Tom Winnifrith postcard: A journey through England as Coronavirus madness stalks the land in July 2020

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Making up blood libels about Israel is not a legitimate criticism of the Jewish State

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Holly Baxter of the Independent Newspaper says every single US Policeman is a bad cop – This is #scumMedia

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The Reading attack, Faima Bakar, The Metro and why we more and more despise the deadwood press

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Even worse than the BBC, the death wish of a deadwood press that can't tell the truth

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The GroupThink bankruptcy of the Mainstream Media – Do your own Coronavirus friends data test!

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Back to the ruins of Douma - this shocking video of a boy "gas victim" is why Mrs May is so desperate and so wrong to try to ban Russia Today

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Video - Crooked Hillary Clinton falls down stairs again but its only we right wingers and Russian Bots who think she has health issues?

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New Video evidence of Team Hillary Clinton trying to rig election emerges

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Veritas Video: Hillary Clinton Rigging the Election part 2 - massive vote fraud

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Rigging the Election - Video I: Hillary Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

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