Thursday May 23, 2019
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Ex MP, Tory Remoaner, Ben Gummer and his fake facts the BBC does not bother challenging

135 days ago

Having lost his seat at the last election, former MP Ben Gummer is constantly wheeled out by the BBC and other liberal news outlets as a “mainstream” Tory. That is to say that – unlike most Tory members - he wants to stay in the EU. He then trots out the most monstrous canards claiming them as facts and, naturally, goes unchallenged.

On Radio 4 the other day, Gummer stated the FACT ( i.e. something that has happened) that UK economic growth had been reduced by 1.5% by the Brexit vote. Since there is no laboratory where one British economy trundles along with a vote for Brexit and another with a vote against, Gummer cannot prove that claim. It is not a fact. It is an opinion.

Gummer might claim that UK economic growth is less than had been forecast two years ago. But has he checked economic growth vs forecasts in the EU or US or China? Britain has a global economy and what happens here makes us, in many ways, a cork on that wave. Moreover those making forecasts back in 2016 had no idea of what the Bank of England would do with base rates or what our useless chancellor would do to "fine tune" the economy.

It may be that the Brexit vote has reduced economic growth although we should note that UK growth is far greater than growth in the Eurozone. So it is perfectly possible that the Brexit vote has not made an impact. After all, while folks like Ben Gummer predicted 600,000 job losses as a result of a vote for Brexit we have actually seen a net 700,000 job gains since June 23 2016. The bottom line is that we do not know for certain, the impact of that vote on UK economic growth.

But Gummer states it as a FACT and then makes all sorts of claims about lower Government tax receipts as a result of that FACT. But it is only an opinion. Not that the BBC and his fellow believers in the Great EU Project, who dominate the media, bother to challenge him on this matter.

Tom Winnifrith



Photo Article - #PeoplesVoteMarch, not really very big is it?

215 days ago

As I sit with an ouzo in Greece, a country with 49% youth unemployment and where pensioners mist live on 9 Euro a day thanks to the EU, back in London, about 100,000 generally very affluent middle class folks are marching to overturn the wishes of 17.4 million of their fellow citizens and for Britain to stay in the EU. The organisers and the BBC and the rest of the liberal media claim this is a big demonstration but that is just fake news.

In 2003 a march against war criminal Tony Blair's illegal invasion of Iraq attracted 750,000 (Police estimate) to 1 million folks (BBC estimate). A few months earlier the Countryside march attracted 500,000 + including myself carrying my then baby daughter Olaf. On that march, where organisers claimed more than a million attendees, most folks had to travel in from the boonies. Some had never been to London before. But London is the most heavily remoaning part of the UK. If only 100,000 turn out today in the heart of remoaning territory, that is really, in relative terms, pretty small is it not?

Here is a picture from the start of the March.




After gender pay mania now wretched Theresa May wants a race audit – she must go now!

224 days ago

Forcing companies to disclose the pay of men and women demonstrated two things clearly. Firstly that folks doing different jobs earned different salaries and secondly the willingness of the liberal left and the media to distort data to pursue a virtue signalling agenda, and one that lumbers business with more costs and pressures.  There is a gender pay gap but its narrowing and it cannot simply be put down to sexism as I explained to the free speech loving ,angelic. multi-brained genius students at Bath Spa University here

One imagines this madness for gender equality audits came from the left but amazingly it is a fake Tory, that is to say wretched and hopeless Prime Minister Theresa May who is pursuing this insanity. Now she is going further.

It seems Mrs May is looking to force firms to do a race audit of workers. God help us all.  Recent migrants tend to do lower paid jobs like cleaning and security. Vast number of the non whites in this country have arrived in the past thirty years. Well guess what that means?.

My wife’s community of migrants, that is to say the Indians, tend to be far longer established in the UK and also to be far more Middle Class than most migrants.  So I look forward to data showing that the average Indian earns more than the average white but sadly the average black worker will earn less. Will this prove institutional racism in favour of Indians but against blacks?  No. It will show that different communities tend, for reasons not determined by whether their skin is white or not, to be overly represented in different jobs.  But the race obsessed left will not see it that way and will instead engage in an orgy of abuse towards wicked capitalists and the evils of capitalism.

The poor capitalists will be lumbered with more forms to fill in and will then have to jump through hoops apologising for their “crimes” in order to appease mobs on social media whipped up by folks such as the BBC. 

In days of old the Tory party would have called out this nonsense for what it is. Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher suggesting this new burden on business knowing full well what the outcome will be?  But in 2018 it is the Tory party of Mrs May that is instigating it.

This is yet another reason, of so many, why Mrs May must go now. She will achieve nothing with this policy, those who applaud it will still hate the Tories, it will create division not harmony and it will penalise, for no reason, folks who should be natural supporters.

Tom Winnifrith



Brett Kavanaugh: as accuser Number 3 admits she lied and made it up – Dems try to disbar over 30 year old bar spat

233 days ago

The main accuser of Supreme Court nominee, Christine Blasey Ford, is now shown to have paper thin evidence for her claims that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago.  Witness number two has no evidence at all and not one witness for her lewd claims of party antics and now the third accuser, Julie Swetnick has gone on NBC and admitted that she made up all that she claimed. She is a liar. So what next for the desperate Dems?

Frankly Swetnick, who is represented by Stormy Daniels’ loathsome lawyer, was never credible but that did not stop Democrats led by Senator Dianne Frankenstein from demanding that the FBI check out her claims. Their agenda was always to delay the process until after the mid-terms when they hope they will regain control of the Senate.

So the sexual assault charges are now fading away. There is no way they can block Kavanaugh on that basis. But if you suffer from #TrumpDerangementSyndrome as most of the liberal media establishment does, you need to find a way of stopping the man. So initially the agenda was moved to his anger at the Senate hearings. I guess if I was falsely accused of what Kavanaugh was accused of I’d be angry too as would any normal man. But that did not seem to occur to the media although as the evidence, or rather lack of it, against him is shown to be increasingly risible most normal Americans will understand that anger.

So the press an d the Dems need a new stick with which to beat the Judge. Hence the NY Times is today running with a story that 30 years ago, while a student, Kavanaugh went to a UB40 concert and afterwards at a bar thought he saw the lead singer. The man he thought was the lead singer denied it and a slightly drunk student threw some beer over him in an altercation in which the details are somewhat unclear. The Police were called but no charges brought.

So the agenda has moved on for the liberal left. Okay Kavanaugh may not be a perv but when he was a student he might have thrown some ice over a man in a bar. And that disqualifies him from being a Supreme Court Judge?

This has never been about the Dems establishing the truth. They sat on the "evidence" for weeks. This has always been about destroying Kavanaugh as part of an attempt to ensure that the Supreme Court does not tighten laws relating to murdering unborn babies and other matters. Tossing an innocent man under the bus to achieve that is thoroughly loathsome.

Any rational person can now see that this witch hunt is almost over.  The questions will now being about who created this witch hunt of an innocent man. Step forward Senator Frankenstein and the swamp dwelling Democrat establishment. Bring on the mid-terms and a Red Wave driven by disgust at this circus.


Tom Winnifrith



Trump now at 31% among black voters – this is an earthquake the liberal media establishment will just not report

281 days ago

I noted the other day, how Donald Trump’s approval rating among black voters was at 29% which was just astoundingly high. The latest Rasmussen poll puts that figure at 31% which, if you check the data here , makes him the most popular Republican leader among blacks since the 1950s.

America was a very different place then. In the “Solid South” the white majority opposed civil rights and voted for the party that had opposed the abolition of slavery – the Democrats. Blacks in the South voted for the party that freed them, the Republicans.  Civil Rights changed the Dems and changed the south.  And no Republican has come close to reversing that shake-up until now.

Quite simply by overseeing massive job creation, aided by his tax cuts, Trump has helped the poorest in America and yes, that means a lot of blacks.  He has delivered life changing experiences. Years of listening to Democrats popping down to the ghetto at election time to sing Kumbya brought no jobs, no chance of a better life and black voters are starting to twig, in ever greater numbers, that they were just vote fodder for rich, largely white, liberals.

And how do Dem’s respond, with their white AntiFA activists chasing black conservatives out of restaurants? By trying to prove that Donald trump once used the N word?  It may not be singing Kumbya with the folks in the ghetto but it is the same hopeless gesture politics which will make no difference to the lives of ordinary Americans be they white or black.

If Rasmussen is anywhere close to correct then #Trump2020 is a racing cert. The only question is whether Trump’s surging popularity among black and Hispanic voters – as well as his ongoing popularity among whites – will be translated into GOP votes in the mid-terms. If it is, then with many country club Congressmen standing down to be replaced by Trump loyalists the next two years you see a raft of radical reforms as well as a good bit of swamp draining with the folks in Congress singing from the same hymn sheet as POTUS. Bring it on.

