No 978: Radio 4 Today - linking Brexit support to fascism

675 days ago

Much of what makes me despair about life in this country appeared just before 9 AM on BBC Radio 4's flagship fake news programme Today. It started with a segment on global warming...

In that piece a reporter looked at power stations belching our carbon and asserted that this caused climate change and that as a result on the meadows in front of him the wildlife diversity was changing. Some species were disappearing and new ones were arriving. Then he rolled back over the past few thousand years and discussed how the climate and landscape and wildlife diversity had changed many times in relatively recent history. And, though he failed to note this critical point, it had done so without any contribution from mad made carbon emissions.

None the less for the BBC this is not a logical flaw to be discussed it is just glossed over. The liberal establishment just KNOWS that THIS TIME it is different and whilst God caused all other periods of dramatic climate change, this time it just has to be man. We are now far more powerful than nature and its cycles.

Just when I thought it could get no worse John Humphries piped up with a section on the threat posed to Britain by the extreme right. His guest was Paul Stocker, a Research Associate in Fascist Studies at the prestigious academic hothouse that is the University of Teesside. I bet his students get a high quality balanced education and emerge with degrees that leave them well placed to thrive in the private sector. And to think that Mr Stocker only got a 1% pay rise this year plus grade increments fir all his valuable work.

Stocker has written a book called the English Uprising and this was linked to the threat of the extreme right via the Brexit vote. Stocker pointed out that Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain so Brexit was an English thing. Of course that rather ignores how our friends the cottage burners voted - Wales wanted out too but let's not spoil the plot. So what if the fellow falls into the first logical trap to point out this huge flaw in his work is an insult to all hard working, underpaid and dedicated propagandists. Oops I meant academics.

Stocker asserted that many of the concerns of we Brexiteers, such as immigration and multiculturalism were those of the far right. "ideas of the far right, a radical critique of immigration and multiculturalism" droned Stocker and Humphries did not dissent.

That chap Trevor Phillips who formerly headed the Commission for Racial Equality but now says that multiculturalism has failed - he must have been intellectually captured by the far right then: send out a rescue mission. So too must all 17 million of us who voted for Brexit even though many of us did so in support of things like a desire for greater democracy.

As it happens i support unlimited immigration (combined with a slashing of the welfare state) but as a tolerant sort of fellow I cant see why we cannot debate immigration or multiculturalism. The true fascists are those who say that anyone offering a critique of our current policies is of the far right or is accepting the ideas of the far right. Is tolerance of FGM compatible with true multiculturalism? Discuss. Or rather do not discuss in case you fall off the path of political correctness because you have accepted an idea of the far right.

This is the same sort of lunacy that used to see the bien pensants of the liberal media say "you cannot fly a Union Jack as it is the preserve of the far right." Of course that was rot but in ensuring that good ordinary patriots did not fly the flag for fear of being slated they allowed the far right to be seen as the main flag wavers.

Thankfully we have moved past that sort of nonsense but the fascist left has not given up and in its strongholds of the media (especially the BBC) and in academia its attack on free speech, on our right to challenge what the left has dictated be regarded as an unassailable othodoxy, grows ever more unpleasant.

Tom Winnifrith



Nick Clegg vs Tony Blair who is the maddest Brexit denying remoaner of the week?

676 days ago

There is a strong contest to be the maddest and most extreme Brexit denier in public life. Normally Tory MP Anna Soubry is a strong contender, turning up on the BBC or C4 twice a day to offer up a few post fact era words to explain why she cannot accept the democratic will of the nation. But this week Soubry started to look positively sane when compared to two chaps who really are yesterday's men.

First up was the former PM and well known war criminal Tony Blair. Old Tony is hearing voices again. Poor fellow. Back in his pomp those voices told him that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction capable of hitting British bases within 45 minutes. This week the voices told him that EU leaders would agree to all sorts of compromises that would allow Britain to get a far better deal so we could vote again on whether to stay in the EU.

So why didn't the EU leaders give Call Me Dave such a deal before the 2016 referendum, instead of the worthless Munich style piece of paper he was forced to try to sell to us as bringing peace in our time? Strangely the EU leaders denied telling Mr Blair any such thing but still the old fool blathered on. The one voice Mr Blair cannot seem to hear is that of the British people who may be divided on almost everything else but are almost united in loathing and despising Blair and not believing a word he says. For some reason Blair is the only person in Britain today who thinks we give a fuck what Mr Blair thinks or says.

Normally Mr Blair and his voices would win the mad remoaner of the week contest but on this occasion he was trumped by former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg who suggested we have a second referendum on Brexit with 16-30 year olds given two votes as they have more of a stake in the result.

I quite like this principle. Higher earners pay most tax. The top 1% of income taxpayers pay c30% of all income tax. How about we gave them 10 votes, and normal rate taxpayers 1 vote and those who pay no tax zero votes on a referendum on whether we move to a 10% flat tax and also force the Government, by law ,to have a balanced budget. We who pay most tax surely, on the Clegg principle, deserve far more votes that those inhabiting the welfare safaris of Northern England and the Celtic provinces?

But it is not democratic and so it is wrong. I suppose that a party that supported secret courts and gagging the press is entitled to call itself Liberal just as the same party can show utter contempt for the biggest vote in British history and call itself Democratic. To be fair that great Liberal John Stuart Mill did toy with the idea of giving more votes to those who were more intelligent. In his day that was to be judged by those who had obtained a University Degree when that marked you out as academically elite. We would need a rather different test today.

But it seems that there is scant evidence that the millennials are brighter than we old folk or that they understand the EU - or indeed anything - better than we do. The one thing that can be said in their favour is that in Sheffield Hallam a few weeks ago they had the good sense to vote against Nick Clegg in droves for he really does seem to be losing the plot badly.

Tom Winnifrith



Channel 4 News - Fake News from Israel

677 days ago

As the flagship fake news liberal elitist broadcaster in London it is no surprise that Channel 4 hates the State of Israel with a passion. And to that end the channel that just loves its fake news had a field day yesterday as three Palestinians opened fire on security guards at the sacred Islamic site, the old Temple. The terrorists were shot and killed but not before they had killed two Israeli guards.

As it happens those guards were from the Druze community. The Druze are an offshoot of Islam but most Moslems regard them as heretics. Thus they have almost since the start of the Israeli state sides with the evil Jews. The fight in the army, the air force, sit in the Knesset and are 100% pro Israel. It is self interest - if Hamas gets its way and fulfils the aims of its charter and sweeps the Jews into the sea, the Druze will almost certainly suffer the same genocidal fate.

The way that most Arabs who live within 1948 borders and thus have full Israeli nationality are enthusiastic supporters of the State of Israel is something Channel 4 is unlikely to dwell upon. Instead its reporter noted that the old City of east Jerusalem was "occupied by Israel 50 years ago and then annexed."

Hmmm so this small plot of land with its Jewish quarter, its Muslim quarter, its Christian Quarter and its Armenian quarter was owned by whom beforehand? As it happens it was ruled by Jordan although like the Weest Bank there were almost no Jordanians actually living there. But the wicked Jews occupied it and annexed it right?

Er...roll back to 1967 and the six day war. The Egyptians threatened to close off access to Israeli ports. Israel said it would treat that attempt to isolate it as an act of war. Egypt massed troops and planes on the Israeli border and moved to close the shipping lanes. At that point the Israeli Air Force went into action and attacked the Egyptian Air Force on the ground thereby gaining air superiority and allowing ground forces to push the Egyptian army back in chaos, capturing both Gaza and Sinai. At that point Egypt appealed to its fellow Arabs.

Syrian tanks rolled down from the Golan heights and started heading round the Sea of Galilee but the Israeli's held them off at a Kibbutz near the river Jordan. And then the Israeli Air Force knocked out the Syrian Air Force on the ground and as free troops arrived Israel went on the offensive eventually capturing the Golan Heights, mountains from which Syria used to shell Israeli civilians with impunity.

In Jerusalem, Jordanian forces started attacking the Jewish quarter of the old City and then West (Israeli) Jerusalem. Almost 1000 civilians were injured or killed and targets included hospitals and the Knesset. Israel was by now fighting on three fronts and was stretched but it hit back as best it could before more Jewish civilians were slaughtered just for being Jews. In due course air power was again the key and by the end of this brief conflict the Jordanians had been pushed back across the river Jordan, the West Bank and the Old City of Jerusalem were no longer in their hands.

So the FACTS are that Jordan attacked Israel and also Jewish civilians living within its control in the Old City. Israel responded not by attacking civilians but by attacking those who were attacking civilians. And it drove them back. Does C4 really think that after that Israel should have simply invited the Kingdom of Jordan who has no legitaimate claim to the Old City, to finish off its Jew Killing? Really?

So in this brief history lesson I recount what actually happened but you would not have guessed it from the language Channel 4 Fake News uses as it simply attempts to rewrite history. Like so many on the left these days C4 believes that if you tell a lie often enough about historical fact then in the end the lie becomes truth. 

The shamed broadcaster then went onto quote a Palestinian spokesman from the West Bank who referred to "Zionist invaders." Israelis sure but Zionists is he 100% certain of that? Did C4 fake News ask him to justify that assertion? Of course it did not.

As I have noted elsewhere, Zionist is the way Jew haters describe Jews in their invective these days. In its coverage of yesterday's events, its rewriting of history, Channel 4 is an ideal medium for those whose driving force is the hatred of the Jews. Either through ignorance it malice it simply ignore the historic facts as it reports its fake news

Tom Winnifrith



Photo Article: The dysfunctional left applauds the Palestinans who execute gays at Gay Pride

684 days ago

It is really simple being a lefty. You have to be dogmatic and have a set world view. Otherwise you may be suspect in your liberalism. As such certain things are beyond doubt. LGBT and abortion issues are important above all else - these are the number 1 concerns of "real people", or at least of real people among the Metropolitan elites, not thick working class people or evil Christians because they don't matter. The USA is wrong on everything and Donald Trump is stupid and satanic. Israel is also wrong on everything. The EU is right on everything, The Daily Mail should be shut down to protect free speech. The Palestinians are always right. The BBC is a vicious right wing tool of the enemy but we'd all love to work there. You get the drift.

The problem with this dogma is that it all too often generates logical inconsistencies but so stuck are the left in their world view that they do not see how ridiculous they look. Have a look at this photo from Gay Pride yesterday.

You will remember how Jewish gays were banned from waving a rainbow flag with a Star of David in it at Chicago Pride as it might have offended some folk? Not that anyone was offended when liberal posterboy Justin Trudeau wore his Eid socks at Gay Pride in Canada in one of the silliest bits of virtue signalling seen this year. For some reason Justin was not wearing his gay pride socks at the numerous Eid celebrations he attended. I cannot think why.

Back to London and our photo. There is, of course, no Israeli flag on the street art below. Those fucking Jews, what with the fact that homosexuality is legal in Israel even in the army; that Pride Tel Aviv attracts 200,000 folk and that Israel welcomes refugees from across the Arab world who flock there because being gay is an offence punishable by death where they live. The fucking Israelis they are such homophobic bigots, shame on them all.

On the other hand there is a Palestinian flag. Natch those lovely folks in Gaza who can do no wrong at all should be applauded. Okay they don't have a Pride parade there and in fact they execute gays because being LGBT in Gaza is a capital offence. And thus many gay folks in Gaza are forced to claim political asylum from those evil bigoted Jews in Israel to dodge a state sponsored execution. What nice folks they are in Gaza let's fly their flag with pride.

Here explained in pictures are the logical processes involved in being a dogmatic liberal




Jon Snow and Little Matt at Channel 4 Fake News cream themselves as Naomi Klein spouts golden liberal shit to plug her new book

688 days ago

She has a book to plug so best selling harpie Naomi Klein is doing the rounds of the liberal media to talk about what a complete bastard Donald Trump is. Okay she is Canadian but the accent is good enough, she is THE expert one needs to talk US politics. On Channel 4 Fake News, where they make up quotes by Donald Trump to show what a racist he is, Jon, "I hate the fucking Tories" Snow was asking the soft questions. Purring from the sidelines was Matt Frei who likes to accuse black vicars of being racist for supporting Trump.

The conversation turned to how people in Middle America, the flyover states, could bring themselves to vote for Trump. And to so do in droves. Snow boasted that he had been there! Cripes Glasto, New York, LA and then the flyover states. Next they will be sending the great metropolitan liberal to spend a week on a council estate in in Rochdale. Naomi looked impressed - Jon seemed to have survived his encounter with horrible, god fearing, gun owning, hard working and patriotic Americans unscathed.

They discussed Trump rolling back Obamacare, something that most Americans support because President Hopey Change's mad scheme does not help the poor but costs ordinary folks an arm and a leg. But while most Americans want Obamacare rolled back which is one reason the Donald lives where he does today, that does not impress Naomi at all. FFS Next these disgusting rednecks will want America to have real jobs rather than exporting them to Mexico or China. Naomi is convinced that what folks in the sort of states in America's heartland that she would not visit without getting her jabs first, wanted is more than Obamacare "they want an NHS but one that is properly funded."

Oh yes, the world's third largest employer, the financial black hole that gave you Mid Staffs, Harold Shipman, the deaths at Bristol kids hospital and natch hair removal operations for transexuals on demand. It's Obamacare on Steroids. The polls - either opinion polls or that glorious poll of last November, the one where Naomi would have voted for the losing candidate had she not been an Alien, show most Americans wanted, at best Obamacare light, very few wanted a US NHS. But heck, Naomi knows better than the great unwashed. Millionaire liberals from the Coasts always do, especially those who have lived their entire lives in the leafy groves of academia and journalism.

Natch Snow did not challenge Klein's assertion that Americans really want their very own Mid Staffs. She said it. He has not met anyone who would think otherwise apart from a few folks on his brief tour of the flyover states and he has tried to forget that mixing with the great unwashed. So it was just left in the air as a fact. That's Channel 4 Fake News for you.

Tom Winnifrith



I am such a goddamn fucking feminist - loving life as a primary carer of Joshua

692 days ago

I never thought that I'd be revelling in changing nappies, watching a baby throw his food everywhere and all the other joys of motherhood n the months leading up to my 50th birthday but I am loving it. The Mrs is away for a few days "working" and returns to full time work in ten days, in as much as that is not a contradiction in terms in the public sector and especially on liberal arts campuses. And so, right now I am the sole carer for nine months old Joshua and in ten days time I will become the primary carer. I am such a fucking feminist - I am almost tempted to chuck in work altogether and then go for a divorce taking the Mrs to the cleaners saying that I had to quit my job to look after Joshua. Only kidding.

Of course changing nappies is not really fun. All that stuff about how its okay if it is your kid's shit is just horse. Shit is shit and when he pees on you as you change it makes no odds that it is your kid's pee.

The only thing I really do not like is dropping him off at nursery (where he currently goes two days a week). As I hand the little vermin - as he is known - over to a charming young lady he realises that i am heading off and starts screaming his head off. I remember the same thing happening 15 years ago with my Islington elitist liberal daughter Olaf. Of course when he sees you at the end of the day I know that he will have calmed down about 30 seconds after I left and the reunion is a joyous occasion.

The Mrs has left me a stern three pages of notes on routine, food, drink and other matters. The truth is that I have shown a bit of flexibility on the regime, okay I have ignored her notes almost completely, and Joshua and I have experimented with the food. Sometimes not by design. I tried to follow the instructions making his morning porridge today but the end result looked nothing like what the Mrs serves up. But the little vermin wolfed it all down, disaster became triumph. Maybe I have it right and the Mrs has it wrong? You never know.

Yesterday it was runner beans and cream cheese for the vermin. And he loved it. Tonight its broad beans and pasta for Joshua. Broad beans and salmon for his diabetic dad. All new experiences. And after supper a mad rush to tidy up three days of mess created by the three amigos (myself, Joshua and Oakley the Cat) before the return of the Mrs who will no doubt be expecting her supper to be ready as well.

Women, they just do not understand how hard we exploited house husbands have to work...

PS. As I mix with the "other mothers" and wander round with Joshua I am yet to hear the words I dread but which will come sooner or later - "how nice of you to look after your grandson"

Tom Winnifrith



The media & political bubble dwellers lie, smear and dissemble over the DUP Tory deal but do you really care at all?

695 days ago

On June 9th the liberal media warned us that those bigoted DUP types from Ulster would want to roll back LGBT and women's rights in return for propping up pathetic Prime Minister May. We Thatcherites dared to dream that the DUP might demand some proper Tory policies like privatizing the BBC or slashing corporation tax as the price for keeping the wretched Conservatives in power. What nonsense. Ulster politics is all about posture and pork barrel and the latter is the more powerful of the two.

Thus the DUP will prop up the May creature in return for an additional £1 billion being poured into the Ulster pork trough during the next two years. The DUP are, it turns out, utterly unprincipled wastrels just like all the other folks at Westminster.

The predictable faux outrage and hypocrisy from the virtua signalling liberal establishment. was loud and instanteous. This is an insult to the LGBT community and sets back gay rights by years. Bollocks. It will make not a jot of difference.

Labour at once accused The Tories of offering a sordid bribe. The tone was almost of an evengelical Victorian preacher warning his flock of the power of Satan and evil. It soon emerged that in both 2010 and 2015 Labour had approached the DUP offering bribes, that is to say more cash for the Ulster pork barrel, in return for Westminster support.

So the attack changed and the fake news liberal press joined in, demanding to know how the wicked Tories could afford half a billion a year. How many nurses could that pay for they shrieked but sadly Diane Abbott was not around to provide the exact answer.

