Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: From my Grandparents in Eaton Square to a planned road trip to the Burnley welfare safari

1286 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Sound Oil, FastJet to Cloudtag, gravity cant be defied forever

1464 days ago

Tom Winnifrith postcard - time for some folks in Liverpool to apologise to me

1464 days ago

Humourless bastard, DJ and TV presenter Jay Hynd tries to floor me on behalf of his welfare addicted, thieving neighbours in Liverpool

1465 days ago

A Liverpool joke: The Ferrari F1 team fired its entire pit crew yesterday.

1538 days ago

West Ham out of the Cup - Bilic Out! (Only Kidding)

1580 days ago

Liverpool Caption Contest No 2 - Growth Industry Discovered in Scouse welfare safari

1624 days ago

Caption Contest: Shocker for Liverpool as scousers told they must work to 76

1624 days ago

West Ham - defying Mark Lawrenson, it all seems so different these days

1676 days ago

The BBC is RIGHT to suspend and maybe sack Jeremy Clarkson

1980 days ago

Jeremy Clarkson is not an oaf or a buffoon for describing the welfare safari that is Liverpool 100% correctly

1997 days ago

Weekly Caption Contest: Overpaid, generous pension, long holidays what do we want…MORE! Edition

2222 days ago

Thrashed by Liverpool – when does Fat Sam Allardyce get axed?

2439 days ago

Hull named UK City of Culture 2017 – is this irony?

2457 days ago

Hello Pete Finch and my visits to gay bathhouses

2751 days ago

West Ham vs Liverpool Match Preview

2803 days ago

Why our drugs policy does not work – a Liverpool example

2871 days ago

8 Per Cent Yields from Liverpool – Obviously Spam says gmail

2905 days ago