Meanwhile have you seen the BBC or Channel 4 Fake News reporting about this earthquake? Is the Guardian telling its dwindling readership that the man they have branded as a racist on an almost daily basis is so popular with black and Hispanic voters? Er…don’t hold your breath.  The liberal establishment is, for once, just speechless.

Tom Winnifrith



The Liberal media says #Trump2020 is a busted flush - have they read the latest polls? Put your money on POTUS

453 days ago

The narrative of folks like the BBC, The Guardian, CNN in fact the whole of the liberal media elite is that Donald Trump should not have defeated crooked Hillary in 2016. Without admitting that their gal was useless they agree that next time around the Donald just cannot win, in fact many argue that he will not stand at all. But have they actually looked at the polls in detail? If they have, they ignore them as they churn out yet more fake news.

One "impartial commentator" interviewed fawningly by the BBC the other day said that there was a 1/3 chance that Trump would be impeached and so not stand, a 1/3 chance that he'd be so sure of losing that he would not stand and a 1/3 chance of him standing and being beaten soundly. In other words the chances of him winning were zero. But then again the BBC has form in getting these matters horribly wrong, in deliberately mis-reading polls.

On the impeachment level, after almost a year of Mueller nonsense a few folks associated with Trump have been charged with either financial crime pre-dating and unrelated to the campaign or of lying to the FBI. 13 Russians have been charged with interfering with the election, staring in 2014, a year before Trump decided to run. Facebook says most of the Russian money spent with it was spent after the General Election. No link has been shown between the 13 and the Trump campaign. In other words not a shred of evidence of Trump Russia collusion has emerged which is not surprising as there was none.

On the other hand the FBI, crooked Hillary and the Obama administration have been shown to have real links to Russia via the dirty dossier funded by Clinton, via Uranium One and have been shown lying to judges and destroying evidence of Clinton wrongdoing. Russiagate is a Democrat problem and Trump will just not get impeached. But can he win the vote?

As I noted repeatedly during the General Election there is always a "shy Trump" factor in all polls - something the liberal media ignores since it is their non stop vilification of Trump and his supporters that has created it. I am happy to admit to being a "deplorable" as Hillary Clinton branded 50% of her fellow Americans. And so are many others. But given the non stop attacks we Trumpsters have suffered in the press it is no surprise that some folks will pull the right lever on election day but don't dare admit it to anyone.

At this stage of his first Administration Obama was on 45% approving of his (dismal) performance. The most recent poll (Rasmussen) had Trump on an amazing 50% approving 49% not and he has been on the up in all recent polls. That Rasmussen poll is meant to have a margin of error of 2.5%. Now I concede that other polls (claiming a similar margin of error) taken a few days earlier have him on as low as 37% approval. One thing we can say for sure is that at least one of those polls is wildly wrong!

The overall tracking poll currently has Trump at c43% ( and rising). Throw in the shy Trumpsters and he is basically where Obama was at this point. But Trump's ratings are improving rapidly.

But there is another factor at play here. Trump lost the popular vote but stormed the electoral college. That is because millions of useless Dem votes piled up in safe and big Dem states like New York, California and Illinois. Whereas in smaller flyover states Trump won by a narrower margin. His landslides in the South and Mid West were also largely in smaller states - the only big red states being Texas and Florida.

There was a state by state poll on approval ratings undertaken some weeks ago when the overall picture was that Trump was nationally in the mid to high thirties. What was clear from that was that in places such as New York, New England and California, i.e safe Dem states, POTUS was even less liked than he was back in November 2016. There has been a large swing against him. But this makes no difference at all to the electoral college.

In the States that were safe Trump in 2016 he was still safe and in the swing states, back then he was in the 40s already. In other words, at what should be a low point for Trump (mid term year) he is still very much in contention in all the states that matter. Throw in the recent revival and the shy Trump factor and he could well be ahead or only marginally behind in all the swing states. At this point in the cycle that is a remarkably good showing.

The great unknown is how the economy fares between now and 2020. If it is stimulated by the Trump tax cuts and jobs continue to be created in those swing rust belt states the #Trump2020 victory party is s slam dunk cert. If it falters then the race is more of a toss up with a lot depending on which of the umpteen dwarfs the Dems are considering is selected as their candidate. Natch I am praying that Chelsea Clinton decides that it is her familial turn to steal the Dem nomination but the reality is that there is no strong and obvious choice bar Bernie Sanders who is a) very old, b) tainted by his wife's financial scandals and c) a total fruitcake.

When push comes to shove will folks in Ohio or Michigan want to back a man who thinks we should #takeaknee in solidarity with transgender campaigners in a programme funded by tax hikes? Okay I parody his position slightly, but on the big social and economic issues Trump stands with folks in Ohio, Bernie kneels with snowflakes in Brooklyn. It is the story I have commented on many times before, one of the two Americas.

The Bottom line is that any media outlet telling you that Trump has a 0% chance of residing in the White House after 2020 is just ignoring the facts to pedal fake news.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Stockmarket crash - buy, sell or hold (PS I was right when I warned you - no?)

471 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Surging Sterling: it was never about Brexit

479 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



The Presidents Club vs the Rotherham scandal - outrage compared

479 days ago

I used to hate black tie City dinners and would do my utmost to escape them in my days as a crony capitalist. They were utterly boring with some prat like William Hague being paid £20,000 to tell the same tired old jokes as he did the year before, and with a lot of smug men congratulating each other after another high paid year of shuffling paper and creating no value for anyone but themselves. There were some women guests but they were usually just as boring and smug as the men. It is a joy not to have to make excuses about not attending such evenings these days as I enjoy my hermit like existence in Greece and Bristol.

The idea of these dinners being men only seems all the more odd. I had thought that the only folks engaging in such evenings these days were freemasons or homosexuals but then we learned of the awful Presidents Club dinner at which pretty young women hostesses were sexually harassed. The whole affair sounds tedious and ghastly and the behaviour of some guests was clearly worse than unacceptable. If some guests groped the hostesses, yes, they should be reported to the Old Bill. If the organisers tried to gag the women with NDAs then rightly they should be vilified. But the air of sanctimony and noisy self righteousness makes me think back to the industrial scale rape of young women and girls in Rochdale, Bradford and elsewhere.

At the Presidents Club the offenders were rich, largely white, largely Tory, old men. And they were businessmen and in today's climate being a capitalist is seen my large sections of the population as only marginally better than being a nonce. The victims were women who - by accepting such unpleasant work showed some degree of self confidence.

Many appear to have been well educated, students and post grads, earning a bit of spare cash. So the victims were often middle class and they were certainly not the most vulnerable in society. They were sexually harassed - largely - it seems in the form of relatively mid groping. That is not to say this is okay, it is clearly not but to put it in context....

In Rochdale and elsewhere the victims were what are often referred to as white trash, ill educated, poor, white working class girls who were clearly very vulnerable indeed. These girls were not groped but were raped, often gang raped and often on many occasions. Most were under-age.  The culprits here were overwhelmingly, but not exclusively, Muslim Asian men. 

I compare the howls of outrage from folks, especially on the left, and calls for immediate and drastic action about the Presidents Club with the stony silence from many of the same folk on the issues relating to Rochdale and other scandals even as events started to be reported on a national stage.

The crimes committed are clearly far worse in the case of the Rochdale and other similar scandals yet the media and Westminster elite seem more immediately aggravated by events at the Presidents Club. Is that because of who the culprits are or who the victims are or both?

Let me be clear there was wrongdoing in BOTH scandals and, proportionate, punishment is due for both sets of culprits but one is far, far, worse yet the outrage of the liberal elites seems disproportionate and weighted heavily towards the other scandal.

No doubt this statement of the obvious will offend some folks but offending people seems impossible not to do these days.

This article first appeared in my weekly Tomograph Newsletter. To have that mailed to you at no charge register HERE

Tom Winnifrith



Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News nailed by Jordan Peterson the worst interview in the history of fake news

491 days ago

Until yesterday the most toe-curling interview in the history of Channel 4 Fake News was when little white liberal Matt Frei hectored a black pastor about why it was racist to vote for Donald Trump, a man the vicar supported wholeheartedly. But Cathy Newman has now trumped that with an interview with Canadian shrink and best selling author Jordan Peterson. The full 30 minute car crash is below and from start to finish demonstrates why the liberal media elitists have so completely lost the trust of the wider population.