Of course this is all posturing. Thje deficit is more than £50 billion so that extra £500 million spunked on Ulster makes little difference. It is funded by the money tree but so too is £50 billion (100 times as much if Diane is struggling with that sum) of spending on nurses, policeman, hair removal ops for transexuals, foreign aid to fund Ethiopian girl bands and all the other vital ways HMG spends borrowed cash. So it was a sily point but how the politicos and journalists frothed and raged.

Meanwhile I tried to find a letter from the taxman about an overdue bill of a couple of hundred pounds from 2010. I had a couple of meetings about UK Investor Show 2018. I noted how Darren's new waitress at Wedge Issue is a total stunner so much so that when I observed as much to Darren's rather stern and PC Mrs, she actually agreed with me rather than - as would be her wont - giving me a severe frown. I wrote a few articles so delaying my journey back to Bristol, having discovered that the mother-in-law has graciously extended her stay by another night. I had a long chat with a new source to ensure I have a massive scoop on Tuesday which will help pay the bills for a few days. I wondered at the beauty of the English countryside as my train sped back to Bristol and considered some take-aways from my lunch with old friends from New York.

In other words I got on with life. So, I suspect, did you. And we will do the same tomorrow. And the next day. And, God willing, the day after that. For 99.9% of the population the sordid deals, utter hypocrisy and fake posturing of the political and media classes have no impact on our lives at all. We are too busy paying the bills, earning cash to pay our taxes - to support the overpaid scumbags at Westminster - and trying to get on with our nearest and dearest, to give a stuff about whether the DUP is in bed with the Tories or the terms of their coupling and the constitutional implications of all of this nonsense.

In Greece I might not have discovered news that I am told is hugely important for several days. Am I any better off having found about it as it happened? I cannot say that I am.  I really don't care about any of it. Be honest. Do you?

Tom Winnifrith



The Jews did not murder 60 people at Grenfell Tower - when will Mayor Khan & the liberal left stop condoning blood libel?

703 days ago

Jew haters rarely use the word Jew when making their despicable claims and demands. A hundred years ago the word Hebrew was used to describe a Jew. My maternal grandmother, in most ways a terribly progressive and tolerant lady had a blind spot here and would talk of "the chosen people," her words laced with Irony. These days the words Jew and Israeli are often used interchangeably. Since we are told repeatedly how evil Israel is, so too must be the Jews. But the current word to use is Zionist. When a Jew hater refers to a zionist he is not describing someone who supports the state of Israel's right to exist, he is talking about a Jew. And that brings us to yesterday's Al Quds Day march in London.

To wild applause a speaker stood up and said that those responsible for the tragic deaths at Grenfell Towers were "Zionist Corporations." This was not a slip of the tongue. He repeated this to more wild applause. Did anyone there seriously think that this meant that some of the firms who may or may not be responsible for the deaths were giving money to promote the Israeli state? Of course not. The narative year was that innocent blood - quite a bit of it Muslim - had been spilled because of money grabbing Jews. The link is clear, Jews, love of money, blood.

This is a core theme of Jew hatred throughout the centuries and here we saw it in full view in a march, sanctioned by London's hapless Mayor Sadiq Khan and attended by several bien pensants of the liberal left establishment, through the streets of our capital.

Elsewhere on the march we saw banners for terrorist organisations that have murdered hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians. Banner after banner talked of Israeli genocide - a term which as I explained in detail here is an abuse of the word genocide, it debases genocide.

The marchers shouted "from the River to the sea, Palestine will be free". It is a chant popular on campuses across the West shouted by folks unaware that there has never been a Palestinian state on those lands. But they want one. They do not seek a two state solution to the problems of the region, as all rational people might do but a one state solution. They want the land mandated by the UN to be Israel from the river Jordan to the Med to be part of a Palestinian state. And in there dreams what happens to the Jews of Israel? To misquote Cromwell on Ireland it would be a choice of "Hell or the sea."

After the awful events overnight at Finsbury Park Mosque there are calls, once again, for love not hate. Those calls should have been made yesterday as well but very few on the liberal left uttered a word in protest at this shameless mass display of Jew hatred. Why not?

Tom Winnifrith



Katie Hopkins fired - Tim Allen fired - when will a left wing gobshite get fired?

726 days ago

Radio station LBC yesterday fired right wing loudmouth Katie Hopkins. I don't agree with a lot of what the Daily Mail columnist says but quite a few folks do. She is outspoken and a hate figure for the free speech hating intolerant liberal left. Over in the US comedian Tim Allen saw his long running hit show Home Improvement canned two weeks ago by ABC. Other less popular shows have not been axed. But then Tim is that rarity from Hollywood, a Republican and a Trump supporter to boot. Hollywood rejoiced at Tim's downfall.

There are many on the left whose views and comments are offensive to many of us but the liberal media elites will never ever fire a left wing gobshite. I find Brendan Cox the man who was married to the late Labour MP Joe Cox lecturing we Brexit supporters about how we are thick racists with blood on our hands pretty offensive but these days he practically lives in TV studios. I find protesters who hold up banners showing a star of David with a swastika in its centre, very ofensive. That C4 Fake news reporter Assad Baig who described his fellow British Moslems as "Uncle Toms" is offensive.

But the best way to show that Baig is a horrible extremist with a range of vile views is to keep him on air. it exposes him and exposes his views. If various hate preachers and ex Lib Dem MP David "the Jews" Ward want to compare Israel to the Nazis go ahead. It shows them up for the awful people they are. We on the right believe in free speech, it is increasingly clear that many on the left would rather silence those with whom they disagree than debate them. In doing so they lose the argument by default.

Katie Hopkins will not be silenced. I advise her to set up her own website with a pay to hear podcast. She would soon be making far more than she made at LBC and would be free to say exactly what she thought. That is the power of the internet. Folks do not need established media to offer a platform. And moreover if you have pulling power as Hopkins does why should you not enjoy all the financial upside. At LBC Katie pulled in the listeners other broadcastsers failed to do. Her pulling power and the revenies that generated subsidised those who said very little of interest.

Five years ago I involuntarily left a company that censored what i wrote. I cannot describe the joy I have felt ever since in having total editorial freedom. And there is a second joy. Running your own show means that if you are a commercial draw you get to see the benefit. My days of my talent subsiding the lazy and the talent free, like the disgusting piece of excrement that is Richard "Gollum" Gill, are over. What a great feeling that is.

Katie should have a look at the business model of Mark Stein and give it a go. I won't be listening as I find Hopkins either dull or offensive or both but I wish her the very best of luck becuase, unlike most of the "tolerant & pious" left, I do actually believe in free speech.

Tom Winnifrith



Photo Shocker: Who are the real victims of Manchester - liberal media elitists C4 reckon its Muslims celebrating violence

728 days ago

Listen to the mainstream press and, natch, the real victims of the Manchester terror attack are the poor Muslims of Britain who - the liberal media rushed to assure us - are set to suffer a barrage of hate crime. So far Katie Hopkins has been reported to the Met 934 times for tweeting so that the "real victims" can rest more easily. Sod the 22 kids and teenagers who are dead or the dozens lying injured and maimed in hospital. Sod their families, C4 News rushed off to Manchester's "Curry Mile" to meet the real victims, as you can see below.

Of course, and for the avoidance of doubt, hate crime is a crime and is wrong. But the real victims of this attack are those who got blown up by a bomb. Surely even the metropolitan elitists can see that? I think not. Over on the BBC the Regional News had some pompous bitch on who it turns out is our local Police & Crime Commissioner. The BBC asked if there was a call for tougher measures to make us all feel safer. Good point. How about we deport some former ISIS fighters? The Police & Crime Commissioner replied that "hate crime will be treated with zero tolerance." Does this ghastly creature not realise what the real threat is, a threat that leaves folks of all faiths and races fearful for the world we live in. It is not Kate Hopkins it is ISIS!

Back to C4 Fake News. Pompous and plump elitist Krishnan Guru-Murthy was interviewing various members of the local Muslim community who were - to be fair - overwhelmingly reasonable. They - unlike Krishnan appeared to recognise who the real victims of this attack were. Among those interviewed was this woman below wearing a niqab with the word LOVE on its front. But look carefully, The L is a pistol, the O is a grenade, the V is a knife and the E is a machine gun. How very tasteful. What message was that sending out and why did Channel 4 feel it was right to broadcast it?

C4 News has a chilling reputation for running fake news, for attacking those on the right with bogus smears and for just plain old shoddy journalism. I am not sure where thus fits in to that pattern but one hopes that it brings the day that C4 News sees its entire editorial team fired, that little bit closer.




After Manchester the Politicians and Media elites say hope not hate, carry on as normal but it is all hogwash

729 days ago

As I drove across Southern England yesterday the radio news about the awful terror attack in Manchester kept on coming. It was all so sadly predictable as the politicians and media elite commentators prattled on: "our thoughts are with the victims, we must not let this divide us, hope not hate, light a candle, we are stronger and more united, carry on as normal, no to Islamaphobia, lets not make Muslims the real victims, we will not be broken." We have heard it all before.

Of course the 22 folks who are dead are not stronger and more united. They are dead. They will not carry on as normal. Nor will their families or the many other folks affected. So this carry on as normal is just a lie.
The response of the politicians is to tighten security at key buildings as it was after the Westminster attack. The reality is that those getting more and more protection - the Queen, MPs, the media centres were very safe as before. ISIS seeks to maximise terror by going after we the great unwashed and we won't be getting more armed guards to make us all safe.

As I noted yesterday, the policy of carrying on as normal, clearly has not worked. There are 22 bodies in a morgue in Manchester who can testify to that. The media will not dare to suggest that the popular mood is rather different to that of the candle waving snowflakes who held vigils across the land last night. But I sense that it is.
Most of us surely recognise that carrying on as we have done showing liberal tolerance to one and all and ensuring that jihadists have full civil liberties is about as useful as tweeting a picture of a candle when it comes to making we Brits safer.

Of course our meddling, bombing, illegal wars and misguided interventions in the Middle East have put us in the firing line. We should be angry at the politicians who have created that danger from the war criminal Blair himself down to Cameron and his Syrian gaffe, a blunder Mrs May continues. The politicians have made disastrous calls but they are protected. We the plebs are in the firing line as a result of those bad calls. So lets start "not carrying on as before" by withdrawing from our adventures in the Middle East - not that our forces make much difference - and by putting comrade Blair on trial. Let;s take the moral high ground and see how ISIS reacts?

At the same time, as I suggested yesterday, anyone joining ISIS either online or physically should lose UK citizenship. And that should be retrospective. ISIS claims to be a state. Give all these folks a free charter flight back to Raqqa. There are perhaps 5,000 such folks in the UK today. Our spooks cannot monitor them all. The Manchester bomber was one of them. He got through the net. So will others. Let's make it simple. Send them all to Raqqa and pray that Russian bombs, Iranian tanks or President Assad blows them to smithereens.

How is that for starters on "not carry on on as normal" in a liberal fog waiting for the next time our innocent fellow citizens are butchered? The media was not reporting many folks saying such things  - other than the usual wrnings from the Old Bill about online hate crome and how it will be punished - but I suspect the mood is turning and that more folks feel as I do. And increasingly they will dare to say so.

Tom Winnifrith



Urgent: Theresa May doesn’t want you to vote: another lie from liberal online virtue-signallers Avaaz

730 days ago

I have flagged up before how online liberal virtue signallers Avgaaz claim credit for winning every electoral contest whether they actually back the winner (Macron) or in fact back the losing side (Clinton/Remain) and also operate in the post fact era. Avaaz is always on the right side and always tells lies in its emails. And so yesterday it sent out this classic:

Theresa May doesn’t want you to vote

Theresa May called this election to try to turn Britain into a virtual one-party state -- and 7 million of us who could stop her aren’t even registered to vote!

The deadline to register is 11:59pm tonight. Avaaz has 1.7 million members across Britain, and together we can double the number of last minute registrations so more of our voices are heard in this crucial election.

A low turnout will help the Tories win a landslide -- so getting people signed up today is the best way to stop it!


Is there any evidence that Mrs May, for all her faults, has actually worked to ensure folks do not vote? Just because 7 million Brits are too lazy to register or - with some justification - despise the entire political class so do not want to be part of the process, can Avaaz show that is part of a wicked Tory plot?

Of course Mrs May wants the Tories to win as many seats as possible. So does Mr Corbyn, it is just that folks are not woed by the old IRA loving communist. Mr Blair did get a landslide win for Labour in 1997 just as that Mr Attlee achieved in 1945 for Labour but I would not expect Millennial Snowflakes to be aware of what they must regard as ancient history. The point is that neither Mr Blair or Mr Attlee wished to turn Britain into a virtual one party state. And neither doies Mrs May.

Poor Mrs May has been taunted by Labour and folks like Avaaz for having no mandate. Now she goes out to get one and looks like she might win by a good margin and she is accused of wanting to achieve totalitarian rule.

The problem with Avaaz is that it tells such total lies that when - on occasion - it is actually on the right side no-one actually believes it.

Tom Winnifrith



Donald Trump leaks classified data to the Russians ( or did he?): Western liberal press so blinkered it works to save ISIS

737 days ago

The uber liberal fake news outlet the Washington Post broke the story which may or may not actually be true. Given its history or Trump bashing, bogus opinion poll interpretation and all round fake news, many of us would not believe the Washington Post if it declared that the sun was going to rise tomorrow. Notwithstanding that, the BBC and other bastions of liberal Trump hating have been going to town on the "Trump leaks state secrets to the Russians" story. The liberals again demand impeachment as they do every week or so. In doing so they show their ultimate moral bankruptcy.

Let us give the Washington Post the benefit of the doubt and assume that, for once, it was not pushing fake news. What is Trump alleged to have handed to the Russians? Apparently it was intelligence on ISIS.

In Iraq the US is fighting ISIS. In Syria it is Russia who is helping the regime fight ISIS. While we in the West support other islamofascist fighters whose ranks include a number of recent defectors from ISIS. God only knows why we in the West are backing these nutjobs who like decapitating 12 year old boys and chucking civilians off high buildings but we are. And our misguided involvement means that the US must have data on Syria which could help Russia to wipe out ISIS.

Since ISIS operates on a cross border basis if it gets its butt kicked in Syria by Russia that will help the butt kicking in Iraq which the USA is driving. Does it not make complete sense for Trump to assist Russia in wiping out ISIS in Syria?

Indeed given the appalling acts that ISIS sponsors across the globe is there not a strong moral case for applauding Donald Trump's act in helping fight this global menace? The Western liberal mainstream media do not care about this. The sad reality is that they hate Donald Trump more than they hate ISIS. And in showing such twisted and distorted values they again show why they continue to lose their audience.

They are out of touch and morally bankrupt.

Tom Winnifrith



Channel 4, its fake news on the Westminster attack, its cover up and the dumb SNP MP who swallowed it

788 days ago

My coverage of Channel 4 Fake News has been extensive. It just makes up lies and pretends they are facts. But yesterday it reached a new height of fake news and then tried to cover it up. A proper editorial organisation would have a full enquiry and heads would roll. But this is channel 4 fake news, which allows US reporter Kylie Morris to state that Donald Trump had promised to make America "more white" which he quite simply had not done. This is fake news central. Yesterday it was the Westminster terror attack.

Other outlets and photos on twitter suggested that the attacker was Asian, Channel 4 named the culprit as Abu Izzadeen a gentleman who is clearly not Asian but black and was formerly known as Trevor Brooks. Mr Brooks looks nothing like the attacker. The evidence was everywhere that it could not be Brooks but to the C4 liberals, I guess, all those darkies look the same. The Independent Newspaper - another stronghold of the metropolitan elite - was running the same line. But but about half way through the programme C4 was saying that maybe it was not so sure about its lead story.

The truth was that Abu's lawyer had gone public to point out that his client was safely ensconced at Her Majesty's Pleasure. It could not have been him.

So what was the "source" that C4 Fake News reporter Simon Israel had cited as saying Abu was the killer? Was it The Independent or the same source as the Indy? And why did C4 ignore the evidence of its own eyes that the attacker was clearly Asian not black?

What happened next was shameful. There is a channel C4 +1 where I - and others - tend to watch the news. I tuned in at 8 PM and the programme started but after 30 seconds it stopped and on our screen a message appeared saying that the programme was "temporarily unavailable". That continued all the way through so that the fake news was covered up. There was no admission that C4 had got it wrong just a cover up. And no admission that C4 needs an urgent enquiry into its culture of fake news.

Meanwhile on twitter the SNP MP John Nicholson was all too keen to lap up C4's nonsense. A man whose entire career has been spent in the Westminster bubble firstly with the BBC now as an MP seems to dismiss the idea of going to original sources but just takes reports from fellow members of the liberal media establishment as gospel. That Mr Nicholson is an idiot is clear from the tweets below.

What is critical here is whether Mr Israel can demonstrate that he had a real credible source or was he simply relying on the fake news in the online Indy? Let's tune in tonight to see if C4 wants to come clean. Somehow I doubt it will.




Uber liberal Jon Snow of Channel 4 fills me with revulsion as he eulogises unrepentant murdering bastard Martin McGuiness

789 days ago

And so Martin McGuinness is dead. I welcome no death - as I explained here with reference to this unrepentant murderer of many - but equally I would agree with Norman Tebbit that old Martin is right now suffering agony in a particular part of hell reserved for the truly wicked. Martin's crime, in the eyes of St Peter and indeed many on this earth, is not so much the killing many innocent folks but a failure to accept that this was a sin, that he had sinned and to show remorse. For that McGuinness can only be viewed as evil and damned to burn in hell for eternity.

Indeed Martin went one step further in that to his miserable end, while singing the song of peace and reconciliation, he pushed for those who may or may not have committed crimes as part of the British Army to be hauled out of retirement for prosecution. Yet Martin - who killed folks personally as well as ordering many other murders - argued that for IRA killers there should be absolvement without enquiry. It was that double standard and failure to accept his own sins that made this man so especially vile and loathsome, something C4 News and the liberal media just cannot seem to accept.

