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San Francisco honours IRA butcher Martin McGuinness for his war record – a crazy cause too far

75 days ago

The City Hall in San Francisco is a bastion of political correctness, backing every “woke” cause going  Whatever… it is the taxes of San Franciscans which pays for it all so not my battle. But its latest initiative is just so utterly offensive, it is a step too far.

The City Hall has honoured the late, and unlamented, Martin McGuinness not for his work on the Good Friday Peace agreement but for his “courageous service in the military.” That is to say as an active member and then commander of the (sic) Derry Brigade of the IRA.

The IRA killed more than 3,700 folks during the Troubles. Some were soldiers or RUC officers but many were just ordinary men, women and children.  There were the Protestants burned out of border villages as the IRA engaged in wholesale ethnic cleansing, the six month old blown to bits, grandfathers, grandmothers sent to an early grave, the preacher, the medics, the list goes on and there were thousands left scarred and injured by bombs planted by evil Martin and his colleagues.

Be in no doubt that McGuinness was an active participant in IRA activities. His soul will surely be burning in hell as a result. What are the officials in San Francisco thinking? Do they really honour an organisation that killed women, children, babies and which engaged in ethnic cleansing? Really? San Francisco City Hall is staffed either by the ignorant or the evil. If it is the former they will rescind this honour, if the latter they will not.

Tom Winnifrith



The Remembrance day massacre the BBC and liberal elites won’t be remembering & want you to forget

198 days ago

World War One ended 100 years ago this week and so, quite rightly, the media is giving wall to wall coverage to ceremionies and other tributes. It was a ghastly and pointless conflict but we should honour the fallen in that conflict and others and show our respect. Of course some Cambridge students and pampered Serbian soccer players at Manchester United will not. That is a sad reflection on them. But there is one Rememberance day event the liberal elites, the BBC and  its sister paper the Guardian will do their best to ignore. They want you to forget.

It was 31 years ago today when the citizens of Enniskillen in Co Fermanagh put on their Sunday best to pay their respects at the town’s war memorial. The IRA detonated a massive bomb to blow them up. 67 year old reired painter, hospital volunteer and preacher Johnny Megaw, 72 year old retired pharmacist William Mullan and his wife, 73 year old grandmother Nessie, 72 year old retired nurse Georgina Quinton, 20 year old student nurse Marie Wilson… the list goes on an on. Twelve died, hundreds were injured. Lives were shattered and changed forever.

It could have been worse. A second bomb was planted down the road at Tullyhommon. It was four times the size of the Enniskillen bomb. The parade there was made up largely of children. Thankfully it did not go off.

Today we are taught by the bien pensants that men like the late, and totally unlamented, Martin McGuinness and his comrade in the IRA and Sinn Fein Gerry Adams brought peace to Northern Ireland. On that basis Jeremy Corbyn talked to those men and other killers over many years. But the grim reality of what these evil men and women actually brought to Northern Ireland is shown in the video, from 31 years ago today, below.  The liberal apologists for evil do not what you to remember this part of Rememberance day history as they try to airbush the true horrors of the troubles from history, to portray the British army as the real villains of the peace. Don’t let the elites do that.

Show your family and friends this video. Make them remember, or become aware of, the true evil that stalked Ulster for so many years.

Tom Winnifrith



Video: 46 years ago today: the ballad of Claudy

298 days ago

There are some who try to suggest that former IRA members like Gerry Adams or the late Martin McGuinness should be remembered for bringing peace to Ulster. There are those who say that talking to such men was a heroic act by Jeremy Corbyn.  Those folks probably cannot remember "the troubles" or if they have heard about it it is with a false narrative of one sided British brutality. On this day I ask you to remember the small town of Claudy and what happened there 46 years ago as you watch and listen to the ballad of Claudy.

Though we have enquiry after enquiry into acts committed by the British in Ulster we have never had a full enquiry into Claudy. But it seems almost certain that the bomb was organised by a Catholic priest, Father Chesney, a man who McGuinness denied knowing but later admitted that he had known, which is hardly surprising as Londonderry, where evil McGuinness headed up the local IRA unit, is just nine miles from Claudy.


Tom Winnifrith



The smoking gun emerges that proves that lying terrorist scum Gerry Adams was in the IRA

406 days ago

For as long as I can remember Saint Gerry of West Belfast has insisted that he was a peace loving politician leading up Sinn Fein. You and I have known that this was a lie and that the blood soaked old murderer was also in the IRA. The liberal British and American media, and the Republican movement, has been complicity in allowing the bearded monster to pedal the man of peace lie. But a fellow high profile Fenian has let the cat out of the bag and now provided proof that Adams was indeed an IRA man.