On C4 Fake News Newman introduced the Prof as a "hero of the Alt Right". Alt Right started as a term which was very specific in the US and liberals quickly started to use it as interchangeable with racist, bigot, fascist etc. And by implication they thus argued that anyone who was a hero of the Alt Right must also be a racist, bigot, fascist etc. As it happens Jordan is a hero of many folks on the centre and right for the way he shows how data can be used to mislead. But for folks like Newman anyone to the right of Kenneth Clarke is more or less Alt Right. So she introduced the interview with a smear.

What followed was 30 minutes of comedy. Time and time again Peterson would make a point. Newman would respond by stating that he had said something completely different and accused him of bigotry on that basis. Hence at 5 minutes 40 seconds she says "so you deny the gender pay gap". Of course Peterson had denied nothing of the sort - and this seems all to close to home for me with recent events at Bath Spa - he merely stated clearly that there are a number of facts that explain the gap of which gender is only one.

The interview is full of such classics from Newman " Why shouldn't women have the right to children" she asks. Natch Jordan had never said they did not. "You're saying (gender) equality won't happen" Cathy asserted. Jordan had said nothing of the sort. At 27 minutes in there is a superb segment on lobsters in which Newman asserts " You are saying we should organise our society along the lines of lobsters." It goes without saying that Jordan Peterson had said absolutely nothing of the sort.

At one point, after another ludicrous made up assertion from Newman, Peterson noted that her comments were made "because you are not listening.". At around 23 minutes on the matter of free speech which Peterson believes in for all, but Newman believes in only selectively, Peterson actually managed to silence his harpie interregator with a question she could not answer.

You might think that Newman's string of ludicrous bogus assertions and failure to grasp hard data is a sign that she is very stupid. That would be a mistake, she is not. Like nearly all the media liberals she is a product of public school ( Charterhouse) and Oxbridge ( dark blue). She is clever. Her problem is that she is liberal media establishment to the core. It is in her DNA. Thus she does not believe in free speech where it challenges her core beliefs and she will not listen to those who advance arguments or produce data which really threaten those beliefs. And it was actions driven by that mindset which left her looking so remarkably stupid in the interview below.

Tom Winnifrith



The Minefield of transgender vocab - the phrase "born male" is now deemed defamatory.. whatever

492 days ago

One of the few joys of the transgender madness, promoted by the elitists of the liberal media, and now raging across the West is seeing uber PC lefties such as Germaine Greer and Peter Tatchell fall foul of this new lobby, no platformed and accused of bigotry becuase they just cannot keep up. Want to avoid such a fate? Thankfully I can help.

US based Trans Student Educational Resources describes itself as "the only national organization led entirely by transgender youth. While TSER members do have specific roles, we purposely do not have an executive director or management to make sure all levels of the organization have a voice and operate collectively." And collectively TSER has produiced a handy guide to what you can and cannot say.

For instance you must not use the word transsexual as it is "A deprecated term that is often considered pejorative." Okay so I will not use it ever. Uh oh hang on. "When speaking/writing about trans people, please avoid the word transsexual unless asked to use it by a transsexual person." Cripes I am confused already.

Lets crack on with the trans agenda. ... Oh you mean Agender:

Agender: An umbrella term encompassing many different genders of people who commonly do not have a gender and/or have a gender that they describe as neutral. Many agender people are trans. As a new and quickly-evolving term, it is best you ask how someone defines agender for themselves.

Oh right so your agender means whatever you want it to mean. Thanks for that.

Cissexism: Systemic prejudice in the favor of cisgender people. Gosh who are these lucvk Cisgender folks?

Cis(gender): Adjective that means “identifies as their sex assigned at birth” derived from the Latin word meaning “on the same side.” A cisgender/cis person is not transgender. “Cisgender” does not indicate biology, gender expression, or sexuality/sexual orientation. In discussions regarding trans issues, one would differentiate between women who are trans and women who aren’t by saying trans women and cis women. Cis is not a “fake” word and is not a slur. Note that cisgender does not have an “ed” at the end.

So a normal bloke or bird then? Go straight to hell Winnifrith you insenstive bastard.

LGBTQQIAPP+: A collection of identities short for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, aromantic, pansexual, polysexual (sometimes abbreviated to LGBT or LGBTQ+). Sometimes this acronym is replaced with “queer.” Note that “ally” is not included in this acronym.

An ally is what used to be known as a "supportive straight" in less complicated times gone by.

I save the best to last.

AFAB and AMAB: Acronyms meaning “assigned female/male at birth” (also designated female/male at birth or female/male assigned at birth). No one, whether cis or trans, gets to choose what sex they’re assigned at birth. This term is preferred to “biological male/female”, “male/female bodied”, “natal male/female”, and “born male/female”, which are defamatory and inaccurate.


Bring on the asteroid strike

You can read the full guide to how not to offend a transgender person HERE


Tom Winnifrith



"After a driver in New York mowed down 8"... how the media and the libs got everything wrong and Trump was right again

567 days ago

The quote is from John Humphreys on BBC Radio 4. It was at least better than that from American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour who tweeted after the Halloween attack in New York

Sending love and prayers to victims & families in Manhattan shooting. Devastating. People shouldn't have to fear walking in their city.


The bloke shot was the terrorist. Those who died were the eight folks he mowed down in a van. Some "activists" really do not do their own cause any good.

Some on the liberal left compared the attitude of we on the right in expressing anger over this killing when, apparently, we did not show such anger of the killing of 59 in Las Vegas by a white guy. Of course that is not true, we on the right are equally angry. We share the fury of President Trump that the Las Vegas killer evaded justice by taking his own life. We share his anger that the New York killer sits in a hospital bed smirking at us as he demands an ISIS flag for his room. He knows that he can play the US justice system for years especially in liberal "everyone has rights" New York. The man is guilty. Like the President we would just like to see him executed swiftly and also anyone shown to have assisted either killer.

Indeed it is the libs who show a different attitude to the two crimes. After Vegas it was all about banning guns. Do I hear calls for the banning of trucks? We are on the right know that it is not guns, trucks or knives that kill but humans. As it happens in New York the killer was only stopped in his tracks by a cop who had a gun and wounded him, sadly not fatally. In Tel Aviv the same would have happened. In happy no gun London he could have carried on killing. Guns can and do save lives.

The New York killer was allowed into America in 2010 on a "Diversity Visa" a really daft idea enthusiastically promoted by President Obama to get a greater diversity of immigrants into the USA. You will note it is not about bringing in the folks America needs for their skills just about "diversity". The killer was in fact only skilled enough to get a job as... and you have guessed it already.. an Uber driver. So he had a driving license, that was his skill set.

Donald Trump wants to ,limit immigration from countries where there happen to be rather more jihadists than elsewhere. It is pointed out that this fellow was from Uzbekistan which is not one of the eight countries on the Trump list. But the general idea that you dictate entry to your country by what it needs and that you make it safer by restricting entry to folks from high risk places seems far more sensible than a policy based purely on creating diversity.

Trump is right. America overwhelmingly agrees with Trump who displays what is simply common sense yet the liberal media and the out of touch Dems scream in anguish and accuse POTUS of extremism .And then they wonder "what happened" when they get thrashed at the polls?

Whatever, the media in America is already (as is now part of the ritual along with London's useless Mayor Khan tweeting solidarity and the candles) running articles on how the real victims of this episode are the Muslims facing a backlash. These backlashes are predicted after every atrocity but never seem to result in rows of bodies being laid out in morgues. They just don't happen.

I suppose, in these politically correct times, I am not allowed to say that the eight dead and scores of injured are the real victims.

Tom Winnifrith



What do I have in common with Melanie Phillips? we are Jew haters - the moment the bonkers left admits defeat

640 days ago

For those who do not know of Super Mel she is one of Britain's best known Jewish columnists and has written wonderful stuff for decades on anti-semitism and on the State of Israel. For the avoidance of doubt she opposes the former but supports the latter - which is also my view. She is a true heroine of mine. I have also written extensively on these topics over many years. I know that on the day of judgement St Peter will find many faults with me but on this count I reckon I do fairly well unless, rather surprisingly, St Peter stands with Ken Livingstone on these issues. But oh no, both Mel and I are Jew haters.

You what? Well here are a tweet sent to Mel and a comment sent to me

Alex1621: Dishonour the dead - like the poor girl who got mowed down by a racist in Charlottesville? Most marchers were quizzed? It was a march by nazi's and white supremacists holding swastikas and shouting anti-Jewish chants. Good people? I just stand with people who are decent ... whereas you seek to defend nasty and hate-filled racists and anti-semites.

You see, our crime is to agree with President Trump who looks at events in Charlottesville. He looks at the facts. Lots of the marchers were Nazis. But a lot were also folks who do not like Nazis but also do no6t want war memorials desecrated and were there to say as much.