In North London, among millionaire liberals who have no idea of the terror and misery that folks like McGuinness inflicted on, largely poor working class communities, and on innocent folks in both Ulster and here on the mainland, Saint Martin is lauded as a hero. He is right up there with other murdering liberal icons with blood drenched hands, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Yassar Arafat. If you listen to Jeremy Corbyn or to the BBC Newsroom such folks are men the world will miss, we are all the poorer without them. 

That is of course rubbish. All were old men who contributed little in the last moments other than a refusal to ask God for forgiveness. None showed any remorse for the innocent men, women and children whose lives were cut short thanks to their actions. No doubt Jon Snow and his Channel 4 colleagues will give extensive coverage to the funeral of the murdering bastard McGuinness. Do they care to reflect on how IRA victims had their bodies dumped in ditches, had no bodies to bury after devastating explosions or, in some cases, have not been properly buried at all because bastards like McGuinness have refused to say where the bodies were dumped?

That McGuinness is mourned by the elite of the liberal media establishment shows again why so few of us outside the bubble of Westminster have any time at all for the deadwood press and for the State run broadcasters who sing from the same hymn sheet.  They are out of touch and, quite simply, morally bankrupt.  




Dusseldorf attack - Orwellian use of Yugolaslavia by Police, why not blame Donald Trump

804 days ago

You will remember that the killer of Jo Cox MP had a long history of mental health issues yet sections of the mainstream media still term him a right wing extremist. In Dusseldorf in Germany last night a man attacked folks with an axe injuring seven and he has already been branded as mentally ill. He may well be but the Police, without questioning from the liberal media, are also insisting that he hails from the former Yugoslavia. This is Orwellian.

The rozzers know full well from where in the former Yugoslavia he hails. That country has not existed for more than 15 years - Croatia and Slovenia declared independence in 1991. The old bill might as well have said that the man came from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Frankly there are all sorts of loons in parts of the former Yugoslavia but the cynic in me wonders if this is an Orwellian way in which Germany's Ministry of Truth can NOT say that the chap is from Kosovo or Bosnia, in other words, since those areas have been ethnically cleansed, that he is a Muslim. I wonder if he he had been a Serb nationalist would not the Ministry of Truth have been shouting that from the rooftops just to show that this was not yet another attack by a Muslim. We shall see.

Whoever it is, it is in immigrant and that will fuel an even greater backlash against Mrs Merkel's open door policies of last year which she now seems to be trying to reverse. Most Germans seem to want to stop immigration and even send home those migrants who are dangerous or nutso liker, er...that chap with the axe in Dusseldorf.

Yet it was just nine days ago that the liberal elites of that City identified the real enemy...Donald Trump. As you can see below their satire was tasteless. Yeah lets joke about decapitating The Donald because he wants to protect America - now just how many jihadist attacks have there been on Germany in recent months?

For the record there have been major incidents in Hanover in February 2016, Essen in April, Wurzburg, Reutlingen, Ansbach and Munich all in July and Berlin in December, which left 22 people killed and 112 wounded. But the liberal elite still think that the joke to tell is about about cutting off Trump's head to make the world safer and more free.

Tom Winnifrith



The pathetic feminists of the West - how they demean the plight of women who really suffer

807 days ago

Emmeline Pankhurst, Countess Markievicz, hell even Germaine Greer, these were feminists who fought for something important and fought bravely. And still the struggle is not over. In many parts of the world women are treated shamefully, as sex slaves, as second class citizens as folks who have no rights. Think of FGM, think of the battles of Saudi women to have a voice and to avoid execution for crimes that are not crimes if you are a man, think of the way ISIS treats female captives. Gosh there are some real battles feminists - whether male or female - still need to fight. 

But instead we see issues dodged by the liberal left as they skewer themselves on warped ideas of cultural equivalence. The greatest civil liberties campaigner of our time, Mr Peter Tatchell identifies one such example of this today on twitter. I can express my horror no better than Tatch.


#Iran 1979: 100,000 women protest against FORCED hijab. Most Western left & feminists silent then & now. #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2017

— Peter Tatchell (@PeterTatchell) March 7, 2017

And then we have news from Australia today of a victory for the women;s movement. Yes in Oz the battle has been won and we may indeed soe 50% of road crossings showing a woman not a man. Hell's teeth! Who cares a jot about this? It is such an utterly pointless crusade that one despairs at the feminists who wasted their time and money on this fight rather than tackling issues such as Female Genital Mutiliation or the rape culture of Southern Africa.

But then those real issues risk offending certain other minorities, those patriarchal societies where people just happen to be It is so much easier for the decadent Western liberal to fight for more women on road signs than to actually make the world a better place for women.

Perhaps having covered one Irish revolutionary who it is hard to admire earlier today I might end with a quote from one it is hard not to admire, a real feminist from 1916, Countess Markievicz. What on earth would she make of today's feminist. Over to the Countess with her advice to those who wanted to fight for liberty and equality:

"Dress suitably in short skirts and sitting boots, leave your jewels and gold wands in the bank, and buy a revolver."






An unapologetic BBC, lying Swedes, immigration, rape, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage & Fake News

807 days ago

After Donald Trump's comments on Sweden and immigration, the Swedish home secretary Ylva Johansson gave an interview on the BBC News channel when she said there was no connection between crime and immigration and the level of rape in Sweden is “going down, and going down, and going down.”

Fair enough. That interview took place last week. The BBC did not challenge the minister at all since her pro immigration Trump bashing agenda is that of the UK state funded broadcaster. There is just one problem. The Minister lied.

She went on to lie. "The level of rapes is not actually high in Sweden”, contradicting another BBC hate figure Nigel Farage claiming he “doesn’t really know what he is talking about.”

There is only one problem with that statement which the BBC also did not bother to challenge since the elitist liberal broadcaster hates Farage almost as much as it hates Trump. That statement was also a lie.

Sweden, as you can see here, has the sixth highest rape rate in the World and the highest in Europe. Okay it is lower than Lesotho but it is still utterly shocking. A woman is more than three times as likely to get raped in Sweden than in Norway and six times as likely as across the EU as a whole. But maybe things are getting better? Er no.

The latest figures show a 13% increase in reported sex crimes in Sweden in 2016, and there has been a general increase over the past ten years. She has been slammed by a raft of MPs in Sweden from across the political spectrum but has the BBC run a correction or pulled the original programme yet?

Clearly it was running fake news but it is fake news that suits its agenda so that is all okay then is it not. It is not as if it will lose any revenue to fund its overpaid staff as a result of broadcasting lies and then refusing to withdraw them or correct them. We lucky Brits have to pay a poll tax to fund this rubbish or else we are threatened with prison and however low the fake BBC news stoops, that never changes.

Tom Winnifrith



Jon Snow of Channel 4 fake News bleats about Donald Trump exclusion but why not?

815 days ago

Jon Snow the uber liberal presenter of Channel 4 Fake News took to twitter last night bleating about how his channel was being denied access - along with others - from White House press briefings. I pointed out why this was fair on the part of the new administration. But do so again in more than 140 characters. Snow regards this ban as an attack on the free press. But why the hell should Trump pander to a new outlet which specialises in fake news about POTUS. I cite below a slam dunk and vile fake news C4 special from the last campaign.

I think Snow means working on it.

Now to that fake news. C4's Washington reporter Kylie Morris ventured outside of the Beltway and went to a retirement village which was red hot for The Donald. In her report - which I exposed in full at the time - she described the retirement village where old folks have "found the American dream he is promising: its predominantly white and predominantly conservative"

Donald Trump at no point in the campaign or in his life promised a dream for America that is predominantly white.

Kylie and C4 put words in his mouth which were racist and that is fake news. Does Snow not realise how serious this is? And does he not accept that such slanderous fake news may have consequences?  The awful thing is that this was not a one off slip by a rogue reporter.

This was only one of many fake news stories run by Kylie or her nauseating colleague little Matt Frei during the campaign.

If C4 is content to slur Mr Trump by inventing things he said why does it need to attend press conferences? Surely it can just carry on making things up as it goes along. Kylie can just watch the press conferences on Fox News from her luxury apartment and then report back to the UK with some more made up quotes bearing no reality to what she has actually seen. That is how fake news works on C4.

Donald Trump is not assaulting a free press in denying folks like Kylie access to press briefings. She and C4 are free to report whatever they want. But in giving a seat in the briefing room to organisations that like to report what is actually said rather than just make things up to suit their own agenda what is Trump doing that is so bad?

Jon Snow can bleat all he likes,but until C4 starts to report real news rather than fake news when it comes to US politics why does the sanctimonious old fool expect to be treated any differently?




Fake news maestro Matt Frei of C4 gets to nail that black Trump supporting vicar for backing racism again

842 days ago

One of the highlights of the US presidential campaign for those of us who really dig fake news from the established liberal media was Matt Frei of C4 News lecturing Trump supporting pastor Mark Burns for supporting Donald Trump. White Frei patronised the poor pastor as only a Guardian reader could do as he explained to him, assisted by a stack of made up alternative facts why he was backing racism.

Pastor Burns countered with facts but over at Channel 4 Fake News they live in a post fact era and Burns was backing racism and that was it. Frei put the darkie in his place by ignoring facts and just repeating the mantra that Trump is a racist. That showed him did it not? Boy the whole C4 team must have creamed themselves with that interview.

The good pastor is obviously a glutton for punishment as he has come over to Britain for a holiday and found himself face to face with little Frei again.

Joining Frei and Burns was Mhari Black the rather stupid SNP loudmouth MP. Poor Burns tried to talk facts, pointing out this was not a Muslim ban, noting that the vast majority of Muslims are not banned he was just targeting seven nations infested with terrorists. He also pointed out that Carter and Obama had imposed similar bans to no liberal howls of protest.

The gobshite money tree worshipping MP and little Frei interrupted repeatedly insisting that Trump was a racist, islamophobe, etc etc. Burns said he was a black man from Southern USA and new full well what racism was. Mhairi said that he was just being naive. Too right, dem der Niggers just don't know what racism is, they should listen to the white scottish lady and learn the facts of life.

When the MP interrupted Burns, Frei allowed her to shout over him. When the pastor tried to respond to smears that is to say vile opinions presented as facts, Frei told the darkie to let Mhari finish. Know your place boy!

Over on the Channel 4 News website the text on this interview is misleading. It states in bold at the start:

One of the MPs taking part in tonight’s demonstration, Mhari Black from the SNP, and Mark Burns, a evangelical pastor who has been vocal in his support of Trump in the past.

That makes it appear that Burns may be thinking again after what the Donald has done. But he is not. He backs POTUS all the way. Burns is STILL vocal in his support.

Frei reminded the Pastor that 1.5 million folks had signed a petition saying the Donald should not have a state visit here. Okay most of them are bots or not British but this is Chanell 4 Fake News. It lives in a post fact era. And don't let any upstart darkie from the cotton fields tell it otherwise.

Tom Winnifrith



Is this the silliest millennial liberal dimwit on twitter as she #Drinksstarbuckstofightbigotry

842 days ago

Starbucks has kicked off against President Trump after his "Muslim ban" which, of course, is no such thing. Its boss Howard Schultz says he is going to hire 10,000 refugees in 75 countries - many of which do not have minimum wage legislation - to show where it stands. Goodie goodie, more hard working folks who will accept shit wages to boost profits of big corporates and the stock options of their fat cat bosses. But this show of naked self interest, oops I meant real humanity, has impressed some millennials. This snowflake really is virtue incarnate and is going to change the whole fucking world. Bring on the revolution! Power to the people!

Revolution - Lennon. J. 

You say you'll change the constitution
Well you know We all want to change your head
You tell me it's the institution
Well you know You better free your mind instead
But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow
Don't you know know it's gonna be alright
Alright Alright

Personally I like to support small independent coffee stores bringing diversity and choice to the high street but what do I know?




Putting Guardian reading fuckwits at the Bristol Watershed right on Donald Trump...

843 days ago

I have noted before how the Guardianista cinema of choice for Bristol's pious liberal middle classes is the Watershed which encourages its devotees to comment on the films being watched by pinning post-its to a board. This brings out the worst in me.

Jackie, the story of JFK's widow, is one film showing right now. And thus one of the so much better than the plebs intellectual elite had posted "How sad that in 50 years the American Presidency goes from Camelot to Spamalot".

You are so fucking funny original and incisive are you not Mr Guardian reading tosser? Thus perhaps the only Donald Trump supporter ever to set foot inside the Watershed grabbed a post it and noted words to the effect of:

The hypocrisy of the liberal Elite. One President sleeps with half the women in DC and is a praised, another just talks about it and is pilloried. One almost starts World War three and is a hero while one tries to bring peace by talking to the Russians and is a zero. Go figure.

Given the commitment of the left to free speech my guess is that mt post it will have been removed within hours.

Tom Winnifrith



Who will the Lefty Wimmin & Islington poseurs want to win: The Daily Mail or Melania Trump?

845 days ago

You know when your kids ask you "Daddy would you rather jump into a room full of poisonous snakes or an aquarium full of great white sharks?" and you just say " It is not a choice I expect to make? This morning lefties across Britain and all those pampered posh liberal nitwits (and my daughter) from the Wimmin's March wake up facing just such a choice.

During the US election a deranged Hillary Clinton supporting blogger Griffin Webster Tarpley posted a (100% fake news) story suggesting that the wonderful and intelligent six language speaking Melania Trump had been a high class hooker. Britain's Daily Mail duly repeated this lie and smear without checking any facts. A US Court yesterday ruled that the fragrant Melania can go ahead and sue Tarpley for $150 million - we await a ruling on whether the Mail can also be sued.

I look forward to Melania destroying Tarpley in Court as one hopes that the rat squeals and reveals what links, if any, he had with the dirty tricks specialists in team Crooked Hillary, for whom he batted with such dedication all summer.

But a case against the Mail would be even more joyful for the quandary in which it would put Britain's lefties. Hating the Mail is in their DNA but so too is hating anything to do with Donald Trump incvluding his Mrs. Poor Melania has never done anything wrong but she is the one immigrant the lefties love to bash for everything from her margoinally less than perfect English to what she wears or the air she breathes.

So for Owen Jones, Polly Toynbee, the BBC's dim Laura Kuenssberg et al the question is "who would you rather go down in flames and who triumph and be utterly vindicated: The Daily Mail or Mrs Trump?" There will be much angst over the muesli as they consider that question across Islington today.

Tom Winnifrith



Jon Snow & Kylie Morris of C4 News - just do not understand what freedom of the press means in Donald Trump's America

854 days ago

Channel 4 News this week is wall to wall Trump bashing ahead of the great handover day on Friday. Just now and then we get a bit of remoaning about Brexit but the main focus is nailing The Donald. Having engaged in serial fake news reporting of the actual campaign as I pointed out here on numerous occasions, with beltway liberal Kylie and little Matt Frei the worst offenders, C4 just won't let go.

The final segment yesterday saw coverage of Obama's final press conference. Cue Jon Snow: "we will miss him." No pretence of impartiality there from the dozy old posterboy of the liberal media establishment. Meanwhile Kylie was really agitated, warning that Trump may change the format of White House press briefings and who was invited and that this threatened the freedom of the press.

Hell's teeth, the freedom of the press is about being allowed to print or report what you want and there is no suggestion that Trump will repeal the Speech Act or enact Leveson type controls. He is not going to stop Kylie reporting half truths and smears about him.

How he communicates with the established mainstream press has nothing to do with press freedom. If CNN, the BBC and C4, which happily reported the Golden Shower allegations as fact/quasi fact even though they are either unverified second hand rumours or, in many cases, now already proven as false, maybe Trump might decide that such outlets are so "fake news" driven that there is no point in showing civility to folks who clearly just hate him and do not pretend otherwise.

Or perhaps he now accepts that more Americans get their news from "new media" than from Newspapers so maybe he should democratise news dissemination by giving equal access to all media outlets not a privileged front seat to establishment beltway liberals like Kylie.

Kylie told the most ghastly lies about Trump, stating as fact that he claimed things he never claimed, as part of a deliberate attempt to make him less electable. She is part of an establishment that served up fake news. Making the working life of Kylie and her ilk less of a walk in the park is hardly a war crime and however much she whines it is no threat at all to press freedom.

Tom Winnifrith



Video - Celebrity rants against Donald Trump - when will they realise that we plebs don't care what they say?

864 days ago

In the US election campaign the Hollywood and New York Celeb A, B. C, D & E lists lined up to tell Americans to vote for crooked Hillary as a Trump Presidency would be the end of the world. Oddly enough the American people did not listen and The Donald won. Indeed the Republicans also kept control of both the House and the Senate.

Then many of the celebs urged those in the electoral college to ignore the electorate and choose crooked Hillary as President anyway. More delegates defected from the Democracy than from the Republicans and Trump will be the next President.

Now celebs are urging a Republican Congress (not the Congress they told the little people to vote for) to frustrate the democratically elected President. That is because the celebs think they know best. But what should be clear by now (from the Brexit poll as well) is that we the people, the great unwashed, those folks who do have money worries and are not multi millionaires gaining from an asset bubble, really do not give a damn what the celebs think. Indeed I start to detect a bit of a "blowback" against the world if the liberal established media and the celebs by we plebs react against the patronising tosh and fake news with which we are force fed.

I thus bring you this video from  a US conservative outfit which puts the celebs who want Trump blocked formly in their placing using a weapon the high-minded left seems to have forgotten about - humour. Enjoy.