The most excellent Broken Elbow blog takes up the tale of "Brownie"

Let this be a warning to you all. You should always read what Danny Morrison writes, even though, as those of you who have perused the pages of 'West Belfast' know to your cost, it might seem like an awful lot to ask.

Thanks to C.D.C. Armstrong writing in today's News Letter for pointing out something which passed by everyone else, buried not too deeply in a piece Danny Morrison wrote in The Irish Times on February 9th to coincide with Gerry Adams' 'retirement' as leader of Sinn Fein.

Here it is:

"I have known Gerry Adams 46 years. In 1975, as editor of Republican News, I asked him would he write a weekly column from Long Kesh, which he did under the pen man Brownie."

The significance of this lies in an article written by 'Brownie' and published in the Danny Morrison-edited Republican News back in May 1976, part of which reads as follows:

"Rightly or wrongly, I’m an IRA volunteer and rightly or wrongly, I take a course of action as a means of bringing about a situation in which I believe the people of my country will prosper."

To put it mildly that flies in the face of all the denials emanating from Adams and Morrison back in the 1990's that Brownie was Adams and that this quote amounted to an admission of IRA membership by the SF padrone.


Gerry Adams is exposed not only as a man who has been lying about his CV for decades but as a terrorist, a man with blood on his hands. The day that he heads off to hell for a reunion with his old pal Martin McGuinness, the Butcher of Londonderry, is not one that will see me shedding any tears.

Tom Winnifrith



Am I wicked in looking forward to the death of the White Widow, the British ISIS bitch Sally Jones?

660 days ago

I have written before about how I do not celebrate the death of anyone, not even a bloody murderer like the IRA's Martin McGuinness. But are there some folk whose demise really should be celebrated. I think of Sally Jones, a graduate of SOAS who lived her entire life on benefits in Britain before marrying a home grown jihadi and eloping to Raqqa where she has been a key recruiter for ISIS.

Now that things are looking a tad bleak for ISIS it appears that Sally, dubbed the White Widow, wants to come back to Britain. Gone are the days when she boasted of wanting to slit open Christian throats or worked on planning mass bombings in Blighty. Sally wants to come back to Benefits Street.

Oh sweet irony. When fleeing to Raqqa she took her son with her and brainwashed him into becoming an ISIS killer. He has appeared on video cutting the throat of a captured Kurd. That was a couple of years ago when he was ten. Now twelve he is so committed to the Caliphate that he wants to fight and die and so he will not let his old mum leave. Oh what irony, what blissful irony. Given that Sally is near the top of the US "kill list" the outlook for this family looks grim.

So when they do get six footed, only to find that there are no 72 virgins waiting to honour and pleasure them, are we allowed to celebrate this loss of human life? It is hard to see how the world is going to be worse off with Sally and her delightful son blown to pieces. Indeed their demise will almost certainly make the world a safer place? And what would Sally and son contribute to Britain if they returned other than two additional benefits claimants and two more folks to keep our security forces busy?

The fact that Sally is clearly perfectly capable of working but has instead spent her entire two decade long adult life sponging off others and seeing nothing wrong in this makes her, at best, a feckless parasite. But it is her ISIS activities that condemn her. And the sheer cheek of assuming that she could return to Britain after all that she has done and that anyone would want her back is almost unbelievable. In a way though she is just a product of 2017 Britain where everyone has "rights" and no-one has duties.

Sally's "human rights" include not having to work, sponging off those who do, brainwashing her kid to become a murderer, planning mass carnage and death.

Whatever. Even in pathetic liberal Britain Sally has probably gone too far. But, if her murdering brat changes his mind and claims to be a child refugee he would have to have a better than evens chance of being allowed back. I am sure Lily Allen would be rooting for him.

Let us hope that there is no change of heart and that Sally and Junior stay out in Raqqa. When the news comes in that Sally and son have been taken out, hopefully in a painful, slow and degrading manner, I will find it impossible to regard this as something which is not to be welcomed. Does that make me evil?

Tom Winnifrith



Sally Jones: stay and die in Raqqa or maybe live with Gary Lineker, we don't want you back on Benefits Street UK

689 days ago

In 2013, Sally Jones a, then, 45 year old former punk rocker who has never worked in her whole life moved to Raqqa to join ISIS with her younger husband. happily he was wiped out by a US drone strike but living off his widow's pension Sally, or Umm Hussain al-Britani as she would rather be known, has continued to fight the good fight. Until now.