The Trump line is that those who want to desecrrate war memorials and attack cops are bad people. But Neo Nazis are even worse. It is a line that 70% of Americans agree with as does Melanie and as do I. We are the mainstream.

It is impossible to construct a logical argument in favour of those who attack cops and want to desecrate war memorials and as such the left is forced to stating that anyone who does not agree with their viewpoint is by definition a jew hating racist Nazi scumbag.

So I defend anti semites and Melanie is a Nazi. That is the logic of the left and it is just so utterly bonkers that it can only be generated by the sort of crazy groupthink culture that now exists in places such as campuses across the West and the media establishment. The rest of us just wonder at the ability of folks within the group think to vuiew black as white and vice versa, to exist in a truly post-truth world.

The Democrat Party of America was long ago captured by folks who are part of this GroupThink, people such as Crooked Hillary. Mainstreamn America realised this in 2016 and thus Donald Trump was elected. The Dems have reacted by doubling down on this madness, something that makes a Republican victory in 2020 ever more certain.




Barcelona: the Cowardice, Double Standard and Virtue Signalling of the liberal elites

643 days ago

Back in 2004 there were horrible bombings in Madrid. The attackers at that point were Al Qaeda who stated that they were attacking Spain because it was involved in the war in Iraq. The Spanish surrendered. A new government pulled out of Iraq at once. Of course these days we give guns and money to Al Qaeda factions in Syria because we have a new enemy. As Orwell might have pout it: We are not at war with Al Qaeda. We were never at war with Al Qaeda, We have always been at war with ISIS. Anyhow the Spanish surrender has done it a fat lot of good as today ISIS has killed a stack of folks in Barcelona. The reaction of the world's leaders is to show cowardice, double standard but we are all to familiar with this are we not. First up was Donald Trump.

The Donald suggested from the outset that this was ISIS at work. The world's fake news liberal media went into attack mode because POTUS was jumping to conclusions, albeit ones that seemed fairly obvious to the rest of us. After 99% of attacks of this nature have been carried out by Islamofascists with just one or two right wing nutters also attacking and those chaps have been US based.  So it was a bit of a slam dunk cert that the Donald was right. Over on this side of the pond, the leader of the Welsh Nationalists, Plaid Cymru, a woman of little brain called Leanne Wood jumped to a different take on who was likely to be to blame.  Yup someone driving a car into a stack of European civilians who on earth could it be? Natch it is those right wingers again, get ready to blame Trump and Farage and to burn effigies of Katie Hopkins in the valleys.

is the tweet below an indication of a deranged mind set or just crass stupidity? The people of Wales might want to ask that question.  Natch, not one member of the liberal media was "outraged" at Leanne for jumping to conclusions or not waiting till more facts were known. The liberal media is only ever outraged by we conservatives.

The rest of the political elite were not long in reacting as they took to twitter. #Barcelona. We stand in #solidarity. We will not change our Western way of life as that is what the terrorists want. We will defeat them by carrying on as normal. Yadda, yadda. Yadda. 

Now where have we heard that before. Oh yes.  #Barcelona. We stand in #solidarity. We will not change our Western way of life as that is what the terrorists want. We will defeat them by carrying on as normal. Yadda, yadda. Yadda.  Or was that #Manchester or #Paris.  It is #wherever  innocent civilians get butchered by the Isalmofascists except when it is in Israel as the fucking Jews asked for it anyway. That is how the political elite, shielded by security barriers and men with guns, always react. And we carry on as normal waiting to see where women and kids will get butchered next. 

Great, I can't think what is wrong with this policy other than it is a complete failure. I am just so tired of "defeating them by carrying on as normal and am prepared to risk defeat by doing things like rounding up all known ISIS supporters and sending them packing to Raqqa to let the Kurds, Syrians and Russians send them all packing to meet the 72 virgins.   But clearing our country of folks who might want to kill us would be to admit defeat so I guess that is unthinkable. A selection of tweets from the "great and the good" who are happy to risk your lives in order to carry on as normal is below. 










The BBC, Guardian and liberal media slate and smear Donald Trump as a Nazi - 4 more years in the bank

645 days ago

When Donald Trump spoke to the USA about his priorities for America, folks outside the liberal metropolitan hotpots of the coasts loved it. Crooked Hillary's waffle and re-hashing of ideas that have failed ordinary Americans did not wash and so Trump won. The liberal elites of the media still cannot accept it and so now simply content themselves with smearing POTUS at every opportunity. The more the Russia smears fail the more desperate they become and the more real Americans see through them. As the MSM tries to label Trump a Nazi, those of us who supported him in November look forward to an inevitable win in four years time. Truly the liberal left is pathetic. I start with the State funded UK broadcaster the BBC.

On its flagship Radio 4 show Today this morning the headlines were read. Trump has condemned the Neo Nazi protesters in Charlotte. Former KKK leader David Duke has supported Trump's words.

What the hell is that all about? More or less all Americans from across the spectrum might support Trump in condemning the Nazis. Why does the BBC opt for weirdo Duke a man whose past crimes include endorsing crooked Hillary in one election. Natch that was never brought up time and again as bad for her - she did not ask for his support. But if he ever agrees with Trump the media spin it as if the two are joined at the hip. Trump does not want the backing of the fruitcake Duke.

But the read through of The BBC coverage is that even when Trump is attacking Nazis he is actually backed by Nazis. It is not alone. Its sister publication the Guardian ran this headline today which claims that Trump is a Neo Nazi sympathiser. Starting in Hollywood there is a twitter campaign #ImpeachTrump for being a Nazi. Hell's teeth.

Trump's crime is to say that the actions of some of those who have protested against the Nazis but also against relics of the Confederate forces (the South) from the Civil war are disgusting too. He is not saying they are equivalent. Trump is clear that the Nazi marchers are the really bad guys. But he is 100% correct to say that those marching/ rioting. destroying property on the other side are not always Angels.

Attacking cops and looting shops is never justified. Attacking memorials to ordinary soldiers who died in any war is just wrong and offensive. The grunts of the Confederate Army were brave men fighting alongside their neighbours to protect where they lived, or at least that is how they saw it. I guess Mellennials and media luvvies do not study history so just assume that soldiers in the "rebel army" just fought becuase they hated black folks. It was a bit more complex than that, this was about States Rights versus a Federal Government on a range of issues. But for the grunts it was just about defending your homeland. Moreover,, it was very hard to opt out of the Confederate army and by the end mere boys and okd men were being thrown into the conflict. Should we not honour them, their bravey and their sacrifice?

I have spent some time in German military graveyards in Crete, Greece and Italy. There is no doubt that the men buried there were fighting for a bad cause and were on the wrong side. But they did so as folks were just enlisted and most Germans fought bravely and did not commit war crimes. I honour such men. The only folks dishonouring brave men from the US Civil War are the "anti fascists". Trump is right. Their actions are wrong.

What about pulling down statues of Southern Generals like Lee or the Johnston's? Before the civil war most of the upper ranks of the US army were filled by Southerners. So these men were trained soldiers and fought wars according to standards of their time. They were from the South and so when the call came they fought alongside their neighbours. Back in 1861 that is what folks did, they did not make an ideological decision as to whether they'd back Dixie or the forces of Lincoln. Generally they behaved with honour throughout.

Indeed, if we are to seek out those who committed war crimes against civilians it would be the Northern troops and their commanders who behaved quite appallingly after the war ended as they rampaged through the South. Snowflake protesters who know nothing of American history should perhaps do a google search for "carpetbagger"

Yet across the South today we see statues pulled down and desecrated, folks delighting in breaking them up in a way reminiscent of the way statues of Saddam were defiled after his fall. But it is not locals pulling down statues in the South but Yankees.

Let's be clear Trump believes the villains of the current peace are the Nazis, the neo-fascists. But he raises very valid questions about some of those protesting against them while making it clear there is no equivalence. Trump is right in his analysis. Folks like the Guardian, CNN and the rest of the liberal press are wilfully misinterpreting and smearing him. And ordinary folks across America can see through these increasingly desperate and laughable smears.

As I have noted so many times before, if you call everyone a Nazi then the term ceases to have a meaning. The Guardian's loathsome smears are an insult to the memories of those who died or suffered at the hands of real Nazis.

Even my metropolitan elitist colleague Darren Atwater falls into this cheap and lazy mindset. When loading the Guardian image for me he puts the headline on the piece "Trumpenfuhrer." Of course he thinks that is hilarious as will all bearded hipsters in Central London and probably the liberal multi millionaires of Hollywood too. Two of my daughter's godparents saw nearly all of their families turned into soap at Auschwitz. Maybe Darren wants to explain to them why a man who - rightly - condemns Nazis is viewed as a modern day Hitler and why that is funny? 