Tom Winnifrith



The Mrs would not allow me to call our son Ebenezer as Scrooge gets an awful press

886 days ago

I thought it was a good name. Unusual and reminiscent of an era when Britain made things, was a truly prosperous nation and before we all demanded shelter from cradle to grave in the safe space underneath the great Money Tree. But the Mrs disagreed. And so our son is called Joshua not Ebenezer.

I saw a production of the Christmas Carol last week and poor old Scrooge got a really hard time. In the first part of the tale he is a hero, a wealth creator, a provider of employment, the sort of man we can all admire. Then those pesky ghosts arrive and in the space of a night they turn him into a Guardian reading liberal with a spine made of Jelly. The play ends with him giving Bob Cratchit a huge pay rise.

What we are not told is that as a result of pushing Bob up to a "living wage" the firm of Scrooge & Marley got into severe financial difficulties and was forced to cease trading. It was okay for for the Cratchits. With seven kids, the welfare state looked after them and Bob signed up for housing benefit and the full works. With food banks providing all the junk food the family needed, Bob was able to spend the vast welfare cheques on fags and a subscription to Sky TV.

As for poor Ebenezer, he was mentioned as a model employer in a column by Owen Jones and was given an MBE after hiking Bob's pay but when the firm went under there was no whip round at the Guardian.

Instead it called for an enquiry into the dividends Scrooge had paid out many years previously, in better times. Ebenezer was stripped of his gong and died in penury and disgrace.

The moral of the tale is that Ebenezer should have told the ghosts (played by Owen Jones, Polly Toynbee and Keith Vaz) where to stick it and carried on creating wealth as a heroic Victorian entrepreneur. Instead his life was ruined and he ends up a pathetic figure who no right thinking individual can do other than pity.

Tom Winnifrith



Mariana Mazzucato - Sussex University Economics Prof & BBCQT panelist - she is utterly bonkers

908 days ago

Post Trump the BBC tries hard to show it is balanced by having an American on the Question Time panel. Naturally it always chooses a nutso liberal democrat so that he or she can join the other panelists and hand-picked audience of Guardian readers in saying that the victory of Trump reminds them all of Adolf Hitler and is awful. Heaven forbid that Question Time might actually invite on an enthusiastic Trump supporter to represent the 59 million. So this week's token yank was Mariana Mazzucato who actually teaches crazy economics over here at Sussex University. God only help her students.

Asked about Tony Blair making a possible return to front line politics she said that he was not credible because he thought that Labour needed to reach out to wealth creators, that is to say the private sector. You and I might think that Blair is ruled out for rather more serious reasons like lying to parliament about WMD, starting illegal wars, spending the past few years making millions working for Wall Street banksters and murderous dictators, etc, etc.

But not Mariana. That is because she wants us to recognise that the way forward is to accept that it is the public sector that is going to be the creator of wealth. Oh silly me and those other two million folks who risk our capital to set up small businesses to create jobs and generate incomes and profits on which taxes are paid. We are idiots and should just stay in bed. The state can go and create businesses for all. and everyone will be rich and happy just like they were in East Germany. Right on comrade..

To think that our taxes are going to pay the wages of this woman defies belief. Oh silly me. Her filling the minds of young folks with this rubbish is creating wealth, me risking my capital is doing nothing of the sort.

1984 and all's well at Sussex University.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Postcard: fascist liberals at Hamilton & global warming falling hard in Ohio

914 days ago

In this week's postcard I look at how the liberal elite of the 1% behave like fascists at a performance of the crap uber-PC musical Hamilton in New York while in Ohio Trump voters get snowed on heavily. Oh the global warming irony. But those without jobs will not be laughing at the folly of the liberal elite on this matter.

Tom Winnifrith



Things the BBC won't tell you - Greenland is seeing record ice growth as temperatures plunge

916 days ago

The eco-loon climate change fanatics at the BBC are on a roll with the statement that the world's temperature in 2016 will be "the warmest since records began." In fact they are on such a roll they are again talking about global warming rather than climate change. But as they, again, warn that the arctic ice is disappearing there are a few inconvenient truths.

Of course "since records began" is not very long on a global scale and it is clear that the world in 2016 will be a lot cooler than it was during the medieval warm period which was before coal fired power stations. On that basis can anyone still demonstrate beyond doubt that we are seeing "man made climate change".

But there are other problems. Here are two charts. The first shows that so far this winter ice growth has been well above the 1990-2015 average. As it happens so too was last year but this year is really looking like being a record year with 3.5 tonnes of ice being added every day.



And here is another chart showing that with El Nino complete ands having spooked temperature patters for most of 2016 showing that it is God not carbon emissions driving the warmer weather, global land temperatures are now cooling at a rate not seen since the seventies.

The fraudsters who are making a killing from the climate change scam and their propagandists in the liberal media insist that we must all act to stop the world heating up and the ice melting. But the facts, the hard facts, show this is just a con.

Over to Donald Trump to send packing these liberal  establishment scammers make themselves rich while lumbering the 99% with job destroying taxes.

Now when do you think the BBC will start to report what is actually happening in Greenland?




The vile double standards of the liberal left when it comes to Melania Trump

917 days ago

I was rather fond of Michelle Obama if not of her other half, President hopey change. Okay she has a range of misguided views on all sorts of things but she seems to have a sense of humour and a pleasant enough demeanour. But there were those who criticised her generating, in many cases, a stock response from the liberal left and media: racist. If it was not racism that drove attacks on Mrs hopey change it was sexism. Now many of Michelle's defenders are now on the attack against the latest Mrs Trump, the lovely Melania.

One line of attack seems to be that she is dim. Maybe this is because English is not her first language. Some of it seems driven by the idea that stunning women just can't have brains as well. And some of it seems to come from the fact that, as a model, she was paid to take some or all of her clothes off. None of this provides any evidence at all that Melania is thick but the sneering liberal elite talk condescendingly of her broken English, describe her as a "former model" and the patronising sneer and clear implied message is there. There is no way on earth that the same sort of language would have been used about Mrs Obama as that would have been sexist or racist or both.

For what it is worth the evidence is that Melania was a studious and hard working girl at High School and not at all thick - she was an over-achiever. Moreover she can hold a conversation in six languages. That, I put it to you, is something very few of her critics could manage. But perhaps her critics are not good looking women who men would like to see naked so naturally they must be cleverer than Melania. After all, for a rich liberal from a comfortable background, any woman who is paid to take her clothes off must be doing so unwillingly and is just a dim bunny being exploited. She is making a bad choice because she is thick. That is why Page Three of the Sun must be banned.

There is no comprehension from the affluent lefty that some women, who might not be able to go to liberal arts colleges paid for by their parents, make a conscious decision to avoid working at the Tesco check-out by glamour modelling. Making that choice does not make them thick but it can set them free.

Those hard core Trump haters who the other day started tweeting #rapeMelania are of course the lowest of the low. I assume that twitter has not yet blocked them because it is too busy purging right wing tweeters like Clint Eastwood. Those new media trolls, yet to be condemned by that well known defender of rapists, oops I meant women, Hillary Clinton, are obviously disgusting. But It is the treatment of Melania by the patronising liberal elitists, as they display a predictable double standard, that I find even more nauseating.

Tom Winnifrith



Sir Patrick Stewart on Donald Trump - the luvvie who cried wolf

919 days ago

Like most millionaire luvvies Sir Patrick Stewart, as the sanctimonious old bastard likes to be known, is a diehard liberal, embracing every lost cause and muddle headed daft idea with an enthusiasm that only someone who can afford to pay lots of tax can muster. And thus it is no shock that he was cheering for Crooked Hillary in the US election right up to the moment that the smelly little people voted the other way. Now, like all the other celebs he thinks we care about what he says about the result: "Donald Trump is probably one of the very worst things to happen to our World in the last 100 years." Er hang on...

I thought the holocaust was a lot worse. The genocide in Cambodia under Pol Pot was awful as was that in Rwanda. Aids was a bad thing too and Apartheid was really bad news. Stalin murdering 20 million of his fellow Russians was a really bad thing and the bloodshed that followed partition in 1948 was appalling. ISIS - it is indeed bad news and the famines that plague Africa are terrible.

Does Sir Patrick think that Donald Trump, who has not even started as President, can already be described as being anywhere near to being as bad as any of the above? Really? Maybe he just things that starring in TV shows can be seen as a true war crime. In which case surely Graham Norton has to be up there as well, somewhere between Stalin's Genocide and that of Pol Pot?

Tom Winnifrith



I urge you to join me in support of a free press: #BoycottLego and Buy The Daily Mail

921 days ago

Two years ago as I exposed Quindell, the biggest stockmarket fraud for 30 years, supporters of that company ran an organised campaign to get companies not to advertise on websites I ran - this one and It is very easy to persuade companies that you speak for many if you are organised and vociferous and so British Airways, Waitrose, Hargreaves Lansdown and others told Google not to run their ads on our websites. Those backing the fraud, who also sent death threats while the company's expensive lawyers sent fascist lawyers letters threatening me with ruin, were more organised and vociferous than I could be and so they struck a blow against a free press.  That was a blow on behalf of criminals.

Today we learn that a group called Stop Funding Hate has bullied Lego into not advertising with the Daily Mail. The left hates the Mail for many things but its latest crime, which prompted the decision, was its coverage of the judicial review of the Article 50 vote. The Mail suggested that the judges are the enemies of the people which you may or may not agree with but this is apparently something you cannot be allowed to say.

And thus we are meant to live in a world where unelected judges can make decisions on matters of importance to all of us and the press is either not allowed to criticise them at all or can only do so in ways that the liberal left deem to be acceptable. What a terrifying world this is.

I do not buy the Daily Mail. Since I disagree with vast amounts of the crap it spews I am not sure that I can bring myself to become a regular purchaser but I shall make a symbolic gesture and buy the Mail on Sunday today. And I shall click on one advert on the online edition each day going forward as a statement of my support.

Meanwhile Lego can go fuck itself... my son Joshua will not be given any of its bricks ever.

I hope others follow suit and #BoycottLego now to teach the cowardly bastards a lesson. A free press is something to be fought for on a universal basis not a selective one.

Tom Winnifrith



Guardian writer Monisha Rajesh calls for assassination of Donald Trump - will the liberal rag fire her?

923 days ago

After the Socialist MP Joe Cox was murdered by a mentally ill man the left wing Guardian Newspaper was quick to blame and condemn right wing Brexit campaigners who it claimed - with no evidence at all - had prompted this act. So what is its take on the tweet yesterday from Monisha Rajesh,a writer on travel matters who the Guardian uses regularly. She thinks that President elect Donald Trump should be assassinated.

Monisha has now deleted her tweet and protected her account but the screenshots are out there as you can see below. Will the Guardian show consistency and fire Ms Rajesh? Or does it think that it is okay to suggest that killing politicians, who have just picked up 59 million votes in a free and fair election, is acceptable if they happen to be right wing?

Free speech is something one should fight for but ihcitement to murder is not acceptable. Come on Polly Toynbee you remember what you wrote after Jo Cox died don't you? Now, how about 400 words on why Monisha must be fired?




A Candlelit vigil in Bristol against Donald Trump - shall I go in my #HillaryforPrison T-shirt?

925 days ago

Hell's teeth there are some pathetic folks out there who really do not understand this democracy thing at all. Tonight in my home City we are being urged to head along to a Candlelit vigil to protest against Donald Trump. It is being organised by an American ex-pat, who said she wanted to bring Americans living in Bristol – and indeed the whole community – together... this woman sounds truly appalling.

I quote from the local paper

Sara Finning, from California, said she struggled to tell her children the news that a man who boasted about sexually assaulting women had been voted in to the most powerful job in the world.

"Like most people I was worried because the polls were showing it was going to be close, but I was completely shocked when I got up this morning and having to explain to my kids that Donald Trump won was really, really upsetting for me and them," she said.

"His campaign has very much been based on hatred, and if he can't be responsible for his own Twitter account, then how can he be responsible in the most powerful office in the world?" she added. "If he runs the country like he ran his campaign rallies, where people were beaten up and mocked, then America will be a very, very difficult place to live."

The candlelit vigil will aim to bring together shocked Bristolians, whether they are from America originally or not. "I don't have an agenda, I just had this emotional feeling that I needed to do something, something that can bring people together," added Sara, who has lived in Whitehall, Bristol, for ten years.

"I don't hate anyone, I don't even hate Donald Trump, I just want to show that not all Americans are racists, not all support him," she added.


No all Americans are don't say?

I have asked the Mrs if we might head along with me wearing my HillaryforPrison T-shirt? But she says that it is quite cold and at my age I need to be careful.

So instead I shall stay in and delight in watching the uber-liberal propagandists at Channel 4 News squirming as they explain why all of their coverage was so utterly wide of the mark.

Tom Winnifrith



Clint Eastwood makes my day as he tweets it as it is on Crooked Hillary Clinton

932 days ago

Go ahead Clint..make my day. And he did! The great man does not hold back on Crooked Hillary Clinton. Natch the Clinton worshipping British media who have reported any z list Hollywood liberal who rants against Trump will be reporting this in full....not!. Clint socks it to to the crooked one with both barrels...





Lily Allen you spoilt privileged luvvie snob you do not speak for me or for England on immigration: feck off!

952 days ago

Born to two celeb luvvie parents, the pop singer Lily Allen has never had to struggle. Growing up in lefty and leafy Islington she attended 13 different schools including uber posh Bedales and was booted out of most of them. She is fabulously wealthy thanks to her pop songs. And now, when visiting the Jungle near Calais, she has apologised to those there on behalf of the whole country. Lily you are an out of touch elitist and can fuck right off.

Most of the folks in the Jungle at Calais are harmless but a number are gang rapists and worse - crime is rife there. Lily wants the whole lot admitted to the UK. When they arrive the good folks and the bad will end up in poorer areas not where Lily lives. So the gang rapists won't threaten her. Not will any of them act as cheap labour in the singing profession and put downward pressure on her wages or ensure more rationing of education and health in the social circles inhabited by Lily.

For Lily there is no downside for immigration and so need to debate the fact that their presence in France shows Jungle residents are not refugees as they are already in a safe country. Their wish to move to Britain makes them economic migrants.

But rich folks like Lily and C4's uber liberal anchor Jon Snow want more migrants so facts don't matter. There will be more cheapo nannies, cleaners and waiters at posh restaurants on offer for the liberal millionaires and no downside. Lily lives a privileged life so remote from the rest of us that is one of the least qualified folk in Britain to speak on our behalf. Lily sweetie, you sell records, you are not mandated by the rest of us or qualified in any way to apologise on our behalf.

Post Brexit (which she opposed natch) Lily tweeted "One thing is for sure though Boris will not be negotiating with the working classes interests in mind. We must #STOPBORIS". Places like Bedales really teach you what the working classes want and qualify you to speak on their behalf.

Tom Winnifrith



Debate Two - A massive win for Donald Trump, he can still win the Presidency

955 days ago

After the past 48 hours Donald Trump needed to crush Hillary Clinton in the second debate. And the Donald did just that. He played a blinder. Crooked Hillary had a very bad day at the office.

Before the debate Matt Frei, the uber liberal C4 host who patronises black folks who don't know that it is racist to vote Trump, insisted that Republicans were deserting Trump in droves. The BBC reporter on the ground in St Louis interviewed some real folks and came to the same conclusion. She was having a fake liberal orgasm as she reported this "news" in gushing and breathless excitement.

The ABC poll showing that 96% of GOP supporters were sticking with Trump post the tapes was just an inconvenient fact that the liberal media ignored. Remember how the same folks dined out for a whole week about poor Melania Trump's convention speech which was a catastrophic disaster. It was not. It was just another beltway fantasy.

Tonight, pre debate, Frei was visibly creaming himself with thoughts of the Dem victory party and did not care about facts. He laughed a laugh which said "you are a dumb conservative" at the Republican lady in his studio for disagreeing with him and the bearded Democrat creep who both thought Trump was toast. He pushed her about how the GOP would try to get Trump replaced even though it was clearly not going to happen. But that was the high point for Frei and his liberal elitist chums round at Channel 4 and over at the BBC.

Trump played a blinder with a pre debate press conference with three women Bill Clinton raped or abused and who Hillary smeared and attacked when they dared to kick up a fuss. There was also a poor woman who was raped by a man Hillary defended. She's on tape laughing at how light a sentence her client got. The girl was 12 at that point. Nice. Actions speak louder than words and for Hillary to say she is the feminist candidate is just not born out by her career as an enabler. The BBC and C4 tried to avoid giving the coverage much air time even though it was explosive.

Then to the debate. Trump soon had Clinton waffling. He had all the great lines. Hillary had to explain why she told Goldman Sachs that she had one policy position for private parties with banksters and one for what she told the electorate. She tried to blame Trump & Putin for the leaks but then compared herself to Abe Lincoln ( a great Republican) as he dissembled to abolish slavery. Jesus wept. Crooked Hillary thinks she is like Honest Abe.

Do you remember the VP debate from 1988 when ageing Democrat Lloyd Bentsen faced up to hopeless Republican Dan Quayle and utterly floored him with the riposte "Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy." Quayle comparing himself to JFK is very much like Crooked Hillary comparing herself to Honest Abe. And while Abe was working Congress to abolish slavery, Hillary was working private parties with bankers to raise campaign funds. Trump had her on that point.

He then repeatedly bashed her over the 33,000 emails she has hidden, he'd get a special prosecutor, she'd go to jail. Patronising Frei thought the jail comment that was below the belt, a low point. Here in Bristol I was punching the air, shouting Yes! And outside the effete coastal liberals, most Americans will be with Trump on that one. They know Hillary is a liar, the polls are clear on that point. She is the least trusted Presidential candidate in history.