Her young son was shown on video being taught how to behead infidels. She ranted on line about wanting to behead Christians with a blunt knife and to kill Jews. She and her late lamented husband were shown to have been involved in more than a dozen attempted terror attacks in the West. Working for ISIS in Raqqa she is believed to have recruited dozens of other Western women to the cause, persuading them to also flee to Raqqa.

But now Sally has let it be known that she wants to come "home". By sheer coincidence Raqqa is surrounded by Syrian Government, Russian, Kurdish and Syrian Revel troops. For once they are all united in wanting to wipe out ISIS and as sally is on a US list of persons approved for drone strikes she might just fear for her safety. In the past she bragged on video about wanting to become a suicide bomber but now she seems less keen on the idea of death.

So her preference is to return to the UK and swap her ISIS widows pension for the British benefits system. Natch she is homeless so will need accommodation. I seem to remember the great virtue signallers Gary Lineker and Lily Allen banging on about how we should all take in refugees so how about they take in Sally and maybe give her a bit of part time work looking after their kids so that she does not have to live off benefits? Oddly neither of the great virtue signallers of our time have tweeted such an offer yet.

Whilst Ms Jones, sorry Umm Hussain al-Britani, has a British passport at every level surely we can all agree she has lost all rights to use it. The fact that she has never contributed a cent to the Government in tax having never worked but has spent more than 25 years on benefits is bad enough - this worm is a taker, a 100% drain on society.

But having spent the past four years (or more) working hard for ISIS on plots to murder innocent Brits is worse and surely enough to mean that she cannot return home. We have enough Jew hating, Christian hating, Islamofascist jihadists already in Britain, we don't need any more.

Do I sound terribly heartless in suggesting that news that she has been terminated by one of those risking all to fight ISIS should be seen as rather good news? Generally I wish death on very few people, not even Jeremy Corbyn's pal the IRA butcher Martin McGuinness. But Sally Jones is the sort of person that quite simply makes the world a far nastier place. The planet will gain greatly from her demise. Britain will only lose out by taking the ungrateful, worksjhy, murderous bitch back.

Tom Winnifrith



Martin McGuinness was not a Terrorist says his lying terrorist colleague Gerry Adams

791 days ago

As they prepared to lay the coffin containing the remains of the murderer Martin McGuinness into the ground in a place which the craven liberal British media termed Derry but which we know as Londonderry, the old killer's comrade in arms Gerry Adams screamed to the crowd "Martin McGuinness was not a terrorist". They howled their appreciation. Adams continued "Martin McGuinness was a freedom fighter". The fenians howled some more. But of course Adam was lying - not that the liberal British media dared to flag that up.

McGuinness personally killed people for the IRA. As a senior figure in the IRA he ordered countless other deaths. Some were soldiers in the British Army or loyalist paramilitaries. But I shall take the easy targets for St Peter to decide upon: the women, the children, the civilians, those who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With one or two exceptions McGuinness did not apologise for those deaths, nor did he express remorse or regret. That makes him a murderer of innocents in my book. That he did it for a cause not pleasure makes him a terrorist.

Now Adams, who also has vast amounts of blood on his hands, says that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. We might look at Mandela as a case in point. But old Nelson expressed remorse, old Nelson tried for real reconciliation by forgiving those on "the other side" in a way that McGuinness never did, instead demanding enquiry after enquiry into what the wicked Brits did in Ulster.

But the real difference was that Mandela was fighting for a cause nearly all of us see as just. Certainly most folks in South Africa wanted an end to Apartheid. So he was fighting for freedom. From the start of the troubles to the signing of the Good Friday accord the majority of folks in the six counties wanted to stay in Britain. The IRA was killing for the cause of a United Ireland. That has always been its stated goal and was throughout the troubles.

To pretend otherwise, as the BBC and Channel 4 Fake News have been doing all week, is simply to rewrite history. Surely killing innocent folks to achieve a political structure strongly at odds with the wishes of most of the population simply cannot be described as freedom fighting. It is terrorism and the failure to accept that is one of many reasons why Mr Adams will in due course find his soul roasting in the same place as that of Mr McGuinness.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Terror attack on London Edition

791 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



Uber liberal Jon Snow of Channel 4 fills me with revulsion as he eulogises unrepentant murdering bastard Martin McGuiness

791 days ago

And so Martin McGuinness is dead. I welcome no death - as I explained here with reference to this unrepentant murderer of many - but equally I would agree with Norman Tebbit that old Martin is right now suffering agony in a particular part of hell reserved for the truly wicked. Martin's crime, in the eyes of St Peter and indeed many on this earth, is not so much the killing many innocent folks but a failure to accept that this was a sin, that he had sinned and to show remorse. For that McGuinness can only be viewed as evil and damned to burn in hell for eternity.