The Bearcast the Audioboom pussies pulled after Roger Lawson threatened is back: find out what Roger wants you not to hear!

656 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



It is the Greed of BBC stars that is the issue NOT the gender pay gap

673 days ago

Today we learn the names of all BBC stars earning over £150,000 a year. It is only the existence of an overpaying state funded broadcaster that keeps presenter pay up at stratospheric levels. In the USA where there is a free market and no state subsidies the pay for doing an easy job (reading an autocue) is falling and not that high. This is the tip of the iceberg.
How many BBC staff you have never heard of are earning £100,000, 75,000 or whatever? Quite simply pay is out of control. And who is funding that?

But the media spin is of another narrative. It seems that there are two grossly overpaid male presenters for every one grossly overpaid female presenter. Something must be done. The BBC appears to have acknowledged this which presumably means more pay rises for more women, not pay cuts for the lads.

In the media world the scandal is of gender inequality. Outside that bubble for the other 99% of the population where the average household income is c£26,000, the scandal is that we poor folks are forced by threat of jail to pay a poll tax to fund obscene salaries at the state run broadcaster. That even rival corporations such as ITV cannot see that, show just how out of touch all of those in "the bubble" have become.

Or perhaps the overpaid luvvies at ITV realise that without the state funded BBC pushing up wages across the industry, in a real free market, their salaries too would come under downward pressure, Whatever the truth, the 99% will not be fuming today in anger that there are not more women earning £150,000+ at the beeb but at the wholesale greed of its staff which we are forced to pay for.

Tom Winnifrith



Reasons to loathe the BBC No 978: Radio 4 Today - linking Brexit support to fascism

675 days ago

Much of what makes me despair about life in this country appeared just before 9 AM on BBC Radio 4's flagship fake news programme Today. It started with a segment on global warming...

In that piece a reporter looked at power stations belching our carbon and asserted that this caused climate change and that as a result on the meadows in front of him the wildlife diversity was changing. Some species were disappearing and new ones were arriving. Then he rolled back over the past few thousand years and discussed how the climate and landscape and wildlife diversity had changed many times in relatively recent history. And, though he failed to note this critical point, it had done so without any contribution from mad made carbon emissions.

None the less for the BBC this is not a logical flaw to be discussed it is just glossed over. The liberal establishment just KNOWS that THIS TIME it is different and whilst God caused all other periods of dramatic climate change, this time it just has to be man. We are now far more powerful than nature and its cycles.

Just when I thought it could get no worse John Humphries piped up with a section on the threat posed to Britain by the extreme right. His guest was Paul Stocker, a Research Associate in Fascist Studies at the prestigious academic hothouse that is the University of Teesside. I bet his students get a high quality balanced education and emerge with degrees that leave them well placed to thrive in the private sector. And to think that Mr Stocker only got a 1% pay rise this year plus grade increments fir all his valuable work.

Stocker has written a book called the English Uprising and this was linked to the threat of the extreme right via the Brexit vote. Stocker pointed out that Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain so Brexit was an English thing. Of course that rather ignores how our friends the cottage burners voted - Wales wanted out too but let's not spoil the plot. So what if the fellow falls into the first logical trap to point out this huge flaw in his work is an insult to all hard working, underpaid and dedicated propagandists. Oops I meant academics.

Stocker asserted that many of the concerns of we Brexiteers, such as immigration and multiculturalism were those of the far right. "ideas of the far right, a radical critique of immigration and multiculturalism" droned Stocker and Humphries did not dissent.

That chap Trevor Phillips who formerly headed the Commission for Racial Equality but now says that multiculturalism has failed - he must have been intellectually captured by the far right then: send out a rescue mission. So too must all 17 million of us who voted for Brexit even though many of us did so in support of things like a desire for greater democracy.

As it happens i support unlimited immigration (combined with a slashing of the welfare state) but as a tolerant sort of fellow I cant see why we cannot debate immigration or multiculturalism. The true fascists are those who say that anyone offering a critique of our current policies is of the far right or is accepting the ideas of the far right. Is tolerance of FGM compatible with true multiculturalism? Discuss. Or rather do not discuss in case you fall off the path of political correctness because you have accepted an idea of the far right.

This is the same sort of lunacy that used to see the bien pensants of the liberal media say "you cannot fly a Union Jack as it is the preserve of the far right." Of course that was rot but in ensuring that good ordinary patriots did not fly the flag for fear of being slated they allowed the far right to be seen as the main flag wavers.

Thankfully we have moved past that sort of nonsense but the fascist left has not given up and in its strongholds of the media (especially the BBC) and in academia its attack on free speech, on our right to challenge what the left has dictated be regarded as an unassailable othodoxy, grows ever more unpleasant.

Tom Winnifrith



The media & political bubble dwellers lie, smear and dissemble over the DUP Tory deal but do you really care at all?

695 days ago

On June 9th the liberal media warned us that those bigoted DUP types from Ulster would want to roll back LGBT and women's rights in return for propping up pathetic Prime Minister May. We Thatcherites dared to dream that the DUP might demand some proper Tory policies like privatizing the BBC or slashing corporation tax as the price for keeping the wretched Conservatives in power. What nonsense. Ulster politics is all about posture and pork barrel and the latter is the more powerful of the two.

Thus the DUP will prop up the May creature in return for an additional £1 billion being poured into the Ulster pork trough during the next two years. The DUP are, it turns out, utterly unprincipled wastrels just like all the other folks at Westminster.

The predictable faux outrage and hypocrisy from the virtua signalling liberal establishment. was loud and instanteous. This is an insult to the LGBT community and sets back gay rights by years. Bollocks. It will make not a jot of difference.

Labour at once accused The Tories of offering a sordid bribe. The tone was almost of an evengelical Victorian preacher warning his flock of the power of Satan and evil. It soon emerged that in both 2010 and 2015 Labour had approached the DUP offering bribes, that is to say more cash for the Ulster pork barrel, in return for Westminster support.

So the attack changed and the fake news liberal press joined in, demanding to know how the wicked Tories could afford half a billion a year. How many nurses could that pay for they shrieked but sadly Diane Abbott was not around to provide the exact answer.

Of course this is all posturing. Thje deficit is more than £50 billion so that extra £500 million spunked on Ulster makes little difference. It is funded by the money tree but so too is £50 billion (100 times as much if Diane is struggling with that sum) of spending on nurses, policeman, hair removal ops for transexuals, foreign aid to fund Ethiopian girl bands and all the other vital ways HMG spends borrowed cash. So it was a sily point but how the politicos and journalists frothed and raged.

Meanwhile I tried to find a letter from the taxman about an overdue bill of a couple of hundred pounds from 2010. I had a couple of meetings about UK Investor Show 2018. I noted how Darren's new waitress at Wedge Issue is a total stunner so much so that when I observed as much to Darren's rather stern and PC Mrs, she actually agreed with me rather than - as would be her wont - giving me a severe frown. I wrote a few articles so delaying my journey back to Bristol, having discovered that the mother-in-law has graciously extended her stay by another night. I had a long chat with a new source to ensure I have a massive scoop on Tuesday which will help pay the bills for a few days. I wondered at the beauty of the English countryside as my train sped back to Bristol and considered some take-aways from my lunch with old friends from New York.

In other words I got on with life. So, I suspect, did you. And we will do the same tomorrow. And the next day. And, God willing, the day after that. For 99.9% of the population the sordid deals, utter hypocrisy and fake posturing of the political and media classes have no impact on our lives at all. We are too busy paying the bills, earning cash to pay our taxes - to support the overpaid scumbags at Westminster - and trying to get on with our nearest and dearest, to give a stuff about whether the DUP is in bed with the Tories or the terms of their coupling and the constitutional implications of all of this nonsense.

In Greece I might not have discovered news that I am told is hugely important for several days. Am I any better off having found about it as it happened? I cannot say that I am.  I really don't care about any of it. Be honest. Do you?

Tom Winnifrith



Donald Trump leaks classified data to the Russians ( or did he?): Western liberal press so blinkered it works to save ISIS

737 days ago

The uber liberal fake news outlet the Washington Post broke the story which may or may not actually be true. Given its history or Trump bashing, bogus opinion poll interpretation and all round fake news, many of us would not believe the Washington Post if it declared that the sun was going to rise tomorrow. Notwithstanding that, the BBC and other bastions of liberal Trump hating have been going to town on the "Trump leaks state secrets to the Russians" story. The liberals again demand impeachment as they do every week or so. In doing so they show their ultimate moral bankruptcy.

Let us give the Washington Post the benefit of the doubt and assume that, for once, it was not pushing fake news. What is Trump alleged to have handed to the Russians? Apparently it was intelligence on ISIS.