On the Sex issue Trump could have been more contrite but he turned the questions to Paula Jones who Bill had to pay $850,000 to as compensation. And Hillary smeared Jones repeatedly. That was not the action of a feminist. Paula and other victims were in the studio and the camera panned to them. It also panned to Bill's face and he looked sick.

On issues such as the Supreme Court, Clinton was polished and what she said will have gone down well with her base. But bashing Trump for threatening to repeal Roe vs Wade will get those evangelical Republicans who might have deserted him on Friday flocking back in droves. Trump is probably pro-choice but said nothing. He did not need to.A question from a Muslim was designed to stump the racist Trump. But he turned it to security and also to Hillary's repeated policy blunders in Syria, Iraq, Libya. Hillary will have impressed uber liberals with her answer but their votes are in the bag already . With swing voters it was a Trump win.

At times Hillary really panicked. Confronted about those 33,000 emails she just said that is not true go to for an imprtaial fact check. The trouble is that everyone in America knows that she did order the deletion of 33,000 emails. So she was just caught lying about her lying. Crooked Hillary only incriminated herself even more. That was a Richard Nixon sweaty face in 1960 moment, it was truly awful.

Cleverly, as Hillary repeatedly waffled past her allotted two minutes on each question, Trump complained and accused the moderators - who are both drawn from the liberal media establishment so many Americans loathe - of bias. The narrative of the established media showing liberal bias resonates. Think Brexit and the BBC's coverage. Repeatedly Trump quoted mad Bernie Sanders saying Hillary showed poor judgement. The mud stuck.

The polls out post debate back my call it was a storming win for Trump. Back in the Channel four studio the bearded Democrat creep who before kick off was essentially calling the election as all but in the bag was asked who was going to win on November 8. He started waffling on about how Hillary had the better organisation on the ground. That would be the Dems hard at work registering dead folks in Virginia and illegals in Pennsylvania. In the space of 90 minutes he had gone from "we are going to walk it" to "we will on differential turnout because we are better organised on the ground". That tells you that the bearded creep Dem knows Hillary was thrashed.

As it happens I am sure the Hillary organisation at precinct level is better than that of Trump. I am in no doubt that it has actively registered dead folks across the USA to vote for the crooked one. But Trump supporters were more fired up - as offers change and folks want change. After debate two Trump voters will be even more fired up. Hillary backers are simply not that enthused. We shall see how differential turnout pans out in the end.

In the C4 studio the pleasant and charming Republican Lady could not contain her excitement. It was not just that Trump had utterly walloped Clinton, that he had stopped and reversed the limited bleed since the sex tapes but it must have been the pleasure of sitting next to loathsome patronising uber liberal Matt Frei who must have hated the whole ninety minutes.

What next? The polls will tighten although I remain convinced that they underestimate Trump because of "shy Republicans". There will be more Trump tapes but they will have less and less effect. There will be more Hillary wikileaks revelations and they will hurt. Paula Jones et al will not go away. The eight reasons I gave weeks ago for believing Trump would win are all still valid.

It is game on and all to play for.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Despite the sex video Donald Trump is not finished yet whatever the BBC & liberal media tells you

956 days ago

Ok the video from 2005 and a couple of recordings from the radio show of the great Howard Stern are not good for Donald Trump. But it is not - as the liberal media - want you to believe game over. Hillary Clinton is an enabler for a serial sexual predator come rapist and that is now going to come out second stage in the second debate. There are also the latest Hillary leaks which the BBC is not covering which really are damning. The past 48 hours have been bad for folks like me who support Trump but it is not, necessarily, game over as I explain in this podcast

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith postcard: Mrs May, Amber Rudd & The Tories: I'm somewhere between nauseated & repelled by you

959 days ago

The antics of Mrs Theresa May and dimwit Amber Rudd at the Tory party conference have won political acclaim but as a social and economic liberal I am appalled by a party boasting of its social intolerance while seeking to crush a free market economy - the economic shift to the left is awful. And as for the metropolitan elite who run the Tories reaching out...I just do not believe it. I am left nauseated by some of it and repelled by most of the rest. If this is the best on offer, and sadly it probably is, it is time to emigrate. 

Tom Winnifrith



The Newsnight Brexit panel - the BBC does not even pretend to be impartial any more

961 days ago

When a broadcaster that we are forced to pay for abandons any pretence of impartiality with its news coverage, the great unwashed who earn a fraction of the salaries of the star presenters, and even B list camera candy, have every right to be angry. That is where we are at with the BBC right now. last night's Newsnight from the Tory conference marked a new low point. A panel was assembled to discuss Brexit.

Leading the pack was Guardian journalist Andrew Rawnsley, a lefty and a Remainer. Then there was Tory MP Heidi Allen who campaigned for Remain. Third up there was Tory peer, journalist and Cameron biographer Danny Finkelstein. He too was a remainer. Finally there was Jenni Russell a journalist who went from the BBC to C4 to the Guardian and New Statesman and is now at the Times and was described as a "key member of the new establishment". Jenni is left of centre and, of course, voted to Remain.

So the 48% of the country and 30% of Tory voters who wanted to Remain were well represented by four members of the political media establishment whose views on social issues would all be described as liberal and who all wanted to stay in the EU. And they were there to discuss Britain and the EU with presenter Evan Davis who, of course is another uber rich member of the liberal left and also a "Remainer."

The BBC could easily have found the odd Eurosceptic at the Tory conference but it is now not even pretending to be partial. This is the broadcaster that proceeds every single piece of good economic news, of which there has been an awful lot since June 23, with the words "Despite Brexit."

I could probably accept that the BBC is out of tune with the country on many issues with its left liberal bias. I would privatise it but could understand why others would not. But when Pravda stops to even pretend that it is impartial, it shows a contempt for those who pay for its output not through choice but because they are forced to. At that point we, the great unwashed, will show our contempt for the BBC.

After last night's effort can anyone explain the moral case for me to actually pay for my license any more?

Tom Winnifrith



Elitist millionaire liberal snob Alvin Hall on the BBC to call the great unwashed thick racists before they vote "the wrong way," for Trump

965 days ago

Self styled financial guru Alvin Hall took to the BBC last night to explain why his fellow Americans might vote for Donald Trump - because they are either stupid or racist. It was as simple as that. What a charmer.

Hall has presumably done very well out of the asset bubbles that have ballooned under Obama. He must own shares and bonds and probably has property in a coastal City in the US. So he's all right jack and so he buys into the Clinton narrative that America is doing really well. Alvin's doing well and so all the other media folks and East coast millionaire liberals he knows are doing well so America must be doing well.

Of course those not geared to the asset bubble, folks not owning Real Estate in the coastal Cities or working in the media or cushy white collar jobs or for the State are doing badly. And that means a disproportionate number of black folks - though not Alvin. The lower and lower middle social classes are worse off in 2016 than they were in 2008 and they are angry.

Alvin insisted that it was just white folks voting Trump because The Donald was using racist "code words." Hence they are not actually phrases you and I recognise as racist but Alvin knows they are so therefore they are. If that was not the reason why folks backed Trump it was, according to Hall, because they are white trash who are just so dumb that they just feel in awe of TV celebs.

How patronising can you be? At least with the Brexit vote most of the patronising liberal elite waited until after the vote to smear 52% of the electorate as racist or thick or both. Alvin wants to get in early. Might Alvin consider tht some white folks might vote Trump for other reasons? Why, for instance, might Monica Lewinsky - branded a slut by Hillary - be considering backing the GOP?  Becuase she's a racist of course. Or how about laid off workers, of all colours, sitting jobless across the rust belt and told by Hillary that America is not broken and is doing great? Can Alvin think why they might not be lining up to vote Democrat on November 8?

The fact that the polls show that Trump is the most popular Republican among black voters since 1960 and that he will get at least 33% of hispanic votes shows that vast numbers of Americans of all colours are furious about a society that sees them getting poorer while rich liberals like Alvin not only get richer but then smear the less fortunate as bigots or imbeciles when they kick up a fuss and say that they want change..

Naturally the BBC allowed Alvin a free rein for his appalling and factually challenged views. It would have been racist to have done anything else.

Tom Winnifrith



Pepsi - the Channel 4 News LGBT star from the Calais Jungle: a wet dream for Jon Snow

966 days ago

It was a total wet dream for liberal media luvvies Matt Frei and Jon Snow of Channel 4 News as they discovered Pepsi in the Calais Jungle. Originally from Indonesia, Pepsi had started adult life fighting as an Islamofascist terrorist before he moved to Libya where he came out as a homosexual which under the Gadaffi regime was, apparently, fine. But the Western backed rebels who ousted Tony Blair's pal Gadaffi were not so progressive when it came to gay folks so Pepsi, we are told, had to flee to Italy as an illegal immigrant. Actually he could have fled anywhere or even taken a plane back to Indonesia. He opted to illegally enter Italy and Europe but C4 gossed over that detail.

In Italy, Pepsi decided to start dressing as a woman but says he still likes to be described as male.

Clearly the place where Pepsi would fit in best is swinging London and thus Pepsi hiked it up to Calais and the jungle. Here it gets bad. Pepsi says most of the migrants there are conservative Muslims who are not big on LGBT issues. Indeed six of these conservatives are so anti gay that they took Pepsi out into a field and gang raped him.

Now Pepsi wants to apply to be in France rather than the UK. Channel Four, of course, wants us to let all the folks from the Jungle including those ultra conservative muslims who hate gays so much they gang rape them, into Britain. Luckily for Jon and Matt and the C4 liberals, the gang rapists will not end up getting housed anywhere near the posh bits of London where they live. They will be sent to live with the poor people and if the poor people don't like it, I guess that just makes them racists does it not?

Pepsi is not a refugee. He/she is clearly a migrant from Indonesia. The gang rapists are not refugees, they lost that status when they first set foot in a country that was deemed safe having left their homelands. That is if the homeland is unsafe which for many Jungle residents it is not.

The whole sad story of Pepsi shows what a mess this whole situation has become. But let's not allow hard questions or serious issues to get in the way of a tale which just ticks all the right boxes for London's liberal media millionaires. For folks like Jon Snow and Matt Frei, Pepsi's tale was a chance to show how truly pious they were, it was like Christmas had come early for the Guardian reading elitists.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Why Donald Trump is the candidate who walks in the footsteps of Dr Martin Luther King

971 days ago

The dreadful interview of a black Trump supporting reverend by patronising liberal bastard Matt Frei last week threw up numerous references to a hero of mine, Dr King. All politicians like to claim they walk in his footsteps. Our views are skewed by 1963 and "I have a dream". I look at 1968 and events then and how Dr King changed tack in his final year or so and argue that it is very much Donald Trump not Hillary Clinton who walks in those saintly footsteps today.

Tom Winnifrith



Lifelong Democrat Kirk Douglas compares Donald Trump to Hitler - the Hollywood liberals are rattled

971 days ago

Twitter is ablaze with excitement that Kirk Douglas, who I must admit that I had assumed was brown bread, has come out in support of Hillary Clinton. Better still the veteran actor has made comparisons between Donald Trump and Hitler. Jeepers, the millennials and metropolitan liberals are excited.

Of course Douglas has been a lifelong Democrat. For eighty years the old boy has pulled the Dem lever at election time however utterly useless the Democrat candidate was. George McGovern, yup Douglas backed him in 1972. Mondale in 1984 had Kirk onside and that Dukakis chap, who got wiped by Daddy Bush in 1988 was backed by Mr Douglas and Bruce Springsteen,but by more or less nobody else across the  entire United States.

Heck the Dems could run a war mongering candidate who lies repeatedly about almost everything, is involved in a raft of financial scandals and FBI probes and is not medically fit to run a dog pound and Kirk Douglas would still back that candidate. Oh hang on...that is exactly what he has just done. Yet the millennials still reckon this celebrity endorsement will swing votes.

As for the Hitler comparison that rather smacks of desperation does it not? When the Dems start slating the Republican candidate on a daily basis as a racist you know that is just par for the course. White liberals like Matt Frei tell black people that they are racist if they vote Republican because rich white liberals just know so much more about the world than the black people themselves. Go on Matt you go tell the niggers what is best for them and what they SHOULD be thinking and then thank the Lord (not that you believe in him) that you were born a superior white liberal.

But the Hitler comparisons are just so OTT that you know the Hollywood and Democrat elites are now running very scared indeed...they are now accepting that the great unwashed are threatening to vote the "wrong way".

When they start accusing Trump of eating babies that will be a final admission of defeat but for now they are still fighting so will just stick to the Hitler jibes.

Tom Winnifrith



Channel 4 News Beltway Liberal Kylie Morris puts awful words into Donald Trump's Mouth...she's scared

972 days ago

A few months ago beltway liberal Kylie Morris of Channel 4 News was still sure that Donald Trump would not even get the Republican nomination. But now she and her "Group Think" elite are running scared.l So all pretence of impartiality is out - quite simply Kylie now tells lies to smear Trump and aid Clinton. Her report last night opened with an assertion from Mat Frei back in the C4 studio that hispanic voters in Florida are overwhelmingly likely to support Clinton and retiree incomers to support Trump. Certainly the latter is true.

As to the former, among Florida hispanics Obama beat Romney by 21% in 2012, the last poll (Pew Research) showed Clinton 24 points ahead of Trump but with a stack of undecideds and with momentum heading Trump's way. Trump ( now on 29% to Clinton's 53%) will secure more than a third of the hispanic vote come November 8. As with Brexit, C4 just cannot accept that non whites might vote the "wrong way".

Kylie went to meet old retirees who are overwhelmingly voting Trump and naturally found the nastiest most outspoken Trump fanatic going to focus her report on. That is always her game: find the dimmest and most hard line Trumpster and depict him as the norm. But it got worse as Kylie described the retirement villages where old folks have "found the American dream he is promising: its predominantly white and predominantly conservative."

Kylie: can you find me one single quote where Donald Trump has promised to make America predominantly white? That may be your view of what he wants but you are hardly partial. But what you stated to camera is not that you think Trump wants a white America but that Trump has promised a white America. We both know that he has promised nothing of the sort and what you are passing off as reporting as balanced journalism is, in this instance, a very explicit and unequivocal fabrication. You are putting words in the mouth of Mr Trump to smear him.

Of course Kylie has talked demonstratble garbage for so many months, as I have demostrated with hard facts time and time again, that the only folks that believe her now are those who would vote for Clinton even if it were shown that she had emails deleted showing that she gave access to her office in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Which of course is exactly what has been proved beyond all doubt anyway, not that Kyle will report that in full.

That Kylie smears Trump on a daily basis with her unfounded assertions is to be expected. But to now start claiming he said quite outrageous things which he simply has not, marks a new low. She is worried and it is showing....

Tom Winnifrith



Lardbucket slut on welfare Emma Lawlor wants more of your cash - the left says its another one-off

977 days ago

Emma Lawlor is a 27 year old lardbucket from Wolverhampton who has five kids by two absentee and unsupportive fathers and has never worked in her life. She trousers £19,000 tax free in benefits a year , plus free housing one assumes, and that allows her to spend £100 a month on takeaways and £20 a month on cigarettes. and now she wants more...

Emma, a women who has obviously been troughing it at the food bank, reckons that she is "entitled" to every penny she gets and that she should in fact get even more as she "cannot afford school uniforms" for her brats. It is hard to know where to start with this vignette of life in Britain today. But for my wife and others on the liberal left it is easy: "The Daily Mail ran a story about this so it is probably not true and even if it is true it is a one off, a fluke."

Yes. The Mail picked up on Emma but sadly she appeared on C5 in a documentary first and the numbers are straight from the mouth of this lardbucket on benefits. So yet again the facts are true, despite appearing in the Daily Mail. And since these tales crop up on a weekly basis how often do the "one-offs" need to appear before the left accepts that they are not one offs, the UK welfare system is just bust.

It is bust in that folks regard being supported as a non worker having as many kids as they want as an entitlement, a human right although they themselves have never earned a cent or so paid a cent into the system, other than by recycling a portion of their benefits via VAT. It is bust in that this woman could easily afford a few second hand school uniforms without having to cut back that much on her cigarettes and junk food and, no doubt SkyTV, alcohol and lottery tickets as well. Instead a woman whose physical appearance indicates that she has lost any sense of self respect, just expects other folks to work harder so that she does not need to make any sacrifice at all.

Welfare should not allow for any luxuries it should be a safety net not an alternative lifestyle. And the Welfare State is bust since the current system funds sluts, both men and women, who will not face up to the consequences of their actions to breed without care or restraint, knowing that others will pick up the tab. These people simply bring more children into a dependency culture, a world based on a belief in rights not responsibilities, a life of welfare addiction.

I pity women like Emma Lawlor. In a way she disgusts me in that I and thirty million other Brits have to work hard to fund her appalling lifestyle. But this lifestyle is only possible because the liberal establishment, including most of the Conservative Party, is in denial. It fails to accept that the welfare state is fundamentally broken. The liberal left wants to talk about austerity rather than face the appalling reality that is people such as the lardbucket welfare slut Emma Lawlor.

There is another part of broken welfare Britain from the other end of the social spectrum I look at HERE, please don't think my scorn is reserved for the poor welfare addicts.

Tom Winnifrith



Emily Thornberry - the default mechanism of a cornered lefty: scream "xxxism!"

983 days ago

Emily Thornberry is a rich fat slug living in a multi million pound Islington townhouse who sneers at folks living in chavtastically decorated former council houses and who work hard in the productive part of the economy driving white vans. Ms Thornberry is a state funded parasite whose vast wages are paid by white van man, by you and I. She is entitled to her snobbish views although it might seem a tad ungrateful to those who pay her wages. It is also rank hypocrisy since Emily is a front bench spokesperson for the party that claims to support the working man, the Labour Party. That gaffe was last year's foot in mouth.