Indeed Martin went one step further in that to his miserable end, while singing the song of peace and reconciliation, he pushed for those who may or may not have committed crimes as part of the British Army to be hauled out of retirement for prosecution. Yet Martin - who killed folks personally as well as ordering many other murders - argued that for IRA killers there should be absolvement without enquiry. It was that double standard and failure to accept his own sins that made this man so especially vile and loathsome, something C4 News and the liberal media just cannot seem to accept.

In North London, among millionaire liberals who have no idea of the terror and misery that folks like McGuinness inflicted on, largely poor working class communities, and on innocent folks in both Ulster and here on the mainland, Saint Martin is lauded as a hero. He is right up there with other murdering liberal icons with blood drenched hands, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Yassar Arafat. If you listen to Jeremy Corbyn or to the BBC Newsroom such folks are men the world will miss, we are all the poorer without them. 

That is of course rubbish. All were old men who contributed little in the last moments other than a refusal to ask God for forgiveness. None showed any remorse for the innocent men, women and children whose lives were cut short thanks to their actions. No doubt Jon Snow and his Channel 4 colleagues will give extensive coverage to the funeral of the murdering bastard McGuinness. Do they care to reflect on how IRA victims had their bodies dumped in ditches, had no bodies to bury after devastating explosions or, in some cases, have not been properly buried at all because bastards like McGuinness have refused to say where the bodies were dumped?

That McGuinness is mourned by the elite of the liberal media establishment shows again why so few of us outside the bubble of Westminster have any time at all for the deadwood press and for the State run broadcasters who sing from the same hymn sheet.  They are out of touch and, quite simply, morally bankrupt.  




Bloody Martin McGuinness: heading rapidly towards death - can I say that I am sorry?

809 days ago

It appears that the health of Martin McGuinness, the former commander of the IRA in Londonderry or, as he prefers to be known, former deputy first minister of Northern Ireland, is deteriorating fast. His date with the grim reaper is almost upon him. Can I honestly say that i am sorry about this?

I wish death upon no-one but there are just a few folk who make me think long and hard about the issue and McGuinness is one of them. While the BBC and the Guardian are already now doubt planning an obituary praising the great peacemaker and statesman, they will have to gloss over an awful lot of blood on the hands of old Martin as the praise the blood soaked old bastard.

As a active commander in Londonderry it is almost certain that Martin killed people himself. Without doubt he ordered many more deaths across Ulster over many years as he rose to the top of the IRA. He has failed to fully acknowledge, accept, let alone apologise for, his role in those deaths. While everyone else involved in "The Troubles" is expected to come clean, this murderous old Fenian has refused to say how many times he pulled a trigger to end a life. And he has never said sorry for the times he killed people.

Worse still he has pushed - as "a peacemaker" - for a double standard.

I would concede, as would most folks, that during "the troubles" there were acts committed by all participants which were quite simply war crimes. It is an anniversary this week of the murders of three IRA members in Gibraltar by the British Army. that was a state sanctioned execution and was wrong. Both the IRA and Loyalist gunmen funded their wars by flooding the poorest estates of Northern Ireland with drugs. They ran the drugs trade, killing their own folks, to buy weapons to kill the other lot. Can we really overlook this and the role of McGuinness in a business he must have sanctioned?

The British Army, Loyalist killers and the IRA all, rightly, stand accused of far too many things for which there can be no defence. But evil Martin McGuinness cannot accept that, so demands endless enquiry after endless enquiry into bad things done by the Brits but has insisted on no enquiries and full amnesties for IRA combatants. That approach is morally repugnant and, worse still, it is divisive.

The BBC will undoubtedly laud McGuinness the peacemaker but encouraging division as he has done is not an act I can praise. Martin McGuinness has not repented for his undoubted sins and he has sinned not least in breaking the sixth commandment on a number of occasions. Showing no penitence he has then created more hatred with his divisive approach to others who broke the sixth commandment.

And it is for those two reasons that Martin Mcguinness troubles me with regard to his impending demise. Do I wish death upon him? No. We all have to die sometime and it appears that Martin will enjoy a quick death with minimal suffering and in that respect he is lucky. Luckier perhaps than some IRA victims whose death only came after prolonged torture.