In Iraq the US is fighting ISIS. In Syria it is Russia who is helping the regime fight ISIS. While we in the West support other islamofascist fighters whose ranks include a number of recent defectors from ISIS. God only knows why we in the West are backing these nutjobs who like decapitating 12 year old boys and chucking civilians off high buildings but we are. And our misguided involvement means that the US must have data on Syria which could help Russia to wipe out ISIS.

Since ISIS operates on a cross border basis if it gets its butt kicked in Syria by Russia that will help the butt kicking in Iraq which the USA is driving. Does it not make complete sense for Trump to assist Russia in wiping out ISIS in Syria?

Indeed given the appalling acts that ISIS sponsors across the globe is there not a strong moral case for applauding Donald Trump's act in helping fight this global menace? The Western liberal mainstream media do not care about this. The sad reality is that they hate Donald Trump more than they hate ISIS. And in showing such twisted and distorted values they again show why they continue to lose their audience.

They are out of touch and morally bankrupt.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Paternoster Resources why cheap could be incredibly expensive

788 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith Postcard: the Predictable, cowardly and wrong response of the media and MPs to the Westminster terror attack

789 days ago

The platitudes are raining in from Westminster. The journalists who live in the bubble that surrounds Halitosis Hall are downing us with the same nonsense. In an urge to offend no-one we are being spun lies from the Ministry of Truth. The response from the elites to the awful attack in Westminster was predictable but none the less disappointing in the extreme as I discuss in this podcast. Channel 4 is worthy of its own special condemnation for its fake news coverage of the incident HERE.




Uber liberal Jon Snow of Channel 4 fills me with revulsion as he eulogises unrepentant murdering bastard Martin McGuiness

789 days ago

And so Martin McGuinness is dead. I welcome no death - as I explained here with reference to this unrepentant murderer of many - but equally I would agree with Norman Tebbit that old Martin is right now suffering agony in a particular part of hell reserved for the truly wicked. Martin's crime, in the eyes of St Peter and indeed many on this earth, is not so much the killing many innocent folks but a failure to accept that this was a sin, that he had sinned and to show remorse. For that McGuinness can only be viewed as evil and damned to burn in hell for eternity.

Indeed Martin went one step further in that to his miserable end, while singing the song of peace and reconciliation, he pushed for those who may or may not have committed crimes as part of the British Army to be hauled out of retirement for prosecution. Yet Martin - who killed folks personally as well as ordering many other murders - argued that for IRA killers there should be absolvement without enquiry. It was that double standard and failure to accept his own sins that made this man so especially vile and loathsome, something C4 News and the liberal media just cannot seem to accept.

In North London, among millionaire liberals who have no idea of the terror and misery that folks like McGuinness inflicted on, largely poor working class communities, and on innocent folks in both Ulster and here on the mainland, Saint Martin is lauded as a hero. He is right up there with other murdering liberal icons with blood drenched hands, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Yassar Arafat. If you listen to Jeremy Corbyn or to the BBC Newsroom such folks are men the world will miss, we are all the poorer without them. 

That is of course rubbish. All were old men who contributed little in the last moments other than a refusal to ask God for forgiveness. None showed any remorse for the innocent men, women and children whose lives were cut short thanks to their actions. No doubt Jon Snow and his Channel 4 colleagues will give extensive coverage to the funeral of the murdering bastard McGuinness. Do they care to reflect on how IRA victims had their bodies dumped in ditches, had no bodies to bury after devastating explosions or, in some cases, have not been properly buried at all because bastards like McGuinness have refused to say where the bodies were dumped?

That McGuinness is mourned by the elite of the liberal media establishment shows again why so few of us outside the bubble of Westminster have any time at all for the deadwood press and for the State run broadcasters who sing from the same hymn sheet.  They are out of touch and, quite simply, morally bankrupt.  




Video: Uber PC BBC elitist Evan Davis utterly crushed by black Trump voters Diamond & Silk - surely they must be racist?

807 days ago

This is a delight. Millionaire liberal media elitist Evan was wetting himself on the BBC's fake news flagship Newsnight as he got to interview two delightful ladies who are black and voted for Donald Trump. Evan started by saying that since black folks did not vote for Trump so he was puzzled by these ladies. 

Of course, Trump was in fact the most successful GOP candidate among black voters for decades but for folks like Evan and little Matt Frei over on C4 Fake News facts do not matter. Matt put that dam nigger vicar in his place for voting for the racist and so Evan though he could beast the ladies known as Diamond & Silk too.

Au contraire...Evan was crushed. Enjoy.

Tom Winnifrith



Can Jo Cox's sanctimonious husband Brendan STFU - your wife was not a nationally loved saint

818 days ago

The sanctimonious husband of the late Labour MP Jo Cox, murdered by an obvious loon last June, has decreed that we should all hold street parties this June to mark her death and celebrate bringing communities together with love not dividing them with hate blah, blah, blah, we all reject UKIP as they steal our bicycles and hate immingrants yadda, yadda, yadda. The media luvvies of the liberal elite live in the same fantasy world as Mr Cox and dare not tell him the truth.

Until she was murdered 99% of us had never heard of Jo Cox. She suported a range of causes held as evident truths my the metroplitan elite, such as global warming and the benefits of mass immigration and multiculturalism, which most folks in the UK either do not care about or actively disagree with.

She was killed by a madman and Brendan reckons that as an MP - normally someone who like most folks in the top 3% of wage earners enjoys a cossetted existence - her death means more than all the other murders that happen in the UK each year. Most of those other victims are poor folk. Violent crime so rarely effects the elite that when it does they really are shocked.

I hope Mr Cox grieves with his kids on that bad anniversary. There might be the odd street party in Islington. But generally those who endeavoured to make political points or capital from Ms Cox's death, like the loathsome former drug dealer, hereditary politician and son of a war criminal, Will Straw, were viewed by we, the great unwashed, with unbridled contempt.

Im sure that Jo Cox was a caring and well meaninhg woman albeit one misguided on a wide range of issues. I am sure she was a great mother. I am also sure that Brendan was a loving and faithful husband. But sorry pal you live in cloud cuckoo land if you think that I or 99% of the folks in Britain will be holding a street party to remember her death.

Tom Winnifrith



Jon Snow & Kylie Morris of C4 News - just do not understand what freedom of the press means in Donald Trump's America

854 days ago

Channel 4 News this week is wall to wall Trump bashing ahead of the great handover day on Friday. Just now and then we get a bit of remoaning about Brexit but the main focus is nailing The Donald. Having engaged in serial fake news reporting of the actual campaign as I pointed out here on numerous occasions, with beltway liberal Kylie and little Matt Frei the worst offenders, C4 just won't let go.

The final segment yesterday saw coverage of Obama's final press conference. Cue Jon Snow: "we will miss him." No pretence of impartiality there from the dozy old posterboy of the liberal media establishment. Meanwhile Kylie was really agitated, warning that Trump may change the format of White House press briefings and who was invited and that this threatened the freedom of the press.

Hell's teeth, the freedom of the press is about being allowed to print or report what you want and there is no suggestion that Trump will repeal the Speech Act or enact Leveson type controls. He is not going to stop Kylie reporting half truths and smears about him.

How he communicates with the established mainstream press has nothing to do with press freedom. If CNN, the BBC and C4, which happily reported the Golden Shower allegations as fact/quasi fact even though they are either unverified second hand rumours or, in many cases, now already proven as false, maybe Trump might decide that such outlets are so "fake news" driven that there is no point in showing civility to folks who clearly just hate him and do not pretend otherwise.

Or perhaps he now accepts that more Americans get their news from "new media" than from Newspapers so maybe he should democratise news dissemination by giving equal access to all media outlets not a privileged front seat to establishment beltway liberals like Kylie.

Kylie told the most ghastly lies about Trump, stating as fact that he claimed things he never claimed, as part of a deliberate attempt to make him less electable. She is part of an establishment that served up fake news. Making the working life of Kylie and her ilk less of a walk in the park is hardly a war crime and however much she whines it is no threat at all to press freedom.

Tom Winnifrith



Clint Eastwood makes my day as he tweets it as it is on Crooked Hillary Clinton

932 days ago

Go ahead Clint..make my day. And he did! The great man does not hold back on Crooked Hillary Clinton. Natch the Clinton worshipping British media who have reported any z list Hollywood liberal who rants against Trump will be reporting this in full....not!. Clint socks it to to the crooked one with both barrels...