Her new brush with the headlines results from an interview on Sky News in which she failed to name the French Foreign Minister. She them demanded that she be asked about Korea instead and then failed to name the new PM in South Korea. To be honest I know that the leader of the South Koreans is a woman but that is about it and as for the froggie I have not got a scooby. I suspect that less than 1% of us could name either the frog or the dog eater.

But then again Ms Thornberry is meant to be Labour's foreign affairs spokesperson. So I'd hope she knows a bit about this sort of thing than you and I. But I - and most folks - would have laughed it off if she admitted that she could not remember. It would have been an incident forgotten in days. In fact sooner. Within hours we would again have been focussing on the big issues for Labour: the seating plan for Owen Smith's tea party with ISIS, celebrating all the triumphs of Jeremy Corbyn's year in charge or awaiting the next Keith Vaz rent boy scandal.

Instead Ms Thornberry reacted as all liberal left folks do when cornered. Don't know the answer? Losing the argument? Lock down in default mode and accuse your opponent or interviewer of being a racist/sexist/ homophobe - delete as applicable. It has been working for years. So terrified are we all of being branded a bigot, even by a silly woman like Emily, that we all back down at once, begging forgiveness for having asked too tough a question or having dared challenge something such as the need to kill first born sons in order to promote an equality agenda.

Unfortunately for Emily she is just so silly and has got such appalling form for being an all round arse that for once the default attack/defence mode has not worked and, rightly, she is being widely ridiculed.

Now can we get back to the loathsome toad Vaz as, after years of pious sanctimony oozing from every pore, he gets his comeuppance. Laughing at Thornberry is just not so entertaining.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Crooked Hillary Clinton collapse - her lies & prospects and a bad day for the lying liberal media elites

983 days ago

For months and months some of us have stated that Crooked Hillary Clinton has a health issue and have been dismissed as right wing lunatics by the mainstream liberal media. After yesterday's 9/11 collapse are we owed an apology. We aren't getting one. The mainstream press is in denial and is still buying the spin and lies from the Clinton team even as they contradict themselves. But America is not buying it anymore. It's a dark day for the media but a darker day for the loathsome Hillary. What happens next?

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Postcard - 8 Reasons why Donald Trump will defeat Hillary Clinton on November 8

991 days ago

The British media, lead by Beltway liberal Kylie Morris on C4 News and by the BBC are not reporting what is actually going on in the US Presidential race just what they would like to be going on. They have called Trump wrong all along in terms of actual ballots cast and they are still wrong. In this podcast I offer the eight reasons Trump will win.

1. The insurgency vs The Establishment
2. What the polls say
3. The Black vote
4. House prices & rental yields
5. The stockmarket
6. Melania vs Bill
7. Trust
8. All the black swans would land for Trump


Tom Winnifrith



Louisiana Floods caused by global warming or climate change - a history lesson for the nutters?

1010 days ago

We are told that the awful floods in Louisiana of August 2016 are caused by climate change or global warming. Whatever. Here is a report and a photo of the flooding in Louisiana. Guess the year - hint it is not 2016.

Rainfall peaked at 37.5 in (953 mm) in Miller Island off Louisiana, making it the wettest tropical cyclone in state history. Nineteen official weather stations in both Texas and Louisiana recorded 24-hour rainfall totals for the month of August as a result of the slow-moving hurricane. Property, livestock, and crops–especially cotton, corn, and pecan crops–were heavily damaged. Entire ecosystems were also altered by the rainfall.

The highest of these was in Crowley, where 19.76 in (501.9 mm) of precipitation fell on August 9; the station would record 33.71 in (856.2 mm) of rain over the course of the storm. The torrential rainfall submerged the city under 2 ft (0.6 m) of floodwater.[12] In Cameron, the storm dropped 21 in (533 mm) of rain was reported.[16] In St. Landry Parish, bayous flowed over their banks, causing refugees to evacuate to Opelousas. In the Acadiana region of southern Louisiana, the resulting floods were considered worse than the floods that resulted from the Sauvé's Crevasse in 1927. There, whooping crane populations were severely impacted by the rainfall, and only one was known to be alive by 1947. The floods inundated roughly 2,000,000 acres (800,000 hectares) of land in Louisiana. Much of the lowland areas remained underwater until October.

Yes that was 1940. By contrast in the worst affected areas this time over the course of three days we are told by the local press that

All in all, between last Tuesday and this morning, neighborhoods around Livingston and Baton Rouge saw more than two feet of precipitation.

And as it happens the flooding in 1940 was the worst since the disaster of 1849 which coverred a far greater area than the "global warming" floods of 2005. So on that basis can the global warming nutters explain how come the rainfall and flooding was worse 76 years ago and 167 years ago than it was this year. Where were the 4 by 4s and the coal fired power stations then?

Like the medieval warm period these facts are just inconvenient truths for the climate change nutters of the liberal media and political elite. They can be ignored as they stiff the poor and middle classes with more taxes to "save the frigging planet." Anyone who can read a history book knows that climate and weather are just God's little joke. They change. Get over it.

PS. Oddly 1939/40 also saw the coldest winter in Britain for decades. That was just eight months ahead of the very warm and very wet days in Louisiana as a tropical storm moved in. The events in Britain were, presumably, down to global warming too

Tom Winnifrith



Allahu Akbar screamed the machete wielder in Belgium as he attacked 2 cops - how a liberal explains this one

1020 days ago

The cry was clear as the chap attacked two female cops in Belgium this afternoon. The BBC is still not reporting the jihadist reading material of the Russell Square attacker and insisting that the chjap was simply an insane Norwegian and his acts had nothing to do with his belief in the religion of peace. We shall see. But this time it is hard to spin it. Even the BBC is using the word "jihadist" in its coverage.

But wait. It is has only been a few minutes. The Belgian fuzz will know the assaillant's entire mental health history well before they know his name and what odds will you give on us being told within hours that:

a) the guy was nutso and that is the real issue
b) whether he was nutso or not and he almost certainly was he was a lone wolf, just one individual
c) the real victims of this will not be the two female cops but the wider muslim community who will suffer a backlash because evil racists, like me, insist on spouting the truism " nearly all Muslims despise terror attacks in Europe but nearly all terror attacks in Europe are carried out by Muslims" and suggest there is a problem.

There is a bloody problem. On social media there are already tens of thousands of tweets laughing at the way the establishment will follow the playbook above. The people of Europe can at least see a humour in that playbook which is a silver lining to this awful cloud.

But it also shows that the way the establishment is denying what is going on and is lying to the people is just not cutting any ice any more. The political and media elite can say whay they like, we, the people do not care or believe a word they say. And that is dangerous.

Tom Winnifrith



Russell Square - the BBC still evades the point & so becomes ever less trusted

1020 days ago

Out in the real world evidence has emerged showing that the Russell Square killer had been reading books supporting islamic extremism in recent months. The BBC is still buying the line from the Old Bill, calling this a killing by someone with mental health issues and referring to him as a Norwegian born in Somalia. Actually it is worse than that.

In yesterday's coverage it mentioned the killer only en passant at the end. The rest of its report was filled with details about the victims. Whatever. Out there in the real world folks ask two questions.

1. If this chappie was a Norwegian born Somali with mental health issues what on earth was he doing living in Britain. Norway is not in the EU. Norway is not a repressive evil regime, it is uber tolerant and liberal and the country is rich. So this poor chap was clearly not facing persecution there or economic hardship. Is the UK meant to offer sanctuary to folks who have mental health issues but no right whatsoever to be in the UK? Why? Since when did we become a free to enter asylum for the insane of the world?

2. Okay the guy had mental health issues just as, we are told, did the chaps in Nice, Ansbach, on the train in Germany, etc. They also had another thing in common: they were all reading up on islamic extremism and/or watching Islamofacist videos. Some had been in contact with ISIS. All were Moslems. Nearly all Moslems abhor attempts at mass murder of random strangers in Europe. Nearly all attempts at mass murder of random strangers in Europe are carried out by Moslems. Everyone else in the country is discussing the statement above and its implications, why won't the BBC and liberal media?

By failing to answer or address these two questions, the folks at Pravda Broadcasting might think they are fighting a good fight for liberal values. Free speech and open debate, not being liberal values for lefties in 2016.

In reality they are dodging awkward questions in a way that we who pay their bloated salaries via the license fee poll tax can see through very easily. We will ask those questions anyway and draw our own conclusions. But we will draw another conclusion too: the BBC is simply not fit for purpose and cannot be trusted at all.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: another Vision of suffering for eternity in hell

1020 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



Another liberal middle class Guiltfest: #Blacklivesmatter comes to the UK

1021 days ago

Airports across Britain are today being disrupted by activists protesting that #blacklivesmatter - well of course they do. All lives matter but for white middle class liberals in the media and on twitter and facebook this is an opportunity for angst, guilt and self loathing that cannot be missed. But what about the hard data?

Sod the hard data, lets just feel guilty about slavery and how everyone, especially old Brexit voters, are all racists, facts do not matter any more do they? This is Airstrip One and its 1984 every day these days. Okay the UK is among the safest countries on this planet but so what? Okay our police forces do not collect data as they do in the US which show that 94% of killings where the victim is black are crimes where the killer is also black. It is estimated that in the UK the black on black murder figure is well above 80%.

But what about all those blacks who get beaten up by the filth and die in custody? Good point my hipster friend with a daft beard sipping your semi skinned latte, somewhere in Spitalfields, while reading the Guardian. In 2015 there were 573 murders in the UK. Between 1990 and 2015 according to the charity INQUEST there were 1,563 deaths on the watch of the Old Bill so that would be about 63 a year but the vast majority were just folks who just died in custody - we all have to die somewhere. Of those 1,563 deaths, Inquest found that exactly 18 were unlawful and the last one of those was a white guy. The last unlawful killing of a black guy, Jimmy Mubenga, was in 2013. So the rozzers unlawfully kill less than 1 person a year and according to Inquest they murder a black guy about once every three years.

We are so politically correct in the UK that Police data on this matter is hard to find. Perhaps that is because the truth might not please the liberal narrative of the establishment. Data from London in 2010 found that when it game to gun crimes 67% of the assailants were black and 29% of the victims were black as against 12.5% of the general population. Nearly all the blacks shot were shot by blacks.

Black Lives really do matter. What drives the killing of black men and women is largely drugs and drug related crime. That also sees a lot of white folks taken out. The rozzers, for all their faults, very rarely kill black people. The issue that needs addressing are Britain's ludicrous drugs laws, which I discuss in full here.

Today's protests are by folks who clearly have too much time on their hands, almost certainly State funded time, and can't be arsed to look at hard facts. That the BBC and the rest of the mainstream liberal media takes this crap seriously, shows again why it Pravda and the deadwood press are not fit for purpose as they pursue an agenda based on prejudice not on reality.

Given that today's disruptive protests are based on a myth not on reality can any misguided liberal reading this explain how they will make race relations better rather than worse?

Meanwhile I rather worry that reporting hard data and questionning those who just make blind assertions on this matter with no data may soon be viewed by some dreary liberal as a hate crime. It is only a matter of time..

Tom Winnifrith



#PrayforLondon after Russell Square - fuck off you Godless liberal hypocrites

1022 days ago

Hashtag praying & a City. Yes it is another terror attack carried out by a person of faith. The response from the latte sipping Metropolitan liberals is at once to rush to twitter and show solidarity.

First up append whatever national flag is appropriate to your avatar. Oh Hells teeth you can hear them shrieking from Islington all the way to Stoke Newington and up in Central Manchester, we can't have the flag of St George, that is for white van driving common people. Its so racist and 20th century. Whatever.

Ok send out a tweet #prayforLondon because we all love each other really. Heck you fucking liberals why not go to a Church for some real praying for once in your life?. I know there might be some old folk who believe in God there. How fucking barbaric and backward looking are they? Ok well we won't, like, say a real prayer because only reactionary UKIP bigots, like, believe in that Jesus shit, you know. But we are showing solidarity on new media.

Ok, now off to go on a #BoycottByron march so that more poor people who actually, you know, like have a job get to get fired.

Gosh I really love living in Shoreditch in the flat Daddy helped me buy with all my liberal friends, we are so fucking tolerant and really, like, think about the big issues. Not like Old people.

Tom Winnifrith



The Guardian & other liberal media smear Clint Eastwood as an apologist for racism because he backs Trump

1022 days ago

Clint Eastwood is today smeared by the Guardian and the rest of the liberal press as an apologist for racism. His real crime in the eyes of the metropolitan elite is, of course, that not only is he a Republican but that he says he will vote for Donald Trump over crooked Hillary Clinton in November. If you are guilty of such a crime, being an evil conservative, all else flows naturally including, in the liberal mind, a good chance that you are a racist.

The Guardian leads with the headline "Clint Eastwood defends Trump's 'racist' remarks: 'Just get over it' Note where the 'quote' marks are.

On the subject of Clint's racism it quotes from a passage in an interview Clint gave this week in Esquire Magazine. The tax dodging Guardian states:

“He’s said a lot of dumb things,” the actor and director said of the man who has pilloried Mexicans, Muslims, immigrants, women, and the list goes on and on. “So have all of them. Both sides. But everybody – the press and everybody’s going, ‘Oh, well, that’s racist’, and they’re making a big hoodoo out of it”. Eastwood’s advice to America: “Just fucking get over it. It’s a sad time in history”

Now let's read what Clint actually said, in the interview, in its full context. The way the Guardian quotes selectively at the top of the story does not read that well for Clint. But the actual section in Esquire runs:

ESQ: What do you think Trump is onto?
CE: What Trump is onto is he's just saying what's on his mind. And sometimes it's not so good. And sometimes it's … I mean, I can understand where he's coming from, but I don't always agree with it.
ESQ: So you're not endorsing him?
CE: I haven't endorsed anybody. I haven't talked to Trump. I haven't talked to anybody. You know, he's a racist now because he's talked about this judge. And yeah, it's a dumb thing to say. I mean, to predicate your opinion on the fact that the guy was born to Mexican parents or something. He's said a lot of dumb things. So have all of them. Both sides. But everybody—the press and everybody's going, "Oh, well, that's racist," and they're making a big hoodoo out of it. Just fucking get over it. It's a sad time in history.

That is a bit different is it not. The now closed Trump University faced a fraud charge. The Judge was Mexican. Trump stated that he felt that given his comments on Mexican immigratiomn the judge might not be impartial. Clint thinks that was dumb (he's correct) but racist? It is not racist, it is not viewing Mexican Americans as inferior or differently it is just a dumb comment about judicial impartiality. One might note that when liberals make similar comments - notably in applauding the way OJ Simpson wanted his murder trial in an area where most jurors would be black - that is NOT racist or dumb at all.

The Guardian headline would have you believe that everyone (including Clint) acccepts that Trump's remarks are racist. Clint is not discussing all the controversial remarks Trump has made - the Guardian injects that into the narrative but does it so smoothly that it suggests Clint brings it in. And Clint is not, as the Guardian headline implies, either accepting that the one remark he discusses on race matters in the interview was racist and he is not, in fact, defending it at all.

As such the Guardian headline and editorial on this matter is grossly misleading and unfair on poor old Clint. As to why Clint backs Trump the quotes are clear:
Eastwood told Esquire that if he had to pick between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump,

“I’d have to go for Trump."
“You know, 'cause she's declared that she's gonna follow in Obama's footsteps. There's been just too much funny business on both sides of the aisle. She's made a lot of dough out of being a politician."
“He's just saying what's on his mind,” Eastwood told Esquire. "And sometimes it's not so good. And sometimes it's … I mean, I can understand where he's coming from, but I don't always agree with it."
“Secretly everybody's getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That's the kiss-ass generation we're in right now. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren't called racist."

Leaving the grotesque slander on Clint and the deceptive way the Guardian filters its own words into Clint's quotes which really is appallingly unprofessional, who do you think most ordinary Americans will agree with?

That is if they see the full interview, rather than the slanted smears of the liberal press, will they back Clint or some ivy league educated privileged rich coast living liberal journalist?

Tom Winnifrith



The false maths of the PreP pill - mad gay liberals will kill gay men & the NHS

1023 days ago

If men want to have sex with each other I have no problem with it. If they want to get married to each other I support their right to do so. After all why should hetrosexuals be the only ones to suffer. But a High Court ruling yesterday means that you and I and all the other taxpayers are going to be forking out vast amounts to subsidise the lifestyle choices of a vocal, and well supported, minority. And that minority will suffer disastrous health consequences as a result.

That is to say the NHS is now obliged to hand out, on demand, PrEP pills which if taken daily will reduce the risk of one becoming HIV positive by up to 92% if you have sex with someone who is HIV positive. In other words it is far less effective than a condom or indeed restricting your sexual partners to those you know have been tested and not shagging anyone who is up for it.

The powerful, well funded darling of the metropolitan elite, lobby for gay equality has demanded that PrEP pills be handed out freely to those who want them by the NHS and has secured a High Court ruling that this must happen. The argument here is that gay men have a "right" to shag who they want with the state picking up the tab ( £400 a month) to keep them HIV safe. But of course these pills will not do that. They only work in 92% of cases ( source, the Centre for Disease Control) but by encouraging more gay men to have unprotected sex with folks they have not checked out you will get plenty of folks still being infected. 8% of a larger number of folks having unprotected sex, will almost certainly be more than 1% of a smaller number. Condoms are 98-99% effective in stopping HIV transmission via anal sex.

And of course more folks having unprotected anal sex but using PrEP pills will mean a surge in the spread of other STDs .

The Gay lobby argues that dishing out these pills will see fewer folks getting HIV and since the lifetime cost of treating HIV is c£400,000 this is a great way of saving money. That clearly is not the case at all. Dishing out PrEP pills will almost certainly see far more gay men having unprotected sex and with that 8% failure rate ( as opposed to 1-2% for condoms) that will see more gay men getting HIV and Aids.