In due course Mr McGuinness will find himself wandering up to the Pearly Gates to meet St Peter. We will, of course, all be found wanting on that great day of judgement. But, I rather suspect, that in many respects Mr McGuinness will be found more wanting than most. As he approaches death I do hope that this is something that, at last, is starting to trouble him greatly.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnfrith Postcard - IRA murderers such as Adams and McGuinness must ensure Para C is not prosecuted

1029 days ago

A 65 year old retired British soldier Para C faces the possibility that he will be prosecuted for the killing of an IRA leader Joe McCann who was guilty of what were almost certainly war crimes. Meanwhile folks who we know have blood on their hands - notably Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, today politicians, but back in the 70s IRA bigwigs, know they can never be prosecuted under a deal agreed with their fellow war criminal Tony Blair. I discuss what happened back in 1972 and the nature of reconciliation and what Adams and McGuinness should do now if they really believe in peace.

Tom Winnifrith



Video Postcard #88 - Peace & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland Edition

1658 days ago

I am just back from Eire and wayching the UTV news on Friday night the ghastly old muderer Martin McGuinness appeared demanding that he have his cake and eat it with regard to reconciliation in Northern Ireland. This is the theme of this week's video postcard.

On my financial video postcard I again accuse Rob Terry and Quindell of being liars and frauds and invite them to sue me for libel. That video can be watched HERE

Tom Winnifrith



What is sauce for the Goose… Gerry "blood on my hands" Adams arrested.

1850 days ago

Personally I would have hoped that for Northern Ireland to have moved on, there should have been a universal amnesty for ALL deaths that occurred during the troubles. However, folks like Gerry Adams and the Butcher of Londonderry Martin McGuinness insisted on the hugely costly Bloody Sunday enquiry and want former British soldiers prosecuted. Ok you murdering bastards so be it.

Gerry Adams who was actively involved with the IRA whilst also fronting up its political wing Sinn Fein is today in prison facing questions about the brital murder of Jean McConville in 1972. The IRA thought she was an informant so they dragged her away from in front of her screaming kids in Belfast took her over the border, murdered her and hid the body. They told the kids she had gone away to England.

As it happens Mrs McConville was not an informer. Certain former IRA men have come forward to say that Adams organised death squads to deal with informers and one claims that Adams order the killing of Mrs McConville.

What is sauce for the goose Mr Adams…let us hope that justice is done.

Tom Winnifrith



Friday Caption Contest – O Come All Ye Conservative Party Faithful Edition

2360 days ago

I was tempted to try to find a caption to reflect today’s news from David Cameron of his new flagship policy to reach out to address the key concerns of hard pressed middle England in these austere times. That is to say, allowing gay marriages in Church.

Having won such praise for our last caption contest featuring the Butcher of Londonderry I considered that in this season of goodwill we revisit Ulster which is still part of the United Kingdom but where, in an act of pure sectarian malice designed to provoke, the Union Flag will not now be flown over City hall in Belfast except on special occasions. If there is a problem what do you do? Send for an O’Clinton of course. The family that has brought peace, love and happiness to folks in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya and the Lewinsky family, can do anything and so the vile Clinton woman met up with Martin McGuinness ( who must have been gutted that the EU rather than he won the Nobel Peace Prize) to sort it all out.

But I cannot think of anything funny to say about McGuinness any more. And so I fall back on the Doha Climate Change conference where Dave Cameron came up with another big vote winner: give two billion quid to African dictators to build wind farms to tackle global warming.

In light of this I ask you for your captions for this photo taken today. To win one of our “It’s Time to Leave” (the EU) T-shirts (which you can buy here.) please post your entries in the comments section below to this picture:

My entry is:

Sheep One: I really do think that £2 billion David Cameron has handed over to Africa will make a difference and won’t be stolen by corrupt leaders and officials
Sheep Two: But more importantly we might stop global warming before it is all too late.
Sheep Three: And Call Me Dave says that Dolly and I can get married in a church next year!
Sheep Four: So, it’s decided, no more dithering we are all voting Tory in 2015.

Last week I asked you for your captions to this picture:

All entries followed a similar Divine Line. And so the independent judge has awarded the prize to a Mr T Winnifrith (not my Dad before Christian Aid complains) for:

“Thank God for Leveson. Next time I get a hooker to give me a kerbside blow job it will ONLY appear on the internet.”

Good luck with your entries for this week’s contest, Post away.

Tom Winnifrith



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