Tom Winnifrith postcard - time for some folks in Liverpool to apologise to me

1017 days ago

After pointing out the grave ethical failings of a Liverpool media celeb yesterday I have been met with a massive response by folks in Liverpool who have responded to my banter about welfare addiction and thieving with a barrage of twitter hate. What is it with these twitter addicts? Don't they have jobs to go to? Some of the abuse is arguably criminal and it reflects badly on a City increasingly, and sadly, known for mawkish self pity. FFS Liverpool just grow up. As I prepare to receive more harassing phone calls today I share a few thoughts about a City that I have many reasons not to hate, as it has been suggested that I do..

PS Here is a Liverpool joke for you

Tom Winnifrith



Allahu Akbar screamed the machete wielder in Belgium as he attacked 2 cops - how a liberal explains this one

1020 days ago

The cry was clear as the chap attacked two female cops in Belgium this afternoon. The BBC is still not reporting the jihadist reading material of the Russell Square attacker and insisting that the chjap was simply an insane Norwegian and his acts had nothing to do with his belief in the religion of peace. We shall see. But this time it is hard to spin it. Even the BBC is using the word "jihadist" in its coverage.

But wait. It is has only been a few minutes. The Belgian fuzz will know the assaillant's entire mental health history well before they know his name and what odds will you give on us being told within hours that:

a) the guy was nutso and that is the real issue
b) whether he was nutso or not and he almost certainly was he was a lone wolf, just one individual
c) the real victims of this will not be the two female cops but the wider muslim community who will suffer a backlash because evil racists, like me, insist on spouting the truism " nearly all Muslims despise terror attacks in Europe but nearly all terror attacks in Europe are carried out by Muslims" and suggest there is a problem.

There is a bloody problem. On social media there are already tens of thousands of tweets laughing at the way the establishment will follow the playbook above. The people of Europe can at least see a humour in that playbook which is a silver lining to this awful cloud.

But it also shows that the way the establishment is denying what is going on and is lying to the people is just not cutting any ice any more. The political and media elite can say whay they like, we, the people do not care or believe a word they say. And that is dangerous.

Tom Winnifrith



Another liberal middle class Guiltfest: #Blacklivesmatter comes to the UK

1021 days ago

Airports across Britain are today being disrupted by activists protesting that #blacklivesmatter - well of course they do. All lives matter but for white middle class liberals in the media and on twitter and facebook this is an opportunity for angst, guilt and self loathing that cannot be missed. But what about the hard data?

Sod the hard data, lets just feel guilty about slavery and how everyone, especially old Brexit voters, are all racists, facts do not matter any more do they? This is Airstrip One and its 1984 every day these days. Okay the UK is among the safest countries on this planet but so what? Okay our police forces do not collect data as they do in the US which show that 94% of killings where the victim is black are crimes where the killer is also black. It is estimated that in the UK the black on black murder figure is well above 80%.

But what about all those blacks who get beaten up by the filth and die in custody? Good point my hipster friend with a daft beard sipping your semi skinned latte, somewhere in Spitalfields, while reading the Guardian. In 2015 there were 573 murders in the UK. Between 1990 and 2015 according to the charity INQUEST there were 1,563 deaths on the watch of the Old Bill so that would be about 63 a year but the vast majority were just folks who just died in custody - we all have to die somewhere. Of those 1,563 deaths, Inquest found that exactly 18 were unlawful and the last one of those was a white guy. The last unlawful killing of a black guy, Jimmy Mubenga, was in 2013. So the rozzers unlawfully kill less than 1 person a year and according to Inquest they murder a black guy about once every three years.

We are so politically correct in the UK that Police data on this matter is hard to find. Perhaps that is because the truth might not please the liberal narrative of the establishment. Data from London in 2010 found that when it game to gun crimes 67% of the assailants were black and 29% of the victims were black as against 12.5% of the general population. Nearly all the blacks shot were shot by blacks.

Black Lives really do matter. What drives the killing of black men and women is largely drugs and drug related crime. That also sees a lot of white folks taken out. The rozzers, for all their faults, very rarely kill black people. The issue that needs addressing are Britain's ludicrous drugs laws, which I discuss in full here.

Today's protests are by folks who clearly have too much time on their hands, almost certainly State funded time, and can't be arsed to look at hard facts. That the BBC and the rest of the mainstream liberal media takes this crap seriously, shows again why it Pravda and the deadwood press are not fit for purpose as they pursue an agenda based on prejudice not on reality.

Given that today's disruptive protests are based on a myth not on reality can any misguided liberal reading this explain how they will make race relations better rather than worse?

Meanwhile I rather worry that reporting hard data and questionning those who just make blind assertions on this matter with no data may soon be viewed by some dreary liberal as a hate crime. It is only a matter of time..

Tom Winnifrith



Theresa May promotes useless women to show she is so goddamn progressive - I despair

1044 days ago

Having trotted out a load of left wing tosh about how she planed to trainwreck the private sector in order to bring the nation together, Theresa May has today moved forward with her project to rebrand conservatism. No longer will it be the Nasty Party. It is now just an increasingly "silly party"

She has not actually announced who will be in her cabinet of all the talentless but has let the papers know. Aaah the joys of spin. The Politicians tell their media mates in the Westminster bubble what they will do and in return the fourth estates trumpets every non event as a triumph. Even the Guardian was lapping up today's horeshit as it was so utterly liberal - affirmative action quotas in Government for both women and for the terribly stupid. Which is especially good news for Amber Rudd as she is a leading light in both oppressed minorities.

We the plebs are expected to lap it up and to care.

In the good old days the Tory Party believed in meritocracy but that idea now just seems so terribly 20th century. New PM Theresa May has let it be known that her prime goal in shaping the cabinet is to have more women to "address the gender imbalance". And this is meant to be a politician who wants to reconnect with a pissed off great unwashed?

Out here in the real world we care not whether a cabinet minister is a woman or a man, whether they have had children or not and whether they are gay or straight. We do not want targets based on who you shag or what, if anything, results from that shagging. Would it be too much to ask just to have a cabinet with the most talented people in it?

Instead we are told that George Osborne might lose out on being offered a top job because Mrs May wants more women in senior roles. Bollocks! The clot should be sacked for years of incompetence and his dreadful lies and threats in the referendum not for being a man. Talking of which, the incredibly dim Amber Rudd who behaved so badly in the campaign and has truly alienated we Brexit voters with her personal smears may be made Chancellor. Whatever. Never before has there been a more
classic demonstration of the downside of affirmative action.

If Mrs May thinks that appointing a thick, former bankster, member of the elite like Rudd who insulted so many Brexit voters just weeks ago to the top job in cabinet is really going to reach out to a wider audience she is gravely mistaken.

The first 48 hours of the May show, have demonstrated that she is even more of an heir to Blair than her predecessor. Will we ever again have a real Tory in Downing Street?

Right now the closest we have got is Larry the Cat.

Tom Winnifrith



Theresa May - I thought you were a Tory?

1045 days ago

Jeepers this is confusing: listening and watching Theresa May yesterday I was told that she has just become leader of the Conservative Party and will be our next Tory Prime Minister. So why was she sounding like a socialist but also a peddler of bogus religion? If this is the best the Tories can offer then, to quote a real Tory Margaret Thatcher, There IS No Alternative. TINA says it is time to quit and emigrate.

It is not that Mrs May is already speaking weasel words on Brexit. She states Brexit means Brexit but then waffles on about how we may have to accept certain things to get free trade. Mrs May we voted for full on Brexit, not Brexit light.

It was not the quasi evangelical clap trap about how "we will bring this country together": Rich and Poor, North & South, Men & Women, Black & White, Welshman & Sheep, etc, etc etc. Well thank you very much Mrs Oxbridge Educated May with your millionaire husband. Men and women are not divided and the other divides you mention are largely creations of the media bubble.

The real gap in this country is between the establishment, those in the political, media and big business elite with their pals the banksters and the rest of us. That is a gap Theresa cannot mention explicitly as she and her fellow Tory MPs are almost entirely on one side of that divide. At least Andrea Loathsome made a pretence of recognising this division.

Of course there is a comfortable middle class, mostly on a bloated state payroll. The value of their houses has gone up so they don't care but the rest of us are screwed. In yesterday's woeful analysis, May talked about how going forward she wanted to see increasing wealth and prosperity more equally divided. But she thinks mistakenly that there has been an increase in wealth since 2008. There has been an asset bubble which has benefitted the rich establishment big time and the middle class to a lesser extent but has left out vast swathes of society. And while public sector professionals have got decent pay rises - or bumper rewards for the greedy junior doctors - the working classes and lower classes have been screwed as there has not been any real wealth created by the private sector and what wealth has been created has not trickled down. May seems incapable of distinguishing between real wealth creation ( businesses making profits, hiring more, paying more out of profits not from borrowings) and asset bubbles.