But in mad liberal Airstrip One we are not allowed to argue with this all powerful lobby as it cites human rights. If I developed a pill which if taken daily would allow folks to smoke and be 92% less likely to get lung cancer can you imagine a demand for that pill to be handed out free of charge to protect the human rights of smokers? Of course not.

The real irony of this is that as the gay lobbyists bleat about human rights of gay men, more gay men will end up HIV positive as a result of what is happening. And the NHS, which cannot afford all sorts of things, will pick up the tab for this madness with post the pills and the lifetime treatment of those infected because of the 8% failure rate.

Tom Winnifrith



An apology to red trousered lunatic and ex Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson

1026 days ago

I have on a number of occasions pointed out that the red trousered, car hating lunatic George Ferguson was a quite appalling mayor of my home City of Bristol. I feel, however, that I owe Mr Ferguson an apology.

Mr Ferguson's hatred of the car resulted in Bristol being a place where one was always snagged in roadworks and where parking in the City centre was either impossible or prohibitively expense. This did not effect rich folk living in central areas such as Clifton but hammered poorer folk who can only afford to live further out. It is the sort of regressive poor bashing thought-set that sanctimonious and rich, Guardian reading liberals like Ferguson adore.

I had hitherto suggested that Mr Ferguson's hatred of the car was unsurpassed in Bristol and that made him the worst possible candidate for Mayor. I apologise to Mr Ferguson for that canard. For it appears that his successor, a Labour bore called Marvin, hates the car even more and is now plaguing the City with even more roadworks.

It seems that with Bristol Mayors, as with Archbishops of Canterbury, you think the incumbent is woeful and the worst in history. Then he goes and within weeks of the next chap taking office you look back on the old guy as being some sort of heroic visionary.

Bring back that lunatic Rowan Williams for Archbishop, bring back Red Trousers as Mayor.

I don't often apologise but here goes.

Mr George Ferguson's hatred of the car is almost unsurpassed in Bristol and that makes him, among the 432,000 citizens of Bristol, the second worst possible candidate for Mayor after Marvin "boring" Rees. I apologise for suggesting that Mr Ferguson was the worst possible candidate for Mayor among the 432,000 people of Bristol. that was clearly not quite true.

Tom Winnifrith



ISIS & Al Qaeda must be praying that Crooked Hillary Clinton defeats Trump

1027 days ago

As Obama's Secretary of State, it was crooked Hillary that did so much to create the mess that is Syria today. Over the past four years President hopey change has slowly backtracked and at last peace is in sight out East. Both ISIS and the, largely Islamofascist and often Al-Qaeda affiliated, Free Syrian Army, FSA, are in retreat. But crooked Hillary has plans to change all of that.

What is it with the Democrats and blood lust? The original Clinton analysis that drove US policy was that Syrian President Assad was such a bad man that the US had a right to intervene to oust him. This was a mindless error at three levels. Firstly why does the US get to decide which regimes are good and which are bad. That Assad must go but Mugabe is okay to stay? It has no right to meddle in the affairs of another nation when not itself threatened. Such meddling always causes blowback that hurts an America. And it is meddling that deficit bound American can no longer afford anyway.

Secondly why was Assad so much worse than, say, those chaps who run Saudi? Which regime allowed women to wear whatever clothes they chose, gave Christians freedom to practice their religion and did not go in for large scale public beheadings of "criminals" including women who had been raped? Syria or Saudi. The answer is, as I am sure you know despite the smokescreen and deceit of a compliant Western mainstream press, Saudi. Both regimes crack down hard on dissent but you can make a very strong case that, pre War, the Saudis were far more authoritarian and brutal. And it is Saudi that is committing large scale war crimes in Yemen right now, old Assad never tried anything like that.

I am not urging toppling the vile house of Saud but merely pointing out that assisting those who want to topple Assad looks like they have made a very selective and non fact based choice.

And finally, at a pragmatic level, one would have thought that crooked Hillary would have learned that ousting strong leaders in the Mid East creates not joyous liberal democracies with affirmative action plans for women and gays but chaotic vacuums and hotbeds of terror. Think Iraq. Think Egypt. Think Libya. Why on earth did crooked Hillary think Syria would be different.

But she did, and so, with money, weapons and international pressure the USA and the West supported the FSA many of whose members are outright Islamofascists and some of whom back Al-Qaeda. That weakened Assad so much that not only did the FSA make gains but so too did ISIS as Hillary created another vacuum of power.

Thankfully Russia and Iran saw the folly that the West was engaging in and, correctly, assumed that the West would be too cowardly to send in "boots on the ground". Russia and Iran had no such fears, did just that and assisted by Russian air power, they have helped the forces of Assad to push back both the FSA and also ISIS. It will be Assad and his allies who drive ISIS out of its "capital" in Raqqa and out of Syria if left unhindered. And then Assad can also rout the FSA, forces who throw folks from tall buildings and behead their opponents just like ISIS.

Syria will be a better place as a result. It will be more liberal and tolerant. Christians will again live without fear. Women will wear what they want. There will be no public executions, beheadings, throwing of people from buildings. The Kurds will rule their areas unhindered and - one hopes - without being bombed by Turkish and Saudi planes. That would indeed be the plans of the allies of American and Britain. The planes of our friends. When Assad wins the war there will be no excuse for our allies to kill the Kurds as they to today without the West objecting.

But crooked Hillary wants to change all that. The mendacious woman has again insisted that the real enemy is Assad. She lies to the people of America with this claim and states that the US will do everything it can to oust him when she is in charge. The woman who says Trump makes the world more dangerous is prepared to go head to head with Russia but to what purpose? The only winners from her stated policy will be ISIS and Al-Qaeda. They must be praying for a Hillary win against Trump this fall.

My hope is that by the time of the inauguration, should crooked Hillary have won the General Election, events will have moved on in Syria with Assad winning control of Raqqa and being a large way towards driving ISIS out of the country altogether.

At that point, surely even crooked Hillary would realise that Assad, though no angel, was really the least bad option all along, as those smart folk in Russia realised. Maybe that might stop her desire to meddle again. But I would not bank on it.

Tom Winnifrith



Donald Trump masters Crooked Hillary Clinton with twitter wit

1030 days ago

However much of a deluded liberal you are, you must surely admit that on this twitter exchange The Donald well and truly mastered crooked Hillary Clinton. Heck even my business partner Darren Atwater admitted it was funny and you do not get much deluded and misguided than a hipster Canadian do you?




Torturing stern lefty sister N as my reactionary father comes out in style

1035 days ago

My lefty sister N is the one who gave her husband, the kraut, membership of the Labour Party as a Christmas present. Jesting with her about the current woes of the People's Party is therefore not something that boosts family unity. But there is a new tease from my father.

The old man has for the past 28 years humoured my late step mother by reading the Guardian every day. Global warming, LGBT oppression, the beloved EU, those poor polar bears, he knows it is all rubbish but devotedly he read it anyway. As the Grauniad argued that poor oppressed and overworked university lecturers needed to be even more overpaid he thought back to his bone idle colleagues at the University of Warwick, and his anger boiled up but he suppressed that in front of my step mother by toddling off to the White Bear to read the Daily Telegraph whose world view was far more acceptable.

During the past three days my father has been in Bristol and sometimes he listened to my podcasts being recorded, at the end of which he pretends to be a lefty by muttering "fascist filth". Most of the time has been spent reading Niall Ferguson (Empire), Melanie Phillips (All Must have Prizes) and that Peter Hitchens book about the decline of Britain. He nodded with approval throughout all three tomes concluding that he could find little to fault in any of them. And then, he joined the Conservative Club too, noting its cheap cider. Heck: Dad that is the joy of capitalism, market forces and all that.

And so, on our return, sister N phoned to ask how Dad had enjoyed Bristol. For N, Ferguson, Phillips and Hitchens are devils of the right, wicked awful folks who support everything that she opposes. And of course they all do so with a cracking sense of humour. It is N who expresses the view that "if Uncle Chris (Booker) supports something it must be wrong". You and I know that on all issues bar one ( Israel) C Booker is bang on the money. For N the horseman of the conservative apocalypse are Hitchens, Phillips, Ferguson, Booker (who Dad reads every week) and perhaps these days Rod Liddle. Maybe I shall give her a book by Mark Steyn or perhaps Demonic ( how the Liberal mob is endangering America) by the wonderful Ann Coulter, to broaden her sense of outrage.

Anyhow last night Dad fessed up to his reading matter and how much he had agreed with Mel in particular. I guess that was his "coming out" moment.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Postcard: the Dallas Cop & Jo Cox Killers what it says about America on race, the West on mental health & hateful liberals

1046 days ago

I reflect on the killing of the Dallas Cops and the two innocent young black men gunned down by the Police and on the death of Jo Cox MP: what it says about race relations in the USA, how we too often judge contemporary events outside the context of history, what it says about how we treat those with mental health issues on both sides of the pond and finally on the double standard of the hateful liberal mind.

Tom Winnifrith



The EU immigrants living in fear and misery thanks to the lies of the liberal left

1054 days ago

The charming woman next to me on the plane back from Kalamata was a Greek living in Cardiff. She said that she was frightened. So were her friends: Italians, Poles and other bubbles living in Britain. How could they plan for the future when it looked as if they would be booted out post Brexit?

I asked: Who said this was going to happen? Which of the leaders of the vote leave campaign: Boris, Gove, Priti Patel, Nigel Farage, Carswell, Gisela Stuart, who? She did not know but she said that on social media it was everywhere. My wife reports that our Greek friends in Bristol have the same worry and their fears are intensified every time they meet the lefty friends of the Mrs who insist, incorrectly, that Brexit was driven purely by Xenophobia and racism.

The truth is that no Brexit campaigner, not even nasty Nigel Farage, said anything about repatriating EU migrants who were already resident in Britain. They arrived legally and that is the end of the matter. Indeed Brexit campaigners stressed that there would be not a single expulsion of such folk.

But that does not matter to those in Project Fear. They lied ahead of June 23 and they continue to lie. At every chance the smear the 52% of us who voted for Independence day as racist little Englanders and they smear our leaders as bigots as they try to thwart democracy by making us all vote again by pretending the last vote was somehow dirty.

Those folks on the liberal left who claim the moral high ground need to realise that what they are doing is spreading fear and panic amongst those they claim to support, EU Nationals who are residents in this country, immigrants. The sanctimonious left are telling lies as part of a cynical campaign and causing misery and fear among, often vulnerable folks, as a result.

They should be ashamed and desist. But they will not because they are always correct and holier than now and anyone who disagrees with them is simply a wicked right wing neanderthal. As such there can be no discussion of facts. Here endeth the lesson from the book of Toynbee.

Tom Winnifrith



Orlando - an American liberal "its all about Trump" - don't these idiots have any values?

1074 days ago

Sitting in the bar in my hotel here in Kardimili Greece an American woman in her late 20s looked at her mobile device and says "Oh my God, Orlando, 50 dead." She is a few hours off the newsflow so I I helpfully pipe that it was an Islamic attack.

"How do they know?" she bites back. Oh shite. I have met a liberal with utterly distorted values. Though she uses the word God she is almost certainly a non believer but is praying hard as we speak that the killer is a white Christian American who hates gays. Then she can pin this all on Republicans, the Religious Right, US gun laws and Donald Trump.

But I guess the fact that this liberal has not spoken to God in many years and insists on celebrating the anniversary of his son's birth by saying "Happy Holidays" means that the old guy is not listening to her today. For I am able to counter " His parents are from Afghanistan, he is called Omar Mateen, he called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS before going in for the kill during which time he was heard to be praying in arabic." I reckon that might shut her up.

But no...she blames America's gun laws not the chap who used the gun. Surely even a liberal knows that guns don't fire themselves? So I counter that terrorists get hold of guns in Europe but our cops don't normally carry firearms so if this had hapened in a gay bar in an equivalent British City many more would have died. I say that i am thankful your cops carry guns as that saved lives.

I do not add - but think to myself - that I wish this had happened in Texas becuase in that state some of the customers would almost certainly have been "waering" and the death toll would have been far lower.

It is clear at this point that we are now going to bond as soul mates so she turns to her companion and says loudly that what she "cant bear about this is how Donald Trump and his followers will go on about Moslems."

I bite my lip and say nothing more to this liberal bitch. What I can't bear about this is that there are more than fifty of her fellow citizens lying dead just because they were gay. That is what is unbearable surely? It is innocent men and women being butchered. Whether it is innocent gays slaughtered in Florida or innocent music lovers slaughtered in Paris it is all unbearable. Surely even a liberal must regard this as the most unbearable thing about this.

Mr Trump may well raise the fact that this attack was by a supporter of an organisation that defines itself in terms of its Moslem faith. As were the attacks on 9/11 or in Paris or Madrid or in London on 7/7 as was the genocide and mass rapes of Yazidis in Iraq. There is a common thread. We in the West have a problem that we are under attack not by all Moslems but by Terrorist groups who are all Moslems and who attack in the name of Islam. That the fucking liberals cannot accept that and regard anyone raising this issue as the thing they can't bear, as opposed to the slaughter orf their innocent countrymen and countrywomen, just shows how twisted and debauched sections of the liberal intelligentsia have become.

Donald Trump did not cause the attack in Orlando. It was nothing to do with the right of Americans to carry firearms. Redical Islam does not need guns to kill people it is quite happy to use the bomb or the knife. This attack shows that the State can no longer keep us safe from those who have declared war on us and on our freedoms. If anything Orlando strengthens the argumemnt that, across the West, we should be allowed to carry firearms to protect ourselves.

But those debates are for another day. What I cant bear as I head to my bed is that the death toll is still rising. More and more mothers and fathers are even now being told that their kids have predeceased them. That is unbearable. So, I am afraid, are sick and twisted liberal minds whose first thoughts are about anything other than the victims and their families.

Tom Winnifrith



Is this the worst Trump & crooked Hillary reporting yet? BBC World News heads out West

1082 days ago

I was lying in my hotel room in Greece a couple of weeks ago and tiring of dubbed films and piss poor Greek soccer matches made the mistake of flicking the handset to check out the biased BBC World News Channel as it promised a special report on the US Campaign. Oh goodie, goodie, a report on how Trump had that week surged ahead in the polls right? Er...

First up said the airhead presenter we go to Donald Trump's campaign and our reporter goes to somewhere where he has very few supporters at all. Hmmm Might that be Hollywood? Or the most hipsterish district in Brooklyn? Or perhaps Mitt Romney's Country Club? No. The BBC Reporter was in Mexico. This will surprise you greatly but in a town near to the border which the Donald wants to tighten the BBC managed to find a raft of folks who were happy to say that they were anti Trump.

Shucks I guess The Donald is gutted. Just how many electoral college votes does Mexico get in the US election? Yes that would be zero as it is a foreign country. Its a bit like France where the BBC will be filming folks saying they hate Trump next week. Then it was over to the Dems and chief US correspondent Nick Bryant was at Wellesley for graduation.

Wellesley is the most uber liberal college in California, itself a liberal state. It is women only and its most famous graduate is crooked Hillary. Nick was amazed to find that virtually no-one was voting for the Donald and that crooked Hillary was storming it. Well what a shock. Whatever next? Apparently in the Vatican the Roman Catholic church is polling very well and there is almost no support for Radical Islam. Quick, BBC send a reporter - that is breaking news is it not?

What sort of service does the BBC think it is providing? The polls show that Trump is ahead of crooked Hillary nationwide and, that in the Californian Democrat primary - and we can safely assume most Wellesley students are registered Dems - Clinton is only neck and neck with mad old Bernie Sanders. The BBC could not have picked two less representative groups of voters, or non voters in the case of the Mexicans, had it tried. So just how is it serving its viewers with such coverage.

Tom Winnifrith



US actor Matt Damon tells us how to vote on Brexit - so what you little prick?

1083 days ago

It has been widely reported that the pompous US actor Matt Damon has opined on Brexit, branding it "insane". Mr Damon's qualifications as a political scientist or an economist are unclear. He did go to Harvard but dropped out before graduating and studied English. To suggest that he has any expertise on the finer points of Brexit would therefore be somewhat pushing the limits of plausibility.

And, as an American, no-one should really care what Matt Damon thinks about a British issue. Perhaps with his enormous intellect Mr Damon might discuss when was the last time that American citizens took heed of overseas counsel in terms of making domestic policy decisions? After 1776 we Brits stopped deciding how Americans live and what is sauce for the goose is surely sauce for the gander. Or does Matt Damon think that America and Americans have a right to tell the rest of the world what is good for us? Go on eat up your greens little child, think about the starving children in Africa.

Of course Mr Damon is an actor, a fecking celebrity. That means we are obliged to imbibe an airbrushed view of his life as we buy his products making him ever wealthier and then listen to his predictably liberal and dreary views on global warming (big threat, get the Government to take more money from poor people to fight it), Donald Trump (bad man) and now Brexit (bad).

Is anyone out there actually swayed ahead of the referendum by what this self-obsessed little prick says?

Tom Winnifrith



You have driven past Port Talbot sneered Newsnight lefty harpie Kirsty Wark to Ken Clarke

1147 days ago

Pravda's flasgship current affairs programme Newsnight felt the need to cover the imminent closure of steel works across the UK by India's Tata last night and so invited onto its show, commie journalist Paul Mason (ex Newsnight) and fat old Tory Ken Clarke. In the chair was the sneering chearleader of the metropolitan media liberal elite Kirsty Wark, a woman who insists that she earns less than £500,000 a year.

Workers of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your taxpayer funded lifestyle.

