Monday February 18, 2019
Photo article Joshua & his snowball (this might be my 2019 Christmas card)
Photo article two - snowballs and cat in the snow
Johnny Mercer - what planet do you and your fellow MPs live on?


Kate Flood, University of Sussex you really are a very silly and ignorant waste of taxpayer cash

212 days ago

The hypocrites celebrate referenda, the Irish celebrate murder

267 days ago

I don't understand why so many fellow Republicans have to be so nasty about The Royal Wedding

276 days ago

She escaped the Nazis as a child but the Jew Haters got Mirielle Knoll today

328 days ago

Falling out with my father over his loathsome cat Obe

393 days ago

Is Harvey Weinstein more evil than Herman Goring - justice Hollywood style

492 days ago

The BBC resorts to fake news as it smears the AfD in Germany's election

512 days ago

Trump is mainstream. it is liberal media morons that divide America over Robert Lee - ESPN goes bonkers

544 days ago

What do I have in common with Melanie Phillips? we are Jew haters - the moment the bonkers left admits defeat

546 days ago

Maths not the strong point of the liberal left as protesters gather at #TrumpTower

553 days ago

fake news lefty media Buzzfeed shows its ignorance again - all Germans were not Nazis (especially in 1813)

700 days ago

Photo article: Islington In Europe - unbelievable stupidity and pious sanctimony in a nutshell: beyond satire

706 days ago

Twitter suspends Clint Eastwood for supporting Donald Trump - please suspend me too you Nazi pigs

830 days ago

The PC campus Nazis - 35 things you must not say to offend a poor millennial

866 days ago

Plucking up courage and heading back into the fields...sssssnakes!

963 days ago

The Daily Mail's Disgusting racist slur on Vote Leave

988 days ago

Ukraine wins Eurovision, its a bit political so here's what Russia should enter next year

1009 days ago

The pope goes to see lesbians today but miracles wont happen

1036 days ago

UKIP sinks to new lows with its charter it wants ALL Muslims to sign

1495 days ago

Some hateful and vile twitter comments from deluded western liberals because #IstandwithIsrael

1658 days ago

Lee Rigby’s Killers – The Circus Fills Me with Contempt for (nearly) all

1818 days ago

David Ward MP, the Jew Hating bastard the Lib Dems just won’t get rid off

1919 days ago

Rocking With the anarchists not the commies

2122 days ago

The Gaping Divide between the Political Elite and Plebs like us in 2013: The EU

2238 days ago

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