And her solution? A new Government Industrial policy. In the old days Conservatives believed that the private sector created jobs and wealth but Theresa May seems to think the Government needs to meddle so we will now have workers on boards, restrictions on CEO pay, etc. It sounds just like Hollande's France and look how well that is working out for the Froggies.

Mrs May, here is a real Conservative:

Of course the loathsome bunch of overpaid parasites that are the Conservative Parliamentary Party lapped it up. Very few of them actually have real world experience and none of them live outside that bubble of the Westminster establishment. They all own property, assisted by taxpayer subsidy, so the asset bubble has been good news for them.

Mrs May's analysis was woeful and she offers no hope for Britain just platitudes. Its David Cameron with a skirt on. On the basis of yesterday's claptrap, the anger towards the establishment and figures such as Theresa May felt my large swathes of Britain who feel left out and cheated will only continue to grow.

Tom Winnifrith



Tom Winnifrith postcard: Almost every reaction to the awful murder of Jo Cox MP is so utterly wrong

1069 days ago

The murder of Jo Cox MP throws up key issues that are not being discussed: accountability ( or rather lack of it ) in public services and also how we treat and view mental health issues in the UK. The reaction of MPs and the media shows what a different world they live in from the rest of us. The reaction of the left and the some in the Remain camp in using this as an opportunity to smear and shut down debate is repulsive. This is an awful event but folks need to get some things in perspective. Knowing a little bit about murder and also psychiatric issues first hand - as I explain in the podcast - I speak from the heart as well as the head.

Tom Winnifrith



Guardian & Observer hypocrite Carole Cadwalladr & the myth of working class comprehensives

1082 days ago

Via twitter I come across a couple of articles by lefty Guardian and Observer journalist Carole Cadwalladr slating the posh and the way that privileged Oxbridge types dominate the media and politics. Carole is good enough to admit that she went to Oxford (a year below me and at the same college, as it happens) but insists that she is not part of the elite as she went to a state school - Radyr in South Wales.

Naturally, we posh twits who went to public school are now expected to listen to every word Carole writes on the matter of privilege because she has worked her way up from the grinding poverty of living in an abandoned coal mine with her 15 brothers and sisters eating rats. Heck, as she proudly boasts, she went to a Compy after all. Except that there are comprehensives and there are comprehensives.

Radyr seems to be in well heeled catchment area in Cardiff. It has far fewer ethnic minority pupils than other schools in an overwhelmingly white City. Fewer than 7% of its pupils are entitled to free school meals which is way down on local and national averages. 63% of its students get at least one offer to a Russell Group University and its results at all ages and all subjects are streets ahead of Welsh and City averages. Last year the school;s dry skiing team won the Welsh championships and I am delighted to see that two of its fencers represented Wales.

Radyr pupils clearly don't slum it and that tallies well with my recollection of a younger Carole who was obviously pretty middle class. So a middle class girl went to a top of the range State school while I went to a minor public school where there were no opportunities to ski or fence. And we both ended up at Oxford. We both enjoyed a privileged start in life but only one of us is prepared to admit it.

Luckily, since nearly everyone else writing at the Guardian went to public schools and feels really guilty about it, they probably think that all Comprehensives are, hopeless failing institutions attended by the offspring of an oppressed underclass, perennially persecuted by wicked Tories like Maggie Thatcher. And thus Carole is able to play the "under-privileged working class background card" without any of her colleagues realising how utterly bogus it is.

Tom Winnifrith



Tory MP shags hooker - Labour Tories & Hacked Off talk 100% cobblers

1135 days ago

It emerged last night that Tory MP John Whittingdale, now the Culture & Media minister, had a sexual relationship with a hooker before he became a minister. This has now prompted almost everyone involved in the sordid affair and everyone commenting on it, notably former MP Dr Death, Evan Harris, who now speaks for the odious Hacked Off body to spout complete drivel.

Four newspapers, that is to say three tabloids and the little read Indescribablyboring, knew about the affair but chose not to print details. They did so as they discovered about the relationship just after Leveson and were thus terrified of being bashed about intruding into the privacy of the MP, who was not married and did end the affair after he discovered he was dating a call girl.

That was a bad call by the press. Prostitution should be 100% legal as the current system does not work and like all forms of prohibition merely breeds crime. But as things stand while engaging in sex for cash is not illegal all sorts of things involved in prostitution, including advertising it, pimping or maintaining a brothel are. As such it is inconceivable that on this occassion what was happening was not a law maker shagging a law breaker. That must always be in the public interest. If you are an MP shagging a hooker - even if you do not know the bird is on the game - you deserve to be exposed.

Perhaps MPs on taking office should just be remainded that before they have sex with anyone they should ask if the person is both over-age and not on the game. It is called "taking precautions."

Dr Harris used to be a Lib Dem MP until the good folks of Oxford West wised up to the nonsense he spouts. But to hell with liberal ideas of free speach and a free press, he now works for Hacked Off the body set up by celebs to ensure that while the British press prints lots of nice stories plugging their films, TV shows, crap records and anything else that gives them cash, it does not show that their public images which they monetise so skilfully are bogus. So Hacked Off does not think we plebs should know if a celebrity gets blow jobs off hookers on Sunset Boulevard (Hugh Grant) or has unprotected anal sex as part of threesomes in olive oil filled baths while fronting up Aids charitites, ( oops we cant mention #xxxxxxx can we?).

Oddly Dr Harris and Hacked off, on this occassion, do not give two hoots about Mr Whittingdale's privacy and are slamming the press suggesting that it let the errant MP off lightly so as to encourage him not to accelerate the "good" work of Leveson. It seems that the current media secretary is instinctively a man who believes in light regulation of the press. As such Dr Harris and his celeb paymasters want the head of Mr Whittingdale.

Angela Eagle for Labour goes further saying that because the press let Mr Whittingdale off the hook in the past he must have no say in press regulation going forward. Labour, you see, wants ever tougher regulation of the tabloids. The Tories, so far, respond that this is just a private affair as the MP was not married.

So the party of law and order now thinks that it is okay for a law maker to shag a law breaker. A faux Liberal (Harris) wants press freedom curbed even more but is today cross that the press did NOT run a kiss and tell story. The Labour Party shows consistency in its desire to curb a free press unless that free press catches a Tory MP with his trousers around his ankles in which case it demands the head of that MP becuase the press did not print.

This is Alice in Wonderland stuff. The position of all parties seems to be at odds with what they actually believe in or should really believe in. Meanwhile the freedom of the British press has never been under greater threat. Let us all move our servers to Albania and print online and be damned.

Tom Winnifrith



Kylie Morris on C4 News: "racist" Trump & the Hispanics, a new low point for lefty British Media

1184 days ago

I have noted before how Kylie Morris, the US correspondent for Channel 4 News is perhaps the dopiest, most out of touch liberal left reporter going. This woman makes the BBC look balanced. But we can now show Kylie hitting a new low as she points out what a vile racist Donald Trump is.

Two days before the Nevada primary Kylie filed a long piece on how hispanics voters in Nevada were shunning Trump. After searching really hard all day Kylie managed to find just one Latino voter who was voting for Trump, a Vietnam vet who Kylie was thus able to expose as a weirdo. In Kylie world, latinos shared her view that Trump was a racist and none were backing him.

Now the Nevada results are in. Trump got 44% while his two closest rivals - both half Cuban - got 24.5% (Rubio) and 22% (Cruz). That was among all Republican voters. Among hispanics Trump scored 44%, Rubio 29% and Cruz 18% which means that the supposed racist scored as well among hispanics as among white voters securing almost 1 in 2 Hispanic Republicans. Cruz appears to be even less liked by hispanics than he is by whites. Maybe he is half racist? Kylie can you explain?

Of course Kylie boasts that she lives inside the Beltway and thus her Washington liberal elite narrative is that all hispanics are poor brown folks who think Republicans generally are racist and so are default Democrats.

The reality is that large numbers of Latinos have ignored Democrats who urge them to portray themselves as victims of racism and give up and have instead worked hard, lived the Americam dream and thus, as affluent, tax-paying, God fearing folks are now registered Republicans and are are very open indeed to the Trump message.

Kylie in her patronising liberal way just assumed that brown folks would be poor. She did not seek out any rich latinos of whom there are many. And that is why British viewers were told that it was impossible to find any Latinos voting for the racist Trump when in fact the Trumpster stormed the Latino vote.

At what point will Channel 4 News accept that whilst Kylie's take on life might fit in well with their snearing liberal values, her failure to report anything like the truth is just getting a tad too obvious and that she needs to be replaced by someone marginally less stupid?

Tom Winnifrith



Avesco interims - bang on track, no its better! share tip going very well

1438 days ago

Tom Winnifrith



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