Clarke wiped the floor with Mason, quite rightly pointing out that while pretending to be a new age thinker Mason merely trots out ideas discredited by the late 1960s. Does anyone in the real world really think that the Government should own "strategic" parts of the economy? Mason does and thus thinks Steel should be nationalised or given to the workers to be co-operatives? In Mason's world - and this is 1930s Communism not sixties socialism - The State can seize privately held assets to give to the workers.

But why would the workers want to own assets losing £1 million a day? Mason did not explain how that was going to pan out. He was gibbering by the end as Clarke walked all over him. For once the fat old Euro-loon brought a smile to my face.

But the most telling moment came early on as Clarke said that he was aware how important Steel was in some areas as he had driven past Port Talbot many times. So have I and as you head along the Motorway you cannot miss the steel works. But Wark sneered "you have driven past Port Talbot". She missed the point Clarke was making ( anyone can see how big Steel is in Port Talbot) suggesting with her sneer that he would never actually go visit a post industrial working class shit-hole like Port Talbot. He would just like to drive past.

It is the "all Tories are snobs who don't care about the workers" line that the BBC loves so much. From her media career - largely supported by the grateful taxpayer - Wark owns a flat in Central London, a Majorca holiday home (where she entertains Labour politicians) plus property in Scotland. She is minted. And you can bet that she spends bugger all time mixing with the workers, the proles. Kirsty mingles with the media and political elite (lefties only) at smart parties and in expensive Zone 1 restaurants. One suspects fat old Ken meets many more proles than Kirsty as he wanders around his constituency in the East Midlands.

The Wark sneer said everything. However much utter baloney Mason spouted and however often Clarke exposed his intellectual non-sequiturs, Wark was batting for her old comrade Mason all the way. It is after all the BBC and with Pravda there is only one form of truth.

Tom Winnifrith



Lesbians For Donald Trump - Beltway liberal Kylie Morris of C4 News is very confused indeed

1163 days ago

Out on the stump in a working class town in Ohio, one could sense the discomfort of Channel 4 News reporter Kylie Morris as she encountered rust belt workers from the real world. Gosh they paint their dogs in funny colours for St Patrick's Day she noted. I am sure she thought it all rather naff, rather white van man, but didn't quite say that on camera. But then salvation for Ms Morris as she stumbled across two big fat lesbians. However, much to the consertanation of the beltway liberal the bull dykes were voting for Trump.

But, an uncompreheding Kylie stammered: what about what he says about the blacks and the hispanics? For her narrative is that of the middle class liberal. That is to say all minorities are oppressed and all need to stand shoulder to shoulder with a Big State looking after them.

For folks like Kylie, as I have noted before in her lamentable coverage of the US election, there are of course problems. What about the large number of hispanics and blacks who have lived the American Dream, worked hard, joined the middle classes and vote not only for the GOP but in some cases for Trump? What about those nice brown men who rather blow the liberal narrative apart as they demand the excecution of homos in the name of Islam? What about the clear tensions in the ghetto between poor blacks and poor hispanics, the turf wars?

We can gloss over all of that if, like Kylie, we live in the beltway where are the minorirties are rich, liberal and middle class and the only intolerance shown is to that real minority in such areas, Republicans.

As Kylie asked the two lesbians about the blacks and hispanics I prayed that one of the two would say "FFS we are lesbians at a St Patrick's Day Parade, cant you see we are not black or hispanic, stop patronising us by assuming all minorities are the same you silly cow."

Sadly the lesbians were not quite that eloquent but merely suggested that Trump spoke up for them and would get their vote. That is to say Trump appeared to care about white working and lower middle class people in the flyover states, in the rust belt, folks who have got poorer since 2008 whilst the East & West Coast dined out on funny money, QE and asset bubbles.

Trump has a message, perhaps the wrong message but a message none the less, for such folks and unlike all the Beltway political class folks with whom Kylie mixes that makes him stand out. Trump does not make a big issue of whom someone chooses to have sex with, he leaves it to the liberals like Kylie to regard such folks as different.

But they are not are they? Without obsessing about betwee the sheets action as do the Democrats, Trump is simply reaching out to a whole section of society hitherto ignored by Replulicans and taken for granted by Democrats. And guess what Kylie, some working class folks are gay and lesbian as well as working in a factory. Not all homos work in the meduia, liberal arts or in restaurants.

Tom Winnifrith



Why does the left hate free speech: Trump gagged again - The Donald must be delighted

1166 days ago

Once upon a time folks on the liberal left on both sides of the Atlantic used to believe in free speech. In the McCarthyite era they were able to claim the moral high ground but somewhere in the last fifty years it has all gone horribly wrong. For the left now seems to think that free speech means that you can say whatever you want as long as you are a liberal, a lefty. The left misses the point: if you believe in free speech you fight for the right of your opponents to say what they want not just the rights of your supporters.

The left has closed down discussions as it denied free speech. And so for years it has been impossible to discuss immigration without the debate being closed down amid screams of racism. It has been impossible to discuss reform of the NHS becuase if you do not regard doctors as saints and the only solution to any problem to be to chuck ever more money down the bottomless pit you are a heartless fascist, a wicked Tory. The discussion is unable to progress.

There is a interesting debate about how affirmative action may actually adersely affect the career progression of capable female and ethnic candidates. But if you try to open up that discussion you are a sexist or a racist or both. So there is no debate. The left just closed it down.

And yesterday the left closed down Donald Trump. carrying banners marked "Make America Hate Again" the strormtroopers of the left forced the front runner for the GOP nomination to cancel a rally in Chicago. The only winner....Trump.

The college kids and middle class activists may see this as a victory. They are mistaken. They were never going to vote for him anyway. Among Republicans and "Reagan Democrats," the sort of folks who dont get a privileged start in life and an education at the sort of college where they no platform wicked capitalists and accept only one point of view, the shouting down of Trump will only make him more popular.

When did liberals stop supporting the idea of free speech? And when did they just become so stupid?

Tom Winnifrith



Kylie Morris on C4 News: "racist" Trump & the Hispanics, a new low point for lefty British Media

1184 days ago

I have noted before how Kylie Morris, the US correspondent for Channel 4 News is perhaps the dopiest, most out of touch liberal left reporter going. This woman makes the BBC look balanced. But we can now show Kylie hitting a new low as she points out what a vile racist Donald Trump is.

Two days before the Nevada primary Kylie filed a long piece on how hispanics voters in Nevada were shunning Trump. After searching really hard all day Kylie managed to find just one Latino voter who was voting for Trump, a Vietnam vet who Kylie was thus able to expose as a weirdo. In Kylie world, latinos shared her view that Trump was a racist and none were backing him.

Now the Nevada results are in. Trump got 44% while his two closest rivals - both half Cuban - got 24.5% (Rubio) and 22% (Cruz). That was among all Republican voters. Among hispanics Trump scored 44%, Rubio 29% and Cruz 18% which means that the supposed racist scored as well among hispanics as among white voters securing almost 1 in 2 Hispanic Republicans. Cruz appears to be even less liked by hispanics than he is by whites. Maybe he is half racist? Kylie can you explain?

Of course Kylie boasts that she lives inside the Beltway and thus her Washington liberal elite narrative is that all hispanics are poor brown folks who think Republicans generally are racist and so are default Democrats.

The reality is that large numbers of Latinos have ignored Democrats who urge them to portray themselves as victims of racism and give up and have instead worked hard, lived the Americam dream and thus, as affluent, tax-paying, God fearing folks are now registered Republicans and are are very open indeed to the Trump message.

Kylie in her patronising liberal way just assumed that brown folks would be poor. She did not seek out any rich latinos of whom there are many. And that is why British viewers were told that it was impossible to find any Latinos voting for the racist Trump when in fact the Trumpster stormed the Latino vote.

At what point will Channel 4 News accept that whilst Kylie's take on life might fit in well with their snearing liberal values, her failure to report anything like the truth is just getting a tad too obvious and that she needs to be replaced by someone marginally less stupid?

Tom Winnifrith



The economics of purchasing 20 Marlboro Lights in Clerkenwell

1427 days ago

The vast amounts of tax the Government imposes on those of us considerate enough to avoid the NHS having to treating us for Alzheimers and other diseases associated with longevity, means that 1 in 5 packets of fags bought in the UK are now smuggled. Here in Clerkenwell I have a dilemma.

My retailer of choice knows me well and when I enter and point below the counter I am usually offered a packet of finest Polish or Vietnamese Marlboro Light at £6.50 a pop. But occassionally the under the counter stocks run out and after a shake of the head I am offered legit fags at £9.69.

At that point I am too embarrassed to say “no I only buy cheap smuggled fags” and I cough up the full amount.  I do so knowing that with its economies of scale the Sainsbury’s local sells the same packet at £9.44.

On the basis that 7 times out of ten the true free marketeers do have Polish or Vietnamese in stock, it is my outlet of choice. And a Government that allows its liberal - as in oppressive and illiberal - morality to overide economc common sense with regards to tax policy, loses out again and the criminals prosper.

Tom Winnifrith



Why does the West Wing inspire me?

1577 days ago

The box set was my Christmas present to the Mrs. As she is a deluded lefty you would expect her to empathise with a hopelessly liberal White House. As you might have gathered I have no time for the Jed Bartlett administration. They want to spend so much of other folks cash on daft projects, I want to tear my hair out.

Ainsley Hayes – now she is my sort of woman. I can’t wait for the appearance of Arnie Vinnick. For now I have to tolerate Jed and his team. But I cannot help it, I come away from an episode and am inspired by them. Tonight Leo and Toby agree that the battle for re-election has begun (we are on series 2). Jeepers I hope they lose and lose badly. Yet I don’t. I know it is not good for America or a free world but.. heck I want them to win (and know they do anyway). They inspire me.

Is this because the Mrs is leading me astray? No. Or perhaps other conservatives feel the same way? It is all rather confusing.

Tom Winnifrith



Oxford University Press and the Pig ban – More fools than anything else

1588 days ago

The City of my birth contains more than its fair share of deluded lefties who worship at the altar of political correctness while singing the praises of the great Money Tree in the sky. They may not be bad folks but they are fools and their sanctimony drips out in a most annoying fashion.

And so this week the Oxford University Press announced that henceforth it would not be showing images of pigs or sausages lest it offend Muslim readers. How many Muslims were offended by a picture of Peppa or Winnie the Pooh’s little pal? Sod all of course. The middle class lefties probably know very few Muslims. The Muslims live in the poorer bits of East Oxford, the folks at the OUP wouldn’t dream of crossing over Magdalen bridge and leaving leafy West Oxford.

Many of us find the writings of Polly Toynbee and Owen Jones offensive but we would not dream of banning them because we believe in free speech. It is a particular trait of the middle class liberal mind that free speech is seen to be so selective.

That the City that saw Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley burned for their beliefs, less than half a mile from the OUP, should throw up such nonsense is just sad. Sad is the word to describe this episode. Or perhaps silly. Or pathetic.

Tom Winnifrith



Global Warming is a feminist issue, it's driving women to prostitution – moron liberal Barbara Lee

1956 days ago

It is good to see that moron liberals reside on both sides of the Atlantic and January’s moron liberal of the month is California Congresswoman Barbara Lee with a claim so ludicrous it is hard to know where to start.

This imbecile has just authored a new resolution put to Congress which seeks to demonstrate that climate change (or global warming as nutters like Lee used to call it before the Planet started getting a lot colder), is an issue that effects women more than men and so forces them to become prostitutes so they get Aids and die and thus the US Government (heading for bankruptcy, last seen) needs to do something.

To quote this total nutter, as a result of global warming, oops I meant climate change:

Food insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health.”

Oh noooooooo.

It gets worse. Lee reckons that global warming, sorry I meant climate change, could add to “workload and stresses” on female farmers, who produce 60 to 80 percent of the food in developing countries.

Right so it is not just starving female consumers but also farmers who will become hookers and get STDs and die. Shite this is serious stuff.

But fear not, the US Government is broke but Lee wants it to spend more money anyway not just in discussing her ludicrous resolution but with actions. She demands that Congress needs to recognize a “balanced participation of men and women” in climate change adaptation.

What the fuck does all that gobshite mean?

Lee needs to recognise.

a)      Your fat bloated sex crazed pal Al Gore started this nonsense by saying the world would get warmer and by 2014 the Antarctic ice caps would have melted. Ms Lee: Have you read about the Ship of fools over Christmas? Have you noticed the weather in the USA this winter? Ms Lee you are worshipping a false idol.

b)      The USA can kick the debt ceiling can down the road every few months (and you can guess Lee’s voting record on that one) but its deficit is an unconstitutional disgrace and its debt is unsustainable and thus some fatted calves need to be sacrificed or bankruptcy looms.

c)       Not EVERY issue (or non -issue in this case) HAS to be defined in terms of gender oppression.

Of course Lee can dismiss this article at once since it uses a couple of biblical terms. For the cutting edge liberal moron it may be compulsory to worship at the temple of global whining (sorry I meant climate change) or abortion on demand or sexualisation of the young. But mentioning something remotely to do with Jesus or the Old Testament just shows you up as a red-necked Conservative bigot who can be safely ignored.

Tom Winnifrith



Nick Clegg is Right and the Moralising Tories repel me

2151 days ago

Go back to bed and take an aspirin, I fear that I find myself agreeing 100% with Nick Clegg who for once shows himself as a true liberal. Meanwhile the Tory party nauseates me. The issue is tax breaks for married couples.

Call Me Dave has already pledged to hand out £150 a year in tax breaks to folks who opt to get married. But some of his more reactionary colleagues in Westminster (step forward Tim Loughton MP and Peter Bone) want the number to be £2,000. The Tory party is split on how much should be handed out to one section of society who have made a lifestyle choice of which they approve but they wish to use money paid for by every sort of taxpayer to fund those who follow this moral path.

Clegg may support Secret Courts, gagging the press and various other appallingly illiberal measures but on this one he is bang on the money. Government should never seek to use money taken from all sections of society to bribe people to follow one lifestyle course of which they approve purely on moral grounds.

If I suggested that there should be tax breaks for those men who frequented gay bathhouses to have sex with complete strangers you would think me mad. Gay men do not generally lumber the state with children who are expensive to support and are less likely to engage of acts of mindless hooliganism and anti-social drink fuelled behaviour than straight men. So let’s give the poofs big tax breaks to encourage more people to go to gay bathhouses.

If course I am not serious but that proposal is just the same as what Call Me Dave plans it is just a different moral code being supported and Government should never be in the business of driving a particular moral agenda in terms of individual lifestyle on society.

There is a crying need for tax breaks/cuts for one element of society and that is low paid workers. That is a need based not on morality but on economics – the need to make work much, much more attractive than welfare. I really need an aspirin now as the party leader who has got this one the most right was again Nick Clegg who said (from memory) in 2010 that no-one earning under £15,000 should pay tax. Clegg is heading the right way. The number should be £25,000 – the average wage.

And that could be funded by slashing benefits, notably capping housing benefits so that those opting to live on welfare could not “afford” to live in nice houses in the South East but might think about working as the threat of relocation to Rotherham loomed. By slashing benefits not only would the bill per scrounger fall but also a lot of scroungers would decide that taking one of the millions of low paid jobs ( which would now be tax free) which only Eastern Europeans take right now, was a good call. So the total numbers on welfare would also fall.

I am not sure that Clegg got the second part of the equation but he is absolutely correct about who needs tax breaks. And the moralising Tory party is absolutely wrong ( and nauseating in equal measures). If it wishes to campaign on a moral agenda, to get Back to Basics go ahead…because it all worked out so well last time didn’t it.

Will Back to Basics and the moral pro the sanctimony of marriage agenda work out for you Dave? Why not ask Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks for their views on this matter?

Tom Winnifrith



The Witch is Dead Song – Farage is instinctively right on Thatcher songs, Clegg & Cameron useless & spineless

2229 days ago

The lefties wanted the tune from the Wizard of Oz to hit Number 1 as a way of celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher. It hit number 2 in case you care which I do not. The debate was should the BBC play it?

Cameron and Clegg said it was distasteful, shocking etc but that it was er..up to the BBC. They dodged the issue. Nigel Farage of UKIP said it was disgusting and disgraceful etc but as a believer in free speech, for him it was clear. If morons push this up the charts by buying it the BBC had to play The Witch is Dead.

You would have thought that as a liberal Cleggy would have stumbled on this obvious truth. But then again he likes Secret Courts and wants to gag the press.  Call Me Dave is no believer in free speech but instinctively Farage gets it right. Thatcher would have approved.

At number six in the charts is “I am in love with Margaret Thatcher”. I like the sentiment but the tune is awful. If you can bear it listen here


It is not a patch on "I'm in love with Ann Coulter" which is a great song and we are all in love with Ann Coulter aren't we?



Tom Winnifrith



It is Illegal to smoke in this building – No it Frigging well is not!

2272 days ago

I am staying in a house converted into five flats in a leafy part of Bristol. The five flats are all owned on a leasehold, that is to say they are private property. And in the entrance hall a notice has just gone up with a big no smoking sign stating “It is against the law to smoke in these premises.” Well that is a lie is it not?

It might just be that the communal areas are deemed to be a public space and so smoking might be illegal there. But I do not think that is actually the case. The Communal areas ( a staircase) are commonly owned private property.

The flats are slam dunk private property. Not that it would make it a “crime” but there is nothing in the leasehold agreement about smoking. This is private property and, as far as I can see, it is not yet a crime to smoke in your own home. So someone has put up a notice that is a lie. Is it the (useless) management company?

Or is it a resident, some prurient liberal who believes in freedom when it comes to things they support ( smoking pot, roaming on private land, cycling through red lights, not having a bath more than once a month) but denies liberty to others on unacceptable matters such as smoking, foxhunting, owning a gun, reading the Daily Mail in public, etc?

Tom Winnifrith



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